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Character Creation Spotlight - Princess World with Kevin Petker

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Welcome to a special bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! Today we’re highlighting Kevin Petker and his game, Princess World! Find out about the game in this abridged format, including us creating a princess, and get pumped to back this amazing kickstarter happening right now!

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Welcome to a special bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! Today we’re highlighting Kevin Petker and his game, Princess World! Find out about the game in this abridged format, including us creating a princess, and get pumped to back this amazing kickstarter happening right now!


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Ryan Boelter  0:23  

Welcome to a special bonus episode of character creation spotlight everyone in this bonus segment will be shining a light on some current or up and coming games to keep an eye out for. I'm your host Ryan and today we are welcoming Kevin Petcare to talk about princess world, a PBT, a game about girls who rule. Welcome to character creation spotlight. Kevin, it's really great to have you here.


Kevin Petker  0:46  

Hi, Ryan. It's really great to be here too. I'm really glad we could get this to work out.


Ryan Boelter  0:50  

Absolutely. So Kevin, could you start us off with first telling us a bit about yourself and what sort of projects you have going on right now?


Kevin Petker  0:58  

Sure. Sounds good. I am a Canadian expat who is currently living in Boston, which I travel a lot with my family. We follow my wife's career wherever it takes us. So it's fortunate that my abilities are portable. So I DO IT consulting and game design awareness. And I'm currently working on a game called princess world game of girls who rule which was inspired by my at the time three and a half year old daughter, as well. I've got a game of modern medical drama called the ward which is out as an ashcan with magpie games.


Ryan Boelter  1:30  

First, I've heard so many good things about the ward.


Kevin Petker  1:32  

Yeah, I really enjoyed that came from some really good experiences and interviews with some of my West colleagues, huh?


Ryan Boelter  1:39  

Yeah, I'm excited for that one, too.


Kevin Petker  1:41  

Yeah. I had to make a choice. Do I do my medical in first or do I do my daughter's getting first and she kind of chose for me? I mean,


Ryan Boelter  1:48  

you kind of have to at that point, right.


Kevin Petker  1:50  

Exactly. Your pitch. Her pitch was very strong. We actually do a recording of it. We did a recording of it for the Kickstarter video. So if you want to hear the origin Story of Princess world. It's on Kickstarter.


Ryan Boelter  2:02  

That's amazing. Yeah, I cannot wait. Well, let's go ahead and get into this. Since this is an abridged version of our normal format, we'll just be sticking to the highlights of the system with a special focus on character creation. So without further ado, how about we find out what this game is all about? Sounds good. What's in a game? All right. Could you start us off by telling us a bit about the core concept of Princess world?


Kevin Petker  2:31  

Well, the core concept of the princess world is that it is as it says, a game of girls who rule. I wanted a game that my daughter would enjoy playing when she's a little bit older. So the sort of core demographic I was looking at was girls age nine to 13. So what I did is I put together some focus groups and I interviewed girls aged nine to 13 to find out what they wanted in a game. And basically what it all boiled down to is they wanted to have characters that looked cool and good. do cool stuff on there. So my daughter and I brainstorm the types of princesses that would be cool and do cool stuff. And we were able to get together a group of nuk nine core princesses that explore sort of different aspects of Princess hood. It's not all just crowns and gowns. There is the skateboard princess who is definitely not one for the ballroom, but definitely one for racing down hills and jumping over their opponents. So basically, the different princesses have to work together despite their differences, and deal with problems that are within princess world itself. They don't rule their kingdoms yet, but they have sort of the power and agency to go out and fix things and sort of put their mark on the world. Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  3:44  

I'm getting like a very Shira and the princesses of power vibe.


