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Character Creation Spotlight - Iron Edda Reforged with Tracy Barnett [Designer]

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Welcome to a bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! This episode we will be sitting down with Tracy Barnett to learn about, and create characters for, Iron Edda Reforged, a cyberpunk RPG where you are Ragnarok!

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Welcome to a bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! This episode we will be sitting down with Tracy Barnett to learn about, and create characters for, Iron Edda Reforged, a cyberpunk RPG where you are Ragnarok!


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Ryan Boelter  0:20  

Welcome to a special bonus episode of character creation spotlight everyone in this bonus segment will be shining a light on some current or up and coming games to keep an eye out for. I'm your host Ryan, and today my co host Amelia and I are welcoming back. Tracy Barnett to talk about iron Ada reforged a cyberpunk game where you are the cause of Ragnarok.


Amelia Antrim  0:44  

Tracy, welcome back to our character creation spotlight this time to talk about a game that I'm very excited about and I assume you're also excited about to


Tracy Barnett  0:54  

Yes, I'm extremely excited about it. I'm extremely happy to be here and I can I can feel the warmth of the spotlight upon me.


Amelia Antrim  1:03  

We can all see you it's shining.


Tracy Barnett  1:05  

I'm blue I am luminous.


Amelia Antrim  1:10  

Do you want to start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and other projects you have obviously we're going to cover iron at a reforged but anything else you want to tell people about.


Tracy Barnett  1:20  

Sure. So I am Tracy Barnett. I am a queer non binary game designer. I am coming up on my 10th year of professionally designing and publishing tabletop role playing games, which is super, super cool. In addition to iron and reforged I have a Patreon where I release small games as I make them. The entire model is pay what you can see you've literally get everything that I make and everything that I have ever made. It's all there in the posts. I worked for the one shot Podcast Network where we are lovingly being hosted at this very moment. I'm a project manager for them, I edit the one shot podcast, and I am a relatively new parent as of three months ago. So my partner is very kindly watching the little one while I do my game stuff


Amelia Antrim  2:09  

like that you include that under projects like I should also start Ryan and I should like get on that like project. I made a person


Tracy Barnett  2:20  

I made an impairing for you.


Amelia Antrim  2:22  

I have kept one alive for over a decade at this point and I say this longer than I've kept any plant alive. So I


Ryan Boelter  2:29  

mean it's it's a very long campaign. But we're, you know, committed to seeing it through


Amelia Antrim  2:36  

so many highs. Like just like a real emotional. Yep.


Tracy Barnett  2:40  

Yeah, and just the system behind it is just indecisive.


Amelia Antrim  2:45  

confusing, right? Especially like your first time sitting down to play it. It's just really tough.


Tracy Barnett  2:51  

It seems like the rules change every day. So I think of a more of a series of one shots,


Amelia Antrim  2:58  

addition or play.


Tracy Barnett  3:02  

But I am lucky enough to be full time in games now. So as of like a month and change before she was born, I quit my day job and I primarily work for one shot but I do my own stuff. So I'm home all day. So I'm the primary caregiver. So it really is I mean if you will like an active project for me because when I'm taking care of her I'm taking care of her and then when she has a nap, I'm working on whatever else I need to be working on and that's that's what my days are like


Amelia Antrim  3:35  

so it's definitely a thing that you have to factor in you know the time for along with every other project that you have going and you know, yep, um, yeah, I don't have her on my to do list your creative energy to the same way other things do so. Absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  3:50  

Absolutely. Well, thanks so much for being here, Tracy. Now since this is an abridged format of our normal format, we'll be just sticking to the highlights of the system with a special focus on character creation. So without further ado, how about we find out what this game is all about?


Amelia Antrim  4:10  

What game? Can you start off by telling us what is the core concept for ironhead A reforged?


Tracy Barnett  4:18  

Yeah so iron reforged is a cyberpunk take on the tropes of iron Edda I was on here before with iron accelerated which was the the sort of high fantasy epic fighting a Dwarven mech Ragnarok sort of thing. This is a bit different. So in this the gods have taken the Nine Realms and it's one now massive city that they ruled over in a big Blade Runner esque cyberpunk dystopia. The thing about Norse myth though is that Ragnarok is inevitable and Ragnarok means the fall of the gods. So in this game Ragnarok is coming, but it's you, you and the community that you are a part of are going to rise up and you're going to take down the gods It all starts in your name.


Ryan Boelter  5:01  

Oh, that's amazing,


Amelia Antrim  5:03  

I guess yeah, I ready to like dethrone god. Oh, it's pretty good.


Ryan Boelter  5:11  

That's amazing. So that effectively answers the sort of setting that we play in, in what characters do in this game? Is there any more refined details you can throw into there?


Tracy Barnett  5:22  

Sure. So this, this project that we're looking at right now, and the one that's coming to Kickstarter soon is Season One of the game. So it features a particular set of gods and it is set as I mentioned in the realm of jotunheim. In this setting, the Giants You know, there needs to be bound bonded for it to be an iron epic game. That's one of the three core conceits. But in this game, the Giants when they're done, forging the gods creations in the realms of fire and dice, their bodies, their bones, their brains, their sinews and synapses are taken and turned into the computer network that the gods use. Oh, wow. So yotan Haim is literally the heart of the core network. So you have a half alive half dead, semi century and cold link network of giants that is feeding you ads when you pull up your smartphone. Wow. And the bone bonded when they summon the bones. They're literally pulling the computer stuff out of like the walls and making the big thing that they owe that to me. Yeah. Yeah. So season one starts in jotunheim. It features three of the gods so it's tier mimir, and Thor. And then the plan is for there to be six other seasons that each focus on a different one of the realms. The final being Asgard right where you will take down because Odin is obviously the last that you get to just sort out as it were.


