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Series 33.1 - Unbound with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor (Creation)

Episode Summary

Welcome to the first episode of series 33, everyone! This episode, we are welcoming back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, two familiar voices for those who have heard our Heart series. This series we will be covering Unbound, a game where you build the setting along with your characters in a fairly unique way. Join us this episode as we discuss the game and start diving into world building and character creation!

Episode Notes

Welcome to the first episode of series 33, everyone! This episode, we are welcoming back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, two familiar voices for those who have heard our Heart series. This series we will be covering Unbound, a game where you build the setting along with your characters in a fairly unique way. Join us this episode as we discuss the game and start diving into world building and character creation!


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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome to series 33. Everyone, we are sorry has taken a bit longer than normal to release this episode. Life has been quite a lot this last week. So hopefully this next week is less hectic in order to give us time to put the episode out at our normal time. But before we get to this episode, and to not have you wait much longer, let's get to some announcements first.


Amelia Antrim  0:28  

First up, if you are listening to this in the US on the day we're releasing before 8pm you may still have time to get out and vote if you haven't yet. If it's the case, feel free to stop listening right now. Get out there to vote if possible. This is such an important election. If it's too late, however, hopefully your day is going well. You could ignore this first announcement. Also, if you early voted if you're like me, and you're extremely tired of getting all of these texts saying Can we trust you to vote and I'm like I did it a month ago. Yeah. I'm also Hello to everyone in the future. I hope that it's brighter.


Ryan Boelter  1:09  

Please, please. Oh, God. Oh, yeah. Well, anyway, uh, next up, I'm actually very excited to be diving into my campaign for a tale of twinklin Ah, it's gonna be myself and five players running a solar punk story. Using the premiere RPG system, we're going to be blending superheroes, magical girls and fantasy genres. We just finished our session zero this last Friday. And we're going to be doing our first session on November 13, which is also Friday. So I really wish we would have been able to get some spooky content put together but uh, you know, it's it's a very hope punk filled world that we're building. So it should be a lot of fun. You could also check out amor amor, as they are doing a live stream campaign. In the Fridays between my sessions, you can find them on the utopia channel. They're doing a blend of superheroes and fantasy. And their next session is this Friday, November 6 at 8pm. So check them out at keeping blade Camaro dot games and check my mera dot games.


Amelia Antrim  2:31  

Finally, a we're both on the verge of burnout lately, as I think so many people are. I think this is not a unique situation, with the state of the world in all aspects of life, and also some other things that we have going on. Hey, everyone, it's depression season for Amelia. We're both feeling a little rough around the edges, we are trying to find ways to mitigate that for the sake of our health, because ultimately, if we're not healthy, we can't make the show at all. So we're doing our best here. It means we have to make some sacrifices here and there. From time to time. We really wanted to be able to do a panel for a comic con line. It's coming up this weekend. I know there are lots of great games and panels and things happening. And we really wanted to do it. Unfortunately, we're just not going to be able to we didn't even get our stuff submitted. We just like don't have the spoons to be charismatic and fun. So I really hope that those of you attending have a really great time. I'm really sorry that we're not able to do this. But you know, you got to do what you got to do.


Ryan Boelter  3:47  

Yeah, I opened the form. I started filling out a couple things. And then my brain was like, ah, forms. No, thank you. And I just never got back to it. So


Amelia Antrim  3:59  

yeah, and I totally forgot that. It was like, I've been saying this to everybody. And everybody at work has been saying it to that, like, I don't know where October went. Yep. Um, it's got 31


Ryan Boelter  4:09  

days you think I'm gonna write?


Amelia Antrim  4:11  

Right? So I think that that just kind of flew right past and I didn't even think about it until I was like, Oh, no.


Ryan Boelter  4:21  

She's so close. During it. Well, it is what it is. Life is is weird right now. But you know, I think we'll get through it. Yeah. And I think that's really what we're saying is Take care of yourselves. You know, I know your limits. And try not to burn yourselves out as well. I think we'll get through this all together one step at a time. But if things do go right, we will keep you posted. And we'll keep working to bring a little bit of joy through these trying times.


Amelia Antrim  4:54  

Yeah, hopefully. I mean, I know that we're already putting out less content than we then we want to But hopefully the stuff we're putting out is a good distraction and like a nice welcome reprieve. Absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  5:11  

nice and relaxed.


