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Series 24.1 - Visigoths vs Mall Goths with Lucian Kahn [Designer] (Creation)

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This is the first episode of our Visigoths vs Mall Goths series, a game where you play time displaced Visigoths in a 90’s mall where, naturally, you are enemies with the mall goths that inhabit said mall. We welcome a special guest to cover this game with us, Lucian Kahn, designer of Visigoths vs Mall Goths, and much more, and we had a blast recording this series with him!

Episode Notes

This is the first episode of our Visigoths vs Mall Goths series, a game where you play time displaced Visigoths in a 90’s mall where, naturally, you are enemies with the mall goths that inhabit said mall. We welcome a special guest to cover this game with us, Lucian Kahn, designer of Visigoths vs Mall Goths, and much more, and we had a blast recording this series with him!


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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome to the first episode of our 24th series everyone. This series we had the pleasure of sitting down with Lucian con designer of the game we're going to be covering this series, Visigoths versus mall Goths. But first, some announcements as usual. We're less than two weeks away from the descent into midnight Kickstarter launch. We are both very, very excited for this game if you couldn't tell. And it's proving to be one heck of a lead up to the Kickstarter. Right now for every 100 follows on the Kickstarter page, they are releasing another piece of playbook art on their Twitter feed. So definitely give their Kickstarter a follow because it'd be awesome to see some some ahead of time. There's also a few other things going on. And everything on their Twitter feed is just top notch right now. So If you love the ocean, even if you're frightened of the ocean, definitely check it out because it is something absolutely spectacular and special. Another thing to keep in mind is that the podcasts that I've been editing lately, a horror Borealis and its parent podcast, the cryptkeeper are still doing a Patreon drive to work towards some really great bonus content. They call this the year of the month, which once they hit 2020 in terms of the monthly pledge on their Patreon, they'll actually fly everybody out from the podcast out to where the month fan festival is. and record the Mothman episode for the cryptkeeper I for 1am really interested in hearing more horror Borealis content. So definitely check them out if you are able to assist. So with all of that out of the way Let's get on with the episode. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.


Ryan Boelter  2:39  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast a show where we discuss and create characters The best part of role playing games with guests using their favorite systems. I one of your hosts Ryan and this episode my co host, Amelia and I are thrilled to welcome Lucian con designer of the game we are covering this episode, visit gaas vs mall God.


Amelia Antrim  3:02  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast. We're really excited you could join us.


Lucian Kahn  3:06  

Thank you so much. I'm very excited to be here.


Ryan Boelter  3:09  

So let's start by introducing you to our audience. Lucian, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and any projects you are currently involved in?


Lucian Kahn  3:18  

So I am a game designer. I live in Brooklyn, but I'm originally from Los Angeles. I have a great big chunky cat that you will see if you follow me on Twitter. really large, large and in charge my cat Her name is beastie you got a great name for a chunky cat. Thank you so much. And I have a bunch of games things I will tell you about. So I am the designer of Visigoths vs Nagas. It is


Lucian Kahn  3:51  

in production right now we're almost ready to release it. It was double funded on Kickstarter. So that's exciting and it is currently in pre order.


Lucian Kahn  4:00  

So if you want to get in on that early, it's available on backer kit. You can just google Visigoths versus mall gods. Shockingly, it is the only thing that will come up and you'll be able to find the the pre order for that. I also designed a game called dead friend a game of necromancy, which is available online and in stores. It's about the relationship between a wizard or witch and a ghost. And it uses tarot cards for randomization mechanics. It's a very spooky and fun storytelling game.


Lucian Kahn  4:38  

Another thing that I have that's coming out soon, I have a game called grandma's drinking song, which is based on my family's stories. My great great grandmother was in fact, a bootlegger during Prohibition.


Unknown Speaker  4:53  

Oh, cool.