Ryan Boelter  6:55  

Mm hmm. That's amazing. Wow.


Amelia Antrim  6:58  

Wow. Where did this come from? This is not a question that's like I'm just you know, because like obviously you've been working on iron atom for a long time. And then, like where did this sort of like cyberpunk twist on it come from?


Tracy Barnett  7:14  

So in the original iron edit Kickstarter, world, metal unbutton, way back in 2013, I think, or 2014. I had a bunch of stretch goal was where people were going to take the three core I mentioned the three core conceits, the three core conceits is that Ragnarok is happening. Humanity is bonding themselves to the bones of dead giants to fight it, and everyone belongs to a warrior clan. Those are the three things that make iron Edda iron Edda, right? And there were stretch goals up to $100,000 because my eyes are far bigger than my stomach. And I had a bunch of, of guest authors who are going to come in and reframe iron Edda however they felt like so we had sci fi texts, we had other fantasy texts we had superhero takes. And it's an idea that I still believe in because it's like the principle of you ask two artists to paint a tree. Even if they're looking at the same tree, it's going to be different because they're bringing their own stuff, right to the effort. And I have been thinking about, I don't know, the world at large, and how you could have some catharsis against the brutal hand of capitalism that overlays all of us. And I wanted to make more iron Edda stuff so it all just sort of came together because the twist on it being Ragnarok being you is super compelling. And I'm playtesting this with bs Zelda and Alex plan again and Jeff Stormer


Amelia Antrim  8:47  

name dropper, anything just you know, just


Tracy Barnett  8:49  

just some friends, you know,


Amelia Antrim  8:51  

close personal friends.


Tracy Barnett  8:53  

Yeah. But we were doing the project. And part of my business model that I am doing now as a full time creator is I want to do a scene based Kickstarter roughly once every four months, or every three months or so like once a quarter, I'm doing a scene because that gives a nice pop of income because I can make those at a profit. And I had a sequel to you or the dungeon that I was working on, and I wasn't feeling it like it wasn't, the juice wasn't coming. And so I floated the idea past them of what if we just took out in him? What if he just did the realm we're doing as season one? And then the others followed? And they were like, yeah, that seems doable. And so that's what we're doing. So the podcast they have us doing the playtesting is coming out on September 28, when the Kickstarter launches also hosted on the one shot network, Podcast Network. And when the campaign funds I'm going to be producing an actual play podcast, or actual play video series with bs Zelda, and DJ also big bs on Twitter, and Danny, brutal Dan on Twitter, and we're going to have a six episode series that one shot is hosting as well oh so we're doing the Kickstarter Xen and a podcast and a video actual play series


Ryan Boelter  10:08  

very cool cool.


Amelia Antrim  10:09  

I think I think the idea of like being the one that brings about Ragnarok is like very timely um you know I think a lot of us have probably been very feeling the cyberpunk feels the last like a year or two I've just like you know quitting the corporate worlds just kind of taking over and


Tracy Barnett  10:30  

sorry, you're just showing Yeah, look right and


Amelia Antrim  10:33  

I complain about capitalism plenty on this show. So I think your


Ryan Boelter  10:37  

passport villains


Amelia Antrim  10:41  

capitalism. So I think like we've obviously been feeling that and the idea of like, being able to like do something about that, um, is I've really wanted to play a good cyberpunk game lately cuz it's, it's very cathartic to be able to like, actually do something about that instead of like the sort of like helplessness and flailing that I feel in my real life right now. So I think that that's this is very timely to wonderful. What kind of materials do we need to play this game? I know that iron at a was a fate accelerated game. Is this still in that same system? Are we doing something different?


Tracy Barnett  11:21  

It is something different. It has its roots in other systems, like there are things about it that are reminiscent of fate. But really, you just need the sexes. Because the big shot the the big sort of cyberpunk game in the in the industry is shattered, right? That's the one a lot of people have heard of. And so I rift on that the dice mechanic is very much shatter on right, you have a pool of dice. There's a set difficulty target number and you're looking for fives and sixes as successes. But there's a lot of other stuff that it has going on that we will we'll get into because even though this is just an abridged version, the simple is that the system is really compact. Okay, so we'll literally hear about all of it. Without much of an issue. We don't have


Amelia Antrim  12:07  

to learn Shadowrun to play this game. No. I just want to like put that out there for everyone. You don't have to learn Shadowrun you can just play this game.


Tracy Barnett  12:16  

Cuz I don't want to learn shatter. Like I like that. I love the Neo scum podcast. I


Ryan Boelter  12:20  

don't think anybody


Amelia Antrim  12:21  

Yeah, I love Shadowrun I don't want to learn it.


Tracy Barnett  12:26  

I just want I just want someone to tell me what what stat inability I need to put together and then I can roll my D sixes. And then you can figure out the math right?


Amelia Antrim  12:36  

Like, tell me how many forklift I'll throw them on the table and then we'll go Yes, yeah, exactly. Yeah, roll around in my bathtub full of dice.


Ryan Boelter  12:46  

Yep. Pull the pull the lever of the the D six dice drop from the CEO


Amelia Antrim  12:52  

needs to be like yeah, like it like it was it like dirty dancing? Just like


Tracy Barnett  12:58  

the dice. dirty dirty dancing is you would lift somebody up in their head would be like hitting a periodical. Oh, see, that would be perfect to Yeah, you could have the time of your dice.


Ryan Boelter  13:10  

I'm thinking of the slime from you can't do that on television. only be sixes


Amelia Antrim  13:18  

tank and a lever and you pull it into success cover.


Tracy Barnett  13:21  

Yep, this is. Where's the Kickstarter?


Amelia Antrim  13:24  

JC you're the expert here. You tell me where the Kickstarter is.