Amelia Antrim  5:12  

Yeah, without further delay. Let's get on with this episode which honestly is one of my favorites that we've ever recorded. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  5:19  

it's pretty bad. Yeah, definitely enjoy.


Ryan Boelter  5:56  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast a show where we discuss and create characters The best part of role playing games with guests using their favorite systems. I am one of your hosts Ryan, and this episode my co host, Amelia and I are excited to welcome back. Grant Howard and Chris Taylor. Designers up the game we are covering today, unbound, a universal world building game from Rohan wreckin decherd.


Amelia Antrim  6:22  

Welcome back to Character Creation Cast. We are super excited that you could join us again.


Grant Howitt  6:28  

We have another Kickstarter


Amelia Antrim  6:31  

those messages from you like hey, we have a Kickstarter coming up.


Unknown Speaker  6:35  

Do you want some hashtag


Amelia Antrim  6:37  

love hashtag content. Now our most frequent guest on this show so you have been outreach Howard for his t shirts that he wants to win so badly.


Chris Taylor  6:50  

expect some sort of metal,


Amelia Antrim  6:52  

right? Yeah, I believe the rule is once you've been on seven times, then you can get a free t shirt.


Grant Howitt  6:59  

And get more Kickstarters going on with Chris. Yeah. Come on.


Unknown Speaker  7:08  

Couple of lacking. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  7:10  

Well, let's go ahead and reintroduce you to everybody. Chris, can you tell us where we can find you? What kind of projects are working on all that kind of stuff? A


Chris Taylor  7:18  

nice Chris Taylor. I'm probably best known for writing spire, the expansions and part the most recent one. And I help grant with his one pagers every month, and I'm the decade past of Rome or can decherd


Ryan Boelter  7:33  

How about yourself grant? I'm the


Grant Howitt  7:35  

rook part of Rome refund check out the third part is my partner and Chris's business partner Mary.


Chris Taylor  7:43  

Who is very complicated.


Grant Howitt  7:44  

Yes, well, we would we just thought we'd like we'd pick cool names. Like we use our character names rather than our real names because that way we might sound more like a law firm. But yes, I write I write role playing games. I write one page role playing games one a month I also do more than one paid role playing games with Chris. I like to think of myself as a sort of fiery Yang to Chris's somebody in this he just slaps the bad ideas out of my mouth. A day.


Chris Taylor  8:15  

Yeah, try and get these things at least vaguely cogent.


Grant Howitt  8:19  

Smart smack the chaff away on what we're left with versus Game Design Week. And you can find me on Twitter at GS how it


Amelia Antrim  8:27  

well let's go ahead and get started on this I'm super excited this game is like you reached out and I was like this game is exactly Ryan's kind of trash like this is true, but it will be once we've touched it I know this game is like exactly a Ryan kind of game I sent him the link to the page on your website too and he went oh yes


Ryan Boelter  8:55  

give me give me


Amelia Antrim  8:57  



Unknown Speaker  8:58  

What's in a game? Yeah


Grant Howitt  9:00  

well we released unbound a four years ago now I think and forgot to print any extra copies because we wouldn't you and young and fresh and didn't understand what was going on the world haven't crushed


Ryan Boelter  9:13  

us yet. Now


Chris Taylor  9:16  

the gun that slow press Yeah,


Grant Howitt  9:17  

I like it the gun the pros like definitely could hear the the big crusher coming down. But we're not dead yet in the industrial crushing machine of the world and so we're going to do a reprint of it we also did a redesign minimum agenda he did Lancer and void heart Symphony and legacy stuff has done the done all the redesign on it. We've tightened up all the wording. But that's that's all rather unexcited Chris what is unbound? What does it do at


Chris Taylor  9:47  

it? So unbound is the best session zero you ever going to have because you build a really exciting world together like you shaped the classes, the world, everything that happens in it and then you get to play That and see what happens, generally over fairly short games. And then you see the entire world again from another perspective as you can play over and over within that world and change how everything reacts. So in the play tests, we had one group play the previous groups, children in the next part of the campaign. Oh, and things like that. They they're built together. And so we've got to target so you do about six games, and then start a new campaign in that world.


Grant Howitt  10:28  

Oh, that's very cool. It's it. It's like it's generic. And that's not very sexy word, but it's generic and as much as emulation genre and genre is punch.


