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Series 31.3 - BOLT with Ajey Pandey [Designer] (Discussion)

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The final portion of our series for BOLT, a modular action RPG by our guest this series, Ajey Pandey! We discuss the process and talk about all the things this game is trying to do.

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The final portion of our series for BOLT, a modular action RPG by our guest this series, Ajey Pandey! We discuss the process and talk about all the things this game is trying to do.


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Amelia Antrim  0:04  

We are getting strapped in for the final episode of our both series with Ajay Pandey. But before we get to that, we have some announcements.


Ryan Boelter  0:13  

Yeah, it's getting to the end of the Kickstarter Palooza we've been touting this whole series. The campaign skyjack album, for instance, is continuing to go very strong. As of this recording, it is nearing its last stretch goal. And it still has 18 days left, I'm very excited to see what they come up with next.


Amelia Antrim  0:35  

Beyond that the academy on Kickstarter for this year's online convention has about 10 days left, we are planning on doing a randomized character creation panel with audience participation, if that works out in this online format. But it should be really fun time and it would be great to see a lot of you there. You can get used to next year's convention as well where things should be, hopefully Fingers crossed back to normal.


Ryan Boelter  1:04  

Ah Hmm. And of course, we can't forget to mention the Kickstarter for the game we're covering today. The bolt Kickstarter is going strong, but it needs your help to get those amazing stretch goals. The study materials some pretty darn amazing and so you absolutely want to check this out. If you like what you're hearing this series. Links to all of these projects will be in the show notes. links in the show


Amelia Antrim  1:31  

notes. I love how we transition like it's so smooth and it's not smooth. find links to Apple podcast pod chaser and other platforms where you can leave us a review. Some services even let you review individual episodes if you're inclined to leave a place to leave a review for a specific series. Reviews help us get discovered by new folks and they really do brighten up our day reading them like this one from cleric jazz, the United Kingdom and of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on iTunes. titled A great way to sample RPGs. I encountered this wonderful podcast from some of their collaborators, the magpies podcast on and the one shot network and boy am I glad I did ttrpg is can require a lot of investment to get into. So I found listening to the CC to the CC cast is a great way to see what other systems might work for you. Making PCs is certainly more engaging than reading blurbs. I think this format hits the nail on the head and I found new games I want to play while listening. The hosts are lovely and genuine and well spoken people and the guests are an interesting bunch of nerds. Everyone always seems very smart, passionate and invited into the hobby. I love this podcast and I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in expanding their boundaries, our hobby, and learning some new games. Thanks for making it through Welcome


Unknown Speaker  2:53  

to for leaving. Absolutely,


Amelia Antrim  2:55  

thank you I'm so bad at reading out loud. I always assess every time I have to read a review. I am terribly dyslexic and reading out loud is hard and I try so hard.


Ryan Boelter  3:04  

Oh plus you have a puppy in


Amelia Antrim  3:06  

my lap right now that is chewing on my zipper of my sweater


Ryan Boelter  3:10  

of my sweatshirts. So that's that's a distraction. It's okay.


Amelia Antrim  3:14  

Sure, let's go that's why it was bad.


Amelia Antrim  3:21  

Thank you so much. It was a very nice review.


Ryan Boelter  3:25  

Absolutely. Well with all of that out of the way. Let's get on with the show. Enjoy.


Amelia Antrim  4:02  

Welcome back to our discussion episode. Last time we created characters for bolts. This episode will be discussing the character creation process. We are thrilled to welcome back Ajay Pandey Do you want to reintroduce yourself to everyone at home tell us about the character you made in our last episode.


Ajey Pandey  4:18  

Sure. So my name is Ajay. I use he him pronouns I am rewriter of the bolt RPG engine. I am also on Twitter at the de Pon de watch me review games have takes on game design. Bolt itself. There is a draft out on ich Ajay funded on pitstop IO. And there is also a Kickstarter for bolt which I believe will be added by the time this podcast is out in progress.


Ajey Pandey  4:50  

Whoo. Um, and I'm really excited about that Kickstarter. It's going to be great. I'm going to talk about my character so I really rode up a three inch Mahadev. He is a driver, complete with the James Dean red jacket. And like the roided out racer van his whole shtick, and I can pull from his incentives. His whole shtick is to advocate for caution. And acting reasonably. Because, you know, if you're actually trying to get into a van, it takes like another minute for the chair to actually show up behind him. And so you have to be careful. And then inevitably, he doesn't do that.


Amelia Antrim  5:40  

Do as I say, not as I do, not as I do.


Ajey Pandey  5:45  

Which, you know, it's the way it is. Don't get him talking about open wheel racing, or else he will never stop talking.


Unknown Speaker  5:55  

It's the way it is.


Ajey Pandey  5:57  

But he's a fun dude. Yeah, he's a real fun dude. And in this little party, he would be the proverbial straight man, you know, straight.


Ryan Boelter  6:09  

Real here.


Ajey Pandey  6:11  

But he's the one just kind of like facepalm in the background like, as he does the same thing.


Ryan Boelter  6:21  

Alright, Amelia, why don't you tell us about your character?


Amelia Antrim  6:24  

Sure. I made pressing him who is a lawyer. I think her job is to just clean up the messes that you to make. And so I've got plenty of rinks in LA. I have a gun question mark that I don't know how to use. I'm really excited to see where that goes. I purchased a gun. I did not purchase any skills to be able to send gun I'm sure it'll be


Ryan Boelter  6:48  

fine. I like to think that my character just gave you a gun and like, you're gonna need this. You're like Why?


Amelia Antrim  6:57  

As we're hiding behind some fake barricades that you've made up and being shot at, like here use it. I don't know how to use. I'm on top of LA I also enjoy out of print RPGs


Ajey Pandey  7:14  

I like that. Jeff and john from SR mastery.


Ryan Boelter  7:21  

Um, I made Raj mon Gaul. He him pronouns. I'm also known as the john McClane of bolt, I guess.


Amelia Antrim  7:34  

The official john McClane of a boulder? Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  7:38  

empty, empty, empty. Yeah. Uh huh.


Ryan Boelter  7:41  

So, this guy, Raj likes to pair violence with one liners, and use violence to solve problems but he's also a an investigator. So he's also likes to find clues and find his way to the people that he's hunting effectively. Throughout whatever random buildings and or cities they are thrown at. So yeah, just picture john McClane from Die Hard in this, this wonderful fantasy modern


Ajey Pandey  8:18  

setting. Also, I want to call out that the Priya skin is blue.


Amelia Antrim  8:24  

Oh, yes. I did forget to forgot about that since I picked it at the beginning. That's great. Priya does have blue skin. Very nice suit, which I like to think compliments. Absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  8:35  



Ajey Pandey  8:38  

Like the yellow piping on it. It's great.