Tracy Barnett  13:31  

You're right. You're right. I'll cop to that.


Ryan Boelter  13:33  

Right, right. Okay, so what sort of characters then can people make in this game?


Tracy Barnett  13:39  

Whatever you want, literally. So the only thing that is true about all the characters is that every character belongs to one of the 910 warrior clans. They are all listed out there the same warrior clans in the previous iron out of games. So they are bare bone bonded being the 10th not really a clan in a traditional sense, but it's still there. Dragon hammer, horse, ox, Raven, Snake, Wolf and a sparrow. So the cool thing about characters in this game is that they are super, super duper easy to make. And there's a really good reason for that. When you start off, you'll do neighborhood questions the way that we're going to do here in a little bit and you'll make your characters but say you meet someone new, like the neighborhood matriarch or the person who owns the club that you all go to right? Whenever you meet a new character. I'm not even saying NPC on purpose when you meet a new character. The group stops real quick and makes that character with every player contributing one of the three details that a character needs. The reason you do it that way is because when we watch stories on television, or in a movie, we rarely if ever just see the story from one character's perspective, right there's another scene where you can have dramatic eye You all with this character knows is doing this thing but the other character doesn't know about it right? In Iraheta reforged your group can switch characters as often as you want to. Oh, very cool. So if you make someone you're like, Yo, this person is really, really cool. I want to see what their life is like amidst all of this and how they're contributing to the revolution. Cool, you switch to that character, if they're already made, someone takes them over, you make a few more people around them for a scene, you define the end goal of that scene. So everyone has a framework to roleplay off of. And then you make the new characters, you choose who you're playing, and you do a scene. And then suddenly, you've got another group of characters, and you can have like, Charlie de s pointing back at the PRC nap, like you can have a web of people that you've all made. And you can tell this story from whatever perspectives are most effective for you. Wow, very cool. Yeah, really, really cool.


Amelia Antrim  15:52  

Very cool.


Ryan Boelter  15:53  

Oh, my gosh,


Amelia Antrim  15:54  

that sounds like our kind of game Ryan. Seriously. Think of how many characters you can. There's so many.


Tracy Barnett  16:02  

It's funny, because as we're playtesting, this game, the the three folks that I'm doing this with a few times, they said, Well, this is the kind of thing that I would want to see in this game. But you know, it's your game. This is just play test feedback. And I said, I asked you all to do this together for a reason I wanted you three, because we can make a game that we all like, because there are players who play like us. Right? There are people who want to do this kind of experience. So that's what we're doing. We're making a game that we want to see. And there are other people who will be able to benefit from


Amelia Antrim  16:37  

right. Yeah, I mean, certainly I think everybody should make the game that they want to play. But you know, there plenty of people, Tracy that aren't going to play the same way you are, you know, and so if you make a game only based on what Tracy warrants, like, it's a limited scope. Not that you don't have great taste, but


Tracy Barnett  16:57  

thank you, I appreciate that. This is the first game in a while. I mean, the small games that I've made, their systems are all over the place. But this is the first game big, like kickstarted published thing since one shot back in 2012. No, yeah. 2012. That is my own system, top to bottom. So that feels pretty cool, too. Yeah, that's pretty cool.


Ryan Boelter  17:21  

Yeah. Oh, my goodness.


Amelia Antrim  17:24  

So this is the fun part. Can you walk us through the process of character creation, let's make some people


Tracy Barnett  17:31  

I can, we will start as with every iron edit game, at least the ones that I write with making a neighborhood first, because you have to know the context for the characters before you can make the characters. So I gave you all a link to the document. We're on page eight, there's only one neighborhood and its attendant questions written right now. And that neighborhood is the same one featured in the podcast that's coming in one shot shortly, and that is the neighborhood of puppet strings. There was an uprising long ago, no one remembers who started it. It was put down by the gods and their RPB forces quickly and with prejudice. Those who survived fled to the area that became known as puppet strings, a massive collections of ligaments and tendons, all linked cargo transportation systems. Throughout yote. Nine, the area was thought to be uninhabitable. But one of the survivors noted a pattern to the movements and began to build. Now puppet strings is a relatively safe portion of midcard. For those who wish the gods Ill go into platforms moving shifts seemingly at random. And the outsiders to the neighborhood risk the loss of life and limb trying to navigate through the razor sharp worn of platforms and cables that was born here are those who have taken the time to learn. navigate the deadly maze with ease.


Ryan Boelter  18:46  

That's wild.


Amelia Antrim  18:47  

Yeah, I'm excited for this.


Tracy Barnett  18:49  

So like,


Ryan Boelter  18:50  

every single, every single thing you tell us about this game makes me want it more?


Tracy Barnett  18:54  

Yes, I'm doing my job. Right. I think that's the whole point. Right? And I know who would like to answer the first question.


Amelia Antrim  19:04  

Um, I would love to why now.


Tracy Barnett  19:08  

Fantastic. romea, d six for our top level category.


Ryan Boelter  19:12  



Amelia Antrim  19:15  

For nice, it's a three.


Tracy Barnett  19:18  

It's a three. So your category is here. And now. So this question has to deal with the present. Go ahead. And Rob again. One, one, a note shows up at your home with information on it. What does the first part of the note say? What do you need to decrypt the second part?


Amelia Antrim  19:39  

Why did I agree to go first? I think it says something about like an upcoming change in the pattern of all of these like platforms and things. Like sort of a warning things are going to shift All right.


Tracy Barnett  20:02  

And I'm noting all this stuff down on the play space that we have. I'm currently on slide number three.


