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Series 30.3 - Quest with Kyle Allen and Russ Wilde [Prism Pals] (Discussion)

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In today’s episode, we welcome back Kyle Allen and Russ Wild from the Prism Pals podcast, to discuss the character creation process for Quest, the fantasy RPG from TC Sottek of The Adventure Guild. We also get into some not-at-all confusing fanfic about the characters we made this series!

Episode Notes

In today’s episode, we welcome back Kyle Allen and Russ Wild from the Prism Pals podcast, to discuss the character creation process for Quest, the fantasy RPG from TC Sottek of The Adventure Guild. We also get into some not-at-all confusing fanfic about the characters we made this series!


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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome to the final episode of our Quest series everyone will be diving into some really great discussion with Kyle in Russia shortly. But for now, some announcements.


Amelia Antrim  0:12  

First up, we want to give a shout out to Kyle Allen, one of the guests on this episode, who recently came out with a quest supplement that if you are listening to the series may be of interest to you. It's an adventure profile that you can fill out with your group much in the same vein as the character creation Madlib format to flesh out your group's adventure, which sounds pretty cool. We'll have a link to that in the show notes for you.


Ryan Boelter  0:37  

Yeah, and I know I'm I'm currently working on a quest supplement myself adding a magical girls role to quest RPG Of course, because if I see an RPG that allows for customization, I my first question is can I magical girls in it? Yeah. So hopefully I will have that sometime soon for everybody to get on my h page. But Kamera is actually coming along very well the next version is almost finished. So might be difficult to get that done soon. But Amar'e and I amorous on Twitter have actually started streaming together on an RSS twitch page. And we just did our first one this last Saturday, you can get the video on demand if you're interested in hearing what three and a half hours of us reworking the playbooks together. It was really interesting, but I think we're planning it again for this next Saturday, possibly. So we'll throw some links out on Twitter when that happens, maybe in some discords and just come join us have some questions. We'll probably do some q&a and stuff too. So should be pretty fun.


Amelia Antrim  1:50  

Very cool. Speaking of very cool time for you,


Unknown Speaker  1:55  



Amelia Antrim  1:57  

This one is from ryukoku or you 00 not sure, from the United States on iTunes, titled deeper than it would seem. As an up and coming designer, I stumbled across this while checking out various roleplay podcasts, I thought at least I would get to see some different systems. But what Amelia and Ryan give is so much more. You learn how developers think and feel their inspirations and struggles and why and how they got into developing RPGs. On the flip side, you get to hear from players on their favorite games and what they want in games, as well as how to get the most out of your experiences playing games. All the while Ryan and Emilia are genuine and sincere in their interest and positive energy and their intent or their instant chemistry. It's a fun and wholesome Listen, that's become a favorite.


Ryan Boelter  2:46  

Oh, thank you. Thank you.


Amelia Antrim  2:47  

That was super nice.


Unknown Speaker  2:49  

It was very nice. I like


Amelia Antrim  2:50  

that very much. Yeah. With all of that out of the way. Here's the episode.


Ryan Boelter  2:54  



Amelia Antrim  3:29  

Welcome back to our discussion episode. Last time we created characters for quest. This episode we will be discussing the character creation process. We are excited to welcome back Kyle Allen and Russ Wilde from the prison pals podcast. Do you want to go ahead and introduce yourselves again and tell us a little bit about the characters that you made? Oh, I'm first on the list.


Unknown Speaker  3:50  

That's how it goes.


Russ Wilde  3:52  

Hi, I'm Russ Wilde. I am the guide for prison pals. You can find us on Twitter at prison pals. You can find me on twitter at Russ Wilde list. And I made teen Beatle they them pronouns I also use they them pronouns, not related. But they are the party's doctor. They carry a scalpel, a stethoscope, and a reflex hammer and a bottle of apple juice, orange juice, orange juice of some sort and sort


Amelia Antrim  4:27  

of constantly refilling bottle of apple juice.


Ryan Boelter  4:31  

Yeah, that's pretty amazing.


Kyle Allen  4:33  

Some good juice. Yeah. Speaking of juice, Kyle.


Ryan Boelter  4:39  

Want a Segway?


Kyle Allen  4:40  

Hey, y'all. I'm Kyle. My pronouns are he they I'm also the prison path podcast. Look at that. You can find me on Twitter at super quiero underscore again, but it's not there. I promise. My character The imade is the party's spy and their name is juice by lizzo They are an amorphous missed person. That's just so amazing.


Ryan Boelter  5:04  

Amelia, why don't you tell us what your normal character


Amelia Antrim  5:09  

The only person that made a normal character?


Unknown Speaker  5:11  

Yeah, they have a weird


Amelia Antrim  5:13  

name wrong apparently. my character's name is image in merit. She is she her pronouns? I am the party's Invoker and I have iridescent skin though so that's the one not normal thing about me.


Unknown Speaker  5:27  

That was pretty cool though. We get it you lotion.


Amelia Antrim  5:33  

Speaking, Brian, john, tell us about your character.


Ryan Boelter  5:37  

So my character's name is a full of horror, which is spelled exactly like it sounds. You can call them Phil. They them pronouns. They're fairly old, a little over 3000 years old. And they can vary between 4.1 and 9.6 10 pixels tall. So it makes and attend to go and do 4.12 9.6 of those. And that's all they can think of me. They are the Wizard of the party. And they like to just go with that tentacle theme. They've got technical hair, technical antennas, technical tentacles, and tentacle weapons. I've sent tentacles more times right now, but I probably have in my entire life, but I blame the Sentinel midnight for that. So Hey, Ryan,


Kyle Allen  6:29  

how many tickles to take to make an octopus laugh


Ryan Boelter  6:33  

10 tick tick


Russ Wilde  6:39  

and that's the end of the podcast for coming I think our discussion


Unknown Speaker  6:45  

shut it down haha.


Ryan Boelter  6:48  

Although I am infuriated by that joke, because occupy only have eight. tentacles will work shopping later. We'll have our shopping later. That's fine.


Amelia Antrim  7:00  

Let's go ahead and dive right into our segment that we're calling d 24. Your thoughts?


Ryan Boelter  7:06  

Your thoughts, which is very applicable for this game,


Kyle Allen  7:09  

because only a D 20. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  7:12  

It actually makes sense this time.


Russ Wilde  7:14  

Do you roll a D toy determine which question you ask us,


Unknown Speaker  7:18  

then we'd have to come up with 20 questions or 20. To see how well you answered.


Unknown Speaker  7:22  

Oh, good.


Amelia Antrim  7:25  

Are you


Kyle Allen  7:26  

20 for your thoughts? A game of 20 questions? Oh, no,


Amelia Antrim  7:30  

no, that was the last bar and that's how you create characters to answer 20 questions.


Unknown Speaker  7:36  

Oh, really?


Amelia Antrim  7:38  

Yep. All right. In this segment, we like to talk to our guests about their thoughts on the character creation process, how it relates to the system and other games that you've played. First, we like to ask a super cliche question that everybody asks anytime anyone's a guest on a podcast. How did you get into RPGs? How did your life end up here? I bet you're wondering how I ended up here.


Russ Wilde  8:06  

Back in the olden days of when I was in college, not too long ago, actually. One of my roommates basically came up to all of us. We're all a bunch of nerds. We were playing Minecraft on a minecraft server like, every other day, so we were nerds. And he came up to us very shyly and said, um, do you want to play Pathfinder? And we were like, what the heck is a Pathfinder? And he would, it's a it's like d&d. And we went, Oh, sure, why not? So we started playing and we had a home campaign that lasted about a year before schedules got too busy. And yeah, that's how I got started in RPGs. And from there, I kind of pushed myself further into it rather than letting anyone else guide my ship.


Amelia Antrim  8:56  

What about you, Kyle,


Kyle Allen  8:57  

I got into rocket propelled grenades by cartels. I was introduced to them through the show that may not be named critical role. That was my first introduction. And then I think I started playing with a friends of mine and their kids, huh. And then we stopped playing because I didn't want to play with my friends and their kids anymore. I know at worst, right? I mean, they're fine.


Amelia Antrim  9:25  

I say this as a parent, though worse.


Kyle Allen  9:30  

So now I don't play with friends and kids. I play with friends have four kids.


Ryan Boelter  9:36  

Oh, there you go. Just morphed the end into a four.


Unknown Speaker  9:40  



Amelia Antrim  9:41  

preposition and then you're good.


Unknown Speaker  9:43  

That's called a preposition. So let me use that word.


Unknown Speaker  9:48  

Please, please.


Unknown Speaker  9:51  

I will not give you 20 for that ball.


Russ Wilde  9:55  

Maybe like a D four.


Amelia Antrim  9:57  

Oh, those are the sharpest ones when you step on them. Huh?


Ryan Boelter  10:01  

Go with the D one. Okay, can you tell us then about your personal process for picking and creating characters in any role playing game,


Kyle Allen  10:09  

open the book, go to the character creation. Look for the school stuff you can do find the one that's the coolest. Pick that book, play it.


Unknown Speaker  10:21  

Literally how I get into any role playing game.


Ryan Boelter  10:23  

So how would you define cool in that scenario?


