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Character Creation Spotlight - Glitter Hearts with Greg Leatherman

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Welcome to a bonus Spotlight episode where we interview Greg Leatherman to discuss his kickstarter for his new game, Glitter Hearts, a Powered by the Apocalypse game that emulates the magical girl types of genre!

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Welcome to a bonus Spotlight episode where we interview Greg Leatherman to discuss his kickstarter for his new game, Glitter Hearts, a Powered by the Apocalypse game that emulates the magical girl types of genre!

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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome everyone to a bonus character creation spotlight episode will be going over all of the magical girls Power Rangers Captain Planet us gameplay options that you can find in Greg Letterman's upcoming game and glitter hearts in just a moment. But first, as usual, some announcements. We are so close to the 50 Review mark on Apple podcasts as of the time I am recording this that they this episode releases is the day for these reviews to count toward our review drive. As far as I can see right now we only need two more reviews before will be able to hit that 50 Review mark. If we get past that mark. Not only will we be commissioning a new ghost Shanks to go t shirt design from our series 19 dot three episode of inspectors but I've decided to throw in a commission for


Ryan Boelter  1:00  

something a bit simpler, that I know people have been asking for. The front runner catchphrase right now is a little bit naughty. But we've got many other catchphrases to pick from as well. So it could be anything. So if you have time right now and haven't left us a five star review yet, head on over to iTunes, if you can, and send us your thoughts about the show. It'll help us pass that 50 mark and it will be really really great to have more reviews to read when Amelia and I can go through these cold opens together. Since the review drive ends tonight, Monday the 23rd of September 2019. At midnight central time, I guess after 1139 39 Central Time, if you want to get picky about it, we will be picking a winner for our review drive contest. The winner will be able to pick from a free t shirt from our merch store, or a free pass to Academy Khan. Thank you to everyone who has left us a review already. They have meant the world to us. And they really do help us out in the rankings on iTunes and getting more listeners to listen to our show that we have here. I don't believe we have any further announcements this week. We've got a great spotlight episode lined up for you right now. And then next week, we should have a really great Character evolution cast episode for everyone. I am really excited for that one. With all of that out of the way. Let's get on with the show. Enjoy.


Ryan Boelter  3:07  

Welcome to a special bonus episode of character creation spotlight everyone in this bonus segment will be shining a light on some current or up and coming games to keep an eye out for I'm your host Ryan. And today we are welcoming Greg Leatherman to talk about glitter hearts, a magical girls RPG that is kickstarting right now, and has both funded and reached his first stretch goal as of this recording. Welcome to education spotlight. Greg, it's really great to have you here.


Greg Leatherman  3:37  

Thank you so much for having me. Yeah, it's I'm very happy with everything at go on strong. I'm always willing to talk about my game.


Ryan Boelter  3:48  

Awesome. Could you start us off with first tell us a bit about yourself? And what sort of projects you have going on right now?


Greg Leatherman  3:54  

Yeah, so I have been playing games for ever. I started way back when I was 11. And it's now a lot long time later. My first game was in 1981. And I'm not doing the math right now. So I'm a part of a whole bunch of different things. Probably the one that a lot of people know of as far as role playing games is I'm a part of an actual play podcast called very random encounters. And which we randomly determine as many things as possible from our characters, or names or plot lines or places, the villains everything. And then we play a whole bunch of games to see what happens. That's some people also know me from an actual podcast called mythical, which was d&d set in a Pokemon world. And so I did a bunch of work on that one and made a bunch of homebrew stuff for that. And then I'm also part of the it's super effective Pokemon podcast. I'm a co host on that. So that kind of sums up all my interest this


Greg Leatherman  5:03  

podcast that I do.


Ryan Boelter  5:04  

Yeah, I see a picture painted right there for


Greg Leatherman  5:06  



Ryan Boelter  5:09  

Well, thank you so much for being here. And since this is an abridged version of our normal format, will just be sticking to the highlights of the system with a special focus on character creation, of course. So without further ado, how about we find out what this game is all about?


Marie-Claire Segues  5:25  

What's in a game?