Kevin Petker  3:50  

Shira would be is an excellent example of what princess world could do. That'd be a much more sort of focused take on the game which is possible, but generally each of the princesses comes from a realm that not isn't necessarily in peril. But could I mean, the setting is actually generated by the players, all the players, including the game master during initial character creation, and as the game progresses,


Ryan Boelter  4:12  

I you know, I love that collaborative world building. Oh, I love


Kevin Petker  4:16  

it too. It's I, I find there's so much more buy in from all the players. And as the game master in princes world is called the weaver. And it makes a point of saying that this is not their story. They're there to help the story to come together.


Kevin Petker  4:31  

So that's what I really enjoy.


Ryan Boelter  4:33  

That's really cool. So what sort of settings usually come about when people go to collaborate on their settings for for this game,


Kevin Petker  4:43  

we should get some very fantastical settings, which are neat. There's a lot of genre mixing in princess world. You don't have to feel sort of constrained by just fantasy tropes. You can go into science fiction, you can go into real life you can go into very bizarre sort of creative endeavors. We had one game where there was a proper Princess, which is what most people think of as a princess. She was a proper princess of the beehive realm. So she was like a sub queen bee and their country or kingdom was completely different than what you would expect of any kind of thing they didn't do you use words to communicate the use for pheromones. So they have to have translator systems for when non B or non insect people came. So it's really neat. It's very different.


Ryan Boelter  5:26  

Yeah, that's really cool. So what a characters do in this game, then,


Kevin Petker  5:30  

generally, what happens at the service session in princess world is that the players collaborate a bunch of possible problems that are facing princess world. Then the princess Council is called together, which is the player characters and they have to decide what needs to be addressed. And as they play the session, they will determine whether the problems are linked or whether they're separate things and they will try to solve them or come to some kind of, I guess, agreement with maybe maybe the opposition is right, maybe they princesses half To be the ones that change, but that's what you'll play to find out.


Ryan Boelter  6:03  

That's really cool. I love that a lot. So what sort of materials then do we need to play princess world,


Kevin Petker  6:09  

you'd need to play books that come with the game. You need colored pens, pencils or or pencil crayons. Because one of the most important things in princess world is your color. Every character, every player picks a favorite color for their character. And everything they do in the game is written in that color. If it's true, that's true with a capital T. Okay, and you're the dice you need probably a lot of paper and cue cards and things take notes on as there's a lot of note taking and passing around during the game. You create truths as the game progresses, and you often hand them to other players so they can utilize them to improve their characters.


Ryan Boelter  6:44  

Oh, wow. That's a that's a really kind of a unique concept. I haven't heard of that before.


Kevin Petker  6:50  

It's similar perhaps to like aspects in fate, okay, except you actually write them down. Often you can make moves that will create opportunities for other characters, and you write it down. What it is, so they can sort of weave it into the narrative, as well. Some truths are unpleasant, which means they're written in the basic game. They're written in black. So these are kind of your detriments. So if you're if you if let's say the warrior princess, you've lost a weapon, you might the weaver might write down, you've lost one weapon on a piece of paper and hand it to them just a little note card. And anytime they have to worry about I need two weapons to do this. Well. You don't have that. Right. Oh, that's interesting. But then if they rectify the situation, you just toss the the paper into the recycling bin.


Ryan Boelter  7:31  

Oh, I guess that works. That's amazing. Okay, so what sort of characters can people make in this game then?