Kyle Allen  10:26  

Um, so first time I played masks, I opened it. I was like, ooh, the Nova. They're powerful. This looks cool. Also, the art has been cool. Let's do


Ryan Boelter  10:35  

it. That's very fair.


Russ Wilde  10:40  

I went a very different route. Normally I go a very different route. I'm normally asked questions about the world. For the GM, I asked him about like, Hey, he's talking about the world. He talks about these things. And then I asked more questions to help me flesh out a character the first character I ever made Had a five page backstory which when I handed that to my GM, he went, I love this. He proceeded to read it all in one night and then came back to me and was like, here are some notes just for factual things but otherwise great can't wait. So oftentimes it comes up with the tropes that I want to play, that kind of thing first sort of seeing how the world is built and responding to that to build the character. And then I pick like class and other things. Normally, the last thing I ever pick is the name because names normally have some sort of meaning for my characters. So one of the characters I've played the longest, I've played him for about three years. His name, he's specifically arranger, and his name comes from Hindu mythology about three magical arrows, one of which marks a target, one of which kills the target. And one of which unmarked, that target. And so that character and their names sort of have a very important meaning for me. And that's goes with a lot of my characters. I played a paladin of vengeance once, whose name was Roshan, which means light. And then if you shorten that to Roche, it means anger. And so that might very much fit the theme for him. That's right.


Amelia Antrim  12:28  

I love picking character names that way, it's part of why I agonize over them for so long usually is that like, it needs to, like mean something that matches the like setting in the character that I'm playing. And I feel like unfortunately, on this podcast, I don't get to do that very much because we don't have like hours for me to like, meticulously make lists and decide which one I want to do. Like I just sort of randomly flip through my baby name book and pick something. I love doing


Kyle Allen  12:52  

that. I will say that I don't always just go with the fun and stupid answer of just like picking between Cool stuff I do sometimes think about what I'm doing. My prison pals character was very thought out and influenced by Ross's story built world building. So I'm not a complete idiot folks


Russ Wilde  13:12  

never said you were complete any I know that I took a different path.


Kyle Allen  13:16  

Listen, I said something about buts and cool ability as a neuro like listen, Hindu mythology, three arrows and I was like, Oh, now I look stupid.


Amelia Antrim  13:27  

Do you find that that's a difference for you when you play a campaign versus like a one shot though? Oh, yeah, for me to play a one shot I'm like, let's pick the dumb thing or like, this art has a good but like, I'm with you on that when I do a campaign. I agonize over it for like weeks and I have like stress about it to make all the perfect decisions because it actually matters. I'm like on this show where I can just leave


Kyle Allen  13:53  

all my main pain characters like that. But like if I'm playing a one shot like for international podcasts a month with Ryan, I played Elle Woods from legal blonde as my super spy character,


Russ Wilde  14:02  

so love it. Like for me, I have. I have my very serious characters and then for my one shot character, I have a Goliath named part Crusher, who his entire thing is he's a dumb Goliath, barbarian fighter barbarian thing and just wants to smash things. And he like, found a sheep during the one shot and became obsessed with starting a sheep farm. And like I play very ridiculous characters when it's a one shot because it feels like there's less investment there. So if something bad happens to the character, there's less attachment to like, I want them to succeed that kind of thing.


Amelia Antrim  14:45  

Yeah, there's like, less thought about like, I need this important redemption arc and like, it's like, No, I just want to do cool things. Yeah, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  14:54  

It's a little liberating, liberating. It is.


Amelia Antrim  14:58  

How do you feel like character creation in this game stacks up to other games that you've played


Kyle Allen  15:03  

is easy. There's so much easier.


Ryan Boelter  15:06  

It is, it really is.


Russ Wilde  15:09  

So with this game with quest, I think that the character creation is much more narrative style of like, if you can figure it out piece by piece, and the things that you choose influence the world but also influence your character, all those sort of things like we were talking about with like, the location of your city, what does your city known for that influences the world. And one of the really fun things about it is that it's not like other games, which are like you have to know every stage of your life you have to know every single step like burning wheels, one of those games where you have to know every single step you have to know where you started, where you ended, where you are. Now, that kind of thing. And very much allows you to have a free flow character who maybe they've Nvidia venturing for a really long time or maybe they just started adventuring yesterday. Maybe they're just accidentally caught up in all this stuff. Maybe they their dream is to sell out all their radishes this week. And suddenly they're caught up in an adventure. I think that it's very it's it's an easy character creation that allows for a lot of versatility in how you build your character and the different ways that a party can be made together. Because even though some of us picked similar things, we have a very diverse, different party except for the fact that three of us are non humanoid creatures. And one of us picked a quote unquote normal character. Yeah.


Kyle Allen  16:47  

It's very much like they The game is taking the long extensive build a five page backstory and, and just breaking it down into its basic parts and making it into a paragraph. You're basically making An abstract for a backstory. And just like mad libs thing, it it's like it's it feels very simple and very direct, but you still get the same effect at the end of the day where you can build upon it.


Russ Wilde  17:12  

I also think that one thing that's important to recognize with this game is that it is a starter RPG. It's not like it, it doesn't answer all the burning questions you have. It doesn't give you all the tools that you might want in the future. But it's a starter RPG, and for a starter RPG, not everyone's gonna make a five page backstory. But it doesn't dissuade you from doing that. It doesn't tell you don't do this. If you want to make a five page backstory and send that to your guide, do it. Just make sure that like you have this profile. So when you sit at the table, you don't read your five page backstory, you read this little blurb and everyone gets a good idea of who your character is.


Ryan Boelter  17:54  

Yeah, I like how they pointed out that you just read the paragraph and ever Everybody knows who you are. That that's the most important things really to to recognize if you're first meeting this person, which is really interesting.


Amelia Antrim  18:10  

Yeah, I feel like it has a little bit of that pbta feel where it's like really easy to just sit down and like do it without having to have a lot of system mastery which we've covered games that have that where it's like you have to really know the system to be able to create a good character we talked a lot about that in our our last series about like how easy it is to make a bad character in some games. And this feels like you really can't just come in sit down do it and come out with something that's like flavorful but still very playable.


Unknown Speaker  18:45  

It's impossible a min max, there's nothing like it.


Ryan Boelter  18:48  

There's nothing to min max. Like the closest thing is picking abilities. But even then it's what are you going to do you just have the better ability is off the bat but then you're missing In a little bit of diversity, and then if you diversify anything you're missing, the better ability isn't it's just, you know, what? You can always


Amelia Antrim  19:07  

like, roll to do anything. Yeah, exactly.


Ryan Boelter  19:10  

That's really a problem. There's no, there's no set skills. There's no set attributes, nothing like that, which is very different. For a role playing game. I, I can't think of many that have just said, there's no attributes for this game. Yeah. And I think everybody's on equal playing ground.


Russ Wilde  19:33  

I mean, I think part of that comes from the driver of the role playing market, which is DND and other big companies like that. So because they have these attributes, because they have them, everybody expects them. And I don't know if either of you have ever actually played quest from the talks we've had. I don't think you have


Amelia Antrim  19:55  



Russ Wilde  19:56  

yes. A not having attributes. Don't mix up a very interesting story. Like, it still makes interesting characters interesting story and fun things happen. Yeah, even just leaving it up to fate.


Ryan Boelter  20:12  

Because I can see this putting a lot more focus on playing the character that you want to play instead of being bound to. Well, my character is supposed to be super intelligent because they have a 20 intelligence score. But I don't know, you know, the left to the right side of a puzzle. Whenever I look at it, and I don't, I'm not booksmart or anything like that as a player, how is that gonna translate to this character? You know, having to play into your attributes is probably kind of a different confined, sort of shell that it must feel a little liberating to kind of play outside of that field. Absolutely. That's interesting. But yeah, it's simple. It's it was it was interesting to create our people. And then pick abilities after people were fully created effective. Yeah. Like it felt like we were done. But then it was like, Oh, yeah, we got to figure out what we can do to, huh.


Amelia Antrim  21:11  

But I feel like knowing all of the other things that we had picked, like all of those descriptive things made it easier for me to pick my abilities because I was like, these fit with all of these other blanks that I filled in. Like, I felt less overwhelmed by the amount of choices because it was like, that doesn't really fit what I've already put in these descriptions over here.


Kyle Allen  21:31  

Mm hmm. You're not building a character around your abilities. You're building your character around the profile.


Russ Wilde  21:35  

Right, exactly. And like, for my character, I made them young, because I was like, okay, they're gonna, they're young, they're leaving home, that kind of thing. And then when it got to the abilities, it was like, they're gonna pick a bunch of different abilities, because they haven't had time to specialize yet. They just know the beginning part of being the doctor quote, unquote.


Ryan Boelter  21:57  

I like that. Yeah, cuz I wasn't really even thinking about, like, my character as a wizard as I was creating the character itself, I just kind of locked on to one thing and just built upon that. tentacles. Yeah. 10 tentacles. I didn't get that theme at all. I don't know. I yeah, I just locked into that. And I'm like, Well, how ridiculous can I make this? How all tentacles in? Can I make this character? And, and then from there, I was like, Okay, let's pick abilities. And I don't think I picked aside from my familiar anything that had anything to do with tentacles. Well, I was thinking about your character, Phil, you picked a lot of teleportation ability. Yeah.


