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Series 23.2 - Lancer with Tom Parkinson Morgan and Miguel Lopez [Designers] (Creation Continued)

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In the second episode of series 23, we’ll be finishing up our opening discussion about Lancer, a tactics based mech combat RPG by Massif Press, with designers Tom Parkinson Morgan and Miguel Lopez! This episode we’ll be creating some amazing characters with Tom and figuring out what sorts of mechs these characters would like to grow in to.

Episode Notes

In the second episode of series 23, we’ll be finishing up our opening discussion about Lancer, a tactics based mech combat RPG by Massif Press, with designers Tom Parkinson Morgan and Miguel Lopez! This episode we’ll be creating some amazing characters with Tom and figuring out what sorts of mechs these characters would like to grow in to.

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Ryan Boelter  0:00  

Welcome to the second episode of our Lancer series everyone will actually be diving into the character creation process this episode, we promise. But before we get there, we do have some announcements as usual, we've been getting great responses from everyone about topics they would love to hear on our evolution cast episodes, as well as different actual plays to keep in mind for some unique games that we would love to cover. So definitely keep those ideas coming. You can give us some ideas on our Discord server at discord, Character Creation Cast calm or hit us up directly on Twitter at Creation Cast. And other thing that you could help us with dear listeners is reviews. We are currently hovering around 50 reviews and could use your help with writing some more to help us move up in the rankings. By doing that more people can find the show, which means our community grows. And I think that's pretty sweet. Now we don't have any other announcements right now aside from maybe you heard about the audio verse awards, so congratulations to everybody that won but a special congratulations to a few people on the one shot network. I know campaign pad, horror Borealis and the broad swords all had some really, really great awards happening there. So definitely reach out to them and give them some good congratulations because it is so well deserved. They are all top notch podcasts and all top notch people on said podcasts. So if you want to see the full list of winners, you can go to the audio verse awards, Twitter account, and they do have a tweet there that shows a link right to their their page of all the winners. I think everybody crashed their website today. But hopefully by the time this episode comes out, those things are fixed. So Enjoy the show. We've got some really great stuff coming up. And I really love the characters that we made here. This game is a lot of fun and I know we both had a lot of fun making characters and Max for this game. So coming right at you. Here's Lancer with the game designers from massive press. Enjoy.


Amelia Antrim  3:48  

The last piece that we have to go over before we can dive into like our actual character creation here


Unknown Speaker  3:53  

well making, obviously yeah


Unknown Speaker  3:58  

sorry. I told you


Amelia Antrim  4:00  

Hey, that's fine. And we just want to run over like basic terms and concepts for people. So like some of the language that we're going to be using as we go through this just so people kind of know, I've pulled a couple in our outline that I think we should talk about anything in particular that you think we should. The first one I noted was license level. That's right. So if you want to explain


Tom Parkinson Morgan  4:21  

that license level is like your level and another RPG describes, you know, your access to materials, how experienced your character is, that's it, it goes from one to 12 Oh, sorry, zero to 12. Also on the thematic side of it, too, there is I think we intentionally chose license because


Tom Parkinson Morgan  4:44  

we did want to catch your player in inside of certain systems, be they sort of political or they're all political, but political or otherwise, your character is someone who has access to these things. And that's part of the reason why the are sort of the the the heroes of this game is not necessarily because they are special in the sort of like standard fantasy or even science fiction sense of being sort of faded or chosen. Literally the people that they are because they have through experience materials and resources they have they have access. Yeah, it's an important thing to note license level actually is it's it's very literal. So in the universe and Lancer, you have a license for a particular mech, and the number of licenses you have is your license level that's it pretty good.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  5:36  

Because it because last sir the core of Lancer is a post scarcity setting so there is no limitation to materials, that kind of thing. So you can just print a mech off 3d printed and that's one of the big things but the game is that like, your mech ultimately is replaceable, you can just print it. If it's destroyed and you always have access to anything you have under your license level. They are character options. You don't have to buy a new mech Your mech gets destroyed or lost whatever, you can print a new one.


Unknown Speaker  6:04  

Which is another Yeah, that's another part of the setting to is like, the thing itself. That's important is the player and Yes, they are. Yeah. And one of the reasons we talked about a bit earlier with the sort of death being an important thing and cloning being a thing of this, but but not without its own complications is that the mech is just a tool. It's just a thing. Right and, and and anomaly in a well, I guess, no, normally post scarcity setting, there is still scarcity and in this case, your your character's life. Right, right. Right. Right. And


Unknown Speaker  6:42  

sure, that's, that's licensable. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  6:46  

Triggers was the other one I noted here.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  6:49  

Yeah. So trigger triggers. A bit like a skill in a RPG, but I wanted to use the word triggers because I don't like how a lot of games handled skill checks and in Lancer You are going to make a skill check only when it's relevant. So the term trigger is literally, your skill can trigger here and you can use it in this situation, otherwise you're not going to use it. And I wanted to make things very like, not deterministic, but I wanted to make sure that you can make a skill checking, making it for a reason, that's going to accomplish something. And then you're doing something that's irrelevant to your pilots personal experience or abilities, whatever automatically. There's no like list of skills and monster, you just pick the triggers that are relevant to you and they crop up, you apply them to your role, otherwise, you're just gonna be making a 1d 20 verses 10 that's, that's every every role in lenser for skill checks is just one day 20 get a 10 no hire us successful. And it got a little more complicated than that, but that's why we use the word triggers. Also, it's kind of kind of a military vibe to it. Works I think so.


Amelia Antrim  7:52  

And then the last one I put down here is great


Tom Parkinson Morgan  7:55  

grits, just half of your license level, and it's just hoffler level. But we wanted to represent like your actual, like experience and veteran see as your character. You know, it's a bit like the proficiency bonus in the end. Yeah, it's a very generalized term. I think one that sort of can be also divorce from


Unknown Speaker  8:19  



Unknown Speaker  8:22  

like professionalization or something right? Like everyone has a certain level of grit to them. You know, everyone listening to this podcast does it's, like, can't say that it's really hard to get through


Unknown Speaker  8:36  

day to day life.


Unknown Speaker  8:38  



Tom Parkinson Morgan  8:41  

I mean, like, everyone has a bit of grit to them. Yeah. But it's like, it's just a mechanical way of presenting that if you've been around for that long you're going to be you know, you're going to have more you can be really tough. That's, that's what it represents hockey level. Pretty simple.


Ryan Boelter  8:57  

That's very cool.


