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Series 25.2 - Golden Sky Stories with David Gunsberg and Morgan Jenkins (Creation Continued)

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On the second episode of our 25th series, we welcome back David Gunsberg and Morgan Jenkins to talk about Golden Sky Stories, a slice of life RPG where kindness reigns. Listen as we meet our adorable characters and find out what sort of shenanigans they had gotten up to together in the past!

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On the second episode of our 25th series, we welcome back David Gunsberg and Morgan Jenkins to talk about Golden Sky Stories, a slice of life RPG where kindness reigns. Listen as we meet our adorable characters and find out what sort of shenanigans they had gotten up to together in the past!


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Amelia Antrim  0:01  

Welcome to the second episode of series 25. Everyone will be diving into our character creation for golden sky stories with guests, David ginsburg and Morgan Jenkins in just a moment, but first announcements, I know it's about announcements.


Ryan Boelter  0:16  

So the descent into midnight Kickstarter is officially over as of the time that this gets into people's ear holes. Here And yeah, and you know, they did amazingly well. Um,


Unknown Speaker  0:32  

you know, especially have they have ear holes


Unknown Speaker  0:34  

here holes. Exactly,


Unknown Speaker  0:36  

just like us, just like us.


Ryan Boelter  0:42  

And you know what, it's also just like us to send to the midnight characters. Alright, nice.


Amelia Antrim  0:48  

That was not a good segue. Fine.


Ryan Boelter  0:52  

All right. I got thrown off by the year holes. Okay, but that's okay. Well, as we record it, There are still six hours left so we can't say actually how great they were. But I think we can say it was pretty great.


Amelia Antrim  1:08  

Really great. Really, really great. Really, really great. fantastically great. Aha, if you are sad about not being able to back a Kickstarter, fear not possio possio nice Kickstarter is still going on in case you're dying to back something there that will be going on for another three days. So please don't miss your chance to get this game and get involved in some serious drama. Oh, Rama.


Ryan Boelter  1:35  

Yeah, that I that is near the top of my list of games I need to play very soon.


Amelia Antrim  1:42  

Yeah, I haven't played it but I have the ashcan version and I'm just like dying, dying to play it.


Ryan Boelter  1:48  

Yeah, absolutely. Another really great Kickstarter about to wrap up is the princess world Kickstarter. It has about eight days left before they are done. And it would be Amazing to unlock what I call the Amelia tier of princesses. Yeah, otherwise known as the dark princesses, which all sound amazing. So if you haven't checked out this Kickstarter, absolutely do so before it's too late.


Amelia Antrim  2:14  

Yes. Well, friends, Ryan, when you edit this, can you put like a sad like funeral dirge in the background? Friends, the day has finally come. We have no reviews left to read. And honestly, we are heartbroken. So perhaps we can all find some time when we are stuck in our homes, to leave reviews for our favorite creators. I strongly encourage you to leave a review or a rating for a show you love Even if it isn't ours. And we are starting this catchphrase. I've decided spread joy, not germs. I really hope that in a few years people go like there's somebody that goes back and listens to our backlog and it's like what are these people talking about? Why Everyone's stuck in their homes. So yes, that's our that's our goal spread joy not germs, please leave a rating or review for a podcast you love even if it's not ours. Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  3:10  

Yeah, because every little review every little bit of validation is such a special feeling for us content creators


Amelia Antrim  3:18  

is speaking of joy. Yeah, let's get to the episode.


