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Series 29.2 - Legend of the Five Rings with David Gordon Buresh (Creation Continued)

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The second episode of our Legend of the Five Rings series welcomes back David Gordon Buresh, from the Dave of the Five Rings blog, to finish up our characters by going through the remaining *checks notes* 17 questions. Also, hear Ryan’s first exasperated sigh against Amelia’s favorite game!

Episode Notes

The second episode of our Legend of the Five Rings series welcomes back David Gordon Buresh, from the Dave of the Five Rings blog, to finish up our characters by going through the remaining *checks notes* 17 questions. Also, hear Ryan’s first exasperated sigh against Amelia’s favorite game!


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Ryan Boelter  0:00  

Welcome to the second episode of series 29. Everyone, we're revving up to dive into the remaining 17 questions for L five, our character creation. But before we get there, we have the usual announcements. First of all, thank you to everyone who voted in the pennies this last week or so, we hope that shows like ation represent and multiple other great RPGs or MPC supplements that we featured on this show. Got your vote as well. Now we just have to sit back and wait for the results with bated breath. Secondly, we've been getting a lot more reviews on pod chaser lately, which is fantastic to see why Apple podcasts can't make leaving reviews. As simple as pod chaser does, I don't know. But if you have a few moments, you can easily leave a review there from your phone from your computer. Pretty much any browser basically. Of course apple pie casts helps the best because it is the biggest market. And every hit five star review greatly helps us in the rankings and definitely helps others find the show. Whether you are in the US or in any other country, your reviews really mean the world to us. And we'd really love to hear from you that way. If you've already left a review or don't want to go through that whole process, which is fine. Think about introducing a friend to our show, or to people seeking recommendations online and see if they'll give us a listen. If you're new to the show, welcome. We're really glad you could be here with us. Now since it's just me here we'll forego reading one of your reviews. Since we'd like to do that when it is both Amelia and myself here. So for now, let's just get back to the show, shall we enjoy


Ryan Boelter  2:26  

On the last episode of Character Creation Cast, David was creating a person from the dragon clan, part of the Takashi order, who learned from the kudzu key investigator school. Emilia was creating that person who belonged to the crab clan, part of the Cooney family who learn from the Cooney purifier school, and I was creating a person from the unicorn clan, part of the EA family who learned from the Michoud master school. We're picking up right where we left off last time. Enjoy


Amelia Antrim  3:00  

So question four, how does your character stand out within their school? And so what this one does is it gives you five little groupings of adjectives to kind of describe your character and how they did in their school while they were learning. And then those associate with a ring depending on what you pick, so you have creativity, passion and drive. Increase your firing, Grace eloquence or empathy increase your earring. adaptability, friendliness or awareness will increase your watering, thoroughness, patience or calm will increase your earth ring, self awareness, insight or mysticism will increase your avoid ring.


Ryan Boelter  3:39  

Interesting. Okay.


Amelia Antrim  3:41  

So this tells a little bit about your character as a student as they were learning this the school skill and things like that, that they they now know.


David Gordon Buresh  3:51  

Yeah, for me, of course playing Takashi Batman. The choice is obvious. It's my drive for justice.


Ryan Boelter  4:02  

So you just choose one of the three adjectives, right?


Amelia Antrim  4:07  

Yeah, I mean, really what you're doing is the mechanical part of it. So it doesn't necessarily have to be. It's just like a category of descriptors. So I'm going to go with the creativity, passion or drive, I'm going to increase my fire ring and say that my character was


Ryan Boelter  4:22  

incredibly driven. It's interesting. Okay, I am between creativity, a call, and friendliness. And that's three different rings.


David Gordon Buresh  4:33  

Um, if you go with Fred and


Amelia Antrim  4:35  

you're watering, you can't increase anymore. Yeah, but you can put it where it's


Ryan Boelter  4:40  

just very interesting. But I don't know, if I want it to be like a defining characteristic of the character. I want. I'm gonna go with creativity. Um, and where do I put that on the character sheet does it matter you


David Gordon Buresh  4:58  

just fill it into the ring? If you're not using the writing prompt version of character creation, then it's just sort of you put it down after this


Amelia Antrim  5:08  

Yeah, I don't think I put the writing prompt on in our


Ryan Boelter  5:11  

folder and I'm sorry. Oh, that's fine.


David Gordon Buresh  5:13  

So, after this, it gets a lot more thoughtful sort of building your character where they are in the world. Question five, who is your leash? And what is your character's duty to them? This helps inform your Giri your sworn your your your character sworn duty. This is usually shaped by your role. As such, I am going to choose that since my sworn role is caught here at the a machine. Since I want this to conflict with sort of who my character is. I'm going to say that my character is the sworn duty is there an ambassador they're there to be To go into the world and be the person who sort of maintains peace. So that would be my query would be ambassador. And I would have the room to sort of fill that out into deeper maintenance of


Ryan Boelter  6:19  



Amelia Antrim  6:21  

I'm going to go with something I mean, since we're not playing a specific campaign, usually when I sit down to play a game, this is something that we do in session zero is kind of talk about like what we're going to be doing in the game. And then I try and figure out like, where the girI can fit in to that story so that I know that we're playing upon it and pulling on those strings. But I'm going to go really broad this time and say that my theory is to root out and destroy the taint.


Ryan Boelter  6:48  

Interesting. So this one feels a bit more abstract to me. Uh huh. And


David Gordon Buresh  6:56  

yeah, this is a story, okay. This is also usually when You have a GM the GM will be like, this is your role. How what is the specifics?


Ryan Boelter  7:07  

Yeah. Okay, so this is um, this is a person who is my lord, this is a person that my character is sworn to. Yep. And what's my role to them?


David Gordon Buresh  7:19  

are arguing. Are you a? Are you the traveling wizard? who delights their family? Are you sure? Are you investigator? Are you somebody who's been tasked with exploring the world? Um,


Ryan Boelter  7:34  

I'm going to go with I'm tasked with my characters tasked with mastering a new instrument that was found. Excellent. That is very, very reminiscent of a violin.


David Gordon Buresh  7:55  

Very cool.


Ryan Boelter  7:56  

So would that would I put that then under my girI.


David Gordon Buresh  7:59  

Yes. If


Amelia Antrim  8:01  

so your query is what your duty is. Now, keep in mind as you're picking this, this is something that you're nindo is your personal goal, like the thing that you want to pursue for yourself? So you want those two to be in some level of conflict.