Amelia Antrim  8:40  

Oh, yes. Like insane shoulder pads. Oh, yeah. It's like it's the fantasy abs? Absolutely.


Ajey Pandey  8:48  

Like you wonder if they're if it's actually made of steel underneath better like it might be it might be people have been knocked down.


Ryan Boelter  9:00  

All right, well, let's go ahead and then dive into our segment that we are calling d 24. Your thoughts, the 25th thoughts. In this segment, we want to talk to our guests about their thoughts on the character creation process and how it relates to this system and to other games. But first, we'd like to get to know our guests a bit better. So we are going to get the cliche question out of the way. Can you tell us how you got into RPGs in the first place?


Ajey Pandey  9:27  

I got into RPGs by way of the adventure zone Hmm. I free to spend like two and a half years at least up since I've like started playing RPGs I started with d&d ffiv inheritors of the game master. I was basically homebrewing from jump like the first ever RPG session I had was a vehicle combat section that I was running like solo sailors and everything. Oh, wow. It was it was quite the thing. So I've always been kind of GM with ambitious homebrew goals and there are fewer things more ambitiously hope. There are a few things more ambitiously homebrew than writing your own Heartbreaker RPG after listening to a lot of system mastery. Yep.


Amelia Antrim  10:20  

Were you just like, I can't find the game that I want? Or was it one of those The thing that I think is ubiquitous in the d&d scene, which is like, I want to do this, I could run it in d&d, because that's the game I've heard of.


Ajey Pandey  10:35  

for a little bit. It was I could run it in d&d, and then I discovered a FFG line of role playing games. And I was like, this is this is the thing. This is the hot new thing. Um, and I you know, I played a lot of Star Wars FFG I got into play my posts by way of FFG games because they have a really nice di spot that is not owned by FFG. No, D one c three is the best though. Shout out to skyjet. I mean, a lot of shout outs. Um, and at some point, I got tired of FF G's tomfoolery, or other by Asma DS is tomfoolery managing FFG I think, James d'amato now queues every skyjack game with FA with Genesis is a great game written by some great folks who got sacked


Amelia Antrim  11:30  

by private equity firm owning fantasy play games. Yes. Yeah. Um, it? I mean, the rumors around like, how all of that went down and


Unknown Speaker  11:39  

fired and rehired.


Amelia Antrim  11:41  

right because like, I'm a big fan. And so like, I follow a lot of that stuff. And it was like they've completely cut their RPG division making any more games just kidding. They hired them back over here. Like they're under edge studios now, which doesn't even have an English language site


Ajey Pandey  11:56  

yet. Does but there are no buttons on it.


Unknown Speaker  12:01  

So real comforting,


Amelia Antrim  12:03  

right? Like I was trying to follow their Twitter during the Gen Con stuff. They did their like Gen Con inflight report panel, and it was like you can't like the edge studios. Twitter is still not an English still in French. or Spanish. I don't remember. But it was like, You can't even like I can't even interact with you yet. Like,


Ajey Pandey  12:23  

what a mess. What a mess. And the beauty is that, because I'm just one dude. There is no private equity firm to sack me. No. And stop me. No one can stop me.


Amelia Antrim  12:36  

Try though we may hear you.


Ajey Pandey  12:42  

So that's how bolts came up? Because I got tired of FF G's antics. And I was like, I can make my own game, right?


Amelia Antrim  12:51  

One year? And it turns out, yes,


Unknown Speaker  12:54  

that turns out Yes, to the detriment of everyone else.


Amelia Antrim  12:58  

The truth is that we didn't even invite you on the show you just showed up and we are recording an episode.


Amelia Antrim  13:10  

You've said that you are kind of like the perpetual GM but when you do get a chance to make characters What is your process? Like? How do you decide what kind of character you want to play? In a game?


Ajey Pandey  13:22  

I am very often the dirty dirty men maxar. Alright, and what I enjoy doing often is finding where there's space in a party and then building a character that like very much does that role and you know, as min max in a very interesting way. So sample entered FFG game that I'm running, I made my character just like have ridiculous cleaning and nothing else. And he became a fantastic perception deception checks, and then kind of like a terrified like a hiding behind a tree with a gun. He doesn't.


Unknown Speaker  14:00  

All the other times,


Amelia Antrim  14:02  

that's like almost worse because you're like, I know I have a high enough perception to know all of the things that could go wrong here, but a complete inability to do anything.


Ajey Pandey  14:12  

But one thing that that I'm sure you've gotten very good at is coming up with fake names on the spot. Yes, I'm personally good at coming up with fake names on the spot. So that has been his most valuable contribution to the crew who lucky break is coming up with fake names. I love that. That's awesome. But so that's and then in a d&d game, because I'm part of the soccer's podcast and for a while we played on d&d, and I made you know, your your classic, your sword mage fighter, but I was like, You know what, I am going to dump dexterity. I'm going to like load up on the chainmail on the armature and the shields. So my AC is gonna be so high, I don't care. But at some point, I'm gonna have to make a dexa and like, like build on that like, like, okay, like now I have this like this like big bad fighter with a giant sword with absolutely terrible dexterity. What's the story there? And like, I like character I like when I can like look at the character sheet and piece together the story from that. Like, if I look at onica, and I can see like her ridiculous strength and a ridiculous intelligence and her terrible dexterity, I get a sense for like, who she is, and what she's good at and where her potential conflicts could come from. Just from that character sheet, just from the mechanics. Yeah, that's what I really like, is my style. But I like min maxing, so I can use stats to tell the story.


Ryan Boelter  15:43  

Mm hmm. That's very cool. So coming to bolt specifically, how do we think character creation in, in this game stacks up to other systems that we played?


Ajey Pandey  15:55  

I started What's our point? 2020? Yeah, this character creation system, I ripped pretty shamelessly from like, how 2020 does it have like you get boost to specific skills, the actual roles themselves aren't very like in depth. So you just get the skills. You get a bunch of like, extra pickup points, you put wherever. And then you get a bunch of niche skills, because skills are fun.


Ryan Boelter  16:19  

Yeah. I like how it's it's basically, it's pretty straightforward. You get your base bonuses from your attributes, and then you get your specialization skills that that add to that. It's pretty easy to grok and, and not overly complicated. Allah palladium or a lot of other skills based games. Yeah, you know, but the, the thing that that really kind of put everything together for me was the incentives. Like, with the incentives, I have a really good understanding of this character, and kind of how they think,


Amelia Antrim  17:04  

definitely, which I feel like that really brought it together because I like having the skills and I can look at my sheet and be like, Okay, I have ranks and bluff and persuade, and goad and coerce. Tell, like what kind of character that is. But then you get down into those incentives. And I have one that's like, Did I tell somebody else What to do? Oh, okay, that sort of, like, rounds it out and brings it home? Yeah, like, I know who this is.