David Gunsberg  3:58  

So then we then We can get extra powers by choosing weaknesses


Amelia Antrim  4:04  

as my favorite part


David Gunsberg  4:05  

so the core book has a whole lot of extra ones so but I'll do my dog ones first if people are okay with that, so I can get the additional power of sorry. Which is means that I'm such a good kid and such a good dog that if I apologize, I'll be forgiven. And if I use that power people will forgive me for pretty much any non fatal mistake as long as I apologize but I have to be a proper sad dog or proper sad child a proper said human and be real. And I by I earned that by picking up the weakness of honest I am a very honest dog who just can't lie throughout any story. You can't tell lies at all, not even the lies that would be kind Hmm. And the other additional power because I would, of course, lean heavily into these and I would take them both Is perseverance where I have the ability to persevere through pretty much anything if I use that I can ignore being surprised. And I can also use my power to persevere through one of my own weaknesses. So to get perseverance that costs me I become a clumsy puppy. I'm not very good at doing things efficiently, you're taking care of myself, my adult attribute has to be set to zero. And you can only use one point of feelings on a given adult check. So it says in the rulebook, just as an aside, that interacting with technology is something that Han gay aren't very good at. And it says, door handles include technology, technology, so I've had a dog that really wanted to get in to help someone in a shop and they had taken clumsy and they just couldn't figure out how to make the door handle work. So they were like stuck on the outside of the convenience store window in human form, trying to get in help and work out how to use the door handle until the cat had to kind of grown and go Let me open the door for you. That's a door. So what what additional powers are there for the rest of you that appeal and what are the weaknesses they come with?


Ryan Boelter  6:10  

Um, so I picked my additional power based on the weakness. Yeah, I'm sort of picking the power. So I, I chose to go with cat 10. So there's a lot of things that I can't eat. So basically, I'm just a picky eater. I can't have hot temperature wise things, citrus fruits, squid or raw onions, things like that. And if I if I accidentally do eat any of that, I automatically get affected by a level seven surprise, which sounds


Amelia Antrim  6:44  

that sounds that sounds terrifying. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  6:47  

Which I, I mainly wanted to pick that because of the role playing possibilities. And I think that would be really, really fun to play with that by taking cat time. I get feigned innocence. So it lets me hide my true character and put on an excellent act. And I have to declare using that before I make the check. Yeah, it's it's pretty sweet. My other option was can't swim, where I just can't swim. And I get surprised if I fall into water. And that would have given me acrobatics. You can see how they stuck to the flame. Wow.


David Gunsberg  7:27  

You can see how they connect now. Well, yeah, if I've taken honest in the scene, if you're going to try and interact with a human or another hand guy and tell them a little fib, I'm going to mum terribly at the camera in dog form guy.


Unknown Speaker  7:46  

He's telling a lie, sly.


Ryan Boelter  7:51  

I'd like that. Ah, okay. So who's who's who's got Who's next?


Amelia Antrim  7:55  

I can. I can do mine. I kind of want both.


Ryan Boelter  8:01  

Can you take both?


Unknown Speaker  8:03  

You can? Oh, wow.


Unknown Speaker  8:05  

Are you gonna take boys? Well


David Gunsberg  8:08  

see, this is when you


Amelia Antrim  8:09  

should be writing


David Gunsberg  8:09  

MBTI where, you know, I have people go Do I have to take these? I don't want to have weaknesses. And it's like, No, you don't. But like, take them. It's gonna be okay.


Morgan Jenkins  8:21  

Mm hmm. Yeah, the weaknesses in this a more flavor for the character than anything else. They just help guide you.


Amelia Antrim  8:29  

So one of my choices for weakness is strange. You speak and dress in a way that's out of touch with the times or just looks conspicuous and flamboyant. Because you stand out so much you can't really hide and if you try to walk around town human form, you draw everyone's attention.


Unknown Speaker  8:44  

Oh, that's just me in real life.


Amelia Antrim  8:47  

Right? Yeah. I'm wearing sneakers with a long dress today. Just does not go together. But I wanted to. I don't know how humans dress and for that I can take float You can float through the sky at a leisurely pace, you can move through the air with the speed a person can walk. I really like that because I feel like you can do those at the same time, you just look a little bit strange because you're slightly levitating above the ground, and it looks weird. And then I have bluff. You are always exaggerating your abilities, you must spend two points of feelings just to be able to spend feelings to raise your attributes in a jack. And for that I get present. You can give a human an object with special power in it, pick any one of the power of yours from or one of you from one of your friends to put into the object. If they use it properly, they can use that power. So


David Gunsberg  9:45  

that's awesome. That's so beautiful. So you could you could put your ability to make that little rain shower in a token and then give it to the person we're trying to help.