Lucian Kahn  4:54  

Yeah. So it's based on my grandma and great stories from the


Lucian Kahn  5:00  

Grandma Who is the one experiencing all of this, and it's a singing game. It involves role playing and singing. And it is coming out soon as part of an anthology called Diakite, a Jewish TT RPG anthology. So if you Google that, or just a Jewish TT RPG Anthology, you will find that coming up. Also, I am the CO editor of an upcoming games anthology that is very adults only so I won't go into that in too much detail. But it is called honey in hot wax. And you can look for that coming up soon from pelegrin Press probably in the next few months, like spring or summer of 2020. And you can always follow me on Twitter to find out about my new projects. My Twitter is oh underscore theogony it's old age underscore T h. o geo and why it is a person that is hard to spell and I should have thought about podcast


Amelia Antrim  6:00  

So like, what do you do for fun in your spare time? Do you? Yeah. I do


Lucian Kahn  6:11  

actually, I really like to watch. Like all kinds of TV shows that involve, like creative competitions with weird constraints. And it doesn't matter what kind so I love like Master Chef or Project Runway or any of these


Amelia Antrim  6:27  

fascinates me is because like my dad is, you know, like the straightest Midwestern straight man ever. Yeah, I have bonded so much over watching Project Runway. Oh my god. Yeah, this is a sucker for like any kind of competition. That's amazing. Like, I'm like, fashion is great. And I love it. People are like, your dad watches that. And I was like, No, because it's competitive.


Lucian Kahn  6:50  

That's really interesting. For me, it's actually not about either of those things. I'm actually just interested in like weird design constraints. So I'm just like, Wow, these people have like a time limit and some unusual design constraints. I wonder what they'll do. So I love watching the


Amelia Antrim  7:06  

game designer. I didn't even think about that though. Like as a game designer.


Lucian Kahn  7:09  

Yeah, exactly. That's what's so interesting to me. So I'm like, Oh my god, a mystery basket. I wonder what they'll do with these four ingredients. Like that's really interesting to me.


Amelia Antrim  7:18  

I really, somebody needs to make a chopped role playing game. And I know there are a couple people that have like, tried to like game a fight and I don't know if it's ever really like, come down to it. I mean, but I guess like chopped is also maybe just a role playing game, but like, yeah, totally, like more rules on it. And let me play it or I guess I could just play it at my house. And I don't need someone to write roles. But if they don't be great,


Lucian Kahn  7:37  

I think there are a few but I haven't I haven't investigated them either. So if anybody listening to this, so Yeah, totally. If anybody listening to this is doing it. I actually recently was thinking


Lucian Kahn  7:48  

I would like to make a role playing game where you roll a roll, like a dinner roll.


Lucian Kahn  7:55  

I thought about a few ideas. I was like I could call it red bread redemption. So I don't know.


Unknown Speaker  8:02  

We'll see you know your role.


Unknown Speaker  8:03  

Yeah, exactly.


Lucian Kahn  8:06  

But I don't know.


Ryan Boelter  8:08  

So one is the competition reality TV show where game designers have to design RPGs based on different weird constraints.


Lucian Kahn  8:18  

I would I would 100% go on that show. I think a lot of people, a lot of my friends and colleagues, I think would find that very stressful. But I am deep in my heart and extremely whimsical person. And I think I would actually really enjoy being a contestant on that.


Amelia Antrim  8:34  

Yeah, I think people would have a tough time not like being able to play test things and really think of them out it like to try and do it under those constraints, I think. Yeah.


Lucian Kahn  8:42  

Yeah. Absolutely. And like, obviously, we all have different, like working styles and how we designed things totally,


Amelia Antrim  8:49  

but I would watch the crap out of that show.


Lucian Kahn  8:54  

I'm like, desperate to be a contestant on that. That would be really fun for me.


Amelia Antrim  8:57  

All right, let's make this show.


Unknown Speaker  9:00  

Yes. Okay.


Amelia Antrim  9:02  

But actually, that's not what we're doing. So we're going to go ahead and get into our actual episode and we're going to start talking about what this game is all about. Excellent. What's in a game?


Ryan Boelter  9:13  

So since this is a newer game, can you give us a quick pitch for the game? Like the genre setting and all that sort of fun stuff?


Lucian Kahn  9:20  

Yes. Okay, so my standard pitch sentence is as follows Visigoths vs. monocots is a tabletop role playing game and dating sim, about the conflicts and romances among the warriors who sacked ancient Rome and 20th century spooky teens set in a shopping mall in a Los Angeles suburb in 1996. There are a lot of bisexuals. So that's my like pitch that I always say. It is, I would say, suburban fantasy. It is surrealist, it is comedic. And it really puts you into a kind of like mid 90s Teen movie nostalgia kind of zone. So it might feel a lot like movies such as the craft Empire records bill and Ted clueless. It's that sort of feeling. And yeah, that's our short pitch. That's amazing.


