Character Creation Cast

Character Creation Cast Q&A - 4 Year Anniversary Edition - Part 2

Episode Summary

Welcome to the second of a special bonus series of episodes! This series will be released at the end of May and subsequent months until we are done, and we are excited to be answering your questions! This episode we cover 18 questions from various folks who have submitted questions, and hopefully provide some thoughtful answers to them!

Episode Notes

Welcome to the second of a special bonus series of episodes! This series will be released at the end of May and subsequent months until we are done, and we are excited to be answering your questions! This episode we cover 18 questions from various folks who have submitted questions, and hopefully provide some thoughtful answers to them!


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Ryan Boelter  0:08  

Welcome to another episode of our q&a sessions, everybody. We are abelian Ryan Character Creation Cast. You know this because you're on our feet. So surprise, it's not a real episode. It's a bonus. Get to know us episode. We had one last week, I believe is going to be the cadence for this. And the last Monday of the month, which should be this one. So you got two bonus episodes during weeks when we normally would have taken off in celebration, Lucky


Amelia Antrim  0:42  



Ryan Boelter  0:44  

Exactly. In celebration of series 5050 series under our belts from the very beginning over four years ago. Which is just bizarre to say, but like, Thank you for being with us. For those who have started with us. Way back then. Thank you for everybody that's joining us. We hope that the first q&a session was at least entertaining. Yeah. Formative. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:14  

So I want to say like we have a really nice mix of questions from people like do we have you know, we have some, like really thoughtful, deep roleplaying kind of questions, and then we definitely have some that are just like fun to answer.


Ryan Boelter  1:27  

Absolutely. So like, I'm looking forward to seeing what we did we randomize all the questions, we had 52 questions in total, and all 56 questions in total. We randomized every single one of them. So now we're just going through one by one, to kind of see what our answers are going to be and, and I'm excited to dive right in. So


Amelia Antrim  1:49  

yeah, we're gonna we're gonna get to all of them eventually. So if you didn't hear us last time, and you don't hear at this time, please now are doing our best. You'll ask a lot of questions.


Ryan Boelter  2:00  

From the pacing last time, we didn't get through as many as we thought we were going to. So this is probably going to be at least a three parter. So


Amelia Antrim  2:09  

yep. But with all that out of the way, we're gonna go ahead and dive right in so that we can we can answer as many as possible.


Ryan Boelter  2:16  

Absolutely. I believe that I am, even to your odds, right. So it looks like you're surgeons


Amelia Antrim  2:23  

the other way around. But you know what? Sure. Go for it. Yeah, you're up. Okay. So this one also does not have a name on it. What is the most complicated system? You've created characters in?


Ryan Boelter  2:38  

An interesting question? Because two guesses. Okay, so there is. Sentinel, are not setting us. Marvel superheroes. Yeah, I got mixed up because we converted our Marvel Superheroes characters to send those characters and play the game with them. And of course, riffs is way up there. Yeah. But those are, those are my obvious answers that are probably not the real answer. Because like, both of them are like, you could just roll on all these random tables and get your character.


Amelia Antrim  3:18  

Right. And that was my thinking is like, there was a lot of stuff happening. Yeah. And it seemed like there was a lot of stuff that was going to be happening in play. But as far as making the characters, it was just like, roll it, write it down, roll it, write it down, roll it, write it down.


Ryan Boelter  3:34  

Yeah, it was tedious. Not complicated. Unless you're picking your options.


Amelia Antrim  3:41  

You decide to make five characters.


Ryan Boelter  3:44  

Yeah. So if you're gonna like Min Max, or create, like a change lane, and even then it wasn't complicated. It was tedious.


Amelia Antrim  3:54  

Right, right. So my two answers to this. My two non RIFs non Marvel answers are number one, Shadow run.


Ryan Boelter  4:07  

Oh, yeah. Shadow run. That's got to be number one for me, probably.


Amelia Antrim  4:13  

Yeah. So shadow Ron, I think just has a lot going on. It's It's been a while since we did that one. And it's been a while since I've done it for like a personal game. Yeah. But I do remember that. Both times. We had either people using a program or I used a program or something. Because it is really complicated. There's a lot going on.


Ryan Boelter  4:37  

And even with the program, it was complicated. Yes. Yes. But I mean that that series, we created characters in pairs. We, it was it was it would have been too much for all of us to have our own.


Amelia Antrim  4:53  

Yeah, well, and I know that I was having technical difficulties. We're in the middle of a lightning storm. Oh, yeah, that's right. I also was like sitting in my bed to record because I had thrown out my back. Yeah, it was like only like 5050 there. So I remember like, you can tell that I am a lot more responsive in the discussion portion because we recorded it later. And I was feeling better. Yep. But I like couldn't hear half of what was happening. Actual character, which made it even worse, maybe seemed even more complicated because of that. The other one I would say, potentially is Lancer. Oh, interesting. Also used a program for that one. Because comp con makes things a million times easier. Yeah, I think it's, again, just a matter of the number of options and number of things to keep track of. It's not really that like, mentally, it's a lot to kind of figure out. It's just that there are so many moving parts. Right, exactly. I don't think in either of them. It's that the process is not understandable. It's just a lot to Yes, try and figure out.


Ryan Boelter  5:59  

Yeah, I don't think I had as many problems with Lancer. I mean, yeah, there was a lot of selections and stuff like that. But I kind of felt it was fairly straightforward. It was still complicated.


Amelia Antrim  6:11  

My thing is that we use the program for it, though. Yeah, even when we're recording which we is not something that we usually do, right. Um, we usually don't use any kind of character creation software or anything. But this is one that was like, very officially. It's like officially,


Ryan Boelter  6:28  

officially part of the Lancer experience. Right?


Amelia Antrim  6:32  

Right. Well, it was it was started by a fan of the game like in their discord and stuff. And they ended up bringing them on, right to, like, fully flesh this out and like paying them to make this program. Yeah. And so it was something that even the designers of the game suggested you use as part of the experience. Yeah, that's why we why we did it that way. This time.


Ryan Boelter  6:52  

I would say shadow runs definitely more complicated. In the long run, just because it's it's not official tools, ready to die. And goodness gracious. The math shatter on Fifth Edition, I think is what we what we


Amelia Antrim  7:08  

did. Yeah. Which is not super far off from fourth edition. Yeah. And I'm not sure


Ryan Boelter  7:11  

what sixth editions like. Yes, sixth edition has been out for a bit. And like


Amelia Antrim  7:17  

came out like a little while. Wow. Yeah, we started playing Shadowrun in like 2014 or 2015. And I played fourth, right? So they are just really trying to come out and


Ryan Boelter  7:27  

turn in the mode. From what I understand each edition adds to the lore, but changes mechanics a bit. And I don't know, even that in and of itself is complicated. So yeah, Shadowrun most complicated system, we've created characters.


Amelia Antrim  7:43  

That's where we started. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  7:46  

Awesome. All right. So Well, the next question we got from Gouda and bullets, that, let's see, please each answer separately. Oh, this is my favorite question that we had gotten? Probably, if you had to pick two of your characters to date from different series, who would you pick?


Amelia Antrim  8:05  

Okay, so I had I had follow up questions about this one. Because Am I picking two characters to date each other? Or if I had to say like, which characters would I date and pick two?


Ryan Boelter  8:18  

Right? My initial thought was, which two characters would I pick to date?


Amelia Antrim  8:28  

For myself? Okay.


Ryan Boelter  8:31  

But I think this question is open to interpretation. And I'm just gonna go the poly cool. Wrote and say which, which two characters would I want? In a pilot queue?


Amelia Antrim  8:41  

Oh, so they had to be compatible with each other to that. Yeah. But oh, my gosh, okay.


Ryan Boelter  8:46  

I mean, up to you how you want to answer the question. But


Amelia Antrim  8:50  

see, now I have some of these questions. Dear listeners have been really hard. This is a hard question, because we have well, now is the time we record this one we have now made 51 series, which means more than 50 characters each because something we have made multiple characters. Yeah. That's a lot


Ryan Boelter  9:11  

of honestly, I would probably pick my character from 51. But we can talk about it is not


Amelia Antrim  9:21  

on the table is a secret that is a secret. Well, and then, like, who does that? Oh, but it's our other characters, not other characters we made in that series. Okay, because I was like, That's complicated.


Ryan Boelter  9:34  

I know. Right? Oh, spoilers.


Amelia Antrim  9:39  

This is hard for me, because I think a lot of my characters are just me. Right? And like, I'm terrible. I don't, I don't want to be in a relationship with me. I'm awful.


Ryan Boelter  9:54  

I mean, you could you could always choose the other interpretation of the question of what to care actors do you think should date each other?