Unknown Speaker  9:57  

Yep, that's cool. I love it. So much. Now there are more


Morgan Jenkins  10:03  

weaknesses and powers in the rulebook itself starting on page 38 and going forwards, but going with what I've got here in the Quick Start, I chose birdbrain for my weakness, which is I tend to forget things very quickly. I cannot do knowledge related at all or hanging checks at all. Even if me as the player remembers things my bird will forget. Except that me as the player also weren't remember things so that's fine. And then for that, I get the power of trust the wind, and I can go into action, putting my trust in luck and I will come out on top. When I use this I gained three points of feelings. Right,


Unknown Speaker  10:50  

Gary burb with big heart.


David Gunsberg  10:55  

So that's, that's the kind of magical powers now Want to think about our other attributes. So you have eight points to allocate across hanger a animal, adult and child. So, as a quick reminder, your hand gay is like the default you get on your magic powers. animal is your physical prowess. Adult is your ability to hide feelings interact with technology, which is everything from a door handle up. And child is your ability to express emotions. So if I look at mine, because I talk clumsy, my adult has to be set to zero. Which leaves me with eight. I think I'm going to be very good at doing child and like helping other people. So I'm going to put four in child and then I'm going to put two in hand gay and two in animal and that's it. That's for me. So yeah, clumsy on us dog


Ryan Boelter  12:04  

betrothal for myself I went with three hen gay one animal one adult and three child. So I wanted to be kind of magical and be able to spread joy.


Morgan Jenkins  12:21  

Love it. Um for my bird I went with zero on Adult because bird brain really doesn't let me do adult or hen gauge checks at all. So then I put four into animal and four into child and zero into hangars well


Ryan Boelter  12:45  

cool All right, what's next?


Amelia Antrim  12:48  

Oh, I gotta do mine. Oh, yes, but I'm trying to math.


Morgan Jenkins  12:51  

Yeah, and I had to change mine because I math wrong. I misread birdbrain and didn't realize that I can't do gay checks either. So when I say


Amelia Antrim  13:01  

So I'm sorry. Um, I'm just taking the eight and putting them into these four things.


Unknown Speaker  13:06  

You're correct. Right. So you speak.


David Gunsberg  13:09  

And, and if we're making this as a party, we are a very low adult party. You are surrounded by children. That's cool.


Ryan Boelter  13:20  

You can use your mom voice as a fact.


Amelia Antrim  13:24  

Oh, good, huh? Hold on, let me let me do the math here.


Ryan Boelter  13:30  

I think it's normally adult is the only attribute that can be zero. But there's some exceptions of course. Depending on your your weakness


Amelia Antrim  13:46  

231 Okay. Does that work? 3578 I'm going to do three and hunger to an animal to an adult and one child. Nice.


David Gunsberg  14:08  

Nice. That's very good for a fox. That's a good Fox.


Ryan Boelter  14:13  

Nice. Alright,


Amelia Antrim  14:14  

and a very good dog.


David Gunsberg  14:18  

So that's sort of the starting point for our resource economy. So if we think about checks, like the difficulty rating on checks ranges from zero to nine, I possibly should have said that at the beginning. So if there's a, you know, an average check of two to three and your ability, and that is equal to that number, you don't need to dip into your resource pools at all. There's no random dice roll, there's just I can do that. And it will just happen. And then if you needed to do something more challenging and let's say it was a six in child and My child is, is four, then I'll need to spend two feelings to make up the difference. Okay? And then I just succeed. There's no dice roll, there's just did you want to succeed or not? Yes or No, it's up to you. Very cool. So then we get into what I think is kind of the, the fun bit. Well, that's all fun. But another cool fun bit is what is your hang gay form and personality and what is your human form? So, hand guy a kind of weirdly ageless you can be any age and your human form doesn't need to link to your hand gay form. So you could be an an ancient Harringay whose human form is of a young child The other way around. Usually if you want to be outside the bracket of eight to 18 in human years for your human form, you check within the writer, but I've never knocked anyone back. And then in your human form, equally important is your fashion and any notable accessories that you're that you have. So for foreman personality, if you can think about a name, a gender and age, appearance, and the last thing I'd like you to think about is in this small Japanese village, where are we likely to find your hand? So if anyone no one wants to lead off, I can go first.


