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Series 28.3 - Numenera with Darcy Ross (Discussion)

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In the final episode of our Numenera series, Darcy Ross, from Cypher Speak and Monte Cook Games, sits down with us to discuss the process of character creation and we make some great fanfic!

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In the final episode of our Numenera series, Darcy Ross, from Cypher Speak and Monte Cook Games, sits down with us to discuss the process of character creation and we make some great fanfic!


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Amelia Antrim  0:00  

Welcome to the final episode of our numenera series with Darcy Ross. Before we get to the episode, some announcements as usual. As a


Ryan Boelter  0:09  

reminder, the next two weeks will be taking some time off and there will be no character evolution cast episodes for the rest of the month. We are still recording series when we can and planning content. And we will be releasing those series at our normal cadence. So usually the first Monday of every month and then the next two Monday's after that. So stay tuned for all of the exciting stuff that we have planned, hopefully, very soon.


Unknown Speaker  0:38  

not our fault that you had five Mondays. I know how damn


Ryan Boelter  0:43  

time How dare


Amelia Antrim  0:46  

you can still use the promotional code that we announced at the start of this series. We at the Monte cook games store the code CCC five off all lowercase the numeral five will get you $5 off at the MCG store. Please go take a look at what they have and maybe get yourself something nice.


Ryan Boelter  1:03  

Yeah, they got a lot of nice things. So pretty much anything will get you something nice. Yeah, pretty much. Well, one thing that we'd love to do when Amelia and I can sit down for these calls opens together is read reviews. We only have a couple left in our little box of reviews. So any more reviews you want to send our way. We would be really, really, really happy about that. Can you can leave us a review on pod chaser. If Apple podcasts is a little too cumbersome which we know it is. And we were checking podcast addict now as well. And a few other places. So like this one, this one came from Facebook. This was a review from Darryl holiday the second and they say amazing cast and guests as a new developer I learned so much and as a tabletop fan, I love the short journey through each new system. Thank you. Thank you so much. That was very nice.


Amelia Antrim  2:10  

With all that out of the way, here's the episode.


Ryan Boelter  2:13  



Amelia Antrim  2:50  

Welcome back to our discussion episode. Last time we created characters for numenera. This episode we'll be discussing the character creation process. We are very excited to welcome Darcy Ross, do you want to go ahead and reintroduce yourself and tell everyone a little bit about the character that you made?


Darcy Ross  3:07  

Oh, yes. So hello everybody I'm Darcy Ross. I use she her pronouns and I work for Monte cook games as their community relations coordinator. I'm also a snail ologists by training and weird gamer and lover of all types of games. So numenera is my favorite RPG. It's the RPG that got me jamming for the first time, and I've been jamming mostly numenera for a long time now and so I haven't gotten to make a character in a while. So the character I made was Jaron deft, they are a nurturing right, who crafts illusions. And so they are sort of nurturing and personality there are right which means they do a lot to like craft numenera from salvaged parts, like I owe them, and they craft illusions so they are adept at Some strange either technology or magic like ability that lets them create like a big cool moving illusion, complete with sound. And their background is that they've got their two friends who you're about to meet from our other. Your wonderful hosts are very helpful for helping me like craft illusions. We work really well as a team. I am a childhood friend of Ryan's character who is Selena Selena Lightfoot and I am close friends and like I have worked in a tailor shop with Emilio's character, Ursula. And so we are a tight team. I have we do adventuring together, I have a weird oddity that helps stains get removed from my clothing. So I'm very neat. But, you know, we still have must venture out for the wonders of the ninth world and so I'm pretty Be adept there too.


Ryan Boelter  5:01  

I love it. Amelia, how about your character?


Amelia Antrim  5:04  

My character is Ursula who is a prepared nano who howls at the moon. Hmm, I think I decided between the last episode and this one that my like anthropic form is a really big, scary looking bear. Oh, we can decide what else we want to do with that. Heck yes, we go through it but i think i think it's like a bear kind of a thing. Um, so yeah, like Darcy said, I worked at this tailor shop together. I do have a wand that keeps away insects, which I'm pretty excited about. I think that is like, I feel like the the oddities that we got are like super useful things that I would love to have in real life.


Unknown Speaker  5:50  



Amelia Antrim  5:54  

Yeah, I love our little group. I'm I'm so excited about this. Uh huh. Ryan, tell us about Your character


Ryan Boelter  6:00  

Yeah, my character Celine Lightfoot, she her pronouns. Celine is a serene Delve, who moves like a cat. So So Leanne kind of got her start teaching children all about ancient archaeology throughout the world and met some good friends in a distance city. At one point, I'm sure that won't complicate things at all in any sort of adventure. Um, and they are childhood friends with Giron. And we grew up probably since early childhood, if not, neighbor kids or something like that. Yeah. So we go back a long ways. And I think that connection allowed me to connect pretty quickly with Ursula as well, who has been working quite closely with them. And I kind of went out adventuring for a while exploring and finally came back after a series of strange occurrences kind of led me right back to the other characters. And the current situation that we're gonna hopefully find ourselves in.


Unknown Speaker  7:20  

This is very good. This is a very good group of people I know.


Amelia Antrim  7:26  

All right, well, let's go ahead and dive into our discussion segment that we call d 24. Your thoughts? d 25. Your thoughts?


Ryan Boelter  7:33  

All right. In this segment, we want to talk to our guests about their thoughts on the character creation process and how it relates to this system and other games.


Amelia Antrim  7:42  

We like to take time to get to know our guests. So can you tell us a little bit about how you got into RPGs and how you ended up doing what you're doing now?


Darcy Ross  7:51  

Absolutely. So when I was a kid, I was a big, you know, fantasy reader. I would read anything with like a fantasy look. The title like


Unknown Speaker  8:01  



Darcy Ross  8:02  

inhaled any sort of fantasy, trashy material I can get my hands on. I've been playing a lot of video games in that vein too. And I think just through being really in sort of fantasy genres I've heard I had heard about d&d, this mysterious you know, game, I was doing some like free form roleplay on weird forums, but I'd never gotten to like play Dungeons and Dragons. And so I eventually got a player's guide of probably like third edition, and studied it like some arcane tome that because it doesn't actually tell you how to play the game or run a dungeon dragons game as I'm sure many of you now know, but I a child did not. And so I tried to infer based on this character creation book, how a game would run and I like knew there were maps that was about as far as I got. So, at one point, my younger sister was having a sleepover with a friend, and I made a little graph, paper map and a cost to them and made two characters for them arranger and a wizard, and made them dungeon Delve with me and my absolute vague understanding of the rules. And so that was how I got my start. Ever since then I've been you know, I spent a lot of years like trying to find a group or find people with the knowledge to run RPGs like it, you know, it's really tough in kind of the days before, it was as easy as it is now on the internet to like, find a group to teach you. And so I started playing a lot in grad school, and I got really into like, lots of indie RPGs and learning about all these different systems from Google Plus. And then I went to one fateful Gen Con that had Monte cooks numenera at it, and I got to play this Weird Science fantasy game by a guy who I knew from the really rich, weird setting of landscape. And this the setting of numenera captured me the the mechanics and how empowered I felt as a player absolutely captured me and so knew no one would run numenera for me, so I had to learn to GM. Since then, I've been a GM at a lot of cons and running demos at stores and worked with Contessa to support other marginalized gamers picking up the mantle of GM. And while I was in grad school, and CG Monica games, had an opening for a community manager. And so I switched gears from my boss down in the snail pits, and became Community Manager for Monte cook games. So I still love playing lots of different games, but my heart is still rooted in numenera.


