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Character Creation Spotlight - The Creatensive Character Zine with Izzy (Praxis Descends)

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Welcome to a special bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! Today we’re highlighting Izzy, aka Praxis Descends, and her new character building resource, The Creatensive Character Zine, kickstarting right now! Find out about this very cool resource as well as see how one of the exercises works with one of Ryan’s latest characters from the last Series!

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Welcome to a special bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! Today we’re highlighting Izzy, aka Praxis Descends, and her new character building resource, The Creatensive Character Zine, kickstarting right now! Find out about this very cool resource as well as see how one of the exercises works with one of Ryan’s latest characters from the last Series!


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Ryan Boelter  0:23  

Welcome to a special bonus episode of character creation spotlight everyone in this bonus segment will shining a light on some current and our up and coming games or supplements to keep an eye out for. I'm your host Ryan and today we are welcoming Izzy also known as practice descends to talk about the creative tensive characters eating a system neutral supplement to help flesh out your characters in a creative way. Welcome to character creation spotlight. You see it's really great to have you here.


Izzy  0:53  

Hi, Ryan. Thanks for inviting me.


Ryan Boelter  0:55  

Yeah, absolutely. So before we get into what this project is All About Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what sort of projects you have going on right now.


Izzy  1:05  

So I'm a member of the EU trash crew streaming team. We've been streaming a Gosh, a whole load of role play games over the past few years from anime games to fake core. Active game is a Star Trek skander game, which is also in fate, which is currently all up on YouTube. And we are currently awaiting the final season of our Dragon Age stream under the Sapphire sun. But aside from the creators of characters, and I've got a couple of things on the back burner, but I can't remember which ones are secret right now. So it's probably best to be quiet because they're not my secrets.


Ryan Boelter  1:43  

Absolutely. That sounds really cool though. Thank you so much for being here. Um, since this is an abridged version of our normal format, we're just going to be sticking to the highlights of this supplement. Normally, we do this as I series with special focus on character creation. But the whole project focuses on adding to the character creation process, right. So, without further ado, how about we find out what this resource is all about? What's in a game? Yeah, could we go ahead and start off by telling us a bit about the character or the pretense of characters, Dean?


Izzy  2:25  

Well, I think To start off, it's obvious that I love portmanteaus. So it is the Create tensive character scene, which is creative, intensive characters in and I do not apologize for the title. Please don't. Essentially, I have lots of friends who create sort of the bare bones of characters. You know, the drill people have like a concept they go, I want to play someone who's there. So I want to play someone with this dark secret, but they can't really spring off from there. So this is a resource to help people who have that bare bones. So the character, but sort of need a little extra to make them feel more real.


Ryan Boelter  3:06  

It's basically taking all of Character Creation Cast and condensing it into a scene.


Izzy  3:11  

I like to think so I like to think that there are lots of elements of crossover between the scene and the podcast.


Ryan Boelter  3:18  

Yeah, that that's why when I, when I saw this on Twitter, I was like, Oh, my gosh, this is right up my alley. I need to get on this and talk about this as soon as I can, because this sounds really cool. All right. So what sparked the thought to create a small farm supplement like this?


Izzy  3:36  

So it's a little bit of a dorky story, but I have a very dear friend called Bree, who some people in the tabletop world might know is pretty ideal. She's also in the crew and she's in a bunch of stuff. And she shares my absolute love of character and to have character interactions, but she's not been role playing for nearly as long as as I have Which is not a mark of my being better, just having a lot more experience. And so I decided I was going to make this this little zeen as a gift for her, just to sort of cheer her up as I sort of this is how I would do it. Here are some fun things that I would do and making a character. And it kind of spiraled out of control. It was originally going to be about, like 10 pages, I was going to scan it and email it to her. And it's currently during the Kickstarter sitting at about 32 pages. And I thought, you know, this is sort of bigger than I intended. And if I put a little bit more work into it, it could be a more broad resource for everyone. Because I adore creating characters and enthusing about them with my friends. So I thought, why not make that a thing I can share?


Ryan Boelter  4:52  

Yeah, absolutely. I love that that origin story to this. It's really great when we can help ourselves. Players but then putting that resource out into the world as well for others to to learn from is something we love as well.


Izzy  5:07  

Well, I always create better when I think I'm creating for someone else. And ever since I was in school, I made better notes when I knew I was going to have to share them. So I feel like, you know, if I were doing this for me, it would be sort of half a sight of a four and impenetrable handwriting, but this kind of feels like I'm doing it and best.


