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Character Creation Spotlight - CHEW with Pete Petruscha [Designer]

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Welcome to a bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! This episode we will be sitting down with Pete Petruscha to learn about, and create characters for, CHEW, a Forged in the Dark, food-based, crime drama RPG!

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Welcome to a bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! This episode we will be sitting down with Pete Petruscha to learn about, and create characters for, CHEW, a Forged in the Dark, food-based, crime drama RPG!


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Amelia Antrim  0:19  

Welcome to a special bonus episode of character creation spotlight everyone in this bonus segment will be shining a light on some current or up and coming games to keep an eye out for. I'm one of your hosts Amelia. And today my co host Ryan and I are welcoming Pete Patricia to talk about QA forged in the dark food based crime drama RPG.


Ryan Boelter  0:42  

Welcome back to character creation spotlight. Pete, it's great to have you here. Thanks.


Pete Petrusha  0:46  

It feels like we can make it like a yearly ritual this year, you know?


Ryan Boelter  0:51  

I mean, if you keep releasing games like


Pete Petrusha  0:53  

that, I was gonna say you probably have a whole like, schedule filled with the people who are released at the same time every year.


Ryan Boelter  0:58  

I know. So many right now.


Amelia Antrim  1:02  

Oh, just put it on the calendar. September. Okay, September


Pete Petrusha  1:05  

is coming up. We should probably reach out to Pete because he's gonna be going. I know he's he's trying to reach out to me right now. He just hasn't got there yet.


Ryan Boelter  1:13  

I know. Well, Pete, could you start off with reminding us a bit about yourself, and what sort of projects you have going on right now? Oh,


Pete Petrusha  1:21  

sure. Yeah. So I have a game company called imagining games. I'm a game publisher and game developer. So the new game as you mentioned this, too, it's based on the Image Comics. It's an award winning comic series. It's really great. And I'm super excited to get to talk to you about it. But last time I was here we were talking about wrestling pieces. That was my Jenga variant. It was the favorite. My favorite quote that I heard was some was like, it's like the love child of dread meets fiasco. Like, you know, it's a ridiculous roommate game about deadbeat roommates who were stuck sharing the pad with the Grim Reaper so that's one of my jobs this month is to actually finally get that to backers because as you know, the world has been delayed everything in our industry has been delayed by shipping and freight who were small fries to so I only got so much leverage to like get DHL to return my phone calls and tell me like truths. You know, there was like,


Amelia Antrim  2:18  

so many, like so many backer updates this month for various Kickstarters being like we're sorry, but we have no control over it. Like I know I understand. And I'm sure there are people that are like where's my stuff, but I'm just like it's fine. gets here when it gets people are so


Pete Petrusha  2:33  

like, right now about it. But I pride myself so much on being like thank the guy who's on time.


Amelia Antrim  2:44  

Like to, you know, to be like I did everything right? I was on a schedule. I had it all like, you know, I met my deadlines, and they're like, but what if it sat in the shipping container for five months?


Pete Petrusha  2:57  

So it was supposed to be shipping like right now. And then of course now. I know. October. It's coming. I'm sorry. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  3:05  

Anyway, games.


Pete Petrusha  3:07  

We like games. Yes.


Amelia Antrim  3:10  

Thank you for being here. So this is an abridged version of our usual episodes, we're going to kind of stick to the highlights of things did not go as deep as we'd normally would. We're going to just kind of focus in on character creation. Without further ado, we're going to talk about what this game is all about. Yeah.


Marie-Claire Segues  3:29  

What's in a game?


Ryan Boelter  3:31  

All right. Yeah. Can you go ahead and start off by telling us a bit about the core concept for two? I can't


Pete Petrusha  3:37  

help but with the food puns, I'm like, well, it's a mouthful. So are you ready? So let's start with food for thought. Right? Like Yeah, so please, with Chu, like I said, it's based off an image comic series. What's really neat is basically, the didn't listen to the similarities because it's almost surreal now with what we've been going through. So like in the 2010s ish, the creator would say fight, it's always five years ago, and a world like our own, the bird flu went crazy. And the bird flu killed over 100 million people, which of course, that matters, some, but it killed over 20 million in the US. So the US had to do something about it. So the Food and Drug Administration became like the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. And they became like homeland security in the wake of the the the basically the pandemic that happened, and chicken was outlawed. Because it was the bird flu, right, it was passed by poultry. And this isn't a world where there are super powers, but they're based on either cooking or eating foods. So any power you have is only only manifest by either. Well, I mean, there are some like somebody who can wear spaghetti on their head, and that's when they're 10 times stronger, but only as long as they're wearing spaghetti on their head. But it's an absurd world that's very similar to ours, where you know, the FBI and the CIA are almost non existent where the FDA is above the law. They are policing things like chicken trafficking, egg dealing, and food, food criminals, right? So the USDA is like they're there next of kin, who's also risen up to the challenge. There are their strange writing in the sky. So there's some evidence of aliens. And this is all in the backdrop of really a story that's much more about like quirky characters like weird agents, and absurd characters that have over the top like, fatal flaws. More than it is like a police procedural investigative game that's like Delta green and tastes itself really seriously right? So it has little more to do with like your primetime cop shows. It's all about the cast and what they're dealing with in their personal lives. Oh, and by the way, this there's a serial killer this week. So,


Ryan Boelter  5:47  

huh? So a very serious game.


Pete Petrusha  5:50  

Yes, it's neat, because one of the things that comics does really well that we emulate what the game is that every you know, session is going to try to have that case of the week. But with some of the tools we're going to show you and talk about these conspiracies are going on in the background. And what's cool in the game is we get to kind of like the players almost kind of build them out of thin air over time as things begin to make connections. But in the comics, that's kind of one of the things they were really good as each issue felt complete, and never felt slow and never felt brooding, it was felt like bam, that was a great issue. I can't wait for the next one. But then over the arc of every five issues, there was something bigger going on, whether it was in personal lives, or building towards some grand conspiracy or, you know, a betrayal or you know, something that was always growing. And so that's one of the things we're looking at is the plane to the campaign play as well. Beyond the fun of just silly one shots


Ryan Boelter  6:44  

like that.


Amelia Antrim  6:46  

So the setting is like, you know, I mean, like roughly our own sort of like, alternate. And if there are like superpowers and things like that is there like advanced tech, like mostly related to food also.