Ryan Boelter  10:36  

That's a lovely a series of events that led you to where you are,


Unknown Speaker  10:40  

yeah, kind of wild.


Ryan Boelter  10:44  

Well, can you tell us about your personal process for picking and creating a character in any roleplay system?


Darcy Ross  10:51  

I think there's kind of two levels to it. The first is, I find I learned so much about how I would want to make a character Through play, you know, it's sort of a chicken and an egg problem, right? Like, my character creation is enhanced by having played before, having played like playing is enhanced by having gone through the process of character creation. So both of them feed by each other. But often what I do is if it's a one shot, I might grab a project because I like to see how the designers of the game make a character and I find that kind of fun to look at. But when I go to actually pick out my character options for myself, I really like to play off of other players. I find that's like a really use, we sort of did that in our character creation, too, right? There was a little back and forth about like, Oh, you have this ability, I could take disability and that would be a fun like dynamic for our characters. So I find them often I enjoy responding to the characters around me and building a character that can like highlight the cool strengths of others or like push against them an interesting way or be a foil, right, like, I use that a lot. The other thing is like I usually just try to Find like the juiciest weird ability or, like what's a strange narrative thing I can do right? I don't enjoy optimizing for like mechanical combos very well like I would really, I like I would rather have a mechanically useless but narratively interesting weird thing that I could do so often I like searching through books to look for that kind of juicy bit I like absolute flavor over


Unknown Speaker  12:25  



Unknown Speaker  12:27  

and it bites me so I don't necessarily fully endorse it but that's what I do.


Amelia Antrim  12:34  

Have your own kind of fun whatever that is exactly. There's


Unknown Speaker  12:37  

no wrong way to play as long as we're all doing okay and him right.


Amelia Antrim  12:43  

How do you think character creation in this game stacks up with other systems that you've played? Gosh,


Darcy Ross  12:48  

yeah, it is a one of those sweet spots for me is feeling like I have a lot of choice and flexibility without overwhelming me by Like having no guide rails. And so I think one of the ways that Nunez character creation system really works for me is that it has a lot of options, but it has lots of rooms for room for like, riffing off of things or changing the flavor of things. There's a lot of like narrative customization that I can still do with my character. One of the things that's different, you know, I knew an error often gets lumped in with like, like indie games, and I think the character creation process is a little involved because there is a lot of like stuff, right? Like, yeah, numenera has, because it's so many of its abilities are really unique and different. They don't follow a template. And so it does mean like when I'm looking at the abilities that my right has, they look very different than like the tear information you'll find in Emilio's nano, right? Like I've got some stuff about weird this weird character creation subsystems. I've built a, I've picked a character that wants to engage with so I get some perks, so they don't map onto each other very well, which is definitely fun, but takes some time to kind of like, get your footing around.


Amelia Antrim  14:12  

I noticed like we're going through and Ryan's picking his skills, and I'm looking at my thing, and I'm like, it doesn't say skills anywhere. And yeah, do I not have skills? Right? What are these esoteric like? Haha,


Darcy Ross  14:22  

yeah, so there's a lot of asymmetries in the characters. And I think that is a perk, but it makes character creation, kind of, like, you know, exciting but slower, right? Because we're not all following the same template. One of the things you know, I think about like numenera thinks a lot about like, what do you do in the world? Like, what are you going to be doing? Are you going to be the really explorer type? Are you gonna be the really spooky type? So I don't know, I feel like types map closest onto like, kind of playbooks if people are thinking about pvta games. But it you know, playbooks are really here. The menu it has on this one or two pages. You circle things on this menu and then you're ready to play. I think that's really cool. And I almost wonder if there's not like a numenera hack, where you could make playbooks for numenera. Right? easily. Yeah. But uh, but there's, it is more like d&d than, you know, like d&d third dish or something where you're like looking for weird feats, and your equipment really matters because you get weird stuff like your ciphers do anyway. So it takes a while in terms of like, equipment is part of the fun at least the the numenera objects you get, like the oddities, right. And so some games like fate, I know, don't tend to, or at least in my experience, don't tend to care as much about like equipment or what weird object you have, right? It's it's existing at a different level than like the tangible stuff in your pocket. And numenera cares about the stuff in your pocket, but makes it really weird, and that's why I care about it. And now I am all So very invested in that weird wand that keeps insects away and how can I MacGyver it? So


Amelia Antrim  16:06  

that's interesting because you do need all of those tiny details like you do in d&d, but unlike d&d, they're not tied to numbers. They're tied.


Darcy Ross  16:14  

That's a great way to put it. Thank you. Yes.


Ryan Boelter  16:17  

Yes, it's very much a blend of like the crunchiness and like, static pneus of DND and the the malleability of pvta.


Unknown Speaker  16:28  

Yeah, yeah, that's right.


Darcy Ross  16:33  

I know I'm like I feel like we don't have anything else I would love to have like, I feel like I could have an episode about this in like detail right. I think I love cipher speakers, the podcasts that I've run with Troy pixelmon. And we do a number of our episodes have focused on like how the cipher system which powers numenera and was is where the cipher system originated, like, how we compare it to some other different kinds of systems right like savage worlds and Yeah, I think we've done a number of system comparisons. And I always find that really fruitful and interesting. I think anyone who's gonna, I feel like the character creation system for this. You know, I think it requires a person to take a little more time if you if you don't, if you aren't interested in spending more time than you would in like a PBT a game, then you probably want to grab a region of which there are many for free. And then you can customize from there. So


Ryan Boelter  17:26  

yeah, absolutely. And I like the whole weapons are just like, there's three tiers. Mechanically, they all do the same thing. But what sort of flavor Do you want to give to it?


