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Series 27.2 - Beyond the Wall with Alex Flanigan and Adam Steward (Creation Continued)

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In the second episode of series 27, we welcome back Alex Flanigan, from the A Horror Borealis and The Cryptid Keeper podcasts, as our special guest co-host, filling in for Amelia due to a family emergency at the time of recording. We also welcome back Ryan’s best friend since the first grade, and current GM for their campaign together using the system we’re covering this series: Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures, a Fantasy RPG by Flatland Games. This episode we’ll be finishing our characters and building a village!

Episode Notes

In the second episode of series 27, we welcome back Alex Flanigan, from the A Horror Borealis and The Cryptid Keeper podcasts, as our special guest co-host, filling in for Amelia due to a family emergency at the time of recording. We also welcome back Ryan’s best friend since the first grade, and current GM for their campaign together using the system we’re covering this series: Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures, a Fantasy RPG by Flatland Games. This episode we’ll be finishing our characters and building a village!

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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome to the second episode of our beyond the wall series everyone. I hope that you are enjoying the series so far with our guest co host Alex Flanagan, from the cryptid keeper podcast as well as the horror Borealis podcast, as well as my best friend is guesting on this episode Adam who does a phenomenal job teaching new games at the table. I couldn't pass the chance to have him on to teach this game since we both play it together. And we'll dive in right back into the episode. But first some announcements. The couriers call Kickstarter funded last week. Great job, everyone. I'm pushing them to new heights. I can't wait to hear what they have in store for us with an adventure filled, family friendly story and music that really captures the imagination. Congratulations couriers. Secondly, we're running pretty low on reviews. If you have already left us a review, thank you. So very match it means the world to us to see new reviews. If you're looking for a new place to leave a review, the latest version of podcast addict, the pod catcher that I use is currently accepting reviews of podcasts. We'll go ahead and add that to the list of reviews we'd be happy to read right here. So feel free to go flood that service with your five star reviews and help us out. Otherwise Apple podcasts helps us the most regardless of the country you're listening from. And podcast here is pretty easy to leave reviews on too. So head on over there and leave one for us and give us a nice stockpile to sit on to read when Amelia and I can sit down together and do this cold open. But for now, with all of that out of the way. Let's get on with the show. Enjoy


Ryan Boelter  2:25  

On the last episode of Character Creation Cast, we learned about beyond the wall and selected which character I typed will be created. Alex was filling in for Amelia and decided to create a trickster Fox. Adam was working on a self taught mainstage and I was creating an heir to a legend. We were just about to find out the answers to our playbook questions. So we're going to pick up right where we left off last time. Enjoy. I rolled the seven so Okay, so The base. My character starts with the strength and dexterity of 10. All my other abilities begin at eight. And I'm described as athletic and adventurous. The question What was your childhood like? And the first question is, what did your parents do in the village? And what did you learn from them? I wrote the seven. So my parents ran the local in. And I grew up meeting many travelers and hearing their tales. And because of this, I gained plus two charisma plus one intelligence plus one decks and plus one wisdom. All right, so that's pretty sweet.


Adam Steward  3:36  

Excellent. And then does your table have a symbol next to it?


Ryan Boelter  3:42  

It does, it has a scroll. So that means I get to create a feature of the town right?


Adam Steward  3:50  

Yep. And we already have it in to start. Yeah, the game.


Ryan Boelter  3:55  

So let's see. So my parents ran the local in house. What What, what kind of because it is a place to sleep in a place to enjoy drink and other beverages, and food and all that sort of stuff as well as live entertainment, I would imagine. So what what else would we have in this town? That would be kind of cool to go along with that. And, and I, I am totally open to other suggestions if somebody has something


Alex Flanigan  4:27  

maybe you'd like an open out market?


Ryan Boelter  4:30  

Or I like that. Yeah, let's go with let's go with an open market. like a like a farmers market type deals


Alex Flanigan  4:36  

that might be somewhere that your parents would like, go on the weekends to get stuff for the end, you know, like very Oh, yeah, and, and beverages and what have you. Mm hmm. I like


Ryan Boelter  4:45  

that a lot. Yeah, let's go with a nice farmer's market.


Adam Steward  4:49  

Good. All right. And then did you want to go next, Alex?


Alex Flanigan  4:53  

Sure. I can do that. Right. All right. So I am swift and quick witted, but I lack hands. We're credibly. So my first sort of section here is how did I come to the lands of men? And the first question in that is what sort of life did you have in the wilderness and that is a five, which is you wandered away from the rest of your letter and we're taken in by a family of intelligent bears. also raised by literal foxes and then I ran away from my Fox home and I was raised by literal bears. And then eventually I came to this Human Village which I love ice


Ryan Boelter  5:35  

that is so wild.


Adam Steward  5:36  

And there is one that is the other intelligent animal class that there is a playbook for is a bear.


Alex Flanigan  5:42  

So like if I were playing in a campaign with somebody or if we had like a guest jump in I could have like an intelligent bear friend who used to be like my brother growing up. Yeah, that would roll really hard. Okay. So because of this, I get plus two strength from the bears plus one constant Two plus one wisdom and the cooking skill.