Ryan Boelter  16:44  

I've got most of my stuff taken care of. I already go. Alright, so the name of my cat hen gay. is a lady sucker a fluffy fluffy kitten.


Unknown Speaker  16:59  

Is that her angelical name


Ryan Boelter  17:01  

effectively a race. She is a hen gay 39 years old and represents herself as a human of 18 years old. She her pronouns and her appearance as a cat is extra fluffy, with a dark gray fur and a white patch on her neck. very distinguished. Where she takes human form when she takes a human form that that extra fluffy dark gray for kind of translates into wild like deep gray hair. I saw a bunch of like pictures on here with cat ears. And I like that. I like having the the big cat ears because that's that's really adorable. So might as well Go with that as well. And I think even though she has a fancy name, I think she goes for a more of a, like, kind of a whimsical sort of dress, like stuff that that stands out a bit in society. And some things that that don't have any real rhyme or reason to them. And I think she wears a color in both forms is kind of pick a name. They've got a list of names on there. If you want to look where it is on page three and above the fox people


Unknown Speaker  18:44  

I found it. Yep.


Ryan Boelter  18:46  

So you get a whole list of names that that have different meanings and whatnot. Oh, and where where will you find me? in various form, where are you going to Yeah, very gardens, like rooftop gardens. Gorgeous. For some reason I've always, I've always liked the thought of like, villages with, with little gardens and on various rooftops.


David Gunsberg  19:14  

And in those little Japanese villages where it even that little strip that's like one one meter by 30 centimeters or like three feet by one feet at the front of a house in between the house and the garden will have a beautiful garden. There's so many places for a cat to put themselves.


Amelia Antrim  19:31  

Okay? Think I know know most of the things that I want here. So, for a name, I'm gonna go with Shiro, which means white. I'm an all white fox, except for just like a tiny tip of black. It's like the very end of my tail. Age I'm gonna say I want to be like really old. Like, I don't know, hundreds of years old. Awesome, but then as a human, I want to be like 16.


David Gunsberg  20:03  

So you're old enough to know everything.


Amelia Antrim  20:07  

Right? Absolutely, completely. So, I also stand out. So in my human form, so I want to say that I have like stark white hair still, in my human form, even though I'm 16. And then for clothing, I want to say that like, I dress in, like, the, whatever the equivalent is of like what a middle aged person would wear. Not like what a 16 year old would wear. Um, and I just am totally fine with that and like, doesn't bother me. But it's just sort of confusing because it is just like a cognitive dissonance. Like you have white hair and you dress like a mom, but you're 16


David Gunsberg  20:56  

I, I know that hundreds


Amelia Antrim  20:58  

Oh, and then I have to stay where I am. hangouts donate under people's porches. Nice.


Unknown Speaker  21:05  

So what was the name?


Morgan Jenkins  21:06  

Shiro? Sure, which means white. Fantastic. Mm hmm. So my name is Karasu. And it means CRO and I happen to be one. I have a very imaginative name. I'm a girl. I you 17 both in human and hand gay form. And in in hanger form, I'm a black crow black feathers often found in fountains in the town square in human form. I have long straight, black hair down my back. I have lots of black clothes, black eyeliner. I may be dressed somewhat like a golf and I have some feathered braces. slits on the end of each arm. Nice.


Unknown Speaker  22:03  

Oh, I love it. Yeah, that's a good look.


