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Series 28.2 - Numenera with Darcy Ross (Creation Continued)

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In the second episode of our Numenera series, Darcy Ross, from Cypher Speak and Monte Cook Games, returns to finish our characters with us!

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In the second episode of our Numenera series, Darcy Ross, from Cypher Speak and Monte Cook Games, returns to finish our characters with us!


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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome to the second episode of series 28 everyone numenera with Darcy Ross.


Amelia Antrim  0:07  

Before we begin today's episode, we want to take some time to talk about recent events. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd protests broken out all over the world demanding justice and calling for deep systemic changes, we want to make it clear that we stand with those protesters and with the Black Lives Matter movement. Racism is not a flawed opinion of a select few but a pervasive system of oppression that has been institutionalized and codified over hundreds of years and has touched every one of our lives. For those of us who are white, it has granted us inherent privilege that has been denied to members of the black community. We must acknowledge that fact and work to correct this imbalance by supporting meaningful and lasting change.


Ryan Boelter  0:49  

The the violence we have seen against protesters at the hands of the police may seem shocking to many of us, but for black people, it is as has been a brutal daily truth. The outrage and helplessness many of us feel cannot begin to compare to that of the black community. In this moment, those of us in positions of privilege must take time for meaningful reflection, and acknowledge that privilege, even when it makes us uncomfortable.


Amelia Antrim  1:21  

We are asking members of our community to stand with those that have been oppressed and betrayed by this corrupt system. We encourage you to donate to organizations like the national bail fund or black lives matter. We ask that you seek out minority businesses, artists and creators and support them, we ask that you take time to contact your local, state and federal representatives and advocate for defunding the police and investment in black communities. We've put links in our show notes for places that you can donate and resources that you can use to educate yourself.


Ryan Boelter  1:49  

Yeah, we have not always gotten things right here. Our privilege has often blinded us there is always room for growth. We hope that you will all join us as we try to do better. We are all able to contribute in different but meaningful ways. And no step is too small in this fight. So please, please take a look at the resources we have linked in the show notes and join us in fighting for justice. That is very long overdue.


Ryan Boelter  3:07  

On the last episode of Character Creation Cast, Emilia was creating a prepared nano who holes at the moon Darcy was creating a nurturing, right? Who crafts illusions. And I was creating a serene Delve, who moves like a cat. We're picking up right where we left off last time, enjoy.


Darcy Ross  3:33  

I think I'm gonna create a hover disk as one of my plans because that sounds extremely awesome. And I feel like that would be a fun thing to be able to like whip together. So that's its minimum crafting level as to which means like, it'll probably be a level two or so task to create a sort of basic version of it, but if I want to create like, better versions, so that's considered a vehicle which is pretty cool. So We can all have hover discs maybe


Ryan Boelter  4:02  

nice that'd be pretty sweet. So yeah, I have a choice between light armor or one extra unit of responsive synth.


Darcy Ross  4:12  

So that is if we are going to be playing a lot with like the the crafting mechanic. Yeah, responsive synth is a, let me let me show find a new one Aeroplan, that would be something you can basically hack together to create ciphers. to, you know, my, my hover desk will require different kinds of, quote unquote, Iota. These are like, you know, to create my hover disk, I might need like, a big weird sheet of metal. And that's kind of a basic thing, right? It's a, I might need wood or, you know, some hard component to be the big disk. But then I need like, the numenera, right, like, what's the weird magical power behind the hover disk? And that's what you start using, quote unquote, I owe them for these are responsive sins. What are some other cool ones they do. They're really fun as your steel since steel apt clay, Amber crystal Iraqi alum. So there are all these different fancy, kind of core components of numenera magical power and you can find them out in the world, you might need to go seek one out for like a really cool high level crafting you might want to do. And the right is not the only person who can craft anybody can craft. I'm just like, a little more. better at it. I've got some skills and some training. That's awesome.


Unknown Speaker  5:37  

Yeah, so good.


Ryan Boelter  5:40  

I come with two ciphers. No, sometimes we don't have a gn. So let me roll some dice then. Cool. Cuz I'm assuming you have a list somewhere.


Unknown Speaker  5:51  

Yes. In the book, there is a part six numenera


Darcy Ross  5:57  

chapter 17 ciphers safer list. One thing I do deeply appreciate is all the MCG books are very hyperlinked and bookmark. Yes, you can. And I know that work is like, really hard. Super tedious. It's super tedious. Sometimes Yeah. So thank you bear whiter and so a smally who have done this for us and some other folks we've contracted to you our heroes who live forever in my heart. Cool. So let me know when you roll a percentile and I will give you a cipher Awesome, so I rolled 38


Ryan Boelter  6:33  

just one higher than what was guessed?


Darcy Ross  6:34  

Yes. You get a hunter seeker. We pull that up. Very fun.


Ryan Boelter  6:41  

And I get to savers. So this is interesting,


Amelia Antrim  6:43  

I guess three.


Darcy Ross  6:46  

Cool. A hunter seeker can come in different forms so like the GM can decide or you can decide. The effect is with long range movement, this intelligent missile tracks and attacks specific target that must be within sight When selected. If it misses, it continues to attack one additional time per cipher level until it hits. For example, a level 400 seeker will attack a maximum of five times different hunter seekers have different effects cool when I roll again on the percent kind you got what kind of I got


Unknown Speaker  7:21  

84 Oh boy.


Darcy Ross  7:26  

Get one that explodes, inflicting six points of damage to all with an immediate range. So you got a super explosive one noise? And then do you want to roll a D six for me to determine its level?


Ryan Boelter  7:37  

Come on. 660


Darcy Ross  7:40  

Wow, cool, very powerful one. So, you know if someone tries to like shoot your missile out of the sky, it'll probably be like, it'll act as a level six thing which is really high. So like, so little level three, you know, soldiers who you're you know attacking you from their hideout are not going to be able to get this missile out of the sky because they're too low of level. So one thing that's really nice is they're the GM doesn't roll and numenera and so when you're dealing with like NPCs and like what they're doing, you do a lot of just like comparing levels like everything in cipher is just level is at a high levels at low level. stuff is less good.