Darcy Ross  17:40  

Yeah, and like, my roommate, john harness, and I constantly talk about how what we're really looking for in games is dress up. You know, we just like we like to look real cool. And we want to have like cool stuff that matters absolutely in not no sense mechanically and numenera is Really asks you to like, you know, even all the ciphers, like they block out all the little like one shot magic items for ciphers, but they give you like, these options, right? Like, hey, if you want this one to be a wearable device, it's like a cool headband. But if you want it to be an, you know, an internal device, it could be like something you swallow or like an injector. And so I think it as we're doing the character creation, part of that is sort of selecting your ciphers. And it's teaching you like, go flavor your stuff how you want, right,


Unknown Speaker  18:31  

yeah, you know, I really love that. It's really cool.


Ryan Boelter  18:36  

So, do the mechanics of character creation here reinforce the feel of numenera


Darcy Ross  18:44  

it's such an interesting question. And I would like I'm really excited to hear your two responses to this too. I, I think the ways in which it reinforces, like the feel of numenera is that there are a lot of open blanks right for you to write in, right? There's no defined skill list. There's, like, you know, these background options that you're asked to sort of pick from or make make up on your own. Like, how did you meet your pals? what's what's a cool thing about your backstory? How did you link to the starting adventure? And I think that like those, asking the player to fill in the blanks in, you know, without giving them like a list really says, I don't know, I think it starts to signal to a player that numenera is a world where kind of anything is possible. You're about to enter a really fantastical place. And I think it also prepares you for like, curiosity and discovery and like, picking some interesting, juicy choices that you'll figure out how to like, weave together later, right. Like, unlike games that have a defined skill list, you're not like when you you know, I think about gumshoe a lot and I think it shares some with Newman with the cipher stuff. as well. But gumshoe often has like a very it has an extremely defined skill list. And like you I if you have a point in a skill, it makes you like any clues related to that skill as you're investigating, you would automatically get and you can spend from points and stuff. But if you don't take archaeology, you're not going to know the clue for archaeology. Because numenera has this like, really fluid skill list. It's asking you to come up with unusual solutions. And I think it's really empowering to be like, no I can I can look at my character sheet and make arguments for why X or Y makes sense, or I'm going to try this weird way to bring these skills together or what if I could do this? I think it really encourages that creative problem solving really early on. Absolutely.


Amelia Antrim  20:50  

Yeah, I would agree with that. I think the fact that it's open and this kind of goes into our next question, which is how does the process of character creation Set a player's expectations for playing the game. But I think there were a lot of things that I, as a player had to, like have input on and say like, this decision that I make now determines something about this world hold that. And it tells me and sort of signals to me that during the game, I'm gonna have a lot of those kinds of choices to because things were left open. And it was like, I could say, you know, this new this piece of numenera, or whatever this, like, I, I decide what that looks like. And that tells me something about the world that we're in. And the GM, right, and we talked about player intrusions and things like that, too. And it tells me that I sort of have a lot of agency over what this looks like.


Ryan Boelter  21:45  

It's very, like, what's the word I wanna? It's like a hidden collaborative world building sort of thing and it kind of sneaks up on you. Yeah, it's it. It feels like you are making these decisions. That are building this world. Like when you think of the ninth world, a billion years in the future, eight prior civilizations risen and fallen. And now you're in this ninth one, figuring out what that means. And where the layers are all sitting. You're kind of building the past as well as the present by the ciphers like, Okay, well, yeah, got this cool cipher, it does this thing. And it looks like this. What civilization was that from?


Darcy Ross  22:32  

You've asserted a fact about somebody that existed before? Right, exactly. Somebody had this. And I'm really glad you said it that way. I think that there are a lot of choices to make in character creation for for this. And I think I hadn't I hadn't put my finger on why it is still really satisfying and worth going through and making all those choices and I think you're right, it is like the collaborative world building is suddenly woven through Through this and so it does take a while but man, do I ever feel really ready to like run a game for these characters by the end of it right? Like, yeah, we've established some really cool arcs we, you know, we know there's a city that we have this tailor. And we've got these really weird ciphers that we would go on to describe and you've got a series of mysterious occurrences to investigate, like, that's a lot of campaign setup world building that we've already kind of done as we built our characters.


Ryan Boelter  23:26  

Yeah. And children learning archaeology and about the past is an important factor in this world, apparently.


Unknown Speaker  23:33  

Yeah. I love it.


Amelia Antrim  23:38  

I think too, it's, um, the way that you have like the descriptor and the type and the way that those things are really broad. sort of gives you the idea that things are gonna be kind of fluid and negotiable. Yeah. Because we talked about like being able to flavor the things the way that you want to and talk about skills being kind of open Like that, like doors. Yeah. And, you know, it tells me that as a player, I'm going to have a lot of agency in those choices and that the GM is going to be taking a lot of cues from the things that I've already established that like, by the time we get to the game, I've already told the GM like, here are the things that are interesting to me. And yeah, like, there's all these strings to pull on already.


Unknown Speaker  24:26  

Yeah, I think that's such a good point.


Darcy Ross  24:29  

I love the character sentence. And I think one of the perks of having a character sentence so having, you know, a one sentence summary of what your character is good at and does and what their shtick is, you know, kind of like fate aspects do right, your main aspect should be kind of your big stick. I think that sentences is useful for a lot of ways for a lot of reasons. But one of them is also like it's asking you to continue to stop thinking about your character as a an assemblage of stats and options and remember that they all come from this character sentence. And so I don't know, I think there's a number of ways that cipher and numenera point you back to the narrative, even though you might have to dip into mechanics. You may need to dip into mechanics to adjudicate something, it is reminding you to come back to the conversation at the table. Monti talks a lot about how he really likes to design around having really interesting conversation at the table. And he's like that, that is like the meat of RPGs. It's like, what are we saying to each other? Or silently communicating to each other, even if it's a game with no, you know, voices. And I think cipher points you back to that rich conversation with things like the character sentence and with things like not a defined skill list, right? You're trying to say, Oh, I took this, you know, I took a skill in, in tailoring and so I'm going to I'm going to explain to you why tailoring makes sense here and What I remember from my tailoring days and why that's gonna help me create this weird solar sail thing that we're gonna use to sail across the chasm


Ryan Boelter  26:09  

as long as I can park or at some point


Unknown Speaker  26:12  

you're gonna park or you're gonna use that skill come on it's gonna be amazing


Amelia Antrim  26:18  

any excuse to use Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  26:20  

I gotta go block are gonna park for that building. Yeah, totally up that wall back flip over this thing. Yeah, all right, we're good to go.


