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Series 31.1 - BOLT with Ajey Pandey [Designer] (Creation)

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We’re back from our two week break with the start of a fresh new series covering BOLT, a modular action RPG by our guest this series, Ajey Pandey! We learn a bit about the game this episode and dive into some really amazing 80’s action movie style character creation you won’t want to miss!

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We’re back from our two week break with the start of a fresh new series covering BOLT, a modular action RPG by our guest this series, Ajey Pandey! We learn a bit about the game this episode and dive into some really amazing 80’s action movie style character creation you won’t want to miss!


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Amelia Antrim  0:00  

Welcome back everyone to a brand new series. We are thankful to have these last two weeks off, but we are ready to get back into the swing of things with our next series. We are covering bolts with RJ Panda, which no coincidence is kick starting right now. If you like what you hear in this series, we'll have a link to the Kickstarter in our show notes. It'll take you right to the page. I have already backed it. It's a really good game. Like I mean, obviously you're gonna hear that from this series. We had so much fun with this one.


Ryan Boelter  0:30  

We had fun with this one. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  0:32  

what a good time. But if you enjoy what you hear, you can check out the show notes. There's a link to the Kickstarter.


Ryan Boelter  0:38  

Absolutely. Speaking of kick starters, another Kickstarter is happening right now that is near and dear to our hearts is for a cat a con. Technically 2020 the online version of a cat con but also you can get tickets to 2021 gathering Given that everything's you know, back to normal at the end of next year yeah, it's, it's pretty sweet. And if you can plan that far ahead, go check it out and get a badge now. I think the last time I saw there was one VIP badge left, which those usually go pretty fast but given the circumstances, this might be your chance to get in on that. Yeah, and I'm fairly certain that Amelia and I are going to be doing another c three character creation random table extravaganza bigger


Amelia Antrim  1:40  

Yeah, so much fun with that last year. Better better than ever, I still have my poster board. So like if we do an online version, I can grab like the easel that we have downstairs and like I can do visual aids.


Unknown Speaker  1:56  



Ryan Boelter  1:57  

well, let's see. Right. Yeah. Maybe it will run a panel for 2020 so you can get your Get your tickets to that as well through this Kickstarter.


Amelia Antrim  2:08  

Speaking of Kickstarters man we're really great at segways um, what about another Kickstarter? Yeah, September is a busy month. The next Kickstarter announcement is for our network's very own campaign to help fund a campaign sky Jack's album. Kickstarter is not live just yet but when it comes out we will put a link in there I think there's a link to to it right now. To like view the Patriot preview link. will obviously tweet about it when it goes out live. The Kickstarter is going to help pay Arnie parrot for all of his tremendous work and the custom music that he's done for sky Jack's and for careers call. So if you like the music in there too. Definitely check that out. There's some amazing songs in there. My kids have already made me promise to back it because they like the music. I'm pretty Be excited about it. It's It's good stuff.


Ryan Boelter  3:04  

Absolutely. Um, I don't think there's any other kick starters that we need to point out right now. But speaking of supporting people doing cool things, how about review time?


Amelia Antrim  3:15  

Yes review time.


Ryan Boelter  3:18  

If you want to support us, please consider leaving us a rating or review on Apple podcasts or anywhere you can review podcasts. Every review, especially those five star reviews really helps others find the show. Like this review from a buffalo loon on pod chaser. I started listening to the numenera episode with Darcy Ross on the one shot podcast and was super impressed by how enthusiastic and engaging she was. I found CCC by searching for any other numenera podcasts. She hosted and thought it was fantastic. It's the perfect balance between being really informative when digging into The systems and also just been really chilled out and entertaining. I love all of the guests and it's inspired me to get my first ever dm campaign going. Cheers guys.


Amelia Antrim  4:13  

Oh, that's wonderful. Congratulations. Yeah. Welcome. Running a game is a big deal. And Amelia does not like to


Ryan Boelter  4:21  



Amelia Antrim  4:22  

Well like good Anya.


Ryan Boelter  4:25  

Thank you so much for that review.


Amelia Antrim  4:26  

Yes. And also like, I mean, cheers to Darcy, who is just an absolutely wonderful human being just like a gem of a person.


Ryan Boelter  4:36  

If you take the word delightful and turn it into a human, you get Darcy.


Amelia Antrim  4:41  

It's true. It's true. She's just just a gem. We don't deserve Darcy. Thank you so much as a wonderful review, congrats on your campaign.