Ryan Boelter  8:26  

Awesome. So my other cipher is a mano blade. Oh my gosh, which sounds super sweet. It


Darcy Ross  8:32  

is really one of my favorite is definitely one of my favorite ciphers. The mana blade produces a six inch blade that's the same level as the cipher. The blade cuts through any material of a level lower than its own. Again, everything is well. If used as a weapon, it is a light weapon that ignores armor of a level lower than its own. So it really like dives in. Yeah, and so because it's The same level so that the cipher will do so let's let's really your level


Ryan Boelter  9:06  

by level. Ah, just one plus two. Oh, that's


Darcy Ross  9:10  

okay. It's still nice. One plus two. So three. So you have a level three mana blade, it will do three points of damage, ignoring armor for any sort of low level, like, you know, three or lower end PCs or, you know, like the whole, like the whole of like, you know, a really robust spaceship might not be able to get this might not be able to pierce quite through but like walls are going to be absolutely. mano bladed through and the blade lasts for 10 minutes. So you've got for a while. Cool. Do you want to roll up some ciphers? Amelia? I do. Yeah, we do. Okay.


Unknown Speaker  9:47  

97 Hmm. I


Ryan Boelter  9:49  

like those big numbers.


Darcy Ross  9:51  

Vocal translator.


Amelia Antrim  9:53  



Darcy Ross  9:54  

I'm so excited. Um, there's some other books too that give you like, lots more ciphers So there's sir Arthur's Guide, which is like just a book full of cool ciphers and artifacts and oddities. So there's plenty more but the book comes with a bunch. So vocal, whereas it vocal translator, its effect is that it translates everything said by the user into a language that anyone can understand for 28 hours per cipher level. Oh, yeah, a day on the ninth world is 28 hours long, don't worry about it. So why don't you roll a D six? To cool. So, it'll do for two whole days. This thing will make you unintelligible by any person that can understand language. So, there are some other details on these ciphers like, you know, is it an internal thing or a wearable thing? So this suggests that it's a headband, if you get like a wearable version of it, or if it's internal, it could be a pill or an adjustable liquid like I could make a cool weird numenera tea for you then A cipher like this. But often what I do is like, when you use it, like Tell me what it looks like. That's usually how I GM it just cuz I'm lazy and don't want to run. write it all down.


Unknown Speaker  11:13  

So cool.


Unknown Speaker  11:16  

What's your next one? Amelia


Amelia Antrim  11:19  



Darcy Ross  11:20  

Ooh, oh, Lord, time dilation nodule defensive. So let's pull that up.


Unknown Speaker  11:29  

This is gonna be fine. I'm sure this is fine.


Darcy Ross  11:35  

Cool a time dilation nodule is has the effect of for the next 28 hours the next day, the attacker moves at almost instantaneous speeds when they Oh, I'm reading the wrong one for the defensive time dilation nodule. the wear of the armor moves in seemingly random rapid jumps a few inches to one side or the other when attacked. This is an asset Meaning it lowers the difficulty of a related task that eases the tasks, eases attacks by two steps.


Unknown Speaker  12:08  

That wild


Darcy Ross  12:12  

No, and they must I found a typo Good job that uses defenses by two steps, three levels if it's a super high level cipher, so basically you're able to duck and dodge out of the way. And lots of times ciphers like this is a thing that is very obviously like fashioned to act as like an armor that like helps you defend and jump out of the way. But like numenera is very lends itself toward like macgyvering weird solutions with the weird tools that you have. So I can imagine a world where people use this not to defend from attacks but to dodge into the way of falling Stalag tights and, you know, other like, kind of unusual cases like that. So why don't you roll me a a d six. I got a for you. Cool. So it will your it's going to ease your defenses by two steps. So cool, cool. Cool. All right,


Unknown Speaker  13:08  

one more. Awesome.


Darcy Ross  13:13  

35 let's see what that is. 35 is a gravity Nola fire. All right, maybe I don't need the upper disk. Cool. What do you do gravity nullifier. For one hour, the user can float into the air moving vertically, but not horizontally without some other action like pushing along the ceiling or being towed by a rope probably. So for one hour, you can float into the air moving vertically up to a short distance per round. And a short distance is like, like a couple of feet, like maybe two yards. It is it's in the rule somewhere. But human error is very like not working on a grid. You're either immediate short distance or long distance or like way far. The user must weigh less than 50 pounds per level of the cipher. So why don't you roll the level of that cipher? See? For again, wow. So the level is a D six plus three for this one. So seven, so you have many hundreds of pounds of weight, you have seven times 5350. I can math. So you have something that can lift 350 weight, pounds of weight for any user for a while. Yeah, so I'm sure you can already see how like, if you're exploring a dungeon, these ciphers will really like change your options. You have your existing abilities, but you've got these this rotating cast of strange abilities, you can throw out once and find really innovative solutions to things.


Ryan Boelter  14:48  

And it's really cool because when you're in the thick of things, you're going to find ciphers here and there. Yes. And you kind of want to use the ones you have so you can actually pick up more stuff. There's that cipher limit.


Unknown Speaker  15:01  

Yes, exactly. That's what the cipher limit is for urging you to use them.


Ryan Boelter  15:05  

Yeah. So you don't have the the Final Fantasy syndrome of I've got 99 high potions I can't use them because then if I do that I need to get more.


Amelia Antrim  15:13  



Darcy Ross  15:15  

I'm playing FF seven for the first time the original and I feel you I'm finally getting to the point.


Ryan Boelter  15:20  

According I've got 99 cabins What?


Unknown Speaker  15:25  

Yeah, come at me.


Darcy Ross  15:27  

Amelie, do you have one more Are you had? No, that was three times


Unknown Speaker  15:31  

one oddity I have


Ryan Boelter  15:33  

to do as well.