Kevin Petker  7:40  

Generally, you can make almost anything you can imagine. I know that sounds super lame and broad. But there's been such incredibly diverse princesses. Within each playbook. There are nine archetype princesses in the core rules, which range from like the proper princess who was your normal or not normal I guess but the sort of Princess when someone says word princess you often A vision your mind of someone in a gown with a crown maybe a scepter. That's the proper princess. But it ranges there's the space princess who potentially is a science fiction princess. There is the shadow princess who is sneaky and stealthy. There's even the popper Princess, a princess who's lost basically lost. Her realm lost almost everything, except she's still a princess. And then within those you can create, as I said, with a proper princess. We've had like the queen of the beehive princess we had a business executive Princess, her realm was very hierarchical, but it was all about like maintaining order and business. So she wear a business suit with a crown. Nice. That's really cool. So can we go over the steps of what we need to do for creating the character for sure. It's on each playbook is listed steps you need to take once you've picked a playbook, the very first thing you do is you pick your favorite color. And this is the color you'll be using on your playbook. You're writing down truths. And there's also the color you'll use if you're putting truths into the world or if you're putting them in other people's characters. Once you've done that you choose a name from a little list or you make a book on yourself. And after that you then Express truths about your character. Every character has four sort of essential truths that establish their narrative power and strength in the game. Okay, and each playbook has a different list. So if we give for an example, the proper Princess, she expresses four truths. And these truths are a truth about her crown, her gown, her sector, and herself. And these are simple narrative statements, usually a single sentence that the player can can draw on in the game. So for example, there's a proper princess and she Her father was an inventor. So the truth about her crown was simply this. My father has made many upgrades to my crown. And that's all it says on her character sheet. But that means she can say, Oh, I think I have a translator module. And then she could potentially roll to see if she has a translator module that her father may have put in the crown. So this gives we call it narrative unpacking in the game. So you've got this little box, and you can see what you can pull out of it during the game. You're not limited by bias, a single piece of equipment or something like that. You are looking at it from a story what could a character in a story pull out of their crown that has upgrades? What could Yeah, a warrior princess who's got a sword that came from the Dragon King? What would that mean? So a lot of the game is about exploring the meanings of words and being creative with what you've written down. Now, occasionally, a truth can be expressed to the table. When you express truth. You tell everyone at the table you're playing with what it is before you write it down because they can judge whether it's unpleasant or not. And if it's an unpleasant truth, you write it in black instead of your color. Yeah, and that means it causes trouble or has the potential to cause trouble or it might be something that's bad, or might be just something that's like a really annoying thing. So there was a pirate Princess, and she said about her weapon as I have a sword that can cut through anything. And everyone at the table is like Awesome, cool, sweet. It's a one player goes, that sounds really dangerous. Yeah. And as soon as one player says that it's immediately unpleasant. Oh, but the the player then has the opportunity to sort of rephrase the truth if they want to, if they want to have trouble for their character, they keep it and write it in black. But if they want to change it, or they feel that they didn't want it to be trouble, then they can rephrase it. So that player then said, Okay, I have a sword that can cut through anything. Except it's scattered. Oh, and then anyone at the table nodded their head and go Okay, that's cool. At least there's some way to stop it if someone else gets their hands on it. Haha.


Unknown Speaker  11:47  

That's pretty neat.


Unknown Speaker  11:48  

So yeah, go ahead. Sorry.


Ryan Boelter  11:50  

I could see like a lot of the narrative implement implications of that. That's that's really cool.


Kevin Petker  11:56  

So if we go back to the the sword that cuts through anything, yeah. So if you're Fighting like a giant monster you can cut through its armor. If you are facing the gates of the great kingdom, you can cut through that. But in the game we were playing where the pirate princess had that weapon. Later on in the game, the proper princess asked this question. And I've said this a lot of conventions. I'm sure people have heard this. But she asked, Can your sword cut through my obligations to my father? Well, the end the answer is yes. Because it's a sword that can cut through anything. But you'd play to find out to see what that meant.


Ryan Boelter  12:26  

Yeah, I love having a like very, you know, just just a truth that's out there. That's that's like, not formed. But then you play and then slowly throughout play that that truth forms into something solid. That's really cool.


Kevin Petker  12:45  

Yeah, it's been really fun to see players realize the potential of it.


Ryan Boelter  12:51  

Absolutely. So I'm wondering, we have a bit of time would you be able to walk me through creating a character for this Oh, that'd be fantastic. Ryan. Yes, I would love to do that. Awesome.


Unknown Speaker  13:04  

Let's make some people.