Ryan Boelter  4:54  

And with all of that out of the way, let's get back to the show.


Amelia Antrim  4:58  



Ryan Boelter  5:32  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast a show where we discuss and create characters The best part of role playing games with guests using their favorite systems. I'm one of your hosts Ryan. In this episode, my co host Amelia and I are excited to welcome rj pendy designer of the game we're covering today. Bolt, a modular action adventure RPG.


Amelia Antrim  5:55  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast. We're really excited that you're here.


Ajey Pandey  5:58  

Thanks. Thanks a lot. I'm, I'm really excited to be part of this crew. I'm just really excited. This is gonna be huge.


Amelia Antrim  6:09  

So let's start by introducing you to our audience. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself some projects you're working on where we can find you?


Ajey Pandey  6:16  

Yeah, my name is Ajay Pandey I am the writer of the game we're talking about today. Bolt. So I'm the writer of that. And it's coming to Kickstarter. On the fourth of September so Friday the Friday before Labor Day for for the American audience. It's already on if you want to get like kind of the early access kind of thing. But the Kickstarter is gonna give it the slick are the sweet layouts. I'm super excited. Um, I also do a bunch of game reviews on Twitter. Under the Ajay reads tag, as well as doing a bunch of like game designer hot takes slash like informational threads. binders, the tabletop Chop Shop


Ryan Boelter  7:01  



Ajey Pandey  7:03  

I'm going to spend all my time on online talking.


Amelia Antrim  7:14  

I mean, I feel like we could all benefit from being online a little bit less, but also like the internet. So internet


Ajey Pandey  7:22  

is good. Sometimes it's good.


Amelia Antrim  7:26  

Well, let's go ahead and get into this. We're gonna start by discussing what this game is all about. What's in a game?


Ajey Pandey  7:33  

So yeah, um, bolt is a fast paced, high tension action RPG game. It's, it's got that same sort of like, set of styles and verbs from a game like cyberpunk, 2020 or Genesis, but with a little more influence from more modern stories. games like your visit godson mall Goths, or your wander home during mnemonics. Those got a bit of that store game vibe to it. And it takes a lot of lessons from that to build out an action action system that tries to get you to feel the same kind of like fear, tension, doubt and triumph, that you actually needed that your character would feel, which I hope I did a decent job of. That's


Amelia Antrim  8:31  

just that.


Ajey Pandey  8:33  

And the other thing about bolt is that it was designed to be modular and easy to hack from the jump. Because I have had problems with prior RPG systems that I really liked. Having really terrible licensing, which meant I couldn't own the things that I made and that's just me. And this this game is built on Creative Commons. It's built to I commented the code So it's designed to be something that you can pick up, understand why I did what I did in terms of the rules and be able to make your own decisions about how do I take these core rules? How do I change them to make the kind of game I want to make? Oh, very cool.


Ryan Boelter  9:18  

Yeah, I love that a lot. So is there like a, like a setting that comes with bolt? Why there is, um,


Ajey Pandey  9:26  

that is going to be the the first big stretch goal for bolt after the core rules, we get to the settings that I'm building out for the system because, you know, it's a setting agnostic quote, unquote, game, but you know, no games truly generic. And if you really want to just have a plug and play game, you kind of have a need to have a setting to tell you like this is the kind of vibe we're going for. So for bolt, I have two settings that are both of that like fantasy South Asian vibe. The fantasy version is called legends of Nero. And the modern version, which I think we're focusing on for this for this little episode is called gunfire and farming are such a good is it's extremely fun. Basically, you are playing in a, in a city it's literally called the Golden cities fireman army's Golden City. And it's a little bit of like fantasy the by with some 80s vibes to it. Um, and it's like one of those cities of great disparity of you know, this is this ancient city with metro stations built underneath ancient monuments, but it's also a place of like modern impossible architecture. And, you know, it's a nexus of power and all the worst ways and it's one of those places where, if you're at the bottom of the city, you can kind of see all the rot The corruption and you know, the rock capitalism of the place, like the city is about to collapse and it's under its own weight. And you get to be there to kind of witness the collapse. Or try and get one last score before it happens or, you know, celebrate that process, whatever. It's designed to be flexible in itself in terms of the city become what you make of it, so that people can kind of take the things that make them angry, the things that that have hurt them in their world, and coalesce that into the villain that they go and shoot big guns at.