Russ Wilde  22:45  

Which is very interesting, because Phil wants to get back to the future. So there is a possible theory there that Phil is from the future and his ability messed up and now he's in the past.


Ryan Boelter  22:58  

Yeah, I mean, that's kind of what I was. Going for what I picked back to the futures where I want to go is somehow I got stuck in the past.


Kyle Allen  23:06  

Is this the Disney Channel Original TV show fill the future?


Unknown Speaker  23:09  

Yes. But with tentacles.


Russ Wilde  23:13  

This is a Ph. Yeah. This is the future where the technical monsters take over earth. And Phil is one of those tentacle monsters. Uh huh.


Unknown Speaker  23:24  

But like a nice one. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  23:28  

We're the nice tentacle monsters that the other tentacle monsters put onto an island to say, hey, you do your thing on this island. And we're gonna take over the rest of this world. And then have your you can have your island and then we're all the nice ones. And then I just kind of got sent back in time somehow. Maybe I'm supposed to stop them. Okay, now we're getting in the fanfic portion and that's later on. So I apologize for that revelation.


Unknown Speaker  23:58  

Thank you for apologizing for your time. fanfic


Ryan Boelter  24:03  

Edie fanfic about this character is tentacle fanfic. It is required. I guess.


Unknown Speaker  24:11  

I'm holding my tongue.


Russ Wilde  24:13  

Holding my tongue. Yep.


Ryan Boelter  24:18  

Because they've got tentacles


Kyle Allen  24:19  

is a tongue a tentacle? It's very,


Ryan Boelter  24:21  

it's very innocent. It's fine. I mean,


Amelia Antrim  24:23  

kinda All right.


Unknown Speaker  24:28  

I don't like that image. Moving on,


Ryan Boelter  24:32  

why is that thought in my brain now? Ah, so how does the mechanics of character creation reinforce the feel of quest.


Russ Wilde  24:41  

I mean, it's the same sort of thing. Like it's very the character creation. It talks to you very familiar, in a familiar tone. There you go. Thank you. It's a step by step process and walks you through all of it. And then once you have your character profile, You tell it everyone else. And none of it's like, angry or like, here are the heavy, heavy rules that I do. These are the rules that I can do. These are all of my moves that I can do. Here's how high I can jump, here's how far I can run.


Amelia Antrim  25:17  

And it feels like somebody reading a textbook to you to sit down and they're like, I have a three in the stats and I can and you're like, when my eyes just glaze over. Yeah, I


Ryan Boelter  25:28  

try really hard. But these three skills but this one's had expertise. And yeah,


Kyle Allen  25:34  

I think I think where it really shines is the descriptors that everything has it's it's a very balanced narrative and like a like a reading prose. So instead of like you're like I have a sword and a shield, and this bow and arrow, it is like I have a I'm wearing fingerless gloves and a pendant filled with fireflies and I move with the joyful whistle. I get forces you To be descriptive of what you're doing and really make your character unique in how you present them instead of what they have.


Russ Wilde  26:10  

And like Kyle said, it forces you to describe them in more than just single words, causing people around you to picture it more vividly. And nothing's really treated as bad. Within the descriptors, there's nothing that's like, Oh, you have a bad gait, you have a bad leg that like there's nothing that's like, treated as a negative, then you have another games where it's like, oh, you have a minus to this modifier cuz your your people are stupid, that kind of thing. Which is a very prevalent thing in d&d, that is a discussion that's already happening in the community of like, what negative modifiers mean and how that codifies your characters off the bat. thing,


Kyle Allen  26:57  

only one negative thing in the entire district. It's like and it's like the obstacle that you are trying to work past to meet your goal. It's nothing like inherent about you that is like that you have no control over.


Russ Wilde  27:09  

Yeah, it's your it's your character flaw. It's your quote Greek mythology. It's your hubris, depending on the type of character that you're playing. Like, it's it's not a bad thing. It is just something that you need to be aware of that like, hey, it might trip you up sometimes.


Ryan Boelter  27:28  

Yeah, absolutely. And and I like how it's not like a this is you all the time. It's just this is this is a flaw that kind of just gets in the way every now and then.


Amelia Antrim  27:40  

Mm hmm. How does the process of character creation set a player's expectations for what this game is going to be like when they sit down to play it?


Russ Wilde  27:49  

I think that it sets up a situation where all the players may not know exactly what their city is called, may not know exactly all the names. Of all the people they've grown up with that kind of thing. But they know enough to sit down and get started. And that's what the game is about. It's about being a starter RPG, the first one you play if you're new to RPGs. And I think that it sets that up really well to be like, okay, here's this open world. go explore. Like, it doesn't tell you you're stuck in this place. You can't go anywhere else. You're here. It tells you you're from this place here some so you're now somewhere new. Go have fun. Enjoy yourself. Like it says in the beginning, open your mind. And let's begin,


Ryan Boelter  28:35  

huh? Yeah, and like how it feels like it's kind of gearing you towards the open collaboration amongst the group. For a lot of these things leaving a lot open ended. So that way when when discoveries are made, you're not feeling like you're bound to like while we're Right here on this map page 43 of the world Atlas book, and we're approaching this city, which is exactly 4.2 tiles away. I know nothing like that. It's all very much kind of fluid in terms of what's kind of in this world.


Amelia Antrim  29:20  

I think it gives you this sense of limitless possibilities, which is something that I think a lot of us who play RPGs like about it is that it's like, you can sit down and you can do anything. But I think games that are more, that are that crunchier kind of game, you get into a situation and the first thing you do is look at your character sheet and say, Okay, what ability Do I have that can do this. And if I don't have an ability that fits the situation, you kind of feel stuck, and you don't really know what kind of choice to make. Where's the sense that I get from this building a character's It's like, you can pick any of these things. They're all kind of out there and cool. But you can also make stuff up. And so I get the sense that like, it's okay for me as a player to go into any situation and creatively problems. Rather than looking at my sheet and saying, I only have these six abilities. Yeah, if I can't use one of those, I'm useless.


Ryan Boelter  30:20  

I really like how this game kind of puts the discovery type of fun, more at the forefront and then takes the challenge type of fun and kind of puts that more towards the back burner. sort of deal. So you're not dealing with hex grids and, and like distances and all that sort of stuff. It the the joy of discovery is extremely prevalent throughout this whole core book.


Russ Wilde  30:52  

Yeah, and one of the thing is that like, if you remember your first time playing an RPG like this us questions that are out of the box all the time you asked, Can I do this? Can I jump on this? Can I swing this Can I like, I have a player who every time I play with they are like a new RPG player in the fact that they're so creative. They see beyond what's going on. They during a combat, they spent a turn tying a rope to a ceiling rafter, so they could hold their shield and turn into a wrecking ball and swing down names and knock into people. And like, that's something that like, if you look at your character sheet, you can't do that. Like it's not on your character sheet. But like first time players who are just being introduced to the games, like they ask if they can do anything and it's amazing to see the difference. One of the things that I like to try and remember nowadays when I play when I'm not gaming I very often and this is Yeah, I try to remember that like, act like a first time player, ask if something is possible. And if it is, do it, like do it not because it's the best strategy, not because it'll help you win, but because it's fun. And that's what your character would do in the situation like, do do the thing, like don't hurt your party members or anything. Just a jerk move. Like, do things that are fun.


Ryan Boelter  32:25  

Yeah, absolutely. All right. So what do we think is one of the biggest flaws of character creation in the system? And what's one of the best parts?


Kyle Allen  32:35  

I kind of touched on this earlier with the because the, the character profile and the, the, what's it called the worksheet is, is form fillable if you have the PDF version, or you can write on it, but the there's no room for the abilities and that's like the major flaw I see. Which isn't really the process but more like the format of it currently. is it's meant Have the cards as your ability to keep track of your abilities and you can't like have them on the sheet, which I'm, I'm trying to imagine like, if that'd be a detriment to if they would be on there, or if it would like, clog it up and make it feel more like a, like Amelia was saying, like, you look at it, and it's like, it's not on my sheet type thing. But as just like a organizational standpoint, I feel like that is would be something to improve upon.


Ryan Boelter  33:27  

Yeah, I was thinking about it a little bit as well and, and trying to format something like that, unless it's completely free form and just like hey, here, just put your abilities in these floating fields. Like, oh, while I'm playing the wizard, role, so here's all your wizard paths. Now just circled the ones you have, that would be great. But you also can hop between roles and pick from different paths and different roles and Kinda create your own blended class. So then that makes for kind of a Messier type of sheet.


Amelia Antrim  34:07  

That's the thing that we talked about when we did our starcross episodes to about like the intentionality of character sheet design. And like, Yeah, when you look at a sheet, it should tell you what you're getting into and like playing this game. So I think I get why the, the abilities aren't on the sheet because it doesn't really fit that like narrative part of the character profile. But I agree like from our record keeping standpoint, I wanted to remember what I picked and so like even sitting at the table and like playing with the cards, like if I come back next time, trying to remember what I picked before, like, I want a place to jot that kind of stuff.


