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Series 32.2 - Burn Bryte with Celeste Conowitch and Eugenio Vargas (Creation Continued)

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It’s the second episode of series 32! We welcome back Celeste Conowitch and Eugenio Vargas from the Burning Daylight live streamed campaign to create characters together for Burn Bryte, a galaxy spanning, science fantasy RPG exclusively for

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It’s the second episode of series 32! We welcome back Celeste Conowitch and Eugenio Vargas from the Burning Daylight live streamed campaign to create characters together for Burn Bryte, a galaxy spanning, science fantasy RPG exclusively for


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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome to the second episode of series 32. Everyone, we actually get to creating our characters this episode, so we can't wait for you to hear how they all come together. But before we get to that, here are some announcements. First up, it's audio verse finals time everyone. There are a few shows on the one shot network that deserve your attention. First up, it's audio verse awards, finalists time everyone. There are a few shows on the one shot network that deserve your attention. campaign sky Jax sky Jax couriers call the broadswords, and a show that I have a little something to do with a horror Borealis all have some nominations in there somewhere. So this process is getting things from all of the nominations down to 10 nominations per category. So this process does require a bit of picking and choosing someone familiar shows and people because they make you nominate 10 items per category. But if you stick to the one shot shows and then branch out from there, you'll be in good standing might also suggest keeping an eye out for nominations for the audio fiction show valance. It's definitely well deserved if you haven't heard it before. And they've got quite a few nominations. So that might actually pad out your nominations list quite a bit in some categories. In other news, keep an eye out this coming Friday, October 16. Because I am going to start live streaming a brand new campaign on Twitch. If you head to my channel at twitch TV slash Lord Neptune RB. That's our as and Ryan B as in Boelter and follow, you can easily get right to the action. Starting at 7:30pm Central time. I'll be leading a really great group of folks through the session zero to the campaign. What game will we be running you may be asking. Well, you may have heard me talk about it a few times on the show. But we're going to be running the latest version of chi mera the powered by the apocalypse game that I have been developing with armor armor as. And we are going to be blending together three genres, fantasy, superheroes and magical girls. And then seeing what world that makes and creating characters from those three genres. It should be a really fun time, so definitely check it out. We'll be posted about it a lot. When it comes go time. I believe that's all the announcements we have for today's episode. With all of that out of the way. Let's get on with the show. Enjoy.


Ryan Boelter  3:38  

All right, so what's everybody thinking of choosing?


Amelia Antrim  3:43  

Okay, I kind of want to do a clean,


Unknown Speaker  3:45  

clean. Okay. Cool.


Ryan Boelter  3:48  

Um, Emilio's right? I'm gonna go with no


Celeste Conowitch  3:54  

oh my gosh, you know, what are you gonna make this time?


Eugenio Vargas  3:57  

Well, so I want to either make a piece crafter and overran that because we don't have those on our i


Celeste Conowitch  4:04  

wanted to i was between piece craft and Orion too. So we should just okay.


Celeste Conowitch  4:15  

I want Oh, then I will pick over and I want to be


Eugenio Vargas  4:19  

which is great. Because the very first body that Atash inhabited was an old one. So I've already dove into new abilities a little bit. So this is perfect.


Celeste Conowitch  4:27  

All right, for me, Crystal boy.


Ryan Boelter  4:31  

All right. So since I chose ino, it gives me a distinction. I have to choose one of four houses.


Celeste Conowitch  4:38  

Yep, your family's? Really Yeah, is there. So one of them has sort of a role in the culture that they oversee. So you can do science or you can do I don't have it in front of me. I went well, because now I can't see anything. I don't


Ryan Boelter  4:53  

think that Okay, so there's the Nov, which is in charge of defense, the old war which is In charge of science efforts, the tin considers itself the most practical of the houses to use to material acquisitions, make sure they appears fed, okay. And the seals, CL and qL are maintained maintain governance over magic, you know, space. So, literally, aside from the the cat people thing, the one reason I actually chose this one was because of the or house, which is in charge of the science efforts. And they were originally commonly including, they did like terraforming. And now they're concerned with stopping the burns advance, which is probably my my main drive for wanting to create a character in this.


Celeste Conowitch  5:53  

Alright, so stop that burn. Yeah. And what's what's sort of interesting sidebar, can I do a sidebar about magic? Oh, go for it. Yeah. So what's really, really cool about magic in this world is that most people, most places aren't inherently magical. Magic is actually a resource that you can very much have to mine. And then process and then use in your spells. So all magic in the universe is basically are in this galaxy is basically comes from a substance called plasma, which is actually mined in plasma wells, which works a lot like fossil fuels that we have like on Earth. So basically, these omniscient beings that you referenced earlier, like black ice CO is one of these beings, plasma comes from when one of those beings, when they die, their body breaks down into this source of plasma that's deep under the earth, and then people go and mine it up. So it was great before the burn came, and they were just discovering all these plasma wells. And it was awesome. And you know, everybody had magic and everything came to rely on magic. But when the burn happened, a lot of those periphery planets that had these wells started to get burnt up. And then basically, for the first time, they're like, oh, we're gonna run out of plasma. So that's a very real problem in the galaxy, right now, it's, you know, using these plasma wells plasma so expensive. And if you find a new Well, it's a whole reason to start a war or, you know, people will trade and bargain and steal, just to get access to magic because it's become sort of a crutch for a lot of people in a laxus. So like, they he knows, you know, discovery, and use of magic is is huge and has a lot of, yeah, a lot of complicated elements to it. So yeah, I just love that you have to like mine for magic. No, it makes some good sense.


Ryan Boelter  7:59  

That's very cool. Okay, so we got our species.


Amelia Antrim  8:04  

Yeah, I had to pick my relic query to Oh, Which one did you go with? Yeah, I went with the zelis. It makes the bear more bombastic while also making them more prone to jealousy. Oh,


Celeste Conowitch  8:17  

yeah. That'd be fun.


Unknown Speaker  8:19  

Yeah, yeah.


Celeste Conowitch  8:20  

Yeah, it is cool, too. In the back. They have a Pronunciation Guide and the content


Eugenio Vargas  8:24  

just to say that yeah, these are all in the guide. Yeah, some of them are sort of odd.


Celeste Conowitch  8:30  

It definitely I had some stumbling The first time I was reading through some of this book for some reason. I just couldn't say Kathak. The apostrophe scared me, I guess.


Ryan Boelter  8:42  

Fair enough.


Amelia Antrim  8:44  

Did you like that? It gives you example, names. Oh,


Celeste Conowitch  8:48  

yeah. Yeah, they're really great about that.


Unknown Speaker  8:51  

Oh, I got it. Right. It was.


Amelia Antrim  8:54  

Nailed it.


Ryan Boelter  8:56  

So which one did you choose? I missed it.


Amelia Antrim  8:58  

I went with this Atlas, which is makes the bearer more bombastic while also making them more prone to jealousy.


Ryan Boelter  9:04  

Nice. I saw the word bombastic and I was like, sweet,


Unknown Speaker  9:09  

yes. So all right,


Ryan Boelter  9:10  

word sold. All right. Any other options for species that we need to call out?


Unknown Speaker  9:17  

No, but yeah, just


Ryan Boelter  9:18  

okay, cool we can do.


Celeste Conowitch  9:21  

The next one is sort of interesting. Culture is a really cool part of character creation. So that's the next tab here.


Eugenio Vargas  9:30  

Mm hmm. Next, all right. Yeah. So the way that this is presented in the charactermancer, is you can choose from a bunch of different existing systems, and it'll give you information as you click on them. Just like with the species, the descriptions will come up on the side. You can also create a custom systems list already mentioned, you know, the galaxy is a big place, even though it's finite, it's still a big place. So you can absolutely create your own system that has, you know, the type of background that you want. But what's important here is that there are basically going to be four markers about any given civilization, that tell you what kind of civilization what kind of system or culture, not civilization, what kind of culture and system there is there. And those four markers are also going to tell you a little bit about how you're going to build your character. So the four markers, which are ultimately what, what I think we'll want to look at now are, what kind of borders do they have? Are the borders open to anyone? Are they super isolationist? Or somewhere in between? how diverse are the people of that system? Is it just truly just the Catholics? Is it super homogeneous? Is it super inclusive? There's a little bit of everybody there? Or is it sort of inclusive, but partition, so each different species has sort of their area of the system? The third marker, it talks about economics, which is basically just how rich is the system in general? Pretty straightforward. And finally, density. Is this an urban system with lots of big cities? Is this a rural system with lots of farms? Or is it a suburban system with lots of strip malls?


Celeste Conowitch  11:08  

which is totally thing.


Unknown Speaker  11:12  

Land it's like that.


Eugenio Vargas  11:13  

Joking, but also not at all.


Ryan Boelter  11:15  

Some parks and soccer fields? Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  11:19  

that's right.


Celeste Conowitch  11:19  

For me, for me, it's pretty easy to make this choice because since I'm playing an all around, you know, their, their home planet is my phone. So Mar thong is one of the systems that they've already provided as an option. So I'm not going to get creative, I'm just going to go ahead and assume that my character grew up on on the planet. So I'm going to select them and their borders are isolationist, so because they constantly are fighting to keep other people out, do want to take their stuff, density suburban. So basically, there are, you know, main cities, but there is some space for people to live in grow at their own rate, diversity homogenous, again, because it's mostly All rooms there, since most other species can't be trusted in their opinion. Because they because you know, the home planet has plasma wells. And they also have this special aura that helps magic and it's homogenous, and economics than wealthy because Martha young does have all these resources. So I think my characters used to a certain amount of wealth.