Unknown Speaker  8:59  

Well, is there a Anything else any other terms that we should know before we dive in quick you know so for a license they go from one to three levels and licenses refer to individual max so you might say I have a license in the vlade for example one or two or three and then you might pick and choose between those different Mex and and combine them in different different combinations and stuff at level zero which is where everyone makes the the characters you don't have to worry about any of that so but I would just slowed mentioned it because the using the character creation that might ask you some questions about the also say, in terms for just specifically related to character creation, backgrounds is important. It's really self explanatory, but but to say what it is in the context of Lancer ones backgrounds does not necessarily need to define exactly what your character was doing. But sort of I would urge folks when making their characters think of it more as a like a cinematic suggestion as to as to who your character was before they got in the mech.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  10:14  

That reminds me actually is one more thing we just talked about, which is the core mechanics in the game. So it's your control one d 20. And you're going to add a flat number. And then you might add accuracy or difficulty, and you're trying to beat a target number. And I'll explain briefly accuracy or difficulty because I might come up, for example, with backgrounds, and that's real simple it is, if you have accuracy, you're going to add a D six to that one, the 20 rule. And if you have additional accuracy, you roll more D sixes and pick the highest. So for example, if I made a roll with three accuracy, I'd roll one d 20, plus three, six, and if the highest of those roles would say a five I'd add five to my role. And then you might add another flat bonus like grid or something. Difficulty is the opposite. It's the 16 Any minus it from the total role. And accuracy and difficulty cancel out once one survivor roll with one accuracy and one difficulty it just be a flat rule. Pretty simple. And what that does is it means that if you're stacking all these little bonuses up, they can only go so high. So it kind of limits that mechanically, but it's also a very easy way to track like things I'm good at. And I mentioned it because it might ask you to, you know, certain weapons and stuff might have accuracy or difficulty applied. You can always invoke your background for an accuracy on a skill check that you think you're going to be good at because like I'm a colonist, I get a cool accuracy here because I'm making a skill check about farming or something he might have might be relevant. But I think that said as far as terms that's very cool. Yeah. Alright,


Amelia Antrim  11:45  

alright, are we ready to do this?


Ryan Boelter  11:47  

I ready.


Amelia Antrim  11:48  

All right. Oh, so yes, is ready. So we're gonna be


Unknown Speaker  11:53  

Did you need to split Miguel cuz it's a Yeah, I was gonna ask so should I I'm happy to record a little sign off. If If you want


Amelia Antrim  12:06  

Yeah, I think this is probably a good spot, right?


Ryan Boelter  12:09  

Yes, absolutely. Miguel, thank you so much for joining us for the


Unknown Speaker  12:14  

forces for thanks for having me on. This is great. Yeah, excellent. This course make a cool character Tom safe.


Amelia Antrim  12:23  

All right, she makes some people


Ryan Boelter  12:25  

yeah, let's make some people unready. Awesome.


Unknown Speaker  12:29  

Let's make some people.


Ryan Boelter  12:31  

Okay, so Miguel did have to step out unfortunately won't be able to join us for the character creation process, as well as the discussion episode, but you'll be able to hear his sign off after after we're done here.


Amelia Antrim  12:48  

We're just stuck with Tom.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  12:52  

Tom, I'm so sorry.


Ryan Boelter  12:56  

That's okay.


Amelia Antrim  12:57  

So I have the program pulled up. So like, I think that honestly, if we want to we can run through because it seems like the way the program works is to kind of run through it. The same with the book. Does it just has the options in here?


Tom Parkinson Morgan  13:11  

I think it does. Yeah, I think it does. I was going to maybe do it. The way the book presents it because I don't actually have come come downloaded on this.


Amelia Antrim  13:20  

buy the book, too. I have


Tom Parkinson Morgan  13:23  

a I don't know how you guys want to do it. I'm very happy to take points and kind of run through with you guys. Yeah, if you'd like and then we can kind of do it together. And you tell me if the if the if Comic Con is giving you something different or, but it's not too difficult. I mean, I also printed out some character. Oh, nice.


Amelia Antrim  13:41  

do it the old school way.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  13:42  

I love it. Thank you. Okay, cool. Well, so. So in Lancer, we treat the pilot in the mech a little bit differently. co pilot mostly are we doing lots of narrative stuff, and a mech is most is almost exclusively for tactical combat stuff. So we'll do the pilot first and then we'll get going Making the mech. And if you have your core book open, if you flip it, everything starts on page 18 of the core book. And in once you start at license level zero, that means you have no license levels and anything goes to you kind of a rookie. And the reason you do this is because there's an a tremendous amount of character options in the game. And so by starting at lol zero, you have very, very few options comparatively. And then as you level up, you can pick, you know, incrementally the things that you're interested in, in the in acquiring, so it makes it a bit easy for you, it's less of a burden of decision on you. So very first thing we're gonna do is build the pilot. And the pilot has two components, kind of three components, but really has two components. The first one is the backgrounds, which is where your pilot comes from. And the background is one thing in the game, which is that if you're a GM or you're so I think that your background would be relevant in a situation you can get an accuracy on a skill check, or you can get a difficulty on a skill check. So they'll make things easier or harder for you and then you can Write down some triggers based on that background. And the triggers are basically lots of skills, but you only write down the things that are relevant to you. So, you're going to first get it backgrounds and then you gotta write down four triggers, I believe,


Ryan Boelter  15:15  

I think I read


Tom Parkinson Morgan  15:16  

Yeah, four triggers at plus two, that's the number you had 2020 when you try to make a skill check. And, and, and that's, that's pretty much it as far as the pilot goes. So the first thing I do is is, is write down or roll for or pick a background of your character. There's a table on page 20 in the book if you want to roll for backgrounds.


Unknown Speaker  15:39  

I kind of want to roll I do.


Amelia Antrim  15:41  

I love you know how I feel right? We did a whole panel. I was just like random rolling from various tables. We took random tables from a bunch of different RPG and then randomly rolled on that Oh, nice. made some really stupid care.


Ryan Boelter  15:58  

Excellent, I gotta play hardcourts around stupid.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  16:02  

I love tables because they are a very easy way for you to get right into building a character. And they give you a lot of really cool prompts to draw from. I just wanted to tell you, they tell you setting information, I think I think in some degree like they are setting. Yeah, so I kind of enjoy it. So I'm gonna I'm gonna make a roll here. I'm gonna see what my character is sweet. I'm gonna roll as well. Let's see.


Ryan Boelter  16:24  

My partner is a starship pilots. Who I got a seven that makes me a medic. Okay.


Amelia Antrim  16:31  

Ryan edit out all of this dice. Nope. I'm trying to find a 20 that's underneath all of my five are dice.


Ryan Boelter  16:40  

Why? Why does an L five r us a D 20. Like a normal game like


Amelia Antrim  16:44  

it uses sixes and 12 1012.


Unknown Speaker  16:46  

Okay, fine.