Pete Petrusha  7:00  

So what's really, really funny is that clearly, you know, in this absurd world, like the FDA and the USDA have like super like their budgets are just blown out of proportion, right? They're given all the money they could possibly want to handle the the crimes of the day. And NASA is kind of like our third wing like the if there was the next agency that be kind of the most common for the players to be it probably be NASA and NASA, if you can imagine them, like fully funded to the point that they're just blowing money. It's pretty ridiculous what they have going on, too. But yeah, yeah. So like the USDA, for example, is every one of the partners it's kind of like every Special Agent and his partner, right? Every Special Agent of USDA has a partner, which is a cyber animal. So it's a cyber enhanced animal. They always have like a, like a metal casing over one eye with the red eye like that. Yeah, and it's really ridiculous. Like in the comics, you'll see like, what like, I was trying to feel that cockadoodle like one of those birds called carotenoids in like, two cans and giraffes and lions and you know, anything you can think of. So that's a fun thing. And then what we see is also that that robotics division builds and helps them when people are like really horribly wounded, like replacing them by giving them replacement cybernetics, which often ends up being animal themed as well like a crab claw, or like the bottom half of a horse. Yeah, yeah. So it's always absurd. But yeah, yeah, there's that and then like the FDA have all these advanced food powered weapons. So they have like, dedicated teams and yeah, and some of the superpowers are harnessed to make new technologies but that's Yeah, we're right. Like whatever you can imagine is almost what you can add in this game.


Ryan Boelter  8:47  

Very cool. Wow. So what sort of materials then do we need to play a game of to


Pete Petrusha  8:53  

need to play sheets? We use playbooks because it's forged in the dark we have six sided dice the only dice you need obviously pencil pen whatever but one of the interesting things we have is we've brought a cork board into play so all that is is a whiteboard you know if you back the Kickstarter will have a quad full dry erase board that you fold out that looks like a cork board out of the comics and you can imagine from investigative games you know us or TV shows like you'll see like photographs and people's names underneath and little rings and strings tying them together to like you know, crime rings and stuff so we're playing off that but at the center of the table what it really does is wanted it lets us see in like these posts posted and then a few mines with dry erase markers. We put like post it that's like what is the case because every you know every game started with like kind of a mission based thing you get a supervisor who's like hey, this is the case go check this out. Whatever it is. This is the case of we call it chicken run because there's missing chickens. And then the depending on what kind of game we're playing the base game is usually has this investigation. face. So we'll put three blue details, three blue posts that say we're looking for a suspect method and emotive. And then, as we find other leads, some will be included, usually in the brief with yellow, we just start putting random thoughts that come up, or people we meet or places we go or leads that we think are interesting. So the players are using you just as much as the game master is, is we're all just plotting things out and drawing lines between things as they make sense or question marks. So having a whiteboard is really useful, because what you'll see in play, is it pulls all that great stuff on your character sheet that's usually lost on the back side or on the bottom right corner, it puts it all on the forefront. And oh, it's all the player characters have some kind of personal trouble, which gave it like a Tropic Thunder element, right? Like a you know, the agent that's over the top that shows up in the jungle and he's like, I got your TiVo to keep that alive in the game, right? Like those exists in the corkboard as well. So players can remind us or connect random things to it. And this all leads to also how these conspiracies start to pop up over time. So it's cool. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  11:03  

I love that I like the idea of being able to, like grab things from like, being like, actually, this


Pete Petrusha  11:10  

was a bit of a challenge, because you know, other games have done, it only show you clearly you too, have played a lot of games seen a lot of character creation that have like these hopes of like, oh, here's a one page handout that we put as the group, you know, template sheet of some kind. But we found that this is just, it's fun. And one of the big things that's important for us is, like we were saying so often, it's got investigative base, but it's really about the characters. So as much as we can put the important stuff on the table and make it kind of obvious, the less we have our players like really trying to puzzle out every detail and every who'd done it they. So every every element that we can do to team that kind of play and lets you just be role playing your character to your heart's content is what we're trying to put it. So very cool. I like that. It gives us a neat option for the future, though. When you want to play like assassins, we just changed those blue, three blue details. And it's like the routine of the mark. Where's the target? And like, Where are they? How are they vulnerable. And one of the things that we won't get to see today is data as like the FDA is above the law, they don't need all three to be successful, as long as they can point the finger at anybody, they can go go try to crack the case on them and shut it down. Because it's again, it's about the characters, the case is just the flavor of the week. So even if they're really really good, it's the players option to play like what they want to play when they want to play it. And if their characters just slacking off, and then drinking beers instead of like working. That's an element of the game too. So Oh, awesome.


Amelia Antrim  12:41  

Yeah. Can you talk to us a little bit about like, what kinds of characters people can play?


Pete Petrusha  12:46  

Oh, yeah, yeah. So we have eight playbooks and doesn't for you to see if they're all available when we start, but the current plan is that there is the expert, the experts like a highly educated luminary in their field. One of the popular characters in the fiction is Amelia, which is great here. Right. Amelia is a column writer, a food column writer, in her food power is that whatever she writes, you can actually taste so she's very successful at our job. But it is pretty amazing that she could even be standing in front of you giving a speech and explaining to you how bad something tastes and you'll vomit. So the hot shot. As you can imagine, the brash one of the typical police duo will stop at nothing to craft the case. We have the inspector who's are more by the book, The shrewd detective, the low life, this might be an informant. This might be a snitch, this might be a reformed character, or they just might really be a criminal. If it were, we need their help. The mascot is an innocent soul who acts selflessly to support others. So one of the elements that's really neat and shoe is the family the family really comes to play like who are important in these people's lives, whether they're family relationships, like what are people going home to? It isn't their life isn't all work unless they're the inspector. So the mask gets a great way to touch on that of being like are you the strange child? Are you the best friend? The fear of missing out friends who bothers me every minute of the day wondering what I'm up to. There's the Prodigy in the typical fashion, right? Like the person who just has all the skills and the talents but just started yesterday, this is probably a little get a poop eating grin. Clearly wouldn't be a veteran, right? The opposite the expertise to one the salty one, the bitter one, right maybe. And the wrong. The wrong is the element is sometimes like in this case, we have all these government agencies, people get burned, maybe they step on toes politically. Maybe they start trying to pursue a case it's like their agency just doesn't think is a thing. Like they don't care about war, something happens to you and you want your vengeance. So these are people who they can be your Wolverine character and most right they're obsessive with a dark past. So Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  15:00  

I love it. All right. So I think that's all we need to know I can you walk us through the process to create some characters,


Pete Petrusha  15:10  

for sure. Let's make some people. So as you get your character sheets ready, and now, I know that, like I mentioned, if you have the visuals of the full one, it might help you with some of the explainer text. But we can basically just kind of move in different directions, but I just go through what seems like it flows well here. So one of the first things that we wanted to do is we want to look at your attributes. So well I'm sorry, first of all, we have to know what playbooks you picked, right? Because that determines which special like playbook related abilities you have to pick from so absolutely. of the things they mentioned. What do you think?