Ryan Boelter  13:06  

All right. So we've got nine potential things to choose from.


Kevin Petker  13:11  

That's correct. So roll a decent or roll with choice and on a seven and not


Ryan Boelter  13:18  

roll my D nine. Yeah. Okay. I know actually, I looked through the list and one of them that really stood out to me was the Space Princess.


Kevin Petker  13:28  

Cool. There's been some really interesting space princesses out there. Sometimes they're aliens. Sometimes they're astronauts. Sometimes they are supernatural beings. And one time it was a space cat.


Ryan Boelter  13:43  

Oh, nice.


Kevin Petker  13:47  

So yes, the Space Princess.


Kevin Petker  13:50  

Her keywords are that she is capable and knowledgeable and innovative. So she is maybe the the brain the brainy princess She I think she is much like Twilight Sparkle on my little pony. Friendship is Magic, or the sparkle would be a Space Princess.


Ryan Boelter  14:09  

Oh, very nice. Awesome. So, going through the list of things that they need to do for this character. First of all, I need to choose a favorite color.


Kevin Petker  14:19  

Yes, the very first thing you do is choose a favorite color and it can't be black.


Ryan Boelter  14:23  

Okay, so I'll go with my favorite color. Excellent is a dark teal.


Kevin Petker  14:29  

Oh, Ryan, I have to tell you a secret. Oh, that is my favorite personal favorite color as well. It's such a good color. It is a great, it's a great color.


Ryan Boelter  14:38  

Absolutely. Very cool. All right, so I've got my dark teal princess. Excellent space.


Kevin Petker  14:45  

Yes, that's a great space color. So the thing is, I always tell the players is that the favorite color doesn't necessarily mean that's the color costume or equipment she wears, but it can be can be


Ryan Boelter  14:56  

all right, dark teal. Excellent. I'm Sony. Now I need to pick a name you need to pick. I am gonna go with one of the names from the list. Sounds good and I will pick


Unknown Speaker  15:09  

Astra princess Astra.


Ryan Boelter  15:11  

Yes, the Space Princess, Princess Astra. Alright, and now I get to express a truth about a few things. Yep,


Kevin Petker  15:20  

she's got four things to choose from and since it's only you and I'll be your Weaver, okay will be the princess player. So I'll be the one who has to judge whether things are unpleasant or pleasant. Alright, so that's a big burden on me. I'm not used to.


Ryan Boelter  15:34  

That's all right. So I have to express the truth about my helmet, yet my space suit, my Reagan and myself. That is correct. So my helmet I'm, I'm going to say that my helmet lets me see the truth within people.


Kevin Petker  15:56  

I really like that and I'm going to tell you though, that I have to judge as potentially unpleasant. Uh huh. Because seeing that the truth of people the true nature or whatever is, I don't know if that's always going to be a fun thing for your character. Uh huh. How do you feel about that?


Ryan Boelter  16:12  

I like it. Okay, a little bit of, you know, maybe this isn't the best thing to have on.


Unknown Speaker  16:20  

Before we talk, I'm gonna take off my helmets.


Ryan Boelter  16:23  

Yeah. I'm friends with you. I know you. I don't need this helmet.


Kevin Petker  16:28  

Yeah, no, that's great. So then what you would do, you'll write that phrase down on your character sheet. And you'll but you'll write it in black. Now, the only thing is you do not want your character to have all unpleasant truths. No, definitely not. If that happens, there's a special rule. That character then becomes the Weaver's character and she becomes the adversary with a capital A.


Ryan Boelter  16:49  

Okay, well, we'll try to avoid that.


Kevin Petker  16:50  

Sounds good. So, the furthest I've gotten someone has gotten to three unpleasant truths on purpose. They want it to be a troublesome character or a troubled character.


Ryan Boelter  17:00  

Alright, let's see if I can do something better for my spacesuit. Sounds good. Okay, so my space suit. Let's see. Okay, my space suit keeps me comfortable in any environment. That


Kevin Petker  17:14  

sounds great. What's interesting about that is that could include social environments.