Amelia Antrim  10:02  

I mean, I still have to pick two. I mean, that's fair. And they are still like me and not really any better off. Yeah. Okay, so I'll let you do you have an answer to this, I'll let you


Ryan Boelter  10:15  

Gosh, I really, I really don't. Because there's there's a lot of good characters out there that we've created. And I'm trying to remember like half of them. I know, because everything blending together way too much. Over these last four years, and like, I can't remember what I created for my own game Chimera. Even like, I remember the world completely, but the characters are eluding my


Amelia Antrim  10:48  

brain. Gosh, I love that character. I didn't think about that one. See, like, I can't even remember all the games we did. Actually, okay, so I'm gonna put I'm gonna put my character from that chimera game. Her brilliance. Was her brilliance. That's right. I really like her. demigod superhero. Yeah. Very full of herself. With my character from our masks game. Beatrice. Oh, my adorable little scientist who is burning from the inside? Yeah. So yeah, like one character that's like, very, very aware of her oncoming doom. And then one character that's like, No, I'm actually half god. Oh, that's a very good because I just really liked that dichotomy of like, 100% I am dying too fast and I can't die. Like I just want to see what what happened. Ah, yeah, gosh, I think that's what I'm gonna pick.


Ryan Boelter  11:52  

Those are good. I think like one of them I would have to pick is probably Mishra.


Amelia Antrim  11:59  

Yeah, there was no question that that was gonna be


Ryan Boelter  12:03  

cuz Mystras Misha is your OC. IOC? Yeah, like Absolutely. Like, I


Amelia Antrim  12:11  

mean, like as people who have like, just like, a pile of OCS because that's what we do. Yeah, like Mishra is your like, OC TM? Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  12:20  

the OG OC. Yeah. Oh, I


Amelia Antrim  12:24  

don't like that.


Ryan Boelter  12:29  

And honestly, there's, there's there's a lot of good. Potential other answers in there, but I think I'm gonna have to go with Gosh, pardon me? Like, I don't remember details of half of these things. So I don't know if our love and justice would be inappropriate because of age. Or


Amelia Antrim  12:54  

was that already made cereal themed magical girls, was it? I think it was they were based on cereal? Why isn't my notebook in front of me?


Ryan Boelter  13:03  

I just think it would be really cool to date a magical girl is my Oh, that's right. Cuz you're doing


Amelia Antrim  13:07  

yours as your Yeah, you're dating them?


Ryan Boelter  13:13  



Amelia Antrim  13:15  

but you've made so many magical girls. What about your L five or character?


Ryan Boelter  13:18  

Oh, five our character that's kind of like magical girls. Musician. Yeah, Samurai. That's not a bad that's not a bad one. Thursday sword lesbians comes to mind too. Yes. My character from that, which was the character who's who's lived hundreds of lives and embodies all of them at once.


Amelia Antrim  13:46  

Okay, so Ryan's just gonna pick all of his characters that were magical girls, and Alright,


Ryan Boelter  13:50  

I'm gonna, I'm just gonna narrow it down. It's gonna be Mishra. And my character from thirsty toward lesbians who I forget the name of. I didn't write all of


Amelia Antrim  14:00  

those episodes recently to pay. No.


Ryan Boelter  14:03  

Did I making that one?


Amelia Antrim  14:04  

I don't know. We can come back to it.


Ryan Boelter  14:06  

We'll come back to it.


Amelia Antrim  14:07  

I'll three minutes left. So


Ryan Boelter  14:10  

I have to I have to finish the spreadsheet that has all of our character names in it just for this specific situation.


Amelia Antrim  14:16  

I know. I take notes as I'm really listening.


Ryan Boelter  14:20  

That's okay. All right. So you got my answer? I would love them both in a poly key will because they are both open minded and amazing.


Amelia Antrim  14:29  

Yeah, that makes sense. And one of them's a space cat. So you know, exactly. They have different social norms anyway. Both of them are from space.


Ryan Boelter  14:39  

canonically Mystras. home planet is very open about all forms of sexuality.


Amelia Antrim  14:49  

Okay, well, there you go. Yep. My turn. You just booked your dream guest for Character Creation Cast. Who is it? And what game are Making characters for. So is this from Danny?


Ryan Boelter  15:02  

Yes. This one's from Danny. But this is very similar to Kevin's question, which we grouped together. Kevin asked, What celebrity author creator, would you most like to drop in as a surprise? Guest? And what game do you think they would brain or enjoy chatting about?


Amelia Antrim  15:20  

I'm terrible at like, all pop culture things like this is a known unknown phenomenon. So like, I don't know.


Ryan Boelter  15:34  

Okay, so


Amelia Antrim  15:35  

there I have like, favorite authors and things, but like, would they talk about roleplay? I have no idea.


Ryan Boelter  15:42  

Well, that's the thing is, is we can we can they want to be here to to talk about role playing? What game? Do you think they would be good to talk about if they enjoyed that sort of thing? Right. So yeah, I mean, for me, it's ever since I heard that, Henry Cavill. If we weren't ever going to cover Warhammer 40k. From what I understand, Henry Cavill is a major enthusiast of those games.


Amelia Antrim  16:19  

There's also a witcher RPG. And he's also like a really big Witcher fan, which is why he wanted to play.


Ryan Boelter  16:27  

Yeah, so I mean, like in


Amelia Antrim  16:29  

his acting in that show, that he's just like, having the best time like, he does not care what anybody else thinks about this show, like having a great time. So if he wants to come on and discuss Warhammer or the Witcher RPG, call us, Henry Cavill Absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  16:42  

Make some characters with us, because my goodness, I think that would be really fun. And it'd be really great to just, you know, nerd out with him about that sort of stuff. And, and I would think, from his perspective nerding out as fans of RPGs and, you know, not like, oh, tender kava,


Amelia Antrim  17:06  

like, like, oh, my gosh, you're so good looking.


Ryan Boelter  17:08  

I mean, that's true. Like, I


Amelia Antrim  17:11  

mean, like, you're right, like, Yeah, I mean, it's like not really my type, but like, I get it, you know, I get it. I get why it's for other people, you know. So I can tell him that when he comes on our show. You're Henry Cavill. I get why other people are in new. Yeah. Yeah, no, I think that that would be fun to have somebody who's like, really, because I think there are a lot of, you know, a lot of times where you're like, Okay, I'm really into this author, and like, their work is sort of in this genre of this game. And like, maybe they can come do that, you know, but like, I love the idea of somebody who's just like a really big fan of a game. Oh, 100. Also famous, but like, where do we don't care about that part of it? We want to talk to you about Warhammer. Like, I've seen some of your work. I'm familiar with you. But let's talk Warhammer.


Ryan Boelter  18:03  

Yeah, something like an interview show where he doesn't have to talk about being a celebrity any of work stuff.


Amelia Antrim  18:09  

Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. People don't ask me on shows to talk about like paperwork. Exactly. So like, let's just talk about what you want to talk about. Ah, ah, I bet he'd love that.


Ryan Boelter  18:21  

I think that would be fun. I will say if I


Amelia Antrim  18:24  

were Henry, Henry's people. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  18:28  

Emrys people call us because we don't have people.


Amelia Antrim  18:30  

Yep. So now that took up two lines. So now we're off on our way every other one again.


Ryan Boelter  18:38  

Yeah. Cuz I asked the question that Kevin asked. So that's true. Okay, so I think we're, I think we're good. Yep.


Amelia Antrim  18:44  

Yeah. Okay. What is the hardest part of editing for each of you? This one is also from Kevin. So if the question is like, what is hardest about editing each of our voices minus the fact that a, I tend to take long pauses between saying things because I am saying doing it. So now I'm like, super self conscious about the fact that I'm doing this question. Because of my ADHD, I have a tendency to think faster than the words can get to my mouth. So I have to like slow down, stop. It's like, I have to wait for the worst to like travel down the train track and like get from the rain to the mouth. So I have taken too long pauses rather than restarting a sentence or stuttering or something. So it's really annoying to me when I edit myself because I want to cut that out. And like make me sound like I knew what I was saying from the beginning. Yeah, I also am born in 1988 and grew up in the 90s. So I say like a lot, and I can hear it, and it makes me nuts. That's funny. If we're talking about the hardest part of like, doing the editing. Also ADHD related, it's so boring. It's just and like, There's no quick workarounds or like, it just, it takes forever and like there's no immediate satisfaction factor in it of like seeing you know, numbers go up or things go down like there's no, you know, serotonin like no dopamine hit for me when I'm doing it. So it's like very much a slog, like I have to get through Oh, yeah. Plus care about it the way that you


Ryan Boelter  20:31  

do, right. And you use Audacity, which, which, as far as I know, it still doesn't let you edit as it's played. So like, every, every little thing you have to get rid of you have to pause, highlight, delete, replay,


Amelia Antrim  20:47  

blah, blah, blah, and edit it. Like while it's playing like,


Ryan Boelter  20:52  

yeah, it takes a little getting used to. But yeah,


Amelia Antrim  20:55  

like very like assembly line. Like, I'm just imagining, like, I Love Lucy or the like, faster, like stuffing things into my like in my mouth. And you know, trying to


Ryan Boelter  21:06  

it's funny, because when I when I edit, I look ahead to see all the little ticks and blips and other little things and mouth noises that I can get rid of before it reaches my play marker.