Amelia Antrim  11:35  

I really like that.


Ryan Boelter  11:41  

So what sort of things do we need to play this game?


Ajey Pandey  11:45  

What you need is a your classic set of d&d dice here, your seven die set, it'll use everything but the D 20. And the D 100. You'll just use the detent okay. So your classic DVD Sat or a dice bought, which is probably the, the way of the way of the now. Yep.


Amelia Antrim  12:08  

Your screens not talking to our friends in real life. It's terrible. I mean, all of my friends were like, I didn't have really a local group anyway, so I'm not feeling the pain of that, but I know a lot of people that are like, yeah, I miss my friends. I'm like what our friends


Unknown Speaker  12:27  

whatever we hear


Amelia Antrim  12:32  

me is but


Unknown Speaker  12:34  

I have sworn blood rivals.


Amelia Antrim  12:36  

Like I get the concept of a nemesis. I'm with you so far.


Ajey Pandey  12:41  

What else do we need besides dice? Um, I would recommend getting a copy of the bolt RPG PDF. Currently on each word version 0.2 point five. If you back the Kickstarter, one of the things that I'm going to try and get people in the Kickstarter is they get the version with the fully locked in text after it's been edited. So they have that to play with the wild fancy lab versions come out. So back to Kickstarter for that one new. Absolutely. You can get the the sweet, fully finished text version with that.


Ryan Boelter  13:15  

Yeah, um,


Ajey Pandey  13:17  

what else you can get, um, depending on what setting you're writing, you might want to get, say the major pack if you want to get more spell casting stuff. Eventually I'll make vehicle rules. And you can get that so it's literally a modular system. And if you really want to get fun with it, you can pull in from a bunch of hacks that already exist. Like there's already one that does shield and cover. There's one that's a hard sci fi setting one that's like exosuits. Like there's a bunch of really cool hacks out there already. So explore around a niche. Yeah, absolutely.


Amelia Antrim  13:51  

One of the questions that we usually ask and we have in our outline here is to talk about what kind of stories and themes you want this game to explore because it's modular and very hackable. I want to ask, what are things that you want to see people explore? Like, what are things that you're really excited for somebody to come out with?


Ajey Pandey  14:10  

Yeah, actually, it's one of the things that I kind of lead the game with is a set of assumptions that the game makes about players. Let me get to that less than the actual book. And it's stuff like your characters are dangerous people who like danger, you know, combat supposed to be fast and scary. Breaking the game is part of the fun. Um, and, you know, fundamentally, bolt is a violent game. You know, it's, it's got a very detailed rules for how to kill people. Um, and I did that on purpose. You know, like this is, this is a game about taking the things that hurt you and make you angry when you scroll on Twitter, and be like, okay, I can coalesce this formless rage into a face that I can punch. I'm


Amelia Antrim  14:59  

in Sounds very cathartic.


Unknown Speaker  15:01  

It's supposed to be cathartic.


Ryan Boelter  15:02  

Like that's the hope


Ajey Pandey  15:04  

is that you know you take the like I made a hack for this for attacking dethrone God jam. And it was literally like I put in the thing like this is meant to, for you to punch through it pass through and what passes for his face. You know like put the things that make you angry and give it hit points so you can make the hit point go to zero.


Ryan Boelter  15:23  

Yeah, it also has that very fast paced 80s action movie. vibe to it.


Ajey Pandey  15:31  

It's john wick is john wick.


Ryan Boelter  15:34  

To this recording, I need to watch john wick more than I ever have wanted to watch john really need to


Ajey Pandey  15:40  

watch. You really need to watch it and then you get to play it.


Ryan Boelter  15:47  

Awesome. Well, we kind of went over this a bit what what characters do in this game? Exactly.


Ajey Pandey  15:55  

Uh, it depends a bit on the setting you play So maybe you're playing, you know, your space truckers in a more hard sci fi game or maybe you're playing you know, your classic scum and villainy characters, um, for gunfire instrument or you can kind of go a couple different ways with it like you are in this kind of 80s reaganomics dystopia. And you can either be, you know, trying to like, play in the violent politics of the city, you know, for your own gain, you can be kind of doing heists, you know, Blaze in the dark style, you know, like that one last score before everything kind of blows up. Or we can be revolutionaries. And it's a bit on how you define the city, a bit on how you define your characters. But whatever you're doing, it's violent. I mean, if your characters aren't the ones who are good at shooting things, they're gonna be around for when that happens. So, it's always going to be a little bit in conflict, focus, a little bit dystopic. As you wouldn't be around shooting people, yeah.