Unknown Speaker  17:30  

Thanks. That's, that's good to know.


Amelia Antrim  17:33  

I can definitely see the bones of something like Genesis, or, we covered the health of our fifth edition recently, which has a lot of like, okay, I pick this school, which means I get this or this, I get one of these, like, three of these five skills. You know, and Genesis has some of that to have like, this, like class. So I get to add, you know, these skills or whatever. So I can see some of that I can see some of the like, pbta stuff would be incentives. And like, you know, like masks, has that like the end of a session? Like, did I do these things? to kind of move forward? I know, you talked a little bit about like, the bright system has those kind of story paths, which are episodes on that game will come out after these ones. So like, I can definitely see that there's a lot of like, you've pulled from a lot of different requests to make something but it doesn't feel disjointed, which I think it's sometimes can when you start to pull from a lot of different places. I feel like you did a really good job of like tying these things together. But it still feels like its own game. Thanks. Oh, this is the part of the show where we tell our guests, they just did a really great. Honestly, I love this part of the show where I'm like, here's what I think about your game. And here's what here's what I like. And sometimes I feel like I'm worried about saying those things. Because I'm like, What if I got the point of this totally wrong. Here's the things that are important in your game. And I like actually, what I was going for


Ryan Boelter  19:03  

has not happened yet.


Amelia Antrim  19:06  

But it definitely feels like supremely like hackable in the way that like, it's clear that you hacked a lot of things to get here, which makes me as a person feel more comfortable. like doing that myself. Thanks. That makes sense. Because Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  19:23  

yeah, and I think it was pretty straightforward. Um, I know we skipped around a lot. Because we weren't just, you know, going down reading the book, but when I when I was going through and reading the the layout that you currently have, it's very simple to to get a picture of what you're kind of doing. You know, you start you start at the beginning, you go to the end and you'll have a character you're not jumping around to like go to page 200 go to page 45. Now go to page like 77 and look for all this stuff, the skills are named themes that, that you can kind of easily understand without having to, you know, go to a skill list and see exactly what it means.


Amelia Antrim  20:15  

It's really easy to navigate the process.


Ryan Boelter  20:17  

Yeah, it was, um, you know, compared to something like, um, like d&d, or, like, I like to throw up palladium, because that's just a hot mess of a game.


Amelia Antrim  20:32  

It's really easy to be like, here's how palladium did it wrong?


Ryan Boelter  20:34  

Yeah, exactly. Right. I mean, in planning, you literally have to be in the skills chapter while you're picking your skills and reading what the skills do until you're completely familiar with everything.


Amelia Antrim  20:47  

Because you have to go back to your character creation portion, because you have to know how much it increases by per level. Yep. based on where you got the skill from.


Ryan Boelter  20:56  

Yep. So So this simplifies all of that, which I really appreciate.


Amelia Antrim  21:04  

Congrats on making it better.


Ryan Boelter  21:09  

Oh, wow, what a what a bar to set?


Ajey Pandey  21:16  

How do you think that the process of building a character reinforces the feel of the game for bolt, the skills are the game to a large extent, like it's very much everything you do with your role by skill that kind of defines who your character is by what they know what they're good at what they're not good at. Because again, it goes back to the mechanics telling the story I can look at, I can look at previous character sheet, and I can see you have a plus one to shoot. And I see you have a gun. Right? What's the story behind that? You know, yeah. So like that kind of like, you know, being able to, like, tell the character's story, what their deal is just from the character sheet. And also the fact that, you know, the core attributes aren't like a big piece of it, it's really the skills, the skills and the feats and needs that define your character.


Amelia Antrim  22:10  

I think too, that it again, with it being kind of like hackable. And there are a number of spots in there where like, we could kind of make up our own things. And you definitely, in the book, make notes to have places where like, if these options aren't to your liking, you can kind of add your own or make your own. Like, it felt like I had plenty of room to kind of move things around and try different things like we used the setting that you have in there. But I can see how it would be very easy to write your own knowledge skills, or like adjust the skills or even like those incentives, to kind of tell a different story. And I felt like there was a lot of room to, to kind of work within those.


Ajey Pandey  22:57  

And honestly, that's part of like, it's kind of designed to do that, you know, like, you're encouraged to make your own recall skills, your encouragement, your own incentives.


Ryan Boelter  23:05  



Ajey Pandey  23:06  

And if you go to like, different people's hacks of this game, like they'll like, add new skills or add new mechanics, they'll like rejigger what cover looks like, you know, they'll add like a maneuver scale that works with language like that, like that kind of thing was very much built into the design. Well, there's little call outs, like, here's how you make your own role, because I want people to make their own rules. Now this is very setting specific, clearly has to be right. I don't want to expect people to like go by what I did.


Ryan Boelter  23:35  

Right. But I mean, even with what we did here today, on the we mixed the the mercenary role with a scoundrel specialization. Yeah, to create a totally different type of character. Which is definitely indicative of what the game is kind of shooting for. Yeah, you're, you're bolting on what you want, so to speak. No. So we we'd like to look at the character sheets and discuss intention behind the sheet design, and what sort of story that it tells before we even begin creating characters. Now, I know you had said, I think it was off, Mike, that part of the Kickstarter is to create a better character sheet than what is currently you have in the book. And I know we had used a character sheet from Kirby


Ajey Pandey  24:41  

Yes. So Kirby is in the discord server. I think Aaron the the in Twitter as well. I forget their, their Twitter handle. But Kirby made this sheet and it's just so much better than the thing. It's in the book, which there's a placeholder because I don't know layout. Be a part of the Kickstarter, so I can make that character sheet much better because I'm hiring properly an artist. Yeah, this time to make the book look good instead of 12 point Arial font down the board.


Ryan Boelter  25:14  



Ajey Pandey  25:17  

You know, it's like, because because the design of the character sheet is important, like, you know, in d&d, you know, the character, the the core stats are just down the line to the left and big font and the skills are in a tiny little box. And it tells you about the game's priorities. Yeah. Right. So that's one thing I really want to know, at home is like, Where, where the game's priorities aren't as depends on what's on the character sheet.


Ryan Boelter  25:42  

Yeah. So I know in the in the version that we used with Kirby's version, we've got pretty distinctly the the attributes and the skills underneath each attribute right at the top, which tells me without even knowing much about the game itself, this is going to be a skills game, where you're rolling for skills, which is great. And then the incentives and then the gear. It's very, it's very compact, and what information is actually on the sheet. Here, there's there's skills, attributes, incentives and gear. And that's it. It doesn't seem like there's any excessive stuff there, which is great.