Amelia Antrim  20:07  

Okay. And then what do you need to decrypt? The second part? Um, I think, need the help of someone who is like familiar with, kind of like how they're programmed now. I mean, I know that it's, you know, like, flesh programs. But I'm someone who's kind of familiar with like how, how it's determined now, to kind of help me make sense of like this sort of instructions or whatever if it's in the second place.


Tracy Barnett  20:40  

So someone who's familiar with the new algorithm, then which like, think about how when Twitter changes the algorithm, what do we do? Right? We have to figure it out. Right? Cool. Then, as usual, you need to go to slide number two. And do you need to draw something on the map that represents the answer to your questions while Ryan rolls a dcx and gets their question. I rolled a one on one This has ties to the past roll again. To to your question is vagrant stumbled into incisors claiming to know you? What two things did they tell you? And which one was a lie?


Ryan Boelter  21:21  



Tracy Barnett  21:22  

So incisors is a club? It's established in the canon, you know, a few pages up. If you saw the art drop that I did. That's the big building with the skull front. It is a club run by one of the only living giants outside of either muscle Haim or niflheim.


Ryan Boelter  21:39  

Nice. Yeah. Okay.


Tracy Barnett  21:42  

What two things did they tell you? And which one was a lie?


Ryan Boelter  21:46  

Oh, boy. One of the things I was thinking of, because it feels to me like this is a safe haven, because it's, it's not exactly within the direct view of the gods. So I'm gonna say one of the things that we're told is that the gods are close to finding this safe haven. The other thing? Um, let's see. Can I say that? No, I am. I'm choosing like, really big thing here.


Tracy Barnett  22:22  

Because you're playing a game where you're going to be getting ready to rock.


Ryan Boelter  22:25  

I mean, that's fair. Okay, um, that there's a, there's a thing in the works to nullify the effects of the bond bonded. Cool. Which one's a lie? Oh, I'm gonna I'm gonna leave it up to fate. Let me see. Alright, one through three is number one, four through six is number two. It's number two is to lie.


Tracy Barnett  22:53  

Okay. The lie is about, which I think is perfect. storywise. Right. That seems like the exact kind of thing that like a state run news agency would would put out there. That's fantastic. I love it. Cool. Go ahead and draw something on the map to represent your answer to that question. And I will go ahead and roll questions for myself. So we got a six, which is mists of the future. And the question is a number two word is an RPB, which is Rome's Police Bureau. And RPB raid is coming in three days. What do you need to help hide before then? And why will that be so difficult? So I think that too, to hide from the raid. Oh, I think that we're sheltering a group of new bone bonded. And their presence is going to need to be hidden. And the reason that's going to be so difficult is because the giants that they're bonded to, they've recently been part of like, other programs and subroutines and algorithms that the gods have been mandating. So now they've got freedom in the network for the first time in who knows how long. So they're giants are like, kids on the last day of school. Oh, yeah. And the belt and the bells just run. So the giants are freshly released and running amok. Awesome. So on my little space here, I'm just going to


Amelia Antrim  24:53  

eyeball right. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  24:55  

because the gods are out there. They're watching. They're watching.


Tracy Barnett  25:01  

And we're gonna put that over there and we're gonna change that color to yellow. So that's that's like a computer system with like a lightning bolt running down into it because everything is just going on the fritz overpower all over the place exactly. So that is the framework within which our characters exist. So we now move to slide four. And this is all you need to make a character in this game. Every character has a name of their warrior clan, there are three details details are like aspects and fate right there short, descriptive, true phrases, every detail is linked to a number that number is the number of dice that you roll when you are in a risky situation or you want or the uncertainty would be beneficial to the story right. And the other time you either succeed at the action outright just because it makes narrative sense for you to do so. Or when you are in a risky situation and you want another control point back which is what you use to highlight the detail on reroll your dice you can choose to fail an action on purpose and that gives you a control point it's it's the opposite of like a GM compel right because I don't that the the mechanics of that are a little sticky for me when playing fate it's not my favorite part of the system. And so I just got rid of it and made player driven failure. The mechanism by which you get more points back


Ryan Boelter  26:30  

it feels a little like the Bologna milltek belonging. A little bit like that mechanic who has


Tracy Barnett  26:37  

been reading a lot of belonging outside belonging games recently that's me. So all you need to do is come up with a name, pick one of the three warrior clans that we have available to us. And then right in your details and dropping some gear if you want to choose some pronouns. There will be genders listed with each of the warrior clans and they are going to be very much sleepaway style genders like a rusted sword the the battle cry of of a dying warrior right like those are going to be the the genders for this game. So Amelia since she went first if you'll take the leftmost box there Ryan she'll take the middle most and I'll take the one on the right side. All right. And I will I'll let you to choose your clans first since we only have three to choose from we have wolf snake and bone bonded as of today because the others are not written yet.


Amelia Antrim  27:36  

Okay. Can you tell us a little bit about Wolf and the snake you know what the dinar, but I don't remember any other ones.


Tracy Barnett  27:43  

So, wolves, their archetype is group cohesion and recruitment. What was the glue that holds their group of friends together? More than a few have the ancient phrase the pack is all held in a place of honor in their home or tattooed on their body. their abilities involve teamwork, setting up their allies for success and tending to those they care about. They aren't the face of any given group that honor is reserved for sparrows, but they do have a tendency to bring the most recruits in for the fight against the gods. And then snakes, stealth and covert operations is their overarching theme. Get in security asset and get out unsuspected and undetected. This is the way of the snake. You might use social networking in disguise to work your way into a corporate office. You might Don tactical here and use slicing tools to break into a secured facility after hours to find what you need. No matter what you are your approach. You are solid, dependable and unseen by those who you don't wish to see you. If the job requires stealth. That's your world. Woe betide anyone who disturbs your nest.


Amelia Antrim  28:42  

Right? Right. I remember you did bone bonded last time.