Ryan Boelter  15:47  

I'm thinking mascot? I just gotta lean into the the innocent soul who acts selflessly to help others. You got to do what you know right there. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  15:58  

that's fair. Um, yeah, you know what? I'm gonna go with the wrong Alright, fine.


Ryan Boelter  16:04  

Ice. You want to do one to Pete? Oh, yeah,


Pete Petrusha  16:07  

sure. How about it, you do the Prodigy. All right.


Ryan Boelter  16:13  

Okay, fine team,


Pete Petrusha  16:17  

my character up to you. And click on over here. Okay, feel like you to load faster than I do. Click things. Alright. So there are four attributes. When you go to roll. For anything in this game, eventually, we're going to narrow it down to which attribute it sounds like, at virgin is dark players know that the player is the one who gets to pick which attribute they want to use. And then the game master responds with what kind of position or risk there is, and what kind of effect you might have, you know, outcome, like benefit, right is is is something we have standard effect, limited effect or great effect. And it gives that conversation moment for the player think, Oh, I thought it'd be different than what if I did this instead. So there's this bit of a meta conversation, but the attributes, so there's charm, there's guts, there's instinct, and there's training. Each of your playbooks has one of those already selected for you to kind of show you a little leaning of where they're going. charm is your ability to influence others and then measure your personality. Guts is your ability to act with confidence, stay cool under pressure, or just toughed it out. And then instinct is your intuition. observational acuity and your ability to react quickly. And train is your ability to recall information or act with discipline and precision. All right, pretty typical tropes. When it comes to most investigative sit, you know, you can imagine investigative games, whether we're Sherlock Holmes or Scooby Doo. And then you'll get three extra stars that you can play. So for people at home, every one of these attributes can have a possibility of three stars. And if you had the number of stars you have as the number of dice you would get to roll when you recollect.


Ryan Boelter  18:08  

So it looks like I've got one already in charm as the mascot. So I'm assuming I get that one and then three more on top. Wherever I want, wherever


Pete Petrusha  18:19  

you want, but you're limited to two in any one category I Character Creation. Cast. Okay. Not the Prodigy, I think I'm gonna go to and guts and two and instinct.


Ryan Boelter  18:31  

Nice. I just added one to charm to give it to an added one, two guts, and one to instinct.


Pete Petrusha  18:42  

Alright, I should mention this. If you don't have any stars, you just you roll to D six, and you take the lower result. So you always


Ryan Boelter  18:50  

can roll. That makes sense.


Pete Petrusha  18:53  

And Amelia, what about you,


Amelia Antrim  18:54  

I think I'm going to put one in Charmin to an instance.


Pete Petrusha  18:59  

For those that aren't familiar with fortunately, dark. Basically, when you roll the dice, it isn't a matter of necessarily how many dice you have to roll. To get a degree of success. You just want the one highest die roll. That's pretty much what matters. If you get a second, pretty much whatever you are going for is going to go off without a hitch, you get a form five, you're going to succeed but there will be some consequences. That ultimately whatever it was you're trying to do that does happen. But there may just be other things that happen are off to the side or some sacrifice. If you're in a fight, you get hurt, too, right? If you roll 123 it's just bad. And then depending on that position, is how bad there are criticals which is if you get two sixes so that's one case where it helps to have more than one die. But there aren't fumbles in fortune, the dark though I would argue that if you're in a desperate situation, and you end up with a one through three, it's pretty much like a fumble.


Ryan Boelter  19:56  

Yeah, that's pretty bad. I just listened to A one on the international podcast month episodes that used to forged in the dark system. quietus I think it was, Oh, yeah. And I finally understand forged in the dark now.


Pete Petrusha  20:13  

You know what's so funny about that is I have a copy. And I bought it a while back. And I was really excited. That's, I think it's Ollie Jeffries game if I say in the name, right. And I was really to it's just really cool again. And it's a neat like horror movie. And I don't think one time I thought about it over the course of working in this game as a force in the dark game, and you just blew my mind. I was like, I was so cool, like two years ago, and it's on my shelf, and I never pulled it out. Which is weird for me. Right? Like I'm Mr. Research.


Ryan Boelter  20:46  

Exactly. Yeah, it was a really fun game.


Pete Petrusha  20:49  

Oh, I haven't got the play yet, though. I can't wait. So we can we just move right along to the right side to make it easy with the sheets, going to quirks. So your quirks, oh sorry, forget the two using the outline sheets. If you scroll down, you'll see the quirks. So basically, we have like four here that you could pick easily by just checking a box. And then you're always welcome to either come up with your own or pick from the list. So this is just for, you know, ease of new players, right? Okay. But the quirks in this game are kind of like the one cool thing you can do. Kind of there sometimes the last thing we talked about, unlike most superhero games, because in this game, we're always thinking about the fiction. So when you go to do anything, I'm thinking about what kind of an effect you'd have based on everything on your character sheet and everything you described. And with that in mind, we stole from masks, which is powered by the apocalypse game. And what we ended up doing with these powers. Amelie, you want to list a couple of years like just to give people at home? Any idea the easy apples here?


Amelia Antrim  22:01  

Oh, yeah. Well, let's see if I can say that. Oh, yeah, as I tried to read them. torta escudero. You have the ability to wield tortilla chips as lethal weapons. Let's see here. f oven doctor, you can create mind controlling messages and edible forms, foams.


Amelia Antrim  22:20  

phones, Oh, look


Pete Petrusha  22:21  

at that a barista,


Ryan Boelter  22:23  

oh my goodness, oh


Amelia Antrim  22:24  

my gosh.


Ryan Boelter  22:26  

These are wild


Amelia Antrim  22:27  

animate constructs that have mashed potatoes.