Eugenio Vargas  12:23  

Yeah, there are each of the different, each of the four markers, and each of the categories within each marker has a different mechanical thing that it will do for you. Right, you might get more or fewer special species special abilities. Obviously, the wealth system, the wealth marker is going to tell you how much starting Argent you have to buy supplies. But what I love about this, and when we did our session zero for for burning daylight, I didn't know any of that, right? I didn't, I hadn't actually had a chance to look at what each of the markers would do for the rest of my character creation process. And he didn't I mean, it matters, of course, it matters. But as we were creating it, it wasn't so important. What was important to the five of us, as we created these characters was the story of where we were from, right, I knew that I wanted my boy to have to have fled their homeworld, and ended up sort of somewhere relatively rural living a sort of quiet conservation, his life out on the farm, and, and whatever. So I picked a system that did that. And then the charactermancer filled in the mechanical things as I kept going. So you know, each of the existing systems has a little paragraph what they're about. And frankly, that's how I would choose. I mean, if you want to go in and game the system, and make sure you get you know, as many special abilities, you're welcome to do that. But this game is so story based. And it does it so well that like, I don't know, read your paragraph or your system blurbs and go from there.


Celeste Conowitch  13:44  

Well, they also do such a good job of balancing everything here in in this already all the proposed systems and they already give you like what was like 15 to pick from or something, there are a ton already built in there. And also in the rules they talk about if you want to build your own culture, they give you guidelines on how to do that. So even if you do want to create a character from none of the known systems and you want to make your whole own world, they definitely give you the tools to do that. So so fine getting to make a character.


Unknown Speaker  14:16  

Yeah, I'm so happy to


Unknown Speaker  14:18  

just been helping people make characters.


Ryan Boelter  14:23  

Okay, so my thought process was if I am a person that wants to stop the burn, hmm. I would want to collaborate with as many people as possible. Great. Um, so I would want it like an open orders and an inclusive system or diversity. Um, maybe not poor, but at least intermediate comics, probably urban, could probably go suburban and really one of the only ones that I saw that met those criteria was to Sella Hmm, the solar system


Eugenio Vargas  15:03  

sounds interesting. Looks like it's got like a mining Homeworld or city or something like that. Yeah, I'm trying to click into it but if I remember correctly, Sela is where the aaRC the alliance of relief and compromise conservation. They have a base they're in an old mine we're here Why is it not? Oh here it is yeah yeah yeah so this this so the aaRC comes up in burning daylight and Celeste can speak to it way more than I can because I don't know yet but they're pretty they're pretty major organization in in your storytelling


Ryan Boelter  15:37  

that's pretty cool


Celeste Conowitch  15:38  

yeah so basically yeah basically the alliance of relief and conservation was started during the last bright when you know wars and exploration and everything there are beginning to be a lot of problems in a galaxy with a lot of different species who wanted a lot of different things from a lot of different places. So the aaRC was started and was largely helped along by species like the peace craft, whose mission is all about helping others and you know, stopping war efforts. So the aaRC is kind of this big like heroic organization that popped up that basically takes talented adventures and individuals and gives them missions and assignments to help other people. So it's like a giant volunteer hero organization out there. And it started off as this big awesome thing. But when the burn hit, everybody got scattered and preoccupied with you know, helping themselves and their peoples first. So the aaRC still exists, but it's sort of this scattered volunteer system that has chapters in different places, and there's not this overarching structure that there used to be. So there are aaRC agents and like, you know, little bastions across the galaxy, but there's no big effort there. But the air sea is a great way for new gems to burn bright to to introduce missions, and to give your your adventures or heroes a reason to be together and a reason to do good out in the galaxy. So they're a pretty cool, go to in terms of sort of your adventuring Guild, you know, in a Lexus.


Ryan Boelter  17:15  

Alright, so I'll go to Silva. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  17:18  

I am going to go with the cowbell asteroid fields. I feel like because it said that they were asteroids filled with water. And that sounded cool to me.


Ryan Boelter  17:29  

Yeah. Huh. Yeah.


Celeste Conowitch  17:32  

They were born in water. Yeah, pretty much.


Ryan Boelter  17:36  

That would make sense.


Eugenio Vargas  17:37  

Uh, and I another, just to be weird. And actually, I sort of chose at random that had some different markers than my character in burning daylight. But turns out this piece craft has spent a lot of time on the pangolin system, which is yet another ocean world. And let's see it is a selectively bordered suburban, partitioned intermediate Lee wealthy system. So there you go.


Ryan Boelter  18:05  

Where was your character from Celeste?


Celeste Conowitch  18:08  

Oh, so I checked, I picked the MAR thong system. Oh, yeah. So built into these given species, or given cultures. There are a lot of indicators for if you want to just go to the homeworld of some of the eight playable species. So I went ahead and picked Marth on which is built into the old Rand backstory, basically, that's the planet they they hail from? Yeah, so I went ahead and just just selected that. Because I like easy choice.


Ryan Boelter  18:37  

Yeah. All right. So it looks like after the culture is the story path?


Celeste Conowitch  18:45  

Yeah, there it is. Oh, my gosh, this one is hard to pick because they have so many good ones.


Amelia Antrim  18:50  

Oh, my goodness. Yeah.


Celeste Conowitch  18:52  

So basically, yeah, this the, when you're choosing your story path, you are choosing that, you know, that B plot that is happening to your character, you know, while you're going along, and plot a so these stories speak a lot to sort of what you want for your character or the general direction you think they're going in in terms of their growth or their story. And these are things it's built into the GM section talking about how over the course of about every two hours of play, you should hit a story path for one of the characters, you should hit one of these story path events. So that's something that's that's really encouraged for the gyms to build these little plots inside of the bigger plots that are happening. It's also you know, talked about how at the beginning and the end of every session, you should as a group, review your story paths and talk about what your next one is, you know, and your your expectations for it. So it's really encouraged that this is a big part of your character. Hmm. I mean, they're all over the place from gosh, there's so many good ones battle artifact unleashed face, fear. Gain followers, love, on the run, recover so much.


Ryan Boelter  20:06  

And these are all very evocative. Like you can you can easily see that there's a lot of avenues probably just from the one sentence that they have here. Yeah.


Eugenio Vargas  20:18  

Anybody see anything that's catching their eye in particular, I think I have, I think I have mine. So we talked about, you know, the piece craft are these, these giant mechs, these robots, that a lot of their special abilities already have to do with altering themselves and having gun cannons appear on their arms and things like that. So I think I'm going to go with the upgrade story path, which is about upgrading your body and its performance capabilities. And I think, I think that Alienware 17, which is the name of my piece craft, because it was the first thing that I saw,


Unknown Speaker  21:01  

I think, I think


Eugenio Vargas  21:02  

their, their story path is going to not be about adding more tech to their body, but about what happens if a piece craft decides that they want to introduce biological components to their body. So I'm going to go with the upgrade story path. And every story path has, I can't remember if we've already mentioned this, but it has five distinct steps. A beginning step that sort of kicks off the kicks off the story for your character, obviously, then and ending step as the fifth one. And a lot of these will have ending steps that have some some possibilities if you succeed at whatever you've been trying to do, or if you fail, and there'll be different character advancement options based on whether you succeed or fail your plan. And then usually three intermediate steps. Sometimes the steps the order doesn't matter, or they're a little more flexible. Sometimes the intermediate steps are a little more codified. Obviously, this is still a narrative game, so everything is sort of up in the air. But while you all have a look for yours, just really quickly, the upgrade story paths steps are the first one is to make a plan for how you're going to I'm going to upgrade, discover a new way to modify it, maybe meet a new scientist, that's going to help me with it. The second step is to actually do the upgrading of my body. The third step is to upgrade my brain or my brain chemistry or I guess my processor since I'm obese craft. The fourth event after the first two quote unquote small modifications is to make a big change. And the final step of mine is to go beyond mortal I've experimented and changed and now I'm really pushing the limits that that changes me in some significant way. And as I make each of those steps I either get to increase die size I get new special abilities. What have you.


Celeste Conowitch  22:59  

Oh, I love I love that especially with the whole like the peace craft or you know, trying to find a way to stop like dying permanently in the burn. Maybe that's some kind of motivation there.


Eugenio Vargas  23:08  

Yeah, we've tried all the technological approaches. Yeah, there's something to this organic.


Ryan Boelter  23:15  



Amelia Antrim  23:16  

I picked bond Yeah. Where I tried to become best friends with someone


Ryan Boelter  23:24  

was one of the player characters


Amelia Antrim  23:25  

was one of the player characters. Um, I thought this would go really well with my jealousy thing. Yeah. Um, I thought that would be fun to play out. So um, the first event we should hang out more my second third and fourth are interchangeable night out. never told anyone this and trust you with my life. And then the final one is I basically asked them so are we best friends hoping that they're my best friend and I'm also their best friend because it's really awkward.