Ryan Boelter  28:46  

I did do bombard and blast and


Amelia Antrim  28:47  

I do remember.


Tracy Barnett  28:48  

And I'm going to read the bone bonded just because Ronna an audio medium here. So the gods didn't just take the bodies and bones of the Giants for their networks. They also took the Giants spirits and harness them. Vast chained intelligences. The giants are the backbone of the network and all the ways that matter. But not all of them stay chained humanity and its effort to overthrow the gods has found a way to ally with the road giants in the system. These bone bonded are walking live connections to the network. The giant navigates the human host as easily as the human navigates the network. The symbiotic relationship is a strange and powerful dynamic. In addition to your character details, you also decide the details to the giant to which you are bonded, you need to choose the Giants name and define three details about them. So there's a paragraph there that is not actually accurate for the current build of the game. So I just deleted it. revisions, so they're available to us.


Amelia Antrim  29:43  

Okay. Um, I feel like it doesn't make sense for me to be bone bonded even though I like it because otherwise I feel like I'd be able to read that note.


Tracy Barnett  29:55  

That's very close.


Amelia Antrim  29:57  

make any sense? In which case I would like to be a snack Yep sorry.


Ryan Boelter  30:05  

Like okay this one this one screams Emilia that's fine.


Amelia Antrim  30:08  

That's okay. I mean wolf is like all about having the friends so


Ryan Boelter  30:11  

why annoyed and now I'm now I'm torn because wolf is very me. But bombarded is so metal.


Tracy Barnett  30:21  

Well, in this case, it's vaporwave. But yeah.


Ryan Boelter  30:27  

Goodness gracious. You know what I'll, I'll I'll switch it up. We'll take the wolf.


Amelia Antrim  30:36  

yourself, you know?


Ryan Boelter  30:37  



Tracy Barnett  30:38  

And I will be the beat that drops of the dubstep hits for listening to right. Alright, so


Amelia Antrim  30:47  



Tracy Barnett  30:49  

names. hardest part.


Ryan Boelter  30:52  

Crazy, just like hardest part type type type. I've got a name already.


Tracy Barnett  30:56  

That's because I names for breakfast.


Ryan Boelter  31:00  

Okay, so that's, that's what we're missing. Yeah. I think I'm gonna save it for later because I need to figure out the rest of the details before I can


Amelia Antrim  31:15  

freakin know what a good name is.


Ryan Boelter  31:17  

Yeah, I think so. Okay, so we've got the, we've got the clan. Now how do we do the rest of it,


Tracy Barnett  31:27  

you simply write the details. So you you write three aspect like things that define who your character is, you know, anything that you want to let the be present in the world about them, right. So for example, I wrote mine really quickly because mine are already already done because it's my game. I know how to do that. So I chose for my excellent detail, the network knows me. And that basically means any any interaction that I have with computer stuff, I'm going to bring 10 dice to the table for that. But then that also cuts both ways, right? Because I might be a known quantity online and that could cause problems. For seven the good detail I wrote hope springs eternal just because I like that about who I want this character to be. And so when I would be saying a situation where I need to convince someone of a plan that may not go so great. I'm always hopeful I always believe it's going to happen and so I would use those days and then my fairdale is wait who me and that represents me trying to sort of work my way out of sticky situations where I've sort of been ideal but I'm not great at it you know I only get five days to be able to do that. So that's that's that I just made made the details and I can see you all are typing as well. Good details come down to the details coming down.


Amelia Antrim  32:59  

No, those were excellent. Now I'm good.


Tracy Barnett  33:03  

I almost said I almost said fair and then I realized that we'd be in a who's on first third base situation.


Ryan Boelter  33:13  

All right. I need a good detail and a fair detail.


Amelia Antrim  33:17  

I'm like writing all of this down and I've been playing so much Overwatch lately that I'm like I'm just gonna make soap bro


Tracy Barnett  33:24  

great, great character for this set loves to just kind of put down for for fair everything could be hacked and everyone


Amelia Antrim  33:34  

thinking about it just


Tracy Barnett  33:35  

just just put a box it's fine.


Ryan Boelter  33:39  

I'm just trying to think of more Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes.


Tracy Barnett  33:46  

It's not a tumor.


Amelia Antrim  33:48  

Get to the shopper.


Ryan Boelter  33:50  

Get to the top ah okay,


Amelia Antrim  33:55  

what is it good. Nice. I want to give myself like really weird gear but like, tell them like you would never use that in the game. But then also I'm like, you're not playing this game so probably doesn't matter. I can get myself whatever I want.


Tracy Barnett  34:14  

Also, it's a cyberpunk Game Gear can be like really esoteric and weird. That's true.


Ryan Boelter  34:20  

Okay. Yeah, I mean I gotta go with it. Good quotes. I was I was trying to find ones that fit the the wolf clan well enough. Awesome. So So for my excellent detail I went with, come with me if you want to live. And then my good detail. If it bleeds, we can kill it. And the fair detail I'll be back. So I'm thinking like the first one is like trying to rally people or whatever. I'm assuming we can interpret it throughout the game. To to come with me to convince people basically The second one would be for, you know, trying to pep talk people into going up against the odds. And then the last one is, you know, I'm, I'm always gonna have your back of it effectively Nice.


Amelia Antrim  35:17  

Yeah, I went with from excellent detail, I share the city's heartbeat, which I wanted to be just like being able to, like move silently or sort of like in rhythm with all of the other things that are happening, guys. My good detail I picked, it's a shortcut, which is just knowing my way around everything and how to, you know, we talked about the platform sort of moving at random and like, knowing that, you know, really, really well. And then my fair detail, I went ahead and picked, everything can be hacked.