Darcy Ross  15:35  

Out of these are my favorite part of equipment and numenera. It is so good. And I'm going to take two ciphers. I'm going to take a force screen projector, so I get three. I'll just take two for now and keep one slot open in case we find stuff in our adventure. So I've got a four screen projector, which creates an immobile plane of solid force 20 feet by 20 feet for one hour per Seifer level. And the plane conforms to the space available. So you've got like a weird shaped archway, it'll just you have that surface area and it'll like throw up a good, like forcefield, basically, right? And the other one I'm taking is a kosala con. It is a, it's an injector that's going to cure any disease of the cipher level or lower. So I've got a cool, like, anti disease thing. Awesome. Okay, so you get an oddity, they are so fun. So we're gonna roll the oddity table. So numenera come in three, three ish, broad categories. So sort of artifacts, ciphers, and oddities. artifacts are pieces of numenera that works so well that they can like keep being used. So you get a couple of uses out of them, but eventually, you know, it's ancient, it'll like go haywire. So you sort of roll to a depletion role every time you use it and find out like, is this the time it kind of, you know, stops on us ciphers are one use and oddities are intended to be like, just strange little, you know, knickknacks, right? little weird pieces of numenera that are odd. Yeah, so this is what the chapter has to say about oddities. Like, you know, these provide verisimilitude. You know, not everything that you're going to find is like, intended for explorer to use. And second, they're interesting, you can use them for like barter or gifts. And third, and perhaps more important, they add more mystery and feelings to the unknown to the world and the game because they are really odd. You know, why did someone make this What could this possibly be for? So let's roll on the oddity table. Do you 100


Ryan Boelter  17:46  

I got 99 for mine. Oh, boy.


Darcy Ross  17:51  

Okay, you, my dear Dell, get a box filled with two dozen spherical magnets. About the size of a pea


Ryan Boelter  18:01  

I love that was that Bucky Paul's set thing that uh that I've got Bucky balls yeah awesome yeah Nick things that they banned because people were swallowing yeah it's mostly like if kids were swallow more than one of them


Unknown Speaker  18:24  

could pinch a part of their very


Ryan Boelter  18:25  

bad once they get into the intestinal area. Yeah, especially.


Darcy Ross  18:31  

Well, you already as Adele you understand the dangers haha strange little pea size magnets. Uh huh. Amelia, what do you roll 3333 exciting. Awesome. You get a small wand like device that keeps away normal insects in a five foot radius. Mm hmm. I'm like already imagining like the campfire scene that we have. We're all like, like, just absolutely glue ourselves now. To Emilio's character. And when someone mind rolling a percentile for me I don't have my dice right here


Unknown Speaker  19:09  



Darcy Ross  19:11  

thank you a plastic bottle containing a spray that cleans any stain and never runs out okay cool I'm not an armor anymore I've definitely a tailor Oh, that's cool that has decided that


Ryan Boelter  19:26  

oh I love and finit stain remover That's amazing.


Darcy Ross  19:29  

Yeah, I feel like I'm maybe I'm getting the sense that there's a world in which Amelia and my character are very like concerned with like the elements being like bad and like you know I don't like getting dirty and Amelia doesn't like it bit by insects, which is very legit. But we've we're also traveling with this Delve, who like, you know, I assume eats lava for breakfast and


Unknown Speaker  19:53  

isn't afraid of any mud hole.


Ryan Boelter  19:55  

Yeah. picture that as many times as many My character will flip over walls and crawl under the the smallest nooks and crannies to get to the deepest darkest places of these caves and dungeons. We all look immaculate


Unknown Speaker  20:14  



Ryan Boelter  20:16  

like hey we get out of the dungeon I like clothes I like shiny like Did you do anything all we got all this stuff


Darcy Ross  20:24  

I like rival exploring parties are always baffled by I'm sure


Ryan Boelter  20:29  

I can see it being like kind of this legend of like they're so good that they don't even get dirty. Yeah


Darcy Ross  20:38  

for some reason I have the like Jesse and James and mouth like animation scenes for us like we emerge from a dungeon and we've got like sparkles. Yeah, so you in your type, it leads you through picking some equipment and then it leads you into your first first tier abilities. So you'll want to pick However many options that it gives you


Ryan Boelter  21:03  

so I come with one weapon cool and since I'm proficient in light or medium I get to choose I have met I would imagine also gets to choose between like melee or ranged of some sort. Yep. Goodness.


Darcy Ross  21:20  

Oh, there is a list of weapons if you like but again, because the the mechanics behind it are so standardized Yeah, like make up whatever weapon you like.


Unknown Speaker  21:33  

So I will be taking


Darcy Ross  21:37  

I think there's some equipment that I really like that like that are very evocative for me personally. I like the ciske. It is a solid bladed throwing disc about the diameter of a human head. It's a short range weapon. And I just think it's like really cool. Okay.


Ryan Boelter  21:54  

So like, like Xena this chakra.


Darcy Ross  21:57  

Ah, it that is exactly what it sounds like. Yeah. So I'm gonna have a ciske there's a little light weapon, two points of damage. shins are the currency and numenera with sort of a big air quotes across that the ninth world is a place that's like, you kind of know the weirdness that is in your surrounding area if you're not an explorer and so, you know, you don't have like highways and stuff, right. So as you explore the stedfast, which is kind of the more explored part of the region has like cities and bigger populations, then like the beyond, you'll still you'll still find like pockets where people don't really like they sort of have an all bartering economy or maybe you've reached a village that like no one pays for anything like you just sort of share right? But in many cities that tend to like trade with each other. They will trade in shins and these are like pretty shiny pieces of like, deep valuable like metals or synthetic materials and it's basically just little like Chinese. And so you'll get some number of Chinese and you can trade them for you know, weapons and a knighted in and things like that.


Ryan Boelter  23:15  

So I'm going to lean into my Assassin's Creed obsession and go with a hidden forearm blade. retracting neat. Yes, yes yes. Do you want that to be medium or light medium? Um, part of me thinks medium just for the brutality of it. But part of me thinks light as well. It's hard to say.


Darcy Ross  23:39  

I feel like if I was jamming this I would say you should take both and you could just you start with some starting shins, you know, pay tuitions and have a light weapon to Oh,


Unknown Speaker  23:49  

yeah, please. We're like


Darcy Ross  23:51  

two versions of it. Maybe have two modes. There's like a lever you switch. And it's a short blade in some cases. And you can like Flip it to the long blade setting.