Pete Petrusha  22:30  

So what we're getting at is that a lot of times, they're super oddly specific. And they're, they're all kind of weird. And sometimes like, there's a good one of like, you can share memories if we all share a meal. But that's the kind of power that she might use once a session like you're going to build to that, right? So we found that with these quirks, it's really like a permission narratively, like, you can just do these things. I mean, clearly, like making mashed potato golems is easy for you. But it maybe takes time. So maybe like another fortune in the dark ways. We might use clocks if you were building an army of how long it takes to build an army, right? Yeah, sure. But otherwise, you can do these things. And we found that by limiting them previously to like expenditures of other, you know, we're going to talk about appetite eventually, that we were just holding people back from doing the coolest things. So with the effect, the position effects system, this has been really easy to implement and let people use whatever powers they want, as often as they want. Some of the characters also have celebrity and here we have like de futuro, which is like the person who's from 30 years in the future, who's come back. So these are all they're not all food powers, but Right, right. But they could be that and the other random weird things that make characters unique.


Ryan Boelter  23:45  

Oh, it's very cool. So I've gone with victus speciose. Here. You can radically alter your appearance with food based beauty products.


Pete Petrusha  23:57  

Nice. Yeah. I have struggled as much as everyone else, right? I have I think it's xsellco scalp here, which is I can carve functional objects out of chocolate. Oh, that's really cool. And Amelie, Which one did you pick?


Amelia Antrim  24:14  

Um, I am going to go with tortilla chips, this leaflet?


Ryan Boelter  24:21  

Yes. Yep. Oh, that's amazing.


Pete Petrusha  24:24  

And then now we get to arguably the most important thing in your sheet, which is the approaches. So on your home line sheet, this one actually would have been right next to your attributes. If you click that little scroll box thing, you can see different choices that are there. And there's a whole list. Now these are kind of like personality traits, but they're traits that everyone in this world identifies us. Okay, the list is all categorized in ways we would describe food. So you could imagine if you were a character that's 100% raw To say what's on your mind, and if we ever had to withhold information, we'd probably hold that against you because you're always speaking your mind, and we can see it in your face. If you're a beefcake, right, you're clearly like a buff, and big and tough. If you're bitter, we know that you're kind of a cynic, right? You've probably always gonna have that harsh tone to your voice. The corndog is the person who always says the puns, right? The hat Hard Boiled is clearly our detective that just is always on the move, persistent and relentless. But yeah, you've picked three of these. And every time you go to do anything, I probably as a Game Master, I'm going to say, hey, what are your approaches until I remember them by heart? Because I'm always going to be thinking about how they modify your effect when you do whatever it is you're doing. And sometimes I'll be like, Oh, yeah, this is a small hole and you're bite sized, don't even roll like you just walk right through, but the next person who's a beefcake, they're going to have some difficulty, right? Hmm. Yes, look through those if you have questions about what those are, I know you have a quickstart guide if you want to look at the the sentence descriptions, but they're used very broadly. So get pick out three that interests you for your character. Yes, spicy spice is the passionate one, right you live wire.


Amelia Antrim  26:22  

Oh, right. And you went exactly what I saw.


Pete Petrusha  26:29  

Vanilla versus weepy in the world where everyone's weird, right? Like, yep,


Ryan Boelter  26:35  

I love it. Ryan would you pick? I went with egghead delicious and sweet pea.


Pete Petrusha  26:44  

And Amelia would you pick


Amelia Antrim  26:46  

I picked exactly what you think I would pick conspiracy not spicy and both.


Ryan Boelter  26:54  

Spot on.


Amelia Antrim  26:55  

And what did you pick?


Pete Petrusha  26:56  

Well, and then I have beefcake. 100% raw and mouthy. Nice, perfect I'd like to beef cake with the Prodigy just because you kind of always expect like a kid. Right? switches up the mental picture. Yeah. Next you want to look at the perks which are what's special about your playbook. These are all your like list of special abilities. There's usually I think there's eight of each on each one of them. By the base game you would pick one but when we play one shots if people pick two, because their characters are our bfdia and everyone's pretty good at their job or experience in specialized like every single person that works in the USDA is like a female that's like x Special Forces. So they're all like super pad so every single one of them so I'm like hey you know, picking too often makes sense. Yeah, so take a look I know on mine I the first one I have on my list is mental palace for the Prodigy. It's maybe I like the name that might be part of it is that so when you dig in, in addition to any other effects, choose one you receive a perfect mental map of your surroundings or you know exactly what's about to happen, though the final outcome remains fuzzy Hmm So that brings up what bees will bring up a lot of times or different mechanics right so d e n is one of the ways that you can spend your resource in this force in the dark game that we call appetite it's kind of like your will or your drive to carry on your appetite to continue if you you can spend two points if you're eight appetite to dig in which is like lean into one of your approaches be descriptive with it to get an extra die or more effect if you want to help someone else you can do the same thing spend one appetite and lend a hand but then you're tied to the consequences very cool so in this case mental palace Not only do I get the benefit of digging in but if I did spend the appetite I also always get this benefit if I pick this perk so


Ryan Boelter  29:07  

nice yeah, very cool. I went with ninja cream puff


Pete Petrusha  29:14  

you know the mascots get some of my personal favorites just because they're so amazing and like ridiculous and comical and Ninja creampuff


Ryan Boelter  29:22  

so this one people underestimate you when you let them you may engage in hand to hand combat with charm without suffering a penalty to your position or effect Yeah. I'm just a sweet hurt. You keep believing that.


Pete Petrusha  29:43  

Amelia, did any of them jump out to you for the wrongs?


Amelia Antrim  29:46  

Okay, so I'm really like, oh, language list, Ryan, you're gonna have to figure out how to edit this list and you keep a list of anyone who has wronged you. Gain Again effect when you act undermine them recover three appetite when you cross someone off your list


Pete Petrusha  30:07  

Yeah, it's really fun because of the corkboard. So when the wronged with that, we often see them just they just slap and everybody be like, everybody looked at him wrong everyone that like slighted than ever in their life. And unfortunately our kids we also have flashbacks, right? So you can kind of help you jump into the action when you want to, or to take desperate actions and not be held back as a player who may have forgot something. What's fun is you add that to like the wrong did a couple of cases here to have like, you made the wrong my meet someone and be like, Alright, we're adding to the list. They didn't even say anything yet, if you'd like Yeah, but what they did six months ago and let me tell you all about that and then slap new connections flashback.


Ryan Boelter  30:48  

Oh, that's amazing. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  30:51  

I love it.