Amelia Antrim  17:03  

What do you think makes this game unique? I mean, we've talked a little bit about things being like setting neutral. And there are a number of kind of genre neutral games. So like, what what do you think makes this one different from something like Genesis or something like that,


Ajey Pandey  17:18  

I think what makes it unique from a bunch of action games, like new cyberpunks regenesis, it's a lot faster. Because I put a lot of time into like, one making the roles very quick, and to minimize the amount that you actually roll. So it gives it a lot more of a tactical feel. Um, and then on the like, on the whole, it's trying to do the same kind of character bleed thing that a lot of story games do. Yeah. But for the purpose of action. You know, it's one of those games where I like I say, like, everything two shots you but also, you were given enough control that You can avoid getting hit completely. You know, it's one of those games where even three scrubs coming at you. It's bad news. So you end up having to think like your characters would. Like that builds tension. And the way and you can you'll, you'll see this when I talk about the actual, like mechanics of the game. It's one of those games where you can you choose when you fail, but the strategy attached to that to know


Ryan Boelter  18:26  

Hmm, interesting. So before we get into the basic terms, the the history of this game, it's it's relatively new. It's on your HBO page, right? Oh, and currently kick sturdiness of the release of these episodes. So, where where did the idea of this come from?


Ajey Pandey  18:48  

All right, um, I guess this is what I get a bit. This is when I start naming names a little bit. Um,


Amelia Antrim  18:55  

yes, name the name name.


Ajey Pandey  18:57  

names. I'm about A year ago cuz I've been working on this game for about a year now, like, pretty exactly, which is horrifying. But before this, I was doing a lot of Genesis hacking stuff. Because that was one of the first games that I read and it just blew my mind. Like, oh, you can make a toolbox game like with this. Mm hm. I can go in a billion directions. I could start as a Star Wars game, like all RPG systems start as


Amelia Antrim  19:29  

what if I did Star Wars with this though?


Ajey Pandey  19:31  

It's like, what if I started with Star Wars like I started with Star Wars for bolts, um, but like from there, you have this really, really interesting cool resolution mechanic and a bunch of different ways that you can spiral out of where it can go. And I just, it was inspiring. So I built out a I built out a setting for Genesis, but it took them a year to like, figure out okay, like what's the licensing like, can I sell this, this like studio punk setting hack that I've made. And the answer for a while was nothing. And then it was I'm gonna give you a knockoff of DMS Guild, where it's unclear whether you own the work you made, um, or, like, we're gonna take a 50% cut of whatever you're doing and whatever it is now, or, you know, like, if you wanted to make a novel on the setting, you can't Well, some lawyers are away. And I was like, No, no,


Amelia Antrim  20:29  

yeah, Fantasy Flight. I love your games, but your business practices saw


Ajey Pandey  20:33  

it's like, Why are you like this? And yeah,


Amelia Antrim  20:37  

again, I want to love you Please let me love you love you. Why are you making it so hard for me?


Ajey Pandey  20:44  

And then and then on top of all of that nonsense, I'm entire RPG study. You had to get axed, like months after Genesis foundry came out, and I was like, there is too much core It tomfoolery and dishonest licensing practices that I was like now that I recognize the value of using an existing system, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. But the amount of hoops I have to jump through to make some money is not all of the money I could have made, that I don't get full ownership over my own work. I was like, I'd rather reinvent the wheel. Um, so I made an entire RPG system out of spite.


Amelia Antrim  21:29  

The most powerful motivators the most powerful


Ajey Pandey  21:32  

motivators You should have seen like earlier drafts of this game like I was mean.


Unknown Speaker  21:41  

I was


Amelia Antrim  21:43  

a stretch goal is like you please release like your angry parents articles.


Ajey Pandey  21:48  

Ah, the old version of politics one and I'm gonna apologize in advance the old version of the politics section lead with if you're white play Pathfinder.