Ryan Boelter  5:26  

Yeah, that's really cool. I like that a lot. So I know that this Xen has some random tables in it, and with random tables comes dice. So what sort of dice Do we need to take advantage of this?


Izzy  5:39  

So currently, there is one double page spread of random tables that are all form part of the random event creator, which is designed to be like a sort of elaborate game of consequences and the whole double spread page is an ode to the humbled the 12 who is off is often abandoned in anyone's polysaccharide. And I created it kind of as a joke because 12 is a good number. It's not as high as 20 it's not 10 you know, everyone loves 10 so I thought if I'm if I put this round of event creator, and then anyone could grab that Paulista and go, you know what the 12 doesn't get a little love. I don't play a barbarian. I don't fight with a great axe. So every single table so far in the scene,


Ryan Boelter  6:30  

you roll it 12 Oh, that's lovely. Yeah. d 12. I almost had an idea one time to create a game that only use D 12. I think


Izzy  6:41  

I think it's the sort of thing that gets bandied about every now and then it's just something you sit at 12 and you go Yes.


Ryan Boelter  6:48  

Give me the D 12. Yeah, it's it's exciting because I it's not used that much. I like that you focused on that one.


Izzy  6:54  

I just feel bad for it. You know, like it needs a bit. It needs a bit more glamour. Yeah.


Izzy  7:00  

Yeah, you you roll on these, you roll on these tables with your D 12. And you can kind of pull together a whole bunch of random consequences to make unique events for your character to interact with. Because, you know, 12 is good. 12 is a great number.


Ryan Boelter  7:16  

It is, it's 12 months in the year, so might as well,


Izzy  7:20  

oh my god, think about that true. And you're


Unknown Speaker  7:23  

on another table,


Ryan Boelter  7:24  

you're, you're telling the characters life story, which is told in years and months. Oh, it all ties together.


Izzy  7:31  

koshien you will be using this scene just every day for the rest of your life.


Ryan Boelter  7:35  

Might as well. So what sort of options does this Xen add to character creation?


Izzy  7:41  

Gosh, at the moment, it's a it's a bit of a hodgepodge. There are some simple things like, you know, listing character qualities or describing background events. Answering not basic questions, but maybe a bit niche weird questions. I have How does your character swear? What was the weather like when they were born things that you might not automatically think of, but quite straightforward? Yeah. Then there are some more esoteric things. Like, I've got a page where you you, as the character design, the kind of character that they would play in this game. So interesting. So say, you know, you're in a game of master new generation, and you're playing some, you know, upstart bull, who, you know, goes out there and really wants to, you know, make a big impression, but secretly, you know, that if they were playing masks, they'd want to generate a star, because they, they would secretly really want to be the kind of hero that people look up to and has fans. So, you know, there's little esoteric challenges like that, that aren't quite sort of standard, you know, map annotations, costume design. It's kind of a snapshot into where my mind goes when I'm creating characters, which is everyone.


Ryan Boelter  8:57  

Yeah, absolutely. Oh, goodness. Yeah, that that recursive character creation.


Amelia Antrim  9:03  

And then you could just keep


Ryan Boelter  9:04  

going, Yeah, it's brilliant. Like, oh, if my ball was doing these exercises and their character that there, oh my gosh.


Izzy  9:13  

Right? And then you'd be like, they wouldn't go, Okay, why? Why wouldn't they? You know, why would they? Why would they just generate themselves? Because they're secure in themselves? Or is it because they're bored? And you know, all sorts of things like that


Ryan Boelter  9:23  

characters all the way down.


Izzy  9:26  

I mean, that's, that's Character Creation Cast.


Ryan Boelter  9:29  

Pretty much. That's our mission statement. Awesome. Um, so we talked a little bit about this. But can you go over like specific steps steps that the carrot that the player takes to utilize the scene for the