Pete Petrusha  30:52  

Yeah, so perfect, as you can imagine, right? They're usually things that are either giving you more of a benefit for digging in. Things that like with the hot shot, for example, or trying to encourage you to be brash, encourage you to take more desperate and risky actions, right. And then clearly with some of them, like the veteran or in this case, the wronged we want them to make better use of the corkboard, right? It's about the connections, the round is one of those characters, it's building their own storyline in a way, right, they're building a conspiracy, even by their their playbook design. So it's very clear that we're having them constantly be playing with the connections and looking at the cardboard with more opportunities for them to find stuff to latch on to. So we mentioned appetite, he would start with that full track. And the front page is also these conditions. It doesn't have health. So basically what happens is when you take damage, whether it's psychologically mentally, physically any any of the above, you can take conditions. So the conditions in the scheme are based off of the four attributes, so your charm can become manipulative, your guts can start to become ruthless, your instinct can become impulsive, and your training can lead to you becoming cocky. And as you're using these attributes, kind of like an approach these new conditions are now taken into consideration with everything you do. So yeah, you're a charming character. But now everyone started to notice that your charm isn't as charming as it used to be because it's a little more cutthroat. It's you've become manipulative. So these conditions as you take riskier and riskier actions, you might take one of these, you might take two E's, you might even take three of these, if there was something like really desperate and a horrible situation, they get thrown at you. And when you take all four plus one, clearly, you're kind of at our liberty of, you know, one of the things we choose choose and get really, really dark, because the title character, as we talked a lot about food and RPGs. And the silly and lighthearted side, the title character as power is that they see the origins of whatever they eat. So when you become a criminal investigator and start investigating things like murder, it becomes very quickly that everyone's pushing cadavers. And pushing, hey, just take a bite. Let me know is this marriage a good idea? Like suddenly every you're eating people whether you want to or not? Oh. So what we want to do with force in the dark is forged in the dark has this amazing way to resist things players, as long as they have appetite can be like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, gamester. No, we don't need to go there. Or I don't want that to happen to my character. And they can choose to resist. And what you do is the GM then tells you, which attributes a role, but it always succeeds. That just determines how much it costs you and appetite to resist. What's neat is we can kind of mirror that in this scheme by the GM can describe and go right down the road until the extra touched or unit to whatever degree they want to you. And then the player always says that actually be like, yeah, yeah, let's No, no, no, no, that's not happening. So we can kind of have our cake and eat it too, when it comes to going there. And having that tension describing in the therapy, I don't know, he didn't say I can resist, can I resist? can I resist? Wait a second, hold on. I'm not done yet. And then they can still have that agency if they want. So yeah, when you take your fifth condition, right, you'd be knocked out or worse if you ran out of appetite. But the fun thing to mention there is that each one of them has a clear condition. So unfortunately, our teams they have something called downtime, usually, after the investigative in this case where the heist play the core gameplay, you'd have like this sort of downtime afterwards of like what happens between cases. In shoe we actually slap that right in the middle of the investigation phase. So we don't have downtime, like normal. But the conditions can be cleared by doing social things, and taking a scene to do so. Or if you have plenty of time, you could use one of your downtime activities to take some r&r in the middle of the case with other penalties right. But yeah, like if you're manipulating If you want to get rid of it, you just have to lie to an ally. But like you need a little scene there to like make that it's got to be something they're going to they're going to find out that you lied to them. They're going to remember that she lied to him. Why did you lie to them? We're trying to build this chemistry of these real people, right? vulnerable people, quirky people. ruthless. How do you clear it, you have to lash out against an ally.


Pete Petrusha  35:23  

impulsive, clear by inviting trouble, which we're going to walk out into next and then clear, to clear khaki, you have to refuse aid. So there's got to be a moment where like, clearly you should be taking help or not going alone. But you're gonna say, you know, what I'm doing here is I'm refusing aids so that I can clear my tacky trade. And I'm moving on I know it's a bad idea as a player, but that's sort of doing so the only thing we really didn't do here other than giving yourself a name and a pronoun is we didn't talk about your trouble. So every character walks in with some unique personalized trouble. Something that no matter what you do, or no matter how hard you try, will find its way to wiggle its way to the forefront of your investigation for the FDA and causing problems and probably eventually cause the rest of your your team crew squad problems. They have categories like debt, romance, rivalry, family advice, but some of my favorites are like the conspiracy nut who their problem is with combo utensils. There aren't they shouldn't exist and that this person has a podcast with rails against gumbo utensils. This was a rivalry in their case right? But these usually like when we have examples there are things you make up sometimes you make that specific and usually tied to at least one other person. That's of importance. Famous Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  36:53  

Families I chose romance from Oh did you? Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  36:56  

of course you did. Guess what I picked Guess which one


Ryan Boelter  37:00  

it's got it's gotta be it's gotta be rivalry


Amelia Antrim  37:04  



Pete Petrusha  37:07  

great compliment though you know


Amelia Antrim  37:10  

we know each other well at this point and like we you know I think at first we tried to like play outside our boxes and then in the last like year or so we're like, let's just you can always make a magical girl always make a necromancer and we'll all we have


Pete Petrusha  37:27  

what's great for two because there's always this this long line of history of like police procedural games that have like the partner combo right the tango in cash so it's every time you to have said anything it's always been like that like the opposites that shouldn't be together but of course they are.


Amelia Antrim  37:43  

Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I could definitely see this as like a great buddy cop like absolutely yeah, you know, he would like you're obnoxious. Like you probably have like a pink fuzzy thing around the steering wheel of the car and yeah, the best part is I'm like we only play metal on the CD player.


Pete Petrusha  38:02  

These things would be added to the cork board and you would start to tie them to each other and maybe even put them between you and talk about like who hates and who loves this what so and so and it's wonderful because then it's very easy for things to come full circle right as I'm in the car explodes you know your your your friend when your frenemy here walks comes back with your pink Siri will cover and goes yeah, but I got you bro. I got you.


Amelia Antrim  38:31  

They know it's important to save the car, but I got that I got your fuzzy


Pete Petrusha  38:35  

car this priceless.