Amelia Antrim  16:48  

I got 11 which is outlaw.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  16:52  

Nice, nice, very good. And if you want to see a little summary of what that means, in Lancer, you can actually scroll down and again game actually will give you a little blurb on each one. And you know some setting information. For example for me for my starship pilots will tell me stuff about starships. It also tell you some example triggers there. And triggers like I said, it looks sort of like the skill list and you get to pick four of them at plus two. And the game gives you a suggestion for like, which for you might pick so for example, you might see that for starship pilot, it says, get somewhere fast, show off, get ahold of something, hack or fix. And those are kind of my triggers. And all that means is what I am hacking or fixing something, I get plus two, when I am showing off, I get plus two. When I want to get somewhere fast, I get plus two pretty soon. And you can want to come your own as well, right? You can make up your own as well I could write you could write your own. I've seen people in the game, write down a trigger that was complete obliviousness, so that that was just their triggers. Whenever they were being completely oblivious. They got plus two the rule which was kind of fun. They work very well. It's like a little action. Freeze? Well, yeah. And you can see a list of them. I've given a list of example ones on page 26 to 27. And you want to write down four of those and give them plus two, they only come in plus two plus four and plus six, and they all got positive you That's it. So for medic, they suggest patch assault, read a situation and state cool summit. use that for inspiration. And if you want to see an explanation of what those example triggers mean, you can look down in the trigger section, it'll tell you a little bit. Yeah, it's a very much not like a skill list. You don't have to write all them out. Some people thought for a long time, you had to write every single trigger out and then you know, add a little plus zeros in there, but it's actually not the case. It's just the stuff that's relevant to you. This is not like a list of competencies is a list of things that your pilot is good at. Yeah, typically, I'm just gonna take the example triggers because they're really fun. Although I am going to take the trigger apply fist two faces


Amelia Antrim  19:00  

I like that one. I was looking at that.


Ryan Boelter  19:02  

Uh huh. Oh, this is really interesting. So one of them they had was assault.


Unknown Speaker  19:09  



Ryan Boelter  19:10  

Wow for mine, which is good a bonus when you're assaulting a position person or group of people hard fast and up close. Ah, yeah, I don't think I want to go that way with the character. So I get to pick something else. That's cool.


Amelia Antrim  19:25  

Right? I love that you pick that you ended up with a medic like I got like that's it's nice. Correct? Yep, that's awesome. Yeah, Ryan always puts a good guy healer and I always pick the worst person. Awesome.


Ryan Boelter  19:42  

Nice, nice nice sometimes so they're a little bit naughty.


Unknown Speaker  19:46  

Perfect. A little bit.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  19:50  

Something else you can do if you if you have time. And I'm already doing this because I I'm quite familiar with this game already, which is the only thing about worry about your pilot, like I said as a kind of a third component to your pilot, is what if your pilot gets out of the mech in the middle of combat, which is something you can do more if we have to worry about getting shot or getting hurt, you know, in the narrative as a pilot, you're probably does have some games statistics. And those are on page 28. You can write them down now if you feel like it, okay, don't have to necessarily. You'll also pick pilot gear before embarking on a mission and we can get to that once you guys are done with your triggers. Okay, which which triggers Did you guys choose?


Amelia Antrim  20:33  

I picked read the situation.


Unknown Speaker  20:35  

Nice. charm. Very good.


Amelia Antrim  20:37  

Day. Cool.


Ryan Boelter  20:38  

I can show off. Nice, very good. I went with stay cool. patch, read a situation and act unseen and unheard. Nice.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  20:51  

Nice. And you let it sit like to get the games they're all free like access things, right? I don't want to be a passive check ever. I want You know, you're it's got a trigger, it's got to come up, rather than the GM being like, make this check for me. It's going to be like, I want to do this. Okay, make this check for me, you know? Yep. So that's, that was sort of someone points me I fix, get some advice, show off hacker fix and apply face to faces. Mm hmm. Because I feel like I'm making like a rowdy person. I don't know who they are, but they're probably rowdy. They're a little bit like, you know. So, secret write down your pilot stats. If you feel like it's not necessary. I think Comic Con might ask you to pick some gear as well. But you only really need to worry about pilot gear before you go on a mission. If you would like to see the pilot gear and see what the gear looks like, I've put everything in the game that's like gear related after all the rules. And it's in a section called the Compendium and the book that's on page 108. And you can see the pilot gear up there and you can see like the kind of weapons and armor you can take but the You're sort of, it's just there narratively, or if you get out of your Mac in the middle of combat, which is not something I'm expecting everyone to do know. And, and there are some interesting and cool items you can take. I think you can take like a weapon, a piece of armor. And I think like two or three other pieces of gear con like asking you to lift those out.


Amelia Antrim  22:21  

I don't know I got stuck because it makes you put in a name right away. I can't do that. Yeah, okay. Um, I didn't get past that first page, because that was I can go back and change it


Ryan Boelter  22:32  

up under the identification stuff.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  22:35  

Yeah. Oh, am I making you a name and a cool thing?


Ryan Boelter  22:38  

Yeah, you can you can do a random there's a little random button. Oh, there is a randomizer. Yeah, that's quite good. Actually. Yeah, I'll go change that when they need to. That's really cool. That's kind of where I'm at. There's a lot of good names in here.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  22:49  

There are some great names.


Unknown Speaker  22:51  



Tom Parkinson Morgan  22:52  

That's nice. What was me? Oh, I have a name for this. I have a name for this person. I think they're going to be Here we go. Yeah There you go. Like my character's name is Lucy as p Abercrombie.


Amelia Antrim  23:08  



Ryan Boelter  23:11  

That's amazing.


Unknown Speaker  23:13  

me Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  23:14  

I'm I am naming my character. Liliana quintel nice, very good and callsign Rhapsody oh nice


Tom Parkinson Morgan  23:25  

very nice


Amelia Antrim  23:26  

as is tradition I will not name my character until the end that's


Tom Parkinson Morgan  23:30  

very smart unusually do the same I'm actually not going to name my my do my callsigns I think slammed by the way think so. Is it making you pit pilot gear?


