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Series 32.1 - Burn Bryte with Celeste Conowitch and Eugenio Vargas (Creation)

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Series 32 begins right here! We welcome Celeste Conowitch and Eugenio Vargas from the Burning Daylight live streamed campaign to cover Burn Bryte, a galaxy spanning, science fantasy RPG exclusively for We go over what this game is all about and learn about this amazing setting before starting to create our people!

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Series 32 begins right here! We welcome Celeste Conowitch and Eugenio Vargas from the Burning Daylight live streamed campaign to cover Burn Bryte, a galaxy spanning, science fantasy RPG exclusively for We go over what this game is all about and learn about this amazing setting before starting to create our people!


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Amelia Antrim  0:01  

Welcome to the first episode of series 32. Everyone. This series we have guests Celeste Khan, which and you Daniel Vargas to teach us about burn bright. But first, we before we get to that, we have a


Ryan Boelter  0:14  

few announcements for you. First up, we are down to the last few days of the sky Jack's album Kickstarter. As of this recording, it is approaching $40,000. And if it hits $45,000 before the end, it'll hit the final stretch goal where Arnie parrot teamed up with Tyler Davis to create a brand new song for the next arc of campaign. Sky Jack's, which sound amazing. So, absolutely check that out.


Amelia Antrim  0:46  

Next up, as of this last week, we officially passed the 200,000 downloads mark, we both wanted to thank all of you so much for helping us get past this milestone. To those of you who've been with us since the beginning and all of you who are new to listening. Thank you so much for your support.


Ryan Boelter  1:05  

Yeah, thank you. It means the world to us.


Amelia Antrim  1:07  

It really really does. This has been such a fun ride for the last like what is it been two


Ryan Boelter  1:12  

year and a half? Two and a half to two and a half years? Oh my


Amelia Antrim  1:14  

gosh, two and a half years? Wow. Almost exactly. It was like April 2, I think was


Unknown Speaker  1:20  

really was a shell episode. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:22  

Wow. Yeah. Wow, what a crazy two and a half years, Ryan, I know how much it's changed. Like, you have a whole new family member. I have one less family member.


Ryan Boelter  1:37  

That's just called balance. That's


Amelia Antrim  1:38  

right. We're just trying to obviously, we as people who create characters, we understand the importance of balance.


Ryan Boelter  1:47  

Awesome. Well, another really exciting thing happening right now is that we are officially rebooting the C three Friday forge on Twitter. The first one was a couple weeks ago and had a few of us creating magical girls and an 80s action movie genre blend to some really fun results. Then this last forge that just started this last Friday is blending pirate adventure with eldritch horror. And it's actually turned out to be quite an interesting blend of genres. If you're listening to this the day the episode releases, you still have time before the C three Tuesday teamed up to create a character. Just look for the hashtag c three Friday forge and follow the prompts from the main Character Creation Cast account to create your unique character. Then on Tuesday, we'll group you up randomly. And you get to create your own fan fiction just like we do on the show. It's really fun and really helps the community get to know one another better. Yeah, I'd


Amelia Antrim  2:50  

love to see some of the stuff that comes out of it. I know I said this when we started at the beginning too. I have a hard time like keeping up with it while I'm working during the day. But it is fun to kind of see the replies come through and stuff people people make. Yeah, I mean really. Finally, we are altering the format of our show ever so slightly. We're going to try doing these cool opens for announcements as usual. And then we will end cap the show after the episode with a cold closer. So stick around before the Closing Music to hear how it's going to work. But for now, let's get on with the show.


Ryan Boelter  3:58  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast a show where we discuss and create characters The best part of role playing games with guests using their favorite systems. I'm one of your hosts Ryan. In this episode my co host Emily and I are excited to welcome Celeste Connor which and you Haneul Vargas from the volt 20 burning daylight cast using the game we are covering today. burn bright a roll 20 exclusive science fantasy RPG.


Amelia Antrim  4:26  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast. We're very excited that you're here.


Celeste Conowitch  4:29  

Thank you excited to be here. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  4:33  

Ready for all kinds of fun. Let's start by introducing both of you to our audience. Celeste, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Other projects that you're working on where people can find you?


Celeste Conowitch  4:43  

Yeah, Hey everybody. My name is Celeste Connor, which I'm a freelance RPG designer out there in the wide world of the internet. I'm also the producer and Dungeon Master for an actual play podcast called venture maidens. So if you want to learn more about venture maidens or all the RP Project projects I'm involved in, check out my website Celeste conda and of course you can find me every Thursday night on rule 20 running, burning daylight. So but we're gonna learn a lot more about that and burn bright in the in the hours to come.


Ryan Boelter  5:19  

And you and your How about yourself?


Eugenio Vargas  5:22  

Yeah, I am also a freelance ttrpg designer and Podcast Producer. I'm the DM and producer of the last refuge yet another actual play d&d podcast. You can also find me on Thursday nights with Celeste on burning daylight. I'm also a twitch streamer and designer and editor. Yeah, you can find out all the stuff that I have going at my website. Okay, Neo Vargas calm or you can follow me on twitter at dm jazzy Hans.


Amelia Antrim  5:50  

It's such a good Twitter handle.


Eugenio Vargas  5:54  

It's a combination of a couple of different jokes, most of which come from college. But I did a student written musical in college and one of the characters was was DJ Jazzy hands. Yes.


Eugenio Vargas  6:05  

And turned into my handle. So good.


Amelia Antrim  6:11  

Well, let's go ahead and get into this. And we will start by discussing what this game is all about. What's in a game? First, um, let's talk a little bit about the setting for burn bright this game has kind of comes with its own setting. Can you tell us a little bit about that?


Celeste Conowitch  6:26  

Yeah. Um, so what's very, very cool about burn bright is that it does have such a strong introductory setting for when the game begins, I feel like that's something that's sort of unique to RPGs. Because a lot of the time they want it to be as open ended as possible. And you know, you might have like sort of a generic setting. But burn bright specifically takes place in one galaxy, called Alexis. And the whole reason burn bright is the title of the game is actually a reference to the history of Alexis and what has been happening in recent times when the game begins. So essentially, this galaxy, which is home to a bunch of different sapient species, there are no humans in this game, notably, so there's lots of different interesting species that have their own histories and culture. But over time, you know, at the galaxy as they as most of these cultures interact with each other in some way. Over time, they've Ward they've explored, you know, they've, they've expanded their life in the galaxy over the course of these ions that they refer to as brights. So the game's title burn bright is a reference to the current bright that the game takes place in. And it's defined by this event known as the burn, which is this bizarre destructive phenomenon that has ringed the galaxy itself in this strange sort of energy that is ever encroaching closer and closer to the center of the galaxy. So everything the burn touches is destroyed. So that means planets are being consumed, you know, masses out in space are being consumed, monsters are charging in from the borders of the galaxy trying to escape this bizarre phenomenon that nobody really exactly knows the cause of. So since they don't know the cause, they don't really know how to stop it. So this game drops you into this burn bright in a galaxy already in peril having to face the fact that this burn is going to consume everything, probably within 1000 years or so. Yeah, so your adventurers are fully aware that this is happening. And basically they're out there in the galaxy trying to deal with life as it is, because a lot of people out there need help, a lot of people are being forced to leave their home worlds, you know, that are close to the edge of the burn, space and resources are becoming an issue in the galaxy. So things are already tense and action packed, but also really hopeful when you start the game because there of course, is the potential to find, you know, a way to stop the bright or just disk or the burn and to discover what it is. So it's already a very strong setting right from the get go when you dive down


Ryan Boelter  9:08  

to this game. Oh, wow, that is some wild sci fi going on there.