Ryan Boelter  34:45  

Yeah, I mean, speaking to the intentionality of character sheet design, I can easily see this being a completely intentional choice, saying, the abilities that you have in the grand scheme of things don't matter. They are what you can do. And sure they're cool. But you can still do pretty much anything you set your mind to in this game, including working your way towards new abilities and legendary abilities, things like that. And I would be surprised if you can't create your own abilities and throw those into the game as well. Russell's writing fun.


Russ Wilde  35:28  

So I'm working on. So I'm going a little off topic from the flaws and good things. I'm writing a speaker role, which is meant to be a sort of verbose Bard sort of role, and a signatory which is supposed to be the sort of Warlock patron pact kind of we're all very excited about both of those. That's


Ryan Boelter  35:51  

very cool.


Russ Wilde  35:53  

But talking about a flaw, I think that this system is so Free Form, it's so loose, it's so open, that a lot of more mechanic based players who have a lot of experience will struggle with it, at least to start out winning. I think that certain game systems kind of set your mind to, these are the rules, this is what we have to do. We can't do anything outside of that. And having that open space can be a little daunting, at least at first of like, here's all this room for you to play rather than having. Okay, I'd like it to be limited kind of thing and see what you can do. Um, it's one of those things of like, having so many choices, that it's overwhelming.


Kyle Allen  36:44  

Yeah. I don't know if that's so much a flaw because like, with any game that anything you can't please everyone in the market. So there's there's no RPG that you add that anyone can look at and say, Oh, I love to play this game. So Someone's gonna not like it's not gonna be someone's taste when it comes like schools like the crunchy stuff like Pathfinder, d&d, burning wheel, all that stuff. Like they're gonna look at this and be like, Where's the numbers I want like I want the Wargaming I want the the hexes. And like the math to it, the but it's like this is more for the people who like the roleplay, the role playing aspect of tabletop role playing. They're they're here for the narrative and for the stories, and for the lore behind things. They're not here for the crunchy semantics of battle. So


Russ Wilde  37:33  

so I'm more saying this in the sense of like, the recent events that have happened with DND, like, looking for new systems. And so people who come over here, not because they're looking for a more narrative game, but because they're looking for a replacement will look at it and go, ooh, this is too much. And I'm not saying that that's a like, flaw doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. It's more just like a detract or a reason why someone would look at it and not buy it?


Amelia Antrim  38:03  

I was thinking that as we're going through this that I'm kind of surprised that this has popped up as the alternative to d&d. Because it is so mechanically different, like other than the fact that it's both like generic fantasy. They have like nothing in common. And I I'm very like the other thing too with d&d, though, is that a lot of people I put a tweet out about this at 1.2 and I was like, anybody can shift to a different game because chances are you're not playing d&d rules is written anyway, you're probably part of it. So like moving to this would be a little bit easier when you've already done that. But like it is a little bit surprising mechanically, because it's, it's so different.


Kyle Allen  38:47  

I think specifically for people who are like moving away from it. We are aware of our like, the people in like the podcasting, the streaming like the content creators who are making it for the stories, right, more so than the money Counting. I don't know, I don't know what home game people are like watch that do because I know people who play home games and I tried to talk to them out of d&d and they were like, What do you mean? I don't understand. I don't mind.


Russ Wilde  39:10  

So like talking about why people are switching over I've seen several threads talking about why people are switching over. Kyle I don't know if you've seen this. Um, some people are saying that prison pals is partially responsible for the podcasting sphere we talked


Kyle Allen  39:30  

about RJ saying it's prison pals


Russ Wilde  39:32  

RJ and I'm are we responsible. And then RJ trendsetters. J, the creator of bolt also did a long breakdown of the quest system as a big tweet, back in, I believe, like May or June sometime and that tweet gained a lot Have traction, and like a lot of people saw it. So I think that's a large reason why like people in the ttrpg sphere at least podcasters creators that kind of thing not really home game people have switched away from d&d to quest. But yeah, I think that like even though the mechanics are so different, I think the people who are in it for the narrative storytelling who are in it for the story, not the not the actual gameplay itself, right will have a much better time playing it, and are the people who are switching it over.


Ryan Boelter  40:39  

I can, I can easily see somebody coming up with a, like a challenge heavy module for quest, through the creators packet, the where, where you add back the grid, you add back, like ranges and all that sort of stuff. We're positioning matters, all that all that sort of fun, strategic stuff that that you would get all the Wargaming sort of stuff that you got with like traditional d&d and all that sort of stuff. I can see that kind of being able to kind of just attach itself to the core game quest and, and appease a lot of those players.


Russ Wilde  41:22  

I agree with that. But I think, at least for our use of it for like podcasts, yeah, streaming, that kind of thing. Having the sort of amorphous distances and like, having things be more descriptive works a lot better a lot of testings for you. Oh, yeah, there is. If you're like, Okay, you are 30 feet away from this creature. You move. 15 feet this turn 15 feet last turn. Where are you now? The players can't see. I mean, the listeners can't see any sort of map or anything. So


Ryan Boelter  41:58  

I didn't ask how big the room was. As I said, I cast fireball.


Unknown Speaker  42:02  



Kyle Allen  42:05  

Yeah, it's time.


Ryan Boelter  42:06  

Right and, and that's a very fair point with with podcasters that there's like maybe one or two podcasts, I can think of that. It feels and it sounds like they play on a grid during the podcasts, but they they're very good with the descriptions of where they're going and how they're doing things, but they still adhere to the distances and, and all that sort of stuff. So you hear that sort of conversation going on. But you take that crunchiness away, and that's basically an actual play podcast. Right? Right. So it's feels very natural for us to actually go down the road of quest, if you're going to be playing like a traditional fantasy RPG.


Unknown Speaker  42:50  

So the good side of quiet


Ryan Boelter  42:53  

especially character creation, yeah,


Russ Wilde  42:55  

yes. A good side, especially character creation is I love the skill trees. I love the love of love them. Because it allows you to customize your character in such a interesting way. Like you can make the same fight like you could pick a fighter four times and be completely different fighters. Yeah, not just backstory, but abilities specifically, like you could go all the way down one, you could pick everything like one from everything like it allows you to have a sort of flexibility and the amount of choices that other games don't. We've talked a lot about d&d, cuz quest is everyone's talking about a relation to d&d. With d&d, you pick a sub class and you're you stick with it, there are different options for subclasses, that kind of thing. But once you've played a sub class, you're not likely to play it again, unless there are more options that you haven't tried out, that kind of thing, even if there are more options. A lot of them are very similar. Yeah, so it's it's very much like recycling or rehashing the same things like several classes have subclasses that are just pulled from other actual classes like eldritch fighter or arcane trickster. They're both wizards, but steelie or wizards, but hitty. And that's like how it works. But a lot of the abilities for quest are completely different between each role. Like they're so diverse and so I would say overwhelming, but overwhelming. sounds bad. Mm hmm. Unique. There's


Kyle Allen  44:43  

Yeah, unique. Like there's not really any pull from other classes where there's overlap. There are a few here and there. Like I know there's a shield ability for the Invoker and there's the calcify ability for the doctor, but they're few and far between versus is what I've seen from like DND or other games I think in the license TC specifically like mentions if you're building new roadsmith do not try to replicate something else that that that building belongs to that path in that role for a reason do not try to like mimic it or like rescan it, just use that and rescan it like in the narrative there. I also loved the idea of skill passman coming into this because like, prior to finding out about quest I was on the hunt or like about to build a game that used to steal threes, Allah Skyrim and eldritch rooms because RPG with diverse skill trees seems like so much fun to me. But I also I realized in like, in practicality, it's a lot it's very clunky and very like finicky in that sense. So quests really scratches that itch in a proper way that doesn't feel overwhelming. And in regards to like the versatility of the roles, like the replayability of it. It is very much. It is very much like the only only game I've seen that you can play the same roles in different aspects in different ways. Like there's no and I play a lot of pbta too. That's like outside of d&d pbta was always my favorite MacBook, it remains my favorite. And like anytime you play a PBT, a game you pick a playbook and like the all the playbooks are like have their options and moves and everything like that. But like when you play a playbook, you're you're gonna play it again it's gonna feel very similar because when you play a playbook and pbta you have to play the game with the playbook in mind because it's a play into your playbook play against it hurts you in those games. So like you have to use the moves you're given and use the stats you're good at and and you going outside the box kind of detrimental in that sense. Whereas this game going outside the box is completely encouraged and makes your game richer and it makes your experience veteran all together. It seems


Ryan Boelter  47:02  

like it, it just removes the walls of that box for you totally.


Kyle Allen  47:07  

And like there's rules built into further remove it. Because it's like when you're building a role, like when you're playing a character. Use two roles. Use all the roles or no roles. Do what you want. Mm hmm. We did the very basic character creation. We're just picking one roll. We really did.


Ryan Boelter  47:22  

I know very temporalities Yeah, I was very tempted to do some cross ability picking. But I'm like, yeah, I'll keep it basic for now. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  47:32  

All right. Should we do our favorite segment of the show around?


Ryan Boelter  47:35  

I think that sounds like a really good idea.


Unknown Speaker  47:37  

I think about


Amelia Antrim  47:39  

our group. This is our fanfiction portion of the show where we decide what would happen if we actually played a game, the game that will never play.