Greg Leatherman  5:26  

Yeah, so glitter hearts is a magical transforming heroes RPG. So I had a bunch of friends who are like, we want to play a magical girls type game. And there are some but there's not, there's not a lot. Yeah. And a lot of the ones that were out there, I was just like, I'm not not really happy. He's because I always felt like it didn't, it didn't capture the spirit of the anime. Like, they're like, a lot of them are much more superhero II, which is just like, all the power isn't all that stuff, or a bunch of are like, a lot more focused on the drama stuff. And like, the superpower stuff is secondary. So I really wanted to make a game that forced teamwork in a way but also had your everyday identity and your magical identity, both as things that you work with and get moves from. And so in working with the power by the pockets, system, I like modified and changed a bunch of the moves added a bunch of things. And unlike most power by the apocalypse games, where you get a set playbook, like in dungeon world, somebody is the wizard, Monster Hunter, a monster of the week, you know, somebody is the chosen. I threw that out. And so character creation is a series of choices. You pick your everyday identity. So who you are just normally, what is your day? Like? Who What is your rough overall situation? Yeah. And so I have and who your everyday identity is, runs what your stats are. So I came up with five stats, physical, which is all things physical, like, anything you want to do with your body is covered under physical, mental, which is all things mental related, sort of. So it's figuring out puzzles, putting together clues. I stress with people, it's not a measure of how intelligent your character is, it's how studied they are and how well they are able to use those skills under pressure. So like, at a quiz, like people are terrible at taking tests, but can be very, very smart people that sort of feel like you're just not good at the highest stress situations when it comes to figuring out puzzles. And that's the mental stat. Okay, the emotional stat is how well are you at interacting with people understanding other people's emotions, and then also using those emotions for good or for fast to get them to do things for you, depending on what kind of character you are.


Greg Leatherman  8:21  

The fourth step is persona. So how secure are you? In yourself? If your motives are questioned, if somebody questions your actions, if somebody points out that you're doing x, y, z, how resilient are you to that, like, thinking about a lot of anime like, you know, calling, you know, when they have the big villain speech and a bunch of of like, Oh, no, you're right. Like, how good are you resisting, you know, holding to your core beliefs. And that's persona. And then the last stat is mystical. So how in tune are you to the other? So all the weird that happens in the world? In every, you know, Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, all of them, there's another world, and they have superpowers or they faded out or ghosts exist. So how in tune are you to those sort of things. And so your everyday identity drives what you're strong in, and what your weekend, okay? So for example, if you are the counselor archetype, you get to do emotion, but minus one to physical, so you're very good at understanding how other people work, helping them out in the world, but you're just not that focused on running, jumping, running, you're, you're much more comfortable sitting down and talking to people than actively doing things, right. And so those are two of your stats. And then the final step choice, you get to make decisions plus one that you can add to any of the remaining three stats. So to the plus and the minus are determined by your archetype. And then you can customize by adding a plus one to the one of the three, so you have some leeway there. Very cool. So that's the first choice. And then every archetype has a series of moves under it. So because power by the populace is based off of moves, what you can do what you can't do, once you pick who you are, then you pick a move under that archetype. So for like, the counselor, one of their moves is let's talk about it. So you're very good at helping people work through things. So I have a basic move of rest and relaxation, which is how people heal and get rid of conditions that may have happened through battle or just throughout your day. So they're really good at helping people get rid of those negative conditions and heal by talking it out by having a scene where you're just sitting around and chatting. So the counselors really good and they can be one of the moves you pick. Nice. So that takes care of your everyday. And then you move on to what type of magical person are you? So I have five archetypes I have the Pop Idol likes to be the center of attention, but doesn't like to be the center of combat. Yep, I have the witch who excels at putting curses and hex on people but also doesn't like being in the middle of battle. I have the warrior which is straight up, I want to get in there and fight and clash and do all sorts of in your face stuff. I have the defender who is all about protecting people and protecting things and keeping people safe. And then the last one is the tactician, the tacticians all about monitoring the battlefield, making sure that everybody's where they're supposed to be. And giving people boosts where they need need them and helping them deal with combat when combat happens, which is a superhero game.