Ajey Pandey  26:29  

At some point, I'm about to find space for spells, because there aren't good spells for the fantasy very room. That's true. And there's some very fun spells. But yeah, I think my favorite thing about Kirby's character sheet is that knowledge is kind of put out to the side as just because the whole column of like, oh, here are all of the the utilize and recalls, because the way recall skills work and bolt, which I'm really proud of is that the recall scale is how players were built. So like you wrote the recall law, and then you tell me what the legal loophole is.


Amelia Antrim  27:02  



Ajey Pandey  27:04  

Like that. Because one that, like, that's one thing I stole from mnemonic, I'm gonna shout out deep anyway, the way D built out their setting is that they call it anti cannon. You know, like, they'll tell you, you know, there's here's Heliopolis, here's Luria. here's, here's the tower. Here's some loose details, but all the bigger details, with all the nitty gritty stuff like, that's up to you, you get the world build this, I don't own your life. I don't know what speaks to you automatically. The details are yours. Yeah. And the recall skills are my way of trying to make that mechanics wise. in bold. That's pretty cool.


Amelia Antrim  27:46  

We always ask this, I feel like a little bit bad about it, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. What do you think is one of the flaws of character creation here? Wow. Yeah. And then, on the other hand, what do you think is one of the best parts?


Ajey Pandey  28:00  

I think, one of the flaws of it, um, is that it is very much like, like, the game doesn't hold your hand very much. Like, it's like, it's very straightforward, but also is very few guardrails. And, um, and like, you know, the rule set of kind of helps with that in terms of like, here's what your possibilities aren't, but very often, so that that's an issue of like, okay, like, I don't know, what I'm looking for. And I've also had issues with people getting lost with the system as it is, and I think that's the layout and organization issue. So I have to fix that. Yeah. Um, I think the big strength is kind of the same thing of, you know, bolt will not stop you. If you want to, if you want to just make your own incentives, for the most part, unless systematically relevant bolt will not stop you. Yeah. You know, if you want to invoke Yeah, I have, I have a big gun in my car, you know, like, you can just say, you have a big gun in your car, like, here's the stats for it. Yeah. So that's kind of like, it's a flaw and a strength at the same time. It's just a matter of the design priorities of the game of like, it's built to be flexible, but it also means that there's not a lot telling you what to do. Hey, and also there's no like, balance attached to it. Okay, like, just from a character she's we can see, like, you know, Raj is objectively better in a fight than Priya ever will be. And so it's on unbalanced on purpose. Um, then it puts a lot of weight on the GM to like, find something for Priya to do when a gunfight. Yeah, you know, so like, this is a game where the balance depends on the GM. And so it's, you know, if, if you're a newer GM, this might be an issue for you. The tools it's, it's built for that for permissive gems. And it's some point you need a little bit of experience as a GM to really be permissive without like, feeling One click on like what am I doing here? So


Amelia Antrim  30:04  

sure, I think some of that falls on players too though for me to say like, okay if I can't shoot a gun like what could I be doing? Yeah. And like you know because I think we I mean this hill to die on we put a lot of that work on gms and as players we can come up with solutions to and say like, you know, like I'm here for moral support I am here to like point things out or you know, or like me as a player to say you know, I don't really like combat very much I'm okay with like not being a part of this See, um, you know, and as players just kind of voicing those things to someday I want to like run a car chase scene where you know, he has like, you know, the driver and the muscle car and you have the the other guy in the SMG in the passenger seat going you know, and then you have the lawyer in the backseat like trying to like maintain a phone call back


Ryan Boelter  31:00  

like, that's the scene I want at some point. I could just see cower even beneath their briefcase.


Ajey Pandey  31:05  

Like Like I apologize sincerely for the disturbance um, you were saying


Amelia Antrim  31:12  

yeah, I really I'm so sorry about the background noise right now I'm you know, I missed something but you


Unknown Speaker  31:18  

have my full attention. I promised the ad so it's one of those giants.


Ajey Pandey  31:22  

Oh, yeah, it has to be one of the brick phones


Ryan Boelter  31:25  

are connected to the center console.


Ajey Pandey  31:27  

One of the pieces for bolt that's already been drawn out by valus. Teo. They had a picture of a like a full on like main page, just screaming out one of those like boxes at desk at his desk phones. Like you just know the kind of threats you're gonna be shouted through the phone as it levitates around the maids. That's amazing.


Ryan Boelter  31:55  

All right, well, let's go to our probably our favorite segment of the discussion portion. I'm the group cohesion aka the fan fiction portion the show. So this is where we this is where we get to figure out kind of how did our group come together? What what are we doing? What sort of shenanigans do we get up to? Oh, boy, there's so much here.


Ajey Pandey  32:24  

I know how three inch probably feels about your characters.


Amelia Antrim  32:30  

What is the thing that like? Like why is this group of people together? Like I did we end up riding around in the back of this van?


Ryan Boelter  32:38  

I like the thought of because like I don't every every diehard movie pretty much. It's john McClane, just kind of find some random citizen to kind of go along with the shenanigans of that movie. And it'd be kind of funny if, if, like, one one or even both of you were just random citizens that kind of Raj kind of just said, okay, hey, we're doing this together. We're in this together. Let's let's get through this. And then we just keep getting into these weird situations.


Ajey Pandey  33:18  

Like I'm imagining, like, if you play watchdogs too, or like, like, seen a bit of watchdogs to, like that level of shenanigans. I'm just like, Oh, yeah, we're gonna like, we're gonna find like, some specific documents of this corrupt legal firm. Just gonna plaster it all over the news. I don't like okay, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  33:41  

We got to do the guns


Amelia Antrim  33:42  

Do we need


Ryan Boelter  33:45  

all the guns?


Ajey Pandey  33:46  

All the guns? I have a van. What do you think I put in the van. snag I


Amelia Antrim  33:51  

said, I really enjoy the idea too, of being like, Oh, no, this is a mess that I know. I'm gonna end up cleaning up later of like, how am I going to get you to out of this trouble? And I like the constant like palpitations.


Ryan Boelter  34:11  

And you're always being thrown into the thick of it to like, Alright, we got to jump over this building. All right. Are you with me? Come on.


Amelia Antrim  34:18  

I feel like my catchphrase at this point is plausible deniability.


Ryan Boelter  34:23  

If I close my eyes, it's not happening.


Unknown Speaker  34:32  

This is I love this. Yeah.


Ajey Pandey  34:34  

This is so fun. Like we got we got the battle wagon. Yep.


Ryan Boelter  34:39  

As long as I can leap over a helicopter between skyscrapers, you know, I'm fine.


Unknown Speaker  34:45  



Amelia Antrim  34:46  

We'll make sure.


Unknown Speaker  34:48  



Amelia Antrim  34:49  

everything in my power to


Ajey Pandey  34:51  

shoot a giant ramp over some building and we'll have 300 do it to just like,


Unknown Speaker  34:54  

Yeah, yes.