Unknown Speaker  22:06  

glad I'm not doing


Unknown Speaker  22:07  

that right now wow this fight


Unknown Speaker  22:12  

to actually read the game


Amelia Antrim  22:16  

like crying a little bit


Ajey Pandey  22:21  

good Um, so that was you know that was you know like the the impetus for the game then in March bad ttrpg that Twitter account made their bed TT RPGs jam to the games are still bad and I base it off of one of their tweets where they're like you know after FF G's RPG division got x men are tweet like cache making Genesis is Pathfinder, and I was like wait, I did that. These like 235 page games based on you know, tweets and I'm put down below Like 100 page game based on a tweet, and, you know, expecting no one to read it, and then people started reading it, and I was terrified. So I, I've been updating the game since then. And you know, like, trying to do my best to, like, you know, support people who are actually building this system. And in many cases, like having bolt hacks be their first foray into game design, which is terrifying and incredible. Um, and, you know, that's been where that word been at of like, you know, trying to build up or trying to, like help foster a community of people building on bolts in a healthy, sustainable way where they get to make money off of this. Like that's the end goal is that other people make money off of the work I'm doing. That's awesome.


Amelia Antrim  23:52  

At what point did it tip from like, I'm angry about Genesis hacks and like I want to make a real effort to like, no, this is a thing that I need to like kickstart and like, is a real project with some legs and some steam behind it.


Ajey Pandey  24:08  

I think it was when I put out the public version, um, where I was like, okay, it was one one to put out the public version and to when I started actually playtesting the game. Like, okay, this is this has legs to it, you know, like one combat encounter with like, two scrubs. And I was like, Oh, this game has legs to it. Um, and then people started reading it, and like commenting on it and like having takes about this game, then talking about it when I'm not in the room, then I'm like, okay, like, this is something and clearly it's something that's been missing in the industry in the space of like, you know, like a, an action game that's clear about its motives, and clear about wanting people to hack it. You know, because you have you have your apocalypse world. You have your no doubt no dice, no basters games. You have like all these like creative Common system can even quests for example, but they're all of the story game milk. And none of them you know, have detailed rules for killing people.


Ajey Pandey  25:10  

So that's one thing bolt tries to do


Amelia Antrim  25:14  

before we sit down to like actually make our characters and like get our hands dirty. And we want to run through some terms and concepts that people need to know to follow along. Absolutely. So let's start with attributes and skills. Can you explain those a little bit to us? Sure. Do we need to know here I'll start with the core resolution because


Ajey Pandey  25:31  

that ties everything together. Um, so this is a game you know, your classic d 10 plus dat first skill where basically every roll you roll a D 10. entity for the to split. The two point is dice in your set. Yes, they sound really weird when you rolled together


Amelia Antrim  25:53  

Mm hmm. Um, how do you for sounds This is like not related to anything but I like when you like have a couple they have like this little like


Ajey Pandey  25:59  

Yeah, like it was like, it's like they're, they sound like, like little like culture ups of like, Oh, these sound painful when you roll


Amelia Antrim  26:10  

sound dangerous?


Ryan Boelter  26:13  

Um, they're the Legos of dice.


Ajey Pandey  26:15  

They are the Legos of dice. Um, but um, so every every role is a skill check, you always roll skills. And every skill is attached to a core attribute. Whether it's what's the list I forget the list the list is fortitude, reflex acuity willpower, charisma and knowledge. And all of them have skills attached to it. So you know if your willpower is to and your skill and coerce is three year old plus five. So that's that guess add to D 10. And the D four is rolled separately of like other it's a one and you get a complication or you get a four and you get a perk. So it's a bit like the Advanced Threat system but stripped down a little bit. Oh, interesting. So it's fast. So that's the, that's the core. In terms of Bay terminology, I would call out, you know, core attributes. I'll call your skills, you got a lot of them. That's one thing as well from cyberpunk 2020 he's got a lot of skills. So a lot of them are defensive skills, which means the GM makes you roll them. And then you get your, your big attributes of vitality, which is your meet points. You don't get very many, your defense, which is a flat Valley for how hard it is to hit you. You get your vigilance, which is a flat value for perception and such and so on. So they don't roll for perception checks, you know, you just compare things to vigilance. And instead of having to like completely roll a bunch of D 20s, behind a screen, you can just check people's vigilance. And then we get to tenacity which is the secret sauce of the game. So every roll the gam tells you the difficulty versus the difficulty. It's a difficulty 10 and they do this because if you fail a check, you can spend some tenacity to increase your roll one for one for every point of tenacity you spend which means that every time you fail you have this little devil on the back of your head saying burn some tenacity and make it happen it's your it's your chance to say screw you GM. I do make this happen. It's Yeah, it's you're literally like I don't know if you've listened to Neo scum. Yes, and it's like, like one point. Like, you know, I think Mike big doll put it this way of like, burning edge and chatter. Where is your act come by.