Amelia Antrim  9:12  

Yeah, I was reading about it like reading through the like the background of it. And I was like there's like already a cult that's like worshipping the burn and it's very good.


Celeste Conowitch  9:24  

Yeah, you know, no, tiny spoiler, but maybe that's what our burning daylight module is about those days.


Amelia Antrim  9:33  

And where can we find that?


Celeste Conowitch  9:35  

On the rule 20. So streaming on Twitch every every Thursday night. You can see the game in action. And then also of course, on YouTube, you can catch all those uploaded videos. So if you're confused by any part of this process, definitely go there and check it out because we do and I and the rest of the cast did a pretty cool like session zero. I think walking through character creation. So you have two tools to


Ryan Boelter  10:02  

Well, this might be a pretty easy question to answer, then what sort of things do we need to play this game?


Eugenio Vargas  10:08  

Well, that's kind of one of the great things about burn bright as it was designed to be played on roll 20. So all you really need is a computer and an internet connection and abroad 20 account and a copy of


Amelia Antrim  10:20  



Unknown Speaker  10:23  



Eugenio Vargas  10:27  

But yeah, in terms of materials, it's, it's all super simple, you know, we, the cast, the players have have been working exclusively on role 20 because of the way this system is designed, you know, the dice are all handled on there, the character sheets, everything can be done directly through roll 20. And it's designed to do that. So you know, obviously, roll 20 has has quite a bit of functionality for all kinds of different systems. But for the most part, those systems were adapted to the virtual tabletop, this one was designed for it. So it truly is, you know, all all included in that one system.


Ryan Boelter  11:01  

That's very cool.


Amelia Antrim  11:02  

What kind of stories and themes is this game meant to explore? You talked a little bit about it being hopeful even though there's like this constantly encroaching darkness or, and of all things potential.


Celeste Conowitch  11:18  

Yeah. So what's really interesting is that there's there's a pretty book big like, chapter or section, you know, when they're defining the world of the game, that's that's written into the materials here that is all about, you know, yes, you are in this galaxy in peril. And yes, you are facing potential, you know, annihilation, but it's also the fact that, you know, there are still hundreds of years between that moment where everything ends, and where you are now, when you start the game. So it's a lot about negotiating and navigating what you choose to do with your time, what you choose to do, you know, to support your family, what does making a home mean, in a world that might be threatened the next day, you know, so it's all about evaluating what is important and what you can save and doing the best you can to do that. So every moment in this game is sort of a moment of true heroism, you know, in that sense, where it's like, you know, are you going to profit from people's misfortune? Are you going to help the less fortunate? Where are you going to go? And what are you going to do in the time you have left are huge themes for this. So yeah, that that theme, again, of hope is, is definitely there. Because there are so many victories to be won in a world where everything is in chaos, and everything is, you know, so scary. So, you know, finding a new place for a new species to live, or, you know, bringing resources to those who need it most can be immensely rewarding, because it's, it's the difference between survival or not, in a very real way.


Ryan Boelter  12:55  

Mm hmm. So, you mentioned a lot of things characters can do. In that response, what else can characters do in this game? More specifically?


Eugenio Vargas  13:05  

It feels like the game is, you know, Celeste already mentioned it's about what does the end of the universe far in the future mean to your character? Obviously, you know, any game can be played however you want, you can tell any story that you want. My impression of the way that the source material is written, is that it does lend itself to characters. I don't want to say being the good folks, but like not being the bad folks. Right? You could certainly tell that story with the burn bright system. But But I think what is much more interesting and and what sort of follows from a lot of what they have written, particularly in the player facing stuff in the in the game materials is is exactly what Celeste just talked about, you know, how do you make the galaxy a decent place to live in knowing that the end is coming? Right? And so you can do that in all kinds of ways. I mean, this is a science fantasy game. So if we're talking about concrete things the characters can do they can fly in their in their sentience spaceship all over the galaxy, not outside the galaxy. There's nothing left but all over the galaxy to go as far as they know.


Unknown Speaker  14:15  

That's fair.


Eugenio Vargas  14:17  

But yeah, you there is a there are mechanics for outerspace ship combat and, and ship travels. So there's a lot of material there. You know, if you're really sort of jonesing for that sort of science fiction, space type stuff. But what's interesting is because it's science fantasy, there is still a measure of magic, there is still sort of a measure of that sort of fantastical intrigue that you can really dig into, you know, the, the burning daylight module. I don't know any past what we've done so far. But what we've already seen in just a couple of sessions is that we're dealing with both sides of science fantasy, right? That the science fiction part is inescapable, but this cult seems to have some Sort of divine magic on their side or something like that. So it really is, you can really go a lot of different directions. And the characters are at their core, just like I said, trying to figure out how to survive and how to make the Galaxy A place worth living in for the next thousand years, or however long they've got left.


Celeste Conowitch  15:17  

Yeah, um, something to that I really the more I played this game, and the more I play it with different people and you know, different different characters, it really just reminds me so much of that spirit of Star Trek in building adventures, because there are hundreds of planets systems in this galaxy. So the galaxy itself is already huge. So there are still real worlds that haven't been explored or there are still species out there who maybe don't know the burn is coming. So you can definitely go for that like those social kind of games. But then also like there are you know, floating abandoned space stations, like right on the edge of the burn that are rife with materials, you know, for plundering so that you can definitely do those you know, those find and, you know, get get materials, sort of games, you know, out there on the edge of civilization or you know, there are there are pirates in this world are taking advantage of everything, there are monsters that are being forced in. So honestly, this game sets up a huge amount of things for creating the kind of experience you want. They've really built in a lot of ways your characters can interact with the world. And I mean, the adventure possibilities honestly just seem endless at this point.


Amelia Antrim  16:32  

There's like a lot of threads to pull just from the little bit that I've read


Unknown Speaker  16:35  

Exactly. Like a


Amelia Antrim  16:36  

lot of different directions that you can go depending on what kind of game you want.


Ryan Boelter  16:40  

And I don't think we've covered a game yet that's had this like, major galactic sort of feel to it. Aside from maybe what was the what was the millennials in space game? traveler traveler?


Amelia Antrim  16:56  

Yeah, but I think there's another space game with Star Wars.