Amelia Antrim  21:18  

Oh, so you're like playing a little game with yourself? Yeah. Okay. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  21:22  

it's really fun. And okay, so the hardest thing, the hardest part of editing for me five finding, finding the time to edit is is pretty hard. Staying focused. If especially lately, I've had a lot of issues remaining on task, right? If I'm, if I can get in the zone, I can about two hours of raw audio in an hour and a half. Wow, if I'm in the zone, right. But Goodness gracious that zone doesn't come often enough. Yeah, so


Amelia Antrim  22:02  

Well, hopefully, it'll be easier from here too, because hopefully, we were really working dear listeners on staying on task. And, like cutting out the amount of chit chat and like non related content when we record recordings, or our episodes are getting long. But our recording sessions are really long. And I can't sit still for that long. Yeah. So hopefully, that'll get easier as we go forward to and kind of, they'll be like less for you to


Ryan Boelter  22:28  

Yeah, I think the hardest thing for me, actually editing is sometimes when the audio is all cleaned up. There's still some like background hiss at the end of everybody's sentences. So like, they'll be talking and then it all, they'll stop talking, and you'll hear just a very faint bit of background noise. And that slipped through and you can't easily get rid of that without degrading the quality of the audio. And I'm like, What did I do wrong?


Amelia Antrim  23:02  

When because Ryan's the only one that would hear it.


Ryan Boelter  23:07  

There you go. And then I have to, you know, take care of crosstalk and I've been more mindful about that lately, about separating out the crosstalk. So you don't have as many times as people talking over one another. Yeah. So that way, it's more accessible and easier for all the readers to automatically transcribe it if if you're using that. So that's nice. But just remembering to do everything is kind of a chore as well. checklist in my head. I should probably write it down. But it's all become second nature to me that like Okay, I gotta clean the audio. And then I put the audio in the tracks. And then I got to edit the for cleanliness and content and all that stuff. Then I got to export. And then I got to finalize the episode by combining it with everything else. And then I have to like export it to mp3. And then I got to add chapters and so on and so forth. And it's like oh my goodness. Yeah, it's exhausting just talking about it.


Amelia Antrim  24:14  

Yeah, so like I'm like, oh, yeah, like I like Ryan took it over the last what year and a half first. Something like because we were doing about 5050 and then we stopped doing the evolution cast episodes for a while. And so you were doing too and I was doing one and then we kind of got to a point where I was like not doing well. And so you took that over and I feel like you have a pretty good handle on it. Yeah, I think too is that like we're also at a point where like, you are so into like this audio production stuff that like if we went back to me editing it you you all would get like two really clean great episodes and then this one like half hearted like are on here. Some audio I guess, because I just


Ryan Boelter  25:05  

because funny,


Amelia Antrim  25:06  

boring to me, and I just like you talk about it and like people have explained things to me. And it's my brains like, okay, but I don't, it sounds the same to me. Like, I don't understand what we're doing. So like, I would probably send you the episode and you would probably fix it anyway.


Ryan Boelter  25:24  

Yeah, this Yeah, it's one of those things because like, the my process right now, I create the markers in Audition. And then I can export those markers. So the finalized version of the episode, and then move the markers with the episode with a cold open added and the call to action, all that. And then I can export that whole list of markers for the show notes. And I can export it for the scene. That's


Amelia Antrim  25:52  

part of the thing, too, is like we weren't doing that before, either. Because I do a lot of that in Yeah, study. Because not you're using Adobe. And


Ryan Boelter  26:01  

we're adding we're adding chapters now to our audio. So that way, if you're using like Apple podcasts, which doesn't auto build chapters based on the shownotes it will have chapters now, which was important to me for accessibility purposes. Because, you know, chapters just really help. That's why we put those things in the show notes. So you could get to a certain spot if you wanted.


Amelia Antrim  26:28  

But like from an accessibility standpoint of somebody having to type all of that stuff. It was bad. But now it's easy. It was really hard. It was really hard.


Ryan Boelter  26:38  

Like, manual process was sorry, it


Amelia Antrim  26:41  

was like super great that this helps somebody who's listening. But let me tell you, it does not help the person doing it. Yeah, the old way a lot less accessible for me as a person to do. Yeah. Me,


Ryan Boelter  26:54  

it was really bad.


Amelia Antrim  26:55  

Yeah, we've gotten better. Brian has lots of things that he would maybe like, do differently about editing, and I would maybe just not edit. Yep. And that's fine. For me was the whole thing. Right,


Ryan Boelter  27:08  

but But now you're doing a lot of graphic design work for the podcast, which I am loving what you're putting out. And and I could technically do that, but I don't care as much. Yeah. And like, you know,


Amelia Antrim  27:22  

yeah, I think as we've gone on with the podcast, which is not really like what this question is getting at, and you know, like, once again, we're off track. But over the last four years, I think we've gotten better about seeing what each of our strengths are, and like knowing, you know, like, I'm really good at creating those outlines and the plans and making all of that stuff work. And you are good at the like really technical stuff with the editing and making sure all of the techie stuff is is good. And, you know, like, you know, Ryan is doing all of the like, does it work? Kind of things? And I'm like, but does it look nice? And, you know, I, early on, I think it was trying to do more of the, you know, like the the logistics kind of stuff to have, like, you know, finding people and reaching out to people and and I feel like I'm kind of in and out on that about like whether I'm good about that. Because it depends on like where I am health wise, right. But yeah, over time, we've definitely developed a much better workflow between us. And when I think that we're both happier with Oh, yeah, absolutely. Which is what's important and what makes doing this sustainable too, because I think if you're not enjoying doing it like it's it, it is a hobby, and so if we're not having fun, we're gonna stop doing it. Absolutely. So we're getting better.


Ryan Boelter  28:44  

Teamwork makes the dream work.


Amelia Antrim  28:46  

That's what I've heard so far. So. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  28:51  

all right. I think I was even through. Okay, so my next question, this is from anonymous. What system are you most looking forward to?


Amelia Antrim  29:05  

I liked it. This question assumes that there's any kind of method to our madness. Like we have things planned out. No, we finished recording June yesterday. So we know what's happening for June


Ryan Boelter  29:17  

Yep. We we have a gap in we don't know what we're doing for July. And then


Amelia Antrim  29:22  

we have like four things that we want to do. Ah, because unfortunately, we will record July in June. Yeah. And there a few things that are any nominees for this year that I'm not comfortable necessarily having designers on the show to talk about their stuff before we've like officially. Put out our list of nominees. Yeah, like my hands are off of it. So we'll see what we do for what we do for June. What else do we want to do for? We would like to cover lumen? Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  29:55  

lumens pretty much near the top of my list every every single time I've heard of it. I heard people talking about it. It sounded really fascinating. Yeah, people really love it.


Amelia Antrim  30:05  

It feels like a lot of things.


Ryan Boelter  30:07  

It does a lot of things. It What is it illuminated by Lumen or something like that is the PPT equivalent?


Amelia Antrim  30:14  

Right? Yeah. It's like the toolkit system underneath it or whatever. Yeah. Um, no, like, I think is it Nova is like the associated game thing. Like the original one that it kind of started with. Don't quote me on that, because we have obviously not interviewed a designer on this one. Yeah. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  30:33  

I haven't been able to look into it too much, because I've been way too busy. But like, I'm really fascinated to hear what it's all about.


Amelia Antrim  30:41  

Yeah, I know that you really want to do wonder home? Oh, yeah. Wonder homes. Definitely. On top of the list, too, which is, you know, is one that I hear like, everybody loves and talks about? Yeah, it's not my like, genre. You know, it's like, it's one of those like, I always say that there are lots of games that I'm like, this is a good game, but it's not an Amelia game, right. And I feel like wander home kind of falls into that category. For me. It's like, I see why it's good for other people. Like I see why people love it. It's not like the I don't really like those like cozy games. Like they're not. Right. Like they're not messy enough anymore. Drama. Cozy, right, but that's definitely on the list. What was the other one? There's third one?


Ryan Boelter  31:22  

Oh, gosh, there's too many. I don't.


Amelia Antrim  31:25  

I know. There's like a dive. I feel like for sure. There was a third one that I was like, no. So I don't know what it was. Yeah. Yeah, I think those are the two big ones that are kind of on the list. On obligated? Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  31:40  

I got a got a copy a back to the coyote and Crow Kickstarter and got the book.


Amelia Antrim  31:45  

Oh, yeah. That's also on the nice list. So we can talk about that one. Also after July.