Ajey Pandey  28:50  

That's tenacity in a nutshell is like


Ajey Pandey  28:56  

you can just keep burning tenacity until you run out and have a panic attack.


Amelia Antrim  29:02  

Just like real life,


Ajey Pandey  29:03  

just like real life, you push yourself until you burn out. And then you roll it up her permanent disadvantage for the rest of the scene. Oh, there you go.


Ajey Pandey  29:13  

So that's the core of your old D.


Amelia Antrim  29:16  

I really enjoy games that have something like that though, when you like, start to fail that you can like, be like, no, I really do want to do this though because it feels so much more. You really do. Interesting. Yeah.


Ajey Pandey  29:30  

And like, in play, it becomes one of those games where you really don't fail unless you are okay with failing. Which, you know, as that 80s action movie thing, have you make the trick shot?


Ryan Boelter  29:44  

Yeah. You shouldn't


Amelia Antrim  29:45  

be able to do that. But you just did it.


Ryan Boelter  29:48  

Yeah, what's gonna stop you


Ajey Pandey  29:52  

until later do you run out of tenacity and grit bad. That's the core, your all your all your all your Roll your D 10. Roll your D four, you add your core attribute and your skill bonus. And if it doesn't work, you can make it work but tenacity. Nice. And then you have your feats, and your your recall and your language skills and we'll get to those later.


Ryan Boelter  30:18  

Okay. Very cool. All right. Are we all set to make some people?


Unknown Speaker  30:25  

We're ready to make some folks.


Unknown Speaker  30:27  

All right, let's make some people. Let's make some people


Amelia Antrim  30:30  



Ryan Boelter  30:32  

I am to now so I've got Um, I've got my character sheet.


Ajey Pandey  30:37  

Yep. So what we're gonna do since we're going with the modern version, that is gunfire and Swaminathan. We're gonna go with if you go into the core rules, we're going to go I believe you'll have both have access to the PDF. Yes, yes, fantastic. We're going to ignore the regular role rules. We're going to go to the optional set for role and specialization. Which is how the modern system works. For my setting, at least, the idea is you have these rules you can kind of mix and match of like how you want to handle character creation. So for seminar, you have a role of which there are three professional scoundrel and mercenary. And then you pick a sub specialization, which is your subclass. It's your specialization in Genesis, that kind of thing. And then each of the each of the roles has three specializations. And all these are like, multiple choice menu type things, have you just you've run down the thing and you can just pick Um, so that's where I would go for like, core pitches for characters and then once you're ready with that, we can start throwing in some for attributes and backgrounds. really have some fun here,


Ryan Boelter  31:53  

okay. Okay, so I am gonna get my fix to with you There


Ajey Pandey  32:00  

we go. I mean for reference, I'm going to be playing three inch model of who is a mercenary slash driver, Uber, he's gonna have a big old battle van.


Ryan Boelter  32:11  

We already have a driver so that's good.


Amelia Antrim  32:15  

I have it like find the right page here.


Ryan Boelter  32:17  

Alright, so we got professional specializations doctor, engineer lawyer,


Ajey Pandey  32:22  

the immigrant has special


Ryan Boelter  32:26  

scoundrel specializations assassin, fixer investigator, and mercenary specializations driver commando and bouncer. Ooh, interesting. Oh, there's so many good ones here.


Ajey Pandey  32:42  

And if you if you have something else in mind, I can literally cook up a new specialization on the spot.


Ryan Boelter  32:47  

trying to think if I want to create a john McClane type O


Unknown Speaker  33:00  

extremely good.


Ryan Boelter  33:02  

Yeah, I think that I think I'm gonna do that. Um, so I'm wondering, would that be investigator or Amanda? Oh,


Ajey Pandey  33:10  

the nice thing is that one all these roles are meant to be kind of flexible in terms of Yeah, those could mean and to outside of character creation. This game is classless so once you've actually built your character you can kind of special you can go in any direction you want.


Ajey Pandey  33:29  

Bolton will not stop you.


Ryan Boelter  33:31  

You know what? JOHN McClane was a police officer. Right? All right. So I'm gonna start with investigator then.