Ryan Boelter  17:00  

Yeah. But this this one feels like, very, like there's very concrete places that you can go to then that really kind of reinforced that this is a living galaxy. Yeah. and whatnot, instead of like, Star Wars, where it's like, Yeah, you've got the movies and the TV shows and the cartoons as a backdrop. And you're just kind of playing in that space. No pun intended. A little bit. I'm


Amelia Antrim  17:27  

kind of always intended by dad, pun


Ryan Boelter  17:32  

always intended. It's very true. It's just natural at this point. But you're basically saying, you know, we've got so many different worlds. And it sounds like you get to help create these worlds as your players and the GM. I'm really excited to dive into what this is all about. I love we've


Amelia Antrim  17:54  

covered a little bit. Yeah, space is great. Gosh, space.


Unknown Speaker  17:59  

Oh, yeah. Sounds


Amelia Antrim  18:00  

a little bit about it. But what do you feel like makes this game truly unique from other games that you've played,


Eugenio Vargas  18:06  

from what I've seen so far, playing it at, it takes a lot of it takes a lot of mechanics from other systems from other, at least in my experience, rather slightly lesser known systems, and really fine tunes them. So as we'll see, when we get into the actual character creation, the way that characters advance I have seen in other games, but Burton bright sort of gets it gets it more, right, they have integrated it in a way that makes more sense to me, I'm being vague because I know we're going to talk about this later. So there's also sort of the way that they have the way that they explain the way that skills work and the way that dice rolls work. It is general and vague. And sort of it reminds me of a rules light system where it's like it's more about the narrative and then we figure out how the dice rolls fit in. But they've they've made it concrete enough, right? That it's it's not opaque and it's not, you know, you don't spend a whole ton of time like debating whether or not this is an appropriate use of this. They've given you enough that it feels concrete and, and and sort of easy to grok fairly quickly. So I think that's for me, sort of one of the things that I've really grown to love about burn bright is all of these other mechanics that we don't see in well for me in d&d, which is what I mostly play that I've seen before and you know, liked ish or or thought could do some work. And the work was done here with a system.


Celeste Conowitch  19:35  

Yeah. All right. Cool. Yeah. Something I also love about this game, and we'll touch on it a little bit during character creation. But the way that combat in this game is set up is so unique compared to a bunch of other systems. It's really really player focused. And literally in the way it's structured, it prioritizes the fact that the characters are heroes and they do it Amazing things and the rest of the world has to work around that. So much in the fact that like during the phases of combat the GM like announces what the all the enemies are going to do. And then before anything happens, the characters get to react and go into that like action superhero mode, and you know, do their actions, and then whoever's left gets to move forward with what they're doing so and the whole Yeah, the whole game itself is really built to just, you know, celebrate the characters themselves. And everything, like you said, the the skill checks and everything. It's all about how the characters want to do things. And then really, the GM for this game is just an arbitrator or a referee. They're not like this big controlling force that I feel like sometimes they are in other games, it really is a dialogue and very player forward and focused. Hmm. Yeah,


Eugenio Vargas  20:54  

come that is actually exactly what I was thinking of when I was saying about, about the way that the rules center the narrative without being too vague to really be able to grasp. For example, in the lat, well, I'm not sure when this episode will be coming out. But as we're recording the last episode that we that we had the last game session, that's less than I had of the game, my character in we were in combat, and my character did damage to an enemy combatant, by being very stern with them. And what I gave them a piece of my mind, which is a fun sort of narrative thing that you can do in any right in any narrative focused rules like game. But I felt empowered to participate in combat in that specific creative narrative way. Because in the rules in the book, it talks about how you can do mental damage by using mental and social skills, write that combat and damage in combat is abstract. And here are ways that according to the written out rules, as written, that was redundant. You can get creative and do damage. And yes, that's the way the game is meant to work.


Amelia Antrim  22:03  

Because really, words do hurt, don't they do? Sounds like it kind of hit that sweet spot between like those really like narrative games, where it's like, you can do anything, and it's like, cool, but like, how? Yeah, those games scare me. So I'm very good. But there are times where you're like, I need I need a little like, put me on the road. So I know where the edges are, like, I just need I like, send me into the forest. But I need a path to get through.


Eugenio Vargas  22:32  

Yeah, right. And, you know, some people thrive, some people love. Apparently, it's none of the four of us. But some people write those those very open ended System games and hold on, I think you could probably absolutely use the burn rate setting and the burn bright rule set to play a game like that, because it isn't super restrictive. But for those of us who want some rails that we can then go off of right, it does a great job of giving us those, huh,


Ryan Boelter  22:58  

very cool. Yeah, I like it. Alright, so now we've talked a little bit about the history of the game for those not familiar, I know it was released this year. Do you know about how long it's been in development for?


Amelia Antrim  23:11  

It's been a long time because Jim announced it on our show before 2019 Gen


Eugenio Vargas  23:15  

Con, I want to say I've heard James reference three years of development.


Amelia Antrim  23:20  

It's been a long time.


Eugenio Vargas  23:22  

Yeah. James, James intercaste are one of the lead designer on the game. Yeah, well, unfortunately, couldn't


Amelia Antrim  23:28  

join us, which is a bummer. But Hi, James.


Ryan Boelter  23:35  

Yeah, so yeah, it's interesting that we see that it was about three years in development. And now we finally got released. And it's, it's just been an interesting journey to see it. It's been played up a version of the burnbrae rulesets been played on autonomic, which is a podcast out there. Um, and I can already see the extremely different scenarios, like worlds that have utilized this sort of system. Oh, yeah. So it's pretty sweet.


Celeste Conowitch  24:08  

Yeah, I mean, it's one of the big draws, you know, when when rule 20 approached me to GM for this was the fact that it was such a new system and such an exciting system, you know, because they have spent years developing it, but I mean, a game that's designed specifically for virtual tabletop in the world we're living in right now. Like, what an up time thing to like, get right and be be a part of, you know, from from the beginning. It's so so exciting. I mean, as we're recording this it's been out for less than a month at this point. So as you know, your hand You and I are playing through burning daylight, which is the only module so far that's published for this game because it's so brand new. It's it's exciting because we're, you know, some of the first people Doing it and playing with this system. And, you know, showing it off to people in a lot of ways. But I think what burn bright has to offer is really innovative and so cool. And also so important to you know, to explore these games that you can play on these online tabletops because, you know, this is the future of gaming, right here.


Unknown Speaker  25:21  

Mm hmm.


Amelia Antrim  25:22  

And it's interesting, because that's, that's how I play most of my games, I don't really have any local friends that do gaming, all of my gaming is online. So having something that is like specifically developed for that is interesting, as opposed to like the, the myriad of ways that we kind of make it work our game online, because, like, obviously, you can do it and you know, you can get your die spots and discord and you can do all of that kind of stuff. But it's it's a lot of like little pieces pulled from here and there. So it's very intriguing to me to have a game that is entirely made to do this, like this one thing this one way and to sit down and say like, this game is meant to be played online, and we're going to make it work. Before we jump into character creation, we usually like to kind of run down some terms and concepts that people might need to know so that they understand what we're talking about. And do you want to talk a little bit about skills and dice usage in this game? How that kind of works? Sure. I mean, you're you're the math guy anyway. Oh, so do you want to talk


Unknown Speaker  26:25  

about the skills and you got so excited?