Greg Leatherman  12:06  

And then once you pick that archetype under the under that archetype, you have another series of moves, where you get to pick one when you're starting from scratch. So like the which has hacks is that they can put on people think and pick the heck's move, and then you have access to damaging people are slowing them down or binding them to an area, there's a whole wide variety of things that they can do. So you pick that. And then the last choice you take is what element are you connected to? So one of the things when I was designing the game, I sort of realized that, like, if you look at Sailor Moon, all the scalar sailor scouts are all warriors, like they all like to get up there and fight. But all of them are tuned to a different element they are they'll manifest that power in a different way. So I've did 10 elements, the four classic so fire, earth, water and air, the sort of Western elements, which is light, dark life and death. And then the two modern elements, which is lightning and metal, okay, and so you attune to one of those, and then that one gives you your third and final move. So if you attune to fire, for example, you can make a flaming sword out of nothing. If you attune to air, you get the ability to turn yourself invisible. So like everything brings a different choice to what your character is. And so you can still have two people who are warriors, but because their everyday personality is different, and their elemental connection is different. They'll feel very different from each other. So you could make a Sailor Moon group, and they all have different abilities based off of who they are. And but the opportunity to Yeah, very cool.


Ryan Boelter  14:02  

Yeah, that sounds really that sounds really unique for powered by the apocalypse.


Greg Leatherman  14:06  

Yes, I like so because so many of the genre are, they're all the same type of hero, like all ranges are all fighters. And so I wanted to be able to replicate that in the game, as well as make them still feel very unique and having a set. Like if I just had a warrior playbook, then every warrior would feel the same. So I really want to make it modular so that when you're making a character you have leeway to play around with who that person is, and how they interact. And they all will feel different.


Ryan Boelter  14:45  

That makes sense. Yeah. So So it sounds like you could have multiple warriors on a team, as long as you know, you've got different mundane personas and in different elements. And although Yeah, those sort of combinations. That's really cool. Yeah. Nice. Awesome. Well, we skipped ahead a little bit, but that's okay.


Greg Leatherman  15:06  

Get talking. So that's okay, I will come back and ask me whatever questions you have.


Ryan Boelter  15:11  

So now that we know how the characters are made, what sort of settings do these characters play in? And what do the characters do in the in this game?


Greg Leatherman  15:21  

So the settings are as wide and varied as there are anime. So you have your you can do your standard. We're all high school students. And we have mystical powers and we run around. And that sort of fits for both. Like if people think about it, it fits for Sailor Moon. It also fits for Power Rangers. Yeah, Rangers and Sailor Moon are the exact same thing. Pretty much they just call this calling machines, which is why I have an entire section. For I read, I've written additional rules for Power Rangers called vehicle heroes has real to build your actual robot machine that yeah, go into. And then rules for how to combine those together to make a giant robot. So you can do that. You can also do things like Voltron. Voltron at its heart is also a magical hero game. Yep. And so you can set it in space. You couldn't set it in any time period. Because you know, if it's fantasy, it's magic. Fine. That's all at all good. Yes, it's whatever setting you think would work for super powered individuals. Like understand that they are not like the blacksmith who can, you know, just barely get through, like, I talked about it in the game. But like, there are power when you transform, you are working on a completely different power scale, then when you're not. And that's sort of important to like, understand as far as threats in the game. Yeah, like, you know, Power Rangers wouldn't work. If everybody could beat up the hordes of bad guys that came through, like you may have to take it to the next level to be able to do anything to those individuals. And so any setting that you think, hey, super powered individuals would make this more interesting. You can set it there like it's it's era agnostic. The most people probably lean towards the classical Power Rangers, Sailor Moon those types of anime. That's very cool.


Ryan Boelter  17:26  

Yeah. I love that. You can you can have that wide range. And I really want to see what like a Power Rangers ask game in a fantasy setting with giant robots would would turn out to look like


Greg Leatherman  17:41  

Believe it or not, there's an actual anime for this. Oh, I have watched and it's really good. That's it. So yeah, I like have seen like all of those things were in my brain when I was making this like, yeah, you can actually go back in like, there's nothing about while we consider like lightning in metal to be modern. Modern is is relative like they had like they had electricity and metal back then too. And like nothing in it says, Hey, this has to be modern. They're pretty. They're pretty fit anything. I wanted to make sure that you could play whatever game you wanted. So absolutely. Like go D and D Fight Fight dragons in a giant mech suit that combines a giant a big mix it go for it. Like there's nothing that says they have to be human. They can be anthropomorphic animals, like there's nothing about it that says, hey, these have to be humans. They can be whatever you want. Because Yeah, I focus on the personalities, not like the people themselves. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  18:40  

Now I want to play anthropomorphic mice that have a magazine that I used.