Unknown Speaker  47:49  

What a tease


Unknown Speaker  47:52  

will live on.


Amelia Antrim  47:53  

Yeah, this is where we get to like have the ideal situation where like, no game gets all over our characters. So, um, we we did not build a world we have a really strange group of characters talking about it from all over. So, like, like, what do we want to do with this?


Kyle Allen  48:15  

Yeah, it feels very like Alison Wonderland or Wizard of Oz, where your character Amelia was like the protagonists in like this weird land. And like it like comes out so everyone's like, Oh, and one by one comes along. Each of these characters like starts off with like the team Beal. Alright, this is interesting. And then you get the technical person you're like, Alright, we're just finding all kinds of creatures and then you get upset and you find a city of mist and a mist person joins the party.


Unknown Speaker  48:45  

That's how I envision it.


Amelia Antrim  48:47  

Just like steadily escalating weirdness.


Kyle Allen  48:50  

I think you're on the ground.


Ryan Boelter  48:52  

I think it would be really interesting if if my character winked into existence in This time period right at the beginning of play, like that's, that's how you meet me is uh, where am I? What's going where's all my friends?


Unknown Speaker  49:12  

How comic book Have you?


Ryan Boelter  49:16  

And but I'm like, I'm like this super friendly tentacle monster that is just kind of lost but oblivious to a lot of things I guess. So it just feels right to be like okay, well you're the first people that I've met in this place I don't even know if I'm on the same world that I came from, or the same time period but I've got an inkling because technology is familiar but ancient here. I don't know where to go for was a team fetal team vetoes the team.


Russ Wilde  49:55  

I'm so team below the way I picture it is that Bill lives in their home and something happens some sort of tragedy. And their people don't get involved, because it's safer to be neutral than to be involved. And rather than heating the world words of their elders and the people who tell them, don't worry about it, it's not our problem. They decide to get involved. So they leave from home with their little bag of doctors tools, which are their weapons, but also their tools for healing. And they just kind of jumped into the world to try and solve problems. And they're dumb. They're himbo. Not really, but they they oftentimes don't really know what's happening in the world or why things are wrong or why things are right because they were never really taught that. They more just know like in their gut, something feels wrong. Or something feels right. Hmm. So for example, like, communal food is like a thing, so they don't understand why they have to pay for food as an N or that kind of thing or like why they have to pay for goods. But they like understand good and evil in the sense of like, intense morality, like, okay, hurting someone is bad.


Ryan Boelter  51:23  

That kind of thing. So do you think team beetle and imaging would be kind of drawn to one another, having that sort of, like, Justice sort of mindset?


Russ Wilde  51:36  

I don't know what majan would feel, but I feel like tin veto will be like, Oh, yes, this person does morality. I will stand with them. And also hope I learned.


Amelia Antrim  51:47  

Yeah, I mean, I'm in it for the heroism. I just want to be hero. Um, but righting wrongs is, you know, that's here if stuff so sure, we can Are you out to like, fix a specific wrong? Or are you just like, No, I know what's good and I need to do good. I


Russ Wilde  52:09  

think that there's probably specific wrong that like they want to fix, but in the course to try and fix it or try to help with it, that's a longer path than like the start of the campaign. That is like the overarching work and the character versus the going from place to place to solve minor problems.


Ryan Boelter  52:31  

Yeah. So how do we get the missed person and the musical person choose by


Unknown Speaker  52:39  

juice by lizard spring lizard,


Russ Wilde  52:42  

my flask and instead of juice outcomes juice?


Kyle Allen  52:46  

Well, I think juice by lizard was an outcast because their their city is with all the missed people. Although very beautiful. It's very neutral. Just like Tim Beadle where the non hierarchical relationships and pragmatic pragmatist beliefs, but juice pile is oh has that wrathful side that, you know, it's they were the troubled teen growing up and they got a little too troubled, and they got kicked out of the city of Miss. And then they're just like, on their own way. And they're just like, they're very like optimistic and pragmatist and like, I'm just here and I can murder you if I want to, but I won't. I'm just here to have fun, but I'm not going to kill you.


Ryan Boelter  53:38  

So I want to travel to the stars. That's, that's reasonable, but there's an atmosphere. So I need to find some magical so it's very, very self serving. I can see our characters kind of jelly very well, in that sense, since I've got like the magical sort of background and literally from the future. But now what's interesting is my character is over 3000 years old. I want to say that I've traveled to a time in the past, where there's a younger version of me in this world somewhere, and may or may not cause a paradoxical collapse of reality if we were to ever meet in person.


Russ Wilde  54:28  

Your past self is coming to kill your future self. It's like that movie that I don't remember with Bruce Willis. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  54:35  

yeah. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Ah. Was that blooper? Yeah. Oh,


Unknown Speaker  54:45  

I don't know. I don't know if that one has proved


Ryan Boelter  54:47  

final. Regardless, I know what you're talking about. I was thinking more Back to the Future, though.


Unknown Speaker  54:52  

Really what made up because the whole


Ryan Boelter  54:56  

Marty McFly and


Unknown Speaker  54:58  

the whole idea of going back to the future


Unknown Speaker  55:02  

I was thinking fellow of the future.


Ryan Boelter  55:09  

So I will try to get back to the future. Yeah, I think my character's main drive is to try to stop the the evil people of the Tentacle people. I don't have a good race name I guess for for what I am squiggles, squiggles, the squiggles. Okay, so the evil squiggles. I know that they're going to take over the world, but I don't know exactly where we are in the timeline. And I don't have a full good understanding of temporal mechanics because I kind of spaced out during those classes. Fair. So I imagine that I'm just kind of bumbling along, just trying to figure out a way and hopefully something happens. It's upon us where I'll actually be able to to stop this. This worldwide invasion.


Amelia Antrim  56:07  

Oh no. Did the evil squiggle steal my artwork? I'm searching for?


Ryan Boelter  56:11  

I would imagine. So,


Russ Wilde  56:12  

I personally think that the squiggles, there are four types of them besides your type. Okay, there are a couple colors of the Wiggles. Are they?


Amelia Antrim  56:25  

Red, yellow?


Ryan Boelter  56:27  

So there's five types of squiggles.


Unknown Speaker  56:29  

Yes. Okay.


Russ Wilde  56:31  

And you were the fifth.


Amelia Antrim  56:32  

Do they sing a song about fruit salad?


Ryan Boelter  56:34  

Probably. I mean, of course. That's the word.


Unknown Speaker  56:41  

calamari. I mean,


Kyle Allen  56:45  

I picture so I in my head


Amelia Antrim  56:47  

cannibalistic to


Kyle Allen  56:49  

hell Omari aren't squiggles, they're just you know, everything in this planet in this future has like some kind of cephalopod. Picture like, Phil is doesn't know about the the missed people. It's like, Oh wait, because the squiggles wiped you out. Now I have to convince you the only the only missed person that has left the city to go back and fight for it and they're like to help your people that don't want you.


Ryan Boelter  57:19  

Oh, yeah. I like that. I like throwing a little bit of destiny into the mix as well. So that's, that's pretty cool.


Russ Wilde  57:27  

And maybe the event I people haven't gotten involved in has to do with the squiggles to their arrival or something. You


Kyle Allen  57:34  

remained neutral and let the world burn because you wouldn't take aside. Yep.


Ryan Boelter  57:39  

Oh, yeah. Until you burned with it. That makes a lot of sense. And then what image and I


Russ Wilde  57:47  

there wasn't enough art and inspire the people.


Amelia Antrim  57:51  

Well, if the squiggles stole our art are very important artifacts. Uh huh.


Ryan Boelter  57:56  

Yeah. I mean, if you take away if you take away that maybe that's how they invade is they take away the culture of the people. Oh, and and then slowly kind of erode these cultures down because they live for such a long time.


Kyle Allen  58:13  

This is part of Despicable Me.


Amelia Antrim  58:15  

Yes. Created Nazi squids.


Ryan Boelter  58:19  

Okay, that does sound pretty bad, doesn't it?


Kyle Allen  58:22  

I mean, I didn't think the squiggle sounded good.


Unknown Speaker  58:27  

These are pretty evil squiggles. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  58:31  

these poor squiggles. Were the good ones. Well, at least I'm part of the good ones. There's only like, you know, a few dozen of us, but we live on a nice Island.


Amelia Antrim  58:42  

I don't know. But I feel like you really have to earn our trust because we're not gonna trust you because you are a squiggle.


Ryan Boelter  58:46  

Well, nobody knows that the squiggles in this time period are the evil squiggles. They're, they're kind of in their period of waiting. Right now.


Russ Wilde  58:56  

No one's ever seen a squiggle though. So that's one thing to think Consider you would be making first contact Oh yeah.


Ryan Boelter  59:03  

Oh no, everybody will think squiggles are good. And then the bad squiggles will come and everybody's like Hey, you guys are pretty cool. And then they're not


Russ Wilde  59:14  

and that's when the drilling begins the fracking we got to start getting that oil and look it's Rue Paul the squiggle


Amelia Antrim  59:25  

there is so much happening right?


Kyle Allen  59:28  

reference on top of references to keep up this other guy whose work


Russ Wilde  59:33  

this is


Amelia Antrim  59:35  

Naruto run.