Ryan Boelter  31:51  

Yeah, that one looks really good. And that book is huge. It's huge. And artists. Lovely. Goodness. Yeah. And I was very impressed by the book and very impressed by the campaign. And I want to see what that game is all about as well. And definitely on my one of my short lists, so goodness, we got I got I have too many. I want to


Amelia Antrim  32:11  

Yeah, so the answer to like, what game are we looking forward to is like, I don't know. Did you make a game? We're probably looking forward to it. I asked this question.


Ryan Boelter  32:19  

If you would have asked me before I heard about Alpha mistresses coming next week. You know, I wouldn't have said I'll come mistresses, but my goodness.


Amelia Antrim  32:30  

Stop spoiling it, Ryan. We just got to listen people. Okay. Yeah. So listen to next month's series, and you'll hear Ryan like, the happiest he's ever been. As I typed out on that tweet, I was like, Yes, he was there for the birth of his children. But this might be


Ryan Boelter  32:46  

better. Yeah, I'm not gonna answer that question or respond to that in an affirmative or


Amelia Antrim  32:53  

negative. Like, I feel pretty comfortable saying that, like I was around for the birth of my children, and like, there are lots of things in life that made me happier, but maybe that's because I was the one giving birth. And like, that is not necessarily like a super like, fun, repeatable experience. You're not like, oh, that sounds like a cool thing. I'd love to do again. And yet for some reason I did so


Ryan Boelter  33:13  

well, right.


Amelia Antrim  33:16  

Because once they're in there, they have to come out somewhere else. That's very true. This is a I'm, I'm ready for this question. Are you ready? 100% former guest and good friend of the show and also good friend of myself as a person John Adams is asked, What's your favorite sandwich?


Ryan Boelter  33:37  

favorite sandwich? Oh, goodness, there are so many good sandwiches out there.


Amelia Antrim  33:42  

I have a top two actually. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So number one, if we're going to like pretend that I'm like, I'm not gonna say like fancy but like, competence, right? I would say that it is. Turkey with either cheddar or provolone depending on my mood. Okay. bacon, lettuce, tomato, sometimes avocado. Okay. Sometimes like a pesto. Either one. Not like pesto and avocado, either one. But potbelly has a great one that has like, I think they use Anoikis bacon. But it's like a pepper bacon. Okay. And Turkey. Oh my gosh, it's so and then like toasted. Very good.


Ryan Boelter  34:30  

I can see that being really good.


Amelia Antrim  34:32  

Yeah, so like really like, like a turkey bacon. All wrong. If we're just like being straight up honest. I have lots of food aversion. So I have a hard time like finding things that I want to eat because a lot of times food varies between either like, I'm disinterested or I'm straight up grossed out. And one of the few things that I can always always eat is peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Ryan Boelter  34:57  

It's a staple. It's a staple.


Amelia Antrim  34:58  

It's So good. There was a time when I was a kid where I was like not helping out around the house and my mom was like, fine. If you won't help me, I'm not doing anything for you. I was in third grade. And I did not know how to cook anything. So I just like ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly because it was like, that was like the one thing I knew how to make. And so there was a little while after that, right? I did not want to eat it anymore. But as an adult, yeah, like probably once or twice a week, I have peanut butter and jelly because it's one of the few things that my body's like, yes, that


Ryan Boelter  35:32  

give me that I had read that PB and J will, on average, extend your lifespan by like, 11 minutes or something like that.


Amelia Antrim  35:42  

Oh, my gosh. So all of the peanut butter and jelly that I've had over the course of my life, honestly, probably now cancels out the 10 years that I lose for being left handed. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  35:51  

So so you're, you're on your way.


Amelia Antrim  35:54  

Right? Right. So like now I'm back to the average human lifestyle. Right? Okay.


Ryan Boelter  36:00  

So so I love we've got PB and J as well. So for home home made sandwiches, because my my answer would probably be different for sandwiches that I get. I was about to say abroad. Drive your house


Amelia Antrim  36:19  

2022. Y'all like abroad?


Ryan Boelter  36:26  

So a sandwich I would make at home would be it would be a bread, of course would probably be like a soft white or a soft wheat sort of bread. Like nothing like chunky. I think like super wholegrain or anything like that. Right.


Amelia Antrim  36:46  

Okay. seeds in it as my kids said. This bread have seeds in it.


Ryan Boelter  36:52  

I don't like to see the bread. It's, it's too much. Yeah. And then I would put some cheese on both sides. And


Amelia Antrim  37:02  

well, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. This was Contin. Some cheese.


Ryan Boelter  37:07  

Depends on what I have. But I would probably prefer like either a mild or medium cheddar. Okay. Um, if I'm feeling is because I change it up every time. Right? Well, that's like I could put Provolone on there. I could put some have already on there. I can. If I'm getting desperate American cheese. Oh, never. Right? If I'm desperate. And then on the inner portions, you have probably some turkey or some deli turkey. But you don't put that on right away. Okay, first, you put the bread buttered on the outsides into a pan to melt the cheese.


Amelia Antrim  37:50  

I love that you're making all of these hand motions to like display this and like it does help me that's good. But I'm like watching you and you're like okay, the bread. And


Ryan Boelter  37:58  

so then so then you got the bread toasting in the pan. And then in the open portion of the pan, you put the turkey. Oh, and you fry up the turkey a little bit so it gets nice and warm and you get a little bit of that buttery grease going in there. Then you put the turkey on either side of the melted cheese once the turkeys done. Okay, and then you put bacon in the middle.


Amelia Antrim  38:19  

Okay, so you've made a turkey bacon grilled cheese. Yeah, that's good. It's fantastic. That's good. I love we do my family does, like fancy grilled cheese night. Which is basically like a, it's like an omelet station. But for grilled cheese. Yeah. And so like we get a bunch of different cheeses and like fillings and stuff like that. And so I love a good, like bacon pesto. And pepperjack it's really good.


Ryan Boelter  38:47  

The multi multi cheese. grilled cheeses are fantastic.


Amelia Antrim  38:51  

Yeah, yeah. sandwiches for a really long time. I think we talked about sandwiches more than we've talked about some of these games. So I haven't eaten lunch or dinner today.


Ryan Boelter  39:02  

Thanks, John, for making us hungry. Yeah, wait,


Amelia Antrim  39:05  

John. But it was an excellent question.


Ryan Boelter  39:08  

It was Thank you. Yeah. All right. Darryl, asked, what is the best random table you've ever rolled on? I? I have an answer for this. Okay. I'd


Amelia Antrim  39:22  

love to hear it.


Ryan Boelter  39:23  

It is the random mutant animals tables. Yep. From palladium. I believe after the bomb sack of ambition, which lets you roll which region your animal type is from, which then explodes into different animal subtypes


Amelia Antrim  39:44  

from that region? Yeah, it's like North America. Bow fine. Yeah. Yeah. We definitely use those ones in our our account icon. Yeah. Panel. That was great one mine. My answer is actually also from that account icon panel. I really like the corporation name table Inspire. Oh, yeah, that we ended up with flame Scourge and sons. That was a that's a really good one. And I think those are both ones we've rolled on. So I also have been kind of in the back of my mind keeping track of other tables as I read various books, putting little, little sticky notes on them. There's no good tables in them. I actually got one book that is entirely actually two books, I think, for the NHS this year that are just entirely random tables, like so stoked about them. Yeah, so Oh, love a good random table. But yeah, the after the bomb one is, is it's fun, because it's so specific. But like, it's it's depth and breadth, like it's, you know, like all of the regions and then all of these groups of animals and then the subtypes within the groups. And you know, what kind of cow Are you?


Ryan Boelter  40:59  

One way to roll on the table kind of cow? Because there there was two top end tables, that one was the what region of animal are you and then one was like some other type of like classification of animal groupings. And then each of those exploded out into their own sub tables. It was wild


Amelia Antrim  41:20  

wheels within wheels so seriously. Yeah. Yeah, there's so many. So much.


Ryan Boelter  41:27  

Yeah. So so this was we got to questions asking about our favorite random tables. So one was from Darrell one was from anonymous. But goodness, there's the latter end tables out there. And we love that. Great. So I think it's your question again,


Amelia Antrim  41:45  

it is. This is from my former best friend Jude. You know, you did question. Palladium TMT when? I think we already answered this question when sorry. Well, we did. He asked already before, what is the best system to spare hurdles in? Yeah, I mean, I do think that if we cover a Ninja Turtle game, we'll have to have Jude on as a guest. Yeah. Like, it'll sound a lot like Dylan sounded in this last series. But people seem to be into that. So it's fine. listeners that are like, Yeah, I'd love to hear your soul tie.


Ryan Boelter  42:30  

People. That's that's just what being a fan of the show is all about.