Ryan Boelter  23:38  

Would you like now it's written I was telling me talents mech


Tom Parkinson Morgan  23:42  

skills. Oh, right, right. It doesn't make you do talents before looking at the mech stuff, which which I somewhat disagree with. So I think John's working on that he


Ryan Boelter  23:52  

skipped a mech skills. Okay, cool. So I get mech skills. No equipment there though, but there's a compendium.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  23:59  

Oh, cool. Okay. So it's asking you to do mech skills. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  24:02  

Yep. That's the next one in here.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  24:04  

Alright, so we're done with the pilot. That's the pilot. Pretty simple today. We made it you may want to pick pilot gear later, but that's mostly for flavor and stuff. Yeah. If you want to see that, if you want to, you know, check it out. In the meantime, I believe it is on just on page like, hundred 810 in the book, and a single tables, you can roll that stuff, but we made it anyway at some point. So we'll talk let's talk briefly about next. So in Lancer, you're probably a new Mecca to different components of the same character. And your mech is it consists of, of a couple of different components that kind of all fits together. So the main thing in a mech is you're going to pick a mech frame, which is like the core of your mech, like what is your mech, at level zero, we get one choice, which is the Everest, everyone gets the Everest at level zero. That's it, you don't have any choice whether it's a great Mac and you can see the Everest and what It looks like on page, we find this, it actually doesn't have either page 123 in the core book, if you're curious about that, and, and what that is, the frame of the mech is like the core, what it what it does, you have a core ability, which is the thing you can activate, like, once during your mission. So it's a bit like an ultimate, if you think about like, you know, like Overwatch, 10s, whatever. And sometimes it has like a positive component. And there might be there's some other little numbers there and I'll kind of go through them. Whenever every Mac has traits, which helped differentiate it, the Everest has its own set of traits. And the way you build a Mac is you have three main components. The first one is you have your your Mac skills, or your Mac stats. And those are the things that describe you personally how good you are at building and controlling a mech, and as the things we're going to choose in a second, and those change like the base statistics of the next Like HP speed, that kind of thing. The second thing is, weapons and weapons come in various sizes and you can only pick the sizes that your mech has mounts for. So for example, you'll see that the Everest has a main flex and a heavy mount, meaning that I can put three weapons on there and I can only put like one heavy weapon on there because I can't fit the heavy weapon into the main mouth. It's like doing Legos. I know some max will have different mounts and a lot of other ones. And finally, you have SP and SP system points and that allows you to add systems to your mech that will do cool things like you know, grenades or cover or smoke grenades or what have you, which will specialize your mech further. following along so far, yeah, yes. Okay. Then finally, the last thing you'll do after I usually like to do the Mac first and then pics afterwards because then I sort of know what I'm doing is your pics and talents and talents a little bit like feats and other systems like d&d. They are things specific to Your pilot, they're representing your pilots actual combat skill with Max, and they let you do cool things in combat like your pilots abilities and ever gonna need to pilot. So let's let's start with the mech skills. So when you when you and you can see, by the way, a summary of this on page 30 in the core book, when you envision your characters mech, what kind of mech team vision, there are four mech skills in this game, one is whole, one is agility, one is systems and one is engineering hole is for tough, resilient max. They are increases your HP and MPC repairs that your mech has agility is for fast evasive Max and makes your mech faster, and it makes your mech harder to hit raises and Mex evasion. And systems is for hacking Mex like electronic warfare. So it makes you a much better at hacking and defending from being hacked and it also gives your mech more system points so you can fit more systems in there. And then finally, engineering is for Mexico like to use very high tech stuff, you have a good reactor in your mech, because your mech can actually has like a cool reactor in it and certain systems will cost heat. And so engineering will both increase increase your capacity to fit those like more advanced systems in there. And also will increase the number of things like mines or grenades or other things like using your ammunition basically fit in your mech. So do you think your Mexica tough megafest mech and evasive mech or like a kind of tricky like high tech? mech? What do you think it is? I picture mine is being like pretty durable, okay, pretty, like so you probably want to put two points into a hole as well. So you get you can get you get two plus two and one mech skill or you get one into level one. Yeah. All right. And I went all in on agility license. Very smart. Alright, cool. I'm gonna put mine in engineering just to be a contrarian.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  29:02  

And, and these, these actually work a little more like traditional skills in RPGs. For example, you might be asked to make an engineering check the whole check, or save, for example, will still help you a little more in combat. So many things will be like, Oh, I threw a grenade, and you need to make an agility safe to get out of the way of it. And I think Hong Kong will do this for you, but it will actually adjust your mech stats based on which ones you chose, but if it doesn't let me know we can do it manually. Yep, I got those. You got that cool. what's what's Comicon asking you to do next?


Ryan Boelter  29:35  

So I, let's see, talents.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  29:41  

It's asking you to pick talents. Yeah. Okay, well, let me let me maybe let's, let's go through that. And let's do that right now. And then you can adjust it later if you feel like it. Sure. So tell talents very simply are the things that you're you know, you're like characters abilities. The things your pilot differentiates your pilot from other pilots. Now I know um, you guys have mentioned in the pre thing to the show that you think about roles, right, like who's gonna be the healer, the tank, that kind of thing. And there is a degree of that in Lancer. However, characters by themselves a tough enough and dish out enough damage and stuff to to not you don't really need to have like a healer in your party for you can and it's it's well supported by the system. But you can basically sort of play the character you want to play and be reasonably effective. It's very hard to make a weak character in this game. You also notice that that character, your characters, personal skills in the story, like the narrative skills are dissociated from their mech skills for a reason, because I didn't want it to be like, Oh, I really want to play a wizard but my hands it's really low or whatever, right? So so your combat skills the mech stuff is is separated out from your narrative abilities. So you can always play the kind character you want to play. So talents very simply pick three of them at rank one. And then you can level them up as you as you level up. And list of talents you can find in the core book on page 90 if you want to see an overview of the talents might refer to a lot of game mechanics and things we haven't really talks about. So very roughly, tell me what you think your character is good at. And I'll give you some recommendations if you like. Or you can flip through and just look at the flavor of the summary of each talent maybe see which ones you think is relevant character. For example, I'm I'm I think Mike is probably some kind of fancy lad. And, and he's a starship pilots, so I think I'm probably gonna pick I'm gonna pick greasemonkey here. I'm gonna pick let's see, get a pic leader because I think I need to boss people around


Amelia Antrim  31:54  

like it


Tom Parkinson Morgan  31:55  

and I am going to pick stormbringer Which is a, which is focused around launches and like missiles and stuff. Nice. So that's what I'm going to do.


Ryan Boelter  32:06  

Okay, so two of them stood out to me right away dualist nice for gaining plus one accuracy on the first melee attack of your turn. Yeah. And then tactician where you can once per round plus one accuracy and any melee attack if one ally is in melee as well. That's a good one. I like those. Now I was looking through here and some of them are talking about soft cover.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  32:34  

Yes. So I'll tell the reason that I usually like to do talents after I look at the mech availab stuff and break the rules is because they often reference game mechanics that you know, you would have read back, like all the talents are at the back of the book for a reason because, you know, I would prefer people to read through the admittedly you know, those 50 pages of combat rules or whatever in there, before they kind of have an idea of what they're looking for. But As you can probably see there, there is enough like flavor and stuff and that you can kind of get a sense for what you might want to be picking us off cover is is merely covering this game if you have cover, it's like a soft, which is like light obscure, like smoke or trees or something. So they couldn't really necessarily block bullets. Or it's hardcover, which is a thing you can hide behind of like ex con cover kind of okay, and, and so soft cover gives you one difficulty on attacks against that that target and hardcovers to difficulty.