Greg Leatherman  18:48  

Yes, absolutely. I have rules for it.


Ryan Boelter  18:52  

That's awesome.


Ryan Boelter  18:54  

Okay, so speaking of the rules, what sort of materials do we need to play a game of glitter hearts?


Greg Leatherman  19:00  

So powered by boats is all the is one of the reasons why a lot of people love it is because all it requires is 2d six. And the GM never rolls. Yeah. So the GM doesn't make any roles, the players role when they make a move that requires a role in this just 2d six plus the relevant stat. And then whatever your role determines what happens, six or less is a failure. seven to nine is a mixed success. 10 or above is a full success. And then a bunch of my moves have a 12 plus as well. So if you've done really well, you get an extra benefit. Oh, very cool. I like that.


Ryan Boelter  19:40  

All right. So I love standard PBTA. because like you said, everybody that has played one. Yes, it's very easy to get into every other one. Yeah. All right. Um, so we know what type of characters can be made in this game. And we know the steps. And we know about the settings. Yeah. So is there anything interesting from the Kickstarter that you'd like to highlight that we haven't gone over yet?


Greg Leatherman  20:07  

So one thing that, of course, I never stopped designing things like, so part of the process. So I made, I made like the magical heroes part. And then I made the Power Rangers part. And then I made the Captain Planet part called by our powers combined. So I have rules for that type of game. And then just literally just Monday, I figured out what I am calling the precious stones heroes go real set, which would be based off of Steven Universe, because I finally figured out how to use the system to handle fusion. Okay, and a big part of that setting. And since my game is very focused on teamwork, and working together as a team, like I'd been struggling with how to make that work. So that is like my final stretch goal that I've listed. Like, if I get enough money I will make I will fully flesh out my idea for a Steven Universe type real set for this. As I have the initial parts of it, like I finally like I cracked the code. After watching the movie, I'm like, Oh, wait, now I get it. I know. I know what I can do.


Ryan Boelter  21:19  

Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah. So for, for these, for lack of better term expansions to the base rules with the robots and the Captain Planet and whatnot. Is there like, do you get to come together as a group and make up all of these cool, like, details and stuff for Yeah, everything together.


Greg Leatherman  21:41  

So once everyone has made their own character, the next thing they always have to do is have to decide what type of relationship they're in. If they're in a cooperative, or competitive relationship, because that drives certain benefits. I always stress this to people who hear about the game like you will get benefits from being cooperative, you will get benefits from being competitive as that whole anime trope of being a friendly rival. And so mechanically, depending on the relationship they are, and you get diff slightly different benefits, but you'll always get a benefit. So once everybody's decided how they are related, then as a group, you have to decide what the drawback of your transformation is. Because every transformation sequence has a drawback. And so there are four, because they always make me laugh, you either have to have some sort of item to transform is option one, option two, is when you transform, it's very noticeable. So everybody will see something happening. Interesting. option three is it takes a long time to transform, because there's a lot of details on your outfit that you have to get right. And so taking a long time to transform, convene, people get away or in that time, they're like, okay, we're going to stop them or get prepared because you're changing. Or the last one is that your final form looks exactly like you do just a better outfit. And so like you can't have a secret identity at that point, you have to be careful about who you are. So once they've picked out their sort of transformation, then the last sort of group effort is, who is your mystical companion? Who is your little compatriot that is always there giving you good or bad advice? Uh huh. So and that's sort of the last thing you decide as a group. And so you're designing like, what do we all have a theme, like, in every game that I've run? For play testing, it's like, okay, let's pick themes for our names, what our outfits look like theme wise, and then they all talk about what should their mystical animal be. I've had a wide variety of animals. So far, I've had a raccoon that was masquerading as a principal of a high school, and only the heroes knew it was a raccoon, everybody else thought that person was human. I've had a squirrel that may or may not actually be a talking squirrel, they just brought it around and assumed that the squirrel gave them the powers, including one time when they just let the squirrel loosen them all. I'm like a squirrel. We haven't determined that it's a smart squirrel. Had a bat with a top hat and a monocle. I've had an AI that exists in a drone that projects an animated a hologram of a cat, right. And that's how they act. And it shows up on there because they're all tech based. So it shows up as an app on their watch. And they press the watch app and they transform from that. So it can be anything. Mechanically, it's a 5050 chance that the your mystical companion will actually ever be helpful to you. But that is also a big part of all the enemy.