Izzy  9:44  

so steps wise, it's not a beginning to end sort of book, you know, you don't patiently pick your way through it. There's not two chapters. It's intended to be more of a sort of living document, you know, there are sections that you might do before Play like there's advice for coming up character names, which you could use for your character or from NPCs. But there are a bunch of pages that you would do, sort of throughout the campaign, interesting moments that come up iconic quotes that your character says. There's even a align session journal, which kind of in a way borrows a lot from the bullet journaling community, the idea that you'd use this as a organic record, because characters are always in flux, you know, you might generate a great character to start with, but if you if you create a great character that has no room for growth or change, then you've made a great kind of NPC you've not made a great PC. Absolutely. So having a journal that, you know, someone might pick up the book and go, this page doesn't mean anything to me. I'm going to just draw a page at random sneak peek. So there is a section where I have done a map like a very neutral map and the challenges, annotate this with important things to your character. This could be a place that they've been too often this could be a place that they went to once. But, you know, as a sort of visual record, describe this space from your character's point of view. And I don't know, you might be playing the sort of character that lives in a desert moon base, and there's no buildings for miles around. And you might go, is he this, this has no meaning to my character. I cannot think of anything that can go in this. Don't use it. Like it's a page in a journal. And fundamentally, it's supposed to be there to spark creativity. And if it doesn't, it's not important.


Ryan Boelter  11:38  

Yeah, absolutely. And it's kind of interesting because even the absence of an answer for a page sounds like it can spark creativity for thinking about why don't I have an answer for this? Exactly. And, and even the lack of an answer to a question provides an answer to the question which is really intriguing.


Izzy  12:00  

Exactly just being confronted with a question is sometimes enough?


Ryan Boelter  12:03  

Oh, absolutely. We actually just covered that a little bit on the previous character evolution cast, which is going to be releasing technically tomorrow, as of this recording.


Amelia Antrim  12:17  

I'll wrap up quick. I'll give you some time.


Unknown Speaker  12:19  

Oh no I'm


Ryan Boelter  12:23  

so I'm really intrigued by the random backstory, events tables that you had mentioned. If you don't know Amelia and myself, we ran a group of people through random character generation at last year's Academy con, where we took random tables from all sorts of different games and randomly rolled which random tables we were going to roll on, and then randomly pieced together a character based upon the results of those. So we're big fans of random tables here at Character Creation Cast. So how, how do these work? Can you elaborate a little bit more on those, those tables with some examples?


Izzy  13:09  

So the thing I love about random tables, especially at character creation, is that they are quite often just a little bit silly, as I'm sure you know, there's all there's always one bit that crops up that it's just like, what? And there are there are two ways of going about that. You either look at that and go, No, that didn't happen, which is completely valid, you know, something comes up, that doesn't feel right, then great, you know that something doesn't feel right. But if you're the sort of person, I imagine a bit like you and me who goes, Nope, I'm gonna run with it. I'm going to make that work, no matter how silly it is. Yeah, I think it's sometimes better to be faced with a random choice that you have the option to refuse than a blank page that you have to fill in. Yeah, like I said earlier, it's the table in mind is a bit like the game consequence. which always made me laugh, but kind of gave you this creative thread that you could follow. So, I mean, I don't know if you want to go through the random event creator and see what it throws out. I've got it in front of me. Do you have a d? 12?


Ryan Boelter  14:15  

I do. Um, oh, I have my dice bag right here.


Izzy  14:18  

Did you have a character in mind?


Ryan Boelter  14:20  

Um, let me see. Let me think about one. I'll, I'll go with the character that I use for my last. The last series that we covered, which was Visigoths vs mall got by Lucian con. A game about the 410s ad Visigoths been magically transported to the 1990s malls of America, which face off against the mall Goths of the 90s


Izzy  14:51  

Oh no, I love it. Where's this setting book? I need to run this immediately.


Ryan Boelter  14:57  

Yeah. Fantastic. I think they were doing a pre orders or something like that. I can send you a link but my God, right, what a fun look at game. And


Izzy  15:10  

this seems like it'll throw up a lot of silliness.


Ryan Boelter  15:12  

Absolutely. So my character is a, what is it called a cyber pet, cyber type of goth who dresses up like animals and enjoys being other people's pets.


Izzy  15:25  

Great. So now we can look at an event that happened in this character's life and see what it says about them. So like I said, this can come out as you're going through it, but it could be a backstory, it could be a thing you're looking forward to it could be just the thing that they witnessed. So the first column is you. And so Rolla, d 12. All right, we can. I'll make the notes as we go.


Ryan Boelter  15:50  

All right. I rolled it to.


Izzy  15:52  

So you and your best mate.


Ryan Boelter  15:55  

Oh, okay.


Izzy  15:57  



Izzy  16:00  

Roll again. The next one is and again, and a nine. So you and your best mate


Izzy  16:08  

will add a musical performance. Now again, that could mean anything maybe that could be a gig out out in the town or one of those classic you know, more performances when someone is showing up I got some local pop stars showing up for me.


Ryan Boelter  16:24  

I like the thought of a like a mall concert.