Ryan Boelter  33:32  

Very cool.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  33:33  

Yeah. Hardest Hit. Yeah, you can't really go wrong. And another thing about this game, as well as that if you want to level up, you can actually allocate points from any one of your licenses or talents to any other one. So you can always respect your character. I don't like games in which it's like, Oh, I didn't make an optimized character. And I guess I'm stuck with it now unless the GM.


Ryan Boelter  33:54  

Yeah. All right. I found my third one. What was the which one to pick


Unknown Speaker  33:58  

exemplar Nice Yeah, very good.


Ryan Boelter  34:01  

So the first time I attacked a hostile creature on my turn, as long as it's within range three, then hit or miss I can give it an exemplars mark as a fraction. And then the exemplars Mark once per round when an ally attacks and Mrs. You can allow them to reroll the attack and they have to use that second result.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  34:22  

Yeah, this is like the sort of melee, like, like, I'm an I'm, you know, an honorable night and I'm going to challenge you to a duel kind of, kind of thing I think about making like a melee focused character, I believe so yeah.


Ryan Boelter  34:34  

That's mostly what I was thinking about their fast melee.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  34:40  

Tonight type of mech. I have some next rep to recommend to you then. The thing I think I've tried to do in this game. I mean, my goal, they've worked very hard on this to make sure that like a lot of those archetypes represented and so if you want to make a fast melee mech, I'd be like, well, you want The morning club. You want the Nelson? You might even want the token Gala. Which are very fun and will be can, I guess talk about that later. But the thing is at level one, or level zero in this game, you only have one mech friends choose from Yeah. So it doesn't limit your options, but intentionally because otherwise you're picking from 28 licenses with three levels of equipment. So yeah, yeah, that's too much. But but it's very fun to Once you've made your character, go and look at the Compendium be like, Ooh, that's what I want in the future. I'm going to work towards that and begin to build that way. Yeah, absolutely. It's like shopping.


Amelia Antrim  35:38  

Alright, so I picked skirmisher Nice. So I get soft cover at the beginning of my turn. I picked


Unknown Speaker  35:46  

a scroll.


Unknown Speaker  35:48  

I picked juggernaut. Oh, nice. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  35:52  

When you take a boost action, the next ram attack you make before the start of your next turn knocks your target back to spaces.


Unknown Speaker  36:00  

We say that when I picked


Tom Parkinson Morgan  36:01  

it up, I was like, Oh, I picked gunslinger. Oh, nice, nice. Yeah. Well, I should mention as well. In this game, the mech skills affect your building your mech, but they mostly affect your next to your ability and skill checks and stuff. The actual attack roles in this game are handled by grit. So you're always effective at attacking no matter what level you are, except for warfare, which is systems. That's the exception, but it's such a silly little thing. So I didn't want to build a game where it's like, Oh, I didn't put all my points in hole. So embedded melee combat, you can be good at melee combat, if you're an agility character if your whole character or systems character about what you choose, basically. So don't worry too much about your mech skills affecting your, you know, ability to punch people yes to them by your talents, and weapons and stuff you take. Cool. Okay, good stuff. So you were thinking about making like a like a, like a heavy melee fighter. I'm good. Nice. Okay. You We'll probably want to eventually look at IPS North Star mix. That seems up your alley.


Amelia Antrim  37:07  

says I'm playing with the random names


Tom Parkinson Morgan  37:09  

saying Oh, nice life. Haha. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  37:11  

yeah, that's I found a good name.


Ryan Boelter  37:12  

Okay. Oh, perfect, perfect. Good. Nice interesting. And I really liked how you can go to the Compendium in this program and and sort by the different mech stats and stuff.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  37:23  

Yeah, yeah, it's very, very thorough. So what stuff are we doing next? What is it asking us to do now?


Ryan Boelter  37:29  

So that was it for for me and income con.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  37:33  

Oh, great. Okay, now it's just good to pick the Mexicans and stuff, right? I think so sweet. Okay, so, we have one mech tatoos, which is the Everest. So you should go into your Compendium there and pick the gms Everest because that's a mech framus license level zero. And I think you have to make a new mech like it's like a button you can do to to make one in there. And if you're confused about these next steps, it don't worry if you want a summary them, and you're looking for us there on page 34 year old, mostly Colorado. But at the same for everyone right now because there were old same mech. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  38:10  

If you go to when you create your character when you commit your character, and you select, where am I?


Amelia Antrim  38:18  

Yeah, I felt like your names up at the top


Ryan Boelter  38:19  

of your names at the top and you pulled up, pull down, down and then go to the mechina. That's where you can add a new mech. So I'm going to create a new Mac. We slowly arrest sweet. Okay, all


Amelia Antrim  38:30  

kinds of clicking.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  38:33  

Cool. All right. You got the Everest, you got the Everest pulled up.


Ryan Boelter  38:36  

Yep. And it's asking me for a designation.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  38:39  

Yeah, you need a name for that thing.


Ryan Boelter  38:41  

Oh, we named it all. So we have a call sign. We have a name in our Mac has a name.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  38:47  

Oh, it's got to have a name.


Unknown Speaker  38:48  



Amelia Antrim  38:50  

Oh, this one doesn't have a Oh, it doesn't ring. Okay. Yeah.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  38:55  

It has a great random name generator actually.


Amelia Antrim  38:56  

It's how these are so good, very good discourse on the Major actions huge If true,


Ryan Boelter  39:06  

senseless act of beauty.


Amelia Antrim  39:11  

I think I'm going to go with riskiest assumption.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  39:15  

They're very good. They're very like it's a mathematical.


Ryan Boelter  39:18  

Yeah, it's well, I gotta go with silent crescendo. Ooh. If I could spell crescendo cool


Tom Parkinson Morgan  39:29  

I have named some of that tangent royal. Nice. And like I think I got my name is Michael sign is keeps, as in place for keeps, right almost.