Ryan Boelter  10:20  

Thank you. Yeah. I was looking through the character sheets when I was prepping the outline. And I saw a question on time travel for the Visigoths. And I was like, white.


Lucian Kahn  10:34  

Yes. Yeah, there is time travel involved. So like part of the premise of of this situation is that, like the Visigoths, who are the folks who sacked Rome, in around 410 we're just kind of doing their own thing living their lives and then some mall Goths, with a wedgie board, accidentally summoned this whole community of Visigoths into 1996. So now there's kind of like a weird turf war over, like, who is going to have cultural control over the local suburban mall? Oh, that's amazing.


Amelia Antrim  11:17  

I mean, as happens, we've all been there.


Unknown Speaker  11:19  



Amelia Antrim  11:21  

I assume that this is like taken from your actual real life


Lucian Kahn  11:24  

grow, obviously. I mean, I have a lot of problems with, with visit golf.


Amelia Antrim  11:31  

My kids deal with and I think we need to talk more about it.


Lucian Kahn  11:34  

Exactly, exactly. But it is true that I was in fact a, like a queer teenager in the 90s in Los Angeles. And I was I was technically right if you'd asked me but at the time, technically, I was grunge not golf. And they cared a lot about that at the time. Now. Nobody cares. But


Amelia Antrim  12:00  

Like they still do though, because like I said, they carry adjacent kind of things because I was not a goth. goth, but I was a punk and that


Lucian Kahn  12:09  

that is Yeah, exactly. I was. I was properly I was grunge. I was in grunge bands. I was a guitar player. I was really in that world. But I was golf adjacent. I did go to golf clubs. When I went to golf clubs, I dressed golf appropriate. And you know, anybody, anybody that you actually like, if I start telling you about what I actually did for fun in the 90s, you're like, but you were golf though. It's like I was obsessed with Sandman comics. I played Vampire the Masquerade. I listened to Bauhaus like, right.


Amelia Antrim  12:42  

You were adjacent. I was definitely Gotha Jason.


Lucian Kahn  12:46  

And that is an important distinction. Exactly. And we care about this difference for reasons unknown,


Amelia Antrim  12:52  

that we are sure that it will matter later on and some


Lucian Kahn  12:55  

Yeah, someone someone somewhere will care. Right?


Amelia Antrim  13:00  

What sort of things do we need to play this game? So dice? What kind of, I don't know. A number two pencil number five?


Lucian Kahn  13:07  

Yeah. So you know, you, you obviously need the game itself. And then it's not a lot of stuff you need. Each player needs to six sided dice, the kind that you can steal from a box of parcheesi. And, you know, you need some paper and some writing implements. And that's about it. It is important to note, you do need a weird sense of humor, and you do not need historical accuracy. So yeah,


Amelia Antrim  13:35  

be a golf.


Lucian Kahn  13:37  

No, not at all. You're either variety. You don't, you don't need to be any kind of golf at all. All right now. You don't even have to have been alive in the 90s. And you certainly don't have to have been alive in for 10.


Amelia Antrim  13:51  

Well, I thought about that. I was like who listening to this podcast was alive during the 90s. And then I remember that, like my younger siblings were not born in 19 Yeah, born in 2000 and 2001.


Lucian Kahn  14:02  

Exactly, if you're so old. If you're 18, you can just pick this up and you know, read a little bit of background information about the subcultures and you should be good to go.


Amelia Antrim  14:12  

Talk to your much older siblings, and they'll tell you what it was like in the night.


Ryan Boelter  14:16  

Exactly. And this is a good callback for those Immortals that are listening. Right? Yep. Yep,


Amelia Antrim  14:21  

we like to include those those members of our audience who were alive and for 10


Lucian Kahn  14:26  

Exactly. Being Being Mortal and living an average human lifespan is not required to play the gospel.


Unknown Speaker  14:33  

That's good to know.


Amelia Antrim  14:35  

very inclusive.


Ryan Boelter  14:38  

So what's what kind of stories and themes is this game meant to explore?