Russ Wilde  59:37  

We Naruto run to break our alien friend Phil out of area 51


Kyle Allen  59:44  

the camera pans there's an explosion out of explosion become this route Paul the squiggles Naruto running in your direction?


Ryan Boelter  59:54  

I think


Amelia Antrim  59:55  

that process just


Ryan Boelter  59:56  

feels just gonna break down inside of that.


Russ Wilde  59:59  

Yes. The only weigh only weighs dance battle dance is the only form of combat the squiggle is often


Ryan Boelter  1:00:09  

a 5050 squiggle. A dance battle is just a tentacles everywhere.


Unknown Speaker  1:00:17  

It's called a squirrel.


Russ Wilde  1:00:21  

We have to find the Java walkies. I feel like we've broken Amelia. Anyway


Kyle Allen  1:00:38  

Look at me.


Unknown Speaker  1:00:44  

Oh, there's just so much happening


Unknown Speaker  1:00:46  

here. Um, I mean,


Amelia Antrim  1:00:50  

a lot of strange people here, but


Unknown Speaker  1:00:54  

it's too much


Russ Wilde  1:00:55  

the only one in the chat


Unknown Speaker  1:01:00  



Ryan Boelter  1:01:01  

pajamas cookies.


Kyle Allen  1:01:03  

Nope. We need to say any metaphor you minifig Julio to be the guide. I can't say their last name. Sammy who played the space squark in our IPM


Ryan Boelter  1:01:21  

you'll understand that reference when international podcast month drops our episode this September.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:30  



Amelia Antrim  1:01:31  

should we should we move on? I think


Ryan Boelter  1:01:34  

that was a pretty succinct and fully understandable fanfare


Amelia Antrim  1:01:39  

I mean, honestly, we nailed it. We did. But


Ryan Boelter  1:01:41  

yeah, there was nothing confusing about what we just said. So why add more to it?


Kyle Allen  1:01:48  

I want to read this transcription.


Russ Wilde  1:01:53  

I can't wait to read RuPaul the squiggle


Unknown Speaker  1:01:59  



Amelia Antrim  1:01:59  

I really wish I could draw let's get into our advancement segments and take it up a level. Take it up a level


Unknown Speaker  1:02:13  



Kyle Allen  1:02:14  

we didn't do already. No no,


Unknown Speaker  1:02:17  

no, we have not been on fanfiction


Ryan Boelter  1:02:21  

that was all fanfic


Kyle Allen  1:02:22  

that was all first lol take it up a notch, y'all. Yeah, we're taking it up a level this podcast goes to 11.


Russ Wilde  1:02:30  

Awesome. Well, it is 11 o'clock right now. Oh


Ryan Boelter  1:02:32  

boy. So this is the last segment and in this segment, we will cover character advancement and growth in the system. So how do you think characters change as people within the narrative of this game?


Russ Wilde  1:02:47  

So as people I think that it's kind of like any other ttrpg where like characters are challenged and learn from those challenges and grow And change. And as they fail roles as they succeed, they might change certain things on their character profile like you could change your floor, you can change what you believe in, you can change what you look like, or what you wear, if you lose an item of clothing or you buy something new, that kind of thing. I think that as a character, a lot of the development comes from a narrative standpoint, not a mechanic rules oriented, you have this many hit points now, you have this many kind of things, especially with the use of adventure points, which just continue through as you complete a session. It just keeps going. They don't you don't ever like Aha, now you have a maximum of 20 Adventure points. You can hold that kind of thing. It just keeps moving forward. So I think that a lot of the character growth comes from a narrative Foundation.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:00  

Does like, quote unquote leveling up at work in the system and how characters change


Kyle Allen  1:04:06  

mechanically, it's really kind of customizable. There's no like set rule, like the basic rule is after every session, you gain a new a new ability, but that can be altered for long term play or for if you want to just grant three abilities at once, I don't know, you can. There's no set standard for advancement really, in this game, because most of the things stayed static, like your profile stays static, unless something in the narrative that changes it, or your HP stays static, your adventure, adventure points are granted, they're not earned. In a way. The only thing that you really advanced with is your abilities and what abilities you have. Okay, and if you get legendary abilities,


Amelia Antrim  1:04:54  

so you can earn those pretty quickly though. I mean, I felt like depending on what your guide decides you want to do. So if


Russ Wilde  1:05:00  

you're going on the standard route, you can earn a lot of abilities really quickly. It's really good for like a shorter campaign, like most pvta campaigns are, it's meant to be a shorter kind of game. You advance there pretty quick. And then you're done. The characters, you're done the campaign. It does have rules for like, if you want to make a longer campaign kind of thing. What we're doing for prison pals, is that we're doing kind of milestone leveling, which we had already been doing in d&d, where I'll be like, okay, you can get a new ability now. Or if a character discovers something or trains with someone or learns from someone, I will give them a new ability. For example, one of the things because I love home brewing, I'm a big home brewer. I adore home brewing things and I think it makes for it allows even a player to sort of customize what their character is more allows that player to have more of a say in it. What that character can do and who they're going to be, rather than being stuck with the rules. So one of the things that I've told people is that, hey, I've made additional learning paths, because you've been taught by this tutor within the game or you've met this person within the game. So one of our players has been taught by two different elemental spirits. So they have an ability for each of elemental spirits that they've learned already. And I've told them if you choose to train with them again, all the mock another one for you, and you will get that. But that takes time from the game. That's like a choice. You have to make that effort to learn, which is also kind of how I'm treating legendary abilities. Like we said earlier, legendary abilities are your Capstone. I have custom abilities made for each of my players that I'm like, this is their legendary ability that they will get if they either meet these requirements, or they do this thing that I think they might end up doing. Hmm. So one of our characters, Kyle's character, specifically is being offered the chance to become like the chosen of two separate gods. Oh, wow. So I have two different abilities depending on if they choose either God. And there's another one that I'm not revealing yet, because Kyle doesn't know about it. Yeah. But yeah, it's one of those things where like, it's really easy to customize things and homebrew things for this game.


Kyle Allen  1:07:28  

It's also really interesting. This is very similar, like pyrite Apocalypse, where like advancement is all personal. Whereas in d&d, in other games, it's all as a group who advance and take a step forward, or it's, you make MC get the experience, you are required to move forward. Whereas like in pbta, you meet the requirements on your own and you take a stab and you get a new ability. There's like there's no off balancing of a party like someone Could have eight abilities, someone who have six abilities, and you can still be just as effective as each other says you have more options.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:06  

It's interesting with those adventure points too, I can see that being a huge balancer between all these moves. Because if you have somebody that went all out on one path, and they've got these really, really killer moves, that take a lot of adventure points, you know, they're gonna be able to do those maybe once or twice a session, and then they gotta wait a session or two before they can do it again. Yeah. Compared to somebody that's doing all these first level things, and they can do it maybe 1015 times a session, which is interesting.


Unknown Speaker  1:08:43  

It's very, very it's there's very variable.


Kyle Allen  1:08:48  

There's no it's not very streamlined in that sense, like everyone will be unique and how their their mechanics work. based on how they they play the game,


Ryan Boelter  1:09:02  

yeah, I can see this also working very well for you know, dropping players in or out either through a narrative either retirement or whatever and starting a new character or character death within the story, things like that and then still be an equal playing ground you're technically you know, quote unquote level one. But you're able to go to hotel with these like you know quote unquote level 20 characters in your party. It's just your your range of options are less for your abilities.


Kyle Allen  1:09:39  

This would be a great game for like, like the adventure league style play, like the the Guild Hall style play, where it's like you have 20 players until you're right who's available for the session. And then five people first come first serve five to come in or you have eight abilities. You have six abilities, you have 10 abilities because y'all play different times. But you all still do the same adventure. base, it doesn't really matter. There's no combat rating, right? Yeah, exactly.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:05  

Yeah. That's really nice.


Russ Wilde  1:10:07  

Which there? There is like combat information like there is discussion of how to scale combat, but it's not scaled in a way that's like, Okay, how many abilities do they have? It has to do with how much hit points do the does the party have in total? And how hard do your enemies hit? Mm hmm. Like it doesn't, because everyone's HP stays the same as as players. It's much easier to scale. And it's much easier to figure it out rather than doing like, okay, what's the average party level? What's the car of this monster, that kind of thing? I'm speaking as a guide, just because I have to balance things for combats that might happen. And it gives you instructions like hey, if you meet 80% of like, what the plan Have as resources, you'll probably kill them. This will probably a deadly combat. If you meet 100%, this, they will not survive. And it does a good job of defining those for you and like letting you know, hey, this is how the math works. And like Kyle said, you can have characters of any level together. And like Ryan said, like, you can have one and 20. And it still works. Yeah,


Kyle Allen  1:11:26  

yeah, I think in that regard, it's actually a lot better balance for making encounters. Because when you think of d&d, a DM needs to do all the math. And the math that is like standard is based off a four person party of a certain level. And then all the numbers reflect those numbers. But if you go into a three person party, or a six person party, if you make that change, none of the numbers are clickable anymore, and the math is so much different. Whereas this one, the math is so basic and streamlined. No matter how many people you have in the group playing, you can do it easily. Mm hmm.