Ryan Boelter  8:19  

Okay. I i think so the ninja That one's gonna be also kind of abstract make it up story prompt twice, right? Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  8:29  



David Gordon Buresh  8:30  

Awesome. And again, this the question six is, what does your character longed for? And how might this impede their duty? So again, it's not just Are you building your ninja in this question, your character, his heart's desire, but how does that get in the way of doing your job? So for me, very easy. My character must pursue justice. And unfortunately, the person that I must pursue justice to take down I can't Ambassador to their court can't kill the crime boss who's caught here in, that's just rude. I have to do it another way.


Amelia Antrim  9:10  

For me, I want my ninja to be a desire to learn more about the creatures of the Shadowlands, I think my character thinks that we have sort of stagnated on the level of knowledge that we have. And we've just decided, as Cooney that we know all the things that we need to know. And that's that. Whereas my character thinks that there's more to be gained there and more things that we need to understand. But, you know, if you if you're supposed to root them out and destroy them, that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for studying


Ryan Boelter  9:43  

them. Okay, I gotta change things up. Okay. Um, to make it more in line with the theme that I'm going for that I haven't stated yet. I know you know that it is. But that's okay. We'll see. Read it aloud for people that that haven't heard me talk about this before. Um so my I'm gonna change my Giri


Unknown Speaker  10:10  



Ryan Boelter  10:11  

just trying to get the names of the dymo


Unknown Speaker  10:15  

diamonds I'm yeah.


Ryan Boelter  10:17  

Okay. And that's like the family plan family demeo


David Gordon Buresh  10:21  

so Danielle is in society and regarding society anyone who can command fealty that usually means that they have some form of landed holding. They might be a governor they might be a head magistrate they might be that they might be the headquarter here the they might be the commander of an army. Basically, it is your your command is somebody who could command others to serve them if those others are samurai.


Ryan Boelter  10:54  

So, my sworn duty, I'm changing it to be a little bit spicy. Hear, protect the daughter of the great family daimyo and my desire, who I want to say I'm to live peacefully with my one true love that works. Is that the daughter? Ah, we don't know.


David Gordon Buresh  11:22  

So the next question does get a little, it has a crunch aspects to it. It's not just a writing. Question seven, what is your character's relationship with their clan? This is sort of to reflect how does your character feel about what their clan traditionally values? And what this question asks is, do you agree with the values of your clan? In which case you would get plus five glory as reputation? Or do you fundamentally disagree with the teachings of your plan? In which case choose a skill which you have zero ranks in, you gain one rank in That skill. Why? Why is that skill a manifest appear disagree?


Ryan Boelter  12:05  

Hmm. Okay, so where would I know the unicorn clans values? Is that back in the


David Gordon Buresh  12:13  

back where he describes the unicorn clan?


Ryan Boelter  12:16  

That's way back. Okay, let me let me go back to that page. And like they talk about compassion is the most significant tenant of Bushido, the unicorn clan.


Unknown Speaker  12:29  

It's page 40. Yeah.


David Gordon Buresh  12:31  

For me, I'm going to say I, okay, I've gotten first previously, you should go.


Amelia Antrim  12:36  

Normally I almost always go with having a fundamental disagreement, because I think it's interesting, but I think for this character i'm not i'm gonna say that they believe in what their clan is doing. It is hard and I'm going to take plus five glory.


David Gordon Buresh  12:52  

It is kind of hard to disagree with what the cracklin is doing.


Amelia Antrim  12:57  

Right? I mean, as long as like in this timeline they're doing what they're supposed to be doing.


David Gordon Buresh  13:03  

On the opposite flip side, it's kind of hard to disagree also with what the dragon do because the dragon or do your thing as a clan.


Ryan Boelter  13:13  

But I wanted to do something that you tell me to do.


David Gordon Buresh  13:17  

But I am going to say that I'm going to say that my my Takashi, Batman does disagree very much with certain ways in which his client does, which is they're far too tolerant of crime, who they are. I mean, in this timeline, they're literally dealing with a growing heresy in a peasant revolt in their own lands. They This is obviously like, they need, they need to be less tolerant of these things. Mm hmm. And


Amelia Antrim  13:51  

you're playing FBI rope.


David Gordon Buresh  13:54  

As I said, I've took Gosh, I'm Takashi Batman.


Ryan Boelter  13:58  

It's interesting. You think unicorn is it from what I'm reading? It seems like they're kind of against the the traditional Roku gagne politeness in society. Um,


Amelia Antrim  14:12  

the unicorn spent a lot of time outside of Yeah. And so they've only like sort of very recently come back and their culture and their values are very different. Yeah. And


Ryan Boelter  14:26  

the rest of society seems like they're all rough around the edges and stuff like that.


Unknown Speaker  14:31  

Yeah. And they like


David Gordon Buresh  14:32  

eat meat. They eat meat and sit in chairs.


Ryan Boelter  14:35  

Heaven forbid.


David Gordon Buresh  14:38  

I'm not joking that there are that is it that is a long standing joke from the bar community of where the unicorn clan we meet and we sit chairs. Yeah. Because and then on some level, the unicorn clan get a really bad rap for not being traditional Roco Gunny value and To that end they sort of wind up being the the tokens the token ethnic minority in Roca gone. Um, and that, again, that's problematic that you have your token ethnic, but on some level like, that's sort of what the rest of the clans treat them as even though, in many ways Roku God has sort of stayed stagnant for centuries and is very deeply conservative. And along you come the unicorn clan who go like, hey, human life has value people. And apparently that's a controversial statement. Oh, man, if I have so many things I could say about that.


Ryan Boelter  15:42  

Yeah, cuz there's, there's a lot that I agree with for this character. But there's something that I disagree with. Um,


Amelia Antrim  15:50  

so I think this is like overall, just like do you have a total fundamental disagreement, or


Ryan Boelter  15:58  

I don't know if I have like a fundamental general understanding of exam.


David Gordon Buresh  16:04  

I'm going to say that by the tack, I'm taking a rank of tactics, because very much the hands off approach does not agree with Takashi Batman. There needs to be more focus on how to properly conduct war. Hmm.


Amelia Antrim  16:21  

And Ryan, that's maybe the other way to look at this for you if you're not sure about Yeah. Whether you have a disagreement or not, is to look at those skills and say like, Is there something that would represent me doing things my own way?


Ryan Boelter  16:32  

Yeah, I want to say that this character is more refined and is more more willing to, I guess, integrate with the Rocha, Gunny society and politeness and whatnot and probably goes against their clan in terms of trying to trying to escape like the pressures of the Klan by doing performance, and then we'll put we'll pull that music into this character with with one rank performance.