Lucian Kahn  14:45  

This This game has a lot at Well, first of all, let me tell you, there are some there are some pre designed adventures in the back. So we have for you six adventure episodes written by me and other game designers. So that you have a couple of stories already ready to go. If you don't want to come up with your own, of course, you can also come up with your own. But a lot of the stories have themes like, you know, teen teen dating anks, right? Sort of like you're your classic teen movie, like dating, plot arcs not serious, you know, sort of funny whimsical ones. You know, stories of being an outsider, are really big in this game, right? Because both the Visigoths being you know, displaced from their time. And the mall Gods being mall gods are sort of outsiders in the world that they're in and so they're experiencing sort of being like the weirdos of this suburb of LA, and sort of navigating how they're weirdos in different ways. And you know, stories of Like getting up to antics in the mall right? You can shoplift, you can buy things you can get makeovers you might encounter you know, the all kinds of strange characters who show up in the mall. I mean, I think to know about this mall is I have fully designed a mall for you. So it's not like it's not like one of these you know games where the players are really responsible for creating the setting. I have made a full mall with many stores and a ton of NPCs and all of the objects that are for sale that are special items in the mall. So you have available to you things like a bed and bath store called hail satin. You have a a salon for humans and pets called Herbal Essences. So it's it's full of all this kind of stuff and we have characters available for you. And it tells you all of their you know good and things good and bad things about them. And it tells you who all of their best friends and exes are. So you can like flip to the back of the book to find out like, what's all the drama between all the NPCs already? It's like a deep sort of like this world exists, and you can play around in it.


Amelia Antrim  17:16  

How many nights? Were you awake coming up with the small at a million zillion nights? Was that before or after you started designing this game? Did you make this game because you had already designed this mall in your head?


Lucian Kahn  17:29  

No, but it's a fair question.


Lucian Kahn  17:32  

This like many of my most successful artistic projects did in fact start with a pun. So it started with Visigoths versus Morgoth. And then everything else developed from that. But I definitely did spend a lot of time and put a lot of work into the mall stores and the characters and all of the weird items that are available for sale and there's a lot of like strange easter eggs


Amelia Antrim  18:00  

Yeah there's some good names in the small like there's it's very good thank you


Lucian Kahn  18:08  

there's a there's a character named Flacco Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  18:18  

What do characters do in this game? Like what is your What is your goal here?


Lucian Kahn  18:23  

Yeah, so it depends on the adventure in this game is very playable as a sandbox so you could just like mess around and see what's on the mall but then the the structured adventure episodes have some set goals like for example, the first episode is called quoth The Raven whatever. And it has like a couple of plot lines like there's there's been a kidnapping this this goth this Morgoth named Raven Goldberg has gone missing. The Visigoths are offering a ransom for him. So there's this whole like kidnapping ransom scenario. And then like there's this whole other thing where everybody's gotten emails with a bunch of 90 style purity tests being emailed to them and so like you can decide what you want to do with it like Do you want to try to do all the things on the purity test? Do you want to like protest and say this is immoral? Do you want to like you know, get mad about the purity test. There's like, also, you know, a big like, cute Valentine's Day skate coming up. So you might have the goal of like trying to find a date. So you could like flirt with other players or you could flirt with NPCs and like see if anybody wants to go to the like skating sort of dance with you. So I tried to give you in all of the adventure episodes, some different types of goals right so like you if you're more interested in doing a like classic sort of, you know, solve the mystery or like, you know, adventure in battle sort of goal. You could follow that sort of plotline. Or if you're more interested in like doing Sort of like teen dating, flirting, sort of, like go to the dance sort of a story, you could pursue that more.


Ryan Boelter  20:07  

Very cool. Yeah. So we heard a lot of things that were kind of unique about Visigoths versus us. But would you say is one of the more unique things that we haven't discussed yet? If I mean,