Ryan Boelter  6:03  

Oh, you, your bears taught you cook?


Unknown Speaker  6:07  

They did, I guess.


Adam Steward  6:10  

It's amazing. I remember having this conversation with my daughter when I told her about these bears and she's like, how are they going to hold? How are they going to stir a pot and whatnot? I'm like, Oh, I don't know what these paws look like. I'm not sure it's


Unknown Speaker  6:21  

because I don't have hands doesn't mean they don't.


Unknown Speaker  6:24  

Right, right.


Ryan Boelter  6:25  

I have a tail. Thank you very much.


Alex Flanigan  6:28  

And then I also have a scroll on mine which is kind of wild. So what's interesting with this is that it's sort of pulling away from my wilderness. So I'm wondering like what I could add to the town that in any way shape or form would be relevant to me as a bear Fox. Um,


Ryan Boelter  6:47  

you could you could add like a prominent a natural area like woods or mountains or caves or something. Maybe


Alex Flanigan  6:54  

what there is, is I think maybe the town has like a wall right? I'm assuming because they're like this beyond the wall is the whole sort of situation. So if the town has a wall, I think maybe somewhere at the edge of town, like very overgrown is a like gate or a thoroughfare that used to be the main gate of town and which has not been for quite some time. Um, but if you're a particularly clever animal, you can sneak in and out that way.


Ryan Boelter  7:25  

Hmm, that's good. I like that. All right.


Adam Steward  7:30  

Excellent. Okay, should I go here? Yeah. All right.


Adam Steward  7:35  

Okay, so my first table says, What did your parents do in the village and what did you learn from them? So there's a good chance, Ryan's character, my character, these first three tables, which are the childhood tables might be similar or possibly identical. When you talk in the book. It's okay if you get the same thing. You might have an explanation there. Maybe you are siblings or maybe if both your parents were merchants, maybe they were rival merchants or whatnot. So after those childhood tables, if they are similar than than the other tables are going to diverge. and whatnot. So okay, so I roll a one, and it indicates that I am an orphan things were hard for me. I get plus two to wisdom plus two to constitution and plus one to intelligence. And then I have I have a icon for adding something to the maps. I'm wondering how to kind of tie something in there. Is there maybe a particular individual who maybe I want to kind of, we're not adding an NPC necessarily, so let's kind of think about a location.


Adam Steward  8:53  

What could be what could be in town?


Alex Flanigan  8:56  

Is there an orphanage or where you apprentice Raised by somebody.


Adam Steward  9:01  

Yeah. Yeah.


Adam Steward  9:04  

Let's see, well, depending on the size of our village, let's see. Maybe there is maybe there is maybe an educational location or maybe maybe a small schoolhouse or something to that effect that. Okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go with that. We're gonna have a we're gonna have a school house.


Ryan Boelter  9:25  

Nice. Okay, okay. So we're back to me. I got my next question. How do you distinguish yourself as a child? I rolled another seven. And it was you solved everyone else's problems and never mentioned your own Ah, but I get plus one strength plus one constitution and plus one charisma. My Christmas already gained three points. All right. And I don't have a symbol there. So that's, that makes me done for this turn.


Alex Flanigan  9:58  

Cool. So it's my turn. Again, my next question is what brought you to the village? This is a date huh? I don't know if I love that answer. I'm gonna roll again and then choose between the two. Are my options down a little bit here? Oh, I like that one even less. Let's see. So what I rolled is a first roll to seven which is you wanted to fight the ancient enemies of your race, which I'm not really wild about. After that I rolled a one which is your family was slain by wild beasts like men from the north, which Oh, no, I like even. Might just pick one if that's cool with everybody here.


Adam Steward  10:44  

Yeah, then that's the rule you can pick you can completely pick I'm definitely


Alex Flanigan  10:48  

gonna just pick one here. I am intrigued by two of them. One of which is you wanted to seek knowledge which your own people did not have which is fun. And the other is You made a foolish boast and felt compelled to see it through which I kind of like, I think that's like a very fine answer that tells you a lot about the character immediately. So I think I'm gonna, I'm gonna go with that one.


Ryan Boelter  11:10  

That's awesome.


Alex Flanigan  11:11  

So basically like I did it for the fine. All right. And for that I get plus one x plus one con and plus one charisma.


Adam Steward  11:20  

Nice. Very cool, right? Okay, so I will, I will go next year. So my table is how did you distinguish yourself as a child? And Alex, you didn't have a symbol next to your table, right? I did. Nope, not for that. Okay. So I roll a one. How I distinguish myself children often fight but you never lost. So that's interesting for a major apparently I was able to hold hold my own and whatnot. So


Unknown Speaker  11:51  

scrappy little man Yeah,


Adam Steward  11:53  

exactly. So that gives me plus two to strength and then plus one to wisdom. So, I'm guessing the wisdom ties in and maybe I knew knew when not to fight. That's very true. All right. Okay. And then I do not have a symbol on my other. So, as also I will pass that along to you. Right.