David Gordon Buresh  17:15  

Alright, question eight. What does your character think of Bushido? The code of honor that was given to Rubicon, literally, by Heaven as an A bunch of demigods fell from heaven, said Hi, we're having a society now it has Samurai Bushido. Don't you want to be part of it? Some people said no. They got kicked out of their country. It's been 1000 years since that though, so this country that has been built since has been built around the press precepts of the code of Bushido, every Samurai is heavily heavily heavily indoctrinated the belief of Bushido and as you either are generally somebody who believes Very devoutly in it or somebody who really doesn't think it works. Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  18:07  

Doesn't seem like there's a middle ground there.


Unknown Speaker  18:09  

There really isn't.


Amelia Antrim  18:12  

So I always answer this question the same way in which case I say I do not agree with this, you know, because Bushido is garbage. And


Ryan Boelter  18:21  

yeah, I mean, like, Oh, I get it. But also there's there's times that things need to bend. would that mean I disagree? Generally, yeah.


David Gordon Buresh  18:31  

Okay, then you're just Congratulations, you're a normal person. If your character diverges from some or all the common beliefs about how Samurai should behave honorably gained one rank and one of the following skills to represent past behavior and befitting of Samurai or deeply defied the norm commerce labor medicine seafaring skullduggery survival hmm


Unknown Speaker  18:58  

I picked skullduggery


Amelia Antrim  19:01  

Because I think these characters like look, sometimes you gotta do what you got to do.


David Gordon Buresh  19:07  

I am also taking a rank of skullduggery. Because Takashi Batman get stuffed up.


Ryan Boelter  19:19  

I am between a a rank of medicine or another rank of survival, which would put me at three.


David Gordon Buresh  19:28  

survival is riding horses.


Ryan Boelter  19:30  

Oh, really? Yes.


Amelia Antrim  19:33  

Yeah, the skills in this game are very broad. Under each category, there aren't very many.


Unknown Speaker  19:38  



Amelia Antrim  19:40  

Compared to something like a palladium game, which is Ryan's favorite game. Yeah.


David Gordon Buresh  19:49  

There's nothing quite like letting you roll everything. slippy already, just let RNG take the wheel.


Ryan Boelter  19:58  

Yeah. All right. I'm gonna go with survival then. Cuz I like riding horses. Good. Alright.


David Gordon Buresh  20:06  

Now we get into once again the one of the more writing prompt ish sections for the next four questions. Nine, what is your character's greatest accomplishment so far? What this is, is this is to help you build your distinction. distinctions are basically part of the advantage system. They're something cool that your character does something that they are notable for something they are known for. And there's a wide selection of what they are in the book. But they're almost all keyed to a ring of some type. And this is their sort of the way they work is they give you sort of a flavor effect. Like you might have a sixth sense where you can just sense like something supernatural is going on. Ghosts like talking to you that sort of thing. And if you're ever making a role where it can apply, you can Call upon your advantage to roll roll two dice after you've rolled, but before you started selecting which ones


Amelia Antrim  21:08  

that is, one thing I like about the advantages and disadvantages in this game is they're easy to keep track of, because they all do the same thing mechanically, it's just a matter of when they do that, but


David Gordon Buresh  21:20  

I, I agree that they're they're a lot easier than they were in the previous game, but I also kind of really don't like them compared to the previous versions, because they're just very bland. And there's too many of them. There. Actually, I'm very I'm very strong in the opinion that I think the advantage disadvantage system of this version was rushed and wasn't given enough time to really develop and the fact that character creation involves literally getting for is a little daunting, huh?


Amelia Antrim  21:58  

Yeah, and I know that like I've seen sent a lot of time flipping through and being like, none of these are really what


Unknown Speaker  22:03  

I'm looking for.


Amelia Antrim  22:05  

And there have been a few times where I will make up my own. Yes, just because I kind of know


David Gordon Buresh  22:10  

what I want. But I think making up your own is the best. Like, the I very much think that the advantages and disadvantage that they have in the book really should be just sort of just sort of guidelines. And there's also sort of the problem of like that, why is there a ring associated to it? Is that just only on that approach?


Amelia Antrim  22:35  

Yeah, I unclear, right? Because it's like, well, I rolled with fire, but do it. So does that still count? Do I still get to reroll if I want to, or Yeah, exactly. I think it kind of depends on your GM and how so feisty they


David Gordon Buresh  22:50  

are. That being said I'm taking subtle observer because that night has no subtle observer is tied to the error ring. It allows me to, as long as I can, I can understand. People give off while speaking and I can read people's lips and facial expressions to understand what they are saying even if I cannot hear them. The other thing you can do is whenever I perform a check to signing to spot or use small details of other people's nearby such as a courtesy air, check to reveal an unpleasant truth pleasantly or a sentiment err, tech, someone else's weaknesses. I may reroll up to two dice. Okay?


Amelia Antrim  23:30  

I am 100% making up this character as I go I do not have a concept here. So I'm gonna go with seasoned. This person has been around doing this a while


David Gordon Buresh  23:42  

knows what they're doing. It's the scariest chapter.


Ryan Boelter  23:47  

I have no idea.


Unknown Speaker  23:50  

Let's see


David Gordon Buresh  23:51  

kind of creepy witch hunter who has a few skeletons in their closet and not all those skeletons are human.


Ryan Boelter  23:56  

So this Ryan,


Amelia Antrim  23:58  

I think you want karmak Hi,


Ryan Boelter  24:00  

where's what page they're on? Page 108108


Amelia Antrim  24:04  

just knowing where you're headed here. Okay,


Ryan Boelter  24:08  

let's see the plants the character of the karmic Titus, when you have a supernatural tie with another character of your choosing, as if you had a sixth sense, and you can tell when the character to whom you're chemically tied isn't danger or head style to this is spicy, I like it. You always know the gender distinction. They are located in our direction they are located they even if they are separated from you by thousands of Li. Yeah, I'm guessing that's like miles or something.


David Gordon Buresh  24:37  

It's a it's just it's a measure of luck. There's a Google out there that is,


Ryan Boelter  24:44  

uh huh. Ah, let's see when performing a check to act on behalf of the one with whom you share a bond. Um, okay. You may reroll up to two days. Oh, cool. Okay, I like it. I like it. karmic


Amelia Antrim  25:00  

I mean you can certainly keep looking around yeah that might be what you're looking


Ryan Boelter  25:05  

yeah that's a very good one. I like it


David Gordon Buresh  25:09  

so Lee is the referred to as the Chinese mile and it is roughly a third of a mile a little less than a third.