David Gunsberg  22:06  

That is a very good look and and you are like the absent minded golf friend


Unknown Speaker  22:14  

with birdbrain completely


Unknown Speaker  22:16  

and one of my goals he


Morgan Jenkins  22:18  

I looked like I should be very serious but I am very much not so.


David Gunsberg  22:26  

So one of my goals here was to like get an A trademark copyright Amelia Antrim. I feel like those two characters Shiro the white fox 16 year old who knows everything with I can't believe she's a year older than me. And it's like oh


Amelia Antrim  22:50  

there you go.


Unknown Speaker  22:51  

Thank you.


David Gunsberg  22:54  

And did we do where we're going to be across who's going to be when she's in Bedford form will be flitting around. Found Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  23:01  

that's I love it.


David Gunsberg  23:03  

So for my dog, my match dog, I've gone for hashey or Hoshi, which means star and he's got like he him pronouns. And he's got like a white star of first somewhere between his his eyes. And other people refer to it as a distinguishing mark but because he's never seen it, he's not sure he really has one. And because he's clumsy, and has no adult he's, he's kind of, I'm gonna say kind of perpetually 11 in both forms. And, in hand, gay form. He probably has some sort of, very nicely made, but easy to do up


Unknown Speaker  24:01  



David Gunsberg  24:02  

hoppy coat kimono type crossover and the sort of peasant shorts and sandals that he can just slip his feet into. And blonde brown hair. And in sorry, that's let me back that up in hand guy for him. He's just a month in human form. I was thinking about that aesthetic and transferring it forwards. Because adult is so low for him that he can't, he literally can't button up pants. He's gonna have Velcro shoes, can't do laces, mismatched oversized socks that he can sort of slip his human feet in and out of because they're so difficult to handle. And then like drawstring pants and a T shirt and a cap that's thrown on his head like literally thrown on his head so it might be backwards. But if it's backwards, it's not because he's trying to be cool. It's just he can't be Sometimes it's off to the side. Sometimes it's forward. So hi, she looks like someone loaded some clothing into a cannon and fired from across the street.


Amelia Antrim  25:14  

I love it.


David Gunsberg  25:15  

And he's 11 and as he's coming up the street towards you you go. something catastrophic is gonna happen. Because this person seems to be made mainly out of knees, elbows and accidents. Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  25:32  

That's amazing. And


Unknown Speaker  25:32  

he hangs out with you.


David Gunsberg  25:36  

Where you're gonna find him in town is wherever anyone is throwing one of those plastic handball rubber handles that makes that don't don't noise. Hmm. So as soon as the kids are playing ball somewhere, or she is like gonna go and he's gonna go there. That's amazing.


Ryan Boelter  25:54  

I love these characters. I love


Unknown Speaker  25:55  

it. I love how varied they are.


Morgan Jenkins  25:59  

And yet They're all going to be coming together and working together for some common goal.


David Gunsberg  26:05  

So let's think about this village and think about some of the connections we might want to explore. So let's start with in the game, you at the start of each scene, we earn wonder and feelings equal to our connections, the connections from others that flow to us, and the connections from us that flow out to others. So let's think about how we are each connected to your just due to one of the rest. We all know each other. But let's think what's the strongest connection amongst the four of our characters? And how do we feel about them and feeling about them? Is our connections on the Quickstart but in the full one, you'll see there in the bottom of the character sheet, keep track of who you're connected to, and it says contents. That's where you put How do I feel about them. So for example, Hayashi may feel really connected to kind of see the Crow and feel affection for them because she gets that I just heard a ball so I have to go and I get that she just remembered about that flower that might flower later this afternoon so has to go to a garden and then I would mark down that we have her she has that connection. Now in as much as this game has bleed, it has a sort of a built in safety mechanic here which is you cannot form a connection with someone who doesn't want to be a character or a player or a an NPC. So I would offer up saying I would like to have a connection with Cara Zoo where we We're connected and my feeling for you is I might go with affection I feel affectionate towards care so and then if you agree to that I would put that as an outgoing connection from me to you when you can put that down as an incoming connection from me to you, so it will it will power one kind of resource for me and one kind of resource for her.