Ajey Pandey  34:56  

Do we wheelchair stance tm


Amelia Antrim  35:01  

Ah, this is so good. This is


Ryan Boelter  35:03  

such a this is such a fun crew. Amazing.


Amelia Antrim  35:08  

I feel like the options are limitless here.


Unknown Speaker  35:10  

Yeah, like matter depends on the setting too.


Ryan Boelter  35:14  

Yeah, and I really like this like 80s Fantasy, like partial modern feel that you have going on with this. And goodness, just any action movie take any action movie from the 80s and play out that storyline with these characters effectively. Yeah. Oh, that's awesome. I wish we could play this.


Amelia Antrim  35:38  

Yeah. Oh my god. I don't think we've had a good like, like a good set of like, action movie character.


Ryan Boelter  35:43  

No, I think this is this might be our first like, first full action characters.


Amelia Antrim  35:50  

Yeah, cuz we didn't like our Shadowrun characters. Um, but that was a little bit different.


Ryan Boelter  35:55  

Just slightly. One


Amelia Antrim  35:56  

of them was literally just Jesus. I mean, and one of them was a teacup pig, right? That's Yes,


Ryan Boelter  36:04  

a swine teacup pig.


Amelia Antrim  36:06  

Yeah, that's what a Casey in the Lenny Mater. Yep.


Ryan Boelter  36:08  

That's like teacup pig and we created a normal Decker.


Amelia Antrim  36:13  

Yeah, adorable belly normal character. Yeah,


Ajey Pandey  36:18  

the NEOs come crew. Apparently they're running bolt for one of their newest GM Knights. Like, oh, it runs Oh, that's gonna be so fun. Like someone just like DM me on Twitter was like, did you know like NEOs comp crew is doing this. And I was like, What?


Amelia Antrim  36:32  

Oh, that's gonna they're gonna do battlebots for they're gonna mess it up. Good.


Ajey Pandey  36:37  

It's gonna be amazing. I think blaze was battlebots with bolt. And I'm


Unknown Speaker  36:43  



Amelia Antrim  36:45  

that's awesome. They're so fun.


Ryan Boelter  36:50  

Awesome. Well, let's get to our final segment, then. The advancement discussion? Let's go ahead, take it up a level.


Unknown Speaker  36:59  

Yes, take it up a level


Unknown Speaker  37:03  



Amelia Antrim  37:04  

So we're gonna cover advancement. Let's, let's talk about it narratively a little bit first, um, how do characters change within the narrative portion of the game? Because we've talked a little bit about mechanics. But you've mentioned too, that this does take a lot of a lot of beats from story games, too.


Ajey Pandey  37:24  

Yes. I'm so mechanically speaking, the way you advance is, you know, you play to your role, quite literally. That's what the exams do. I'm, like part of the combat instead of especially for like non Pomeranian characters. Like, oh, this is what Priya is doing. She's telling you what to do in the middle of his firefight, and no one's listening. Yep. I'm like, that incentive, like guides how players act beyond what the mission objective is. And that kind of inject story of like, now that I know, like, did I ignore my own advice? is a thing happening for three inch? I have to give reasonable advice. And then watch everything just go wild anyway. Yeah. I'm like that that helps pull for the story beyond you know, make sure the The objective is done properly. Yeah, I think also tenacity helps with that. Because when you have that safety net of Oh, I can I can. I can fudge my way to a success. Yeah. You get the opportunity to be a little more reckless. Oh, yeah. And from what I've seen of gameplay, this game encourages you to be reckless.


Amelia Antrim  38:38  

This is interesting, because you are like, supremely killable,


Ajey Pandey  38:43  

supremely killable.


Amelia Antrim  38:46  

I mean, I would, I'm intrigued by the fact that like, people kind of play a little bit recklessly, if you like, can


Ajey Pandey  38:54  

die so easily. I mean, the way people end up doing it is you get dropped on the people coming at you. And then you just burn tenacity so that, you know, they don't, they don't get a chance to fight back.


Ryan Boelter  39:04  

Gotcha. That is a fair strategy.


Ajey Pandey  39:06  

Yeah. Just get them before they get to you. Uh huh. Um, yeah, there's


Amelia Antrim  39:11  

something like really satisfying about that, too, in a game where you're like, you didn't even get a chance to mess with me.


Ajey Pandey  39:20  

We feel so good about part of why goons go down to one go down to one hit, because that adds to the like, Oh, yeah. That's how you clean your room.


Amelia Antrim  39:29  

Yeah, right.


Ajey Pandey  39:30  

Until duel, the big baddie with his vi Andrew shows up and it's like, oh, yeah.


Unknown Speaker  39:37  

Our trouble


Amelia Antrim  39:38  

and hopefully I have some tenacity left, hopefully.


Ajey Pandey  39:43  

So that's on the mechanical side on the narrative side. Again, for the most part, like those incentives are meant to change. Like, for example, and in a game and a Star Wars game, I'm running it as a play test. You know, I gave them Big momentous scene, and then how the mall kind of talk it out. And at the end of that scene, I was like, if you want to change one of your incentives, now, it'd be the time to do it. And, you know, it's a way of like actually forcing, like, a change in a character's behavior, because now their incentives are different. Now, the way they got XP is a little different. So like, you know, if you wanted to, like, have a thing of like, Oh, this carrot is gonna make a promise, then keep it, that promise becomes an incentive. Yeah, changes how the character goes about the world? Um, so, like real life, your incentives shape who you are, what you do. Yeah. And as those that have changed, you change.


Ryan Boelter  40:41  

Yeah, like I said, before, the the incentives was, what tied? who this person is and how they think. And having that change definitely is, is one of those narrative growths that you see, sort of all the time, like somebody that learns a lesson like, Am I always going to be the one that's like using violence? Maybe when I get older, and my body is not what it used to be? Maybe I'll use some other tactics or try to avoid violence or something like that, you know,


Amelia Antrim  41:13  

do you offer guidelines for like, when those incentives should change? Because some of them are kind of open ended? They're not necessarily like, oh, I've reached this goal. And now this incentive no longer applies. You know, like, mine is like, Did I tell someone what to do? Like, I could do that eternally. Amelia, as a person can do that. It's like, so I mean, how do you kind of decide when is a good time to change those incentives? And I think,


Ajey Pandey  41:38  

like, I don't give any, like hard rules in the rules themselves. But like, I think it really comes down to like, GM and player discretion of like, Oh, that was the time like, hey, yeah, you had that like, big momentous scene. And then you are maybe you had like a particularly like, important conversation. And it's like, oh, your character learn something. Do you think this changes how they act?


Amelia Antrim  42:00  

Yeah. Yeah. I really like when leveling matches the narrative. And I like I think incentives do a great job of that of like, pushing you forward and making sure that like that forward momentum matches what's happening in the store. I don't think another thing or a lot of games that don't do that.