Ryan Boelter  24:01  

Yeah, like that. Awesome. Yeah, that sounds pretty sweet.


Darcy Ross  24:05  

Yeah, um, I have a ranged weapon that requires ammunition apparently is one of the things they recommend I start with. Although I could always trade stuff out for shins and so on. So I guess I'll have like a little little light bow. That makes sense. Oh, it says if you start with a range weapon that needs ammunition, you also start with ammunition. That makes sense. Okay, I've got my Sisk and I've got my oddity. I've got my ciphers, got crafting tools because I'm cool crafter, some shins, and I have some starting Iota which is like those special componentry if I want to like whip up a cool numenera plan.


Amelia Antrim  24:42  

Okay, I start with a light weapon and I'm gonna go with a razor ring.


Unknown Speaker  24:46  

I love the razor but I want it to be like a bracelet. Yes. Tell me what it looks like. So it's like a bracelet that is it like, can you like do you slip it off your wrist or does it like


Amelia Antrim  24:59  

I want it to be Like something that like where the pieces like interlink and then like if you pull it a certain way they like pop up you know how like bracelets like I have beans that are like, you know, like it's like little triangles. Yes kind of like fit together but like if you pull it the other way that they like pop up.


Darcy Ross  25:14  

Oh my gosh, that's really cool. Does it like look, I want to know so much more about your character. I guess I will wait but I don't know. I know. But I want to know what you look like. Like so much of numenera is like weird fashion. There's a lot of cool character art in here and like I still


Amelia Antrim  25:33  

haven't figured out like what my like anthropic for all I know either. That's exciting. Cool,


Darcy Ross  25:39  

well maybe that'll come together as we can.


Unknown Speaker  25:41  



Darcy Ross  25:42  

So I can take some I can choose to have these quote unquote inspired techniques. So these are my like special weird abilities for being right. Um, oh, very neat. Oh yeah, this is this is the most Darcy ability in this book called right tool for the job. It requires one intellect point, I have an edge so it'll be free for me and plus i yotam. So I'll lead some items, some special numenera goodness to make it work. But if I have at least one unit of item, I can fashion a temporary device that provides an asset to one physical non combat task identified ahead of time. This is like totally the MacGyver ability. Like oh, I've got this paperclip. Of course I can, you know, help you be a cool physical task to do. I don't know. We've this magical quilt right and magical quilt weaving naturally, I will I will spend an iota which is important and hard to find, but I can, I can help you out with that one ability. That seems really fun. And it lasts for about a minute so maybe I could, it's something I can build that will help the two of you right, so maybe like our Delve can climb really well but maybe the two of us are like facing I'm really hard task trying to get up this weird floating obelisk and I can fashion a little like helpful grappling hook for us. Very cute. I think the other thing I'm going to take is a scan for I Odom. I do really want to like find a lot of this stuff and so it basically when I scan an area it grants an asset helps out with one level of difficulty for initial salvage test tasks in the area to figure out like what's salvaging stuff, so it'll make it much easier for probably our Delve. Hopefully, hopefully, I'll be able to be like I've got a weird beeper on my I don't know, robot arm panel that helps me like, oh, that pile that pile of ancient trash over there is not what we should check out. We should check out this ancient pile. Hello Delve. Please help, please go get dirty.


Unknown Speaker  27:56  

What are some of your abilities Hold on,


Amelia Antrim  27:59  

back to that page.


Darcy Ross  28:00  

Yeah, so you have esotery Emilia Yes.


Amelia Antrim  28:03  

So I picked since I went for prepared before I can pick things that went along with that so I picked scan points you can scan an area


Unknown Speaker  28:16  

it reveals its level


Amelia Antrim  28:20  

you can learn facts from the GM what they feel is pertinent yeah read this whole thing. And and then I also picked ward. Oh, that's great a shield of energy around you at all times that helps deflect attacks you gain plus one armor. That awesome. Yeah, I figured those made sense.


Darcy Ross  28:37  

They do. That sounds great.


Amelia Antrim  28:39  

They're not like the most exciting ones. But


Darcy Ross  28:42  

there'll be plenty more excitement to have prepared. Yes, we really are are sounding like some very prepared delver Mm hmm. Ah, yeah. And let me know what you pick. delver


Ryan Boelter  28:55  

Yeah. So I have a question. Yes. So one of the things I can choose as additional training, which gives me an extra train skills, and I've got from my skill list, it says choose from the following. And it just has a list of skills, but it doesn't say that I'm trained in those.


Darcy Ross  29:18  

If you if you get a skill you start out as training. Oh, beautiful.


Ryan Boelter  29:21  

Okay, so then I can choose to additional skills if I choose this, um, which navigation and sensing danger. Sounds good. That sounds great. Um, so I think I'm gonna go with those. And then I'm torn between find the way which will be really helpful in a lot of situations, or trained without armor, which means that you are trained in speed defense tasks when not wearing armor.


Darcy Ross  29:53  



Ryan Boelter  29:54  

well, they're good. Yeah, and I'm thinking since I moved like a cat, I probably won't be wearing armor all day. that much.


Unknown Speaker  30:01  

Right? Huh? Oh, I like that that's a that's a good combo.


Ryan Boelter  30:05  

Yeah, so I'm gonna I'm going to do additional training for that navigation in and sensing danger. And then I'm going to choose trained without armor.


Darcy Ross  30:15  

Nice. That's very cool. So it'll be easier for you to dodge attacks when you're not wearing armor feels very much like a cap. Yeah, one of the other things we have to do that comes from our type is our pool starting distributions so we got to pick our stats. We have might speed and intellect I start out with nine might seven speed and 12 intellect I have an edge and intellect so it will I will be moving through those points more slowly. And my nurturing descriptor gives me plus to to might I'm sort of I'm a caregiver. That's very interesting. I'm also trained in healing tasks from that and people who spend the day with me get to recover more points have to their pools when they sort of take recovery roles when they catch their breath, you'll get more points back. Nice, very cute. So I'm going to distribute the extra six that I get from those. Everybody starts with some number values and then get six to distribute usually. And I think I want to be a little quicker so I'm going to keep 11 at my mind, I mean add three to my speed, bring it to 10 and then we add three to my intellect bring it 15 so I'm at 11, my 10 speed and then lots of intellect. So I'm a little, you know, decently rounded.