Morgan Jenkins  28:29  

So for me it would probably coming in it would feel more like protection where I would want to protect this fluffy clothing shot out of a cannon and full of a joyous puppy.


David Gunsberg  28:45  

Cool. Okay. I and who do Who does? How is lady Sakura fluffing done to give her full honorific? Yeah, Who does she feel connected to


Unknown Speaker  28:57  



Ryan Boelter  29:00  

I wanted to be a little bit meta with this hands here. Um, so, so Morgan, your character, how about our characters got trapped in, like some sort of vault of some sort? Yep. Yep. And, and, and I want to I want to say, if this is right, your your birdbrain a trait kind of had you close the door and just there by accident


Morgan Jenkins  29:39  

we were both in some rooftop garden that could only be like they put netting over the top of it and we'd somehow gotten in and then I managed to shut the door because it's a polite thing to do. Exactly.


David Gunsberg  29:53  

And we got trapped into something from the Can I pitch something from the outside? Yeah, that them I'm Thinking that a cat getting trapped like that. That means that there was potentially a cardboard box in there.


Ryan Boelter  30:10  



Unknown Speaker  30:11  

It sits.


Ryan Boelter  30:13  

Yeah, exactly. Absolutely.


Amelia Antrim  30:15  

I think somebody seller you got you found the perfect box downstairs in somebody's storage area.


Unknown Speaker  30:24  

cellar doors.


Ryan Boelter  30:26  

Oh, that's amazing.


Amelia Antrim  30:27  

You've been looking for the perfect box for


Ryan Boelter  30:30  

this one fits me perfectly.


Amelia Antrim  30:32  

Mm hmm. Like you said, it's so good. And that one.


Ryan Boelter  30:36  

I like after I sit in there and lay down like my fluff fills up the entire volume.


Amelia Antrim  30:43  

It's perfect. It doesn't go too much over the


Ryan Boelter  30:45  

dice. It's like I'm a little pile of liquid fluff inside this box. I love it. It was fantastic.


David Gunsberg  30:53  

So how do you feel about each other after that?


Ryan Boelter  30:56  

Um, I want to say


Morgan Jenkins  31:00  

Like the evil part of me wants to say family because we got stuck in there for so long that we feel like right with each other for a long time.


Ryan Boelter  31:08  

Right? Part Part of me thinks logically rivalry cuz like, Oh, we got stuck in here. But I want to say I found the box because we got stuck in here.


Unknown Speaker  31:24  

So probably like,


Amelia Antrim  31:28  

say, trust me. I've had to like get out of it together. It's


Ryan Boelter  31:32  

true trust would make sense.


David Gunsberg  31:35  

Let's go through that wholesaler thing.


Morgan Jenkins  31:36  

So trust. Yeah, trust them. You go to them when you need help.


David Gunsberg  31:40  

Yes. And if we were going to play these people, the the narrator in me, I've just written down box because the bird can carry items from place to place. So I have this image in my mind of the crow. Sometime when you were looking kind of got in through the basement window and like, dragged that box up the stairs. And you have that box hidden somewhere is like a secret cat treasure. Oh, heck yeah. When you, you know when you need to be kept in liquid form. Yep, you can just go to that perfect box and like do that.


Ryan Boelter  32:13  

I'm the I'm the odo of from Deep Space Nine bucket. That's my bucket. Oh,


David Gunsberg  32:24  

that's amazing. And I feel like those two would probably talk about the months that they spent down there. And Shiro is like thinking to herself during their like four minutes, five minutes


Amelia Antrim  32:40  

talking about this is harrowing. Someone who's already lived for hundreds of years. It's like come on. That was like a minute.


David Gunsberg  32:49  

Yeah, you go to stuck in a room together and yeah. Now your best buds Good for you. Cool. So in in full plane. We would build out more of those.