Ryan Boelter  38:38  

Yeah. What did you go with your for your trouble? p


Pete Petrusha  38:42  

um, let me see. I was talking too much. I think I am gonna go with I like a rivalry for the Prodigy in general, just because it just seemed like the person who's just always got to be challenged and there's not a challenge. They're probably finding ways to make a challenge. In in Hsu, the supervisor is almost like your biggest villain. Because your supervisor is the one who you're going to talk to you throughout is going to give you the cases and at the end of the day, you're going to report back to you and tell them the good and the bad of what happened. In the stories of the comics, they play this up very much like sometimes you have the boss just hates you from day one for no good reason. And everything that you do is the bane of their existence. So we like to play that up as well. And we in the Kickstarter, we hope to have different boss profiles because everyone who knows has been multiple bosses, right? That like doesn't matter how great your job is, or how much it sucks the boss can make the can be all that matters, right? Like your boss is amazing. Your job sucks. You kind of put up with it because you know it's not that bad. But if your job is amazing, and it pays really well but your boss is horrible and a tyrant you're out of there. My rival will probably be with the boss because I'd like to be the Who'd you know, be stuck in the middle finger to the boss, but that just couldn't get rid of me because I'm the Prodigy and just too good for some reason they can't quite put their finger on. And I'd love to have that ongoing relationship. Absolutely. So I'm sure that there'd be like a picture on their desk or trying to like date their son or daughter or something you really get under their skin in the show up all that span. So yeah, Dad, I would pick out like some kind of romantic relationship as a rivalry though, right? It's not because I actually care about the person.


Amelia Antrim  40:33  

Amazing. I love it. Uh huh.


Pete Petrusha  40:36  

Yeah. And then on the back sheet, you don't pick these, but like every playbook has different ways, like five unique pieces of gear, which are just fun things like, like the low life has like contraband, which gives them kind of permission to like, say what it is that they have that they shouldn't have. Yeah, I know on the Prodigy, I have a crime solving kit on neutrik kick, which is an affordable and nutrient rich in 1000 milligrams of caffeine energy bar. Oh, boy. I have a fake ID and a gaming laptop. You know, so,


Ryan Boelter  41:08  

so good. I've got rookies gear. puppy dog is winning smile. Street chic. And snacks. I love


Amelia Antrim  41:19  

it. I have a conspiracy blog. That of course, of course. has to be heard. And the hidden layer.


Pete Petrusha  41:30  

Like the best one we ever made was when when the when the wrong out of nowhere is like, Well, I have a hidden layer and everyone's like, what


Amelia Antrim  41:40  

isn't an underground bunker or an RV in the woods? Yep.


Ryan Boelter  41:43  

Like the A maniacal laugh.


Pete Petrusha  41:50  

Rates are just more things that add to effect. And more and more things for the player to be like, Oh, man, so I thought overall charm. But he the GM is telling me that this is like risky, limited, like I just wouldn't be that effective with what I'm doing. But when I can start being like, but I have this in my approaches this, suddenly it's standard, it might even be great now, because my church is really good with the stuff that I have. It makes me different. So I really love that that's probably the best thing we really liked with force in the dark for this universe, that universe is that it ended up fitting like a glove unexpectedly. And the big part is that is that like, It promotes just describing the coolest thing that you want to do whenever you want to do it. And like going for it. And I liked it. It shines a spotlight on taking risky and desperate actions, because we want to reward that sometimes because in the comments, and that's what they do, right? They run into trouble. So there's literally times where they're like two to three weeks after that. I'm taking care of this right now I'm going home


Amelia Antrim  42:53  

waiting for a warrant. Yeah.


Pete Petrusha  42:54  

So we can we can, we can push those buttons. comically players can be those characters. And then the more they know of this world, you don't need to but the more they have, the more descriptive they are, the more that they can really feel they're there but also be rewarded. Right


Amelia Antrim  43:10  

mechanically, so that's cool. That's awesome.


Ryan Boelter  43:13  

Absolutely. I think we're on names now. Is that right?


Pete Petrusha  43:18  

Yeah, yes. So I gotta tell you, anybody who's anybody has food in their name?


Ryan Boelter  43:23  

I mean, I already did it.


Amelia Antrim  43:26  

I don't.


Pete Petrusha  43:27  

So like for example, some of the characters in the game are like, so there's Tony Chu, who's of, you know, Asian American family. Ch you right? But when you go to his partner, it's john Colby. His girlfriend is Amelia mints. But it's like with a Z at the end. his daughter's name is Olive. Their boss's Mike Appleby.


Ryan Boelter  43:55  

There you go.


Pete Petrusha  43:56  

And let's see Mason's normal Caesars normal as I try to think of I know a lot of the characters that's one of the things we try to do is to like promote players being you know, whatever gender or whatever pronouns they prefer. We usually give them like a last name with food like macchiato or something and then like a first initial so that they can you know flesh it out to their content.


Amelia Antrim  44:21  

Mm hmm All right, Ryan, what did you go with?


Ryan Boelter  44:24  

I went with Emory Wellington she her pronouns


Amelia Antrim  44:28  

Wellington that's good


Pete Petrusha  44:29  

Yeah, yeah steak.


Amelia Antrim  44:35  

I went with Marian Cobb they them nice


Pete Petrusha  44:37  

calm I think he said that. I'm gonna say How about miles Maiko? Oh, she it's like a shark. Right? Love it. I would probably go, I probably go via them. So teach my mind.


Ryan Boelter  44:55  

Very cool. Nice. And I saw there was some personal details. Good fell out as well. There's the the beat, what's your connection to the case? The look in the bio, I'm assuming that the the beat probably is more applicable to when we're actually playing the game at that point. So


Pete Petrusha  45:15  

the beat is like, we think it's going to be changed your background, just because that's the term that makes the most sense. We like being in a building the game is we're like, oh, it's like your beat. It's like a cop term, right? But really, it's become at this point is we've really fine tune the game. It's just kind of a background. And what it means is like, what kind of work do you do for the FDA? Like, what's your wheelhouse? How'd you get involved? Are you an informant? field agent? Are you a civilian expert? Right? Like you're really more of a contractor? Are you a journalist more so that we can kind of have that to pull from it is not super important, but sometimes it is. But it what we like about it is when the players are thinking about it, it may give them like more of a delineation of what type of character they are, instead of them being like, oh, we're all FBI agents, right? We're all FDA. Like, they're not seeing like, Molly and skull smolyan scold or Skelly Scully and Mulder You know, every way right? They're looking at I could be but I could be an informed I could be a snitch in the streets and you're the person who's actually the you know, the agent. I'm the rookie and you know,


Amelia Antrim  46:25  

yeah, I think even having like one sentence there can determine a lot when you're role playing. Yeah, like what, you know, how did I get here? That makes sense. Why am I here?