Amelia Antrim  42:34  

That's right. You know, like, you're a real? Yeah. You want to hear the host just


Ryan Boelter  42:38  

we'd like to hear the host suffer for their craft. Right? Because that's that that's


Amelia Antrim  42:44  

a true artist. Right, is that I would I would allow Jude on to talk about Ninja Turtles because I'm an artiste. Exactly. Yeah, so the answer when, um, I don't know when we don't have other stuff to cover. Like when there are better things to do. I guess


Ryan Boelter  43:01  

I honestly, because, like, one of my regrets of heroes Unlimited, is we didn't get to go into the mutant an animal like, Character class out of there because like, it is so different from the way everything else in Heroes unlimited works. Yeah, like, because they literally took the TMT rules and just copied and pasted them into heroes unlimited, and just said, good enough.


Amelia Antrim  43:34  

I was sold when, when John said, if you want to be a race of Pelican people, and I thought, yeah, I'm there.


Ryan Boelter  43:42  

Yeah, you can. And like, there's some supplements that you can be dinosaurs. It's a lot of fun. And the after the bomb, which is kind of T, M and T adjacent. It's like the palladiums unlicensed mutant animal book,


Amelia Antrim  43:59  

right next to him. And he was like, I can't do that. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  44:05  

They had the same they have the same rules for character creation with Bio II and so like doing all this weird stuff. And how human your hands are, for how Yeah, it's, it's wild.


Amelia Antrim  44:21  

Do you some bonus content? Maybe.


Ryan Boelter  44:23  

I think it would be fun. Yeah, we don't have to do TNT Exactly. For bonus content we could do after the bomb to spare you a little bit but


Amelia Antrim  44:33  

we're gonna do it. We're gonna do it. Like just go all in. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  44:37  

I might as well.


Amelia Antrim  44:39  

But yeah, I mean, because we don't have to do like the full like discussion and you know, historically, like, we could just like make characters or something. Yeah, maybe someday. Maybe. I would like it as a treat. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  44:51  

as well. I would. I would find it hilarious. If you're like that was actually fun. I wouldn't think that would happen. cuz I would probably like this game. Oh boy. Yeah, it's palladium had a tight pull IBM. So


Amelia Antrim  45:06  

yeah, I don't think there's any way that maybe, you know maybe if the Apocalypse was coming.


Ryan Boelter  45:11  

That's true. Well we'll figure it out. Yeah. All right. This next question from anonymous. What is your dream piece of merchandise for the show? Hmm, interesting question.


Amelia Antrim  45:26  

I'd really love to have like if we're just talking, you know, so like, I guess there's there's two levels to this. Here's like exactly like what kind of like, you know, artistic representation do I want and then like what stuff, right? So like for talking just stuff. I really want enamel pins at some point. Because I love them and I collect them and


Ryan Boelter  45:48  

they're great. enamel pins would be phenomenal. Yeah. So someday,


Amelia Antrim  45:52  

someday, yeah. It's not totally out of court, like supply chain stuff right now is at a point where we just couldn't run, but it's definitely not out of the question if we can.


Ryan Boelter  46:01  

And And honestly, you're getting a lot of practice with this, like design stuff. With all these series promo images that we're working on. And yeah, dear listeners, there's a lot happening behind the scenes right now that we're really excited about.


Amelia Antrim  46:18  

And to keep an eye on our tick tock and Instagram because it's where I'm doing my best work. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I'm still not I like I'm not a graphic designer. Like I'm not a political scientist.


Ryan Boelter  46:30  

But you have a good eye for it. Yeah. So and practice makes perfect. So yeah, yes, I would like better.


Amelia Antrim  46:38  

I'd love enamel pins. Yes. Practice makes progress as my therapist. Yes.


Ryan Boelter  46:42  

That's, that's the word I was looking for. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  46:46  

What do I want? Or like we've been talking for a long, long time about our ghost Shanks to go? Yeah, series. And I really, really, really do want that, um, financially, it just like has not been feasible yet. Like we we really want to, and it just keeps not working out. Yeah. I mean, getting close. And then no. Someday. And I the hard part with that. One is it's so many characters. So it does get it does get expensive. Exactly. Depending on who who does it. And are they asking a fair rate? So really, the answer is it's expensive because we would pay a fair rate?


Ryan Boelter  47:28  

Absolutely. And then some? Yeah, yeah.


Amelia Antrim  47:32  

I don't know. What about you?


Ryan Boelter  47:33  

Um, yeah, the enamel pins is probably top of my list as well, because I also collect enamel pins. I've got like a whole thing of Sailor Scout enamel pins behind me.


Amelia Antrim  47:44  

Yeah, you've got your board behind you. My boards actually, like right up here. Yeah. But


Ryan Boelter  47:48  

um, and it's just fantastic to have all of those and like, I love the little TV details that you can get in all of them. And, like, I think that'd be really fun to have an enamel pin for our show, if not like a bunch of them have of some sort. I don't know how that would work. That would look like but, you know, it would be fun. Yeah. Bookmarks to I think would be just a fun little thing that like, the thing that I'm most looking forward to. But like, I think it would just be fun to have bookmarks of like our new promo art network throwing together.


Amelia Antrim  48:26  

Yeah, I think that's the thing that like, if we ever get back to going to conventions and stuff. I've seen a lot of people do bookmarks instead of business cards. Yeah. And so like, we could certainly do that because they're not super expensive to print. Oh, absolutely. So bookmarks are definitely a thing that we could do to like hand out and stuff.


Ryan Boelter  48:44  

That'd be fun. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  48:46  



Ryan Boelter  48:46  

I can't think of much else right


Amelia Antrim  48:49  

now. No, I mean, like the it says, like, I want art from like, all of our characters and stuff. Like I would love to just, if I had all of the money, I would like to pay it all to the artists. So yeah, all of it, I guess. Yeah. The answer to that, but also pins we would love to and also pins. All right. This one also does not have a name. Oh, wait, no. Did I ask the merchandise question? No, you did. Yeah, I did. Okay. All right. So this question does not have a name. It's an another anonymous one. How would a necromantic magical person work? Yeah. I feel like we maybe slightly answered that in our cortex series. thinks we we made evil magical.


Ryan Boelter  49:36  

Those a whole team loves necromantic neck dramatic. Magical people.


Amelia Antrim  49:43  

Yeah, yeah. Because cam let us be our worst


Ryan Boelter  49:47  

selves, just peek selves, right, blended together.


Amelia Antrim  49:51  

And I think that was we recorded that at the point where we were like, Okay, let's just embrace it. Like we were at that point in the trajectory of things like that. I'm gonna stop trying. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I think it works. Similarly to any other kind of magical girl. It's just that like, necromancy is is seen as this inherently evil thing. And so it's really more about like, things being morally questionable there. Right. And like, what are your, you know, what are your anchors for what is moral or not? Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  50:30  

and I guess it depends on how you handle it right because like you could be, you know, a magical girl necromancer that raises you know, other magical girls that have fallen in battle. Right? And now your your team consists of all these fallen magical girls that you're bringing back to, to life who undeath at that point? And how cool would it be like, you've got these skeletal magical girls, you got these zombie magical girls, right? But when they transform, they actually transform into what they were in life. Oh, so now you've got like the you're giving them a second chance at living while they are in their magical selves?


Amelia Antrim  51:18  

Yeah, but what are the implications of that of like, do they want to be raised do they want to be? Well, I also think that like that, again, assumes that we're like, operating in this, like, you know, current moral standard kind of a thing, because I also think about something like, for anybody that has read Gideon, the ninth or harrow the ninth, it takes place in this world where it was just like, people are necromancers is just what they do. Like, it's just a thing that like, and there, there's not a lot of discussion of, like, you know, what, what are the, you know, social implications of that, like, the religious implications that it's just like, people are necromancers it's just how it works. Yeah. And so I think it depends a lot on on setting too. Absolutely. If that's, you know, like, do you want to deal with the moral implications of that? Or is your world a world where it's just like, skeletons walking around as a thing? And right, you know, that's just what superheroes do. Like that kind of magic. You know,


Ryan Boelter  52:20  

yeah. And like my, my ideal scenario, in this case would be like, you've got multiple generations like 1000s of years of you know, Magical Girl quote unquote saviors. Trying to stop this big evil but them all failing. Until one time, there's only one magical girl in the mix. And then she's a necromancer, and she brings them all back the 1000s that are fair for the final battle. And now you've got this, like 3000 Magical Girl army against the big bad on the moon or something. Yeah, just like epic combat and and magical girl nonsense.


Amelia Antrim  53:07  

What is like, necromancy is powered by friendship. Yeah. Like, these are my friends and I miss them. Yeah, you know, so like, I don't think that those two are as much of a dichotomy as as we make them out to be always think I think you can. I mean, they are. But I think that there are ways to mix them and be like, the power of love and friendship is an undying bond. And okay, Ryan now we're going to write a book about Magical Girl necromancers. Like, like, you can't kill French. So like, I think that that's how I would want it to work. Honestly, if like, if it were if it were like you and I had to make this concept work of like, necromantic magical girls. Yeah, that's for me where that link would be. Friendship and love. Do not die.