Morgan Jenkins  33:03  

And there's our answer, building them out into people in the town as well,


David Gunsberg  33:06  

which I think we should do, I think we should do that. So, at a meta level, we also have as a group, and as individuals, we have a connection to the town. And like the non violence paste that's built in is as, as as shenanigans continue, the town at a meta level, even if they don't know about us, is very accepting of us. Because people are having a better time in this town because people's experiences are being gently nudged and husbanded through by this ragtag bunch of animal spirits. And if we ever get into a fight, that the connection with the town gets knocked right down. And we lose that kind of meta resource of connection to the town. Which is I like to call that out because it's a reinforcing mechanic for the ethic that's in the game.


Unknown Speaker  34:00  



David Gunsberg  34:01  

So then, in order to start sketching out the story that these we won't play, but let's let's think about, I'd like you to think about your day. And think about a person in the village that you're hanging specifically is connected to, there could be a child who knows about you, and you interact with them openly. They could be an adult who we used to interact with, but they've grown up now. And so we still look over them, you still look over them, and you help them with your magics. But they don't see you in hand gay form anymore. Or perhaps an old person who's lived their life, and you've come back into their life again. And they would be woven into the story and think about, you know, what hook you might want to put in them that might draw your hand gay to this person in our game. Mm hmm.


Amelia Antrim  34:53  

Okay, I don't have a name for this person. But I think because of I look like I'm 16 I want to be like Mary Poppins. Like, but like a 16 year old babysitter.


Unknown Speaker  35:09  

I love


Unknown Speaker  35:09  

that. That's amazing.


Amelia Antrim  35:11  

Yeah, I want to have like a kid. So I'm debating whether it's a kid that I currently babysit or like an adult that I used to babysit. Um, although they usually they don't see me in manga form then. Yeah, I think it's a kid that I babysit for currently, um, that I am just like, to their parents. I'm just weird and quirky because I'm 16 and youth these days. But to this kid, I am like truly a magical babysitter.


Ryan Boelter  35:39  

That's amazing. I love that.


David Gunsberg  35:41  

Yeah. And you'll probably really good value because we don't understand human money.


Amelia Antrim  35:45  

Oh, yeah. super cheap. They can't understand like, what like there must be something wrong with her but who knows.


David Gunsberg  35:53  

So can I say I love Shiro, the babysitter when my mom did shift work. I have a feeling that she My baby suit me and my brothers once. And we had to lie and tell our mother that she was terrible in the hope that mom wouldn't bring her back. But that backfired and mom went, Oh, if the kids thought she wasn't very, very good


Amelia Antrim  36:15  

to really lay down the law then


David Gunsberg  36:16  

yeah, but


Ryan Boelter  36:19  

I love it. That's really cool.


David Gunsberg  36:21  

Who else has something?


Ryan Boelter  36:22  

I don't know if I could top that, my goodness. I want Okay, I got one. There is an old woman who tends to her garden like religiously every single day. Um, you know, rain or shine. And she doesn't have any family remaining. So she kind of I spent a lot of time with her helping to The garden and she and I feel like family to one another. That's beautiful. That's a great connection. And that's a really rich one. That's great.


Morgan Jenkins  37:13  

And excellent. I feel like if there's an NPC that I would want to weave into the narrative, it would probably be like a slightly overstressed, bumbling postman traveling around from place to place to place to place, potentially, like accidentally riding his bicycle through hedge rows and having his hat covered in twigs. And I will, at times, like sit in his hat with its twigs on it and ride around or pick a pick a twig off of his shoulder and use it in my nest. But also utilizing his bike and him as a way to quickly Dart around from place to place and keep track of everyone and everything is awesome and


David Gunsberg  38:00  

Just to jump back to Shiro, this kid we don't have a name. male female and then what's How do you feel about each other?


Unknown Speaker  38:12  

Um, I think


Amelia Antrim  38:14  

yeah, I think he him uh, I think I feel pretty protective. Cool. I don't I don't know how he feels about me I would say I would say affection cool cool magical babies.