Ajey Pandey  42:18  

Well, I think another thing that I did to really like polling mechanics and narrative is that recall interest, like all of a sudden, every character is a little weird. Right? You know, and that makes the characters more true to life and like a that specific way. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  42:35  

Yeah, absolutely. So fulfilling your incentives gives you the XP, what can we do with the XP once we get it?


Unknown Speaker  42:42  

Whoo, boy, oh, boy.


Ajey Pandey  42:46  

Um, so three XP is enough to be useful. Okay. Um, which coincidentally, or not coincidentally, is about as much as you can get in a scene in your incentives, like three to four, three to five, depending on how many fights you're getting into. Um, let me get to the list of what you can spend on XP. You can use it to increase skills, use it to get feats. If you spend a little more you can get it to increase your defense, your tenacity, your vigilance, your vitality on its own. And if you spend a lot, you can increase one of your core attributes. But the feats of becoming three levels, there's level one, level two, level three. Magic goes the same way. Level One, level two, level three, although you have to unlock a core ability to really open up the whole Magic Tree like that's the skill tree. Yeah, only magic does kill trees. But that is the gist. Yeah. So the boring useful one is to make your skills go up. Because the way the dice system has rolled out, plus one means something. Yeah. wants to is big news in the system. Which was important to me of like, I want a plus one to mean something.


Ryan Boelter  44:03  

Yeah, yeah. Especially when you're talking about a D 10. plus one. Is this a whole 10%? Increase? Yeah, I like I like how simple the XP spend is, that's three, five or eight. And then all the different things that you can get on there. It's pretty it's very straightforward. Thanks. And then it looks like you've got three levels of feats.


Ajey Pandey  44:31  

Yes. So level one feats are set that are like slight bonuses or you know, cool little things you can kind of exploit the system for. Level two feats are pretty powerful, regular exploits, or gamebreaking in situational aspects, and then level three are gamebreaking they're just trying to ram game breaking. Because breaking the game and being Opie, please enter is half the fun? Yes. And I enjoy having people be able to, like, have that power fantasy because you know, like, doing the thing that just like, absolutely. Like demolishes The situation is amazing as long as like, everyone gets to have that spotlights though, you know, like, the GM should be so proud of what they've done that they can't let the players ruin it in an entertaining way. Absolutely.


Amelia Antrim  45:29  

I think especially when we talked about the idea of this game is like being able to take that thing that's like frustrating you and give it a face to punch. So, like having an ability that just like ruins something feels really


Ajey Pandey  45:42  

good. Yeah. Um, and this is definitely not an exhaustive list. Um, you know, like, there's a there's a hack for him for more intricate shield and cover mechanics. That adds a bunch of really cool talents attached to shields. Like, what the writer does they think she went with the that general and dragon Prince though the giant shield. Okay,


Amelia Antrim  46:11  



Ajey Pandey  46:12  

That was like, What if I made a bunch of bold feats for her? Very cool. Um, that's extremely good. Okay, um, uh, Maya, Maya. Yes.


Amelia Antrim  46:25  

I had to, like I was sitting I was like, I'm gonna record it's gonna bug me.


Ajey Pandey  46:29  

I'm so like, there are definitely a space for more feats. And like, part of what I did with that, like how to make your own feats is like give like loose guidelines for like, we're good at feats. So what sticks out to you, I'll say you get to pick two level one feats. And then one level two feet, if we actually like run the system. Oh, that's dangerous. And also say, you can also like, get some out of stuff to ponder skills as well, because we'll get to go whether that's right feet, so speeds are fun. I mean,


Amelia Antrim  47:05  

right away this acolyte one looks like super fun. Oh, yeah. Join a powerful organization and you got a new


Ajey Pandey  47:11  

skill attached to it too. Yes. Um, so that that that really is the hook for here's how politics happens in your game. Um, and you know, that could be you know, navigate the Jedi Order. Or could be navigate the the Potosi bar, whatever you want. If you played a Corp, or a nomad cyberpunk 2020, same deal.


Ryan Boelter  47:40  

These are so good.


Ajey Pandey  47:42  

One of my favorites is I'm professional. So basically, it encourages you to have a bunch of scattered skills. Because then you can bluff so that your character can say I'm a professional in that and people will believe you if you roll well enough. Yeah. That's your ultimate huckster skill.


Ryan Boelter  48:01  

All right, I'm thinking, um, Quick Draw. For


Unknown Speaker  48:07  

Raj good vibes.


Ryan Boelter  48:09  

Yeah, I think


Amelia Antrim  48:10  

that scoping the joint would be really good for you.


Ryan Boelter  48:12  

Yeah, I was thinking that as well. I was thinking between that and reckless. I'm Chima clean, although, although he appears reckless. I think his recklessness is calculated. Yeah. So I think I'll go to a scoping the joint as well. So that one lets me notice some things about a person or place from a distance, which is definitely a very john McClane thing to do. Yeah, I'm


Amelia Antrim  48:40  

also gonna go with sharp tongue. Oh, that's good. Cuz that's just I mean, because I mean, you know how to make a line really hurt. Just like go for the go for the neck.


Ajey Pandey  48:55  

We'll get to level two fees. They're extremely fun. I should say reckless too, because that's so reckless means before you make a check, you can elect to just kind of plus two which is again a big deal. In return for you roll a complication on a one or two on that D for chaos die. And it's it's it's it's such a fun like simple little thing. Yeah. It means that you have a three and four chance of some kind of wacky nonsense happening. Yep. I like that. When Jeff made it made a character in in bolt. He paired reckless combat magic with an ability that with fire magic, so if you rolled a perk or complication, something caught on fire. So when you put reckless on top of that,


Ryan Boelter  49:51  

that's awesome.


Unknown Speaker  49:53  

Oh, am I gonna have


Ryan Boelter  49:55  

this one sounds really good. Which one? Not without a fight. Oh yeah. That's the Yeah, yeah, although second wind sounds pretty sweet too.


Ajey Pandey  50:06  

Yes So second wind is so normally the only time you can regain tenacity or the end of a scene or immediately after an encounter real quick and door check to see if you regain like a one or two tenacity. Um, second wind can do that in the middle of a combat turn as well. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  50:22  

I think rig to blow would be really fun to instead of fixing something that cannot be fixed, repurpose it for better use


Ajey Pandey  50:32  

and that was one of those one of those fees that really is very pvta in style. Oh boy, you know on a success pic to have it blows up when you want it where you want it or as much as you want it. Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  50:45  

I like this Yeah, I think we're gonna pick not without a fight for for Raj. They don't fall prone if when they go down. The player does not mark their characters wounds track they instead roll to endure. You can take actions like normal, um, only false prone after their turn.


Ajey Pandey  51:04  

So basically hit points you get one last time before Yeah, drop.