Ryan Boelter  17:19  

Oh, I like that.


Kevin Petker  17:21  

I mean, I probably wouldn't, I might say that it led to the character the player at the start, but just as we're talking about this now,


Ryan Boelter  17:26  

yeah. So swerd matter.


Kevin Petker  17:29  

That's one of the core concepts of Princess world as I really want to the players, particularly younger players to understand to think about what the words mean, and why do we say things we say and, and what's say what we mean?


Ryan Boelter  17:40  

Yeah. And that's a really, that's a really lovely thing to be teaching kids around that age to, especially through a fun game like this is, you know, the words that you say to each other. Definitely matter. Exactly, exactly. Yeah, I like that a lot. So Let's move on my Reagan. Oh my Reagan This one's a hard one.


Kevin Petker  18:14  

So some examples that I've had is had a player that said my Reagan has a certain setting and what's implied in that is that it's got other settings. Yeah, but the sun setting is the most most reliable.


Ryan Boelter  18:27  

Okay. I was I was kind of thinking along the same lines as well. Cool. I was thinking my Reagan only has a certain setting, but I can see that as potentially troublesome. Exactly. Yeah, you know what I think I'm going to go with my great grand has a stunning setting. Okay. Because it it is the it's kind of this what I wanted. I wanted to have a thing that was non deadly by It doesn't limit it in case I need to use my Reagan in another situation maybe to get out of like a cave that collapsed or Oh,


Kevin Petker  19:08  

yeah, so yeah, it's got more utility and that's, that's why I wouldn't judge that as unpleasant. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  19:14  

Okay. So about myself a truth about myself. Yeah,


Kevin Petker  19:19  

these can be tough sometimes. Yeah, sometimes people just make narrative statements or like descriptive statements, but you're really sort of denying your character power and ability in the game when you do that. So I discourage it. There's a section on your booklet on the playbook that's called ephemera. And that's more about your sort of character description in detail. Okay? If something is super significant about your character, and that might be thought of as a detail but you want it to be narratively strong, then you would put it as your truth. Okay, but if you don't care if your character has like dark teal eyes, like you could say, my my character has dark teal eyes as a truth but I don't know what you're going to get out of that. Right.


Ryan Boelter  19:57  

Yeah, cuz that, that that's just a Kind of a description. Maybe somebody would like people with dark to lies or whatever. But yeah, that that that wouldn't be too interesting when it comes to a lot of other things in the game.


Kevin Petker  20:12  

Sometimes people consider like the gender of their princess or the species of their princess in their truth. But sometimes those factors aren't relevant to the truth of the character, like their core. So yeah, we don't assume the gender of the princesses we lean towards, like female pronouns or inclusive pronouns, generally when we're describing the princesses, but if someone definitely wanted their princess to be a boy, or neutral, or whatever they want, and if they wanted it to be important about their character, they would put it in truth. But if it's just description, they would put it in ephemera.


Ryan Boelter  20:47  

Okay. I'm going to go with I am very comfortable in low gravity. Oh, very comfortable.


Kevin Petker  20:56  

Yes, I've torn but just because I'd like to have you have some trouble. That that's potentially unpleasant because the implication in the way it's worded is that you might be uncomfortable in other gravity. So then you as the player get to accept that. Now I've got a hidden agenda when I, as the lever when I say things aren't pleasant, because I get this currency called a blot of fade for every unpleasant truth. That's at the start of the game, and that lets me put more trouble into the world. Absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  21:27  

I like that. Okay, so I've defined these four things about myself.


Kevin Petker  21:31  

So you're accepting that as I'm playing


Ryan Boelter  21:32  

us, I'll accept that as unpleasant. I'm two, two out of four. That's not bad.