Amelia Antrim  39:40  

My callsign is Valhalla


Tom Parkinson Morgan  39:42  

Very nice. Very nice. Yeah. I'm sticking with Rhapsody for my callsign. Cool. Alright, so now I'm not just tech systems, this actually gets pretty simple. So for the Everest, you've got those three mounts to pick weapons for you. You have six system points to buy systems with, you can you can actually, I think if you go into Comic Con, it'll it will automatically adjust your stats based on the skills you have. So if you if you have hole, it'll actually give you an extra repair. And for more HP because you have to hole if you have agility, it'll give you some evasion and speed because you have agility. And for me, it'll give me more grenade uses and stuff and more heat. And now you've got three weapons issues and you've got six system points, it's kind of systems if you want to look at them in the book. They are on page as a big table on page 119 with all the weapons and then the systems are on the following pages. Pretty simple, just like three pages of stuff. And I think Comic Con will will let you choose from that based on what you have available to you. I license level. So I took a talent that requires me to use launches, which is like rockets and missiles and stuff. So I'm going to obviously Pick something that lines up with it I think Yeah, you'll see sometimes the weapons will have tags I believe you can look at that income con directly but you can also search in PDF what the tags will do there's a list of them at some point. For example, a looting weapon. You have to load it for us again. Okay? An accurate weapon is accurate and accurate weapon is is you know, you get one and accuracy when firing with it or one difficulty, energy damage.


Amelia Antrim  41:31  

I'm sorry, what PAGE


Tom Parkinson Morgan  41:32  

PAGE 119. Okay, and then the systems are on page 121 21. That's actually what you have available for you at lol zero. It's just those three pages and stuff. And the Everest has a heavy amount of flex mountain the main mounts, the heavy mount will take any weapon of heavier lower the main mount will take anywhere from the main or smaller and a flex member like to take one main weapon or two auxiliary weapons and those are like small weapons like pistols. So for example I for my character, I'm going to have a heavy mount so I should probably put something cool in there. So I am going to get a see I'm gonna get the good old heavy machine gun to go in there. And then for a main weapon I'm going to do the good old assault rifle. But then for auxiliary weapons since I have a launcher, I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick two missile racks and put those in my flex mount. So I have these missiles I can fire out and proc my my cool town and since there's an auxiliary I can stick to them in that flex now oh wow you guys have exactly the same setup as me so you can pick a heavy main and then like either remain on toolbox weapons to go in there. You can also put if you want three main weapons because you can put a you know a smaller weapon in that heavy mount if you want.


Ryan Boelter  42:54  

Interesting. Let's see. So primary loadout I went with so if you have a mean a weapon in your main mount and a flex mount can you use them both at the same time? So


Tom Parkinson Morgan  43:06  

in their game their melee? Yeah in the game you the way that the game works is you can either attack with one weapon or two smaller weapons and then do something else okay? Or you can attack with two weapons okay sorry one mount or two mounts basically okay it's a barrage or a skirmish is what is called a skirmish is just attack with weapons from one mount broad is attacker weapons from two mounts.


Ryan Boelter  43:31  

Okay, so I kept it simple for myself I went with charged blade for both my flex mount and my main mount. Yeah, there you go. And then from two swords basically Yeah, and then my heavy mount I went with heavy charged blade there you go even better. Yeah.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  43:47  

Yeah. So I'm will range your own melee. That's good. Uh huh. So you just keep them off me? Yeah, we should be okay.


Ryan Boelter  43:55  

And then I've got it says select a system.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  43:59  

Yes. Now you have system points to spend on systems. And you can find a list of eligible systems for gms. By the way, gms is a general massive systems, it's the mecca manufacturer that is available to literally anyone at any licensed level. So it's kind of the default stuff. So you always have available to you. Okay, it's good. It's not the stuff you actually want to replace. It's actually very competitive. There's some people who play the Everest all the way to like licensable 12 interesting, and they don't ever get anything else. Because it's a pretty good mech. But uh, yeah, this is this is kind of the ubiquitous like Amazon or like Walmart of Mex basically, that is run by union, which is like the insetting governing body. Yeah, you can find your you can find your stuff. To put your mech on page 121 21 the PDF, you get six points to spend on this. Because I have engineering, I get more limited uses. I get plus one to all limited things. I also took the talent Greece Monkey which means Why don't we take a little rest I can spend some my own repairs to replenish some of those limited charges. So I am going to take a lot of grenades and that's what we're going to do so I'm going to take these these patent the hex charges, I'm gonna spend two points in that. I'm going to take some smoke charges pending the smoke charges and then I am going to take the personalizations and the custom paint job for what a speech which puts me at six. I love this and you can kind of just like choose what you think is you know the role you want to fill so if you want to be a melee, I'd recommend maybe taking like a cool like a flight system like you take a jump jet that will let you fly into melee and getting the first haha personalizations just gives you to HP and also lets you get an accuracy. If you describe your personalizations your mech and the gym agrees that it would give you an accuracy on a skill check. So you might say like my Mike's got a sound system in it or It's got, it's got like, I don't know, like a extra cooking station, or a cool compartment for my dog to run its battle on me or something. Uh huh. If a system is unique, you can only take it once. So, for example, personalizations is unique security, you can do anything one of them. Are these, these great systems I'm taking, I can only do once. All right, I got to do it. Just cuz that's really cool.


Ryan Boelter  46:29  

Okay, I work with flight system. So gms type one flight system for three points. gms Eva module for 1.0. Nice. That lets me go into lower zero gravity and some marine environments without pedals to my flying.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  46:47  

Well, I'll tell you what, you if you already have a flight system, you actually don't have to worry about that. So you don't need the EVA module. Yeah, you're good.


Ryan Boelter  46:53  

Oh, sweet.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  46:56  

That's free points. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  46:57  

So then I also chose The burst jumpshot system or do I not need that to


Tom Parkinson Morgan  47:03  

that so if you have the whatever you have in there it's going to be the best form of that you have the best form of that right now with your sorry flights so


Ryan Boelter  47:10  

I can just get rid of those things and get something else. Yeah, I'm going to do that. Nevermind come back to me.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  47:18  

Once you look it up amilia


Amelia Antrim  47:19  

Yeah, you know, I'm just I know


Tom Parkinson Morgan  47:24  

it's pretty simple. I'll point to the Comic Con asst unit. It's an AI that goes in your mech alien Lancer. A very interesting and I won't really go into it now. But basically, it will let your mech run itself if you want to hop out of it mid battle for whatever reason, which can be pretty useful.


Ryan Boelter  47:42  

Oh, that's interesting.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  47:44  

So you in a narrative thing, you could you know, you could get out you could negotiate with people, you could hack a terminal or open a door or something while your mech is like, you know, defending you fairly useful. You can't really go wrong with with choosing anything here. recommend personalizations the shields pretty good. Any kind of flight system can be pretty fun. Especially I'm thinking about getting really?


Ryan Boelter  48:07  

Yeah, so I okay, I went with the flight system and gms shield type one. There you go, and a custom paint job. There you go.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  48:17  

Yeah, the custom paint job is pretty fun because there's a system called structure in this game, which is when you make takes enough damage, it has a chance to get destroyed or a bit blown off or something and you can roll on the paint job and if you get a six it just scratch your paint instead. Yeah. Which is pretty fun. That's awesome. They used to be a real abusive thing with a system where you could like stack them and you could be like a scratch one of my many paints that I haven't my Mecca. Sort of patch.