Ryan Boelter  24:03  

Busy for myself, I actually I have an idea for the character went a little bit in a different direction. I saw this one double life. Hmm. So I want to say that my character maybe had some unpopular scientific theories about the Bern. And was kind of is kind of on the outs with the this the other ino scientists and maybe maybe they are just trying to kind of hide while doing their research on the down low. Yeah, effectively. Um, so this one is the first event is the new EU where you have to create your your fake identity. The second event is fake ID we actually have to have a Fake identification, like government, space driver's license, I guess, um, fool someone you know, is the third event where like, if you actually reveal your identity to them, it could put you or them in danger. Um, fourth event is your alter egos purpose Did you finish the mission that required it to get away from whoever was chasing you, etc? And then the fifth event, who do you become? And now that you no longer need your cover identity, will you become your Alter Ego again? Or are you content to let them die? And you can get some rewards either way, which is interesting. Oh,


Celeste Conowitch  25:43  

some of these I mean, it's so awesome. The the diversity you can have with these, you know, like the one Amelia picked is all about making a relationship with another player in the game or like the one you picked Ryan. It's like, Oh my gosh, like do who, you know, building this whole elaborate backstory? And then like, yeah, you NEOs is about questing to, you know, change them fundamentally who they are. Like, the one I'm gonna pick is create masterpiece. So you are determined to create an amazing piece of art could be a painting song, software weapon, anything that can emotionally move others. Yeah, for some reason, I really see my old ran as wanting to leave the plants like craft the perfect weapon, specifically, like swords come to mind, like my, you know, go on my Hattori Hanzo quest to get out there and like find, you know, the most beautiful and the most perfect material or way to make this weapon, I feel like would be a great reason why my old friend has left the Homeworld, you know, to be inspired and to discover, you know, the the perfect thing like it's out there, you know, in the galaxy nap to find it before it's consumed by the burn. So the first event for that is inspiration. So you you find something that inspires your work of art, you know, it's that initial Spark, second event blueprint. So you make your plan for what you're going to make a third event missing ingredient. So you Turman and you find that specific thing that's going to make your masterpiece, what it is, the fourth event is completing your masterpiece. And then the fifth event is presenting your masterpiece. And what's cool about this, there's a bunch of different options about how this can go. So there's a different reward. If you sell it, there's a reward if you give it to someone, and there's different reward if you keep it for yourself. So it's kind of cool to see Yeah, what what you decide to do with this thing you've made actually determines, you know, how your character advances. That's pretty cool. Yeah, we have wildly different and interesting story paths. It is such a fun and interesting challenge as a GM to you know, once you get these story paths, to weave them, especially, especially for someone like me, who's running a module for this game. So weaving the story paths into the world of the module in a way that makes sense and is meaningful is an interesting challenge. As a GM when running burn bright.


Amelia Antrim  28:16  

Right? So skills.


Unknown Speaker  28:17  



Amelia Antrim  28:19  

this is where it gets a little crunchy. Yes,


Celeste Conowitch  28:22  

it is a little crunchy. So I will say, for to help you all out while you're making the sheet here. Basically, at the end of this, you want all those numbers in the bottom to be zero. Yeah, so don't change things on the drop down. Go ahead and change things in the in the zeros columns. That will help you out a lot.


Ryan Boelter  28:44  



Eugenio Vargas  28:46  

yeah, there's a couple this, this screen is a little quirky. And there's like a couple of ways that you can achieve the same thing, but only like one and a half of them will make it look nice. Yeah.


Celeste Conowitch  29:00  

And this is something that I do know the role. 20 team is constantly developing and working on to improve, which is sort of nice. When you build a game for an online platform, you can actually update it and constantly make it better instead of you know, it's Oh, no, it's printed in a book. Mm hmm. Yeah. It's gone.


Amelia Antrim  29:18  

Yeah. And Oh, interesting. So I see when you hover over them, it says like plus one any or plus one? Yeah, mentors. So okay, so if I want to use that one, I put it in. Okay, I think I got it.


Ryan Boelter  29:29  

Okay. So there are a 468 1012, five dice, a five die sizes, right? And you're, and there are six kills per category it looks like


Celeste Conowitch  29:45  

so you can never have lower than a D four in anything. So that's why everything is already set to a D four. So it's already assuming that you have a D four and everything. Okay, now,


Eugenio Vargas  29:56  

again, the nice thing about doing this to the charactermancer is What this sheet has done for each of us individually, is it took the culture choice that we made, and maybe our species choice, possibly I can't remember. And it took those choices and already tells us in that little box chart on the bottom, how many of each die size we get to upgrade. So you know, my numbers are gonna look a little bit different because of my my culture choice than yours. But they're all down there. And it tells you exactly how you can divvy them up. You know, whether the D six pool that you have to divvy up can be an any type of skill if it has to be a mental skill, a physical skill, a social skill. And here, each of the 18 skills have descriptions. But again, it's sort of this is very narrative, it's sort of about how you can imagine using these skills, right. So when my character did that, that that point of shaming, damage, mental shaming damage the other day, I think I used presence, which is a social skill, but I could have very easily used performance, if I wanted to, I could have used empathy if I had made a case to Celeste for, you know, understanding how this person thinks and that time getting to them. So the this specific descriptions of each of the skills are helpful, but don't let them be restrictive. As you think about how you're divvying up your


Amelia Antrim  31:17  

skills, do I need to check the box next to a


Eugenio Vargas  31:21  

skill. So one way to get the numbers to be nice and zero at the end, is to check the box for any skill that you're going to change the drop down on. So for example, if you want to change your deceive to a D six, because you have a D six in your chart at the bottom, check the box and then do the drop down menu. And that will count it down from your chart.


Ryan Boelter  31:46  



Amelia Antrim  31:46  

will it only pull it from the ne or like because I have a physical that I can pick a detention?


Eugenio Vargas  31:54  

With? That's a really good question that I don't know the answer to so let's find out.


Amelia Antrim  31:58  

So like if I don't check it, and I like it. Yep, it pulls up from that one. But if I record check for any. Any it does it from the any?


Eugenio Vargas  32:09  

So see, I'm still learning. So yes, the checkbox is is telling the system that you want to pull it out of your any row. If you don't check it, it'll try and pull it from the specific skill type row. So physical, mental or social. Okay. Then the last thing that is also a little quirky is that a lot of the culture options will will give you on the far right, that column just says plus one. Some of the culture options will say increase any die size by one, it doesn't say you get a D six in a mental skill just as increase any on this charactermancer. The way that you'll do that. If you have let's say for example, I have the number two in my plus one any. So that first column of zeros, I'll go in there and change that to a one where I want to increase the die size by one.


Amelia Antrim  33:00  

Gotcha. Okay, so you won't change in the drop down?


Eugenio Vargas  33:04  

Correct? In that case, if I'm using the plus one and not a specific die size, use the column of zeros. Can you set it to a die size? And


Ryan Boelter  33:11  

then add plus one to that?


Eugenio Vargas  33:13  

Yes, yes. Yes, one? Yeah, yep, absolutely, you can. And what's also super cool is that, so the drop down, and then the column of plus ones will all add themselves together. And all the way on the far right you see the visual representation of the dye that should ultimately represent what the dye is. So if you change it to D six, and that a plus one, that far right, blue columns should show a D eight.


Celeste Conowitch  33:39  

So hard to pick.


Eugenio Vargas  33:41  

I'm sitting here gabbing and haven't made a single choice. So here we go.


Ryan Boelter  33:47  

So I am trying to choose between a D 10. For a physical skill. I can't choose between athletics, melee or skullduggery. Ooh, stuff is good too. Darn it, there's too many good skills.


Celeste Conowitch  34:02  

That's a good problem to have during character is and and remember,


Eugenio Vargas  34:05  

you're gonna end up having to use your bad skills too, if you want those Nova points. Yeah, so So what I've actually learned from our couple of sessions of burning daylight, is if there's a skill that you know, your character is going to want to use a lot. Yes, there is something to be said for giving it a large die size. But there's also something to be said for picking one skill that you think you might use a lot and leaving it as a default or making it a D six, because I don't make it that much easier for you to go to that die size and check it off of your Nova point list. That makes sense. I may love to you know, play the tuba but I might be terrible at it. So maybe my perform is still at a D four. But I do it all the time, right.


Amelia Antrim  34:49  

I don't know what I want my character to like, do. Like I don't have like a job.


Celeste Conowitch  34:57  

Well, I mean, you know a lot of gleans You can go back to kind of species inspirations or inventors or artists. So perhaps there's there's something along those lines.


Amelia Antrim  35:08  

Okay? Just want to make friends.


Celeste Conowitch  35:13  

You're a performer who know you love slam poetry. No. You You love improv. You just want to make friends. So you join the improv troupes all across a Lexus.


Amelia Antrim  35:27  



Celeste Conowitch  35:31  

No, I'm definitely building this all around like like a Klingon. Like, let's be real. I'm like decorum. Yes. Presence. Yes.


Ryan Boelter  35:42  

Love it. All right. I've got three more dice, and two plus ones to assign somewhere. I haven't picked any social No, I have. I've got one social skill at a D 12. So in really, you want to have one of each die type across all your skills, right? Yes.


Eugenio Vargas  36:08  

So one of the one of the things that you that it talks about in advancement is that you can never not have a die type somewhere in your 18 skills. Okay, so if you only have let's say, you know, one D six skill after several, you know, story arc and enhancements, you cannot upgrade that D six to a D eight, until you upgrade a D four to a D six first. And, and you know, that's a good way to keep your character balanced. But also, it just mechanically means that you can continue to get Nova points. If you eliminate a die type entirely from your sheet, then you can't you can no longer gain Nova points, but you won't be able to roll one of each tie type anymore.