Ryan Boelter  31:38  

Okay, so I start with nine my nine speed 910 intellect.


Unknown Speaker  31:43  

Oh, cool. So you really start out well rounded.


Ryan Boelter  31:47  

So I get six additional points divided among your staff. Cool. That's interesting. Sir, Is there like a maximum? Nope. Okay. Go to town. I think I'll Put one in might get us to 10. And then I will put three in speed to get me to 12 and then two to intellect to get me to 12. So I'll be 10 to 12.


Darcy Ross  32:13  

Cool, nice. And then do you get any points from your pool for being a serene?


Ryan Boelter  32:20  

That's a very good question. Um, I might, I might, yeah, that's the descriptor, right?


Amelia Antrim  32:27  

You get plus two to your intellect


Ryan Boelter  32:29  

nine self possessed plus two to your intellect. Cool. Cool.


Amelia Antrim  32:34  

I like that. So I started with seven might nine speed and 12 intellect. I got plus four to my speed for being prepared. Wow, that's really cool. So I put four more into my mind into more into my intellect. So I'm at 1113 and 14.


Darcy Ross  32:52  

Nice does prepared come with any cool ability. It gives you two


Amelia Antrim  32:57  

I have let's see here today. efficient auto, oh, their tool enables a non combat task which does not provide an asset you gain an asset to the task when using that tool. Ooh.


Darcy Ross  33:12  

That it sounds like you can kind of cover as MacGyver wise, maybe I'll take a different rideability


Amelia Antrim  33:17  

Yeah, so I also have a bag of like tools.


Darcy Ross  33:19  

Oh, nice. Oh, we're gonna like absolutely be so good.


Ryan Boelter  33:23  

I'm gonna pack late tools as well. Nice, excellent. Um, my,


Amelia Antrim  33:29  

but I'm really bad at being surprised. You're not usually surprised. So it's extra surprising that you are I like the action you take after being surprised or when a foe attacks before you act, hinder.


Unknown Speaker  33:41  

That's extremely charming.


Darcy Ross  33:44  

Oh, cool. I'm going to take scramble machine instead of right tool for the job, which is very fun. It's two intellect points. I render one machine within short range unable to function for around so I kind of do it at a distance too. So I can imagine that like working well with our Delve and if I'm sort of staying back but I see a weird Ray starting to fire up it's laser at you give me I can scramble machine


Amelia Antrim  34:13  

so I have a question yeah first skill it says you're trained in initiative tasks


Darcy Ross  34:17  

great. Yeah. So when we get into either a combat or something else where we want to kind of go round by round to like, really feel how this fast paced tense situation goes out. We will usually roll an initiative role and to find out who gets to act in what order so how we do that is if we have a level five slit Akin This is like a horrible numenera monster that I love that I think is in the both the both books it should be in the orange one and the new the new core books. It's like this horrible humanoid with like mouths instead of eyes kind of all over its face, it's really gross and dangerous. So let's say it's a level five politican. And we're gonna like face off with it and try to maybe run away from it or attack it or something. The seduction is level five, we would all roll our initiative rolls in. Let's let's just do it. Why don't we do it for an example. So you're trained in initiative tasks, so you're going to be act as a level higher, basically. Okay? So if I roll for initiative, I rolled a 15, which is really much better than I usually roll first of all. So that's a level five, right? Three times five is 15. So I beat level five creatures, and so I will go ahead of it. What do you guys roll? I roll the seven. Okay, a seven would be a level two, but you act as a level three. So if there were some other creatures, you know, in this stretch melee, you would go above them. And what about you, right?


Ryan Boelter  35:59  

So I met Just what you said,


Darcy Ross  36:02  

Oh, yeah, this initiative rolls. So there's a level five creature and we're rolling to find out if we go ahead of it or behind it. So roll a D 21.


Darcy Ross  36:18  

Yay. A one is a free GM intrusion so I don't have to offer you an XP. But I get to complicate your life. Oh, I know.


Ryan Boelter  36:27  

Amelia likes that.


Darcy Ross  36:32  

Awesome. Yeah. So basically you'll act as a level higher and, you know, we basically people are free to play around with initiative. Many people have different preferences and the book sort of addresses different valid ways to do it. But the way it usually recommends is there's like, the enemies have levels and the NPCs that go in between them can decide what order they go in between those those people, okay, so it's very Pretty loosey goosey. Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  37:02  

I've got my abilities. I've got my pool points. We've


Darcy Ross  37:05  

got equipment, we've got ciphers and oddities anything else you're seeing that you want to dry out otherwise other than going into like the background stuff?


Ryan Boelter  37:14  

Yeah, I looked at my serene and my loose like a cat. Yeah, I moved like a cat. tier one gives me reflexes, which is plus five to my speed pool day, as well as balance you're trained in balancing. Wow. So that's nice.


Unknown Speaker  37:33  

That sounds very useful.


Ryan Boelter  37:35  

And then my serene gives me you're trained in intellect defense. So if I've got no armor, I'm trained in both intellect and speed defense,


Darcy Ross  37:47  

which is my gosh, that's


Ryan Boelter  37:48  

awesome. I'm also hard to rile. So I'm trained in all actions that involve overcoming or ignoring the effects of fear intimidation or panic.


Darcy Ross  37:56  

Wow, I can I can imagine that being really useful. In all kinds of situations, oh, that's really cool. Yeah, I should look at my focus. I hadn't looked at that yet. So my focus tier one ability and sometimes your focus gives you other stuff like craft solution gives me an additional oddity, which is very fun. I have an oddity that in addition to my stain be gone, I have an oddity that appears to be a piece of clear glass in a synth frame, since this kind of like stronger plastic. by manipulating hidden switches on the frame, I can make random moving images appear on the glass. The images are usually strange and sometimes comprehensible. So I've got I've got like a weird little tablet thing. If I have esoteric it makes my abilities look psychedelic. They have flamboyant visual and auditory qualities of your choosing. That's very fun. That'd be really fun for Nana. Cool. So my tier one ability is minor illusion. It costs one intellect point and I can create a single image Have a creature or object within immediate range. There's some limitations about how big I can make it and I can't really do. I can do sound but not smell. And it lasts for 10 minutes. And so later on I'll get like better allusions basically. Nice. Yeah. How about you, Amelia? What's your focus ability?