Ryan Boelter  48:45  

Like this.


Amelia Antrim  48:46  

Okay, so I took personalizations custom paint job, stable structure. Nice. And then I did the jump jet system.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  48:55  

Nice. What are your personalizations your mech For me, I think my next got a cigar box and a cigar lighter.


Unknown Speaker  49:05  

I think that's it.


Ryan Boelter  49:08  

Personally, I should start some fun. I think I'm gonna swap that because the paint jobs cool But personally, I shouldn't add a lot of nice flavor to it.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  49:16  

Yeah, it's fun. It's fun, unless you have fairly low HP pools and damage is pretty high so like any HP can get it's usually pretty useful.


Ryan Boelter  49:25  

Yeah, so I think my personalization for my Mac is, um, as I attack with my blades, my mech seems so nice Okay.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  49:36  

What uh, what weapons you end up taking Amelia? Once you put your slap on there.


Amelia Antrim  49:40  

Oh, where did that go? For my heavy weapon I picked howitzer.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  49:46  

Oh, nice, very good.


Amelia Antrim  49:48  

My main man I picked an assault rifle. And then the flex mount I did tactical melee weapon.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  49:52  

Nice. Excellent. Good choice. You met you made my


Amelia Antrim  49:56  

personalization. I want it to just like Have a bunch of spikes on it. Nice life. Okay.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  50:04  

I love that.


Amelia Antrim  50:06  

I think I think this thing just like it looks like a piece of junk. It was like put together like Do you remember junkyard wars? Yeah. Like I feel like this looks like it could have been made their music.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  50:19  

Very nice. Yeah, it's um, so like, you know, license level zero, you're going to have the same mech, and you're going to basically have a very limited list of options. As you can see, we're actually finished by the way that's it. We make characters we did. If you'd like we can pick some pilot gear. Would you like to do that? That's pretty fun. Yeah, I think that would be pilot gear. It's real simple. You pick it when you before you go into mission. And that will be on page 108 in the book, okay. You get a two weapons, armor and up three other pieces of gear just like stuff you can take with you. It because stuff outside of the mech and monster is fairly narrative. The pilot gets simile is quite narrative, it doesn't really have a lot of gameplay effects so you can generally just pick stuff that's interesting to you. a fun thing is that you can roll for some of these weapons because they've sort of generic to figure out like a unique feature here. So my pilots weapons, I think I'm going to have an archaic range weapon, which is going to be a old Sheffield revolver base. And I'll roll through a little a little feature there on that D six table. Let's find out what's special about this weapon. It's ancient in design. Well, that's true. And then I'm going to get a hard seat which is on page 10. That's like the armor your pilot might be worrying. I'm just going to get a light hard suit that might change your pilots, HP, or evasion. This mostly just for flavor used to be a much more robust pilot gear system in the game, but we cut it down a little bit cuz it was kind of detracting from the core experience which is giant robots. And then figure you can find that from page 112 214 just random little pilot things you can pick up. I'm going to pick a frag grenades. My pilot, in case I'm caught outside of my mechanik can be bad. I'm going to get see extra rations, and an army hook. Which is like a cool future radio, huh? You notice like only some of this has like actual gameplay effects. The other stuff ellipsis mostly for flavor.


Ryan Boelter  52:39  

Think go with the combat alloyed composite weapon. There you go. And that's just like a generic melee weapon, right?


Tom Parkinson Morgan  52:49  

That's right. Yeah, you can choose what it looks like, you know, whether it's an axe or a sword or what have you.


Ryan Boelter  52:55  

Yeah. So I think I'm going to keep with my sword motif.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  53:00  

Get an extra sword.


Ryan Boelter  53:01  

Yeah, so when I get out I still have a sword. Nice nice terrific. You kind of have to I guess I can go with like, like a sidearm as well just in case.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  53:13  

I want to see one of you rolling is notable features tables, because that's a pretty fun. I'm just 36


Amelia Antrim  53:20  

I feel like I just want to have a sidearm.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  53:22  

Yeah, no, totally. Let me roll a feature from my head soon.


Ryan Boelter  53:26  

Can we go now variable damage so you choose what? What damage it comes with. Right? You can Yeah.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  53:31  

Okay. All right. Let's see. My Hudson is incredibly outdated or an old model. Apparently my guy just loves old stuff. He's like, he's maybe he's a hipster about superheat means old fashioned about things. So


Amelia Antrim  53:47  

mine is apparently playing our mass produced life life.


Ryan Boelter  53:51  

Oh, where's the random table I heard dice


Unknown Speaker  53:54  

yet. on page one away finding the kobuk


Ryan Boelter  53:58  

notable features


Tom Parkinson Morgan  54:00  

Yeah can roll into your weapons or armor. I need a decent


Unknown Speaker  54:05  



Ryan Boelter  54:07  

who this weapon is ornate and ceremonial, perhaps a badge of office. Oh, there you go. So I'm thinking like a like a very ornate sword. Cool like that.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  54:19  

I really like including little tables and stuff in the game like that. Yeah. Gives you prompts to kind of think about your character.


Ryan Boelter  54:26  

I like that a lot. And then for my side arm, signature range sidearm notable feature. This weapon makes an amazing show giving off an enormous amount of noise, smoke light and so on fighters. Which is amazing because I I pictured it as a tiny energy pistol.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  54:49  

Oh, cool. So you got like a little noisy cricket? Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  54:53  

I'm thinking what was it Men in Black? Yeah, yeah, I've had the very tiny like energy pistol. Like it had a big kick. Perfect. I think that's amazing. Oh my goodness, there's a lot of gear to


Tom Parkinson Morgan  55:07  

there is Yeah, yeah, but a lot of it's just there for flavor. Oh, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  55:13  

Patch. I have that.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  55:15  

That's cool. Cool. It's more like you know, cool universe building stuff. Yeah, I like it. Like this stuff like this the silph which is a semi biological undershoots which Smith tomato coopera which is kind of like the anime Mecca cooperation. Yeah. has like bioengineers to like, hang out with you.