Eugenio Vargas  26:31  

Telling me because when we did our session zero in the, in the Compendium in the rulebook, the character creation section that talks about skills actually has a table of probabilities of success based on your your skill ratings, and the difficulty of the test, and I nerded out about it.


Amelia Antrim  26:53  

Someone has to truly.


Eugenio Vargas  26:55  

So there are 18 skills in the game that are broken up into three basic genres mental, physical, and social. And each of these skills has a dial rating from D four to D 12. And we'll get into how you assign those when we actually build the characters. But all you need to know for right now is that each of your 18 scores will have a DI rating D four through D 12. You always have to have at least one skill of each die size. And we'll talk more about why that is the case later. But when your GM tells you that you need to, I believe that it's making a test in this game, right is the is the verbiage that they use.


Celeste Conowitch  27:34  



Unknown Speaker  27:37  

Oh, no, oh, no.


Eugenio Vargas  27:40  

You make a something roll a test it skill roll Well, anyway. When so you get told that you're gonna make a roll, you will roll the the GM will tell you, you should make a roll. Here it is complexity, x, that'll be the difficulty of the task that you're trying to accomplish from two to seven is basically the range of difficulties. And the complexity tells you how many of those dice you need to roll. So there's complexity to you're just rolling two of whatever your die rating is complexity. Seven, you're rolling seven of them. you succeed as long as no two dice show the same number. Mm hmm. So which


Amelia Antrim  28:20  

is such a cool, like, when I first heard them do it on auto anomic to like, it took me a minute to be like, how does this work? And then, like my son was sitting in the backseat of the car, and he's like, Well, obviously, if you have four dice, and it's a four, like you're gonna and I'm like, Oh, okay. All right. So like my eight year olds explaining to me the math. I was like, Okay, I got it. I got it. Basically a child.


Celeste Conowitch  28:47  

They just don't match. Yeah, right. Everything is a skill roll.


Eugenio Vargas  28:52  

It's just a skill roll. It was just a skill wrong. Okay. Well, there you go. I was trying to make complicated. So yeah, so that's, that's, that's basically all it is, right? You get told the complexity. You roll that many dice. And as long as they don't come up doubles, or triples, or quadruples or whatever, as long as they don't match, you succeed. And for me, as a math nerd, what's really interesting is how quickly the probability of you succeeding plummets, as the complexity gets higher, right? Because when you first think, oh, the complexity, you know, the complexity that goes only from two to seven, well, it gives you six levels of complexity, right? How hard could it really be? Imagine trying to roll the complexities, even five roll right? If you've got a D four, you can't do it. It is literally impossible. If you're rolling complexity, five, if you've got a D six, you've got less than a 10% chance of succeeding on a complexity five and it goes down from there, right. So it's really interesting system. I'll talk real quick, since we're talking about skills about combat combat is basically the same except that when it's your turn, you can take as many actions as you want until you fail one and every hour. action that you're taking, you're going to make a skill roll. And every subsequent action that you take the complexity increases by one. So you're starting with your first action as the complexity two. And then if you want to take another one, complexity three, if you continue to succeed four, or five, six, you can stop at any time. Because if you fail, the GM also gets to do horrible things to you. But you can keep going if you want, as long as you don't fail. And again, talking about how this ruleset is written and how it centers the narrative, but gives you stuff to cling on to, there's a whole section in the rules about why this is the way it is. And they explain the increasing difficulty in combat as your adrenaline right? When it's your turn, and you're starting, you get that zing of adrenaline, you can do anything, you are a hero, and everything is relatively easy. But as time and your turn goes on, you start to get weary, the adrenaline starts to burn off, things get a little harder, your muscles start to flag, your brain starts to slow down. And so things get progressively more and more difficult, until you have to stop, finish out the round, take a breather and start again.


Ryan Boelter  31:06  

It's interesting. So if you get to seven difficulty, and you succeed, the next rule still seven, or


Eugenio Vargas  31:15  

such a good


Celeste Conowitch  31:16  

way I actually don't know, I don't know if it's ever been done.


Eugenio Vargas  31:21  

What's interesting is there and we'll we'll get into this, but there's so many reasons that you're gonna want to be grabbing different skills and different dice sizes all the time. And I I mean, certainly, if you really wanted to, like game it, I'm sure it is someone somewhere will play this game and do six actions on their turn and exceeded all of them, and blessings upon you. But


Ryan Boelter  31:48  

yeah, and all the way to 11. Right.


Eugenio Vargas  31:52  

But because of some of the other, the other mechanics with picking your skills and picking your dye sizes, it makes it even a little more difficult to imagine actually getting through that many actions. And yeah,


Amelia Antrim  32:05  

and also Ryan, let somebody else have a turn.


Ryan Boelter  32:12  

On Fire today, your turn.


Ryan Boelter  32:17  

My fault, it's roll, rolling all these good days. Yeah.


Celeste Conowitch  32:20  

And I guess kind of bouncing off of you know what, yeah, you mentioned this, that when we're picking our characters, what's kind of neat about this game is you know, you don't have like a job or a class, what you do have are species abilities. So these are abilities that you get to pick from a list generated by you know, good, there are eight playable species in this game. And each one has access to like a list of 20 different special abilities. And you'll pick a few that kind of, you know, dictate what, because even within each species, there's a huge amount of diversity and variety about what you look like and what you can do and what your powers are. So those like people like Cecil, it's amazing


Amelia Antrim  33:04  

what people are doing.


Celeste Conowitch  33:08  

Yeah, so these, these special abilities are something we're going to pick during our game. But there are also kind of secondary abilities, which are called Nova abilities. So there's a really cool mechanic in this game, like was mentioned before, that encourages you to use a bunch of different skills. So not just the skills that you have, you know, D twelves. And you're super good at because the only way to generate something called NOFA points is to use one of each type of dye. So that means using a D for skill, a D six skill a D eight skill d 10, and a D 12. And once you've done that, you generate a nova point. And these Nova points can be used for Nova abilities, which are oftentimes super cool, awesome, like species magical, like abilities that, you know, are just extraordinary in the course of this game, so when we're making our characters, we'll be picking these special abilities. And then also these Nova abilities, which, you know, we'll we'll see interact in the game, basically, as you generate Nova points and you know, are encouraged to use all of these different types of skills.


Ryan Boelter  34:13  

Interesting. Do you have to succeed at the role? You do not? Oh, that's you just have to you just have to try. Failing forward? Yeah, I guess.


Celeste Conowitch  34:22  

Yeah, I mean, other than that, I think maybe we might run into some questions over the course of character creation. But another thing we probably want to explain is called Argent, which is like the money system in this world. So Argent in the world of Alexis, you know, they've decided that using like coins and things like that was pretty wasteful when you have you know, hundreds and hundreds of systems with different planets and cultures. So they decided to use Argent which is actually a magical species that sort of like plankton and basically what they do I mean, these plankton they keep them in you know, vials and tanks. And they they do breed over time, which is sort of like interest. And they they trade these vials of this Argent. So when you want to buy something, you'll you'll literally trade a big tank for something really expensive of Argent. And every ship in the game comes equipped with a tank where you can steal away Argent that will, you know, grow over time and generate money for you like bank interest. So if you have 100 Argent and you steal them for 100 days, you'll have 110 Argent, and that's a mechanic that's actually built into the game. So we all will get some Argent starting to buy our equipment during this character creation process.