Amelia Antrim  39:21  

Uh huh. Yeah, it's beast form right on five consecutive nights each month into a monstrous monstrous beast for up to one hour each night. It has different stats so plus eight to your might plus one to my Edge Plus two to your speed and plus one to your speed edge. While in beast form, you cannot spend intellect points for any reason other than to try to change to your normal form for the one hour duration. In addition, you attack any and every living creature within short range. After you revert to your normal form, you take a negative one penalty to all rolls for One hour. If you did not kill any at least one substantial creature while in beast form, the penalty increases to negative two and affects all your roles for the next 28 hours. Whoa, you need to hunt?


Darcy Ross  40:12  

Yes. Cool. Oh, that's so fun. Yeah, and you've got to either pick a creature or like, just, you know, you'll have to tell us what kind of cool creature you turn into, you can totally make it up. One thing I see a lot with this focus is like, you know, like you'd find in any kind of movie or something, right? Like lots of people either embrace it or want to, like control their form better. And so you might seek out numenera that helps you like, you know, be able to like, you know, limit when you when you turn or somehow like, hold you back so I could see that being all kinds of cool narrative options. Yeah, yeah. Excited. That's so nice.


Ryan Boelter  40:50  

Awesome. I had one addendum to my weapon. Yeah. Um, instead of it being like, you know, different lengths or whatever. I think when it's excellent It's extended. It's just a light weapon, right? Yeah. But when you want it to do an extra for medium damage, you have to time it to retract or to extend as your back.


Darcy Ross  41:15  

Yeah, that's, that's really cool and that narratively makes so much sense. Like, why it would be rather than your attack being easy because it's a light weapon. Yeah, it's uh, you have to time it so it's that level harder. Yeah, exactly.


Unknown Speaker  41:28  

That's so cool. Oh, I love it. The spring action.


Darcy Ross  41:32  

spring action dagger. Hidden dagger. Uh huh. Cool. So we're most of the way through character creation walkthrough and now we're to the part that I you can absolutely just choose your background and as a team come up together with like, what's your backstory? How did you get together what you know, adventure Are you on or in sort of numenera has very many options but freedom to choose beyond style. Both all of your, your little character sentence words give you some of some backstory to choose from like that. So your type gives you a connection to the world. Your focus gives you a connection to one other player character. And your descriptor gives you a connection to the first adventure, so you can roll for them or choose. So I'm gonna look at my type first.


Amelia Antrim  42:23  

For that one, and it's perfect, is it Oh, it's perfect. Okay, so I rolled an 11 while studying to be a nano, you worked as an assistant for a seamstress. Making friends with the owner and the client. Oh, nice.


Unknown Speaker  42:38  

Perfect, it's


Darcy Ross  42:40  

perfect. It's perfect. Um, well, that's really cool. Was that like me or someone we both worked under? Let me roll mine and we'll see. Okay, like how if that fits with me at all, I'm, that's awesome. Okay, so I rolled a 12 Oh my god. Your best friend from your youth is Now a hated outlaw, though others say they are a hero. You're not sure where the truth lies. Oh


Ryan Boelter  43:05  

fun, huh?


Unknown Speaker  43:07  

Very interesting.


Ryan Boelter  43:09  

All right. So mine I rolled an 11 you taught children for many years, but those days are behind you now.


Darcy Ross  43:18  

Oh, very cool. If you like it, you can keep it if you don't, you can elaborate on it or roll again.


Ryan Boelter  43:26  

That's a very good question. Because I like that having that as part of the characters backstory, but Mmm hmm. Something with a little more than


Unknown Speaker  43:39  

Yeah, roll again.


Unknown Speaker  43:40  

Roll again.


Darcy Ross  43:42  

I've done all the above I've done the ignoring that to using nothing on the table rolling, rolling, picking.


Ryan Boelter  43:50  

Oh, this one's okay. This one's interesting. As an envoy working in a distance city you made friends that you still mess today. Oh can be that could be


Darcy Ross  44:01  

Nice and we could maybe like if we were gonna set up that person venture we might like pick what city it is maybe you have some like cool connections there Yeah, maybe it's our home city or or something.


Ryan Boelter  44:12  

Maybe I was working as an envoy teaching children


Darcy Ross  44:17  

Yeah, that could be really cool. Oh my gosh, I'm imagining you as the parks and rec Johnny karate, right like but you know you're like an actual explorer and like competent person like you training them and like little kid like dungeon delving technique or something else.


Ryan Boelter  44:37  

This also screams


Amelia Antrim  44:39  

like little Cub Scouts.


Ryan Boelter  44:42  

This also works on a like a more juvenile Dr. Jones level instead of teaching college level students about archaeology, teaching kids


Darcy Ross  44:54  

that is really smart. Oh, I like that. Oh, that's really cool. Yeah. are you imagining yourself like being really interested in like, ancient like substances specific like ancient civilizations like are you imagining more alert Lara Croft type which is like that dope vase over there has a lot of cool worth. Yeah. Or like an Indiana Jones like this weird civilization archaeologists?


Ryan Boelter  45:17  

Yeah. It's hard to say because I'm thinking like Lara Croft in terms of ability and Dr. Jones in terms of like, interest in the ancient past.


Darcy Ross  45:33  

Cool. I think that's a great fit. Awesome. So I would pick focus next is what I would go to, although there's no wrong answer. So my focus is crafts illusions and my connection to another PC. I get to choose one of the following. So let me look through these and pick one. Oh my gosh, what is I can pick two other PCs who are willing to To be trained as my assistance when I use my minor allusion ability if both of them are in immediate range, they can assist me working to ease the action. That's kind of neat.


Ryan Boelter  46:07  

That's pretty sweet.