Ryan Boelter  51:08  

Yeah, I think that's pretty cool.


Ajey Pandey  51:11  

Um, there's a very fun version of that level three, which is called rally behind me. Yeah. Where if your ultimate endure and succeed, a number of allies equal to your characters ranks and dode command so if you have three and go to command three allies have their next skill check automatically succeed without a direct role. And because because in combat, you're limited to one die roll per turn. You get to make another skill check on top of that. Yeah. So at level three, basically you roll into a to endure and succeed. breaks the action economy for all your friends. Oh, wow.


Ryan Boelter  51:52  

That's amazing.


Ajey Pandey  51:53  

of like, Oh, yeah. Now you can shoot twice on your turn.


Ryan Boelter  51:56  

Yeah, that's pretty sweet. I like these.


Ajey Pandey  52:00  

I think I know what three is gonna do?


Amelia Antrim  52:03  

Yeah, I went with agents for my level to the increase for acolyte.


Ryan Boelter  52:09  



Amelia Antrim  52:10  

Climb the ranks of your organization. I hope it's nefarious.


Unknown Speaker  52:16  

Been nefarious?


Ryan Boelter  52:19  

mean, you are a lawyer. Right. No offense to any lawyers. Listening to our show.


Unknown Speaker  52:27  

notes up.


Amelia Antrim  52:30  

I know several Hey,


Ryan Boelter  52:32  

Dana. You're an 80s. lawyer. So there you go.


Amelia Antrim  52:37  

an ABS lawyer hanging around with you. Uh huh.


Ajey Pandey  52:39  

Ah, someone's up to no good for three and she's getting reckless for drive and run leap. Is reckless. Is Loki the best?


Unknown Speaker  52:52  



Ryan Boelter  52:53  

so good.


Ajey Pandey  52:54  

Oh, what I'm gonna do for the ranch. is I'm going to give him as level one feet a wheelchair stun. Yeah, yes. Um, and at some point I'm gonna call up Sarah slash Mustangs are on Twitter and have them come up with more for me as well. Nice, cuz I want I want some wheelchair, wheelchair stance tm so as an action a three inch can enter melee range from short range. Yeah. And add the same action like make a run leap check to basically knock some scrub over Oh nice. Which suddenly breaks the actual economy because normally have to spend an action to get into melee range. And then attack


Ryan Boelter  53:41  



Ajey Pandey  53:43  

A little momentum doesn't hurt. Yeah. That's just science. I think three inch gets rigged to bro right to bring it to blow.


Amelia Antrim  53:54  

It feels appropriate. Yeah, it's


Ajey Pandey  53:55  

already got a plus four and jury rigged. He knows what he's doing. I'm gonna cheat a little bit on the on the on the on the skills they don't feel like making you calculate next p conversion rates and say you get five points to put into any schools you want. Fun? She's the rules a little bit. But yeah, much unless you're like pulling a skill past three. Because the way the XP systems work, there's a higher cost, you have to rank for rank five. Because I want to encourage a little bit of exploring other skills because I want people to have multiple approaches.


Ryan Boelter  54:31  



Ajey Pandey  54:33  

One thing about the magic system is that it depends on investing in multiple skills. So like, if you get into healing magic a lot, you're gonna want your indoor skill as well. And it's not going to be replacement for utilize medicine skill, you'd have to kind of have both. So that way you don't have the wizard problem of them getting to spell cast away out of every problem and being useless once that magic runs out. Mm hmm. Now they have to have other options. Absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  55:01  

So I went with let's see, I put two into go to command. To get me up to two, I put one into recall people, which sounded interesting. I put one and two in dewart to bring it up to two. And then I brought my shoot light up to two as well. So I've got a plus six for shoot light right now, as one would hope and a plus six for run leaps. So I can definitely run in shoot, probably


Ajey Pandey  55:33  

not much.


Ryan Boelter  55:34  

No, I can shoot very well while jumping over that helicopter.


Ajey Pandey  55:39  

What is 328 he's gonna get plus two and run leap. So now he's plus four for doing hashtag stunts. Um, I'm gonna say he's got three more points to spend somewhere, I'm going to say is God plus two in notice, as well? Why not plus one and bounce tumble as well. So if he has to, like, do something precarious, he's got a little more agility to juke around the problem. Yeah, absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  56:15  

Very cool. So that's that's basically advancement in bolt.


Ajey Pandey  56:20  

Yeah. And if you had an extra pile of XP


Ryan Boelter  56:25  

go for yeah. Oh, yeah. What did you do?


Amelia Antrim  56:28  

I just kind of increased my my face skills. Generally. I just put points.


Ryan Boelter  56:35  

There you go. Wait


Unknown Speaker  56:36  

and have someone else do the shooting for you?


Amelia Antrim  56:39  

Yeah, just the important things. Only skills that I have overall.


Ajey Pandey  56:47  

Amazing and I love it. And you are a wildly talented lawyer who is completely in over her head.


Unknown Speaker  56:59  

That is amazing. I love it. I'm so


Ajey Pandey  57:03  

dry cleaner thinks about all the blood getting smarter on your suit.


Amelia Antrim  57:10  

Yeah. Well, Ajay, thank you so much for joining us to talk about both. Can you remind everybody where they can find you online? What sort of things you're working on? Where to find your Kickstarter for this


Ajey Pandey  57:21  

awesome game. My name is Ajay. I am the head writer of this silly game bolt RPG is on itch at j ponder itch. io. There's also going to be a Kickstarter for it, which will be live by this time this podcast comes out. The Kickstarter is mostly for adding in slack layout and amazing art. It's gonna be amazing. Um, you can also find me on Twitter at Ajay Pandey. I'll review games under the Ajay reads hashtag and talk about game design or a more general sense. The hashtag tabletop chop shop, which you are encouraged to be on as well. If you have any sort of game lock, like that's that's the hashtag for it. Um, thank you so much. This is this is super fun.


Amelia Antrim  58:12  

This is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this.


Ryan Boelter  58:16  

Yeah, absolutely. Me too. All right. Well, thank you again for sitting down to do this with us. And thank you to everyone for tuning in.


Amelia Antrim  58:25  

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I did. I did live streaming of my own stuff for the first time yesterday. And I turned my game up because I know my mics a little quiet and I'm a little quiet. But now I'm buying a ring light and becoming a streamer. I guess. I don't know.


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Exactly washed out, was like, why did I wait?


Ryan Boelter  1:01:34  

I'm still in the dark.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:37  

There's something about movies like I tend to just like, like a mindless action with you like I'm gonna go in this is not going to like further my learning or like, use any brain power at all. It's gonna feel so good. Like, I like


Ajey Pandey  1:01:50  

and there's nothing No, they're not ranking for hierarchy. john wick does the minimum amount of world building required to justify all of its nonsense? That's it.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:59  

Right? Oh, man, I appreciate it.