Unknown Speaker  25:20  

That maps mean nothing in this game. Oh god


David Gordon Buresh  25:23  

we're having that argument


Amelia Antrim  25:27  

now that's not my Hill to die on that's the Judo guy on he can


David Gordon Buresh  25:30  

I will say this about the new version. The maps may mean nothing but they're so pretty


Amelia Antrim  25:38  

I need to get my one from the beginner box frame I


David Gordon Buresh  25:41  



Ryan Boelter  25:43  

Welcome to Roca gun


Amelia Antrim  25:45  

giant. My giant print of Shanghai that I have above my bed


David Gordon Buresh  25:51  

and girl I may have a I may have a price tag On a certain piece of artwork by drew Baker that if I ever own a house I have to buy. But I have asked how much but I've got to figure out if that is still for sale. If I ever get a house, I'm buying it. And it's an oil painting and it is beautiful. And it Mike


Unknown Speaker  26:17  

as artists so gorgeous,


David Gordon Buresh  26:19  

like so. And he's just the nicest he is. He is the nicest one of the nicest human beings I've ever met. Drew Baker, if you're listening to this, you were awesome. and nice. And we love you and your


Unknown Speaker  26:33  

artists. Thank you for listening


David Gordon Buresh  26:35  

also. So question 10 what holds your character back the most in life? Now this is an adversity, similar to a distinction. This is a anti advantage. It gives you sort of a labor full downside. But and if it ever comes up the GM can make you reroll to dice the show a success or an explosive success. If this causes you to fail and you can avoid. And yeah, again letter like usually things like you're being blackmailed, or you've been cursed by a god. Or the other downside is you can pick these up in game because like getting hurt In combat can leave you with these, which kind of sucks. So, so where do we put our advantages that should be on either the second page I think, under advantages, there should be a column for distinctions and a section for passions.


Ryan Boelter  27:33  

Okay, so I see distinctions and passion so


Amelia Antrim  27:36  

that's your, your first one. So we're doing distinctions and adversities right now. It's, they call them advantages and disadvantages, but there are two kinds of advantages. There's distinctions and passions. And then there are two kinds of disadvantages, adversities and anxieties. All right, all right here so I think that's where you're getting configured comes. That took a while. like two hours into recording for you got to


Ryan Boelter  28:02  

this isn't this is the first time I've been kind of annoyed at like, why isn't it just a flavor or whatever I


David Gordon Buresh  28:11  

really dislike this part of the game like this part of the system, I think it is one of them. And usually


Amelia Antrim  28:16  

like picking me is is where I feel like a character starts to come to life and starts to have a personality but I don't like the ones that are in this book.


Ryan Boelter  28:25  

You can create your own with your GM on page 137


David Gordon Buresh  28:31  

This is why


Amelia Antrim  28:32  

it is easy because they all have the same mechanical thing. So it is very easy to come up with one and make it balanced or whatever. But that's kind


David Gordon Buresh  28:40  

of why I like the getter set because you get one huh? Get one you don't have four you get what Takashi Batman is choosing scorn of criminals. Oh, all right, which is I've earned the ire of a particular group. Which has seriously damaged my ability to work with its members or enlist their help. So criminals hate me.


Ryan Boelter  29:09  

Criminals hate him.


David Gordon Buresh  29:10  

Now I hear sex will shock you. Now mechanically, that is tied to the water, right? And this is important because I only have a water ring of one, which makes it a lot easier for this to trigger a fail state in the rules, which is actually the power gamer goes, Well, I want you to make me reroll those that way is more likely to cause me to fail, which means it's more likely to get me those delicious delicious void points. Mm hmm. So I generally recommend choosing a ring or choose a disadvantage that is based upon your lowest ring. And again, this is a favorable thing that's supposed to show like a genuine weakness of your character. Something that literally holds them back and perhaps is the reason why they only have a one in that ring.


Ryan Boelter  29:58  

Okay, specifically Disadvantages, okay.


Amelia Antrim  30:02  

I kinda want to take some Shadowlands tanks but I don't know if I can do void strike


David Gordon Buresh  30:06  

or good strike. I don't think it's right. I think you can Jade strike even if you're tainted. See, you always could in the past that's a change of the rules that'll be funny. There's like no Earth calm you don't like you anymore. They won't go punching things for you.


Amelia Antrim  30:24  

Because I want that because they're tied to the rings and this one too so I want it to be my air.


David Gordon Buresh  30:27  

That is one of the things I do like about this is that you have both the afflicted status which ties to a ring and the Shadowlands team which ties to a ring. So literally as your character basically the source of the corruption manifests in a particular way tied to an aspect of your personality. And there's nothing in James Drake saying you can't use it even if you're tainted.


Amelia Antrim  30:53  

Sweet I'm going to take Shadowlands tape. Err. You have trouble sympathizing with other humans but you can understand the emotional Have corrupted beings easily.


David Gordon Buresh  31:02  

bizarrely, James direct doesn't affect. Oh, wow, that is so weird. It only hits otherworldly beings not necessarily tainted ones. Oh, and yeah, it only lets you blow up demons not like you know, zombies like zombies have the other world victory. So it's less about people who are like, who have gotten sick and more about killing actual demons. Hmm blame. Yeah you really can't use TEST TEST random people to see whether or not they have stayed too long the Shadowlands anymore.


Amelia Antrim  31:35  

They really learned that lesson didn't like.


Unknown Speaker  31:39  



David Gordon Buresh  31:40  

one of the other things I kind of dislike about this and a little bit of a soapbox here. Why Oh, why this is 2020 why Oh, why is our disadvantage section raised away that it is able us IY I noticed that deafness, muteness. Yep, neatness, mute, missing limbs. These are all miss. And these are all presented as disadvantages. And the truth is because these are disadvantages you can pick up through damage. And I very much dislike this aspect of it. And I again I like, again, this is this is a problematic element of the game, that it's 2020 Why do we still have these things in our games? Not to say that we shouldn't have characters who are blind. I think it's very important to have these things in the game. But why are we punishing people mechanically for this? Yeah. And why are we requiring people to basically take these disadvantages to represent this stuff?


Amelia Antrim  32:55  

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it's a hallmark of a lot of games. But you're right like this is a new game. It has not been out that long


David Gordon Buresh  33:02  

that like we game came out in 2018 there is no excuse.


Amelia Antrim  33:06  

We should have learned some lessons by now.


David Gordon Buresh  33:09  

So that being said, It's totally cool to be cursed by God, though. I mean, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  33:14  

All right. I'm going to go with lost memories. That's a fun. That's adversities, right? Yeah. That is the only one I could find in there that even remotely was along the theme that I'm going for.