Eugenio Vargas  35:41  

I don't know anything about storing Argent because our caste spent every say


Celeste Conowitch  35:46  

every single little micro organism.


Eugenio Vargas  35:51  

We have not sealed any away and I


Celeste Conowitch  35:52  

have some IOU


Amelia Antrim  35:54  

calculating the interest on that though. Sounds like right up your alley with


Unknown Speaker  35:58  

maybe one


Amelia Antrim  36:02  



Ryan Boelter  36:05  

All right. And I think the only other thing that I had a question on when I was looking at some of the pre gens was the story paths is that anything we need to get into before going into character creation?


Amelia Antrim  36:15  

Yeah, so that's more like leveling, isn't it? Yeah. So


Celeste Conowitch  36:18  

we'll we'll get into that as part of creation. But every character will choose a story path, which is sort of like a secondary plotline or goal that the character is trying to accomplish while going through whatever the main adventure is, or something. So there are a ton of these different story paths that are everything from like, earning a beast friend to like, you know, being on the run to immersing yourself in different cultures to falling in love. Whatever these are, these are cool, like, yeah, other goals that your characters have. And basically, every time you hit an event of one of these story paths, you get to level up some skill, or get access to new special abilities. So it's it's the it's the leveling mechanic in this game, which is cool, because it's actually story driven. It's like right there in the title.


Ryan Boelter  37:09  

I'm going to define some of that character traits.


Celeste Conowitch  37:11  

Yeah. So we'll all get to pick a story path


Ryan Boelter  37:14  

when we get there. I like it. Yeah. All right. Anything else? Before we dive in? Let's do it. Yeah, let's make some people.


Unknown Speaker  37:24  

Let's make some people.


Ryan Boelter  37:25  

All right. So I've got a roll 20 up. Everybody's got a character sheet. Yes. Um, we're using the burn bright system. I see the branding all over the place. So I know I'm in the right spot. Okay, so what do we need to do to start because this isn't traditional pencil and paper, character sheets, they're not like form fillable, PDFs or anything like that. This is all right in roll 20. And if you're not familiar with the roll, 20 interface, there's like a bio and Info tab on your character sheet. And then the actual character sheet itself, with a few options on there.


Eugenio Vargas  38:08  

Yeah, yet another reason that this really, you know, again, it was designed to work on roll 20. They have they have put their charactermancer to work. And this guides you through every step of character creation. It's really only like maybe a seven step process or something. But this will go in order, it'll walk you through, and you just sort of click through and fill out the fields that it asks you for. So the first thing that we'll want to do in the character sheet on your character sheet tab is click Create a PC sheet. There are other options that the GM can use to create NPCs. The ship as I mentioned earlier, is sentience and has a personality and has stats of its own. So there is also an option to create a sheet for your ship. But for right now we'll just stick with the Create a PC sheet. And the very first thing that pops up is that royalty will ask you if you'd like to use the charactermancer I cannot imagine why you wouldn't use this as


Ryan Boelter  39:03  

a gift. Alright, so yeah. Would you like to use the charactermancer? Yeah, might as well. So this looks like a like a walkthrough. It's got some tabs at the top. Welcome species culture story skills, abilities, equipment, then review, and a bunch of fun stuff down below that so very cool. I like this.


Celeste Conowitch  39:26  

I'm really excited because I actually haven't built a character yet for this game. I have gmms a bunch of different games. But I get to make a character today.


Ryan Boelter  39:37  

Have fun. I'm really excited when full time gems Come on that for that.


Eugenio Vargas  39:41  

You're gonna pick a bug species Celeste. Nope.


Unknown Speaker  39:46  

That was a very quick answer.


Celeste Conowitch  39:49  

there not a bad person. They're well nice. Just I'm a little burnt out. So there are eight playable species in this game and of course for burning daylight. Wow. We picked three of them our bug theme species and of course of the A and the players all picked all three are there in the game? Well, yeah,


Eugenio Vargas  40:09  

there are. There's three of us are bugs.


Celeste Conowitch  40:11  

And in other games I've played. I have had as a boy every single time so I am just as a voice as a giant slug person. We'll get to it but like


Celeste Conowitch  40:25  

people love it. People love the bugs. Hey,


Eugenio Vargas  40:27  

look, I mean, you're you're preaching to the choir here. My character in burning daylight says a voice. Yeah,


Celeste Conowitch  40:33  

yeah. Well, y'all you will learn what what a joy. What a delight.


Amelia Antrim  40:39  

Oh, boy. I will say it's really nice that when you go through the drop down and like you pick one, it automatically like populates that info from the book. Yeah. So like if I picked drift bling right away, it like pulls up the info for drift. Like, I don't have to like go back because I do have the Compendium open and another tab but I don't actually have no


Celeste Conowitch  40:59  

cuz it's all right there really


Eugenio Vargas  41:00  

kind of nights and that that will carry through the entire process. There will always be the right side of this window will always have information about the choices and the skills and the whatever that you're creating at that point that you're choosing at that point.


Celeste Conowitch  41:16  

Yeah, very cool. You don't have to go searching.


Ryan Boelter  41:18  

Yeah. Okay. See, a not a lightsaber lightsaber. Mm hmm.


Eugenio Vargas  41:24  

Oh, somebody's already down on the equipment, are they? No,


Ryan Boelter  41:28  

I'm just looking at the picture


Eugenio Vargas  41:30  

with the picture. Oh, yeah. So you know, that, you know, yeah, so I guess we should say so the very first tab is your species, right? So one of the eight sentience sapient species, not races, which is starting to not say


Celeste Conowitch  41:49  

Dungeons and Dragons. So I'm not saying races because they're all Yes. species. And they're all Sapiens? Because you know, they're not humans or humanoids. necessarily,


Amelia Antrim  42:00  

small group, it does put character name right here. And is


Celeste Conowitch  42:07  

that at any point in the process? So,


Eugenio Vargas  42:09  

so don't wait, there are a few dire warnings if you try and finish the sheet without filling it in. But we promise you can go back and


Celeste Conowitch  42:18  

change the name. Yeah, so how do you want to go through these eight species? I can definitely give a little breakdown on them. Or we can just


Ryan Boelter  42:27  

yeah, let's start. Let's give you a breakdown of them. There's eight of them. Yeah. And I know virtually nothing about them. Very cool.


Celeste Conowitch  42:35  

Let's do it. Do you want to go like 111? Okay, yeah, I love it. Do you


Ryan Boelter  42:41  

want to start? At the end?


Celeste Conowitch  42:45  

You and your slug people? Yeah.