Ryan Boelter  55:36  

This is really cool. info skin. Oh, wow.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  55:39  

It's the kind of things where it's like, I don't necessarily have to write in depth rules for them. Because you can tell your GM like, yeah, I have a cool like, info skin thing. And, yeah, I use it to change my appearance and walk in. Oh, there we go. If you're confused about the iconography, terminology stuff, is a very good summary of of general things on the Page 116, which tells you about some of the icons and stuff in the game. Okay. But unless you've read through the, you know, combat rules and stuff, it would be a little obtuse. Yeah, but you can kind of get the gist of it. It's very important to me that people can understand roughly what things are about by looking at the mech, and by just reading about the various systems without even knowing what the actual gameplay effects are. Yeah, that you can. That's why flavor plays an important role, I think, can be like, yeah, I've got the how it sooner? No, you know, I don't know what loading is. But I notice how it's there. Yeah. You know,


Ryan Boelter  56:37  

yeah. Alright, so I've got my gear. Yeah. With a patch, a sound system. Nice. And the flex suit, very good. And the flex suit lets me it's like a strong under clothing suit that recycles watered region or generates nutrients, adaptive, very hostile environments.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  56:57  

Yeah, it's bit like a steel suit from Dune. Legally distinct, right? Let's see what she what she grabbed there, Amelia.


Amelia Antrim  57:06  

I am so looking because I had to go.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  57:08  

This last.


Ryan Boelter  57:12  

I really liked the variable like or the house just like this is a type of weapon or a technical Corbin and you get to figure out kind of what it looks like and feels like.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  57:22  

Yeah, very much. For the pilot stuff. At least it was important. We kept it pretty loose. The focus is already a lot of like mech choices to make. So we just want to make sure like, yeah, pick the stuff if you like pick a you know, it's not necessarily that important. Yeah. more flavor and than anything. So so that actually is a completed character. Once you have those things selected. That's That's it. That's all you need to do. Which is probably not to discuss a little more complicated in some games, but it ended at the Comic Con makes it a very streamlined process. Yeah. And it gets a lot more complicated. Always. Please continue playing the game. But this is the first thing you'll get into is just playing. Hello, zero at one, you get to pick up your first mech license. Yeah, see, you'll see just past everything else in the book, you'll find the lists of the four different mech manufacturers, the 28 different Mex. And of course, you're picking those one license at a time. So it's not like you have to make a tremendous amount of decisions. And if you flip through those, those Max, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to sell instantaneously, just by looking at them and the names of the things that that come with those next, the kinds of things you're gonna want to get into. Like, if you want to be a fast, agile, malea attacker, you gotta want to look at the morning cloak, probably, which is on page seven, like as a tab here, page 180. And you can look at you can see a picture of that and page 181 and if that's the jam, that's what you should go for when you're all up. Oh, yeah. Or like the Nelson which is on page 141, which is a IPS and really fun. smelly attacker that loves to attack in the kind of jet around. And Amelia, you want to go from more of like a tough, you know, tough melee mech is my kind of my intuition. Yep. Then, you know, you even have a spiky mech right now you might want to go for the Vlad, which is on page, you can find a picture of that and page 153 so many when you level up that character, and I would go for flash floods pretty tight. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  59:24  



Tom Parkinson Morgan  59:27  

Or, you know, yes, good. Or you might want to go for the failover, which is a Horace mech on page 193. That's like a regenerating mech with nanobot with like, crazy stuff like that. So so right now at the level we're at, we're just picking the basic stuff, but when you level up, you'll get a license and you can kind of get into the crazy stuff, which is unique.


Amelia Antrim  59:50  

I like that you can pick a sleeping bag. Yeah, for your gear, so I did. I picked a sleeping bag, extra rations and stims


Ryan Boelter  1:00:00  

That's very, very practical of you.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  1:00:02  

The sleeping bag is great because it's also sealed against void. So you can you can get space in that thing and be fine. Oh, nice. Yeah. High quality. I thought we are done with character creation. But there is actually a section in the GM section for the first one actually might even be in the play section for first session stuff to figure out the kind of group you are. Would you guys like to do that? That's some random tables in there.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:27  

Well, I think we have a section in our discussion will do really, to do some like groups that we call I call it our fanfics section. Okay, um, so I think maybe we can do that there if we're


Ryan Boelter  1:00:37  

pretty cool.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  1:00:38  

Total, right? Totally. Just like a random random tables to figure out like, group identity, motivation, that kind of stuff, which is pretty fun.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:46  

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Definitely. That'd be the


Ryan Boelter  1:00:47  

perfect spot so far. listeners. You'll have to tune in next time for that.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:53  

Yeah. And we don't have to do our closing thing because we already did that. I'm so thrown off.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:59  

Yes, this is is not linear nonlinear podcasting, then yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:06  

Okay, so do you run run? We should stop this recording and start a new one. Um,


Unknown Speaker  1:01:11  



Amelia Antrim  1:01:14  

I mean, because I like the third part. So yes,


Ryan Boelter  1:01:18  

yes. Or is there anything else that we want to say? Before we? We head to the thing that we already did?


Tom Parkinson Morgan  1:01:26  

It was fun. It was fun to make her so you guys thanks for letting me walk you through it.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:29  

Yeah, I really like this. I like the the possibilities and it's really tickling my like 1990s brain of plane lots of mech warrior too. Yeah, on the Super Nintendo. And then Armored Core in the early aughts.


Tom Parkinson Morgan  1:01:45  

I live on the core Yeah, probably shows.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:49  

Yeah. Yeah, the the customizations is just like who Yes, more and more, give me


Amelia Antrim  1:01:55  

something I have zero familiarity with any kind of magic shondra anything, this is still a nice, good


Tom Parkinson Morgan  1:02:04  

I enjoyed this. I my hope is that if you have enough familiarity with it that if you in the future when you're leveling up a character thinking about place to take your character, you can just flip through the art in the mech Compendium and decide based on that which things you want to play bass, how cool it Look, which is how I usually do things. Yeah, I took.


Amelia Antrim  1:02:21  

Yeah, I mean, I watched as like the art has been released on Twitter and everything too. And I'm like, Oh, yeah, that looks fun.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:32  

There's a lot of good stuff in here. Very cool. Well, thank you both so much for joining us for our lanser character creation episodes. Tom, do you want to go ahead and remind people where they can find you online?


Unknown Speaker  1:02:45  

You can get me on my web comics light which is kill 6 billion demons calm you can also find my comic kill 6 billion demons published with Image Comics. It's probably a fourth volume coming out this year. I hope Fingers crossed. You can also find me on Twitter at At orbital drop kick,  


Amelia Antrim  1:03:02  

and Miguel where can people find you?  


Miguel Lopez  1:03:04  

Yeah, sure. So I'm on Twitter, you can find me at the one Lopez. It's going to be capital t, h, e underscore, capital, o n e underscore, capital L o p easy. You can also find Lancer and follow us on Twitter, or follow the game on twitter at a Lancer underscore RPG. And you can get we mentioned earlier in the episode that you can you can find most of our stuff for free or by the PDF right now if you just go to massive Will you just got to and search massive press in a SS if that's the press. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:43  

Very cool. Well, thank you for joining us. And thank you to everybody out there for listening. Please join us on the next episode for our discussion block.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:04  

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Now we gotta read some show blurbs show blurbs. shoberg Shelby


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