David Gordon Buresh  33:29  

Okay. Now, number 11. Oh, wait, we're still waiting on Amelia. His form of state.


Unknown Speaker  33:37  

What? air? Oh.


Ryan Boelter  33:40  

Good old air team.


Amelia Antrim  33:41  

Huh? Yeah. I can't sympathize with other humans.


David Gordon Buresh  33:47  

Oh, wait, you're talking about your flawed character. Yep. Sorry.


Unknown Speaker  33:56  

Harsh harsh, little true, but also harsh.


Ryan Boelter  34:02  

We'd love you anyway.


David Gordon Buresh  34:04  

So 11 what activity makes your character feel at peace. And what this is, is this is actually probably the easiest. It's a passion, it is something your character does. And when they get to do it, they get to lose 33 stripes, basically. And it's just a way of just lowering strife. Really, the trick is, choose something your character does to just calm down. Interesting, or something they can add. Like, maybe it's a daredevil, when you choose something that's really stupid and risky, you lose a bunch of strife or maybe it's fashion. Maybe it's gossiping. Maybe it's a Kibana man, the art of minimalist flower arranging name, and it's, again, it's one of those things that this also has sort of rings tied to it, which, while mechanically they don't really do much, um, it winds up being sort of a suggestion. way a suggested approach to a particular skill. As such, I am going to choose


Ryan Boelter  35:06  

T. All right, I'm going for brushwork had like


Unknown Speaker  35:10  

I picked fortune telling, because that sounded fun,


David Gordon Buresh  35:14  

very cool. At 12 what concern fear or foible troubles your character the most. This is how we create anxieties. anxieties are like the opposite of passions. anxieties basically are something that when you encounter it, it gives you strife. So, maybe fear of death. Maybe it's dark secrets, like my dark secret, but I am actually a masked vigilante who goes out into the night and delivers justice.


Unknown Speaker  35:51  

law as to gashi


Ryan Boelter  35:52  

Batman. The dark secret is the mask is your normal self. Yes, and base When I must, when I'm confronted with my dark secret I get strife. Or when I have to hide it, I get strife. There was a comic panel I happened upon high recently where Wonder Woman was using the lasso of truth on Superman and Batman and ask them what their name was. Superman said Clark Kent. Batman said, Batman. Yep. Because that is his true self.


David Gordon Buresh  36:32  

Now I have a question is your character's anxiety? painful honesty? You just get strike when you have to lie.


Ryan Boelter  36:42  

No, I don't think so. I think my character is fine with lying. Um, there was one in here. Jealousy I believe.


David Gordon Buresh  36:51  

Ah, that's a good one.


Ryan Boelter  36:53  

Yeah, that goes very well, with the theme that I'm going for.


David Gordon Buresh  36:58  

And yes, again, by the The end of it like this, these questions do very much allow the character sort of form and see, like really create these breathing full characters.


Amelia Antrim  37:09  

I'm also going to go with dark secrets. And that dark secret being that I have some shadow.


David Gordon Buresh  37:15  

Yeah, yeah, that's not.


Amelia Antrim  37:17  

Yeah, that's a twofer there.


Unknown Speaker  37:20  

And so don't get me into trouble at all.


Ryan Boelter  37:24  

pay nothing. We already made that


David Gordon Buresh  37:26  

joke. He did boo. So the last of these section, what who has your character learn the most from during their life. And this is basically your opportunity to have some an NPC that means a lot to your character. This is your mentor finger, this might be your teacher. Maybe it was the older student at your school. Maybe it was the wise old monk who would come to your village. For me, it's going to be my family's retainer, because my parents are dead and I was raised by their Butler Like,


Ryan Boelter  38:02  

can I pick my karmic tie? Yes, this board in person.


David Gordon Buresh  38:06  

Now, what this relationship does is it either gives you an advantage. So with either a distinction or a passion related to that, or a disadvantage, so either an anxiety or a disorder a or an adversity, but also one rank in a skill that that you get a an additional rank of No. Okay. So, so I'm going to say that I'm not sure if they have it here. No, it's in one of the one of the other books. They don't have it here but I'm going to say, I'll take the advantage servant. And I have I have Alfred nice names not actually Alfred.


Ryan Boelter  38:50  

But all right. So this is who they are. Okay. So


Unknown Speaker  38:56  

it have to be a skill you have zero in or is it just one right? One, I think just one ranking.


Ryan Boelter  39:02  

Yeah, I think because any ranking skill,


David Gordon Buresh  39:05  

I don't think it's a skill, you have zero ranks, and you could literally get like, you can go to rank three ranks. And this is one of the ways you can get to rank three of the skill. Yes,


Ryan Boelter  39:14  

yeah. So, um, I'm going to show my hand here, but and say that this character is named Haruka. And she is my character's one true love. And she's also a otaku battle maiden.


David Gordon Buresh  39:38  

See up? Was this an ally, which is an ally nice.


Ryan Boelter  39:44  

Um, yeah, so I get to choose if this gave me an advantage or a disadvantage and an extra skill, right?


David Gordon Buresh  39:51  



Ryan Boelter  39:52  

Okay. So disadvantages are on page Hova where 111 One, two Key


David Gordon Buresh  40:00  

Yeah, they start at 115


Ryan Boelter  40:02  

Okay. 116 There we go. And this could be from either of them, right? The anxiety or


Amelia Antrim  40:08  

either anxiety or adversity or okay. Yeah. Or if you're picking


David Gordon Buresh  40:15  

my service name is Hoshi because hold to a polka horseshoe is the voice actor for Alfred, and the terrible Batman film that came out in 2018. Oh, that's amazing. Yeah. It's a good source to get Japanese names. I mean, that's true.


Amelia Antrim  40:46  

There's so I picked whispers of failure. I think I had a teacher who was incredibly hard on me. And I'm just did not think that I could do it partly because I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing.


David Gordon Buresh  41:02  

You'd have to get tainted somehow.


Unknown Speaker  41:05  

Right, right.


Unknown Speaker  41:08  



Amelia Antrim  41:09  

cannot find a new first person because I thought this through I pulled out the good old third edition Oh, which just has a whole page and a half of


Ryan Boelter  41:22  

that's why you needed a third edition book.


David Gordon Buresh  41:24  

Path of waves also has common Roku Gani names. Common non Roku gummy names. So


Unknown Speaker  41:33  

I don't know where that book is right over there. I can't reach it.


Unknown Speaker  41:38  

Let's see.


David Gordon Buresh  41:39  

Also why I've now Takashi co he has co ichi Emma data is the voice actor for Batman in Batman ninja. Hmm, okay. And I have to go with a phobia.