Darcy Ross  46:09  

I I'm not exactly thinking of myself as like, grand illusionist. I'm thinking I'm a bit more subtle, but Oh, that there's always like, what I like about these is some of them are mechanical. Many of them are just curious story things. This might be the one this might be a fun one. One of the other ones is one of the other PCs face is so intriguing to me in a way I don't understand that my minor illusions sometimes look like them even when I don't intend them to that's like a cool problem.


Amelia Antrim  46:39  

Oh, that's really fun.


Darcy Ross  46:41  

Someone else can like has a special angle on my illusions and can point out potential places of weakness. So they're like really observant, and the other person The other option is, someone is never fooled by my illusions and never affected by the trickery of my special abilities. I can choose whether or not, I know this fat. That's really fun. That is.


Unknown Speaker  47:05  

Ah, that's really cool. Okay, I'm having trouble picking one of those. Is anyone grabbed by one of those is like something they would like to be a part of. Either like,


Ryan Boelter  47:14  

yeah, I really like the one that was talking about working together. Yeah, because it really feels like this team has a lot of like built in synergy


Darcy Ross  47:24  

cohesion. Yeah. Cool. I don't love that, like, I have trained you as my assistance. But maybe it's just because like, we've spent a lot of time together and like, where you're, it's not it's not I've trained you, it's that we're really good together. And like, you know, how to, like work with me to contribute to the solution. Yeah, that sounds good. Or maybe like, you know, in campfire scenes, right? Like, I like studying up trying to like, do better. And you both like, give me feedback. And so I like that, like, look to you too, is like very helpful, like, advisors on my illusions. Mm hmm.


Amelia Antrim  48:00  

Cool. My connection is pick one other PC, that character is able to soothe you when you're in your beast form. You'll never attack them while transformed. And if they spent three consecutive turns using their action to calm you down, you can revert to normal form to make a rule. That's really cool. Yeah, so I feel like Darcy yes. Okay with Yeah. Um, I think I would like it to be you because I feel like we worked together at this tailor shop. I think so this seamstress so maybe I was like one of the early people to like know about this. Yeah, hang with you. And we sort of worked it out together.


Ryan Boelter  48:42  

I love that. So I'm trying to choose between two of them. Okay, um, the other two. I don't like as much the ones that are the ones that I'm not choosing. Their occasional clumsiness and loud behavior irritate you. Oh, And the other one I'm not choosing is they owe you a significant amount of money. Oh, dude. So I like sometimes


Darcy Ross  49:07  

those are fun to go with, like party antagonism, but I feel like it's better in a big group and like, I think you're right that like our our deal right now is that we work really well together.


Ryan Boelter  49:15  

Yeah. So, uh, one of the one of them that I looked at, this character comes from the same place you do, and you knew each other as children. So that would be like a really in depth relationship marker, which is kind of cool. The other one is you aid them with advice, and a helping hand when they need it. Anytime the two of you are next to each other. Balancing climbing and jumping tasks are used for them. Oh, neat. Yeah. Oh, both of us are really cool. I know.


Amelia Antrim  49:48  

So I like the idea that we're getting into our fanfic section technically, but that's it, guys. I like the idea, Ryan. Yeah, your character is really good. At this discovery part of things, Mm hmm. And and Darcy's character has this like tailoring thing and I like the idea that you have been providing these items for Darcy's character that like that your connection there that like we worked for the seamstress and we're like this is cool. We're really great at this and then you're like, I want to do something more with the tailoring and like I want to make cooler things than just regular clothes. And then Ryan's character provides some of that special material until we all go adventuring find it


Darcy Ross  50:38  

I love that which of those I could I could like make probably either of those background connections fit. Yeah, an idea about how do you want to make that fit right like, we could have this like really deep history and I like you know, maybe Amelia your character admire like really thinking about how can we how can we like, achieve cooler, greater things and then like In walks, you know, one of our childhood friends, right is amazing like someone who's, I'm imagining the Cloud Strife, right like you went off to like, go be an explorer, or van around in your back like super strong and capable. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  51:17  

Yeah, I think I want to go with a childhood friend. Or it could be even family technically, because it's just you knew each other as children.


Unknown Speaker  51:28  

Oh, that could be fun. Yeah


Ryan Boelter  51:33  

yeah let's, let's say we were like best friends as children.


Amelia Antrim  51:40  

I love it. That's really cool.


Unknown Speaker  51:43  

All right.


Darcy Ross  51:44  

Awesome. So the final one is like probably the one that I use the the least often depending on the setup so from your descriptor you can get an initial link to the starting adventure which is like you know, man if game starts in five minutes and you're like whipping together your pre Gen and we're all just trying to figure out how these weird characters would be in the same room together. Like if that hadn't emerged already, you can pick your descriptor will tell you like, here's a way that you can hook yourself into the adventure. So I have a list of options. I could see that one of the other PCs was hurt so I offered their aid but we kind of really know each other. I thought that someone else was crying out need when I investigated I found the other PCs. I believe that the other PCs task could end up helping a huge number of people this was all playing to my nurturing side. Or I'd help someone else until they no longer needed my care. So you went looking for someone or something else to nurture very charming. Yeah, I feel like I would pick something else unique for our starting adventure because like, but maybe that does inspire me to like, you know what, what does get the three of us out adventuring? Fine, yeah, is it? I would love to find that out. Hook between the three of us when we fanfic


Ryan Boelter  53:02  

Yeah, I really like the. I really like the fact that we're all very familiar with one another before the first adventure begins. Yeah. And then something happens to push us in that direction.


Amelia Antrim  53:17  



Ryan Boelter  53:18  

I was looking at mine and you were talking about how my character might have gone exploring and then come back. Eventually. Yeah, um, one of my options is you were investigating a series of strange occurrences which led you to the other PCs in your current situation. That's really cool. Yeah. So that sounds like I got I got into some really mystery stuff and really had to get back to my roots to get people I trusted.


Darcy Ross  53:47  

I love it. I wonder if my outlaw friend is like, somehow tied up and all this right.