Chris Taylor  10:41  



Grant Howitt  10:43  

It does it does a lot of it skews towards sci fi fantasy. We've found that I'm not quite sure why. But, but generally, it's like most of big over the top cinematic combat. But also we've sort of we've moved we were playing a lot of secret world at the time, like a shedload of secret world. And so the combat system is is an MMO combat system. Hmm. But not in a not in a people will say bad things about it for that style.


Amelia Antrim  11:15  

All right, so we're gonna ask the actual questions on our sheet now. Because I did, I did write these for a reason. Usually, we start with talking about the setting of a game, but this one doesn't have a setting. I want to ask, why did you choose to make a generic setting neutral, collaborative world building game? Like those are a thing now. I feel like I mean, Genesis, and I've seen a lot of other kind of, like, sort of setting neutral games recently. But this was from a few years ago before it was the sexy thing to do. Other than girls, which we know you love.


Unknown Speaker  11:53  

Why so sexy? It is.


Amelia Antrim  11:55  

It is, I believe, one of my favorite quote running back. see one of my favorite quotes is from one of our recordings with you where you said gurps is for people who fetishize calculators? Yeah.


Chris Taylor  12:11  

In the privacy of your own home is fine. I'm not gonna judge that. I mean,


Grant Howitt  12:19  

that's Chris. I think crystal agreed. There's two answers to this. Which one which is fear and the other which is madness.


Unknown Speaker  12:25  

Yeah, honestly.


Grant Howitt  12:27  

Which one do you want? I'll take madness.


Chris Taylor  12:29  

Yeah, sure. And so Graham and I were going mad. We were both suffering from depression. We're both in different countries. And we needed something to do. Honestly, like literally like some, like something collaborative that we could do. And so it got what


Grant Howitt  12:47  

we were both work at the time as well.


Chris Taylor  12:48  

Yeah. So should we just we write a game? Yeah, that's right game, like it just just mucking about just putting some words together. And then it starts to get really exciting and really good. Like, like, impressively good. Considering that we've tried whether we were literally just throwing words at a page and just doing whatever we thought was fun at the time. And it turned into one bound and it got out of hand honestly and kind of kind of spider Kareena. Really Yeah, pretty


Grant Howitt  13:15  

much yeah,


Chris Taylor  13:16  

definitely started the company.


Grant Howitt  13:18  

The the fear answer was because up until I went to a I went to a writer's creatives retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica in in summer 2016 and had a drug field experience staring directly into a bonfire burning my foods and then on the way back from that I was like I could put a setting in the game and I didn't I was too scared to put settings in games before or too old like it was it felt a bit like being I think I've talked about on the show before but like being trapped with someone and they're talking about their 12th level power boom. Okay, and and like and like why discouraged in the game is really cool. And he rolled the dice and he did he did 18 damage. And


Amelia Antrim  14:04  

your game was fun for you because you were there. I don't want to hear about it. It's an experiential thing. Like I don't care. I'm glad you had a great time. I don't care


Grant Howitt  14:14  

what you're telling me is a lie about a person who doesn't exist.


Amelia Antrim  14:19  

I say on a show where we create characters and make people listen to it it's true I'm not putting this in your ears you downloaded this have your own free well,


Ryan Boelter  14:30  

and we'd love you for it.


Grant Howitt  14:32  

I think there was there was some fear there about actually putting a setting in a game so like Goblin quest the thing which which I put up beforehand is very loose. It has like setting tables and it has like paragraphs here and there and drawings. But it really isn't like okay, here's what's going on. And we didn't like it was like the next book we published with spider which of course been on the show for before and which is mostly setting even the mechanics etc. And so unbound was us But I think the reason why we ended up with with universal golden generic game was because we were, I was scared of breaking sets again. And because we started doing a dungeon, like Dungeons and Dragons game, and the things sort of spiraled out from there, we had settlers and at 1.1 of the classes was so big it


Chris Taylor  15:18  

was on a boat. That was their entire cause. You can see the drink we cut


Ryan Boelter  15:24  

out quite a bit.


Amelia Antrim  15:27  

This is why you're the game designer, and


Chris Taylor  15:30  

they made it into spire if you get a boat, so


Grant Howitt  15:35  

yeah, that was one of the upgrades. I picked one for America. So yes, we did that. And it's, it's, it's very hard to sell a generic game. Oh, I will crush and go because because what almost all RPG sales go through Kickstarter. Now. You have to sell people the concept of a game, the concept of a great session. And when people ask, what's the game about what stories can we tell you have to go? Well, anything you want?