Ryan Boelter  41:55  

Yeah, well, we'll go that route. I'm gonna go with phobia on a few You're have um, what was it again? Uh,


Amelia Antrim  42:05  

wasn't that some kind of?


Ryan Boelter  42:06  

It was like the water cucumber or something. What was it? CQ CQ cover fear fear of sea cucumbers.


Unknown Speaker  42:12  

Are you impressed with the I'm


David Gordon Buresh  42:14  

very impressed here of sea cucumbers. Yes. If that ever comes up, I would be impressed.


Ryan Boelter  42:21  

I know. I mean, it has to come up now that it's in there, right? If your GM was was observing,


David Gordon Buresh  42:31  

they're there. Alright, and then choose a skill since you chose a disadvantage.


Ryan Boelter  42:37  

All right. So I am between another rank and melee to pump me up to two. Not bad.


David Gordon Buresh  42:48  

A lot of spells use theology though. Oh, interesting.


Ryan Boelter  42:52  

So theology is good if you want to be a caster. Yes. of sorts. Hmm. I don't think I want to be like, Great at casting spells I want to be great at. No. You know what, I think I do want to be better at casting spells than combat maybe. Yeah, that's hard to say.


Unknown Speaker  43:10  

Right? Yeah. We don't have to play Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  43:14  

There are no consequences.


Unknown Speaker  43:15  

Follow your heart.


Ryan Boelter  43:16  

You're gonna go with what makes more sense. Haruka is a Taka battle maiden and probably gave me many pointers on wielding a weapon.


David Gordon Buresh  43:28  

Next. Question 14. We're in the homestretch. We're almost there. Oh my gosh. What do people notice first upon encountering your character? So this is sort of like one or something that's unique to your character. What is the first impression and again, this is another one of those writing prompts. Mechanically, there's nothing particular to it. But it is sort of your personality, your habits and your quirks. also choose one aesthetic accoutrement that your character carries or wears Most the time, this is a personal player that might extend their striking features or standing contrast to them. I mean, the obvious is that I have to ask


Unknown Speaker  44:11  

you, not a Scorpio Scorpio


Ryan Boelter  44:15  

scandals everywhere is the mask of a bat.


David Gordon Buresh  44:19  

No, no, but only because bats have different connotations. Okay. It is a laughing oni.


Ryan Boelter  44:29  

It's also trademarked, so you don't want to get in legal trouble.


David Gordon Buresh  44:35  

The laughing demon mask is is one of my go twos for like characters who are who are secretly not very well adjusted people who can barely poop who have troubles at acting, you know, acting like a well adjusted person who doesn't want to kill people. I generally give them the laughing demon mask because As it works, there you go. So you say my favorite Scorpion mask to this day and five are remains Cheryl yet dhoka In fact, you know what now, I'm not going with the demon mask. I'm going to share your dhoklas mask because it's ridiculous. Share your dhoka doesn't need a moustache shirt on your dog goes Matt my mask as a mustache.


Amelia Antrim  45:25  



Ryan Boelter  45:27  

That is amazing. All right, I'm gonna say my my teal hair.


Unknown Speaker  45:32  

Oh, I'm gonna keep it simple and say that I have like meticulous perfect face paint. All the better to cover up the secret side of the team spreading


Ryan Boelter  45:43  

price. And I've got a


Amelia Antrim  45:45  

think of a personal item that goes along with


Ryan Boelter  45:47  

I've got a civilian colored bow. That is part of my trauma. It's like a dark blue.


Unknown Speaker  45:56  

All right.


Amelia Antrim  45:57  

Yeah, I'm gonna say that. I also have a small No book that I will not let anyone look at.


David Gordon Buresh  46:02  

But you always carry,


Unknown Speaker  46:04  

right? It only has I'm constantly


Amelia Antrim  46:06  

writing in it but like will not let anybody read it.


Ryan Boelter  46:10  

It's literally just a bunch of stick figures. My plans stick figures.


David Gordon Buresh  46:18  

Alright, question 15 How does your character react to stressful situations? Basically, this is your, your default masking that they sort of give like this is a sort of get you in the mindset of thinking how your character would unmask what is their, what is their what is their go to emotional response when they must be emotion. And I mean, part of me wants to go like terrifying. That makes sense.


Amelia Antrim  46:48  

suddenly have a very


Unknown Speaker  46:51  

every word to me


David Gordon Buresh  46:59  

man Swear to me slash question demand people swear to me slash challenge their lies.


Amelia Antrim  47:09  

I'm going to say that they just stopped talking. You're not going to say anything worthwhile. I'm not going to talk to you.


Ryan Boelter  47:17  

I'm gonna say my character. I'm trying to figure out how to say it like they get cold. And like speak with intent. I guess.


Unknown Speaker  47:31  

Like they get like, distant and little


Ryan Boelter  47:33  

little icy and, like, clipped Yeah, click Done.


Unknown Speaker  47:38  



Ryan Boelter  47:40  

The point. Yeah, Kurt. Kinda. Maybe Matter of fact, type of stuff. gets right to the point.


David Gordon Buresh  47:48  

All right. What are your characters pre existing relationships? This is question 16. What is your characters read existing relationships with other clients, families, organizations, and tradition


Ryan Boelter  48:01  

says a lot. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  48:04  

So this question would be a lot better served if we were sitting down and doing this as part of a session zero because this is where we would start to create like those group NPCs and things that it's a little hard and doing something like this where it's just categorization. Yeah,


David Gordon Buresh  48:20  

I would say for me, the mechanical thing on this after you sort of finished is choose one item Rarity seven or lower that your character received as a gift for one such group took in battle fighting against them, or otherwise release or two or civilize the characters past slash ongoing relationship with them. Add this item to your starting outfit.


Ryan Boelter  48:41  

Oh, very interesting.


David Gordon Buresh  48:43  

So I'm straight up taking poison, smile of noxious poison.


Ryan Boelter  48:48  

So item can be a weapon.


David Gordon Buresh  48:51  

It can be. Now the interesting thing about this as since it adds it to your characters starting it's generally assumed In any downtime action, you can basically get your starting equipment as long as you have access to your clan, Family Resources, that sort of thing. So unless they're specifically destroyed and they're like a unique irreplaceable item like a katana or Walker's ashy or something like that, so I'm trying to


Ryan Boelter  49:19  

figure out like, Do I want another weapon do I wanna? Do I want to finally get my, my sweet, sweet trident trident or do I want some armor


David Gordon Buresh  49:31  

was your Trident given to you by a family member? Because again, this is like a gift. This is something that somebody has, did you take it in battle very much with this the the poison his Takashi Koichi poison collection is very much been taken from the various Shinobi that he is personally killed as a you know are from various sort of firemen gangs and drug dealers and things like that, that he is Personally hunted and killed in the night. While Batman may not kill people Takashi ku each does.