Ajey Pandey  33:40  

Alright, Scouter. You wanna? You want to have some fun here and take the mercenary role and the investigator specialization. You could do that. Oh, yeah. Let me look at that.


Ryan Boelter  33:53  

Yes, violence.


Unknown Speaker  33:58  

How are you Amelia? What do you think of


Amelia Antrim  33:59  

it? I feel like I really want to go with a lawyer. Um, because I just really want to be the person that like, has to fix up this mess. It's very clear you two are gonna be making


Ajey Pandey  34:15  

quickly for the for the, for the recording, give you the, like, say the suggested equipment for lawyers, which is a sharp suit. A very nice pen and a directory of friends and enemies in high places. Yep.


Ryan Boelter  34:33  

This is very good. I like it. Yeah. So I will go


Ajey Pandey  34:38  

the background is the first thing right yes. So here's what we get to some of the settings specific stuff Um, so the backgrounds here are specific to the Niermann seminar settings which is the same place just you know 800 years plus or minus cuz I watched a bright and I wanted to do the world building properly. No, I didn't. Watch bright, I watched the review of bright that Lindsey Ellis did. And I was like, I want to do the world building properly. Mm hmm. So these backgrounds you aren't like, you know, there are no like elves and dwarves in the room. Instead you have sold bindings, Bashar do similar things in terms of changing your physical parents, and your particular status or whatnot. But there are a particular religious religious ritual that either you choose as an act of devotion, or your parents choose for you when you're three. And you're forced to deal with the ramifications that is binding your soul and freewill to a celestial power


Ajey Pandey  35:43  

before you really had a chance to have a say about it.


Ajey Pandey  35:48  

So if you go unbound, you just get a plus one or whatever skill you like, but you get to keep more of your free will is


Ryan Boelter  35:55  

interesting. I like that. an unbound character provides no specific Blessing safer one freedom agency like


Ajey Pandey  36:06  

you can tell it's an Asian game because I think a lot about


Ajey Pandey  36:11  

think about your decisions being made for you when you were child. Mm hmm okay interesting. Also if you go for a moon soul your skin is blue if you go star soul your skin becomes purple.


Amelia Antrim  36:26  

Pretty nice. Okay yeah I'm really thinking moon so beautiful. Please note Ryan that I did not pick Demon Soul.


Ajey Pandey  36:35  

There is an actual demon saw that there is an actual Demon Soul and yes,


Ajey Pandey  36:38  

wow. It's like tiefling vibes but it is more pulled from Hindu demons. So let's fire and brimstone and more delusion and trickery.


Ryan Boelter  36:49  

Mm hmm. would fit john McClane the best.


Ajey Pandey  36:54  

Honestly, I think unbound works just fine. I know. Right? Because for all of the soul bindings, it's basically assumed Either you are very much a religious person or your parents were and they sent you to Sunday school and most jets. Whether or not you asked for it. Mm hmm.


Ajey Pandey  37:14  

Does there's a lot of like, social religious baggage attached to that.


Ajey Pandey  37:19  

branch is gonna go unbound. a


Ryan Boelter  37:23  

mercenary driver. Nice. Okay, so I could do plus one in any skill, but I will save that for later once I know what I'm looking at. Exactly.


Ajey Pandey  37:32  

That's a bank that for now. Yeah, Emil, you're going moon so I think so. Yeah, I'd mark the tenacity of vitality. Resist social and recall religion. And this is when we started getting into incentive. So incentives are the way you get XP in this game. Hmm. You at the end of every session, every scene, you get three. You get three questions for these farmers. version one comes from your background. One comes from your career and one conference specialization. And if you answer yes to any of them, you get one XP and three is about enough to be useful. Now all of these incentives can change over time, you know, as your character changes, with the exception of if you bound your soul and one of them is locked in place. Oh, interesting. So I can I'll say both you can pick an incentive now and give some examples and unless you are soul bound, you have the leeway to make your own


Amelia Antrim  38:32  

Okay, so I'm trying to find where I put all this stuff here.


Ajey Pandey  38:37  

Um, if you're looking for fatalities and assets below your core attributes, okay see if I have a challenge to pasties under willpower gotcha. Social is a charisma skill and recall religion is down to knowledge. So whole tab of recall skills,


Amelia Antrim  38:54  

okay. So if I do plus to tenacity, is it Do I note this in here?