Lucian Kahn  20:21  

yeah. So I'll talk about two things that I think are unusual about this game. One is the concept of embarrassing traits. So every, every character, every player character, has these embarrassing traits and you pick them from a picklist at the beginning of the game, and they have a mechanical function. So the way this works is that at like once per scene, you can embarrass yourself to make one of your friends look cool In comparison, so it's kind of like a distraction mechanism and And, like the way that this works, ends up being really funny, right? It's an opportunity for, for players to like, show off what is funny and awkward about their own characters in order to give like a role bonus to somebody else. So that sort of it serves two functions, right? It has this mechanical function of like, it's a helping mechanism, or you can help a friend that it's, it also gives you an opportunity to show off sort of like a funny teen awkwardness thing about your own character, which can be really fun for role play. So that's one thing. And I think it's one of the things that sort of helps players make jokes and be funny. in a way that's like very supportive because I have suggestions for you of like how you might play up your own embarrassing traits. So people who are less comfortable making jokes and like being funny, have a little bit of support for that. And it's also just an opportunity to help a friend. So that's one thing. And another thing that I think is unique is the The the way that damage works in the game is very unusual. So most in most games, when you fight, you are tracking physical damage, right? How much harm is being done to your body. But in physical it's versus small Gods we don't care about physical damage. We're not tracking it, we're only tracking emotional damage. So what you get instead is hurt feelings. And it's done in a way that's like, very sort of jokey emo right? It's playing up the fact that we have these like melodramatic goth teens. And what they care about is whether or not their feelings are hurt, not whether or not like someone, you know, gave them a cut on their arm, right? So anything can happen in the physical world. But those things sort of operate like, you know, an animal falls on wily coyote and he's fine, right? So we're not even tracking we don't care about physical damage. Instead, you know, the the damage that we're tracking is like, did you you know, did you embarrass somebody? Did you like hurt somebody's feelings? How bad do you feel about the fact that you just, you know, stabbed that guy in the arm or whatever. So it's sort of shifting the focus of damage to like, how how bad you feel? That's awesome. Yeah. Which is fun. And it's, it's not like the way it ends up playing out. In Game tends to be humorous, right? It's like, it's like, and you know, you when your role and so you, you know, you punch brunhilde, right. But then it's like, well, how do you like you feel kind of bad about it, right? You feel bad that you punch brunhilde and brunhilde. It feels bad, right? Everyone's feelings are hurt, not just the person who got hurt. Right? And that's like, part of the mechanics is that like, when you physically attack somebody Both you and the person you attacked both get hurt feelings. So it's like you just punched brunhilde like how do you feel about it? And like maybe you feel guilty or maybe you still feel mad or whatever. And so it sort of escalates the humor. As you're as you're going through these these battles,


Amelia Antrim  24:19  

let's talk a little bit about the history of this game. Normally we talk about like, how many additions there have been, and we read the Wikipedia article. But this is obviously a new game. So I want to talk a little bit about like, why you made this game. Were there specific feelings you wanted to capture? Like, what is that process been? Like? All that kind of stuff? Yeah, everything.


Lucian Kahn  24:41  

Yeah, this is really like a pure love letter to teen counterculture in the 90s in LA like, this is really a like, I had this really interesting experience in my teens of like, running around Los Angeles, being Like weirdo teenager and like, you know, I came out as bisexual when I was 13. And it was like 1995. And I was like running around Melrose, which at the time was like very goth and punk and like, going to golf clubs and you know, flirting and doing all these things. And like, I wanted to capture some of the fun and humor and weirdness and cultural written richness of this time in place. So it really is very autobiographical in that way. But it's like autobiographical about a period of time. And like, what the counterculture was like, for like, certain kinds of teens in in the 90s. So that's, that's like the heart of the game. And then also this sort of like, like fun, whimsical aspect of a lot of the role playing games that I was playing at the time, which a lot of them were We're computer games. So I was very heavily inspired by Earthbound. Which if you played it, it was a Super Nintendo game that is like it's it's a computer like a Nintendo role playing game. And it has a lot of like funny counterculture things like you'll be suddenly fighting against like, hippies or like old men with golf clubs or whatever. And it's it has this kind of like, funny counterculture. Like, like, smirking at, at like popular culture kind of vibe, that nevertheless is not mean hearted. It's very like, like, endearing and warm hearted at the same time. So I was very inspired by Earthbound. I was very inspired by playing scape torment, and like that sort of era of games, some of the humor of Fallout two. So like all of these kind of like mid 90s like open world role playing games with like, lots of dialogue trees. That's amazing.


Amelia Antrim  27:05  

I love those kinds of games. Yeah, I need to, I need to play more of those guys. We should just start over and just go back and play all of those games from our childhood. I will


Lucian Kahn  27:15  

just I could literally like I'm not a podcaster. But if I had a podcast, it would probably just be like, let me tell you every obscure detail of all of the like, open world, mid 90s role playing games that were on computers because I was my whole thing.


Amelia Antrim  27:30  

Not even like that kind of game. But literally last night I said to my sister, man, you know what game I really would love to play roller coaster tycoon? Oh my god. Yeah. I can play that game I got. Yeah, it was like, okay, that's a throwback. So I was trying to explain San Diego to my kids because now they have the cartoon on Netflix. Oh, yeah. No, it used to be all these games and then there was like a game show like I'm trying to explain they're like looking at me like I have three heads like it was.