Ryan Boelter  12:15  

All right. So my next question is the other player characters were your best friends. Who else in the village befriended you while you were growing up? I wrote a to the fishermen took a liking to you and you swapped stories with them. Interesting. Okay. Yeah, that should be fine. And I get to add an NPC for that. So I think I want to add the the fishermen makes sense. So far, both of my characters are linked to fishermen.


Adam Steward  12:50  

Alright, and then did you want to, I guess, do you have any any thoughts about this fisherman


Adam Steward  12:58  

you know, any anything Little about them.


Ryan Boelter  13:02  

I think they're one of the like the younger, scrappy fishermen of the village. They they're pretty new to the trade. And, and they, they're, they're kind of they've been passing down stories that have been passed down to them. Okay? instead of like a bunch of stories that they've made for themselves since they haven't made too many yet. And and I think it's it's always been kind of fun trying to figure out which ones are the truth and which ones are obviously not so much the truth and and the answer will surprise you get a little bit of a clickbait headline in.


Adam Steward  13:51  

Excellent. And then and then of course we come to two names now. And that's the other thing like if you need a little time to think about it or what's nice is in the scenario packs, each one will come with a few tables. And they'll have a little bit different flavor. So, for instance, the ones that come in the book, there's one that has, I mean, just take a look here, I think it gives you, for instance, there's one of this scenario pack says, Hey, you, you could use this table if you need names, and these tend to be more of a Celtic origin or whatnot. Now they're scenario packs will have different types of names and whatnot. So if you're in a bind, you can always roll in, check with the game master and see what you get. But it's a D 20. Otherwise, if you have a name, you can you can use that.


Ryan Boelter  14:50  

I want to I want to roll a just go ahead and pick whatever table Um, and I think it's split by masculine and feminine, right? Yes. Why don't you give me both and I'll just select which one? Okay, I guess I roll the 19


Adam Steward  15:07  

and 19 so for a female 19 is Tara. And then for masculine the


Adam Steward  15:18  

the 19 is waylynn ww why lm?


Ryan Boelter  15:23  

Okay. waylynn sounds more like a fisher fisherman name than Tara. I always assume Tara is something magical because of Final Fantasy six. So I'm gonna go with Waylon, he him pronouns for this fisherman.


Unknown Speaker  15:41  

Okay, cool.


Ryan Boelter  15:43  

All right.


Alex Flanigan  15:44  

Do you have a name for your character? Yeah, not yet. Cool. Alrighty, my turn. Yep. When you left your own people, you found it difficult to live with humans. However the other characters became your fast friends who else became you Friend, I have eight options here. Number eight, when grandmother Weaver was alone at the loom, you would curl up in her yard and listen to her story. Oh my gosh. Ah, snuggle in her yard and listen to her. Yes. I love it. Okay, cool. So I get plus one, x plus one. Plus one Wiz. All right. And then I will add grandmother Weaver to our list of NPCs.


Ryan Boelter  16:26  

That's lovely. All right.


Adam Steward  16:28  

Yeah. Great. Does she have any other name? Or are they typically people refer to her grandmother Weaver?


Alex Flanigan  16:36  

She did have another name once.


Adam Steward  16:38  

She wasn't she wasn't born grandmother Weaver.


Alex Flanigan  16:42  

But I think nobody in this town who's currently here remembers a time when she wasn't grandmother


Unknown Speaker  16:46  

Weaver. Oh, I like that.


Adam Steward  16:48  

Yeah, me too. All right, great. Okay, should I go ahead and on my roll here, yeah. Okay, so the other player characters were your best friends who else in the village refriended you while you were growing up, and I roll a three, you went camping with the hunters, I get plus two constitution and plus one two intelligence. So I'm gonna, I'm going to roll for a name I'm gonna, we're gonna say maybe the, the person I'm going to come up with here is going to be the, the master of the hunt. They're the, the, the foremost hunter of the village and we're going to go with I'm rolling on the table got a nine. It's gonna, it's gonna be Fiona is the master of God's


Unknown Speaker  17:41  



Ryan Boelter  17:42  

animal know that I'm partial to that name because it was one of my player characters had that name.


Unknown Speaker  17:47  



Ryan Boelter  17:49  

What, 25 years ago?


Adam Steward  17:53  

Yep. Yeah, so that's fitting. Okay. We will go with Fiona. Okay. Great. All right.


Ryan Boelter  17:59  

So Then my sheet goes on to say you came of age and began to seek your own legend you become a level one warrior rogue, you gain the class abilities weapon specialization and fortunes favor and the skill storytelling. And then the table below will further define your class abilities. What have you learned? What stories Did your father tell of his past? So let the six on this table. My role the six he sailed to faraway lands and plunder the tomes of cane sold there now dust. Interesting. That gives me plus three to dexterity and the skill trapping. Yeah, I think I'll go with that. That's fine.


Adam Steward  18:44  

Cool. Yeah. All right. No symbols on your table.


Ryan Boelter  18:47  

No, not for that one. Okay. All right, Alex.


Unknown Speaker  18:51  

All right.