Celeste Conowitch  42:48  

Okay, so there are eight playable species in this game. What's cool to note about the world of you know, Alexis is that there are hundreds of sapient species out in this galaxy. But to start for this game, it's just these eight to choose from. I'm assuming that later and in point two times they'll add more as we go along. But our first step on the list is our drift Ling. So the drift flings are infinitely plastic organisms with no definite form. So they are the shape changers of a Lexus. And what's interesting about them is that they can incorporate different parts of different species that they like, and then they just kind of take the best of, you know what they want. So maybe they want to have four arms today, maybe they want the face of a toy and you know, the body of an ino. And they they're constantly changing their forms to suit both their moods and then to discover their own personalities. And what's what's really interesting about them, too, is that their homeworld is actually an incredible, horribly dangerous planet that's filled with monsters and just like horrible things. So the minute that they got the ability to travel into space, they basically left their planet in droves. And since they are so you know, interested in exploring the world and then like defining their own personalities by mirroring those of others. They're really drawn to being explorers or to being mercenaries or just basically anything that travel takes them out and traveling around in the galaxy. So yeah, there are a lot of their abilities are about being able to change their forms, adapting to different environments, and that's sort of the drift link.


Eugenio Vargas  44:33  

The next species on our drop down list is the gleann. gleans are adorable, gleans our feathered aquatic creatures. I love


Amelia Antrim  44:44  

them already. Like


Eugenio Vargas  44:51  

gleans are these brilliantly creative creatures in their natural form, they actually only live to be about four Five years old, but they were discovered way long ago by what in this setting is called an omniscient but essentially, you could think of it as a God, or a very powerful magic creature they were discovered by this omniscient named black ice cola. He lost the part of the anyway, who saw their potential as innovators and creators. And, and help to them to create something called relic queries, which are these, excuse me, these devices that allow the gleans to live more than five years so that you can play them as an adventure. And so when you choose a glean as your character, you also choose the color of your relic query, because these relic queries have sort of ancestral sort of genetic memory. And so depending on what sort of relic query you're glean has keeping them alive and able to survive also, outside of the water. There are certain personality traits that the original glean who had this relic query net has passed down to all of the other gleans that use that relic query and some of them are, you know, one of them is well the one that I remember because as we were doing character creation, I felt a little called out. Was that one of them, the they each have sort of like a pro and a con. So the pro of one of them is that it makes you even more artistic and creative. And the downside is that it makes you really need approval and to be liked. And I just felt called out


Amelia Antrim  46:44  

pro so podcast.


Eugenio Vargas  46:50  

Listen, I'm on every step of


Celeste Conowitch  46:53  

my other favorite is that the one that makes you more polite, but also you're hungry all the time, just so hungry.


Eugenio Vargas  47:06  

So when you choose the gleann you also choose which relic query you have, which tells you what color it is and what personality traits you may, you may also have. Like I said the gleans are incredibly creative and innovative. The gleans are the species that created magical intelligences or that brought about the first magical intelligence which is what is imbued in spaceships to make them work. So every almost every spaceship there are new use cases called boomers that don't make use of magical intelligences but for our purposes, all spaceships have a magical intelligence. It is a personality that runs your ship and the gleans are the ones who figured out how to get access to them, and to create spaceships using them. Hmm.


Celeste Conowitch  47:56  

Oh, I love I love green.


Eugenio Vargas  48:03  

Yeah, well, yeah. Well, Amelia, let me tell you. About several of them. Yeah, because I was so sure that I was gonna be gleaned and then we kept going. I was like, oh, maybe I should be this. Should be this. Yes. Yes.


Unknown Speaker  48:15  



Amelia Antrim  48:16  

Yeah. The next one, I've already decided is what Ryan's gonna pay. Yeah. So next up


Celeste Conowitch  48:23  

on our list, we have the ino, which are sort of anthropomorphic cats. So the the feline species in the galaxy. So the, you know, have a long and complicated history and Alexis, but essentially, the root of their culture is all about wheeling and dealing and trading in favors. So they actually don't even have a system of currency on their planet, everything you do is a favor that you trade for something else, which is a policy that, you know, adventurers also have out in the universe. So they might do something for you, but they will definitely expect you to do something in return for them. And their home worlds are built around this concept. There are four main ruling families on ino. And basically each of these families controls a different aspect of you know, of government, so everything from you know, security to like agriculture. And then these these four ruling families have carried the, you know, through massive waves of expansion and warfare, and basically during the wars and a laxus that, you know, we're responsible for a lot of like arms dealing, but they also are great diplomats and spies, because they're just so charismatic and all about, you know, the the politics of what's going on. I like to say that the you know, it's sort of like Game of Thrones constantly on the, you know, Homeworld so that you know, are known for their social skills. And then they're also just an incredibly powerful species as well. So that's sort of the ino. When you do play. One, you have to choose which of the four families that you come from, which determines a lot about your social standing and your ties and your wealth when you start off as a Nino.


Eugenio Vargas  50:12  

Okay, we are now finally at our first bug's species.


Eugenio Vargas  50:19  

Actually, by going second, I have all three bucks


Unknown Speaker  50:24  

do it.


Eugenio Vargas  50:25  

So happy for you. I know I'm so happy. So our first bug species is the Catholic. The Catholic are these large titanus insectoid creatures, and they're a fascinating their culture is sort of this fascinating dichotomy. They are generally speaking, their society is very friendly, very close knit family units, familiar units communities in their society, but they are also powerful and skilled warriors. And, and they have had to sort of be both throughout their history. So their homeworld was actually on the outer reaches of Alexis. And it was one of the first to to be destroyed or anyway consumed by the burn. And so they were very early on in the burn bright, chased from their homeworld from their original Homeworld. They, since then they have spread inwards, and they eventually learned to make spaceships so that they could actually get places and escaped to the burn. And they were taught that by a species that we'll talk about a little bit later, the old runs. But again, a species of dichotomies, the old ones taught them to make spaceships and now the old ones have sort of turned on the Catholics as they have spread throughout the galaxy. And the rivalry, the enmity between old ruins and Catholics is, is sort of well known throughout the galaxy. So so they're, they're this sort of species, well, several of these are, but they're a species without, without a real original Homeworld left, there. Also, as far as I can tell, they are one of the few or possibly the only playable species that has a very, very codified religion, not just in sort of belief in Gods or higher powers, but an actual organized religion that is a big part of many of their societal groups. So again, you know, they're just sort of this fascinating combination. Our we have a Catholic in our game and our Catholic is, and I think this is sort of a perfect tintype of the Catholic is modeled after uncle IRA from avatar, The Last Airbender, which is very much how I see these creatures, they are loving, they are caring, and they are not to be trifled with one of the or the free ability that you get when you choose the Keith hook as your creature or as your species is that you can do something called a defensive stance of defensive position, where you lock your carrier pace together with other kids hooks to form sort of this single, powerfully armored unit, right, which is, again, yet another sort of perfect metaphor for this species.


Celeste Conowitch  53:15  

Yeah, also, they're like, yeah, they're like six and a half foot tall, seven foot tall. So let's, let's not forget that.