Kevin Petker  21:37  

That's not bad at all. No. So then you would check in normal pvta just like standard or if there is such a thing as Sandra ppta you would pick two character moves that are inside your playbook.


Ryan Boelter  21:48  

Okay. So I am going to choose knowledges is power. Excellent. So when you closely analyze her examine an object reference I'm gonna you roll with poise, and cool stuff happened. And my other rocket is an even bigger rocket that is a,


Kevin Petker  22:08  

that is a perennial favorite. I personally is one of my favorite moves in the game because I love the name.


Ryan Boelter  22:14  

Yeah. So So this one, you can use your other rocket to travel with others to other realms regardless of the distance. And then you get to roll with threads when you do so that's pretty cool.


Kevin Petker  22:25  

So yeah, threads are basically a not exactly a stat but there are a number. And that's actually a physical object and actual strip of paper that represents the strength of the relationship you have with other princesses. Okay, so the more threads you have, the stronger the relationship doesn't mean it's good or bad, necessarily. But the more strongly you're tied to another character, the easier it is for you to get to destinations that they want to go to.


Ryan Boelter  22:49  

Nice, very cool. I like that. Okay, and then the next one, it says write, draw or describe some details about your princess. And think about the first question They give when they meet someone


Unknown Speaker  23:03  



Kevin Petker  23:05  

so this would all be openly discuss the table with the other characters every one of you working on their players. So are the princesses.


Ryan Boelter  23:11  

Yeah. So so that makes sense. So details about my princess. So I want to say that she has dark teal hair. Oh, cool. Very sweet. Yeah. And like the lawn flowy so when she's in zero G without her helmet, it's like, just everywhere,


Kevin Petker  23:29  

like a bit. Yeah, she's like a little space flower with her dark teal hair.


Ryan Boelter  23:34  

Oh, yeah. And she generally likes to wear her space suit. But when that's at the cleaners, I imagine that she she wears a just a just a comfortable dress of various colors depending on the event or mood.


Unknown Speaker  23:51  

Okay, is she a human?


Ryan Boelter  23:53  

Um, I'm going to say human adjacent.


Kevin Petker  23:56  

Okay, that's very cool.


Ryan Boelter  23:57  

Yeah. So humanoid. looks relatively human. But you know has the the Star Trek alien. Like something different about her face?


Kevin Petker  24:08  

Okay, cool. Cool. Just a little bit of like brow ridges or Yeah, cheeks cheap.


Ryan Boelter  24:12  

Yeah, some something that the FX team quickly throw together without spending six hours in makeup


Kevin Petker  24:19  

sounds good. Nothing more for species that's easy to get the Yep, exactly. And what's their personality like what is this is where we sort of look at first impression?


Ryan Boelter  24:28  

I think she is. First impressions is shy and like humble, but when you get to know her, she is very bubbly.


Kevin Petker  24:43  

Oh, that's fun. Yeah. And I suppose if she's wearing a spacesuit she'll be comfortable. And maybe that comes out more quickly. Yes. And then she takes it off and then she's like, Guys, or whatever. Yeah, exactly. Now that's very cool. That's very cool. So then the last thing you would do for Your princess is you would distribute initial threats, everyone would introduce themselves. Okay. And then you have two questions you would ask the table and other princesses would answer them. Just want to read out those questions. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  25:12  

sure. So, which one of you has counted stars with me? So then one of our character two threads.


Kevin Petker  25:19  

Yeah. So you would, what would happen is another princess would say that was me. And you would write down what that makes you think of that character? Oh, I like that. So it's, it's basically expressing information about you. Yeah, that the other character now knows, Oh, I like that. And then that's kind of their in to affecting you. So they can use those threads because it's too so that means it was a significant encounter. And it doesn't necessarily it doesn't have to be a positive encounter. It was a strong encounter. Okay. And they can use those for different moves in the game.


Ryan Boelter  25:53  

That's really cool. Alright, then my other initial thread is which one of you thinks I'm a little quote unquote, out there.