Ryan Boelter  36:49  

That makes sense. Because I've got a deal. I've got one D eight that I was no actually have to but say I only had one. And I apply that somewhere. And then the last one to it. Now I have no dates, right. And I would never be able to get a nova until I actually level up and exactly right. Okay, exactly.


Eugenio Vargas  37:10  

So so they so they just had that off at the past by saying you always have to have at least one of each die type somewhere doesn't matter. You know, it doesn't have to be any particular type of scale, but it's got to have at least one somewhere among the 18.


Ryan Boelter  37:23  

Okay, that makes sense. Haha, there it is.


Unknown Speaker  37:28  

All right.


Ryan Boelter  37:30  



Eugenio Vargas  37:31  

One other thing that I just discovered that I did not remember from before, if anyone is having issues getting your plus one column to go down after you've put ones in, I had to actually hit enter after I put the one in rattles tabbing off of it. I do not remember that being the case, when we did our sessions here. Oh, for burning daylight, but it was there fiddling all the time. I will say the the roll 20 team has been really, really great and really responsive to us, you know, letting them know, when we discover. We discover bugs or just when we're when we say you know, oh, this actually is a little confusing, or this might be easier to work with. If it looks something like this. They've been really great about responding to that and sort of taking it to their developers and obviously not implementing every suggestion we have What a nightmare. But uh, but they great to us about that. Oh, there we go.


Amelia Antrim  38:20  

To use to get the Nova points. Does it have to be one skill of each size in that skilled group or just in general? Just like I can't make these maps? When I do I don't have a 10 here.


Eugenio Vargas  38:34  

Yeah, you could do it all in. You could do it all in mental or you could do you know to from each subgroup?


Ryan Boelter  38:41  

Yep. Oh, goodness. Okay, cool.


Eugenio Vargas  38:43  

And as a reminder, I know we already said this, but it bears repeating as a reminder, you don't have to succeed on the roll. You just have to make the roll.


Ryan Boelter  38:50  

Yeah. I need the force, which is by design. Yes.


Eugenio Vargas  38:58  

Okay, I just have usually like good a good chunk of D sixes as well. You'll start off with oops,


Ryan Boelter  39:03  

yeah. Oh, yeah, I forgot I have to look on the right hand side. only got one d 10. But I can see it being useful in a lot of situations too. So my stealth is a detective. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  39:18  

hardened to the social skills.


Ryan Boelter  39:20  

Yeah, I kind of leaned in different areas that I thought it was going to a little bit but I think that's interesting.


Celeste Conowitch  39:29  

I like my old friend it I didn't have any like plus one bonuses and anything so it was all like it's it's kind of cool. They're super even across the board. I feel like I have really real well represented in physical, social and mental just based on my background and everything so nice. Nice.


Ryan Boelter  39:49  

Yeah, my my D twelves. I've got two of them. One in deceive. And one in knowledge


Unknown Speaker  40:00  

Yeah, I only had one


Ryan Boelter  40:01  

i plus one one


Celeste Conowitch  40:03  

I had no plus ones that's a weird that's


Eugenio Vargas  40:06  

so interesting. Remind me Celeste year what system are you from?


Celeste Conowitch  40:11  

So I'm from Mar THON which is the homeworld of the room. Yeah, so I have one d 12, which I put in Malay cuz I imagine I'm I am a Thurman


Ryan Boelter  40:21  

What do you use those swords?


Celeste Conowitch  40:24  

Yeah, exactly. I know. But then I also it was cool because I put a bunch of stuff into decorum so because I imagine you know, my my rules of fighting Are you know, a big deal in my head and I probably have a warrior's code you know, coming from over and and, you know, having that that military honor culture.


Ryan Boelter  40:43  

Yes, it's interesting.


Eugenio Vargas  40:45  

What am I good at? It just clicked away


Ryan Boelter  40:46  

from us and skullduggery to gotta love it?


Eugenio Vargas  40:50  

Oh, I'm very good at computers and engineering those


Ryan Boelter  40:52  

Yeah, hi, ones. Oh, nice. I'm mediocre computers and fairly okay. With engineering.


Celeste Conowitch  40:59  

I don't understand computers.


Eugenio Vargas  41:03  

Doesn't either I feel though,


Celeste Conowitch  41:05  

but I did put points in engineering because I, you know, I think I'm mechanical engineering, sort of, you know, run my forage make my weapons.


Ryan Boelter  41:15  

Totally interesting.


Amelia Antrim  41:17  

Yeah, I've got good scores in perform and presence, nice. improv telling you


Ryan Boelter  41:23  

in suave.


Celeste Conowitch  41:26  

I have to. Yeah, I am not


Ryan Boelter  41:36  

a very different character than I'm used to playing. Great.


Unknown Speaker  41:41  

Love that.


Ryan Boelter  41:43  

I'm very invested in their story so far.


Celeste Conowitch  41:45  

Yeah, I really want to go ahead and move on to abilities because there's a lot of options. There's so many cool options, all right.


Eugenio Vargas  41:56  

They're awesome. So this one's also I will say this one, this page of the charactermancer. Probably is is going to be adjusted as time goes on. Because right now, it's the only page as far as I can tell, that doesn't automatically sort of tell you exactly how many of each type of ability you are allowed to choose. And so this is also determined by culture. But unlike the skills tab, you'll have to go back to your culture and look at I believe it's the diversity marker that tells you how many special abilities and how many Nova abilities you can choose when you start out. So for example, my culture is has partitioned diversity, which gives me one special ability and two Nova abilities to start.


Amelia Antrim  42:46  

It looks like there's one from economics


Ryan Boelter  42:48  

two. Oh, it could be Yeah, it'd be. I've got I've got one from density. And oh, okay. So I was it's all over the place, then one from diversity, and Ooh, to Nova abilities. Oh, there you go. versity as well.


Eugenio Vargas  43:03  

The other thing is that if you have free ones based on either your species or sometimes so for example, one of my story events, can once I've completed it gives a special special ability. So those are already included in here. Even if you haven't gotten to that step yet. The the species automatic ones and your story ones will already be included on this list. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  43:28  

so I've got my species one here. And this is interesting, because it says during character creation, you can increase the die sizes of two skills by one. Oh, and I can actually swap those out and change the skills to which these increase is apply after a NATO arrest.


Eugenio Vargas  43:46  

Oh, yes, yes, yes.


Ryan Boelter  43:48  

So it sounds like I can go back to the skills tab and add some elsewhere.


Amelia Antrim  43:55  

Now, those are already populated in there, but


Ryan Boelter  43:57  

it does it for you, I got the culture for my economics to increase plus one to any two skills


Eugenio Vargas  44:04  

I have. So I bet you can actually do that a couple of ways. I bet it didn't include it in your skills tab for the charactermancer because it's something that you can adjust with every session or every game day on the fly. So you can certainly go in and change it in the skills tab here for where you want it to start. But we'll see when we populate the character sheets that you can also adjust them obviously you can adjust them cuz you have to be an adventure character. But you can also do that manually in the finished character sheet.


Ryan Boelter  44:32  

I'm gonna do that right now.


Eugenio Vargas  44:34  

Yeah, do it. Let's I should probably pick a species ability.


Ryan Boelter  44:39  

Like I get to species abilities. I'm one two species to Nova. Oh,


Celeste Conowitch  44:47  

there are some wild overran abilities. Did you know being made a crystal is weird. Oh my god shard body your body grows crystal shards that can be broken off and used as weapons.


Ryan Boelter  45:03  

No nice Yes,


Celeste Conowitch  45:05  

I can use my own bodies bikes.


Ryan Boelter  45:07  

Well, I'm under a thin


Amelia Antrim  45:09  

weight so I get one species ability to Nova abilities so like how do I know which ones are which so


Eugenio Vargas  45:16  

if you look at the very top of not the tabs but right below that where you could hit next and previous for example in skills to switch, okay, now you can switch between special abilities and Nova. Man all the peace craft ones are like guns.


Amelia Antrim  45:36  

I know which ones are species abilities to have to go back to my species to look at those.


Eugenio Vargas  45:40  

So in the species abilities part of this they'll all be they should all be species abilities. And then if you hit next, then it'll give you the list of Nova abilities.


Amelia Antrim  45:48  

It only has special abilities or Nova ability. So like, the special abilities, and I only seen ones for my species. Yes.


Eugenio Vargas  45:55  

Oh, I'm sorry. Now I understand the question. Oh, yes, it has filtered out to our species for that. Yes. Gotcha. Cool. I guess I'm gonna go with gun turret beak, just because it's the prerequisite for a cool one that I want. Like


Ryan Boelter  46:09  

I went back and I added last one to my presence. Six plus one to my perception to make it nice. I get a check to special abilities. Oh, wow, there's so many.


Celeste Conowitch  46:24  

Oh, I forgot Oh, friends are like really great pilots. So I have a lot of interactions with the ship for combat makes me really good at driving it.


Eugenio Vargas  46:35  

For my peace craft, we actually get two free special abilities. One of them is related to the the sort of resurrection thing with the servers that that we talked about. That's less talked about when she described the the species. The other one is the combine ability that allows smaller creatures to climb into my cockpit and will and and move around with me and and there are other special abilities that I can take that for example, let me heal the person that's in my cockpit or do other things with them. So that's pretty cool.