Ryan Boelter  54:02  

Yeah, absolutely. Oh, goodness. No. All right. I'm there. I'm on the pile.


Amelia Antrim  54:10  

I would like you to make some, like dark magic playbooks for Chimera. Oh, heck, yeah. Okay. You can hire me to write them.


Ryan Boelter  54:22  

I got given myself a job here. Yeah, that's fine. All right. So this question is from John Animus. Amelia. I'm looking to start recording in my closet. Do you have any recommendations on good things to put on the floor to make it difficult to move around?


Amelia Antrim  54:44  

Oh, I mean, John, the opportunities are limitless. If you are looking for things to like, force you personally to like not move. Find all those storage bins you have in the back of your closet. pile them up around you and build a little fort. If you are looking for a way to like dissuade yourself from getting up and walking away, may I suggest dumping a bucket of Legos all over the floor. Oh no. So that you cannot get out. Take your shoes, too. Right? Yeah, to also take your shoes off and leave your shoes outside of the closet. Get into the closet, dump the layers on the


Ryan Boelter  55:20  

floor around you.


Amelia Antrim  55:24  

Yeah, I honestly, like Ryan will tell you just from like an audio standpoint that like the tighter the space, you know, the better it's gonna, it's gonna sound like I sounded way better in my closet full of dress ups than I do in my big, big room because of the dress ups. Right? Not because I was like in a closet, but because the dress ups were like hanging up around me. So like, you know, do it in a closet bounce off of right, do it in a closet that actually has clothes in it. And then sit on the floor and they're in a small space. And yeah, like, honestly, if you can stack up storage bins around you, and then like put blankets over them or so like you probably have, like a real answer to this question. I pretty good.


Ryan Boelter  56:12  

Pretty good. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  56:15  

Yeah. And if it weren't for the fact that I like finally have a real computer setup and everything I would be doing that because I did like recording in a closet and have a nice big closet here that I could, yeah, stuff hanging up. But I don't want to like with my monitors and everything in there, you know? So. Yeah, but also get some like cushions or something to sit on. Because your butt hurts after a while need


Ryan Boelter  56:36  

to be cushy. Yeah. Yeah, make


Amelia Antrim  56:39  

sure that there's enough room to like, move your legs around so that they don't fall asleep. Yeah. Don't like block yourself in too much.


Ryan Boelter  56:44  

No. Yeah. And then keep those Legos a little distance away. Just enough to cover up the entrance.


Amelia Antrim  56:50  

Yeah. All right. Your question?


Ryan Boelter  56:56  

I just read the question.


Amelia Antrim  56:58  

Oh, that's right. It's my question. I answered it, you read it. Okay. This one is from Kevin, whose podcast music did you enjoy listening to when mixing it together with yours for an episode? I'm actually going to have you do this one, right, because you usually did our music mixing. And then, because I edited the second two episodes of the series usually sent it to me whatever you'd used already.


Ryan Boelter  57:20  

Absolutely. Yeah. So I think I think I've only done. I've only been the one to do this.


Amelia Antrim  57:25  

I think for some of our evolution casts i Oh, yeah. You might have done, like, done some here and there. But a lot of times you're also really good at at finding because usually we use three clips. And yeah, I'm finding the other ones and stuff too. So it's mostly you. I'll let you Yeah. And so


Ryan Boelter  57:40  

so now I've refined it down to two clips. And then our music, right? Yes. It's always two different clips. If the when I said three I was like, including our Yeah, so then if the used to be like three or four, something ridiculous and much. And we would


Amelia Antrim  57:59  

like so many things with our show. They were too much. And we're trying not too much. We're trying


Ryan Boelter  58:03  

we refine and fix where we can. If if the guests on the show have a podcast with music that we're able to use. I'll use a couple second clip from that. And then something else thematic based on what the what the episode was about the game, whatever inspires me, right? So if it's Dungeons and Dragons, I literally looked for Dungeons and Dragons in on like film, which has a lot of like, Creative Commons music on there, with attribution, which is why we always attribute the artists that we use from there. Yeah, our network also has a sound Stripe account that we're able to use that if we wanted to, we could grab music from there, but that's a little it's a little harder to find stuff on there as well. But whose podcast music did I enjoy listening to when mixing it together? Um, Gosh, I really enjoyed system masteries


Amelia Antrim  59:11  

so that's the one that stands out for me. Like there's just,


Ryan Boelter  59:14  

like, just fine, like upbeat.


Amelia Antrim  59:16  

And I don't know if it's because I've listened to their show so much that I'm like, I know it when I hear it. But yeah,


Ryan Boelter  59:23  

yeah, but it's probably the most it's probably because we've had them on the most. Right so I can use it multiple times. Yeah. And but it is it is fun to listen to. It's just happy. It kind of goes along with ours because like it's that bit tune sort of like yield to it and we've got kind of that going on as well for a theme song so yeah, it kind of it kind of makes sense. I will be really embarrassed if we if we get to a podcast that has are the same theme song as us.


Amelia Antrim  59:54  

Yeah, cuz ours is just a Creative Commons. Yeah, song


Ryan Boelter  59:57  

so somebody else could be using it and like if they It happens. I don't know, because there's two versions of the song. We're using the remixed version, the hero remix, and somebody else could be using just hero and wow, that would be weird. It would be. I'd be curious who if anybody is using Hero,


Amelia Antrim  1:00:15  

I think then we're obligated to do a crossover episode. Yeah. They use the same music. I think that's how it works.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:21  

I think that's how that works. Yeah. Absolutely.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:26  

Okay. Oh, this next question. Okay. It doesn't have a name. Okay. I'm gonna get one without names, I think. What game do you wish you hadn't done? So you could do it again, for the first time? Oh, I first I was like, which game do you wish you hadn't done? And I was like, one? All right, like kind of a rude question. But for the first time,


Ryan Boelter  1:00:49  

the first time. Oh, gosh,


Amelia Antrim  1:00:52  

kind of okay. I actually, I might have an answer to this. Okay. Um, I kind of want to say masks. No, because I didn't absolutely love our masks series. Yes. But because we were teeny baby podcast


Ryan Boelter  1:01:05  

or teeny, baby podcasters.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:08  

And we kind of got our redo this last month with d&d. Yeah. But that wasn't one that I like, particularly wanted to redo. I wanted to do it because it's one of those like, quintessential. You can't be an RPG podcast and not do d&d At some point. But like masks, it was, it was the first time I'd ever touched a pbta game to like, I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't you know, like, I love the character that I made. And I'm really proud of what came out of it, considering the fact that I like did not know what I was doing I as a podcaster. Or a PVTA. Player. But yeah, I'd love the chance to, to try again.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:48  

Yeah, absolutely. Masks was my, like, immediate answer as well. Because I mean, I loved the group that we made. And


Amelia Antrim  1:01:57  

yeah, I don't think I picked different guests. Yeah, it felt


Ryan Boelter  1:02:01  

right. It felt it felt like, like one of those lightning in a bottle like sessions, right? Yes. I'm listening


Amelia Antrim  1:02:09  

back on it. It's still because I listened to it a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. To make the playlist and like, it's still It sounds really good. You can tell that I'm kind of like not following along as easily as all of you are, because you were like, Yes, pretty insidious, my favorite podcast, and I know who all of you are. And I'm excited to hear and I love pbta. And I was like, what's the playbook? So, like, I'm kind of like listening to myself. I was like, Oh, buddy, but you know, like, we're not like lacking the charisma the way we are in those first episodes. I think we are doing a lot better. But yeah, it Yeah, I definitely would love the chance to try again.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:47  

Yeah, my, my more pressing or immediate answer, probably, though, would probably be okay. It's so hard because like, if we didn't do headspace, the way we did it Durge wouldn't exist. Right. And, like starcrossed, I would love to do that again for the first time, just because that would bring me so much joy. But like, goodness, everything we created and everything we talked about in that series was just phenomenal. It'd be a shame for that to just disappear for


Amelia Antrim  1:03:19  

I feel like those ones like really impacted the way that we do everything else on the show. I think masks like not to say that it didn't have that impact. And again, it was our first pbta one for sure. Yeah. But it's just the one that I wish I had been. If I knew then what I knew now, you know?


Ryan Boelter  1:03:39  

Yeah, it has to be one of those.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:42  

That feels like the perfect answer for me. Yeah, masks. Yeah. Mask


Ryan Boelter  1:03:45  

Star Wars headspace headspace simply because knowing what I know now, if if I was able to do that one again, and just go fall into the like, mixed gray area nonsense that headspace is supposed to be about. Yeah, I would do that. And I would I would make 100%


Amelia Antrim  1:04:08  

think though that like if we did it again. You would be better for having done it that first time though. Yes. Because you know, yeah, like what it looks like when you didn't do that. came out great. But yeah, yeah. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  1:04:20  

absolutely. Yeah. So there you go. Answers. Yep.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:27  

Oh, boy. On the opposite end.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:29  

What game do you wish did not exist? This is tough. Dungeons and Dragons first.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:36  

No, I'm just gonna mean. Like, it's really hard not to say that because


Ryan Boelter  1:04:41  

that's extremely sarcastically


Amelia Antrim  1:04:45  

Yeah, I mean, right. So it's like, we we needed to get where we are. Right. And I like where we are. But I wish we also weren't there. Do you know what I mean?