Eugenio Vargas  53:24  

on that, I suppose.


Celeste Conowitch  53:29  

So next up on the list, we have the piece craft, which are semi organic, CP and robots, basically. And starting off,


Ryan Boelter  53:41  

you say that they're in disguise.


Celeste Conowitch  53:43  

Oh, boy, I'm not gonna dig.


Celeste Conowitch  53:53  

So the God, peace craft, they, when you start off as a piece craft, you already stand like nine to 10 feet tall, starting off, and every piece craft was actually built to be worn as like a mech sort of suit. So all piece craft actually have a place that you can sit inside them. And the peace craft were built originally by a species that was warring with each other on their home planet called packs. So these people basically were at war and basically had this arm race to create these peace craft that they were using to destroy each other. And they were so effective at building these peace craft, that basically this species got entirely wiped out. So leaving only the peace craft remaining on the planet, and the peace craft at that point turned to each other and we're like, Okay, this is terrible. We hate war. It's awful. Our cities are ruined, our creators are dead. We will never fight again in a major war. So the peace craft are an incredibly peaceful race. They refuse to get involved in any of the wars that take place. Over laxus and prefer instead to pretty much go on humanitarian missions. So a lot of the peace craft involve themselves with organizations that help get food to people or help evacuate refugees. Basically, they're they're highly skilled beings that are just dedicated to not creating any more war. And what's sort of interesting about them is that part of this decision, you know, to, to remain living on this planet, and to continue as a species, they decided that no more piece craft would ever be built. So there are only about 10,000 piece craft in existence. And piece craft, in a way are immortal, because whenever a piece craft dies out there in the world, basically, as they live their memory, and their personality is constantly being backed up on to the servers that live on packs on on their homeworld, they call them the heart servers. So if a piece craft is out there and gets destroyed or dies, they basically just take the information and download it into a new body that they build. So these 10,000 piece craft, you know, are just constantly reborn whenever they're destroyed. And there is sort of this embargo to like no more, we're not going to make any more of us but what's interesting is now that it's been discovered if a piece craft flies into the burn their personality and everything is wiped from the Homeworld servers so for the first time ever the peace crafter having to face the possibility of actual death. So the way they're dealing with that and the scientific discoveries they're making in the missions they're going on are definitely keeping that in mind now so the the peace graph have a lot of really cool abilities that are all about, you know, changing your form or like popping out gun turrets or like wheeling around like, like a tank or you know, putting people inside yourself to protect them or to heal them. So the peace craft also have a lot of cool abilities to interact with spaceships. Yeah, that's that's the piece of craft. They might be my favorite. I like robots.


Amelia Antrim  57:11  

take back what I said before.


Ryan Boelter  57:15  

You did call the the two that I was heavily choosing between so far, so


Amelia Antrim  57:22  

I know you well.


Eugenio Vargas  57:26  

Well, we haven't mentioned bugs in a while. So yeah, there we go. Next up, we have the roaring in our second bug species. The Ronin actually are swarms of bugs. These are individually they are tiny little Blue Beetle like insects, but they swarm together and create collective consciousnesses, which is what you play as an adventure. All of these species have sort of some degree of sad history with the burden and the running are no exception. their homeworld also was destroyed relatively early on in the appearance after the appearance of the burn. What's particularly tragic for the roar cannons is that they're originally every single roarin bug individual bug in existence was connected to one singular consciousness that was that was sort of connected and hugged at a queen they were the Borg but good but nice. Their Queen refused to leave the home planet as the burn approached believing that perhaps there was hope on the other side of the burner perhaps the burn didn't mean destruction or death. Whether or not the Queen was correct, we don't know. But for the for the roaring in that did leave the planet and we're not we're not taken into the burn. They experienced sort of massive mental trauma when all of a sudden when the Queen was consumed by the burn they were severed their their mental connection from the rest of their kind was completely severed. And it took a long time and it took the aaRC which is this organization that sort of plays into a lot of the adventures that you probably will have. It took scientists and and frankly therapists of the aaRC to help these creatures learn to exist separately from one another and to learn to create smaller hive mind units, which are how we see the roared and now as sort of, you know, maybe maybe 100,000 ish bugs that are all together as a quote unquote, individual mind and individual creature. As as a people, many of the Ronan's sort of sort of hope that they can one day rediscover the secret to connect to a grand hive and so that makes them inquisitive. It makes them very curious. It makes them often sort of willing to to ask questions regardless of you know, how appropriate it might be in the moment. They also are, they have very strongly in their societies, this concept of sort of the collective good, obviously, because they are, in fact, a collective. And they will often sort of adopt their adventuring companions as members of their of their hive, or of their horde or of their swarm, or whatever you call it. And so they will be very, very protective and loyal to their friends. Also, they eat metal and can squeeze through tiny places, because they're just bugs


Celeste Conowitch  1:00:40  

and they have lots of psychic powers.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:46  

Standard. Well, if I was going to choose an insect species, that would probably be


Eugenio Vargas  1:00:51  

it. Oh, you say that now.


Celeste Conowitch  1:00:57  

So next up on our list we have the old ran, and the old ran are crystalline humanoids. So their bodies are completely made of a hard crystalline substance. And basically, as they age, their bodies become more and more inorganic, up to the point where death for warning actually looks like you're completely petrified and can no longer move as your form has become completely crystal. And so the overand have an interesting history that sort of built out of necessity, because their home planet sits at the very center of a Lexus. So as you might imagine, a lot of people want to be at the very center of a Lexus. So old brands have constantly had to defend their homeworld from people who try to live there who try to take over who tried to take their resources. So the old brands have developed as an incredible powerful military culture. So over time, as they've been involved in many of these wars, this this culture has become even stronger, so much to the point every single old brand has to serve military service, in their in their upbringing. So all ole Rams are, you know, have some skill as either a pirate pirate, a pilot, or a soldier or like a field medic. And in owner in culture, you know, they have a long memory about the war heroes who have you know, led successful campaigns, they have lots of, you know, beautiful sculptures honoring these, these heroes and monuments to pass battles, is something that's that's huge in Overland culture. And what's what's sort of interesting about the old brand is that this you know, this pride in their own culture and heritage manifests so much that when overruns die on the planet, they actually often choose to dedicate their bodies to the defense of the Orion Homeworld. So when they become completely crystalline, they actually launched these bodies up into space, and use them to form a literal protective shield around the planet that is composed of ancestors and your elders. So you're donating your body to defend the Homeworld. Like that's the level of patriotism and pride, the older end people have. What's also really interesting about old friends is because their homeworld is considered the safest place in the whole galaxy with the burn. It's often odd for older institutions to leave their homeworld to become adventurers because it's like, why would you leave the safest place in the galaxy? So when you do play an old brand, it's usually the reason why you're off of your Homeworld is a big part of your character and something to consider. When you're when you're choosing to play them.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:47  

They also reproduce asexually


Celeste Conowitch  1:03:49  

Yeah, they split off pieces of themselves and grow into new people. Yeah. So wild, it's um, it's really cool. I mean, the the zoology and the biology that went into designing the species is fascinating. I know, Darcy Ross, who is another player say


Amelia Antrim  1:04:06  

I see Darcy, and some of them.