Unknown Speaker  1:02:07  

tail wagging around me.


Ajey Pandey  1:02:13  

I am here to cause mayhem and then leave


Amelia Antrim  1:02:17  

like eight months old. And she just really loves the people.


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Amelia Antrim  1:02:25  

Really regretting my mechanical keyboard.


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There is no regrets for mechanical keyboard like, welcome to the cult of the clickety clickety. Click.


Amelia Antrim  1:02:35  

So like, here's the thing, I love how they sound. I'm one of my good friends is like a connoisseur or anything. He doesn't shut up about them. And so finally I was like, okay, recommend a keyboard for me, cuz I'm getting a new computer. I need a keyboard. And he was like, let me tell you about the I was like, nope, you can make one recommendation. Here's what I want. I want it to be moderately clicky. But not too hard to push the buttons. That's all the info you get. So I bought one. But they're very bad for podcasting.


Ajey Pandey  1:03:06  

You should try the iPad keyboards, like dig this. Ooh, kind of like that. It's very satisfying. It annoys my family to no end.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:19  

I hear I'm like


Amelia Antrim  1:03:20  

normally work on a laptop. And then now of course I'm working from home. So now I've got like my my fancy mechanical keyboard. And then I go back to work and use my laptop keyboard and I'm like, this is like, buttons are so quiet.


Ajey Pandey  1:03:34  

I had a mechanical keyboard up at work. And I haven't gone back to my office to grab it. And I should do that at some point.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:42  

And here I'm like give me the quietest keyboard you have. Please,


Amelia Antrim  1:03:48  

for podcast for everything for


Ryan Boelter  1:03:49  

others. I don't think I don't want to click. Like it's


Amelia Antrim  1:03:53  

very satisfying. There is on Spotify, there is an ASMR playlist of just keyboard typing. And I love it so much. It's so good. It's so good. Kitty, please don't let Jude ever hear this part of the podcast. Ryan you need to cut this out. All right,


Ryan Boelter  1:04:11  

I'll put it in the outtakes because I'm sure you'd never listen to the outtakes.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:15  

I don't know that he listens to our podcast. So


Ryan Boelter  1:04:18  

me so there was a factual statement but


Amelia Antrim  1:04:20  

I can't let him satisfaction


Ryan Boelter  1:04:24  

out of it.


Ajey Pandey  1:04:30  

Because dandelion shows up to all of garrels high jinks and somehow he's not dead. That's that's the real Miss. That's the real mystery of The Witcher is how his yassky are not dead.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:45  

Seriously, pure dumb luck


Ajey Pandey  1:04:49  

is the shield of himbo energy around him.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:56  

I love him so much.


Unknown Speaker  1:05:00  

to rewatch that show,


Ryan Boelter  1:05:00  

I have not watched it yet. Oh, no, there's so many good things I'm missing out on.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:06  

This is that's one of those shows that like while I was over the winter doing a depression and I had like those days where I couldn't get out of bed. I was like, I laid in bed and I watched The Witcher. I watched warrior none. I watched like, a couple other like really dumb shows that I probably wouldn't have but like greatly enjoy ice.


Ajey Pandey  1:05:25  

The Witcher Yeah, so


Amelia Antrim  1:05:26  

like, thanks, depression, right?


Ajey Pandey  1:05:29  

Which is also like alpha bar and that it's like, it's amazing. But also, why Andre?


Unknown Speaker  1:05:36  

Yes. Why don't you do this?


Amelia Antrim  1:05:40  

Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of that okay,


Ryan Boelter  1:05:42  

in there. I'll brace myself.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:45  

I keep sitting down to play the game. But like, the controls are really hard. And I don't get past the tutorial because it's just like too


Unknown Speaker  1:05:51  

many. I got it for the sweat. So


Amelia Antrim  1:05:53  

like, I need to watch a playthrough I need to watch somebody else play it because it's just too much for me. But I want to go through and you


Ajey Pandey  1:05:59  

will you might want to do is Joseph Anderson on YouTube has been doing a review of the old witchers each review is five hours long. Ooh, um, okay. It's a Netflix binge on its own. But he goes into every little detail. He goes into the into every like piece of jank, because the older games were super janky he describes it as Happy Happy Thanksgiving. extremely fun.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:35  



Amelia Antrim  1:06:36  

wave forms.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:39  

Wave four


Unknown Speaker  1:06:41  

wave these days.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:46  

Oh, why? Sorry.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:58  

Have you watched watch the new map I have not. Oh my god. So good. So like, do you remember a couple years ago like ABC or something did come up at one and it was like yeah, the really bad was really bad. Because it was like it was like trying to be like kind of adult and it was like,


Ryan Boelter  1:07:14  

upsetting. Like, Miss Piggy got divorced or something.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:18  

When they're still like broken up because like, there's some awkwardness. But it's funny. That like Swedish chef has his own cooking show. And like there's one episode where like, it's like a comprehensive cooking competition. And one episode has Danny Trejo in it. It's like making tacos and like he makes him mulay with like, an actual mole. But it's so


Ryan Boelter  1:07:41  

so is it kind of like the old Muppet Show only update?


Amelia Antrim  1:07:47  

Kind of it's like it. It's almost like Like, there's like little segments like regular segments, like Miss Piggy has a lifestyle segment. There's the Swedish chef cooking show. Um, Bunsen and honey do have a little science show. It's it's like little snippets but yeah, they have like guest stars and like that cuz it's really funny though. It's really funny. It's, do they


Ryan Boelter  1:08:09  

have the the hecklers?


Amelia Antrim  1:08:11  

Um, they were in one episode. Yeah, yeah. Um, yeah, I love them. But like, I was watching it with the kids and then my dad came down and like, watch some of it and then the next day he made us all rewatch it with my mom because she that's very good. It's very good. I think there's like six or seven episodes out now because it comes out weekly. But it's very good. Is that we? Yeah. Okay.


Unknown Speaker  1:08:44  

All right.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:46  

Where's my stop button spent so long on all my mom's finally died. I've got a trackpad. Kind of back. No, it's not on. Good. Okay. Oh, it is on. I think it's dead to know. Okay, how do I mouse? How do I mouse? Um, I'm okay. You transport tracks. Maybe? No food. Food transport plane recording. oz. planes. Stop. I can just press. I can just press spacebar. e.


Amelia Antrim  1:09:29  

I am recording.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:30  

Me too.


Amelia Antrim  1:09:32  

Oh, it's like great.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:35  

killing it. Just splashing all the wonderful podcast and Yep.


Unknown Speaker  1:09:42  

All that great folio, Mark. Wonderful.


Amelia Antrim  1:09:47  

Go listen to these fine folks create characters and talk about the system. They're going to are going to start that over. I was distracted by a puppy.


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