Amelia Antrim  50:09  

I'm going to say that at one point, I assisted a group of Yasuaki merchants with some odd problems, and as a gift was given a divination kit.


Ryan Boelter  50:26  

All right, um yeah, I think I'm gonna go with the reason why I'm tasked with protecting the daughter of the great family demeo is because I stepped up and saved her life once. And as a gift, I was given this Trident in order to better protect her.


David Gordon Buresh  50:55  

Part Six ancestry and family are almost Question 17 How would your character parents describe them? So, again, this is sort of like what would your character's parents say about them? What would they think about what they are, how they do things? It's important to sort of think about it in terms of your family. And again, this is just more relationship fodder. Mechanically, gain one rank of one skill in which your character has zero ranks and determine whether your character's parents approve of this extracurricular interest or see it as a regrettable deviation. Why? Whoa, okay. Yeah. More skills.


Ryan Boelter  51:38  



David Gordon Buresh  51:39  

For Takashi Koichi. I am taking martial arts on armed one rank, which my parents would approve of, because, well, they're dead. But you know, I'm supposed to be a good Takashi. Now I'm still remember the Takashi order. I don't know. It's complicated. So my parents were probably you know what, since anyone can be a Takashi, I'm, I'm an X scorpion. Oh, all right, nice. My character was born a skirt Takashi co he was born a scorpion. He has his father's mask. And it happens that they were both murdered. I was raised by basically the peasant servant and and basically was called to the Takashi mount. Oh wow. made that because that's what you do when you are reincarnated to Akashi


Ryan Boelter  52:36  

I like that.


David Gordon Buresh  52:37  

And though I have assumed the idea, though, I have become into a gashi I was not suitable to be I did not have the proper focus to be able to train properly as to train properly as a monk. So I was set down to the Itsuki because I was in I wanted to pursue justice. So you know Batman. So I think that my parents would probably disapprove of my pursuit of justice, including mastering the ways but but the very much my greater family would think that the dragon clan would have


Ryan Boelter  53:15  

interesting so you just pick a skill. You don't have any issues whether your parents are happy with it or not,


David Gordon Buresh  53:21  

basically, yeah. Okay.


Amelia Antrim  53:24  

I'm gonna say I took a rank in culture. I'm going to say that my parents tried really hard to make me a decent, personable human. It didn't go well. I'm just not a people person. But they tried.


Ryan Boelter  53:42  

Right, I'm gonna pick I'm theology, I think, um, and I'm going to say that my parents were fairly, a fairly devote to their religion. So that kind of rubbed off on on my character a bit, and they would probably approve


David Gordon Buresh  54:07  

this question at Who was your character named to honor. So this is basically the name that your character has in society, which usually is there to honor an ancestor of roll somebody of importance to the family, that sort of thing. Sometimes you have a choice of this sometimes you don't. Mechanically, what this translates to is breakout your D hundred. It's our breakout your 10 sided die. It's time to roll on the heritage table. Oh, yeah,


Unknown Speaker  54:42  

that's table


David Gordon Buresh  54:44  

on a heritage. So the heritage table is a long standing tradition that is existed inside legend of the five rings RPG from the first edition, where basically you have a table of random results to determine what your character sort of inherits from their family, traditionally in the first edition when it was first put in there, you had to roll on it, you had no choice. And it was, it was known at not all heritage tables are built equally. And the joke was that if you were a phoenix clan character, you could accidentally wind up rank two at character creation or dead. So, and like half the things on the crab list got you randomly Shadowlands tainted. Not everyone again, it was like not everyone's chart was built equally. For this version of it, they have a centralized one, which not all results are equal, but most of them are a little bland.


Unknown Speaker  55:46  

I'm not gonna lie, it's not as


David Gordon Buresh  55:48  

it isn't.


Amelia Antrim  55:51  

I loved the heritage tables and then like the supplement books obviously had different ones in them so you can get like really weird stuff. I ended up getting a You can for free when I started my first Phoenix character, so that saved me like 12 points a character creation.


David Gordon Buresh  56:09  

That's also the what they could start you with Momofuku, which literally is you can't spend Floyd. As a note, it's the same role to like get to the sub table that could give you either of those. So, um, so, I have the chart in front of me.


Ryan Boelter  56:25  

Okay, so we roll twice, and we choose one, right?


David Gordon Buresh  56:27  

Yeah, right. And basically it involves usually roll one in that tournament, and then there's usually a secondary roll, okay? But you basically roll it all the way through. And then you roll again, depending on generally with your ex,


Ryan Boelter  56:45  

okay, so I got four or seven. So four is dynasty builder, and one of my ancestors was instrumental in the rise of a powerful Lord, or seven was elevated service. One of your ancestors was possibly a commoner who was elevated to a samurai by marriage or mandate of a diamond. Oh, I think I'm gonna go with dynasty builder that actually works pretty well I believe with the theme and then I have to roll a D 10. And that will tell me what skill I gain. I gain a social skill


David Gordon Buresh  57:23  

but it also gives you a social benefit and a social problem of decrease your glory by three and increase your honor by three. Oh, interesting.


Ryan Boelter  57:33  

Yeah. Oh, no, that's that's for the seven.


David Gordon Buresh  57:35  

Oh, so 444 is decrease your glory by three. It's just bad stuff. That's not bad.


Amelia Antrim  57:41  

So I got either dynasty builder or stolen. I want I want stolen knowledge. So I decrease my honor by five. And then you roll to see what kind of technique good guys and y'all


Unknown Speaker  57:57  

nice would you get?


Unknown Speaker  57:59  

So I get to learn some. Oh yes. I'm very excited.


David Gordon Buresh  58:11  

I get to choose from wondrous work, which is one of your ancestors created a piece of Greek you get that one renowned for your family, or glorious sacrifice. Your ancestors perished globally in battle and one of their signature either vanished with them, or was lost in the subsequent years. And we all know what Batman lost, lost his family. He lost his parents. Uh huh. So I've taken glory sacrifice. All right, and I roll in eight, so I get another item. Oh, I want her to vote. That's what


Ryan Boelter  58:47  

go vote. It's an item.