Celeste Conowitch  1:04:09  

Also a player with us in the burning daylight game. And Darcy did a ton of design work on this game. And you know, you can see the science shining through and a lot of these, these characters, the species, you know, the way they the way they reproduce, and the way they you know, use their abilities. It's, it's very, very cool. It actually feels like real aliens. You know, that's some that's sometimes like, a problem I have with Star Wars or Star Trek to an extent where it's like, oh, it's a human with a face prosthetic and it's like, but it's basically the same, right? They're all the same kind of alien. This game they are wildly different. And you really feel that when you when you play them and when you pick them, which is so much fun. Mm hmm. Yeah, so that's the old ran.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:54  

Alright, are you ready? I'm so excited.


Eugenio Vargas  1:04:59  

All right, sir. Final, but certainly not last, but certainly not least of our bug is species and then the last one of the eight playable species are the Zavala there's a giant five foot long white slugs that can inhabit corpses. Hmm, that's


Unknown Speaker  1:05:22  

it no


Unknown Speaker  1:05:25  

Your name is old.


Eugenio Vargas  1:05:28  

So there's a void as I said Are these big long white slugs they actually don't they I mentioned with the with the roaring and a lot of these species have direct sort of tragic histories with the burn. This avoid Homeworld hasn't been consumed by the burn yet, though it is sort of now on in the outer parts of what remains of the galaxy so many is the boy have left their original Homeworld. The original Homeworld had some issues even before the burn, though, that makes the boy society and personality sort of interesting. There was a massive nuclear accident on these avoid Homeworld that basically made made a future of that planet being completely uninhabitable, very real. And so there's a void adapted and became these incredible recyclers and conserve conservationists to make continued life on their planet possible and many of them will take that even if they leave their home planet many of them will take that sort of philosophy with them Waste not want not, I will often sing the rockers modern life recycle song during our shows, or small snippets of it, so we don't get sued.


Eugenio Vargas  1:06:47  

Waste not want not there's a void take that waste not want not to a whole nother level though. In their main species ability which is inhabit corpse, they waste nothing, including the bodies of the dead. In fact, they are truly just big slugs, right. So there's only so much that a big giant slug could really build and create. And so what this lawyer able to do is they can inhabit the body of any dead creature of a certain size, their restrictions, whatever, it doesn't matter, and animate it and use it to move about the world. And depending on the voice, some of them have the ability to sort of read the corpses mind and know its memories to be able to use some of the skills that that person had in life as if the voice knew them. They have all kinds of abilities but But the main point is that waste not want not goes to the extreme with these folks. And And while many other species may view this voice and happening of corpses as odd at best and perhaps offensive and blasphemous at worst, this volume making use of the resources that are available to them. This ability does obviously give them the ability to sort of serve as you know, spies and infiltrators and gives them a lot of opportunity for skullduggery and and infiltration and secrecy. But, you know, no tool is good or evil. It's how you use it.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:26  

So this is just like next level necromancy.


Unknown Speaker  1:08:29  



Ryan Boelter  1:08:30  

yes, yes. Yes. Amelia? That's right up your alley. Oh, five foot slug thing?


Amelia Antrim  1:08:39  

Yeah, I mean, I can


Celeste Conowitch  1:08:40  

go art makes them look pretty cute, which is I'm gonna say they're only redeeming.


Eugenio Vargas  1:08:48  

And I love Atash my voice in our game, but that is 100%. Fair.


Celeste Conowitch  1:08:53  

I also I should just posit that I have a huge irrational fear of slugs just my whole life. It's been a problem. So when I saw this, I was like, Oh, man. And I also knew immediately that at least one cast member was gonna want to be this because like, how can you pass up the opportunity to a creature that can wear other creatures?


Celeste Conowitch  1:09:14  

I know, you just can't you just can't pass that up.


Eugenio Vargas  1:09:18  

I can't Well, as I as I talked about when we were doing our session zero and when I chose this voice, you know, if for someone like me, who who loves playing with character voices and accents and things like that, like what greater opportunity than a creature that inhabits creatures with different vocal apparatuses?


Unknown Speaker  1:09:35  

Oh, yeah.


Eugenio Vargas  1:09:36  

So I enjoy it. So that's this void, and that caps off our eight playable species. We spend a lot of time on it, because this really is sort of the central this and culture are the two really central parts


Celeste Conowitch  1:09:48  

of finding cartons of the carrot. Yeah.


Eugenio Vargas  1:09:51  

Yeah. Both both sort of in a narrative sense. And also, as we'll see, also, in a mechanical sense, as we go a little further down this process Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:02  

I really enjoyed learning about burn bright. This is a really interesting setting and it like there's a lot of cool possibilities happening in this one.


Ryan Boelter  1:10:10  

There's so much yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:11  

So we created a really fun group of aliens. And I can't wait for everybody to hear all about that. But before we head out for today, I have a review.


Ryan Boelter  1:10:21  

Yeah, reviews are fun. I remember you can actually leave reviews on Apple podcasts, that's probably the best place. I know the interface is garbage. But you can also leave reviews on pod chaser or any number of other places where you can actually leave reviews. I Know podcast addict has reviews as well now, we'll check those places where we can. And when we find reviews, we'll read them out on the air. They make us feel amazing when we get your reviews. So definitely keep keep leaving them. And this is our last one. This is our last one from Cass Nix, from Canada on iTunes. They titled it great show. Ryan and Amelia both do a great job in facilitating exploring several systems fairly rapidly, while being very friendly and inviting. It's great if you're considering branching out from something such as d&d, this podcast has opened my eyes to quite a few unique ttrpg s. Until recently, I depend very much stuck in d&d fifth edition. And thought I was pioneering when I was considering taking a look at Pathfinder or an older edition. Now I have a backlog of several different systems I want to try including spider blades in the dark and quest landia too, when it comes out. So thanks for that. Thank you for your


Amelia Antrim  1:11:49  

Thank you. That was Yeah, I'm always excited to hear that people are like finding new games. There's I mean, there's such a plethora of stuff out there that like, gosh, even I don't know where to start. And I feel like I'm fairly plugged in to the to the tabletop world and even I'm like, yeah, where where do I go? Exactly. So I'm glad I'm glad we're helping people figure it out.


Ryan Boelter  1:12:13  

Yeah, me too. What? This has been fantastic. I can't wait until the next episode. So let's go ahead and close things up and have a good day everyone.


Amelia Antrim  1:12:25  

Yep, enjoy your week.


Amelia Antrim  1:12:44  

Thank you for joining us for part one of this character creation series. We'll be back in part two picking up right where we left off.


Ryan Boelter  1:12:51  

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Now we got to read some show blurbs


Ryan Boelter  1:14:39  

show blurbs.


Unknown Speaker  1:14:42  

sjoberg show blurbs.


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