Izzy  16:29  

There also there was a little bit desperate, but kind of everything teens went to.


Ryan Boelter  16:34  

Haha, well, I mean back in the 90s especially the 80s. My goodness, malls were the place to be so.


Izzy  16:42  

So the next one is another and so roll the D 12.


Ryan Boelter  16:44  

Another nine.


Izzy  16:46  

Okay, so you and your best mate. We're at a musical performance and a kindly traveler. did you a favor. So I guess in this instance, someone who was visiting the mall


Izzy  16:59  

so that could be you that could be you both that could be you know, thing that happened in your day.


Ryan Boelter  17:05  

Interesting. Okay.


Izzy  17:06  

Okay, so you felt another d 12. It's always going to be d 12. to spot


Ryan Boelter  17:12  

so this is a 10.


Amelia Antrim  17:14  

So you felt like a Wednesday


Ryan Boelter  17:20  

you know what Wednesday really has a unique feel to it. It's the middle of the week and when you're a teenager and you've got school is so far to the weekend. You can't wait to get back to that mall. But my goodness, the week feels like it just has started but you're right in the middle of it. And what a boring what a boring time.


Izzy  17:43  

So you felt right in the middle of things you felt not one or the other. And yeah, what a what a teenage thing.


Izzy  17:52  

So you had


Ryan Boelter  17:55  

said seven,


Izzy  17:56  

seven, a cursed bell. Oh, now I use the word cursed very loosely because as you all know, that can just mean you know, something that was plaguing you that was giving you negativity. And bell has a number of meanings whether that's a sort of funky cyber pet prop or, you know, a bag of Taco Bell you couldn't get rid of


Ryan Boelter  18:18  

Yeah, this sounds like a collar that my favorite pet Luna would have worn that has a bell on it, like a lot of cats would have. And I'm going to say that this bell was cursed because every time I got excited for the concert, the bell would ring and kind of mess up the audio a little.


Izzy  18:37  

Oh, it was just at the wrong frequency too high, the very cheap 90s more microphone. There we go.


Izzy  18:46  

But also, but also


Ryan Boelter  18:49  



Izzy  18:51  



Izzy  18:53  

sinister Omen came to pass.


Ryan Boelter  18:58  

Oh goodness.


Izzy  19:00  

Also everybody fits the Goths five,


Ryan Boelter  19:02  

Aha. Which is interesting because you also have the Visigoths, which are kind of like the they're the people that sacked Rome and for 10 ad basically,


Izzy  19:16  

my terrible road history and,


Ryan Boelter  19:19  

and my goodness, in this game, there are Visigoths that can do magic. So maybe one of the magic users maybe even Amelia is character, which was a rune caster of some sort. Maybe she did something untoward.


Izzy  19:40  

Or maybe she there was an omen that she knew of from back in the Visigoths time and something like the stage lights formed a rune by accident to believe that something terrible was going to happen. Yeah. So they had to act very quickly because suddenly it was like, Oh no, this sign that we need to Expect the three lights forming the forked tongue was like all spread out in neon by accident because of one light breaking.


Unknown Speaker  20:09  

And then


Unknown Speaker  20:11  

and then


Ryan Boelter  20:12  



Izzy  20:15  

you were arrested twice, but the third time they let you go photo how the story ends it's one of those stories that you have to wrap up that way although maybe you're maybe you're busy golf kicked off because of the the terrible sinister Omen caused a lot of damage and you had the mall cops on your case.


Ryan Boelter  20:35  

Yeah, could have been the mall cops, oh man, and then maybe trying to get away from the mall cops. And that would be the second time. And then I don't know maybe the third time is just kids being kids.


Izzy  20:48  

Because that time they kind of took pity on you and just went Oh, just just let them go with gas. We're not paid enough for this.


Ryan Boelter  20:55  

We hold them here then we're gonna have to do overtime and then our boss is gonna ream us out. And we don't want Do that.


Izzy  21:00  

So what's the what's this girl doing? She's talking about the ruins. I don't get it


Unknown Speaker  21:04  

just go home.