Tracy Barnett  35:47  

Awesome. So there are also three slots for gear. gear is just something that you name, you get an extra die to your pool, if your gear can help you in a situation. And if you're in a situation and your gear is going to hinder you then the narrator or if you're playing GM, honestly, because this game is like so close to being GM lis, it's not even funny. Then your take a day away from your pool, right? Really simple, really straightforward. Just a narrative little thing. I actually pulled that mechanic from school days. That's how the ranks and school days work. So like I picked slicing tools illegal in parentheses, so if someone spots them, right, that's not good for me. I've got a boot knife, and then I have a bullet that is made from my, the ashes of my dead mother compressed into a ceramic bullet.


Ryan Boelter  36:40  

Wow. Yeah. That's hardcore. Yes, it is.


Tracy Barnett  36:46  

And then, in gear can be filled in in the moment too, right? If we're in a situation you can just be like, Alright, I've got that thing. And as long as you have a gear slot available, sure you've got that thing. And then you just need to give yourself some names. Hmm.


Amelia Antrim  36:59  

Okay. The only gear I came up with so far was a tactical turtleneck because that seemed like a thing I would need.


Tracy Barnett  37:04  

Yeah. Ryan, I think your character's name should be Connor Johnson. Connor Johnson. JOHN Connor from Terminator. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  37:12  

my goodness. That's very cool. That's very that's very good. I think I'm that I need two more. Two more gears. Connor Johnson.


Amelia Antrim  37:26  

You know, we're just gonna do this. Watch this. Take that internet. I'm going to name my character, Olivia. calamar, which is sombras actual name nice. Which I know because I looked it up on the wiki. I don't know. I mean, just have to think on gear. If it comes. Yeah. To me, but I don't feel like it's, you know,


Ryan Boelter  37:49  

looks weird.


Amelia Antrim  37:50  

conodonts might look weird. I think it looks great.


Tracy Barnett  37:56  

But yeah, I mean, like you're pondering a name and you're thinking about gear, but like, that's it, the character is done. That's everything.


Ryan Boelter  38:02  

Yeah. All I've got right now for gear is just the biggest sword. Yeah. I mean, what else do you need.


Tracy Barnett  38:10  

And then the only other mechanical things that you would need to know if you're playing the character is that every warrior clan follows what's known as a way. And in this game, there is only one set of ways for each clan, but like in season two, there's going to be a new set and season three, there'll be another set. So you eventually you'll be able to choose different like power sets for your character. And I've got the bone bonded up in front of me still here. So this way, is the way of the network. And every way gives you three abilities, one ability that's at need, so you can do it anytime you would roll the dice. One ability that you can do once per scene and one ability that you can do once per session, which is a riff on fourth editions, power structure, right at need at so and so forth. So the bone bonded there at need ability as ancient flex. Whenever you do roll to do something with a network, you take two of your dipole and set them to successes before you roll, and you say how your giant ensure those successes. once per scene, glitch in the network, you can exploit a network resource of difficulty three or lower, just do it. Right. And then once per session, it's the living network, which is also some of the buttons right? Because the bone bonded has to be able to call up a giant mech of bone network stuff. Oh, that's very cool. So everyone has that. And so if we were playing and we I like


Amelia Antrim  39:39  

that mine is called lights out.


Tracy Barnett  39:45  

Yeah, the first ability is called lights out, which is a very somber thing. So if we were playing and we ran a scene and you ran into another NPC or another character, we would stop real quick and each of us would just come up with a detail and we decided Don't a warrior clan. And that's it, the character is made, they're ready to go. He named them and then suddenly they're in our pool of people that we can play. And that's that's the whole thing and the last mechanical bit, just because I said up top that we're going to cover them all. If you fail a role or succeeded or cost, you don't take stress or anything like that, you get glitch dice and glitch dice are the sixes of another color, that the next time you would take an action, whether you would normally roll for it or not. You have to roll and you have to include your glitch dice. And if a glitch or dice come up with hits, then narrative things happen to you in accordance with how many hits it is. And it's just consequences that makes sense in the moment for the story. Because since you're not playing just the one character, it's okay if they die if it makes narrative sense, right? It can be a dramatic and impactful thing. Because you're not as a player stuck. You've have any literally everyone else in the world that you want to play. So the group decides, does this make sense? right are the stakes Does someone have a knife to your throat or a gun pointed at you when you glitch? Okay, death is probably on the table because it makes narrative sense. Are you trying to climb a ladder? You know, and it's tense? Sure, but like, Is it fun? If your character then falls off the ladder and dies? No, this isn't this isn't first edition d&d, right? That's not what this is. But might you fall and break a leg? Yeah. And then you have to just remember, my leg is broken. And you're going to play the game as if your leg is broken, and it will be broken until you get it like, it's a lot of the impact of this stuff is narratively driven. There's a mechanical layer to it as well, like say, Okay, well for the rest of this session, you're at need ability is not going to be available to you, right? Because say you want to use lights out as your as your snake Amelia, right. You may have established Okay, well, I have, I have this tool in my hand that when I squeeze it, it like sends out a little pulse of of energy that whips from light to light to light to light to light, where you just did something earlier, where your right hand got injured, and you've got this thing grafted to your palm. Okay, then till you have a chance to get that fixed, you can't use lights out, right? It's it. None of this stuff is like


Amelia Antrim  42:26  

oh, like me right now or I can't do things with required, you


Tracy Barnett  42:29  

know, I may have woven a little bit of real life into your character. But


Amelia Antrim  42:38  

I was just because this morning, I was trying to like, like, put dry shampoo in my hair too. And I can't like, push down the thing