Alex Flanigan  18:54  

Did you learn to make your way in the lands of men you become a level one robe made she gained the class abilities since magic spell casting and fortunes favor and the skill survival you have the trickster Fox abilities keen senses no hands natural weaponry and magical affinity. Tables below will further define your abilities. How did you learn to become a part of the Human Village? My first question is When did the witch first realize how special you are? See, let's see. Number five. No matter how often she tried to shoo you away, you followed her on dangerous paths to collect a rare herbs. Cool


Ryan Boelter  19:37  

that's pretty sweet.


Alex Flanigan  19:39  

Yeah, I love that. So I get plus two con plus one whiz and the skill alertness and there's no other icon for that one.


Adam Steward  19:50  

All right, I will roll.


Adam Steward  19:53  

Well, first, it says you found the tome and begin your studies you become a level one made You gain the class abilities sense magic and spell casting, the skill, ancient history and the cantrip major light. The tables below will tell you your other spells. So the first or the table indicates who wrote your precious and book of magic. And I roll three a great arch made from the sunken Kingdom plus three intelligence and I get the skill forbidden knowledge base, and there is no symbol for me. Right on.


Ryan Boelter  20:36  

I wonder if my dad had plundered the tomb of the sunken kingdom.


Adam Steward  20:44  

That's a that's an excellent time. But who would believe that story?


Ryan Boelter  20:51  

All right, no symbols for you, Adam. Nope. All right. So my next question is how did your father teach you to fight this is an interesting Question. I wrote the six Oh, interesting okay. You practice the old ways of war where in single heroes battle for glory and honor your weapon specialization class ability is with the great sword plus two to constitution. And again, the specialization to the left so yeah, I'm my apparently my heirloom sword is a great sword. Very cool. owns that owns so much. I'd love that.


Alex Flanigan  21:33  

Oh, right. What was the first trick the witch taught you? In my head? I've already sort of made an equivalency between the witch and grandmother Weaver. I think they're the same person. I don't know that that has to be true. But like that is what feels right to me that I live with grandmother Weaver and curl up in her yarns and she tells me stories. I also think it's possible that not everybody knows she's a witch. Like everybody sort of suspects it. If you have somebody that would say she's a witch, but not because They have like, hardcore proof of it more just because they feel that way about grammar. Hmm. So let's see. The first trick the which taught me was how to reach any spot no matter how difficult which gives me plus two decks and the spell spider climb.


Ryan Boelter  22:20  

Fancy. Yeah, right. Um, I did forget to point out that I get to add something to the village in this question. Oh go well do yours first then I'll do mine. All right, sounds good. Um, so I mine was practicing the old ways of war. I've wonder Hmm. I wonder if there's like a as part of that, that that educational system that they have here, if there's like specifically a like, like a training center for for warriors or guards or whatever that Like other areas, we'll we'll send people here to do training since it's kind of out of the way a little bit. And maybe our village trains the the people that go on to be like guards at the main cities and stuff like that. Mm hmm.


Adam Steward  23:17  

That could be okay. Some type of training grounds or,


Unknown Speaker  23:21  

huh? Okay,


Alex Flanigan  23:23  

cool. All right, the location I'm going to add is a think that there is. And we can make some decisions about this together, I just sort of have this visual image of like a tower, like a tall tower that's kind of maybe not in particularly frequent use now, for whatever reason, it's like maybe it was once a church tower, but nobody really goes up there to ring the bells anymore, or maybe it was Watchtower, and we just haven't had needed it in a while. I don't really care what the specifics are. But I think wherever that spot is, there's something specific about the way that the light of the Full Moon like falls into the chamber at the top of it. So I think the reason that grandmother Weaver taught me like how to get too difficult to reach spots is because she can't climb up there anymore. And so she sends me up there to like, charge her herbs in the moonlight or crystals or whatever spell casting implements she needs.


Adam Steward  24:19  

I like that. That's great. Yeah. Good stuff.


Unknown Speaker  24:23  

All right.


Adam Steward  24:26  

And then I am up next. Okay, so my next table, what sort of major was the author of the book? Right. I wrote two, a war wizard. You learn the following magics the spell burning hands, the ritual major armor and the cantrip glamour weaving and I receive plus two to constitution with the interesting, right and then there is C Here. Okay, then I add something to the map as well. I was trying to think what to add here.


Unknown Speaker  25:08  



Ryan Boelter  25:09  

Yeah. Especially if magic's not like, the most well known thing in the village.


Adam Steward  25:14  

Yeah, yeah, I'm thinking like maybe you. Grandmother Weaver might be one of the few people who you know, has some knowledge of magic. So I don't want to make something too overtly magical. Maybe that


Alex Flanigan  25:30  

there also might be like, different ways of thinking about magic. Yeah. Maybe there's more like magic as a scholarly discipline. And like the kind of magic that grandmother Weaver does is probably much more like, all the bad yeah, like folk magic. Yeah,


Adam Steward  25:44  

yep. That's how I'm kind of picturing it too. I'm wondering if there should be maybe some type of just center for the maybe the villages small collection of written texts, some type of not a library, but maybe maybe some location where


Adam Steward  26:09  

texts are, are kept.


Unknown Speaker  26:13  

I love that. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  26:15  

Is there like a maybe a section of the in that has a bunch of books in it and people that, that stay at the end or that patron the end can go and, and sit in a quiet area and read books and whatnot?