David Gordon Buresh  58:49  

Sometimes it's the vote. But basically the way that works is it's somewhere in the world. I would work with a GM they would choose one quality and I choose one quality and the GM chooses one quality I do not know where the heirloom Miss, but could later reclaim it during the campaign. So I won't go through that. But I still love doing things like broken, but it's like you have an estate it has the broken quality or the damaged quality. Uh huh. What are the holy quality? Oh, it's really nice place. Yeah, yeah, one day, your home is just really kind of boring.


Ryan Boelter  59:30  

So I rolled a seven which is games under dynasty builder. So again, plus winning games, and I'm thinking that comes from my time playing chess. Nice, which is nice. And then the dynasty builder goes very well where if people haven't caught on yet I am making sailor Neptune from the Sailor Moon, anime series and the lore That is that these characters are reincarnated from previous iterations of themselves from the silver Millennium kingdom. And they were responsible for protecting and raising that kingdom to kind of a glorious peaceful time. which eventually fell.


David Gordon Buresh  1:00:20  

I one of the saddest things about legend of the five rails or RPG right now is that there are no sailor scout Oh universe rule sets for this game. There is no magic or girl all rule set for this game. There is no like high school anime Oh rules for this game.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:42  

Yeah, but patho waves now gave the option of like how to make your own


David Gordon Buresh  1:00:46  

rules for this game. So I am I am waiting for the day that they actually finally if they hopefully Fingers crossed, they actually do. l five r RPG force like they did for Genesis. Forge, and they just give you a platform where you could just come up with some amazing stuff and posting. Yeah, absolutely share it with the community.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:09  

We have more magical girl content. And if we don't, I'm just gonna force it in there anyway. no reason not to. Exactly.


David Gordon Buresh  1:01:19  

hot blooded enemy action that is the knee asking. Alright, 19 almost there. What is your character's personal name? After you've chosen the name of your ancestor, your character names honors, choose your personally derived from it that your character will be known by. It might be the same name or an alteration with significance to the character. Hmm,


Amelia Antrim  1:01:41  

this is name your character, basically name your character.


David Gordon Buresh  1:01:44  

I'm just going to shorten Cody Chico. Um, I'm just gonna go with material.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:50  

I pitched to my because I could.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:53  



David Gordon Buresh  1:01:55  

And finally, question 20 How should you practice After die,


Ryan Boelter  1:02:01  

oh, should your character die? Now if I remember fourth edition, it was a little more certain.


David Gordon Buresh  1:02:06  

Right? How will How will your character Yes,


Ryan Boelter  1:02:10  

that's a very interesting change.


David Gordon Buresh  1:02:13  

I agree. And one I don't necessarily agree with. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  1:02:18  

yeah, I liked I liked the finality and the,


Ryan Boelter  1:02:22  

like you knew your characters endpoint.


Unknown Speaker  1:02:24  

Yeah. Yeah. It's basically


Ryan Boelter  1:02:26  

like opening up the last chapter of a of an sick novel, and reading that chapter before you read the rest of the book.


David Gordon Buresh  1:02:35  

And again, even if, even if that's not how your hair actually winds up dying, because, going, Frank, please certain that my friend who died and one of my campaigns never expected to die on a boat hit by a fist of Asana. Whoa.


Unknown Speaker  1:02:51  



Amelia Antrim  1:02:52  

who could have called that was not on my Bingo.


David Gordon Buresh  1:02:56  

But you know, that app, like the The concept of living life facing death is very much part of this game and is part of the sort of the emotional heart of this. And it gives the urgency to strike gives the urgency to the conflict of your earthly of your worldly desire versus your sworn duty. There you don't you're on a ticking clock. The world is changing. Time is moving forward. Nothing is permanent. Embrace the moment. Mm hmm.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:32  

I think it does a lot to set the tone of the game that like this is not a fun romp. Fun wrong. This is. I mean, in between. There are fun laughs But yeah, but like there is a very serious overtime Yeah, to the game.


David Gordon Buresh  1:03:49  

memento mori, remember you will die. Mm hmm. That being said, Takashi ko would probably meet his end likely I mean part of me wants to say hands wrapped around the murder of his throat of the murderer of his parents. But unfortunately he has he is too tragic of a figure to die in such a glorious way with very likely die an old man alone in a castle filled with memories and regrets. Oh, nice. I like it the world ultimately not remembering it.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:31  

Unless Unless he trained a protege


Unknown Speaker  1:04:38  



David Gordon Buresh  1:04:40  

Of course,


Ryan Boelter  1:04:42  

but then they wouldn't remember what he did. They would remember what the mental did Yes. But hopefully he will be for you. Hopefully he will be free of the pain that I that I must grapple. Aha. So for my cheater um, I going to say how should match you to die. I'm sacrificing herself to save the ones she loves.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:09  

For to my way I am going to say they are going to die at the hands of a Shadowlands creature and that is in the end not so unlike themselves.


Unknown Speaker  1:05:20  



Unknown Speaker  1:05:21  

we did.


Unknown Speaker  1:05:24  

Yeah. Okay.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:27  

So where do we spend experience and? No, that's it. Okay, we're done. That's 20 questions to create a single character. Yeah. That's that's a wild ride.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:43  

But I feel like we know a lot about them.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:45  

Yeah, I think so too. And I really liked the the path that our characters took and I'm so happy that you got my Whoa. I'm really happy. for you that you're dabbling with blood magic,


David Gordon Buresh  1:06:01  

well explain so, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:07  

That's amazing. Well, this is a fun group of characters. Yeah. It's got a we got a vigilante, effectively, a magical girl effectively and the, the blood sorceress effectively,


David Gordon Buresh  1:06:24  

by the way, has the job of destroying the shadow. Yeah, well, you know, you know, but I think we all created very realistic very fleshed out characters, who, ultimately at the end of the day, would live lives filled with drama, and anks. Yes. And so


Unknown Speaker  1:06:47  

much, so much.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:49  

That's awesome.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:51  

All right. Should we wrap up this portion? Yeah. All right. All right. Well, David, thank you so much for joining us for our character creation episode. This was So much for having me. Do you want to remind people where they can find you and what you are up to?


David Gordon Buresh  1:07:05  

As always, you can always find me at cardboard Republic birthday but the five rings You can also find me on Twitter at SM d w rk s sound works. I do a lot of bi work both on those bright spots. As always look for me is David Gordon beresch they crop up in the strangest of rulebooks.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:28  

Awesome. Well, this was really great. Thank you for joining us. Thank you everyone for listening. And please join us on the next episode for our discussion block.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:48  

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Unknown Speaker  1:08:16  

twitter at Lord Neptune


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Unknown Speaker  1:09:34  

Now we got to read some show blurbs show blurbs show show bad show blurbs.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:42  

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