Kevin Petker  26:00  

Yeah, that's always a fun one. Yeah.


Kevin Petker  26:03  

That's a fun one. So you can negotiate with other players about what happened there if you discuss the detail. And again, it's this thing for collaboration.


Ryan Boelter  26:10  

Yeah. I like that a lot. That's really cool. I like I like these little threads in in lieu of relationship, things in this like standard pvta stuff.


Kevin Petker  26:22  

So yeah, they're and they're actually a tool you can use in the game. And when you utilize them, you flip them over, so the blank side is up. So they fit that shows they've been used, okay, but then if you really need to use them, you flip them back over, and you put a line through it, like you've struck you've like you've strained the relationship. Okay? And at the end of the session, you hand it back to the player that gave it to you and you ask, how have we changed and there is something new on the blank side.


Ryan Boelter  26:49  

Oh, that's brilliant. I like that.


Kevin Petker  26:51  

Oh, my goodness. I'm really happy with that too. And then you can eventually and this this is this hasn't been developed fully yet. We've been really just getting the core gameplay done. The sort of long term play yet but eventually so you can use that currency the thread to like weave new truths into the world, okay? Or you can form like chains of friendship or bonds of friendship with the other princesses, which means they can't be used for anything else anymore but now they don't break. Oh, so you got to decide are my relationships important? or saving the world or changing the world more important and you got to kind of balance that with that currency.


Ryan Boelter  27:25  

All right, I'm liking this more and more every every little bit I here


Kevin Petker  27:29  

awesome. So the one thing you would do in a in a longer form game of Princess world now we'd go on to realm creation, where we you would work to create the space realm and detail it and the truths and what are called maybes which are things that are written in pencil.


Ryan Boelter  27:45  

Oh, interesting. Okay. So I I can see my character coming from a kind of like an advanced civilization, for sure. And with the civilization has, like lots of planets, for sure. And each planet varies in size very Star Wars II, right? But the, the the royal family is kind of on one planet. Okay, so there's like a core world. Yes. So there's like a core world. And that's why she feels kinda shy at first because she's constantly having to meet new, like entirely different cultures effectively. And she doesn't know how to fully act since you know, this sort of stuff is somewhat new to her


Kevin Petker  28:40  

and every interaction is a new one. So each yet necessary. So that's kind of neat with her moves. So she could with her knowledge is power, she could try to closely examine the social situation and figure out what's going on. And then she every princess has a special move, which is like a special knowledge remove, which reflects their represents their sort of unique take on viewing the world and the Space Princess has no your plan. So when someone puts together a plan she can look at that plan and go oh, here are some flaws or here's something we're missing or here's where it's really good.


Ryan Boelter  29:15  

Yeah, I like that a lot.


Kevin Petker  29:17  

That's kind of I kind of put that in there because often there's times when players will make a plan in a game. Yeah, and there's no way to like is this a good plan? Well, I guess we'll play to find out like where characters in a story would know that you know what if we're going after these guys, they're going to have this and this Yeah, without without this The Game Master cam just exposing everything,


Ryan Boelter  29:39  

huh? Yeah, absolutely. Pretty cool. I like that was it was really fun.


Kevin Petker  29:44  

So that's princess Astra of the space realm. I'm really glad you made it. Ryan. I hope you now here's the one thing that I'm really proud of with princess world is you can now take princess Astra into any princess world game. Oh yeah. She's portable and her realm travels with her. In the sense of you would have a piece of paper that detailed Jerome. Yeah. But now you could go to a princess well game and go I have a Space Princess. Let's play. Mm hmm. And if someone else had a spacecraft and pvta General, you have unique playbooks. Yeah. And that's kind of the start of Princess world. Everyone has to pick uniquely. But if you go to another group, and someone else has a Space Princess, you basically asked, are we from the same realm? Yeah. And if they say, yes, you swap threats. Oh, and if they say, No, you swap threats. Oh, the thing is, if you're from the same realm, it's easier for you to work together. And if you're not from the same realms, you have more colors in the world.