David Gunsberg  38:30  

I like it so thank you for that so Cara sue the cry this postman did we do the contents of that connection? How does that how do you feel about each other?


Morgan Jenkins  38:43  

I think I think there's definitely acceptance from from him to towards me or no I didn't go so far as to say this affection in yeah we'll go affection in both directions because I i like i like having him around and I feel like I'm almost like a good luck charm for him.


Ryan Boelter  39:05  

I can I can see this in an anime of this this postman riding this bicycle with a basket on the front and this Crow and the front basket sitting there with the wind blowing through its feathers, and like the most like gleeful look on both of their faces, like just riding into the wind, like that.


David Gunsberg  39:29  

And, and the postman would it would be like an indicator that all was right in the world wouldn't I push off and start riding up the street and they'd go, they'd be looking around for ways that crow that tends to hang around. And I love it. So for Hoshi, the eternal 11 year old I think she's kind of as oldest Shiro and through the centuries. He just hangs out, which with whichever human kid is the most clumsy and good hearted as they grow up. And that I want to say there's a particularly good hearted and particularly clumsy family, and this kid doesn't know it, but like, I hang out with a grandfather. And she is like a bit of a clumsy kind of Geek girl tomboy. He likes to play ball because like, she's all about playing ball. Maybe she's into soccer. Yeah, I think she's into soccer. And they both feel weirdly, both of them think they're protecting the other. She thinks he's a clueless boy, and she's not wrong. wants to protect him and he's He can see the amazing person she's going to be and just wants to help her through these awkward years. But he's awkward of doing that himself. So I think they're protective in both directions,


Amelia Antrim  41:09  

awkward friends.


David Gunsberg  41:12  

Is there? Is there any other kind? If we're not all good friends, I don't know that we're real friends. At this point, in a game, we've done the characters and I would now say to you, let's create the things that are of interest to us in the town. Give me a place that is related to your hand, guys. So for a kitchen a, I would usually say, Amelia, there would be a shrine with a local God, that you're, you are, we're close to the humans, you've got the character that's closest to the gods. So we'll, I'd ask you about that shrine, and who's there. And then for the the rest of us, it would be let's create one place because we've now got a bunch of people we could interact with. we'd create a place


Ryan Boelter  42:03  

and then we'd stop. Oh, there you go.


Amelia Antrim  42:05  

All right. Thank you so much for joining us for our golden sky stories character creation episodes.


Ryan Boelter  42:12  

Yeah, this was a lot of fun.


Amelia Antrim  42:14  

This was a lot of fun. I enjoyed this. Morgan Do you wanna remind people where they can find you?


Morgan Jenkins  42:19  

Oh, gosh. Well, I guess the best place would be the going in blind podcast, with vision impaired players playing Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition, but I turn up everywhere. I've been a geek was judge I'm the interstitial singing in dm mastics I've turned up on dungeon Master's block. Well, I'm the Young Justice files and even provided my voice acting talents to were so bad at adventuring. So just wander around and you'll you'll run across me at some point. Mm hmm. And David, where can people find you online? The best place to find me on online is on twitter at Ty grana Saurus One who would have thought that there would be that would already be gone? At Tiger as in tiger and Tyrannosaurus. In hybrid Tiger dinosaurus. One for reasons. Mm hmm. fan I love the


Ryan Boelter  43:14  

I love the icon to


David Gunsberg  43:17  

inculcate did that for me, they were fantastic to work with.


Morgan Jenkins  43:21  

I should probably bring up my Twitter, which I totally pay attention to is at Morrigan jank. So Morrigan like the witch and jank like the first couple of letters of my last name.


Ryan Boelter  43:35  

That's easy enough.


Amelia Antrim  43:36  

Make sense? Really.


Ryan Boelter  43:38  

Well, thank you both for joining us. And thank you to everyone for listening. Please join us on the next episode for our discussion black


Ryan Boelter  43:58  

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We got to read some show blurbs


Unknown Speaker  45:46  

show blurbs


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