Adam Steward  26:29  

Yeah. Or Or maybe. Maybe it's attached to the end. Yeah. So that to that effect. That could be


Alex Flanigan  26:39  

maybe, yeah, maybe it's attached to the end because maybe like, that's also were written records of the town or cat. Yeah,


Adam Steward  26:45  

that's a good idea archive,


Alex Flanigan  26:47  

but also, whatever small library this town has to offer would be found there as well. Yeah,


Adam Steward  26:53  

like that. I'm gonna call it an archive for now. Very cool. So that's a good idea.


Ryan Boelter  26:59  

I like that. All right, great. All right. My next question is something finally pushed you to go make a name for yourself. What was it? And oh, this is interesting. The player to my right was there when it happened. So we get to choose where would we be sitting at the table with one another? Yeah. If we want to, I can just use my, my zoom chat setup. Yeah. And go with to my left is Adam, which is this way. And to my right would be Alex. Um, so then, Alex, you're right would be Adam and Adams right would be me. Okay, great. Okay, so, Alex, you were here when it happened? Something finally pushed me to make a name for myself and what was it? A mysterious figure from your father's past came to town one night and the friend to your right also. met the stranger. So and Alex, you gained one wisdom because of this. Nice and I gained to wisdom.


Unknown Speaker  28:08  

Cool. I love that.


Adam Steward  28:11  

Yeah, and this is where it starts to the playbooks start to tie tie us together a little bit. Mm hmm.


Alex Flanigan  28:16  

I love that. That's really neat. That's like my favorite part of any character creation system is when you start figuring out like, how do we know? Right, right? Why? Cuz up until now, like several of these questions have said like, you all are best friends. But here's a totally unrelated thing. Yes. So it's neat to start sort of figuring out like, where those ties actually come in. Yeah,


Adam Steward  28:33  

yeah. It's convenient to for for the gamemaster as well, and the players in that they don't. When when we're done with the characters, there's going to be those ties together where we don't have to figure out why do why do we care about each other and why why are we going to bother going anywhere together and those types of things?


Ryan Boelter  28:52  



Alex Flanigan  28:55  

Okay, my turn. Yep. The witch sent you on an errand with one of the village To use what happened the player to your right was there with you? Let's see what we got three another witch who lives alone in the forest had fallen ill and needed aid. The friend to my right helped me find her hidden sanctum and gains plus one.


Adam Steward  29:19  

Hot right? Well, I just have to point out I'm at 18 intelligence. Oh,


Unknown Speaker  29:25  

I get plus two and a spell.


Ryan Boelter  29:28  

Very nice.


Unknown Speaker  29:29  

Okay, healing touch. That's nice.


Ryan Boelter  29:30  

Well, intelligence is very good for spell casting. Right?


Adam Steward  29:33  

It is. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  29:34  

Yeah. So you're you're right. They're


Adam Steward  29:36  

good. And now we have a healer. That's good to.


Ryan Boelter  29:39  

Uh huh. All right, great. Okay,


Adam Steward  29:41  

and then note no symbols for you, Alex.


Unknown Speaker  29:44  

Nope, none. Okay, so we get okay. So let's see,


Adam Steward  29:47  

where am I? No.


Ryan Boelter  29:49  

No, you should be on that same question, Adam.


Adam Steward  29:52  

Yeah, okay. So I am at Okay, so a spirit of chaos was drawn by your power How'd you fight it off the player to your right was there with you?


Ryan Boelter  30:04  

Yes, me.


Adam Steward  30:06  

All right. D six.


Adam Steward  30:11  

All right, you withstood its blows while your friend sealed it beneath the earth. Your stalwart friend to the right saved the day and gains plus one constitution. I gained plus to constitution and healing touch. So we're going to have two healers, that's never a bad thing.


Ryan Boelter  30:33  

That's very helpful.


Adam Steward  30:35  

All right. And those no symbols for me.


Ryan Boelter  30:38  

All right. Okay, so then on to my last question. Last autumn, you visited the market at a nearby village and found an item that reminded you of your father's stories, what was it so I am going to roll and see if I like it and go from there. Cuz I haven't chosen anything yet. I can't read that. Six. The key to a secret horde which would give me plus two dexterity and a brass key Hmm Maybe that's not bad like my dexterity is my highest stat right now at 14 they would push it to 16 and here's the min max portion of my brain kicking in here. Um, do I want to move it to strength because I'm assuming great sword is probably keyed off of strength.


Alex Flanigan  31:34  

I can tell you right now I will be no help in the strength department. So just


Unknown Speaker  31:39  

think I'm seeing seven.


Ryan Boelter  31:42  

Yeah, I think I want to move that. To this other option, a broken blade engraved with your father's name. So I gained plus to strength and the item that which will be reforged. I love that description so much.


Adam Steward  32:03  

Wow. That's a lot. Now that's a good step for for a game master to figure out what are what are what is. What are they going to do with with that item?


Alex Flanigan  32:15  

Yeah, that's a very that's a very fun gift for your


Unknown Speaker  32:17  

GM. Right Haha,


Adam Steward  32:19  



Ryan Boelter  32:20  

Yeah, I like all of these. It's down the list. It's a questionable map a small book or frayed bit of cloth and it's stored in source souls score. I don't know, how do you pronounce it? And sources and sources and a brass key. All kind of are kind of evocative of story beats that you could be going on?