Ryan Boelter  30:41  

I like that.


Kevin Petker  30:41  

So a lot of these little choices you have to make what's what's important to me as the character or the player.


Ryan Boelter  30:46  

Yeah. There's like there's like a whole metal level. game.


Kevin Petker  30:51  

Yes, there is. And that's, that's super intentional. Like, I don't know if you've ever heard me talk about the secret heart of games. Like that's kind of my thing that I go on about a friend Well definitely has a secret heart. And if you talk to me in person, I will tell it to you. But every, I would say 90% of the design design decisions are based on the concept of this game secret heart. Oh, that's very cool. And making those choices is a clue to it.


Ryan Boelter  31:15  

I like that a lot. Awesome. Amazing. Okay, so you have a Kickstarter going on? Yes. Tell me a bit about that. Is there anything you'd like to highlight that we haven't gone over already? Especially if there's any other cool character creation? goodies that we


Kevin Petker  31:34  

will I mean, there are in the main book, there are nine core princesses. Mm hmm. But there are seven more against that right. Yes, seven more extra princesses that'll be coming out as stretch goals. All but two of the princesses were basically sort of ideas my sit my daughter came up with. We just sort of like talked back and forth and And she had a lot of ideas, what princesses should be like. And we were able to like, cover all of those. A few other people's made some suggestions about like, let us fill in. So there are a total of I guess, nine plus 716 princesses. Oh, nice. And there's two sets of three that are thematically grouped as a as a, each one has a stretch goal. And then there's a final one that kind of ties things together. And I think funny way. And that's sort of that my top stretch goal, and so I'm super excited about that. And as well, I've gotten a whole bunch of contributors that are going to tell their sort of personal origin stories as becoming gamers, for each princess. And those are kind of our summer are open right away from the free for if we hit our funding goal, but then some of those are stretch goals as well.


Ryan Boelter  32:47  

Oh, that's really cool. I'm really looking forward to that.


Kevin Petker  32:50  

Yeah, I'm super excited about it. It's been it's been in development for about two and a half years. It debuted at dream nation 2018 with its very first playtex And this is this year's relation 2020. And this is I part of the Kickstarter was to coincide with my daughter's birthday, which is February 19. And the Kickstarter started on February 18. And as well as cremation is happening this time, so I'm it just worked out fortuitously, I think. Yeah. And I'm really happy with it.


Ryan Boelter  33:20  

That's really cool. I love coincidences that work out like that. Yeah, it was really cool. I feel like the fates are aligning the threads together. Absolutely. All right. Is there anything else that you wanted to go over?


Kevin Petker  33:32  

I think we covered a good amount of this. This is, I think, medical princess. Definitely write it out if you can, and bring it with you. And hopefully we can meet together and actually have princess Astra play.


Ryan Boelter  33:44  

Yeah. I really, really want to play this game. Awesome. Very cool. Well, Kevin, thank you so much for joining me to talk about princess world.


Kevin Petker  33:53  

My pleasure, Ryan. I'm really glad you invited me on. Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  33:56  

So could you remind everyone where they can find you online


Kevin Petker  34:00  

You can find me on Twitter with at Kevin petrichor which is at ke vi n, p et kr. I can also be found on with K And on Kickstarter right now if you search for prince or princess we're opening I should say the right way for princess world, a game of girls who rule.


Ryan Boelter  34:23  

Awesome. Again, thank you so much for joining me in this special bonus episode of character creation spotlight. And thanks to everyone for tuning in. Don't forget to check out princess world. The Kickstarter which kicked off last week. We will have a link in the show notes so you can go right to our notes and get right to that Kickstarter. And we will be back at our regular time next week. We'll see you then.


Ryan Boelter  34:57  

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