Amelia Antrim  16:02  

Just tell me what you want. I'll guarantee you just tell me


Unknown Speaker  16:10  

we have some money.


Grant Howitt  16:13  

And it was Yeah, it was it was a real challenge to sell. And so we really struggled to maybe did okay on Kickstarter. But it was it was a real struggle to, to get it, to get it in the ticket to get people to catch people's attention with it. And I think that that we've got we've got a much better understanding of after four years of selling gardens, the text of the book hasn't hasn't changed significantly. But we're able to say Oh, actually, here's what you can do with it. And we're a lot more confident about it in a very cool


Ryan Boelter  16:40  

alright, so then what do we need to play unbound


Chris Taylor  16:45  

cards? Yeah, you need a little bit more to play them perhaps just another generic game. You copy the book because you need the rules in your classes. But each player and the GM included needs their own deck of cards that they're going to be using throughout the game which will be ruined will be will be ruined you are going to write on the cards because it is both the date that deck is both your your random number generator and your character sheets. Or you hit points and you hit points and everything it is a lie. It is all in one deck of cards. So by yourself a cheap deck of cards with a lot of space on them and a good Sharpie.


Unknown Speaker  17:25  

And you're away. You don't need dice you know anything else?


Ryan Boelter  17:27  

So my my 22 year old pristine Sailor Moon branded cards probably shouldn't absolutely yeah,


Chris Taylor  17:36  

yeah, you've made a poor choice.


Grant Howitt  17:38  

Yeah. We could do a solar moon style come game night you could do a magical transforming girls game.


Ryan Boelter  17:44  

You know, I have zero problems with that.


Grant Howitt  17:50  

let's let's let's keep playing in the back of our mind as we go forward because it is possible to do magical transforming girls very easily, you know, okay,


Ryan Boelter  17:57  

I want this game even more now.


Amelia Antrim  18:00  

Like Ryan was already sold on this.


Ryan Boelter  18:03  

You don't have to sell me more. He


Amelia Antrim  18:05  

can single handedly back this Kickstarter at this point. Oh, you have a special new house he was gonna buy


Grant Howitt  18:15  

a series of beautiful dresses and bright lights. Yeah can live on the street for a little lazy susan spinner. Oh, you got changed. There you go.


Amelia Antrim  18:27  

You mentioned a little bit that this game does sci fi and fantasy and punching. Um, what kind of stories and themes Do you want people to explore?


Chris Taylor  18:39  

So when you're talking about like, what's what stories do people explore? Like, it's really hard because in playtesting we've had everything from a sort of hard bitten gritty Mad Max game. At some of our play testers will whales they were eco terrorist whales.


Amelia Antrim  18:58  

Yeah, like you do.


Chris Taylor  18:59  

Our personal play test was we were wizards on a school trip being sent away to collect the insurance on them when they crashed the van. It tells us different stories but the point is is whatever story it is it has high action


Grant Howitt  19:14  

has combat.


Chris Taylor  19:15  

Yeah, like it needs to be something bombastic and over the top. You're This is not a game for like a Veronica Mars level investigation. Your class is 99% combat based. The idea is that combat snappy fun and interesting and everything just kind of falls out whatever you want it to be.


Unknown Speaker  19:39  

So as long as you're punching stuff, you're right.


Grant Howitt  19:42  

Yeah, I think as well considering that the the dramatic scenes and combat scenes or battle scenes sorry, are mechanically very different from one another. And so like it lends itself to what honestly like magical transforming girls anything when there's like there's like there's a heartbreak And now it's time for combat. So like mech games are quite popular. We had a game we had a game of unbound, which became a one pager. Which were We were all Regency ladies, we were by we between the ages of 14 and 19. Getting ready to be married. And of course, we've been trained in the proper art of giant robot combat. Ah, and so we had it, we had our own sort of big robots that we asked to run to war against the French. Ah, that sounds amazing. So, yeah, action stories very much. So.