Pete Petrusha  46:34  

One of the funny things in the comics is since the FDA is like the big honcho in the government, they clearly can kind of get whatever they want. So there's a lot of times where like the USDA is like, loaning agents to them or they have a special agent that they've pulled in from NASA so it's also a little bit of that of getting people thinking of where else they can come from. Which I can't wait in we're doing two books so the second book we're going to expand more of the agencies and like the coolest thing I think of it's really small in the comics is the National Weather Service because they're like secretly the government's like hitmen because everyone like hates them and they seem to do a horrible job and it's actually because they don't really do the weather they show up and plant seeds to your house with like battle access and like medieval weapons and they kill you because they're just big government so I love some of the twisted silly government agency things that are hidden in there that will open new agencies to work for and right they can use assassins or martial arts Hitman Hitman that are hired hired by criminal organizations that fight with kitchen utensils. You know,


Ryan Boelter  47:44  

oh wow. Amazing. Yeah. So for my beat I put undercover agent Oh, nice. Yeah. kind of fit very well. Am I look I put auburn hair green eyes adorable. feisty.


Pete Petrusha  48:01  

Yeah, I think the prodigies be I would probably play into the the teenage right like the teenager. So it'd be like high school student, maybe even sorry a student, which should be fun because clearly, it's like, how am I involved? And my family rated? Or did the case happen in some way where like I was there was a witness and then the Prodigy was very good. And since we went miles Maiko, maybe I'd be like in board shorts. If I can serve requests, he would be serious. All right, like, it looks like the senior who's ready to ditch.


Ryan Boelter  48:35  

Oh, that's amazing.


Amelia Antrim  48:37  

For my beat, I put extra terrestrial research for NASA.


Pete Petrusha  48:41  

Oh, awesome. conspiracy.


Amelia Antrim  48:45  

And then my Look, I put brooding and over caffeinated. For my bio, I put this close to finding life on another planet until I got transferred.


Pete Petrusha  48:55  

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Which is a great conspiracy, right like is that I can see your characters like Yeah, but you know why I was transferred right? I got to close. You know, who's really running NASA right who my supervisor was because they've been playing aliens since like, area 51. So good.


Amelia Antrim  49:16  

I would have so much fun with this character.


Ryan Boelter  49:18  

Yeah, it would be a lot of fun. Goodness. Is that Is that everything? I hope I didn't


Pete Petrusha  49:23  

bore you with way too much information about mechanics and stuff. Yeah, yeah. I mean, like, what's good is you can kind of see when you actually look at this sheet. Like you could check a few boxes here and you're good to go. Yeah, we


Amelia Antrim  49:34  

did that pretty quickly. With listeners,


Pete Petrusha  49:36  

I feel the need to be like, Hey, this is what this is. And this is what this is. And this is why Yeah, well


Amelia Antrim  49:43  

no, I mean, it's helpful because obviously they're not looking at the character sheet the same way we are so like, we can see what all of the choices are but you know, it helps to have somebody to explain what we're picking from. So


Pete Petrusha  49:54  

I like talking about how there was a time not too long ago that we thought the correlation beats would be your approaches, and we loved it, we loved that it was like you're rolling a number of dice based on being dark and stormy, or being like 100% raw and using these like traits to describe how you do everything. And then we were like, oh, but you know, fortunately dark and powered by the apocalypse expect pretty nice playbooks. And that became a total character sheet layout nightmare of how do you choose the out of like the 20 or 50 different approaches you might want to use. And then have them in any way relatable on the front of your sheet. I was like pitching for like a craft project. And they were like a hockey This is not know your time trying to run games to get people to jump into a shoe game. If you're like, here, just cut out from this sheet of paper, the three approaches you like, and then glue them on the sheet.


Amelia Antrim  50:47  

The fifth edition of Legend of the five rings does approaches like you have, you have, like skills are grouped. And then there are five like approaches, like for the five rings, and then they're different based on like, what skill group you're using. Yeah. So like your earth approach for one is like, like, recall, and then for another it's, like withstand and so it's like, depends on what you're trying to do. But it's still, you know, like, that's another game that has like, lots and lots of skills. Yeah, like, you know, you've got like, 20 some different combos of things, which is not good for a playbook.


Pete Petrusha  51:25  

Sure. Yeah. I've been playing games long enough that I'm like, okay with having to write everything on a sheet. You know, they just give you a sheet with like, slots. But right within Yeah, you're like trying to be realistic about like, if you're making something unfortunate or or powered by the apocalypse. There's kind of a standard that's already said,


Amelia Antrim  51:43  

right? There's expectations and I show up to a PPT.


Pete Petrusha  51:48  

It probably better be for good reason. So


Amelia Antrim  51:50  

Right, right. It better be a real. Yeah, absolutely. Is there anything else that you want people to know about the Kickstarter about this game, anything else that you want to yell at people about while you have a platform to share?


Pete Petrusha  52:03  

So I mean, we launch on Tuesday, the fifth of October, it's gonna launch at 9am I believe that it will be in the past when this airs, so please check out the Kickstarter. It's to the role playing game. It's the officially licensed licensed product from mighty Lehmann productions and Rob Guillory incorporated the creators are working with us they're wonderful human beings we hope that if we do well enough we'll bring them to Gen Con to sign all your stuff because it'd be really neat to have like awesome known comic industry people at Gen Con out of their element citing stuff for us but yeah, there's gonna be there's collector's editions of the books with slipcase that are like holographic covers as badges the corkboards Dry Erase if you want to get the full blown one for your table on there's two books like we said there's going to be the core books which is very much like if you like blades in the dark or scum and villainy or any of the forces that are booked it's going to give you everything you need rules wise the core game enough setting in factions to continue on but if you're someone who's like whoa we can play for us in the dark with like an amazing set a with all these factions and all this history. You might want to pick the world book as well which we call the universe which will give us new ways to play and dance play mugs expand on the cybernetic animals and all kinds of stuff ton more factions so I'm really excited about it i think it's it's gonna be awesome we have a lot of amazing astral plays going on so we've the tail right now is doing a 1010 episode weekly series for us so you can already check that out if you gotta wave the tail on Twitch right we have hyper RPG that is doing a one shot with some notable people and they're playing the cast from the comics so that's going to be a thing to see that should be on launch day Yeah, so keep tuned if you like role playing Public Radio there's a whole bunch of people have really been supportive because luckily a lot of people are like oh my god I love you. So it's nice


Ryan Boelter  54:04  

very cool.


Amelia Antrim  54:05  

That's super yeah get excited if you


Pete Petrusha  54:07  

if you remember anything else you can go to imagining games calm and there'll be links obviously the Kickstarter all the social media places to Facebook group, whatever, whatever is your jam, you can find us.


Amelia Antrim  54:18  

We'll put all of it in the in the notes, too. Thank you so much for joining us. This was so much fun. I had a great time. I got to make like the worst version of Do you want to remind everybody where they can find you specifically?