Izzy  21:07  

So yeah, I mean, that was a great, that was a great silly example. But the point of it is that now you know you and Emilio would have a story like, Oh gee, remember that time that we went to see, you know, what's a face play at the mall and then, you know, someone really kicked off and broke the amps and we got arrested and it was you know, and that could spill out as like a fun anecdote between you or like maybe that's vitally important that sinister Omen plays a much bigger part like that's the hook for a whole character development. But the point is the any of those that didn't make sense you could go my nothing that but I don't feel like we would get arrested. And you can wind out some other way. But


Ryan Boelter  21:48  

absolutely. That's


Izzy  21:50  

because what I love is this what we just did the back and forth spitballing between two people that just create silly stories. That's what character


Ryan Boelter  22:01  

Absolutely. And that's why we love talking about creating characters together with your group because it just adds that whole new dynamic and throwing something like this in the mix. Is is just a chef's kiss delight. Thank you. So, is there anything else from the Kickstarter that you want to highlight? Right now?


Izzy  22:27  

I mean, honestly, right now, as we're recording, it's been live for what, two days, and it's already 200 and something percent backed, which for someone who just kind of scribbled a little handmade scene for one of her best friends, and honestly was so bowled over by the response. It's hard. It's, it's obviously a very personal project, and there's always that fear with something so personal. That sounds like oh no, this is rubbish. You've made a rubbish day and


Izzy  23:01  

I worked so hard.


Izzy  23:04  

But look, if it makes people look at a sort of what I think is a very magical element of character creation, then that's, that's got to be great. Yeah. There are, you know, lots of tasks, lots of creative touches. And right now, I've been pushed into a sort of, you know, wild decision making about a lot of more things that are to come. I've been working a lot with some of my creative friends on no stretch goals, which I never thought I'd need. I thought it would sort of, I thought it was sort of back you know, comfortably, you know, some friends of mine would get on board and I could, you know, rest on my laurels a bit. But you know, I have the new crew of obviously just rallied, you know, Lucas Justinian, who's our big GM is writing a whole forward for me, which is lovely. And I'm getting a whole new set of covers made and basically it's kind of one of those things where I go, I don't know what more I can do. It's just whatever comes into my head. But every everyone's kind words have been great. And I can't. Honestly, for me, the best part isn't the Kickstarter, it's when it's backed and in people's hands, seeing people filling it out, like, I will. I cannot wait to see people, you know, doing pages and like sharing them. And that for me would make the whole thing well worthwhile.


Ryan Boelter  24:21  

Absolutely. Yeah. Especially when it's when it's people that you have never met in your life, talking about the thing that you did, and then using the thing that you did, there's something magical about that.


Izzy  24:35  

Honestly, I was as every good Kickstarter wrist does, I was sat watching the backer list go up in the first few hours. And the first time a name came up that I didn't recognize I was at the DND table I was with my party, because foolishly I decided to launch a Kickstarter on the weekend that I was doing a two day D and D marathan. So I had to keep stopping to go and eat food and check the Kickstarter. And I read the name out to the room and I was like people who were, you know, Twitter, Twitter, d&d. tabletop players were larpers were such and such. Does anybody know this person? And whenever I was like, No, never heard of them. I was like, my first stranger. person is back to me is not a personal friend of mine.


Amelia Antrim  25:23  

That was a big moment. That was quite nice.


Ryan Boelter  25:25  

Yeah, absolutely. That's very cool. Well, I am very excited for this. Like I said before, this is so my jam and and being able to talk to you about this has absolutely solidified my thoughts on on this project. So I'm, I'm very thankful that we could pull this together on short notice. I know it's, it's what, like 14 days left or third? Yeah,


Izzy  25:49  

March March 14, is when it's done backing that'll cover us for whatever day this goes. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  25:55  

absolutely. So this should be going up on Thursday. So you should have about a week and a half ago. After after this episode releases to to check out this Kickstarter. So is he thank you so much for joining me


Izzy  26:08  

for having me Ryan. I really appreciate


Ryan Boelter  26:09  

it. Yeah, this was awesome. Um, could you go ahead and remind everyone where they can find you online?


Izzy  26:14  

Yeah, so I am on Twitter and Twitch not on Twitch much at the moment but you can find me on Twitter at practice descends and that's where I do a lot of my my updates. Also, I stream regularly with the SU crew on Twitch also on Twitter under the same name. And the Kickstarter is spread liberally over my Twitter. But it is the Create tensive characters even if you just want to search through Kickstarter.


Ryan Boelter  26:47  

Absolutely. Well again, thank you so much for joining me for the special bonus episode of character creation spotlight. And thanks to everyone for tuning in. Don't forget to check out the Create tensive characters in character which kicked off recently and only has a little over a week left before it wraps up and check the show notes for a link to the Kickstarter and check it out. We'll be back at our regular time next week and we will see you then.


Ryan Boelter  27:24  

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We got to read some show blurbs show blurbs.


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