Ryan Boelter  47:09  

Oh, interesting. Gosh, there's so many good one. I know


Celeste Conowitch  47:12  

this hard.


Unknown Speaker  47:16  



Unknown Speaker  47:17  

Do any good option.


Ryan Boelter  47:18  

Yeah. Wow, I kind of want to take natural liar.


Celeste Conowitch  47:25  

Definitely help with your double life. I know. Right? Well, I have an ability that just reduces the cost of all ship modules by 25%.


Ryan Boelter  47:34  

Yeah. Wow. So


Celeste Conowitch  47:36  

yeah, so a big part of this game is you know your ship and running it. So you have a ship character sheet that you all maintain as a group. And modules are the little amenities that you can buy to, you know, increase damage or health or like give your ship other benefits. So that is a pretty wild one. That


Eugenio Vargas  47:57  

so as I sort of click through mine, there's a lot of stuff that modifies the way that I can combine with other creatures that that go into the driver's seat in me. And now I'm beginning to think that maybe Alienware 17 upgrade might have something to do rather than just putting disparate biological parts, maybe it's deepening the come the combination, ability, and like actually becoming one creature with someone. So my Nova abilities are also related to that. One of them allows me to activate an ability for 10 minutes where whenever either person me or the person in my cockpit user, make a skill roll, we can use each other's skill die sizes. And the other one Oh, the other one that allows me to become a Megazord and combine with up to four creatures instead of just one


Unknown Speaker  48:53  



Ryan Boelter  48:55  

it's That's amazing. Oh, interesting. There's there's abilities that have prerequisites. Mm


Amelia Antrim  49:02  

hmm. So for my special abilities, I picked electric sense, you can feel the electrical impulses of a creature living nearby. You always know how many living creatures are within 100 feet of view. He cannot be surprised by another creature. And mending implant, you can touch a creature suffering from a negative condition and make skill roll to heal that condition nice. And then for my Nova abilities, I picked healing touch you can spend one noble point and touch a creature who regains all their health levels and energize companion. You can spend one noble point in touch a creature and give them major positive condition. Thanks. Very cool. We haven't talked too much and maybe they'll be friends with me.


Eugenio Vargas  49:45  

I'm not really talked about condition. So let's do you want to?


Celeste Conowitch  49:48  

Yeah, yeah, so conditions are another really interesting part of this game. Because the general numbers for enemies and like health levels and everything are very low in this game. So like starting out, you only start with three hit points unless you have some reason that modifies things. And it's always assumed that any attack does one damage unless you have equipment or special ability that says otherwise. So to kind of balance that out, they have a an interesting mechanic here called conditions, which are things that basically raise or lower the complexity of skill roles. And the conditions themselves can be minor, or they can be major. And basically, what happens like a minor condition is something that you might get that will affect one skill. So say, for example, you know, instead of taking damage in combat, maybe your GM rules that you know, you get hit with a sword in the arm, and you sustained some kind of injury there. So maybe they'll give you like a minor condition, and they'll call it sprained arm or something. So that means specifically, if you try to use the melee skill, you will, we have to increase the complexity of any checks by one, a major condition that can happen to you actually affects a whole branch of skills. So say, for example, you get like a blow to the head and you get a concussion. And the GM says, Okay, well, I'm giving you a concussion, which feels like a major condition for your, your mental skills. So that means anytime you roll mental skill, the complexity has increased by one because you have a head injury. So it's, it's a cool balance of like, an A lot of chances for the GM, instead of dealing damage, you can choose to deal conditions. And in turn, a lot of these skills or abilities will give characters the opportunity to create condition advantages for people. So like, if you, you know, embolden your allies or like, if you're in a good mood, you know, maybe your presence, you know, is is better. So you have, you know, all complexity checks for that are reduced by one if you have a minor condition for that. So it's a cool like checks and balances kind of system that they build in that rewards more storytelling, other than like, sort of just hacking slash mechanics for combat.


Eugenio Vargas  52:11  

There's also, there is a third significant square called significant significance.


Celeste Conowitch  52:15  

Yeah, I was trying to remember,


Eugenio Vargas  52:17  

I know I had to look it up, either, that affect all of your skills. And actually, the only reason that I remember that off the top of my head that that existed is because conditions actually are another part of your damage tracker. So like, so as mentioned, you start out with only three health levels is what they're called in this game. And when you hit three health levels, you don't immediately die or go unconscious, you get the lowest level condition that you negative condition that you don't already have. So if I take three damage, and I don't have a minor condition, I'm going to get a minor condition. Right? If I do already have it, I'll get a moderate if I already have that I get a significant when you start being in danger of dying, is when you filled all your negative condition levels, you've got a minor and moderate and a significant, and then you lose your three health levels, then you're in trouble. But it does expand your hit points a little bit beyond the initial three. Yeah. And it will say, while you all are sort of looking through your last abilities, the last step of this character creation is just to spend the Argent that you're given as part of the economy marker of your culture to get equipment and that's everything from weapons and and personal shield generators and batteries for them to sort of the category of things that we would maybe consider quote unquote adventuring equipment, so lockpicks and smart tablets and you know, disguise badges and things like that on down to just fun things like a Tesh has a tabletop role playing game and his inventory in their inventory. So there's all kinds of things on there.


Celeste Conowitch  54:01  

There's like guitar strings and all kinds of


Eugenio Vargas  54:06  

cameras. He also has a camera. But that tab of the charactermancer is great because it it automatically populates how much Argent you have based on your culture. It automatically subtracts from that total when you choose how many of what items you want. And then the super cool thing, I think, is that once you've filled out your inventory as much as you want, when you click next, it'll send your leftover Argent into the game chat so that the rest of your party can see it and add it together and collect it so that once you start building your ship, you know exactly how much Argent all of you have leftover to apply to modules for your ship, which I think is sort of a cool way to handle all of that. What can be admittedly, as much as I enjoy it, what can be sort of tedious math.


Celeste Conowitch  54:56  

And narratively, you know, they also explain it as like you literally Have to keep all your Argent as a pool in a tank on your ship, there's only one origin tank. So it's not an option to have individual wealth, right you have this one section where your money lives and grows in the tank.


Ryan Boelter  55:16  

Now I really want to create a character that has a giant Argent tank and swims around a bit named Scrooge McDuck.


Unknown Speaker  55:25  



Ryan Boelter  55:27  

Perfect. So I picked my abilities, so I got my abilities and my Nova abilities. I started off with skill monkey, which should talked about before. But I also took natural liar, which reduces the complexity of skill rolls, made to verbally trick or deceive others by one to a minimum of two. And then the other one was pressing the advantage, which I thought sounded really interesting when the team has four or more advantages baint increased the dice sizes of all your social skills by one cool sounds pretty sweet.


Unknown Speaker  56:07  

Yeah, I guess


Eugenio Vargas  56:09  

that is another mechanic


Unknown Speaker  56:10  

we should explain.


Celeste Conowitch  56:14  

So in this game, on your turn, you know when when you go into combat, like we did mention before, you know, you can take as many actions as you want on your turn, until you basically fail something and one of the things you can do as an action is spend your turn creating an advantage so this is a specifically a combat mechanic. And this is something like say, you know, you don't want to just run in there and like hit somebody or do something. You say like oh, okay you know, these enemies are oncoming I want to flip over this table. So you know, we can hide behind it or you know, we can take some cover. And as the GM I'd say, okay, that's great. So do your skill check. If that succeeds, you've created an advantage for your team. And advantages are things that actually bank for your group and form this this kind of pool. And of course, some Nova abilities like yours are triggered by using or spending these advantages which anybody can grab, you will have to agree as a group to grab or use an advantage. You can also choose to use an advantage to reroll one dice as a skill. So say you know you you're like rolling complex before, you know you got two doubles job. But you know, if you can reroll one, maybe you can make the skill you can spend that advantage to reroll that dice. And what's kind of cool also is that the amount of advantages your team can have is directly linked to the livability rating of your ship. So the ship has two main like stats, it's the ship health and the ship livability. And the livability is like how nice it is to live on your ship, you know isn't comfortable, do you like it there. And so your livability, the caps the amount of advantages you can have. So if you have a great super cool fun clubhouse ship that has like livability five, that means that you can bank up to five advantages during combat.


Eugenio Vargas  58:09  

I would like to point out that one our ship and burning daylight has a livability of five because Yeah, awesome. She's awesome. The other thing we should mention about livability, since we're talking about it, it tells you the maximum number of advantages your team can have. It also tells you the maximum number of Nova points that each of you individually can store up at once.


Ryan Boelter  58:29  

Okay, very cool.


Celeste Conowitch  58:31  

Yeah, for my my skills, I basically there's a skill called Inner Glow, which so you can make a school to glow bright light that illuminates your space and all Squares Within five feet of you. And not only that you become hot to the touch as you are illuminating. So anybody who hits you takes damage because you're like, so bright and like you're burning bright. So I just I love that I love the idea of being like an older and like diamond person. And that's how I fight and it's super scary. So actually went ahead and took the next step which the prerequisite was Inner Glow to get to strong glow. So when I do my inner glow, I it actually lasts for 10 minutes and illuminates all Squares Within 1010 squares of me. So I just like shine super bright. And just cause lots of problems in combat, which I just I loved it I loved it so that's one of


Eugenio Vargas  59:32  

the older and also have a nova ability. What is it called? I'll see if I can find is


Celeste Conowitch  59:39  

it unleash heat cuz that's super


Eugenio Vargas  59:43  

that's that's the Kinder version. The one that I'm thinking of, oh, I've got to find it.