Ryan Boelter  1:04:59  

Yeah. I mean, there's some, there's some lessons from like, the


Amelia Antrim  1:05:02  

way I feel about, you know, like, like, all of the struggles in my life is like, I like who I am now. And I'm, I'm glad I'm here. And I wouldn't be here without all of the the rough, bad stuff that I went through. But also, I'd like to not have that bad stuff.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:17  

Yeah, absolutely.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:20  

So I mean, I feel like not even about Dungeons and Dragons, but about games in general, I think that like, anything is is there are missteps, and you learn from them? I mean, because this is excluding games that are just like, I suppose totally, like, harmful, right? Because I don't feel like engaging with that right now is supposed to be a fun thing. And I'm not gonna like, go on a rant about games that are particularly harmful. We can just go ahead and assume that that's like, the general like, actual answer is like, if that game hurts people, I want it to not exist exactly. But like, from a financial standpoint, I would be interested to see what the landscape would look like without DND being this big behemoth that it is. Ah, I think that's my answer. Yeah, no, that's not existing. Just I would like it to not be as,


Ryan Boelter  1:06:13  

like if it was all a level playing field. Right. Right. Would be nice. Yeah, I mean, that's, that's kind of my answer as well. I mean, the problem with this is like, you know, almost every single game is somebody's palladium, or L five, our fourth edition, right? Right. Like Marvel Marvel Superheroes, there's so many people that said, wow, Marvel superheroes. I stopped playing


Amelia Antrim  1:06:41  

that game. I love that game. And we're like, don't listen to our episode that because I get


Ryan Boelter  1:06:46  

it's not that we didn't like it. It was it was for his time, you know. But for now, it was


Amelia Antrim  1:06:52  

time to do that with everything that we cover, even when we are not system mastery. So as a general rule, we don't like pick things that were like those. You know, we try to showcase stuff that we think is good. But even we do some of those older ones. We do try and say like, okay, obviously, like, this is not a perfect system. But I see what came out of it. I think that there's it's really hard to say that there's not some of that with a lot of games.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:22  

Right? And, and there's probably some games out there that were just like money grabs that were like, Hey, I've got this IP, let's make an RPG. And they have heard of it. And yeah, those types of systems are probably safe to say if they didn't exist, I don't think the world would be, you know, too sad, especially if somebody else was like,


Amelia Antrim  1:07:42  

I couldn't have a better one. Why didn't you pay me? Exactly? Yeah. So I think if I had a catalog in my head, I, if I knew all games and like, could remember them. I'm sure I could be able to come up with one that was like, this does not need to exist.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:58  

Yeah, almost every game unless it's problematic, has its place.


Amelia Antrim  1:08:04  

Right? Because I think even even for the person making the game, a lot of times the activity of making something even if this is my, this is my art moment, right? Sometimes the act of making something is more important than someone else consuming that thing. Yes. It's why like, lots of artists have sketchbooks full of sketches, because they needed to make that thing, right. Not because they needed anybody to see it or needed the world to say it was great or whatever. You just needed to get that thing out. And I think making games is the same as drawing the sketches or painting or writing or whatever, that it isn't always for someone else. Yeah. I mean, so I think I think sometimes even the people that made those games needed them to exist. So that's great. Yeah, that wasn't the question either is what do I wish, right?


Ryan Boelter  1:09:01  

Right now,


Amelia Antrim  1:09:02  

philosophical about it. It's funny,


Ryan Boelter  1:09:04  

because like, I've got, like, at least two games out there in the world that I don't care if people play or not. It was just fun making them and like, one of them was 100% a thought exercise like can I make a game out of this? That's probably a game. Would it be fun to play? Probably. I hope so. I hope somebody has tried it out. The the one I'm thinking of right now is 52 memory pickup, where you build a house of cards by yourself and you're telling a story as you build the house of cards. And when it falls, depending on if there's face up or down, like memories will go away or stay and then you build it up again. And then when when you're done with the deck of cards, then whatever's leftover in the house or has been face up or whatever, then you pass that only those memories off to another player. And then they read them and experience your character injury that so it was like this really weird cerebral like to plan or


Amelia Antrim  1:10:08  

work and go symmetric like


Ryan Boelter  1:10:11  

yeah, solo game and it's like, does that work? Probably Is it a game? Yeah, of course. But right is, you know, it was just fun to me


Amelia Antrim  1:10:21  

need to exist like I don't know. Like are you better off for having made it? Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  1:10:27  

yeah, absolutely. I thought it was fun and I enjoyed it. But, you know, if nobody else enjoys it I don't, I'm not losing sleep over it.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:36  

Right, right. What is your least favorite genre to create characters in? And why? I'm gonna come in with a heartache. Okay, quote unquote traditional fantasy.


Ryan Boelter  1:10:52  

I don't like it. I don't like it. That's interesting.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:55  

I do not care for it. When I play Areum just one of my one of my favorite games, there is a section in there where you spend time defining not only your like lines and bills and axes and stuff, but specifically asked like things you're just not feeling stuff you just like don't really want to do and I'm like, I don't want to do traditional like European fantasy. And I don't like woodland creatures, right? Those are my like, I just don't like them.


Ryan Boelter  1:11:27  

There you go. So, so my answer is, it's probably shocking. Mac games.


Amelia Antrim  1:11:37  

You don't like Mac games?


Ryan Boelter  1:11:39  

I love Mac games. Don't get me wrong. Okay. But the character creation in Mac games. The character you create is a pilot for the interesting thing. Uh


Amelia Antrim  1:11:50  

huh. So the creation making the Mac which is not the fun part?


Ryan Boelter  1:11:54  

Well, at the Mac is the fun part. And usually it's like you select a frame and you select weaponed and you select a loadout. And you select looks and that's, that's fun in play and, and everything like that. But the pilots usually like I'm a normal person. And, and maybe I'm the tactician, maybe I'm, you know, whatever. But


Amelia Antrim  1:12:16  

so like you think what we emphasize in character creation is not the same as what's fun to play. Correct? Is that what you're saying? I think so. I think so. Am I trying to get a grasp on like, which part you like? Because I don't? I don't really know. Why are we covering these games? So I


Ryan Boelter  1:12:33  

don't dislike it at all? Yeah, so don't get me wrong, I have loved everything that we've covered. But it's less interesting than a lot of other genres. Because the character is not the character to the genre, is the Mac. And it feels weird making that pilot, because the pilots just the squishy thing inside the mech.


Amelia Antrim  1:13:00  

I see. So would it be better to you if character creation really took into account making both? Because I feel like when I play, like, the stories, like with the pilot are going to be important too. I would I was I feel like to me, like the pilot is also like, an important part of the genre, and is like, right, not interested. It's like, okay, like, I don't care about cars, either. Right? You know, like, that's where my brain goes.


Ryan Boelter  1:13:25  

Yep. The pilot has to be probably the more important than the mech to make it interesting. And it also has to like, like, oddly enough, the Mac genre, it, it has to be focused on the Mac stuff, right? Mac combat, or Mac and counters and stuff like that. Right? But like, if the game was more eyelet based, or maybe 5050? I don't know. I'm getting like a nice lecture sort of feel to it. Right?


Amelia Antrim  1:13:56  

Maybe, like, I know, I don't know much about that game. Yeah. But I think that the difference too, is like, when we think about like, Max, we're like, Ooh, cool, Max, and mech combat. Yeah, the show is and all that kind of stuff. Which to me, like, you're gamifying as tactical combat, but that's not what those shows are about. Right. So you're it's almost like in and maybe that's maybe that's my problem with this is that we are gamifying the wrong part of that genre,


Ryan Boelter  1:14:29  

right? Yeah, I want I want mech pilots to fall in love and you probably want them to betray each other.


Amelia Antrim  1:14:36  

Like fighting inside their max is like part of that enemies to lovers thing. It's not about the mech fight. It's about the people that are fighting, right.