Pete Petrusha  54:34  

Yeah. So again, the easiest part is if you go to imagining games comm they'll find all my social links. But I on Twitter, I finally changed my handle, which I didn't realize you could do so easily now. passwords. I G underscore Pete for imagining games. Yeah, yeah. We're on Instagram and Facebook and everywhere else as well. Yeah. Very cool.


Ryan Boelter  54:57  

Nice. Very good. All right. Well, Ken, thank you so much for joining us for this special bonus spotlight. Yeah, and thanks to everybody else for tuning in. Don't forget to check out chew on Kickstarter which should be going on right now. And we'll see you next time.


Ryan Boelter  55:27  

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Amelia Antrim  57:14  

We got a ransom show blurbs


Ryan Boelter  57:16  

show blurbs show show


Amelia Antrim  57:19  

show blurbs. Character Creation Cast is hosted by the one shot Podcast Network. If you enjoyed our show, visit one shot podcast comm where you'll find other great shows like system mastery.


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Amelia Antrim  58:02  

Finally, yay.


Ryan Boelter  58:05  

It's there.


Amelia Antrim  58:06  

We did it.


Ryan Boelter  58:07  

The waves are happening.


Pete Petrusha  58:10  

It's so great talking to both of you. Chemistry last right because it before it usually it was just you know, Ryan, I shoot in all language. So it's great to have a third person.


Amelia Antrim  58:20  

Yes. Get it?


Ryan Boelter  58:23  

Oh, I'm just I'm just glad that we're able to do this. Every now and then.


Pete Petrusha  58:28  

Well, thank you for your time. I know like it's been super busy for you.


Ryan Boelter  58:33  

Yeah, life's been a thing.


Amelia Antrim  58:37  

Here's the thing. We have to live through


Ryan Boelter  58:39  

careers. Okay. We have to live by the very definition. Yes. life you have to live it.


Pete Petrusha  58:47  

So it should I should probably ask now. How did you two meet?


Ryan Boelter  58:51  

Oh, funny story. Yeah. I mean, it was weird because we were in a podcast support group on Twitter together. It was Yeah, it really is what it is, right?


Amelia Antrim  59:05  

Yeah, it was like a group of people who already had podcasts. And then like, they would kind of casually invite friends who were like thinking about starting podcasts so that you can kind of chat about the process and are willing to like support groups. But like, that makes it sound like I've been podcasting for. I forget to quit, but I was trying to quit and but I just started.


Ryan Boelter  59:25  

I mean, literally, you start a podcast and that's when your brain goes, right? I've been to many ideas for podcasts. Somebody talked me down from this on now I'm doing another one fine.


Amelia Antrim  59:40  

Yeah, we were we were both in that group. And then, um, I don't know I think just because of the way the algorithm works on Twitter or something you tweeted about this idea for a podcast and I was like, sounds amazing. And then the next day Ryan was like so want to do a podcast and I was like, sure dude. I don't know. Like, it turns out, Ryan lives like an hour and a half north of me. We went to the same college, not at the same time, but we went to the same college. So used to live like right near where he lives. So it's I mean, it's worked out. Unfortunately, the pandemic, we can never actually record together, that far apart. But maybe someday,


Ryan Boelter  1:00:22  

I'm gonna have a studio that supports two people at my new house at the very least.


Unknown Speaker  1:00:28  

exactly two people.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:30  

I know exactly two people and nothing else.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:33  

Right now it's one person and maybe a small.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:36  

Exactly, no, it's gonna be like a 10 by 12 space, or so. And enough room for at least two people, maybe even a whole table and get crazy. My goal is for us to record an episode in person one day. Yes, at some


Amelia Antrim  1:00:52  

point. Yeah. We can only ever seen each other in Ohio.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:58  

Exactly. When we go


Amelia Antrim  1:01:00  

to conventions, I love that, like, we drive eight hours away. So great to see you. When we get to see you once a year. It's like we don't live that far away.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:12  

long ways.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:13  

Not that long. It's less than eight hours.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:17  

You know, we could do that like six times and still be


Amelia Antrim  1:01:20  

around. You come down here for a game like with your friends every so often. I do. Okay, yeah, you drive right past me. Because like, south of me, you drive further.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:29  

That's very true.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:32  

Anyway, podcast. Pete, how do you pronounce your


Pete Petrusha  1:01:36  

last name? Oh, Patricia. So like, pet Trisha.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:40  

Awesome. Patricia? Patricia?


Pete Petrusha  1:01:43  

Yeah, surprisingly, surprisingly phonetic.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:47  

That's I feel like people do that with last name. So people get mine wrong all the time. And it's like it's Antrim. It's just how it's spelled out there like atrium, and I'm like you took out some, you added a couple new ones. And then


Pete Petrusha  1:02:02  

that's great. I get that. So often, my game companies imagining games, and people always like I get the invoices. It's always imaging. Like it just they always cut that part out in the middle, like their head just goes, Oh imaging, it must be


Amelia Antrim  1:02:14  

like I read the first few letters. I don't even worry about the rest. And sometimes I just read the title.


Pete Petrusha  1:02:20  

But it might be an autocorrect thing, too, because there'll be people that clearly know what it's called. And then I'm like, I don't know, maybe it's an autocorrect thing. So it's very possible. like nobody actually spells imagining like so


Ryan Boelter  1:02:36  

people are just using Outlook from 1998 and Clippy keeps on popping up. Did you mean the imaging?


Amelia Antrim  1:02:44  

And then you just say yes, just to pacify him.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:48  

Because Clippy doesn't leave you alone.


Amelia Antrim  1:02:57  

Okay. All right. I'm going to do a five count of silence to get some background noise and then we'll go ahead and start if everybody's good.


Pete Petrusha  1:03:05  

You're my fans at all or anything. No,


Amelia Antrim  1:03:09  

no, I don't think so.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:10  

Even if we even if we get it picked up on your mic. We should be able to filter that out. I


Pete Petrusha  1:03:15  

hear a motorcycle outside it's like Chug Chug, chug, chug, chug but do you guys like this miking?


Amelia Antrim  1:03:22  

I said I don't I don't know


Ryan Boelter  1:03:23  

yeah, I'm sure no Yeti is probably picking them up in Audacity but you know who cares? That's what


Amelia Antrim  1:03:29  

five seconds is for to get that background piece.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:38  

I have to finish typing with my keywords.


Pete Petrusha  1:03:42  

click and click Buy. Oh no Napa tea, food.


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