Adam Steward  32:41  

Yeah, there's some clever ideas that they have. And some of them I think I remember my favorite so far was my daughter's she found in a tomb. It cursed the doll. Absolutely creeped me out.


Adam Steward  32:58  

There's some way Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  33:01  

yeah, and one of the players in our group is is an artist and she drew this curse doll with with Adam's daughter's character. And yeah, it's, it's kind of creepy.


Adam Steward  33:16  

I love it. Uh huh. Great. And then do you get to add anything


Ryan Boelter  33:20  

I get to add an NPC to this list? And I think it's very fitting to add a blacksmith. Like, not just a regular blacksmith like a like a good like, coveted sort of blacksmith like the the big cities have been wanting to bring this guy onboard into their cities


Alex Flanigan  33:43  

for longest time legends come together. They're like weapons reports.


Ryan Boelter  33:48  

Yeah, absolutely. And but he he or she, I don't I guess I haven't decided yet.


Unknown Speaker  33:55  

Or they,


Ryan Boelter  33:56  

they or they haven't really decided But they have wanted to stay here because this is their home and they don't want to leave their home. all their friends and family are here and all the fame and riches in the world isn't going to sway them. But they gosh, they're talented. So let's let's roll up another name. I want to do kind of the same thing as last time. See what inspires me. I roll the seven,


Adam Steward  34:32  

seven. Okay, so the feminine name is Enid. En ID and the masculine name would be Yuan, e w a n. Also a kelpy.


Unknown Speaker  34:50  

We keep our secrets here.


Ryan Boelter  34:54  

You know what I'm going to say that this coveted blacksmith is a woman I know. mean, Enid. Great. Yeah. That's how my that's all my questions. All right.


Alex Flanigan  35:07  

All right, my last one. What special token has the witch giving you? And this is another D six table. But this is one where like, as soon as I was skimming over it, there's one answer I saw that immediately caught my eye and I'm gonna be sad if I get any other one. So I'm just going to pick it up. Number five, a magic rhyme never known to foxes before. Wow. which I find very clever and fun.


Ryan Boelter  35:31  

That's amazing.


Alex Flanigan  35:33  

So I get plus two charisma and the spell false friend.


Adam Steward  35:38  

Interesting. Yeah. I believe that's kind of a manipulation type spell. you convince somebody that you are their friend.


Alex Flanigan  35:47  

That would make sense. Yeah. So hopefully those two extra charisma points will help me out. They're absolutely great. And then I have an NPC sort of icon here. Which I'm inclined to figure like, who would be somebody that I have used this on? Like, who would it behoove me to have tried to like, swing in this town? And actually, if this is cool with everybody, Ryan, I'd really like to know more about the innkeepers like I know that you were you were raised Yeah, like by the innkeepers but we sort of this interesting thing going on where like, your father has this incredible legend but also like, runs in in Yeah, curious what the story


Ryan Boelter  36:36  

is. All right. We're about that. I was just thinking about that too. Because of like, yeah, that's right. My father was a famous, at least to him adventure. Yes, this wicked magical sword that literally attuned to the wielder. And and it turns out that it could have tuned to me as


Alex Flanigan  36:58  

well. And then Just like settle down,


Ryan Boelter  37:01  

and just I guess just settle down. I wonder. Oh, okay, so this is this is a quick and dirty backstory of my parents. They were both adventurers in secret. And my father used this great sword alongside my mother, who at the time they were just adventuring companions. And I want to say that like, he's he's more of the, like, Friday, Friday type. And she's more of the, like rogi rogi type and they kind of fell in love through their adventures and, and finally found a place to settle down in and, and then and then had me


Adam Steward  37:54  

dungeons are no place to raise a child, right? Yeah, maybe it was a better place. Exactly.


Alex Flanigan  38:02  

I love that. That's very cool. Um, I think I would also kind of love it if that tied into this blacksmith somehow. Hmm. Like, I don't know if, if she's like a family friend or what or like used to be a member of the adventuring party. I just find it very interesting that we have this like blacksmith of heroic renown, in the same town where these two like storied adventurers are really chose to settle down. Like, I think it's fun if maybe it's like, well, we've spent so much time here in between missions, like


Ryan Boelter  38:32  

let's say that they are part of the same adventuring crew that that swore effectively, like, you know, they're allowed to tell stories about their past and stuff. But, like the nature of it, it's kind of dangerous. So sure, you know, they've never been ones to corroborate those stories. So it's like why I was there. So like, they never tell who they were with, they just say, Oh yeah, me and some friends did this. And


Alex Flanigan  39:04  

that's really fine. That also, to me, at least starts to kind of paint this picture of this town as being a really quirky little place where it's like this, this village is off the beaten path. But we've already established like, this is a place that people from the big cities, like, send their strapping young folk to, like, learn how to be the best at what they do. And it's a place where like, you know, incredible old folk witches from generations that shouldn't be remembered are like still magic. And there's an incredible blacksmith and like some retired heroes of your who just like, no, like, this is a neat place. This is like a weird little small town. Like fandom. So weird and I love I love this little this little slice of heaven. This is fantastic.