Unknown Speaker  53:56  

What about you, Amelia? What is a


Amelia Antrim  53:59  

parent You don't really like any of them.


Unknown Speaker  54:02  



Darcy Ross  54:04  

They tend to be built for like one shots where it's like, here's a your random adventurers who team up suddenly.


Amelia Antrim  54:09  

Right? Yeah. So like one of them, when all your preparations came to nothing you had nothing left to do but to strike out on your own, which is when the other PCs found you. Like, okay. For someone as prepared as you are having friends to help you is just common sense. Let's see here. You could tell the other PCs weren't bringing the right tools for the job. Or the other PCs asked you to help them get ready for an important journey and you ended up going with them. Hmm, cool.


Darcy Ross  54:42  

Yeah, I think what we would do is like our characters are so well synergized that we would sort of build that ourselves. Yeah, like, yeah, we're friends. I think you're mysterious occurrences. Sounds very exciting. I can imagine that like, you know, the cipher system rulebook The revised one that came out, that has a lot more options more recently incorporated character arcs into it, which is just a formalized system of something that's already in numenera, which is about, like, if players have personal goals that they want to pursue, that can be a way that they can, like get XP, they say, like, you know, and I can already kind of see these character arcs. I could imagine character arcs like, you know, maybe I have this outlaw friend that we might run into later, right, that could be a really interesting, I have to contend with, like, who this person has become and like, how do I feel about how they've changed? You know, Emilia, like I could really imagine it being a driver of the whole campaign potentially like if we wanted it to be like your beast form and like what what do you want to do with that and what you might want to seek to augment it or come to terms with it or change it? And like, you know, series of mysterious occurrences like all of these could be very good campaign. Yeah, length sort of issues. Very cool. That is the end of character creation. Oh, wow. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  55:59  

Didn't need We have to bring that up because I hate doing. But we did not name them or so. Right. Okay, it is it


Unknown Speaker  56:10  

is, without a doubt the hardest part.


Darcy Ross  56:15  

Okay, so I can't remember if there are any, like sample names.


Amelia Antrim  56:21  

Let me check. I don't think so.


Darcy Ross  56:24  

Dang it.


Ryan Boelter  56:26  

But a billion years of naming conventions to work through. So I imagine that pretty much anything goes right.


Unknown Speaker  56:34  

You're so right. You're so right.


Darcy Ross  56:37  

There are two, like major weird visited species or sort of like alien species you can pick to play and the ninth world and they have some examples of those names, but they don't have regular names. So I might pick something you know, we have we have sci fi to draw from we have fantasy to draw from we have a billion years of whatever weirdness is happening here.


Unknown Speaker  57:01  

What's a cool like right name?


Ryan Boelter  57:04  

All right, I've got mine. What's yours going with? Celine Lightfoot? She her pronouns. Thank you. I


Unknown Speaker  57:11  

love it. That is so cool. Oh my god this is so hard.


Amelia Antrim  57:15  

I'm sorry I've got a baby name book like nice good call Yeah, I often do thousand plus baby man


Unknown Speaker  57:24  



Ryan Boelter  57:26  

I guess I could have gone with like Arizona Smith or something like that.


Darcy Ross  57:32  

What am I? Yeah, what am I chooses like to pick a title instead of a name like and it's technically just a word. And then often I like use a regular sort of named of people I know and then like change around some letters. The classics. I'm going to plays urine x era en Sheeran.


Unknown Speaker  57:57  



Darcy Ross  57:58  

I'm going to use the Emperor No. And I've got some last name. Let's see. I wonder like if we grew up in the same town, like, do people tend to have last names that like correspond to like, you know, Lightfoot? Do they have this sort of like, is the second name something you like? Pick that kind of describes you or describes your family kind of inspired by your by your Lightfoot? Oh? Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  58:23  

Like family ability. Yeah, maybe like a common trait.


Unknown Speaker  58:29  

Yeah, that'd be cool. And


Darcy Ross  58:33  

I'm thinking something about like nimble fingers. I'm not coming up with the right word for that. Oh, deft Deaf something like Deaf hands or you know,


Unknown Speaker  58:45  

maybe just deft. That's nice urine deft like that.


Darcy Ross  58:50  

You know, I think it's, it reminds me of like, you know, Brewer or like Porter or something like some of these become so understood to be like It's not weird that it's an adjective because it's just become a common name for that family. Right. So I like hearing Deaf day them.


Amelia Antrim  59:10  

I don't. last names are hard they are.


Darcy Ross  59:12  

And often I just don't pick one. It doesn't.


Amelia Antrim  59:17  

But I think I want to go with Ursula. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  59:22  

that's a good name.


Amelia Antrim  59:23  

Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna pick a last name. Yeah, that's fine. Um, that's,


Darcy Ross  59:28  

I often do. Cool. Okay, well, name and hand character sentences, backstory, stats, abilities ciphers oddities. I think we're ready.


Ryan Boelter  59:38  

That's amazing. We did it.


Amelia Antrim  59:41  



Darcy Ross  59:46  

We survived that naming.


Amelia Antrim  59:49  

It was rough. But I'm proud of it. Awesome. Well, Darcy, thank you so much for joining us for our numenera character creation episodes. This is a lot of fun. I had a blast you really want to play


Unknown Speaker  1:00:02  

with me?


Amelia Antrim  1:00:05  

Welcome to the problem. Yeah, I can imagine.


Darcy Ross  1:00:08  

Thank you for passing this curse on to me.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:11  

You're welcome. So Darcy you want to remind people where they can find you online?


Darcy Ross  1:00:16  

Absolutely. You can find all my Monte cook games work and related things at Monte cook games calm or at Twitter Manteca games Instagram Facebook etc. My personal snail ology air plants excitement other weird RPG news. My personal accounts are associated with Darcy l Ross so da rc YL ro SS and so come Come talk to me on Twitter. I would love that.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:44  

Well, thank you Darcy. And thank you to everyone listening. Please join us again next week for our discussion episode. And also don't forget to check out the Monte cook games comm forward slash store as well and use the code CCC five off Yeah, all lowercase and the number five to get $5 off your order. We'll see you next time.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:07  

Thank you listeners.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:18  

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