Tracy Barnett  42:46  

stuck up. But the point is that glitch dice. Just bring to the table narrative consequences for risky actions that make narrative sense, right? Because you're this game is very much in the wheelhouse of playing this game is telling a story together, because we know the end result ragnaroks inevitable. You're going to take down a god. When you say we're taking down Thor, yes, you're taking down Thor that will be the end of this campaign arc. But tell me, who does it how it happens, what it looks like, what the fallout of it is, those are all unknown. So those are the the juicy bits we get to figure out. But that's why characters are so straightforward, right? Because, you know, if you play with a group of people who like the style of game, you come up with characters really, really easily. And because then our sets are so straightforward. It's like, oh, we're in yo name, and you're a bear. Great, they're your powers. away this, this ox is from a photo of him the Dark Elf realm, oh, their powers are going to be this right? Which that season is not written yet. But still, you get the idea. It's, it's really flexible, you still can make compelling and deep characters who have like a lot that you feel like you know about them. And you can switch from person to person to person to person as much as you want to. or as little as you want to this feels


Amelia Antrim  44:13  

like it would be a really good game for a West marches campaign. Because you can switch characters easily and move people in and out and you know, like there's a lot going on, and you're kind of playing in a sort of set place. And I'd love to see a campaign like that if this game I feel like that would be a lot of fun. There's like a lot of opportunity for something like that. Yeah,


Tracy Barnett  44:35  

absolutely. Um, but yeah, that's that's it. That's the whole I mean, that is literally the game tip to tell. Hmm,


Amelia Antrim  44:42  

love it. Oh, this is so cool.


Ryan Boelter  44:45  

That's so cool.


Amelia Antrim  44:46  

I was really like I've been kind of watching on Twitter and everything and like, you know, watching it form, but have been very confused. I think about like, I'm like, oh, but I really like it, but like how, like how is it different? How does it work? And this is like,


Tracy Barnett  45:03  

higher data, right? Like, and I think is so cool about. And you could do this with any number of properties, I'm just happy that I chose to do with iron data. But when you define what makes a thing, what it is, you can then apply those things either in different contexts, or you can flip them a little bit. And it writes still the same thing. But the way you play it out is totally different. And


Amelia Antrim  45:31  

which is why I'm glad that you decided to do it with your with your own game, because I think that you have all people obviously have the strongest sense of what those core core pieces of the identity are. I mean, and you know, you've explained them to me several times, but I still don't think that I could like, do it as well as you can have like, this is what makes it an iron and a game. Now I can play with all of these other


Tracy Barnett  45:54  

bits, but now you've seen it in two different contexts. Right? You had a wild hair to be like, Oh, I want to make an iron at a game that is set in a perpetually underground civilization that Baba or whatever, like, I firmly believe you can do that. Right? Because once that re application, it's it sparks something right? It helps you think about what else it could be. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  46:24  

yeah. I'm really excited about this, though. Like, this has like some of the like, I've I've loved it since I play tested it that one time years ago. Gosh, that was a really long time. to waste time.


Tracy Barnett  46:39  

It would have been 2000s. Yeah, it was 17. Anyway. Yeah. 17.


Amelia Antrim  46:42  

Yeah, that's my first category. Yeah. But I have been craving like a good cyberpunk game that isn't shut out on. And I'm excited about this. This is really cool. This is really cool. I'm,


Tracy Barnett  46:57  

I'm really really hyped about what we've been able to come up with.


Ryan Boelter  47:02  

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Um, before we go, is there any anything else that's really interesting from the Kickstarter that you want to highlight that we haven't gone over yet? So


Tracy Barnett  47:13  

I will circle back and I want to re highlight the podcast and the video actual play? Because there are specific reasons that I chose to do these alongside a Xen project, right? I think all three of us have backed a lot of Kickstarters. Right, especially a lot of Kickstarters. For other games, I think he can say that we have played somewhere between five and 10%, of the Kickstarters, for games that we have backed and not because the games weren't finished. But because we didn't play, right, which is fine. You can support I mean, the point of a Kickstarter is to support the project, and what the creator does with it after that is their own own business. And you may or may not be part of its ongoing life, or whatever. But I think the rise of streamed games, the success of things like critical role has shown us that there are far more ways to engage with a game, then play the game from the text, right? Yes. So having the podcast lets you not only listen to the game, sort of passively when you're doing other stuff, right? We're all fans of podcasts, we do them ourselves. Right? I'm casting a pause of what's up upon yonder years anyway. But this one, you also get to see the entire playtesting process because where we started was it started with a totally different system, that it was a much more complex, convoluted thing. And the moment I mentioned a neighborhood matriarch, we make someone that we met, because the making a character with details thing was established early on. Someone says, I think it might have been Alex or B said, This character is so cool, I want to know what's going on with them. And that led to a conversation about how we can make that kind of thing happen. So you get this you get to see what really goes into went into making this game. And you also get to experience the narrative. From the video side. People who do video actual play get paid like absolute garbage. I met with Jess who's burst of hope on Twitter, they do all kinds of stuff with utopia, they do tons of streaming content. They were going to produce the series but it didn't work out. But I still gained a lot of valuable insight from them in that if you pay performers $30 an hour. You're in the top 10% of what people are getting paid to do video actual place. If you hate 40, you're paying close to sag rates for members of the Screen Actors Guild, who have like union mandate rates. When I looked at producing a six episode series of two hours in episode, I could raise the money for that. It became it became like, a non question to me as to whether or not it's something that I should do. It's a little bit different since I'm producing it myself, because I've got to, you know, take the time and be on camera and facilitate the sessions. But that's okay. I think it's worth it to not only give these performers, actual good paying gig work, but to get to work with B and Danny and Bs because they're awesome. And have another avenue that people can absorb this game. Because if this works out, it's going to be a formula for the later seasons two. So when you see iron, enter reforged Season Two muscle Haim or whatever realm I decided it's going to be, you're not going to look at it and go as another game that I can't, you know, I might back it, I get the PDF I'm maybe I'll read it, right? Because sometimes you don't. But there's going to be a podcast, and there's going to be a video series. And you're probably going to find some way into it. And I want this game to be able to hit people on a variety of different axes. And those are the three big ones right now. So yeah,