Ajey Pandey  39:00  

I'll put them in as like tenacity templates. Well, you know, we'll get to your core attributes next.


Ryan Boelter  39:07  

But I'm gonna have to did I face a challenge with blank? I assume that I have to define the blank right now. Right?


Ajey Pandey  39:16  

You can like bank it for later. You don't have to solve it now.


Ryan Boelter  39:19  

Okay? Because my main thought was, like, you know, john McClane is is always either, like, tripping with, like sarcasm. And like, of course, I'm the one that has to handle this sort of attitude.


Ajey Pandey  39:38  

What you can do is you can actually steal an incentive from the commando specialization, which is the one that the commando gets our did I foil a smart plan with simple violence? And did I pair violence with a sharp one liner?


Ryan Boelter  39:55  

Oh, yeah, sharp one liner.


Amelia Antrim  39:57  

Okay, so I picked one of these background incentives. Correct. Okay, I


Ryan Boelter  40:01  

like it. All right. So I'm in there. Do I have to answer


Amelia Antrim  40:07  

that how this works?


Ajey Pandey  40:08  

Uh, basically, after every session, you have to check. Did you do that thing? I see. So it's like a I think blaze in the dark. Does this kind of like XP trigger? Yeah, I think masks does too. Yeah, similar. Look, I honestly I stole this from from bright, like when it was being played on an army of like that like story path type thing and this is a condensed version of that


Ryan Boelter  40:33  

like it. Okay, so I've got, um pick one that says plus two in recall interest or plus one in recall interest in two skills. Let's start


Ajey Pandey  40:45  

with core attributes first because that'll actually help like sure where the skills go. So all of your core attributes start at plus one, and then you get five points to spend across all of them. So it's a bit Like point by point by


Amelia Antrim  41:03  

Can you buy things with them


Ryan Boelter  41:04  

it's point by example. So we get five points to sprint spread across everything else right? Yes,


Ajey Pandey  41:10  

you start with plus one and then you get your butt if you would like to min max you can remove points for many for core attributes to get more.


Ryan Boelter  41:19  

Oh fancy. Oh.


Ajey Pandey  41:22  

So if you want to truly hamstring your character and interesting ways you can


Ryan Boelter  41:28  

Okay, goodness, so many good options here.


Ajey Pandey  41:32  

And the short answer for what all of these core attributes do is the underpin the skills attached. All right, um, so notably, knowledge isn't really your, like, how much brain can you do? That's more of just like, how much knowledge you have a lot of the like, quick Brain Stuff goes under acuity.


Ryan Boelter  41:52  

Okay, what am I gonna do? I'm going to say, john McLean is the most knowledgeable, pop that down to zero Of course, you got a lot of it's he has a lot of tenacity, I'm gonna bump willpower up from that knowledge going down. So as you start with basically six, and then you get five more to put anywhere, correct. And then you can just kind


Ajey Pandey  42:20  

of you can interact to your heart's content alone, because very often I am the 30 min max are in the group. Yeah, me too. I'm the rare chance that I get to play in a game. Um, one of the things about being the forever GM is that you're kind of expected to do a lot of like, figuring out how the system works. Mm hmm. Which makes you very good at breaking set system.


Ryan Boelter  42:42  

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Um,


Ajey Pandey  42:44  

which I relish doing.


Ajey Pandey  42:48  

Um, all right. So, once you have your core attributes, you can start calculating all of your set attributes. So vitality, defense, On Saturday. Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  43:03  

It looks like we get some bonuses from our, our roll.


Ajey Pandey  43:11  

Yes. And we'll get to that soon.


Ryan Boelter  43:13  

Okay, cool. Cool.


Ajey Pandey  43:14  

All right. So I was everyone's core attribute setup. Yes. Yep. Fantastic. So I'll give you a little rundown on three inch since he is a he is the driver of the group. I gave him boost to reflex acuity and willpower as well as knowledge. And actually it was highest boost to willpower


Ajey Pandey  43:33  

to just have more tenacity cuz


Ajey Pandey  43:37  

the way driving set up, the faster you go, the harder all of your checks get. And at some point, it's not about the role. Well, you just have to keep burning tenacity being tired. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  43:49  

Sounds awesome. It's super fun.


Amelia Antrim  43:56  

Thank you for joining us for part one of this character creation series. We'll be back in part two picking up right where we left off.


Ryan Boelter  44:02  

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