Darcy Ross  26:29  

And one of the funny things about numenera is like numenera is the word for you know, weird mysterious technology of the ancient past. So it is you know, you might call a strange stinging metal beetle numenera right might be an oddity doesn't seem to do anything. You're your bomb cipher is numenera that enormous floating obelisk off in the distance that we could probably climb someday that's numenera. So like the nanos understanding human error has skill can probably be applied to like almost anything. You know, in many ways, and like, that's a feature not a bug, right? People who are good at stuff are gonna keep giving us interesting information, you're gonna park core and we're gonna go find a cool new spot to go explore. The broadness can be really embraced in the system.


Ryan Boelter  27:17  

Awesome. Well, since we kind of covered that one question, I'm gonna move on to the next one. What do you think is one of the biggest flaws of character creation this system and what are some of the best parts?


Darcy Ross  27:30  

Ooh, good question. Um, I think one of the flaws or at least like drawbacks, even if it is is maybe worse. The drawback is that character creation. It does take a while and it's kind of it can be a little intimidating when you haven't played yet. And so you know, I think one thing that can be tough is like you have these three pools might speed and intellect and, you know, you don't know like, how hard The game is or how like punishing and so you know, it's hard to get a sense of like, Who should I like, distribute these all evenly? Should I go really hard in one and really low in another? And they start you off with reasonable starting values. So you're never going to be like, useless. But I always I'm always, like intimidated by systems where I'm like, Oh, I have to, like, allocate these points in this game I don't


Unknown Speaker  28:22  

use or I know, they're gonna matter or Exactly. So


Darcy Ross  28:27  

I think like, that's, it's a, it's just a that's a hard part of it. I think that's kind of a flaw. And one of the other pieces that, again, is sort of like double sided to me is when you look at that character sheet, right? Because these characters can be pretty asymmetric. Sometimes that isn't clear, like where do you write this or that or like, Where should I jot down this? It's, it's sort of open and like people use those character sheets pretty differently. And, you know, I think that's absolutely okay. But when you're first learning that system, Sometimes you're like, Oh, where is like, I have, I have proficiency in weapons. And like, you know, sometimes that doesn't matter to other characters, right? Like they're not going to be writing down. They don't have those efficiencies. They don't write that down somewhere. There's not like, the little box that says weapon proficiency. And so that can be a little, like, disorienting. I think once you've played or once you've used a pre Gen, you get a sense of it, and it's okay, but that first time, it can be a little hard to find your bearings. Mm hmm. Yeah. What


Ryan Boelter  29:30  

about you guys? Would you find tough? Yeah, I think probably the toughest thing was, you know, figuring out the character sheet because it's deceptively simplistic.


Unknown Speaker  29:39  

Yeah. This time,


Ryan Boelter  29:42  

which is interesting. The the first page is just kind of a summary of who you are and where you came from. The second page is all the nitty gritty details. Yeah. Which is interesting. Yeah, it's it's it's hard to To wrap your mind around to the first because I played cipher system a couple times before, but only those two times in both with pre gens Mm hmm. So diving into the character creation itself was a little daunting at first. Yeah. Because I was like, oh, there are so many options.


Unknown Speaker  30:19  

Yes, sir.


Ryan Boelter  30:20  

And it also sounds like you could expand beyond those options and pick whatever you think applies. And then you have to make up what that means mechanically as well. Which makes sense, but when you get down to it, it's not as bad as it looks at first.


Darcy Ross  30:41  

Yeah, it's the standard character sheet. You'll see how it has kind of three columns on each side. It's meant to fold over into a little trifold which I find extremely charming.


Ryan Boelter  30:56  

And lovely.


Darcy Ross  30:57  

You know, you'll notice that like when it's folded up like that, It's got the character sentence on top and a spot for like illustration or some notes or like little stickers or whatever. It's got the backstory on the bottom and on like the back of the pamphlet and you fold it open inside for that nitty gritty. And I think that's like another way that numenera is reinforcing, like, you know, play up your character sentence like, you know, trying to empower you to sort of stick with the narrative not feel like tied down to your mechanical. What only what's on your character sheet.


Unknown Speaker  31:29  

Yeah, it is. It is a


Darcy Ross  31:32  

compared to, I think you're absolutely right that like when you've just picked up a pre Gen, they're really easy to use are pretty easy to navigate. There's just not too much there. But it is quite a process getting you there, right? Yes. Um, so that's kind of a drawback. How about you, Amelia? Any, any sticking points for you so far?


Amelia Antrim  31:49  

I think when we got into type and the fact that they were so different from each other, yes. Yeah. Um, it tripped me up a little bit because we're trying to run through it together. I'm like, where are you? doesn't mind look like that? Yeah, I don't understand what you're saying. And so that took me a minute to like, go back. And like as Ryan's talking about his skills and things, I'm like, Where is he getting this from?


Unknown Speaker  32:10  

To calibrate? So like,


Amelia Antrim  32:12  

I had to go look at what he's looking at and being like, Oh, my just doesn't look like that. So I think there's, it's not like you make a character one time and you're like, now I know how to do this. Whereas like, the first time we sat down to record our mass episode, I was like, somebody explained to me what on earth a playbook is Yeah, cuz like everybody keeps saying playbook. And I don't know what that is. Yeah. And then like, once you've absorbed that you can make any pvta character you want, because you figured that out. And so this one's a little bit different than like having made one character. I'm not sure that I could go make a second one and be like, Oh, I totally know what I'm doing. There would


Darcy Ross  32:49  

be like, a new piece. Right, right. Be some new thing to go look at. Right?


Ryan Boelter  32:53  

Yeah. I think now that I've created one myself, I think feel like I have the tools to, to deal with that, that there's gonna be some differences, especially traded them as a group here. But yeah, it's it's it kind of I'm kind of excited to create more characters now because of those differences because I totally all the characters are a bit different in all the puzzle pieces. Although they look similar from afar, there's some intricacies within them that make them much more interesting.


Darcy Ross  33:29  

Yeah, I know, I've talked about like, parts that I love throughout the episode, but like maybe if I had to pick one thing that I think is sort of the best part of character creation. You know, I think it's that character sentence, right? Like, there are a lot of like little details that you have to write down as a result of the descriptor type and focus. But whenever I find myself, I find that a really good anchor, right like, because I sometimes struggle to like embody a new character. I find that like having That character sentence is like a really grounding point for roleplay. It reminds me like what I built my character for theoretically. And so I find that like, sometimes when I have mechanically complex character sheets, I'm like, lost in the options down in the mechanics. And that character sentence really helps me understand who I am helps my other players remember what I'm about, because they don't really need to know all the nitty gritty choices that I made. But if as long as they know my character sentence, they kind of can remember what my PC is supposed to be doing. So I wrote that's like, my favorite part is the character sentence. You have that at the end at totally rocks.