Russ Wilde  1:12:06  

Yeah. So I'm reading right now for party. It is you take the total of their health. And that's it for the party. For the monsters. It's the hit points, the highest possible amount of damage, they could deal with a single turn and the number of monsters and then you compare the two numbers. And then you do the math that way. Because if their number is higher than your party's total head points, it won't end well.


Ryan Boelter  1:12:34  

Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's really interesting how they balance that then


Kyle Allen  1:12:40  

I like it. You're basically in second grade with the alligator with your mouse with the less than greater than or equal to? Yep.


Ryan Boelter  1:12:49  

Awesome. Well, that sounds really cool. Is there any last things that we want to talk about? About quest before we we wrap things up? I think pretty much everything.


Kyle Allen  1:13:00  

Yeah like the only thing I would like to say is like because the big discussion with everyone's moving away from DND and moving and like there's a lot of people jumping ship to quest, and like if people are like they listening to this and thinking that be mindful of what the story you're trying to tell is because prison pals chose to do quests were playing quest because we love it we clearly we love it. We recorded these episodes because it's such a great game. It does everything we wanted to do, but it's perfect for us because it does what it tells a story we want to tell Well, when other people are playing d&d in other games, and like looking at like quest, if it doesn't tell the type of story you want to tell, don't play quest, just because it's a great game. And it doesn't mean to tell the story you want to tell like people like people are constantly playing d&d and other games and like hacking it and changing it and like modifying it when they can be easily looking for other games. Like if you're trying to play a wrestling like a lesbian Less than wrestling show like don't play class quest ain't gonna work for you. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  1:14:08  

that's the thing that we emphasize a lot on the show too is that like, certain games are meant to do certain things. And like, if you try to bend it to like a different that, like it's just not gonna work, like mechanics reinforced the like style of play and the kinds of stories you're supposed to tell.


Russ Wilde  1:14:25  

So going off what Kyle said like, specifically looking at why we had principles chosen, it's not only because of it fits our story. It's also because it fits our show like it is a simpler system, so it's easier for a younger audience to understand. It is a very wholesome, light enjoyable system, which fits our all ages theme. And like the art is beautiful and like features and rainbows very heavily in the designs of characters and everything. Which isn't like a huge thing but it's still like, like pretty art. does make it more attractive here. And lightly. Yeah. And like it does a lot of the work that DND never did for us, of like us having to change the rules and having to modify things, that kind of thing. And Kyle mentioned, if you're trying to play a lesbian wrestling game, don't use quest, I will go even closer on that. If you're trying to play a grim dark fantasy game, don't play quest. Like quest very much is not built for that sort of game or that sort of sort of setting where you have to count resources you have it, encumbrance, that kind of thing. It's not built for it. It's built very much for a sort of light hearted and brighter story. You can still tell a dark story in it. But like your


Unknown Speaker  1:15:48  

characters, draw no out of the abyss don't do that kind of stuff. Yeah, you don't have


Russ Wilde  1:15:53  

your characters won't have the same grit and their abilities won't have the same grit that other systems Would like urban shadows has great grit in it of like using depths calling in favors, manipulation techniques of other character players, political intrigue, that kind of thing. quest doesn't have that, like the spy has some moves that lead into that. But it's not like as emphasized


Unknown Speaker  1:16:21  

MX is called quest because it's about a quest. Make a game about a quest. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  1:16:28  

Absolutely. Well, Kyle and Russ, thank you both so much for joining us to talk about quest. This was fantastic.


Amelia Antrim  1:16:37  

It was so much fun. Thank you.


Ryan Boelter  1:16:38  

Good. Okay. Can you remind everyone where they can find you online and what sort of things you're working on?


Kyle Allen  1:16:45  

I'm versus time, just in case you're not looking at it.


Russ Wilde  1:16:47  

Thank you. I was looking at everyone's faces. I'm sorry.


Unknown Speaker  1:16:51  

I had that doctor monitor setup.


Kyle Allen  1:16:55  

So our show is prism palace. You can find us on Twitter at prism. piles. You can find us on any podcatcher Prison palace. It's really he's desertion stole his belt prison. We're not in prison. It's a prism subtitlers hate when we say prison, they're always a prison pals.


Amelia Antrim  1:17:17  

That's a very different things. Yeah.


Kyle Allen  1:17:18  

There's also worse things that's done too. But anyway, I am on twitter at super underscore super quiero it's ingrained in my head now that underscore, whatever that will never leave me at super quiero. I've do things on off the table on their podcast and their streaming channels. I made my first game called college and keg stands where it's a drinking game RPG. It's it's a fun time. It's a fun time. But yeah, come check out all of our stuff.


Russ Wilde  1:17:51  

Hi, I'm Russ Wilde and you can find me on Twitter at Ross wildest. You can find me streaming on Twitch TV slash prism pals with prism, not prison. Me NFL player Mario are currently streaming cat quest to we're taking a little break cuz of Gen Con and things coming up but online Gen Con and things but we'll be back beginning of August. Let's be on. Yes, I know this will be out. I know we'll be back by that. But yeah, I'm also a writer sometimes I didn't mention this before I written for unbreakable a d&d five e anthology. And I'm working on quest roles that I'll finish eventually. Very nice.


Amelia Antrim  1:18:42  

Well, thank you again, both of you for sitting down with us. And thank you to everyone for tuning in.


Ryan Boelter  1:18:58  

Character Creation Cast is a pretty Production of the one shot Podcast Network and can be found online at www dot Character Creation head to the website to get more information on our hosts this show and even our press kit. Character Creation Cast can also be found on Twitter at Creation Cast or on our Discord server at discord Character Creation i one of your hosts Ryan Boelter and I can be found on twitter at Lord Neptune or online at lordan Neptune calm our other hosts Amelia Antrim can be found on twitter at ginger recommend. Music for this episode is used with a Creative Commons license, or with permission from the podcast they originated from. Further information can be found within the show notes. Our main theme music is hero remix by Steve combs and it's used with a Creative Commons license. This podcast is owned by us under Creative Commons. This episode was edited by Ryan Boelter further information for game systems used and today's guests can be found in the show notes. If you'd like to leave us a rating or review, we have links to various review platforms out there, including Apple podcasts in our show notes. Also, check the show notes for links to our other projects. Thanks for joining us. I remember we find that the best part of any role playing game is character creation. So go out there and create some amazing people. We will see you next time.


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Ryan Boelter  1:21:21  

I did excellent. By the microphone closer to my face I also have waveforms I am going to adjust my game slightly


Amelia Antrim  1:21:31  

I feel like I have to adjust my settings every time we record and I don't understand why


Ryan Boelter  1:21:38  

it's cuz you got a Yeti Wow.


Amelia Antrim  1:21:41  

rude. Hey, somebody buy me a fancy microphone. Well if


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you just break yours on accident,


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okay, I will break and then I can email James. James. Please buy me a fancy microphone.


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Yeah, my daddy just broke itself. What the halftime I blame this faulty arm and the ginormous weight of the Yeti. And it completely destroying the cord that goes right into it. So, yeah. All right, so any questions before we begin? I'm good. Okay, cool. Y'all said Emilia


Amelia Antrim  1:22:20  

Yeah, totally. Okay. is born ready. Just came out of this room bear.


Ryan Boelter  1:22:25  

I really excited to learn this because I was I was looking over the rules just very slightly, which I normally don't do. But I really enjoyed it. So


Kyle Allen  1:22:34  

I'm excited to pretend I know what I'm talking about.


Unknown Speaker  1:22:38  

by Ross, right.


Russ Wilde  1:22:42  

I mean, the feeling I read the entire rulebook for prison pals. So there's that.


Kyle Allen  1:22:47  

Listen, I always read the character creation part, which is all I need for this show. Exactly.


Ryan Boelter  1:22:54  

That's all right.


Amelia Antrim  1:22:56  

All right, I will do a five count and then we will go ahead and jump right in.


Ryan Boelter  1:23:00  

I'm pushing something out of my pocket. Hold on. Ah, sorry. I didn't want to be weighted down by my wireless headphones.


Amelia Antrim  1:23:08  

Actually, that reminds me I should turn my phone volume down. That's what I was doing to my family likes to text me.


Unknown Speaker  1:23:15  

Okay, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  1:23:18  

Man, I would play that in a heartbeat. Leaving the heart of the cards. Alright, Millennium puzzle. Summon the blue eyes White Dragon. Oh my god good


Amelia Antrim  1:23:33  

game. The show was I was rewatching it recently because my kids found it on Netflix. And I was like, This is not good. And I loved it so much.


Kyle Allen  1:23:48  

So much my partner we watched it and I didn't remember the capsule season and I was like What is happening?


Ryan Boelter  1:23:56  

I think there's so much going on. I think I remember ironically loving it. Like I knew it was bad at the time when I was a kid. But I didn't care. I still loved it.