Ryan Boelter  39:56  

That's great.


Unknown Speaker  39:57  

Cool. Yeah, that's very fun.


Adam Steward  39:59  

Good. So did. Let's see here. So Alex, do you have a person to add or? I can't remember?


Alex Flanigan  40:06  

I Well, yeah, no. So I sort of an off on a tangent of using my NPC slot to like flesh out the innkeeper.


Adam Steward  40:11  

Gotcha. Oh, okay, gotcha. So we'll cut we'll count the innkeeper then. Okay. Okay, great. So then now, okay, I may have to add something to what we got going on here with this unusual village because I think I'm going to have a wizard tie. That's going to be in this table. It says he's a real wizard from the south passed through the village when you came of age. What did he think of you? Okay, so I'm gonna roll see when I get here for he was amused by your first steps toward learning magic and taught you a trick. Plus two to charisma and the ritual unseen servant. Yeah. Nice. So, and then I add an NPC so I'm thinking, well, the obvious thing to add would be this wizard but picturing this wizard was only temporarily coming through here. So would that be an appropriate person to add to the list? Or more going for the villagers here?


Alex Flanigan  41:13  

Why did the wizard come here? Was there somebody that they were visited question?


Unknown Speaker  41:18  

Good question.


Adam Steward  41:20  

The Wizard from the part of the retired adventuring party lives here


Unknown Speaker  41:28  

Hmm, I don't know when


Alex Flanigan  41:31  

the whole we've got like a whole Next Gen. Yeah story, right. We've we've built this narrative that's actually really fascinating. I like that of like a group of young people who are standing in the footsteps of like, some phenomenal origin. Right, but like, having been raised in a sleepy little town, like, it's not that our parents wanted this for right, but we couldn't kind of really help.


Adam Steward  41:53  

How about what if I had say, Okay, what if it's my godfather, who Maybe he helps maintain the archive. He's semi retired. And maybe he is rumored to have cast a spell or two. And this wizard from the south was, was here visiting was visiting him


Unknown Speaker  42:15  

after a few drinks spell start,


Adam Steward  42:16  

right. Yeah.


Adam Steward  42:20  

mugs of ale are floating around.


Unknown Speaker  42:23  

Okay, we all enchanted things we regret.


Adam Steward  42:26  

I'm rolling on the table and the name is Arden. AR d n. I'm a so I'm going to go with that. So Arden is going to be my godfather. And he kind of runs the he helps maintain the archive and, but it's also kind of semi retired. Okay, I'll call him an archivist. There we go. Okay. Great. And then that's it for my tables.


Ryan Boelter  42:52  

Awesome. So I was looking at my equipment and one of the things I wanted to point out, that's, that's probably different from everybody else. Is the sword of my father's. So the description in the book is this blade has been passed down for generations and carries great magic. It grows in power with his wielder matching the might of its bear. The sword gains a new magical property for each level of the character using it. The following table describes these powers and the sword always has the properties of its wielders level and all previous levels. So at level one, the sword is magical, but has no bonuses to hit or damage. It can however, harm any creatures immune to mundane attacks. Also, the sword always finds its way home. When is lost. It is never apart from its rightful owner for more than a day or two. That's awesome.


Adam Steward  43:45  

That's really awesome.


Ryan Boelter  43:46  

Rules Yeah, and then as that gain levels against bonuses, the hidden damage level three. The sword also sends vague dreams to its wielder when there is grave danger in the near future. The specific use of so trees are left up to the GM. This is awesome. I like that. So that's my sword.


Unknown Speaker  44:08  

I like that. That's really awesome.


Ryan Boelter  44:10  

Yeah, I love that. All right. So I'm at the bottom of our playbooks, it tells us what we need to do to flesh out the rest of our character. So jot down your skills, here's your equipment that comes with it, how many silver pieces you pick your alignment. So lawful, chaotic or neutral like we talked about before. I think I'm going to go with neutral for myself. You get a base attack bonus, and your initiative, modifier your armor class. And then I start with five fortune points because I believe I have that trait that gives me extra fortune. And then it has saving throws on the back of this booklet for what our saving throw start at Huh. And then we're pretty much done with character creation. Yeah. Yep. That's pretty cool. All right. So then I guess the only thing we need to know from both of you are what? What alignments? Are you going with your characters and then we have to name these people.


Alex Flanigan  45:17  

Kind of name them. Yeah. I think neutral makes the most sense. Isn't alignment just sort of, you know, vibe in here? Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  45:25  

And I yeah. Thinking.


Adam Steward  45:29  

I just, yeah, my character. He's, he's neutral. I want to say something different, but I just feel it he's neutral.


Ryan Boelter  45:37  

That makes a lot of sense. Um, and I think for names I want to roll a random name. Okay. I'm kind of want to do the same thing as before. And see what speaks to me. I roll the one. Okay.


Adam Steward  45:53  

So the feminine name would be a lease Ai L is he and the masculine would be Ambrose amb. Ro se.