Amelia Antrim  34:38  

Yeah, no, that was nice to have to go back to as I was making choices to say, okay, like if I picked prepared what would I yeah, what I have that would go along with this. Like, what what kind of choice would a prepared person make? Ah, cool. Um, and so that was really nice to kind of like anchor it because I do get that sort of analysis paralysis when you have like too many choices and you're like, I don't know where to go. What to pick meant to have that kind of anchor to go back to and say, Okay, I'm prepared. I know that about myself. What would I do from there?


Ryan Boelter  35:07  

Yeah, the character sentence for me was probably one of the the most interesting parts. Well, it's, again, this game has a lot of deceptively simple sort of stuff in it, where it's, it's really from the from the surface level, it's like, okay, it's just a sentence that has three words in it. And those three words mean something. But then you dive into the details of those words, and it completely defines your character.


Darcy Ross  35:36  

Yeah, right. That world building that we ended up doing as a part of it. Mm hmm. Yeah, under the hood, there's a lot more going on. Exactly. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  35:45  

And I love how it kind of spills into that collaborative world building territory to unintentionally, from our perspective as creating the character is just like, Oh yeah, I'm creating this thing. Oh, and I'm creating this other No wait that those those things add up? Yeah, not now we got some cool information about the society and cool information about how others might view our group and all that sort of stuff.


Darcy Ross  36:13  

I guess, you know, character sentence is asked my absolute favorite. My second favorite is the oddity cuz it's just like, you know, feeds into this, like what is the world we live in? What are we interacting with? And it's like a cool weird thing that I don't often becomes kind of like emblematic right? Connick to the character, right. Like I got a lot of like roleplay ideas off of that. And so I oddities are just like flavor packed. Yeah, objects. And so I


Amelia Antrim  36:40  

love like the trinket table and DND too, because why do I have this thing? What does this tell me about my character? Like, why am I carrying this like one sock around?


Unknown Speaker  36:50  



Amelia Antrim  36:50  

why is this important to me? Why do I have it like when I can only carry so many things? Why is this the thing I chose this journey with me? Exactly. It's It's so good. valuable for like one tiny little piece of like, I love that stuff about character creation too is that like, so many people put so much work into the stats and all that kind of stuff and I'm always like, what's the one weird random trinket that


Unknown Speaker  37:13  

I haven't like, why


Amelia Antrim  37:13  

did I move that with me for different houses? Yeah. Why is that the thing that I still keep packing in the box and not giving too good?


Unknown Speaker  37:22  

Yeah. Well,


Unknown Speaker  37:24  

when when I saw that trinket table like Troy, my co host of Cypher speak and I just like flipped away. We're like, it's nice for dandy.


Unknown Speaker  37:35  

So excited. Uh huh.


Ryan Boelter  37:38  

I think when we were rolling for those in our d&d episode, my character got a 12 volt 12 volt battery. Yeah, for his trinket Yeah, it was like described as this like a boxy thing with two cylindrical tops and likes like tangled when it when you put it to your tongue or something like that. Yes. And it's like, that's it. For battery, it just blew my mind.


Darcy Ross  38:02  

Yeah, like there's definitely easter eggs in numenera as well that are like things from maybe our world that you might be able to recognize,


Ryan Boelter  38:12  

like Bucky balls.


Unknown Speaker  38:13  

Yeah, exactly,


Ryan Boelter  38:14  

which which I own a few and are completely out of reach for my kids.


Amelia Antrim  38:22  

I want to ask you, how do you think the mix of sci fi and fantasy affects the kinds of characters that people play in these games?


Darcy Ross  38:30  

So I think that the combo of science and fantasy and just numenera in general, it creates some really weird characters, as I'm sure you can see from some of those like really strange focus options. You know, you get like, just some of the weirdest PCs I've ever gotten to play with. But I also like that, you know, you have this sort of its own thing, science fantasy genre, and then on each side, you have like, more pure Are quote unquote, like fantasy and sci fi. And because you have these kind of three different like circles that your characters can find themselves in and in this Venn diagram, like players who are like overwhelmed by being too weird can like me they're more comfortable with like sort of a fantasy character. They can absolutely play a straight at fantasy character that doesn't want to deal with like your technological you know, nonsense and it's just like a big Paladin with a cool sword right there make lave I've had characters play that alongside like, a character who basically died and became incorporeal and was just an animated like hand for a while and over the course of a campaign like slowly assembled more body parts right so that was like playing next to like the fighter. Right like their focus was like physical pet. It was great like control controls beasts or something commands peace. And, and then you've also got like super sci fi right? Like, especially with the introduction of cool like vehicles and vehicle related like movement and chase scenes and stuff that numenera Destiny brought, like you could play your hot shot pilot, right, you know your Poe Dameron. You know, there's numenera in space is one of the supplements not called that called a better the night, but it's very good. Its base. It's so great, though. And so I think I think one of the things that produces is that different players can kind of find their comfort zones in those different realms. I think that the mishmash of genres is assist. It's a setting built to support the combination of those genres. And so you get players can feel, find something that really works for them, even if they're really different, and they all work together. That's that's sort of what I've seen. That's awesome, huh? I love it. It's so weird.


Ryan Boelter  41:01  

When you were talking about the setting and everything, it may be really curious if you could travel to another world somehow, through magic or technology and find maybe a previous civilization.


Darcy Ross  41:18  

Anything is possible. Yeah, the ninth world, it's wild. Yeah, there's, um, the book that's just about to come out is called voices of the data sphere, which I haven't even plugged because I'm bad at that, apparently, I'm just so excited about, you know, just very focused. But voices of the data sphere is, whatever new books that introduces, and lets you explore the data sphere, which is kind of like the ninth world internet or what's left of it, or maybe multiple internets. But in the previous books, it's like a thing that you can maybe like get a weird cryptic answer from right so it's sort of like an ask Google or ask Alexa. Suddenly you have like a weird, rich piece of you know, An answer to one of your questions are like a cool asset towards something. But voices the data sphere is like, what if Tron but numenera. It's like writing yourself into the data sphere and going into these realms of, you know, light and information and possibly like traveling to other places in the ninth world, or I don't have the book. So I can't tell you if this is a spoiler or not, but I don't see why it's, I feel like the data sphere could bring you two different times. Yeah, I feel like you could bring these two different worlds and all kinds of stuff. Right. So I think that's absolutely campaign goodness.


Ryan Boelter  42:37  

I want to play this so bad.


Unknown Speaker  42:39  

I know please play it with me.


Ryan Boelter  42:44  

Ah, well, in lieu of playing today. I think it's time that we figured out what happens with these particular characters in our fanfiction portion of the show.


Unknown Speaker  42:56  

Yes, yes. Yes, please.