Russ Wilde  1:24:05  

Yeah. So I don't remember watching the season, but I know that there's a season where there's a racing and language going on language. Oh, sorry. I know that. Thank you. I know there's a season where they have like, racing on motorcycles and they're like dueling while they're racing. And


Kyle Allen  1:24:26  

that's, that is the series that's the third series because it's you do there's ups there's you do five G's. That's the racing motorcycles one and there's you use Expo and you go on the else. But in order to but the first day watched? Well, it seems like


Amelia Antrim  1:24:40  

only kind of a nerd. Not like a big, you know,


Unknown Speaker  1:24:43  



Amelia Antrim  1:24:46  

I used to be so good at that game.


Ryan Boelter  1:24:48  

Like Well, I guess now we're gonna be exploring the YuGiOh module of quest this episode to you awesome. Did you print out the character sheet? Yeah, I'm jealous of you having a printer that works.


Kyle Allen  1:25:06  

Yeah, I just bought a new one because mine doesn't work either. Well mine I


Amelia Antrim  1:25:10  

just set mine up and I like ended up having to use it a bunch for work now, my family's printer broke and they found out that I have a printer up here. Like make me prints.


Ryan Boelter  1:25:21  

I have I have a really nice laser printer. But the cartridges that I have are garbage. So it has like a streak of pink and blue that goes across the whole length of the page. And I don't want to pay $200 to get New York.


Russ Wilde  1:25:38  

So I'll just smacked his mic. Okay, good.


Amelia Antrim  1:25:43  

I was trying to unmute it and I


Ryan Boelter  1:25:46  

done it once. Could I trouble you then Kyle for the fixed character.


Unknown Speaker  1:25:53  

Go. I will drop it in our chat. Awesome. Where did that pet that?


Ryan Boelter  1:25:58  

Because I'm like, Oh no, you're Right, I entered it in something and it copies for everything else in that field


Russ Wilde  1:26:04  

weren't lying. I know


Ryan Boelter  1:26:09  

that that's a very easy I've done PDFs like that before. Especially like I created character sheets for palladium, like universal Platinum character sheets, which Yeah, I don't recommend doing that. Um, and when I filled in one skill, the first time I used it, they filled in all my skills with that. I was like, No,


Kyle Allen  1:26:29  



Ryan Boelter  1:26:30  

I learned my lesson back in 2001. Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  1:26:38  

Well, they should have called you I know right.


Kyle Allen  1:26:43  

All right, this should have a drive LinkedIn to Twitter.


Ryan Boelter  1:26:46  

Okay, let me go to my Twitter's request access. Oh,


Unknown Speaker  1:26:52  

should I do? How dare you Kyle to not


Ryan Boelter  1:26:55  

do Sirius XM. Did that


Amelia Antrim  1:27:01  

Feel like I don't know if it's Google or Dropbox. There's one of them that I swear I have to do it twice every time.


Ryan Boelter  1:27:07  

Hmm. Hey, it's working.


Unknown Speaker  1:27:09  

There you go.


Ryan Boelter  1:27:12  

And I would like to download this, please. I got it. Yay. Hey, now let me let me just test it out. Okay. Sweet and works. Great One. Cool. So, in the meantime, if you want that I reach out to Kyle, he'll hook you up probably.


Kyle Allen  1:27:32  

Yeah. Follow me on Twitter. Follow me on prism, pals. You have to subscribe to my podcast and then I'll let you have it. Yep.


Ryan Boelter  1:27:41  

I have done all of those already. So


Russ Wilde  1:27:43  

you need a verification status.


Unknown Speaker  1:27:46  

That's why mine gets a million doesn't


Amelia Antrim  1:27:53  

pencil like a loser?


Russ Wilde  1:27:56  

Like you're in the dark ages.


Ryan Boelter  1:27:59  

That's the old school. Form fillable character sheet.


Unknown Speaker  1:28:03  



Ryan Boelter  1:28:05  

as an aside, I have decided the word chunks is worse than the word moist.


Amelia Antrim  1:28:11  

Okay, so I have a period. I would like to discuss this. Everyone is upset about the word moist when the word that they should be upset about is soggy, because soggy implies something that is wet. That is not supposed to be Wow,


Kyle Allen  1:28:24  

my mom has a gag reflex specifically for that word.


Unknown Speaker  1:28:29  

There was a bad Thanksgiving where people would not stop saying Oh no.


Ryan Boelter  1:28:34  

Okay, that is a pretty bad word to your voice just good because you know, cake


Amelia Antrim  1:28:39  

like a good cake. Yeah, boys. A soggy cake bad. Yeah.


Russ Wilde  1:28:43  

Good cake.


Unknown Speaker  1:28:47  

All right. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  1:28:48  

there's one time that I couldn't remember. I was trying to describe the cake as being moist and I couldn't remember the word and I was like, I don't want to say juice.


Unknown Speaker  1:29:00  

Husband and


Amelia Antrim  1:29:00  

I would like joke all the time. He's like these cupcakes. You made a really juicy


Ryan Boelter  1:29:09  

Hey, if you have fresh fruit in your cake


Amelia Antrim  1:29:14  

otherwise cake not supposed to meet you or soggy. Just to


Unknown Speaker  1:29:18  

be clear. You're free.


Unknown Speaker  1:29:21  

You're free. Yeah.


Russ Wilde  1:29:25  

Kyle said What's your dream and for a moment I started playing that song from Rapunzel. Everyone talks about their dreams.


Kyle Allen  1:29:32  

I've got a dream. You didn't go to sharkboy and lavagirl dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream.


Unknown Speaker  1:29:41  

Don't have it right.


Unknown Speaker  1:29:43  

Now while I'm drinking water.


Unknown Speaker  1:29:45  

Yeah, please don't.


Russ Wilde  1:29:47  

That's how you can get Nita second bite. Ah. I would need that third


Ryan Boelter  1:29:51  

one that point crash.


Russ Wilde  1:29:55  

Better than a Revenant named blueberry. Is that a thing? Yes, love that. And the other urban shadows campaign. There's a Revenant named blueberry and I'm just like,


Kyle Allen  1:30:08  

language, this name. language. Cut that. What the heck is this name? Did you not read the thing they sent us? We don't want to edit out your cursing. I read


Russ Wilde  1:30:19  

it. Sorry. I'm bad.


Amelia Antrim  1:30:23  

Ryan you're gonna have so much dog barking. That's okay.


Unknown Speaker  1:30:27  

Pork pork boys. I don't know


Amelia Antrim  1:30:28  

what her deal is. But there might be somebody walking on her Street.


Kyle Allen  1:30:33  

How dare they delay those her street?


Russ Wilde  1:30:36  

That's her territory. Bark bark.


Unknown Speaker  1:30:41  

clicky clicky


Ryan Boelter  1:30:43  

I just it's finger clicking good. That's that's what came into my brain when you said Oh, no. So you're welcome internet. Nope.


Russ Wilde  1:30:56  

This all stays in


Unknown Speaker  1:30:59  

gross. I


Ryan Boelter  1:31:00  

better go the outtakes Amelia.


Amelia Antrim  1:31:02  

I will do my best.


Ryan Boelter  1:31:06  

We'll see if I don't just blackout like the episode and


Unknown Speaker  1:31:11  

the whole beginning and like


Unknown Speaker  1:31:14  

and your lotion.


Ryan Boelter  1:31:17  

So I've got a Gold Bond, not


Amelia Antrim  1:31:22  

good lotion. I know you said it's not as good as your upstairs lotion.


Ryan Boelter  1:31:26  

My upstairs one is specifically for eczema and this one is just dealing with Allah. Oh, it's just regular. This just regular it's not bad. It's a little thicker than the other one. It goes on and a lot nicer. Makes a little bit more smoother and less oily but it's juice


Kyle Allen  1:31:40  

by Liz's cousin healing with a Hello


Amelia Antrim  1:31:43  

Harrison one from Bath and Bodyworks for cuticles.


Unknown Speaker  1:31:48  

Welcome to our lotion podcast


Russ Wilde  1:31:53  

discussing the lotions that we currently have an ASMR applying them to ourselves


Unknown Speaker  1:32:00  

Have a film


Amelia Antrim  1:32:01  

downstairs. It's like the it's this one from lush that's specifically made for people who frequently wash their hands.


Kyle Allen  1:32:08  

Oh, keeps working hands.


Amelia Antrim  1:32:10  

I got it for my mom cuz she's a nurse.


Ryan Boelter  1:32:13  

Ooh, nurse grade.


Amelia Antrim  1:32:15  

It's nurse grade lotion. Oh my gosh, I'll put this all in the outtakes too. Oh, no,


Russ Wilde  1:32:20  

we're keeping those for the


Kyle Allen  1:32:23  

producer Ross said keep it.


Ryan Boelter  1:32:26  

So we're gonna go from motions to tentacles,


Kyle Allen  1:32:30  

putting my contact packet back in, but I'm just moving off frames.


Ryan Boelter  1:32:36  

I very much appreciate that.


Amelia Antrim  1:32:39  

Yeah, so like in my aside in my Tinder dating profile, like RPGs and nobody's like, oh, what do you what do you love about d&d? And I'm like, I have played d&d all of like six times and I hated it. I don't play d&d. I can tell you why d&d is bad if you want to talk about that, but like


Kyle Allen  1:32:59  

just change that into In


Amelia Antrim  1:33:00  

my last date was like a lot of me telling her all the problems with d&d and


Russ Wilde  1:33:10  

so like


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