Amelia Antrim  51:31  

I think there's value in like learning to play games that way, too. In the last year or so I've started like really, reading RPG books cover to cover. Yeah, because I had to. But like prior to doing all of this stuff with that, anyways, I was much more likely to consume RPG content, or to learn how to play a game from an actual play podcast. And then I would sit down at the table with friends and be like, Okay, I understand how this works in practice, because I would read it and then be like, I don't really totally get what the rules are set, you know, and I know lots of people who like prefer to have streams on because I can throw it on their iPad or something while they're doing dishes. And you know, so I think the accessibility of it to for people being able to like absorb the game and before they take it to their own table is hugely different, and employee rights completely.


Ryan Boelter  52:23  

Well, is there anything else that you want to cover before we head out?


Amelia Antrim  52:29  

Any last words?


Tracy Barnett  52:32  

Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers brought forth Oh, no.


Amelia Antrim  52:37  

I can do the first paragraph I had to learn in fifth grade. It's as far as I can get though.


Tracy Barnett  52:42  

These will be my final words, then. This episode is dropping the day the Kickstarter launches on Tuesday, September 28. So it is running from now until the middle of October, you've got about three weeks to go and back this. You get the scene at every level. You can get assigned and personalized. There's even an option to get to play a session of this with me if you if you feel like doing that, and you have the disposable income. And everybody gets the podcast and everybody gets the actual play. Alongside this the first episode of the podcast drops on the one shot network also on September 28. So when you're done listening to this, if you want to hear that session zero where we establish the puppet strings that is in the campaign of the play test, you can go listen to it.


Ryan Boelter  53:29  

So good. I'm very excited. I'm very excited. Same here.


Amelia Antrim  53:34  

I'm always excited when you put stuff out but now I'm like, Oh, you know what, this is? what it was.


Tracy Barnett  53:40  

Thank you That's that's high praise.


Ryan Boelter  53:45  

Well, Tracy, thank you so much for joining us to talk about iron. Ada reforged.


Tracy Barnett  53:50  

You are welcome. This is a pleasure. As always.


Ryan Boelter  53:54  

Can you remind everybody where they can find you online?


Tracy Barnett  53:57  

You can find me online anywhere at the other Tracy tra su y.


Amelia Antrim  54:02  

Well thank you so much for doing a special bonus extra episode with us and thank you to everyone for tuning in. Don't forget to check out the iron Edda reforged Kickstarter, which is going on right now. We'll see you next time.


Ryan Boelter  54:26  

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Amelia Antrim  57:40  

Pleasure sounding dirty waves from my mouth all that much better. We're gonna make like a like a Character Creation Cast after dark but it's just all gonna be things that Ryan says that are unintentionally really filled.


Tracy Barnett  57:59  

Oh, you're kidding. The show the dark side of our pure three


Ryan Boelter  58:04  

fingers. Here come the fingers.


Tracy Barnett  58:07  

You corrupted him into making an evil character and it's all done.


Ryan Boelter  58:10  

It's all downhill. I think I think I'm good on my no escape.


Amelia Antrim  58:16  

I'm gonna just make a bunch of dices.


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Just keep your hand in the glass jar. Just play with it the whole time is supposed to be a really fast


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edit. Like, it's like the negative ASMR I don't know what happened. Stop shaking. You break your mic. Okay. Nothing,


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okay. Nothing. Don't worry about it. It's fine. Don't worry.


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We are ready to go.


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Fantastic. I


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forgot which one of these documents is the actual I forgot


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that I'm recording in a sauna. So I'm going to take off my long sleeve shirt. So one thing


Ryan Boelter  59:18  

Ah, yes,


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dude. Dude, dude, dude. Dude, dude.


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I can't go anywhere with you to do to do to do


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especially not your own song.


Amelia Antrim  59:38  

I'm sorry, Ashley.


Ryan Boelter  59:40  

Lord. Well enjoy that.


Tracy Barnett  59:45  

If you some quality. I'll take content we got


Ryan Boelter  59:50  

come for the content. Stay for the outtakes.


Amelia Antrim  59:54  

That's right. It's why we put up with them so you have to stay for them. I know I was like I want to say it but you know like I know Ryan will put it in later that's just to cut out but like that's fine. Tracy saying at this


Tracy Barnett  1:00:11  

I put can put me in with the other.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:14  

Get overlaid that's fine. Yeah. Well, before we move on let me start the backup recording. So whoops. in case anything catastrophic Lee fails. We only have 20 minutes to make up. Well, probably 15 technically,


Amelia Antrim  1:00:32  

and only the good 20 minutes. Yeah. So on the part we were like snapping for it to take a shirt off. It's not in there anymore.


Tracy Barnett  1:00:40  

Oh no, I'm saving all of my audio.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:44  

I'm saying if we all lose our audio,


Amelia Antrim  1:00:47  

that would be sad. It would be sad. No, I gave you to what for about that the other day because they lost an episode because stuffs audio went bad. And I was like, You weren't recording a backup and he's like we forgot to hit record on. Oh no. It's been It was like it happens to everybody. At some point. I was like, now you're a real podcaster like, oops. Anyway. Are these were these here before?


Tracy Barnett  1:01:16  

Yes. Okay. Yeah, I forgot to I forgot to clear those out.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:19  

Okay, I wasn't sure I was like I did like Ryan type in the wrong box. Just stop my recording. Yeah,


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we could stop recording my recording.


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