Celeste Conowitch  59:50  

Last blast. Last blast. Yeah. Oh, I took that too.


Eugenio Vargas  59:56  

So I know about last blast because one thing that's avoid That is part of the joy in habit corpse ability is that any physicality based abilities which of course is a very gray area but any quote unquote physicality based abilities that the body that you are inhabiting had in life you can access and so I the old room that I inhabited also had last blast which essentially makes you blow up and do damage when you reach zero health levels.


Unknown Speaker  1:00:29  

taking you home with me


Eugenio Vargas  1:00:31  

if things had gone just a little differently in our combat would have seen that Oh, boy.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:38  

Yeah. Oh, that's fun.


Celeste Conowitch  1:00:40  

Yeah, I took everything Orion's are all about explosions and light. Oh, yeah. Cool. So I'm all I'm all in. I'm all in


Eugenio Vargas  1:00:51  

clearly you have created the older and that in later years, Atash with the inhabit


Unknown Speaker  1:00:56  

Yeah. Oh, gosh.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:04  



Ryan Boelter  1:01:07  

Nova abilities that I took were making friends.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:17  

We're different types of people.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:21  

You could say I'm the to face of the party. Oh.


Celeste Conowitch  1:01:29  

I blow things up. I just the Joker. Oh, man.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:33  

Yeah, so I got making friends where I can kind of make friends with standard weaker minion creatures that you can see. As long as you're not in combat. So that's kind of feels like the you're infiltrating the base or something like that. And you see, like, random scientists person who works for the evil person that you're going against. And you're like, Hey, I really need your help. And they're like, okay, I'll help you.


Celeste Conowitch  1:01:58  

Yeah, we're on the same side. You're on the same side. We speak the language of science.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:05  

Exactly. And then the other one I took was special discount. Get 50% off the normal cost. With a nova point. Come in. Very handy at times. Yeah. Oh, yeah.


Celeste Conowitch  1:02:21  

Oh, man between you. And if I took the old ran like discount for ships, we'd never pay. ship would we stacked? Uh huh. Yeah. Except I chose all the exploiting liabilities.


Unknown Speaker  1:02:39  

That's right. That's right.


Celeste Conowitch  1:02:41  

perpetual GM. You know, when you put me in there, I just got to be chaos chaos.


Unknown Speaker  1:02:48  

Sweet. I'm ready to buy some laser swords.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:51  

Alright, who else has abilities that we need to point out?


Unknown Speaker  1:02:53  



Unknown Speaker  1:02:54  

no, I think we did more than I think we did. Did I?


Eugenio Vargas  1:02:58  

Oh, I don't think I talked about my special ability because I picked it because it's a prerequisite for something I want later, but it essentially allows my arm to turn into a gun. Yeah.


Celeste Conowitch  1:03:10  

Yeah, you know, the peace craft for hating war. They are extremely


Eugenio Vargas  1:03:16  

they're very good at it. What can I say?


Unknown Speaker  1:03:19  

Yeah. Almost like they were made. Funny.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:22  



Celeste Conowitch  1:03:26  

Okay, sweet. So for equipment. Oh my god, I have so much money. So Oh, my


Eugenio Vargas  1:03:33  

should not have that much money. How interesting.


Celeste Conowitch  1:03:35  

My culture gave me a ton of money. I've got 10,000 I've got 15,000 Oh, I should have Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:44  

Had 7500


Eugenio Vargas  1:03:46  

Yeah, so I know that the wealthy economics because that's what my other calendar is from that just straight off gives you 10,000 to start with. suburban density also gives you some if I'm not mistaken, and I'm not sure if there are others. Other cultural markers that give you Argent to start with. Those are the two that I know for sure.


Unknown Speaker  1:04:05  

Yeah, pick rural and poor. Well, there you go.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:09  

That's fine, because I piano equipment is like my lease. I just like like, bandages. medkits a shield. A tiny gun. Perfect. The powers are perfect. We're


Eugenio Vargas  1:04:20  

gonna get a video game. There. They're ours. There's all kinds of there's all kinds of stuff in this list everything from vehicles that are 10s of thousands of origins. Do


Amelia Antrim  1:04:31  

you just get an armored car?


Eugenio Vargas  1:04:32  

Yeah. Well, you have you know, how much


Amelia Antrim  1:04:35  

tank if you have 100,000.


Celeste Conowitch  1:04:39  

But you'd win everything you would? Yeah.


Eugenio Vargas  1:04:45  

There's clothes, there's weapons. There's, you know, space items like your communication badges and your smart tablets and things like that. There are games dice games and tabletop role playing games and video games. You can really sort of outfit Get yourself in a bunch of different ways.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:04  

The Flying armor suit is very tempting. Let's see. Where's that? Oh yeah.


Eugenio Vargas  1:05:11  

Oh, that's she's expensive but maybe worth it you know?


Ryan Boelter  1:05:17  

I mean, this guy is bad.


Celeste Conowitch  1:05:18  

You know, like I need armor. If I'm gonna be you know in there just crystal blasting away.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:25  

Thought I there's a couple of Oh, I am getting the common disguise badge. Yeah, you can change the appearance of your clothes to anything you imagined as an action.


Unknown Speaker  1:05:35  

Yeah, very cool.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:36  



Unknown Speaker  1:05:38  

Rent that runway.


Eugenio Vargas  1:05:41  

Oh, some of the some of the items that you can pick out in here have sort of specific mechanical ways that they work you know, the weapons all have tags that make them more effective in various ways. The the personal shield generator talks about how it requires power cells, and it's an action to insert a power cell and all of that, and then some of it is just, you know, like I said, I keep going back to it because thing but right exactly a game system. Like, just for funsies


Celeste Conowitch  1:06:14  

Yeah, like, I think I'm gonna buy a basic target robot. For those who enjoy physical activity and want to stay fit. A basic target robot can be programmed to help practice various shooting and fighting sports.


Eugenio Vargas  1:06:25  

You're not going to spring for the advanced target robot.


Celeste Conowitch  1:06:28  

Wow, I didn't even see that.


Unknown Speaker  1:06:32  



Celeste Conowitch  1:06:36  

Yeah, I would be so miserable to hang out with me just playing with my target robot constantly. Alright, well, there we go. bought an advanced target Pro, but


Amelia Antrim  1:06:50  

I'm gonna buy a board game so that I can talk someone into playing with me. Yeah, I hope it has really complicated rules.


Unknown Speaker  1:06:58  

Yay. Oops.


Eugenio Vargas  1:07:01  

So this is another screen where once you've entered the number that you're purchasing, you should hit enter so that it adjusts your Argent remaining just tabbing out of it won't do well cause it to do the math. I think I'll just do a basic camera I don't need an Advanced Camera you


Celeste Conowitch  1:07:22  

think you need state of the art I mean I got you know my advanced target robot I imagine it's just like a drone like a cool sports drone that like sports Gatorade at me Everyone has energy. Do I fight with a charge staff?


Ryan Boelter  1:07:41  

resort in here I see a knife


Eugenio Vargas  1:07:43  

there is it's a laser so something laser sword there it is.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:47  

You know I gotta have a laser sword. I mean, I mean, it was the you know pictured within laser sword. Goodness, I am apparently I


Eugenio Vargas  1:08:01  

am the medic.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:04  

Based on my in white Horry alone. They're magically tuned to its wielder so that they are not harmed when touching this boat.


Eugenio Vargas  1:08:11  

Oh, their lightsabers?


Ryan Boelter  1:08:15  

Are lifesavers that can hurt you.


Unknown Speaker  1:08:19  

Let's see


Amelia Antrim  1:08:20  

cable who's buying small boat?


Celeste Conowitch  1:08:24  

Need a small boat?


Unknown Speaker  1:08:27  

I'm just getting a bunch of tools.


Eugenio Vargas  1:08:29  

Well arm is already a gun. So like I'm


Celeste Conowitch  1:08:32  

gonna get the climate controlled armor suit instead of an armor suit. I can also walk around in space.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:42  

That's awesome. In a lockpick um, although it's Can you pick locks with mechanics tools? Probably not. No, there's a lockpick. I know. But


Celeste Conowitch  1:08:52  

we make a case for anything in this is right. You can pick locks with your mind. If you make a strong enough case to


Eugenio Vargas  1:09:02  

pick locks with my gun arm.


Unknown Speaker  1:09:05  

That's one way to do it.


Celeste Conowitch  1:09:08  

Oh, it's open?


Unknown Speaker  1:09:11  

Don't worry. It's fine. I


Ryan Boelter  1:09:15  

need it. Oh, no, I forgot the size badge. So I don't need a semi formal


Celeste Conowitch  1:09:20  

community. Oh, badges allow you to talk to your ship magic intelligence on your ship and translate all languages. Oh, I should get one of those. Those are sort of your general like, if you're gonna buy some,


Amelia Antrim  1:09:35  

but I only want one. Oh, yeah, not 12.