Ryan Boelter  1:14:43  

That's why I really enjoyed when we covered pyar waltz, because that's kind of what that game is more about. It's a micro game and it's about the the conflict and and whatnot and feelings between the two pilots and all that sort of stuff. But like when you're doing a team I want to I want to have that that like the those messy relationships and like I want a lot of downtime in my game and I don't want to be constantly going on missions and, and whatnot and I occasionally will want to have the you know, scene of like, oh, you're my, my best friend slash crushes Mack blew up and now I have to put her into my iMac to get her to safety. And now we're in the pilot's compartment like, scrunched together as We're escaping, you know, on one foot, and that's, that's the


Amelia Antrim  1:15:31  

That's mine, like the fights and stuff. It's like, it's I don't think that a lot of those games do a good job of establishing what the story stakes are for those steps. So yeah, I think I think our problem there is really just like, what, what a game has chosen to mechanize. About that genre, and just like the disconnect not being there from like, what you like about the genre to what is in the game? Yours is definitely more complicated answer than mine is like medieval fantasies for Absolutely. I just don't feel like it leaves enough room for me to do whatever I want.


Ryan Boelter  1:16:06  

And that's fine. Yeah, I think this will probably be our last question. Yeah. All right. This one is from anonymous. If you if you wrote this, thank you because it makes me happy when I read this. I love your podcast. My younger sibling and I are notorious in our gaming group for coming up with paired characters who work best when they're playing off one another and get a lot of characterization from one another. Usually this gives yes ended into some really zany situations. I omitted examples because it takes up too much space. But one example is essentially remaking a pair of iconic Yugi Oh rivals in Deadlands


Amelia Antrim  1:16:50  



Ryan Boelter  1:16:53  

How do you feel about building characters that pairs and is there anyone in particular you especially like building character Duo's with?


Amelia Antrim  1:17:02  

I love paired characters. Yes, love, love, love, love them. We don't do it as much on this show. Because we are doing character creation and nothing else. We do occasionally get into that, like what are the relationships and kind of entangling things. I love doing it in campaigns. And I think a few of my last games that like actually lasted a while did have some some paired characters. I notoriously when we were still making shadow, the Cabal was fake, married, real married, fake married whatever, to my my friend Ryan and are ours because the way Alpha Mr. works as a setting is a lot of times are arranged marriages. Yeah, and the way the characters worked in that one is that we were married, and we were friends. And we were fine. But we were also both queer. And like living this like little molecule life essentially that like my girlfriend and his boyfriend also lived with us. And we knew about that, and we were fine. And we were just like, socially married. And it was great. It was really fun to play out. And I like would love to pick up those characters at some point. Yeah, because it was a really fun dynamic. It was awesome. Absolutely. And, and yeah, I've done like I've done married with people a couple times. And I know that one's like a little harder for people. But you have to have the right, the right group. I play a lot of games with my friend Jude. And we tend to kind of pair up our characters partly because we we sit down together usually to make them and like bounce ideas off of each other. And so they're usually, you know, related in some way. Yeah. Yeah, I like it because I just think it, it gives you a lot more hooks and it really avoids that you all meet in a tavern situation. It's a very quick way out of that.


Ryan Boelter  1:18:56  

Absolutely. Yeah, I love paired characters because it's like the ultimate like step to relationship building. Like it's like saying and we don't have just a relationship we are intricately connected. Yeah, and that that's such a fun experience. I I've only as far as I can recall, aside from anything we might have done on the podcast, I've only had the experience once and it was by accident during character creation. So and this is currently ongoing I'm playing in some Barlaam campaign. Oh, and what are the other characters is a change lane and I'm playing a barbarian and the subohm setting is very complicated. There's a lot of like, you know, political nonsense between barbarians and the entry and I think they're called and


Amelia Antrim  1:19:54  

there's factions and yeah,


Ryan Boelter  1:19:57  

yeah, but like, you know, typical like fantasy You style change lanes are you know, quote unquote, frowned upon and, and all that sort of stuff because they're they're tricky. They're they're not to be trusted because they could look like anybody blah, blah blah, right, right. My character is totally oblivious to a lot of things. And is like, you know, basically me only like, in


Amelia Antrim  1:20:22  

this Why can't everyone just be friends? Exactly.


Ryan Boelter  1:20:25  

So like the other characters or change lane, who it has been mistreated their whole life and it's very shy and retreats within themselves all the time. And we linked our characters together, we both independently of one another picked nightmares as our burden. Oh, and


Amelia Antrim  1:20:49  

I love when links happen that way too, when you don't set out to make characters that are like in a relationship, but it's like, Oh, your thing goes with my Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  1:20:55  

so So we both have nightmares. And we both decided they were shared nightmares. Like we both have the exact same nightmare. And it always ends at the very end, where we see the the shadowy outline of the other person, but we don't know who that other person is. And we're like reaching out to grab each other's hands. And then the nightmare end. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  1:21:17  

that's interesting. So that's even like a totally different kind of link than what I'm talking about is like a social relationship. Yeah, it's like, you have linked stories, but your characters don't know.


Ryan Boelter  1:21:26  

Yes, this is like, like a


Amelia Antrim  1:21:29  

linked up. But the characters aren't necessarily Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  1:21:31  

So like, oh, they they like when they first met each other. It was an instant trust between the two. So like, they trust each other implicitly. And they don't know why. And like, because it's


Amelia Antrim  1:21:44  

that like, back of the mind. Like, oh, I recognize you from somewhere.


Ryan Boelter  1:21:48  

Exactly. And, and


Amelia Antrim  1:21:49  

like lemon oil. That's


Ryan Boelter  1:21:51  

the word I'm looking for. My character is oblivious to all sorts of things. And he just keeps his head in the books. And he's trying to figure out how to heal as good as possible. And then and she's just like, into plants. And she could speak with plants and and like they've got these two separate lives. But like we we keep intersecting and yeah, it's such a good experience like this, this this slow burn romance that we're working on that they both have no clue about each other's feelings for one another. And they probably won't for a long time. But they you know, it's gonna happen eventually.


Amelia Antrim  1:22:32  

Yeah. Yeah. So I think the answer to that is like, we feel great about building characters as parents, whether it happens accidentally or on purpose, whether those are story links or like relationship links. Is there anyone in particular? Yeah, like I said, for me, it's probably dude, he's one of the people that I've played the most games with at this point. And he is my best friend, we kind of just tend to be sort of like on the same page with what we want to in a game, which I think works really well. Obviously, like my friend Ryan and I have have played a couple of games together too. And I feel like have linked up pretty well, a couple times we've done that too, just because we, again, have the same sort of play style, which I think is the biggest thing for me and picking somebody to do that with is that somebody that like, wants the same thing out of a game as you but yeah, i and i love that you do that with your sibling. That's such a good, like a wholesome family activity. I think all but one of my siblings plays RPG is my sister doesn't but my my two brothers and my youngest sibling, all do. We don't play together. So maybe someday we'll find a way to like make a campaign work or something. But I love that.


Ryan Boelter  1:23:51  

Yeah, that's really cool. Well, thank you for that question. Anonymous.


Amelia Antrim  1:23:57  

Yeah, that was like thoughtful question like, not that the other ones weren't. But that is I mean, that was a thoughtful like, pristine question.


Ryan Boelter  1:24:05  

I think that's a very good question. To wrap up this session of our q&a. We've got quite a few left. About halfway through Moodle more than halfway quite quite a bit more than halfway through. We've got maybe we can maybe do the next one in a in an episode. Yeah, we've got 20, we might be able to limit this. So we'll see it. I still don't have the form off. Technically, I'm not going to tell anybody that. So if questions do come in, I'm not going to be worried about it.


Amelia Antrim  1:24:36  

Yeah. I'll be answering them until we're done. And then there'll be for next time.


Ryan Boelter  1:24:39  

Yeah, but i We're done for May. We might be done. Look at that. We're right on time. We are done for me. We will probably push the third q&a to the end of June.


Amelia Antrim  1:24:58  

Interrupts this next series. It needs to go together.


Ryan Boelter  1:25:01  

It has to.


Amelia Antrim  1:25:03  

I'm really bummed that this next series like we can't just release all at once. I know like, I know there's too much editing and like we did, but like, I just want to out now, like, why is it


Ryan Boelter  1:25:12  

so good? It's so good. Maybe there will be a way to get a hold of things earlier. Tune in June, whatever.


Amelia Antrim  1:25:23  

What does that June 6,


Ryan Boelter  1:25:24  

June 6, Monday, June 6, will be the first episode, we have a very special announcement that we will save for that. So this is your teaser to tune in in June.


Amelia Antrim  1:25:36  

Yeah. June into June,


Ryan Boelter  1:25:40  

June. And I'm really excited for what we have going on. And I hope you will be


Amelia Antrim  1:25:49  

for four years honestly, like I thank you for four years. We're really excited for what we have coming up in the next year, four years. foreseeable future foreseeable future, however long I live between being left handed and eating peanut butter and jelly. It's a fine balance. We're walking in. Whatever that range is between peanut butter and jelly and being left handed. That's how long we'll keep putting out podcasts.


Ryan Boelter  1:26:15  

Absolutely. All right. Thanks for joining us, everyone. We'll see you next time.


Amelia Antrim  1:26:20  

Yep, we'll see you next week.


Ryan Boelter  1:26:32  

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