Ryan Boelter  46:04  

Interesting. Those are both kind of powerful names. Yeah, right. Um, you know what, I'm gonna go with Elise. She her pronouns


Unknown Speaker  46:15  

right on,


Ryan Boelter  46:16  

daughter of the innkeeper, quote unquote, innkeeper.


Unknown Speaker  46:22  

Yeah, right.


Ryan Boelter  46:24  

All right.


Unknown Speaker  46:25  

Okay, Is it my turn? Yep.


Alex Flanigan  46:28  

So my name is Bethany fiddle Fern crush Paul nice fresh Paul was my bare family's last name so I of course I'm ended on to the end of mine as a show of respect and, and love for my my parents. Yeah, and I think that Bettany uses they them pronouns because like what uses gender to a fox. Bettany, just incidentally is a sacred Celtic herb that was used to guard against evil spirits and mischief and derives from word meaning good for the head, which I thought was Fun for like a clever sort of mischievous Fox. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  47:04  

I just need to point out I love Barents. Hmm. All right. How about you, Adam? Okay.


Adam Steward  47:15  

My character I'm going with the first name is going to be thil th y lol. I don't know. I don't have a good last name thought of yet.


Ryan Boelter  47:30  

Well, you were an orphan. Oh, that's right. Maybe interesting. Maybe


Adam Steward  47:36  

Maybe you haven't decided on? Oh, yeah, maybe I'm just called fiddle right now.


Adam Steward  47:41  

We'll do that. Yeah, right now.


Adam Steward  47:45  

I haven't been given a family name. Cool.


Ryan Boelter  47:48  

Great. Okay.


Adam Steward  47:50  

All right. Oh, and then in our our playbooks that also describe if you whatever your starting equipment is to okay. That's about the third paragraph.


Ryan Boelter  48:01  

Yeah, the interesting thing I had in there is the sword and a single coin made from pure platinum. Which is kind of cool. Also, like how did how did you get that as the, you know, daughter of a innkeeper? Yeah, rich. I never tell.


Unknown Speaker  48:24  

You see, what do I have? Do I have anything? Oh, I have no equipment. Ah, it's okay. I also have no hands.


Unknown Speaker  48:32  

That's true.


Ryan Boelter  48:34  

But you can do you can do like, there's some special Fox magic that you get.


Alex Flanigan  48:38  

Yeah, and I have a magic rhyme that no other foxes have ever known.


Ryan Boelter  48:42  

That's awesome. I wonder if your magic is Ryan based. Like


Alex Flanigan  48:49  

just like a gosh darn Andrew, like, freaking jelly. Like, rhyme a bunch of nonsense about myself before I get any spells. That sounds terrible.


Ryan Boelter  49:00  

That's for the musical foxes in the


Unknown Speaker  49:04  

slash bear. Yep.


Ryan Boelter  49:06  

Oh my awesome. Very cool. Well,


Alex Flanigan  49:09  

I can also assist mages so like I am myself a rogue major, but I'm also a familiar your own.


Ryan Boelter  49:18  

That's amazing. I love this. This is such a fun group that we've made. I agree.


Unknown Speaker  49:24  

We have like a fortune.


Adam Steward  49:27  

Yeah, that's excellent. Fox


Ryan Boelter  49:30  

Yeah, you started with with three Adam.


Adam Steward  49:33  

Yes, I start with three fortune points.


Ryan Boelter  49:36  

All right.


Alex Flanigan  49:38  

And I can bite for one decent damage. Nice. Cool. Oh, and I get a plus two bonus to abilities for checks that involve like sight and smell.


Ryan Boelter  49:49  

Very nice. Yeah, that's awesome. Very cool. We made some people


Unknown Speaker  49:54  

mean to people at Fox.


Ryan Boelter  49:56  

foxes are people too. We have a hard stance on this podcast that all sentient beings are people.


Alex Flanigan  50:06  

I love that. So thank you so much for joining us for our beyond the wall character creation episodes episode right now it will soon be episodes to speak too much for my future soft.


Ryan Boelter  50:22  

Mm hmm. Yeah. And now I know you don't have much of a presence on social media, Adam. But is there a way that people can get a hold of you or is through me their best option for now?


Adam Steward  50:33  

Yeah, probably be through you. Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  50:36  

Okay. So if you have questions to field for Adam, field them through me and I will text him them relentlessly.


Alex Flanigan  50:44  

Or you could ask me and I'll message right. Yeah, that works too.


Ryan Boelter  50:48  

And that's a good point. Alex, where can people find you online?


Alex Flanigan  50:52  

On Twitter perpetually? I never should. You can find me on Twitter. At coffee detective it's co FF three, three, detective. It is how you spell detective. It is not how you spell coffee, but string them all together and you'll find me somewhere. You can also find me on the cryptid keeper podcast or as previously mentioned, you can find me right here on the one shot network on a horror Borealis.


Ryan Boelter  51:19  

All right, well, thank you both for joining us. Thank you, Alex, for filling in for Amelia. And thank you to everyone for listening. Please join us again for our next episode for our discussion block.


Adam Steward  51:33  

Thank you very much.


Ryan Boelter  51:45  

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show nerves.


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