Ryan Boelter  43:00  

So okay, so we've got these three amazing characters have been friends for a while. And I come back with on my mysterious quest of sorts. Yeah. And rope both of you into my shenanigans.


Unknown Speaker  43:19  

Absolutely, oh,


Amelia Antrim  43:20  

something mysterious happened. And then you come back is that


Ryan Boelter  43:23  

I think there was like some there was something that I was following that was kind of mysterious. Maybe I uncovered something in one of the rooms that I was delving into. And, and maybe that maybe searching for answers for this thing that I found, led me to discover something a little weird, and a little mysterious that led to more questions that led to more questions. And every question I answered, led to even more that eventually brought me back to the both of you cool. Okay, I can see that being really compelling.


Unknown Speaker  44:03  



Amelia Antrim  44:05  

So are you like back home like, Okay, I have to just start over from the bottom because now I have question upon question upon question, or are you like, following the trail on the trail has led here.


Ryan Boelter  44:15  

I want to say the trail light here.


Unknown Speaker  44:17  



Ryan Boelter  44:19  

Yeah. Very cool. And I don't know if the trail directly involved either of you. But it could be interesting if it was something from our past. Darcy.


Unknown Speaker  44:33  

Yeah, I


Unknown Speaker  44:34  

like that a lot. Um,


Darcy Ross  44:36  

one question I have for us is, Ursula, have you did you also grow up in this town? Or did you come from elsewhere? Like, is your is your house at the moon? ability, like a recent thing, or is it something you've had for kind of a long time?


Amelia Antrim  44:51  

Um, I think it's something I've had for a long time, but it's recently gotten worse. Oh, okay.


Unknown Speaker  45:00  

I like that.


Darcy Ross  45:02  

Yeah, I am wondering if there is like, so you kind of educate you've like educated kids, right? You sort of like or given lectures or workshops of some sort. Yeah. I wonder if like we shared, maybe like a mentor or something in the city. Okay. I'm trying to figure out how to weave all this together.


Amelia Antrim  45:25  

There's a lot of noise. Some of it, it's like we would figure it out if we were


Unknown Speaker  45:28  

playing. I know, I know.


Darcy Ross  45:31  

One of the big organizations that is across the ninth world, or at least the steadfast sort of where you often start out, is the order of truth. It's the alien priests. It's like the tech wizards right there. They're sort of scientists slash like, kind of religious figures. And they're like, very politically powerful and so often, like, you know, you know, if, if an intrigue goes all the way to the top, then It's AB involving like, a man priests, which can be fun. So yeah, I like the idea that like, something's gotten worse for your house at the moon. And, you know, is like our strange like illnesses or like tech numenera going haywire is starting to like happen across the city. And so maybe the three of us need to like, team up to sort of mitigate it here, but like, what route caused it or who started it? It could be kind of a question we start to follow.


Ryan Boelter  46:32  

Mm hmm. I could see kind of this path leading towards needing to go to a specific, like, kind of runes short. Yeah. And getting through these ruins would require all three of our skill sets.


Darcy Ross  46:53  

Oh, cool. Yeah. So I can imagine a session where we're like, kind of information gathering and then we sort of like find the To these ruins and somehow, you know, maybe Amelia, Ursula has scan ability, right can maybe scan some areas that are getting like really hate wired, and you start to like, triangulate where like the disruptions coming from. See, I think this definitely leads us to a ruin. What kind of Ruin do we think it is? We've got a lot of like, a lot of numenera synthetic is like weird floating stuff. Or it could be like, deep into the ocean or, you know, on the back of a moving animal or big structure could be behind a brick and a simple wall, but it leads to a whole other realm. I like the


Amelia Antrim  47:37  

idea that it's a cave in this mountain that is not made of rock.


Unknown Speaker  47:42  

Oh, I love it. What color is it? Oh, I think it's


Unknown Speaker  47:47  

blue. I love it.


Amelia Antrim  47:50  

So it like looks like every other mountain like in a mountain range is one particular peak that is not made of the say like and we don't know what it's made of, but that not rock


Ryan Boelter  47:59  

off. Is it artificial?


Unknown Speaker  48:03  

Oh, yeah,


Unknown Speaker  48:05  

theory is a bound part of the mystery.


Unknown Speaker  48:08  



Darcy Ross  48:11  

So yeah, I love the idea that maybe we were like, we go and have to explore this ruin. Um, you know, maybe we find out a little more about like, what's up with your house at the moon thing? Do you think you were chasing a person or just like clues? Your character Selena, do you think she was like hunting down? Like a group of people that like maybe caused this or is it you know, sort of hard to tell? Is it just a whim of the strange Neumann era around us? Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  48:41  

I think it was originally a string of clues that she was following. And then eventually, the clues were pointing towards a more intelligent mind behind cars happening and There's it's it's ambiguous whether it's a living or artificial intelligence.


Unknown Speaker  49:08  



Darcy Ross  49:10  

I would really want to take us potentially, to perhaps as part of like a longer campaign to a place called the wheel of bas w el. It is like a whole cool community of like automatons and like machine intelligences that kind of form a refuge and a little community together. It's really cool. And so if you know if it is a machine intelligence or something, maybe we like trace it all the way over there. Yeah, I guess one question I would have for you too is like if we were following these three characters, do we think we'd want to engage more with like, the having a home base community side? Do you think we'd want to like venture out and still have this city of our home? We are home or like, do you think we strike out and have to go very far away and don't really have like a home base or a place we keep coming back to.


Ryan Boelter  50:03  

I, I love the idea of having a home base. And I want to say, the city that we are originating from not a very big city. Yeah, like a tight knit community of sorts. Oh, cool. Maybe less than 1000 people.


Unknown Speaker  50:25  



Ryan Boelter  50:26  

Um, and something where, where everything kind of matters,


Darcy Ross  50:32  

right? Yeah. Every little bit counts. Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  50:35  

Because you don't have like, a lot of redundancy when you have that few of people. Yep. Right. Oh, like the the local restaurants are going to be more, you know, important. The, the local tailor is going to be the Yeah, yeah.


Amelia Antrim  50:50  

That's so cool.


Ryan Boelter  50:53  

And then building up that community and reinforcing the community and protecting that community. I can see that before. really intriguing long term, huh?


Darcy Ross  51:03  

And like, yeah, I mean, the three of us, right? Like we had a childhood here. You know, Ursula like, is like a really important part of like, you know that, like Taylor, are you using like cool, weird numenera tricks as you're like helping with weaves and stuff for you like, I'm so curious about like, what specialty you you did in the weaving? Like, are you still part of the tailoring? Or are you like, branching out on your own now?