Ryan Boelter  25:11  

You can do it but destroyed. Leaving you you've got a good heart. That doesn't help.


Greg Leatherman  25:20  

It doesn't help.


Ryan Boelter  25:22  

I'm not fighting. So the the text noodle mask mantra.


Greg Leatherman  25:25  

Yeah. I'm a teddy bear with wings. What do you want for me?


Ryan Boelter  25:30  

That's amazing. Awesome. I am really excited for this game. I've already backed it. And hey, thank you. I am super jazzed to see that there is a hardcover version now.


Greg Leatherman  25:42  

Yeah, I did that sort of thing where like, pricing out a hardcover. Like, I went through a slight sticker sticker shock. Because, like, you think, Oh, it's just another version of the book. And it's, it's no. It's like, oh, okay, this is a different beast. So originally, I was like, I don't know, like the price of it would be a lot for and so I didn't really include one because I wasn't sure if that was something that people wanted. And then a bunch of were like, oh, Is there gonna be a hard copy version of it? I'm like, all right. Yeah, I'll price it out and put a new one on there. Because, like, people want it, and I can get it. It's just that I was going through the sort of sticker shock of, uh huh. Whoa, this is like completely different. But yes, I added that in for people who, I mean, I'm a person that likes hard covers to it was just like, it's real. It's real pressure.


Ryan Boelter  26:42  

That's why d&d books are as expensive as they are.


Greg Leatherman  26:44  

Yeah, like, making this I have a new appreciation, and they get discounts they have in house staff. And I'm like, wow, this is just a process and a half.


Ryan Boelter  26:56  

Yeah, no, absolutely. But no, I'm really glad that the key starters doing well. And I am really looking forward to this as well.


Greg Leatherman  27:04  

Thank you. I am excited for people to have it and to play it and have as much fun as I have with it. And that everybody that I've played tested with has with so I'm like excited to have people be able to play this game, just in the world and and enjoy it as much as I absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  27:25  

All right. Well, Greg, thank you so much for joining me to talk about glitter hearts tonight. Yeah.


Greg Leatherman  27:30  

Thank you for having me. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  27:32  

Could you go ahead and remind everyone where they can find you online?


Greg Leatherman  27:35  

Yeah, so the easiest way to find me is on Twitter, at White wing is my Twitter handle. And so I post there on a regular basis. It's pretty easy to get ahold of me there. You can find me very random encounters podcast, and it's super effective. The Pokemon podcast. You can hear me do my thing there as well. Very cool.


Ryan Boelter  27:59  

All right. Well, again, thank you so much for joining me for the special bonus episode of character creation spotlight. And thanks to everyone for listening and tuning in. Don't forget to check out the glitter hearts Kickstarter, as it only has a few days left as the release of this episode, and the link will be in the show notes. And we will be back at our regular time next week. So we will see you then.


Ryan Boelter  28:39  

Character creation spotlight like Character Creation Cast is a production of the one shot Podcast Network and can be found online at www dot Character Creation added to the website to get more information on our hosts and guests or even find some of our character sheets. Character Creation Cast can be found on twitter Creation Cast. I am one of your hosts Ryan balter. And that can be found on twitter at Lord Neptune or other host Amelie Antrim can be found on twitter at ginger recommend. Music for this episode is used with a Creative Commons license or with permission from the podcast it originated from. Further information can be found within the show notes. This episode was edited by Ryan bolter for their information for the game systems used and today's guests can also be found in the show notes. Thanks for joining us. And remember, we find that the best part of any role playing game is character creation. So go out there and create some amazing people. We will see you next time.


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