Unknown Speaker  1:09:37  

Yeah, this one? Yeah, just one.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:41  

Bought 20 of these said okay,


Celeste Conowitch  1:09:43  

that's fine. Oh, but now I'm looking at the flying armor suit. Right? I keep being like, well, if I'm gonna spend 5000 on normal armor, I might as well spend 6000 on climate control. But if I'm gonna spend 6000 in climate control, I might as well spend seven Thousand 500


Eugenio Vargas  1:10:03  

I mean,


Celeste Conowitch  1:10:04  

that's just a really good deal at the end. I mean, if you're gonna do it, it's worth doing right. Yeah.


Eugenio Vargas  1:10:12  

That's sort of how I'm feeling about this. There's not gonna be a ton of money left for the ship after I'm done with this list, but


Ryan Boelter  1:10:18  

what can you do? You know what? I'm gonna buy a ttrpg? Yes in practice? Yes. Other personas.


Celeste Conowitch  1:10:27  



Ryan Boelter  1:10:28  

Love the vampire knuckles wide. Yeah,


Eugenio Vargas  1:10:33  

no. Yeah, those are not what they sound like. The Vampire weapons I had to read twice. They do not in fact, take health from others and give it to you. They actually take your health and use it to enhance Oh, no weapon.


Unknown Speaker  1:10:48  



Ryan Boelter  1:10:49  

Illegal looks like


Eugenio Vargas  1:10:51  

Oh, yes. Well, that to kind of expand. So.


Ryan Boelter  1:10:55  

Yeah, no, I don't need that. I've got 4100 left.


Celeste Conowitch  1:10:58  

Um, should I buy a charge? chuchu which it looks like our nunchucks but with electricity.


Eugenio Vargas  1:11:07  

I mean, yes, that's


Unknown Speaker  1:11:09  

horrifying. Oh,


Eugenio Vargas  1:11:12  

wait, I want that. But I need to figure out how to get it. Why do I not take?


Amelia Antrim  1:11:18  

What do you really have empty fields? I don't need this


Ryan Boelter  1:11:20  

as much as I want it. I need a smart slab. If I'm going to do some science.


Eugenio Vargas  1:11:26  

If I if I'm going to science


Ryan Boelter  1:11:29  

to science insert smart slab which basically feels like a tablet.


Unknown Speaker  1:11:35  



Ryan Boelter  1:11:36  

yeah, definitely. Sort of the compliment.


Celeste Conowitch  1:11:39  

A compliment is like the internet. Yeah. In this game.


Ryan Boelter  1:11:44  

Only where people are more complimentary. Well, one hopes


Unknown Speaker  1:11:50  

where you're hanging out.


Ryan Boelter  1:11:51  

Yeah. The Internet powered by. Nice. Wouldn't that be Oh?


Celeste Conowitch  1:11:59  

We truly are in the science fantasy game.


Eugenio Vargas  1:12:03  

That's the fantasy part of it.


Celeste Conowitch  1:12:07  

I just want a regular sword so I don't think I'm gonna everything have to be lasers.


Ryan Boelter  1:12:13  

Is there? Is there a regular sword? No, I couldn't find one. That was the closest thing I found.


Celeste Conowitch  1:12:18  

I guess knife is the closest knife. It's a knife or a piece craft


Ryan Boelter  1:12:28  

is a variety of shapes and sizes. It says okay,


Eugenio Vargas  1:12:32  

I'll buy a knife. And you can you can have a piece craft knife and it'll


Ryan Boelter  1:12:37  

have the whole You call that a knife. And I pull on my laser sword. This is a it's a laser.


Unknown Speaker  1:12:43  

It's a laser, sir.


Eugenio Vargas  1:12:47  

All right, well, sorry. Whoever our ship is gonna be. I don't have much money for you.


Ryan Boelter  1:12:52  

You know what I don't need I think I'm going to Yeah, I think I'm gonna stop here. Um, wait, face changing disguise bad.


Eugenio Vargas  1:13:01  

I wonder if you're gonna see that. No, she got the one that changes your clothes. Not your face. I know. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  1:13:09  

wow. I have to have one laser pistol. With the face changing badge. You can change your clothes and your body to anything you can imagine.


Celeste Conowitch  1:13:19  

Whoa, you don't need that other one.


Ryan Boelter  1:13:21  

Get that was your bodily appearance for me. It's the same species here actually. Oh, okay. Now I gotta fix my equipment because I need this.


Celeste Conowitch  1:13:29  

I feel like I would definitely have a headlamp. So I have to. I'm that guy. Yeah, headlamp guy.


Amelia Antrim  1:13:37  

I did buy for flashlights so that we can eat. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  1:13:42  

you want to make a bed?


Amelia Antrim  1:13:47  

That's also been a lot of band aids.


Ryan Boelter  1:13:51  

Alright, well, I've got 1100 Is that good?


Unknown Speaker  1:13:54  

That's pretty good. Yes, it is what it is.


Eugenio Vargas  1:13:59  

So we don't have to play. Right? Well, exactly. That was totally shit.


Ryan Boelter  1:14:04  

I don't need the soy.


Eugenio Vargas  1:14:05  

I think I mean, look, my sample size is small. Slice probably has a larger sample size for this. But I think for the burning bright cast we all had between I want to say like two and 4000 are jet leftover. Very generally speaking,


Ryan Boelter  1:14:22  

nice while you have a ship of five liveability, five.


Eugenio Vargas  1:14:25  

Well, sort of. Part of it is also because there's a special ability. One of our characters is a Catholic. And there's a Catholic special ability that a camera what it's called, but it increases the livability of your ship because they're so pleasant and homey


Celeste Conowitch  1:14:38  

they're homemakers so the ship reveals nice and yeah. I bought my ridiculously expensive suit of armor and a pistol and a sward. So, and my headlamp so I think I'll end with 4000 Argent, which was that's, that's good.


Ryan Boelter  1:14:55  

Okay, since you're gonna be at 4000 I'll stick around 1100 then I just had to admit cameras kind of essential for my character's shtick.


Unknown Speaker  1:15:05  

Mm hmm.


Amelia Antrim  1:15:07  

550, but I also only had 7500


Celeste Conowitch  1:15:11  

flashlights for everybody. So you're


Amelia Antrim  1:15:14  

for everyone.


Unknown Speaker  1:15:17  

Okay. All right. I'm going


Ryan Boelter  1:15:18  

to click next before I spend any more money. Oh, yeah, that sounds good. Next you are about to navigate away. Ah, any available Argent will be sent to the group chat.


Celeste Conowitch  1:15:28  

Yeah. And that is not reversible. So just make sure you are set.


Ryan Boelter  1:15:33  

Yeah, that's fine. Okay, how do I name my character now? Oh,


Unknown Speaker  1:15:39  

yeah. character.


Unknown Speaker  1:15:42  

Reactive, some empty fields. That's okay.


Eugenio Vargas  1:15:44  

Yeah, mine said I have empty fields too. But I don't know where that would be. Um, so I think I've not been able to figure this out. But this is one of the other things that I think they need to update on the skills tab because there are slots for skills that you know, starting character will fill in gaps, and I think I have clicked around as much as I can. And I think that's what it's talking about when it gives you that Wang.


Celeste Conowitch  1:16:08  

Oh, my name is still crystal boy. So


Amelia Antrim  1:16:14  

my name is


Unknown Speaker  1:16:16  

blue and crystal moly.


Ryan Boelter  1:16:18  

Oh, I get to make a fun. super long name. That's great. Cool. 12345678 ish. Names all stuck together without a space. Oh, wow. Okay.


Celeste Conowitch  1:16:38  

Oh, all brand names have many vowel sounds and their surnames are at least four syllables long. Oh, good.


Unknown Speaker  1:16:45  

Oh, good.


Amelia Antrim  1:16:48  

I just I think if you continue putting like eyes at the end of Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  1:16:52  

this is the first line of


Amelia Antrim  1:16:53  

like, a couple apostrophes. That'll bring up the syllable.


Ryan Boelter  1:16:57  

names. You know, naming conventions are very complicated. Yep. Cool. You picked it. All right. Oh, I'm just I'm just glad you didn't pick this up. You got to read the file.


Celeste Conowitch  1:17:09  

Oh, here we go. Oh, Tara, boy. Oh, boy. Is that tear tarab? Boy, oh, boy. Yes. Boy. Oh, boy.


Ryan Boelter  1:17:17  

It has a it has a little chart of what, what your name consists of consists of the name of the celestial body on which they were born. Then the highest ranking parents given name. That's great. Then the lowest ranking parents given name also okay. Ah, plus any formal organizations of which the you know, is part of the nose pack name, their house name and in a suffix that indicates that you know, gender. Wow, you for non binary for man. given name, and finally their surname? Wow. Uh huh. Ah, okay.


Celeste Conowitch  1:17:58  

Um, their political, it's complicated. You got to know who you're meeting.


Ryan Boelter  1:18:01  

So let's get back to me and like tomorrow. I'll have


Celeste Conowitch  1:18:07  

I'm gonna stick with crystal boy. Cuz, okay, Crystal boy, I am. I am just in insatiable.


Amelia Antrim  1:18:14  

Because there's nothing that says that you can't convert. Yeah, exactly.


Unknown Speaker  1:18:18  

That's right.


Amelia Antrim  1:18:19  

Maybe your parents were like hippies and what


Ryan Boelter  1:18:21  

you can do to get down to a familiar a more familiar name.