Lucian Kahn  27:55  

It was really good though. It was it


Amelia Antrim  27:57  

was it was really good.


Lucian Kahn  27:59  

It's funny. mentioned RollerCoaster Tycoon, because I was actually also inspired by, by the Sims three, I thought a lot about the Sims three as I was making this game because it's like, okay, you have an open world, you're like designing all these characters. It's kind of Barbies, but it's kind of not Barbies, right? And it's like, you know, you you can, like, follow these career tracks. So they're like possibilities of having some, like predefined narratives, or you can just ignore that and like, do your own sandboxie thing. So I was very inspired by the by the structure of that game as well.


Amelia Antrim  28:31  

Right. Oh, that's so cool. I love all of those games. You should just play more podcast about that to 100% Yes.


Lucian Kahn  28:37  

Please, please invite me back and I will I will not even talk about physical tourism. Nagas I'll just talk about like, and here are all the gay things you can do in Fallout two.


Ryan Boelter  28:48  

Okay, she has so many great, great


Lucian Kahn  28:53  



Amelia Antrim  28:53  

only one I've played as for


Lucian Kahn  28:55  

Fallout two is a master Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  28:57  

it's a fallout two is probably one of the best The series,


Lucian Kahn  29:01  

it's just extraordinary. Yeah. I'm gonna get on that. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  29:06  

It's it's not first person. It's it's an isometric overhead view of the sweet 90s graphics.


Lucian Kahn  29:14  

All right, Fallout two contains a gay shotgun wedding and it was made in like, 1997. Yeah. Oh, that's incredible. It's just It's really incredible. It's so good.


Amelia Antrim  29:26  

Okay, so should we get into this?


Ryan Boelter  29:28  

Yes. Yeah, I think we covered the basic terms that that I had questions about the the hurt feelings and embarrassing traits. Is there any other terms that we need to know before we jump into character creation?


Lucian Kahn  29:42  

I don't think so. I think we're good to go.


Ryan Boelter  29:43  

Perfect. So do


Unknown Speaker  29:45  

that. Let's make some people. Yes. Let's make some people.


Lucian Kahn  29:52  

Let's make some people.


Lucian Kahn  29:54  

I'm curious of what character types you're planning on making? Because I have, we have six available to talk about them. Yeah. Okay, let me open my thing. So there are six types of characters that you can make. There are three Visigoths types and three Morgoth types. So the Visigoths available are conqueror, sharp charlatan and rune caster and the mall golf types available our theater tak yes correct wit which and cyber Pat and let me just clarify this people are always like what is a cyber pet cyber pet? Is it still a person but it's basically like a like a Tamagotchi style furry. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  30:43  



Lucian Kahn  30:45  

So you're like, you're like, You're like a person in a in an animal costume. But the style is very like the 90s idea of futuristic so like I'm calling cyber in the sense of like in the 90s Everything that involves the internet. Yeah. what's called cyber to make it sound cool and futuristic. So that's what cyber Pat is.


Unknown Speaker  31:08  

Yeah. Okay.


Amelia Antrim  31:10  

Well, so I mean, the first question that is going to be a mogga. Right?


Ryan Boelter  31:17  

Yeah, there was one in particular that really jumped out for me. Okay, Ryan, what it what is the cyber pet?


Unknown Speaker  31:23  

Oh, yeah.


Amelia Antrim  31:28  

I'm trying to look over here and see what I mean. Obviously, I'm going to go for either which or rune caster. That's just like, that's pretty


Lucian Kahn  31:41  

well, since since there are two of you, do you want to pick a physic off?


Amelia Antrim  31:45  

Well, you have to make a character too.


Lucian Kahn  31:46  

I making one too. Okay, cool. We're all making character. Great. I didn't know I got to make one too. That's exciting. Yes.


Amelia Antrim  31:52  

Great. We're gonna force you to play your own game. Great. Perfect. Yeah, I think I'm gonna go with a rune caster. I'm gonna make a physical Great.


Lucian Kahn  32:01  

I think I want to make I'm gonna make a theater tech. I'm just gonna play I'm gonna play a little closer to home.


Unknown Speaker  32:10  

That's awesome.


Amelia Antrim  32:14  

Thank you for joining us for part one of this character creation series. We'll be back in part two picking up right where we left off.


Ryan Boelter  32:21  

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Amelia Antrim  34:07  

We gotta read some show blurbs show blurbs show shoberg show mabs


Ryan Boelter  34:15  

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