Amelia Antrim  51:28  

I feel like Yes, because I think we talked about you doing some of that. Yeah, like the idea that we're doing that together that like we've sort of, like we now specialize in this like, Is it


Unknown Speaker  51:38  

like our shop? Like I said, like, that would be really cute. Oh, it has.


Darcy Ross  51:44  

Cool. This is really neat. I love it. Um, there's a bunch of really cool. One thing I really like about the way that new narrows map is set up is there's a bunch of like areas that are kind of described for you and often like are presented in a really like, easy to grab as a GM and like riff off of manners there's often like like if you go to the sea Kingdom have gone there's the city of bridges which is a place we could be there's a little sidebar that's like gone here say so like cool rumors in the area, stuff like that. But there's also a bunch of places on the map that are like little weird squares that are like a little faded. And those are like sites on the map where like a cool thing is, but mcg will never tell you what it is. So it's like here here's a great spot to like jot in on your map. Our Town if we wanted to make it right, or like that cool, weird Blue Mountain Range ruin. I bet that's in the black Raj and we can just pick one of those little squares and make it ours. So, so curious about our town. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  52:55  

I can see like this mystery. Going Cold at some point. Yes. And then we don't know what to do now we hit a dead end. Yeah. What else could we do aside from work with the community and help our hometown out? And then getting into like, well, I want an excuse for us to dungeon Delve still. Right? Because that's kind of all my characters about. Um, so maybe I dragged the two of you to look for materials. Yeah. For tailoring. Oh, to make it like super, super unique tailoring. Like not only are we the only tailors in town, but like we're starting to gain renowned regionally


Darcy Ross  53:44  

Yeah. Oh, I love that. I wonder if there's like, a legendary like a legend of our town of like, this. I don't know like, important figure who like saved the town from some like intense danger like there's a major prophecy Who knows if we want to throw some fantasy in. But like, you know, this figure had like, an amazing mantel with like mystical properties or like, I wonder if there's something that like, you know, the three of us are trying to recreate or find. Yeah, thing that we think would really help us or help


Ryan Boelter  54:18  

the town. I want to throw something a little weird at that too.


Unknown Speaker  54:21  

Oh, dude, that's


Ryan Boelter  54:24  

us figuring out how to create this mantle. Yeah. leads to figuring out that the mystery is a way to send this mantle back in time. Oh, cool. So we have to create some magic the


Unknown Speaker  54:41  

legendary thing. Like it's young before us. Tiny, tiny whiny nonsense. Perfect.


Darcy Ross  54:50  

Here for it. But what goes wrong? Everything we we go through many sessions of amazing adventure we find incredible technology and New friends and NPCs maybe our village is even getting a little bigger, you know, cool things we've built for it. And we're finally ready. We have to send this mantel back. I feel like there's some complication, or, you know, as the mantle sentient or something like what what complicates? Or do we get sent back as a class? Oh, or part of us?


Unknown Speaker  55:25  

Hmm. Or do we leave on a dramatic cliffhanger? You know, as that campaign out? Yes. even close.


Ryan Boelter  55:34  

Yeah, there. There could be a lot of interesting complications for something like that.


Amelia Antrim  55:39  

Yeah. I mean, I feel like whatever the complication is, it has to involve a terribly heartbreaking decision. Yes.


Darcy Ross  55:44  

Yeah. Yeah. I bet like if we knew more about the NPCs that we've become very attached to I bet that has something to do with it. So


Ryan Boelter  55:52  

if this was a campaign and pain, yeah, application, I would say we have to send it back in In order for all of this working, but only one of us can go with it. Oh, and one of us has to go


Darcy Ross  56:06  

just twist that secret dagger of yours hidden. Just twisted into us. Oh my goodness. Yeah, I


Unknown Speaker  56:14  

love it. Which one of us would do it? I think there's there's three alternate endings to this campaign there is a choose your own adventure.


Darcy Ross  56:25  

It's so sad In any case, because we're so interconnected. You know? It would be really brutal for any of us to Oh,


Unknown Speaker  56:34  

I guess we'll never know.


Darcy Ross  56:36  

I love it. I'm whoever gets sent back like leaves a message though that the other to find rikes they can go back in time and scrawling an ancient rock.


Ryan Boelter  56:45  

Oh, absolutely.


Amelia Antrim  56:46  

Oh, so yeah, whoever goes back scrolls at an ancient rock, which is the mystery that Ryan


Unknown Speaker  56:50  

discovers eventually. It


Amelia Antrim  56:54  

leads him to go on this quest to make it in the first home. We've closed


Unknown Speaker  56:59  

the loop. Did everyone take a long lunch?


Unknown Speaker  57:05  

This is amazing. Oh, I love it so much. Oh wow


Unknown Speaker  57:12  

I'm very overwhelmed It's so


Unknown Speaker  57:15  

hot dang


Amelia Antrim  57:18  

what a good game that we didn't didn't play


Unknown Speaker  57:23  



Unknown Speaker  57:25  

Oh my goodness


Unknown Speaker  57:28  

my heart


Amelia Antrim  57:30  

All right well finally get into the last segment of our show I'm sorry advancement discussion where we take it up a level take it up a level


Ryan Boelter  57:41  

a level all right in this segment we will cover character advancement and growth in the system. So how do we think characters changes people within the narrative of the game?


Unknown Speaker  57:53  

Is this generally characters or our church our characters our characters


Ryan Boelter  57:58  

or or characters I couldn't get in the way.


Darcy Ross  58:01  

Yeah, it's, you know. So here's my general statement and then we can get our characters my general statement is, there are a lot of different valid paths to character advancement in numenera. So that same XP that you get by allowing me to complicate your life as a GM with the GM intrusions, or through gaining through discovery, so when you discover things you get XP, and that's a very vague term and intended to be because lots of campaigns will look very different. And so what discovery means to your group might look different than others. And you also can get XP for, you know, setting up goals like narrative goals for your character and sort of pursuing along them so I'm imagining, you know, Ryan's character, Celine would be getting some XP every time she finds like a little more clued, you know, to push this along. I might find XP for finding a cool, relevant passage in a book about Like that, you know that mantle that that we were searching for. And Emily's character might find other cool Taylor related discoveries or discoveries about like how to master her like beast form and stuff. So as you collect this XP, you can spend it to, you know, reroll to play your intrusions. So you have these sort of short term spends. And then you also can spend it to advance your character like gaining new skills, getting new abilities, upgrading, like your focus, upgrading, you know, your type. So, characters have tears inside in cipher system. And so you have six tiers, and you basically need to do for different things, for different kinds of advancements to get to the next tier, so you have to increase your effort, right, you can spend more effort, increase in edge, so that discount you get to pool spends, and then like two other things, of which there are many choices. So you can also do stuff like I could not advance my character and I could just buy skills for for XP each, all day long, I could just be a tier one character that would still be perfectly functional in your group. Although maybe, you know, sad that I can't spend six levels of effort, but I could have so many skills. So, I'm imagining that my character, like I would want to get a little better illusions, I would definitely want to get like cooler as a tailor. And I would want to like, you know, spend a lot of time becoming really good with the community. So I could imagine like, you know, I don't really have any social skills right now, but I could imagine as we become more important leaders to the community, I might want to invest some in that, like, I would love to see my character, you know, I'm imagining my Delve is like, is very nurturing, very nurturing, right, but like, maybe doesn't know how to, like, extend themselves or like, kind of reach out to people. I'm sort of like maybe I kind of like lean on the nano or like my childhood friends. To kind of like, help draw me out of my shell a little, but I would love to see some growth in like, the ability to comfort people and like, maybe persuade and lead and inspire. I would like to see that kind of grow over time. Yeah. What about youth hooks? Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:17  