Amelia Antrim  1:18:28  

But for short, we call you Steve.


Ryan Boelter  1:18:30  

Yeah. You know, names are quite long and often short into a familiar name comprised of house and given name for close friends.


Amelia Antrim  1:18:39  

Close friends, I'll change my name to close friends of


Unknown Speaker  1:18:51  

level up.


Ryan Boelter  1:18:54  

Alright, so what's the house name? That's just a


Amelia Antrim  1:18:58  

that's your science thing? Or that you do. So? That was your house?


Ryan Boelter  1:19:02  

Oh, okay. So, or, and then my given name. And that can be anything. Hmm. My my mid maxing brain is somehow by this email name schema. And I don't know why. I love that.


Celeste Conowitch  1:19:25  

I i superduper. appreciate all the example names that they already gave as a GM. It's great. Just for NB C's having something to draw from. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  1:19:36  

yeah. Especially because they're so yeah. I


Ryan Boelter  1:19:39  

would love like a like a random name generator for the species. Ooh, if only


Celeste Conowitch  1:19:46  

you know what, I bet it's coming down the line, because they have a lot of great random generator tools built in already. One of my favorite is in combat for gems. They have the consequence table, which is So basically, in combat, if somebody fails, the GM can choose to take a point that they can use to do evil, nasty things. Or they can invoke a consequence. That happens to a character and the consequences table. It's interesting because it's like 100 different things, but they're all like a couple word long prompts, that aren't super specific, but they're very evocative. So it's like something breaks or like something falls or you know, so it's, it's cool to interpret that in the moment, it can mean a lot of different things, depending on your field of combat. So I definitely think more random generated tables are in the future for for development, which is very, yeah. All right, Franco, Franco, Crystal boy is ready. Ready to fight.


Ryan Boelter  1:20:50  

Okay, so loving this convention, then. My given name is Tiana. So I go by or Tiana. Just trying to put together a, um, a chart of how I can name my character. I need a spreadsheet for this one.


Celeste Conowitch  1:21:10  

Yeah. But I mean, from that point, that's, that's basically it. You're ready to die. You've made care. Yes. Yeah. You've made characters and you're ready to get started playing burnbrae.


Ryan Boelter  1:21:20  

That's amazing.


Celeste Conowitch  1:21:21  

Yeah. I mean, the charactermancer makes it so easy to watch. And even though even the little things that are a little bit confusing Now, inside the system, I definitely see those being updated and changed as time goes on.


Ryan Boelter  1:21:36  

Yeah, I think in the interest of time, we'll skip the shipbuilding. Sure. Yeah. Because it's already fading fast. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, I would want to create a ship if we had time. Let's just assume is fabulous. Yeah, it is pretty. Um, at least deliverability of four because Oh, yeah. Allow me to use my special ability.


Celeste Conowitch  1:22:03  

Yeah, there are a lot of cool ships to choose from our modules. Specifically, burning daylight gives you three options to pick from so it kind of limits it but included in the base game, our stats for a bunch of different types of ships that are so cool, and so innovative. Yeah, and then working together with your team to come up with the magic intelligence. So the personality that runs your ship, because they actually are like a character, you know, of your crew, they have a personality and you know, they make decisions and they interact. So that's a really fun thing to do during session zero. You know, when you when you are preparing to play this game. Awesome.


Ryan Boelter  1:22:44  

Ah, are you good Ryan? I think, oh, oh, I'm sorry, I read something wrong. Actually, you go by your given gendered name. And then your given name, not the organization, or the house. Ah, this is complex.


Celeste Conowitch  1:23:08  

We promise everyone listening at home that it's not as complex for the others.


Unknown Speaker  1:23:17  

Just this one.


Ryan Boelter  1:23:19  

Welcome. Welcome to activating my trap card apparently. naming convention something. Okay, so Tiana is definitely part of my naming scheme. And I'm wondering, I could actually go by that as my gender name because I want my character to identify as a woman. Um, well, there you go. So, Tiana. what's what's a good second name? What's a good given name? And throw something away? Anybody? Ah,


Celeste Conowitch  1:23:53  

Roslyn, Roslyn.


Ryan Boelter  1:23:57  

Like it. Tiana Ross when


Celeste Conowitch  1:23:59  

I like it. Sounds like a classy broad. Yeah, you


Ryan Boelter  1:24:02  

do. Yeah, you do. And that's just my real name. Maybe.


Celeste Conowitch  1:24:10  

You also learned living a double life. So we know you by


Unknown Speaker  1:24:14  

telling us about you now.


Ryan Boelter  1:24:15  

My first event circles within


Celeste Conowitch  1:24:17  



Ryan Boelter  1:24:20  

I don't need that until we're actually playing the game. Sweet. Oh, lordy. Wow, we did eight.


Amelia Antrim  1:24:28  

We did it. We did it. Awesome. We made some. We did. So


Celeste Conowitch  1:24:33  

pretty painless, right.


Ryan Boelter  1:24:35  

Yeah, it's not too bad. It's just follow the prompts and do the thing. Yeah, no,


Celeste Conowitch  1:24:42  

I wish all things in life. were that easy. Really? Right.


Amelia Antrim  1:24:46  

If only Yeah. Well, thank you both so much for joining us. This is a lot of fun. I had a really good time. This is great. Um, yeah. I enjoyed this a lot. I really liked the world and like


Celeste Conowitch  1:24:59  

it was good. Thank you so much for having us. I'm every every opportunity to learn more and delve more into the world of bird right? It's just been an absolute delight. So excited to share it with more folks.


Ryan Boelter  1:25:11  

And you got to


Unknown Speaker  1:25:12  

build a character this time and I got to make it.


Celeste Conowitch  1:25:15  

Crystal explosion boy. One day I'll play you one day,


Amelia Antrim  1:25:21  

the number of times people say that on our show too. Like I'm a GM I get to make so much fun. You know, do you want to remind everybody where they can find you online? What kind of stuff you're up to?


Eugenio Vargas  1:25:34  

Absolutely Yeah, so you can find me on Twitter is probably the the most central place. You can follow me on twitter at dm jazzy Hans. I am the DM and producer of the actual play d&d podcast called the last refuge. You can follow the show on twitter at at DND last refuge and we release new episodes every Wednesday for all the rest of my stuff you can just check out my website Daniel Vargas calm I'm not gonna spell it it'll be in the notes or something I'm sure but you're driving anyway so you can't write it down.


Unknown Speaker  1:26:07  

Pull over very carefully.


Unknown Speaker  1:26:14  

Day no right.


Eugenio Vargas  1:26:17  

No, you can check out the Episode Notes and go to okay Vargas calm. It does have stuff from my from my other life also as a theatre artist, but there is a tab there and a page there for for gaming where you can find the adventures the d&d Adventures I published on the DMS Guild, links to my twitch channel where I stream video games a couple times a week and all that other good stuff.


Ryan Boelter  1:26:37  

Alright, so let's talk about yourself.


Celeste Conowitch  1:26:38  

Yeah, thank you all so much for having me. My name is les conda. Which The best way to keep up with all the shows streams, things I'm writing is definitely to follow me on twitter at sea con, which or you can check out my website Celeste con for the entire catalog and schedule of all the things


Amelia Antrim  1:26:57  

other than


Celeste Conowitch  1:26:58  

that, yes, please. If you liked dungeons and dragons and want to listen to more of it after listening to the last refuge, you can look up venture maidens, which is an actual play d&d podcast that releases every other Sunday. We also stream all of our episodes Wednesday nights on Twitch slash the Fincher maidens. And of course, hey, if you like this system, you should head over to roll 20 app on Twitch Thursday night 7pm pacific time, you can check out your video and I playing through Bernie light. And we are going to be playing that until sort of the end of September, I believe, as we're going through the module there. So please do check that out. All our backlog of videos are also posted on the rule 20 YouTube channel. So if you want to see burn bright in action, if you have any questions or anything, we would love to chat with you. So you know, follow plenty. Yeah, come hang out with us in twitch chat. Just check out the show.


Amelia Antrim  1:27:57  

Well, thank you both for joining us. And thank you to everyone for listening. Please join us again next week for our discussion episode. Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  1:28:07  

I really hope you all enjoyed the character creation for this game as much as I did. Just wait until next episode where I reveal my character's full name. It only took me one and a half months to get right. But before we head out, I just wanted to remind you all about the audio verse awards, finalists voting that is going on right now until the end of October. And to absolutely check out my new campaign streaming every other Friday starting October 16. On my twitch channel, links to both of these are going to be in the show notes. Also, if you like what we're doing here on the show, please consider leaving us a review. We are checking all of Apple podcasts, Stitcher pod chaser Facebook, and even podcast addict often. So leaving a review in any of those places will really brighten our day. Also, it really does help us out. We currently don't have any more reviews to read on the show. And that is very sad to both of us. So send some cheer, and let us know how we're doing and that official review capacity. For now, let's close things down for the episode and get to those show blurbs. We're really glad you joined us for this episode, and we hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. Take care everyone and keep making those amazing people.


Ryan Boelter  1:30:07  

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Now we got to read some show blurbs show blurbs.


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Show bad


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show blurbs.


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modifier is an interview show hosted by Meghan Dorn Brock, all about why and how people change games. From hobbyist to the professional from house rules to publication. We all have in mind a better way to play what's yours


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