I mean, I definitely want to spend some time I think, like, figuring out and coming to terms with this beast form.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:23  

Yeah, I think the arc


Amelia Antrim  1:01:25  

that I'm interested in, like, at least personally, right, trying to figure out like, What's up with that? Why is that? How do I control that?


Unknown Speaker  1:01:33  

Yeah. Um, how do you feel about it? You know, right.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:37  

Yeah. Like, why? Why don't want to eat my friends? Why not eat my friend?


Ryan Boelter  1:01:44  

That's a question. We should all be asking


Unknown Speaker  1:01:46  

that we should all Yes.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:48  

Can I


Amelia Antrim  1:01:49  

stop eating?


Unknown Speaker  1:01:51  

I love it.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:53  



Darcy Ross  1:01:55  

I have a question about your beast form. Does your beast form change over time. Like if you still have Beast form like, does this cool, like bear personality stretch or grow and change?


Amelia Antrim  1:02:06  

Well, so like I said, I think that it's recently gotten worse. So I think that it started out as like, either like not a full transformation or like it was an adorable small bear.


Unknown Speaker  1:02:19  

Oh my god,


Amelia Antrim  1:02:20  

like this, like it's gotten worse in that like, yeah, you know, right didn't used to be blood thirsty and carnivorous or, you know, like that is a recent chain. Oh, I love that.


Unknown Speaker  1:02:33  

Mm hmm. And how about saline?


Ryan Boelter  1:02:37  

saline, I believe she wants to get both, you know, better at traversing these runes. So better physically and all that sort of stuff. Better at combat because I think that's like something that we are. Literally, yeah, I think she just wants to be better at protecting her friends during these dangerous delves and whatnot, cuz she used to she's used to going solo and maybe being a little bit more stealthy in that regards. Yeah, even though she's not skilled at that, but going with a group, I think she wants to get better at protecting, but also like, the knowledge of the past she wants to kind of increase the, like her maybe gain some skills in in understanding the numenera better. Oh neat, which would be interesting.


Darcy Ross  1:03:32  

And that could be kind of I could imagine cool scenes of like, you know, our learned nano right is like extremely knowledgeable about numenera I have a I have a book about it.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:42  

Oh, my starting.


Darcy Ross  1:03:44  

I'm just imagining, like really heartwarming, like how we share information with each other and what we learn from each other over time. Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  1:03:51  



Ryan Boelter  1:03:52  

yeah. There is a lot of bonding opportunities in this party.


Unknown Speaker  1:03:56  

Yeah, definitely. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  1:04:01  

good's a good group.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:05  

Awesome. I think that's that's pretty much it for advancement. 10 right.


Darcy Ross  1:04:09  

Yeah, I think so. I think like, there would be kind of advancement to be seen with the community, right. So community is like, start out as love, like with levels and, you know, they have, the level sort of represents, like, what it takes for like, big environmental disasters or like an army to like, you know, get through your walls. So I, you know, we haven't fleshed that out as a full character like we have, but I think over time, we would also see our town mechanically and narratively kind of grow and flourish and change can be fun, really fun to see.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:44  

Oh, absolutely. I love that. Awesome. Well, is there anything else that we want to say before we wrap things up?


Unknown Speaker  1:04:53  



Unknown Speaker  1:04:55  

Like good characters.


Unknown Speaker  1:04:57  

I know.


Unknown Speaker  1:05:00  

Marry the wholesome. I know


Unknown Speaker  1:05:05  

we gotta play.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:06  

Absolutely. Awesome. Well, Darcy, thank you so much for joining us to talk about numenera. So, so much fun.


Darcy Ross  1:05:13  

Oh, I had I can't you can see through the video that my cheeks have gone up to my eyes and I can't stop smiling. I've enjoyed this so thoroughly. This has been an absolute delight.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:24  

Thank you. Can you go ahead and remind everyone where they can find you online and what sort of things you're working on?


Darcy Ross  1:05:30  

Yeah, absolutely. You can find my work of my amazing team at Monte cook games at Monte cook games calm or on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook at Monica games. My personal stuff so weird snail facts, air plant enthusiasm. My RPG exuberance is is at Darcy l Ross DRC y l RSS. Upcoming stuff you should be looking forward to is we have our voices of the data sphere. The cool New Tron meets numenera supplement that I'm very hyped for are kind of the ancients just came out and beneath the monolith is about to come out. Those are two products that are bringing the weirdness of the ninth world and, and the setting of the ninth world respectively to five v. So if you have a group that really wants to stick with a comfortable ruleset but you are excited by like the weirdness of numenera you can come make weird numeric characters and play with a five year old set. So I'm really excited for that. And burn bright is dry T is a roll 20 based RPG that I had a small part in but I'm very excited for and it has lots of weird because I was helpful in designing it. And so I look forward to an RPG by roll 20 coming up this summer called burn brain.


Unknown Speaker  1:06:51  

Oh, very cool.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:52  

Yeah, I'm excited to see what that one has. Sounds as you're saying about it.


Darcy Ross  1:06:57  

I'm not saying you can romance a ship but you Can


Unknown Speaker  1:07:01  

it's great i am saying that


Unknown Speaker  1:07:04  

amazing. Yes.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:07  

Oh Darcy thank you for joining us and thank you again to everyone for listening.


Unknown Speaker  1:07:11  

Yeah, thank you listeners.


Unknown Speaker  1:07:13  

Mm hmm.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:15  

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Unknown Speaker  1:07:33  

or on our Discord server


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Unknown Speaker  1:08:47  

Now we got to read some show blurbs show blurbs show show bad


Unknown Speaker  1:08:52  

show nerves.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:54  

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