Ryan Boelter  20:29  

Okay. So this is kind of similar what two characters do in this game? action? Action punching,


Chris Taylor  20:37  

punching? Yeah, like that? Well, it's very difficult, okay. You can also do slicing or whatever you fancy. It's kind of difficult to say what characters do because of the fact that you've built the entire world and the game in session zero. It is literally that thing of whatever you want. So if you want to tell a story about people defending their homeland, that sure you can do that as long as they're doing it with violence, in some fashion, at least. If you want to tell about spaceship battles, and the bleakness and isolation of space cool, do that alongside spaceship floats. It's all about the world you build,


Grant Howitt  21:16  

we'd have any scale is there's a big challenge in writing as well. But the scale is a character makes an attack and your attack can be cool. I I send forward a legion. Like it's it's all very it's all quite abstract and mechanical level. But I think the like what what characters do is all is all key to the experience, okay, to the advancement mechanic. And the way which advancement works is you come up with, we call them fates. But but like the preferred name is seems we'd like to see from Whose Line is it Anyway. But But like, a fate is something which will happen to your character. And so if you can think of it like it like a character goal, but more often we'd much rather have, like, I get in an argument my ex husband could be could be a character. And then you can move on and the rest of the group comes up with one and when you do both of them you advance. Okay, so what characters do is really really dictated by the group and advancement to is dictated by the group. So that you end up with this like really super focused game, but also has it also has a really nice mechanic for for Side Stories, because it's like, in terms of relationships, in terms of non combat stuff, most of the fights we have aren't about combat. They're like the combat there as an exciting thing to do. And then the fates set alongside that. And because, because a bit like in apocalypse world where people pick out a stat they want you to use in this, the rest of the table says, Okay, here's what we want to see your character doing. And that means that they're infused and excited when it's happening generally. Yeah. Okay. But yeah, anything you can see why it's hard to solve.


Chris Taylor  22:51  

Yeah, like, I mean, one of the fights that I've seen a character have in playtesting is I want to die. Like they wanted to see where they die. And that's part of their advancement mechanic. Interesting. So like, they already know they're going to come back but it's a scene in which that character experiences death in some fashion.


Ryan Boelter  23:09  

See, the weird part of me wants to push this to the limit and do like a microscopic tardigrade magical girls. Hundred percent. But not that it can handle that. Right?


Grant Howitt  23:22  

It just did. Like I think like the drama, a microscopic level is hard for us to imagine. Yeah. Being the conversation is planned. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  23:32  



Unknown Speaker  23:32  

Yeah. Nice. Each one of your six legs.


Grant Howitt  23:38  

It could be tardigrades, I think that it might be hard to tell a story about tardigrades regardless of system. But we can make it work.


Ryan Boelter  23:43  

Yeah. fives are sentient enough?


Grant Howitt  23:46  

Yeah, you have to be such


Chris Taylor  23:48  

a magical fine. Yeah.


Grant Howitt  23:51  

Because get bigger and go to like a malt shop or something that comes


Chris Taylor  23:54  

with devices.


Amelia Antrim  23:59  

The thing that has come up now several times in this recording and before when we've talked about this game, is that it's it's difficult to like sell people on it. So I'm going to ask you now what is unique? What makes this special? Why should Why should I buy this game that's actually like make up your own game. You do the work


Unknown Speaker  24:22  



Grant Howitt  24:26  

The reason why you should buy as Chris said earlier is the best session cereal ever have. And we don't say that lightly. we've really tried to make something which feels special and engaging, exciting. And like the thing it's not. It's not like Genesis. It's not like, what's the other one with money cook one. So there's a lie cipher in as much as those are really good if you know, like, I want a cyberpunk game. So you're going to take that and then take the bits of the world that work together and then write your own bits and sort of have that there's modules and various things you can work out you're not supposed to have an idea in mind for a setting when you come to this game, everyone says, pitches it together. And it's that collaboration, which I've not seen outside of something like microscope, or like some really broad generalist games like a quiet year as well as these really broad gym, this games, you have the capacity to have that collaboration. And we've not seen anything that does it like this in a more focused traditional RPG style. Yeah, and neither


Amelia Antrim  25:23  

of those are particularly punchy games.


Chris Taylor  25:25  

No, that kind of introspective and somber don't mean songbirds and sad, but like they're slower, and they're, they're exploring themes, whereas this is more like, well, I am going to batter you to death with a spaceship, like a baseball bat and hit you with it. And that's the thing, right? Like, when you sit down with your friends, you're going to sit down and have zero clue what you're going to play that evening. And you will walk away with an amazing setting that you are exciting and raving to play. And then you get to do that. And then you get to break that setting while you're in it. Because you'll as I say, as I said earlier, you're looking at maybe six games with the characters you've currently got. And then you kind of zoom out a little bit if you want to just just look at your world as a whole and go cool. So we've changed the world. We've waged war on this country, let's say we were doing a military campaign. Let's play the next one during that time period, but as the people we invaded. Let's see how that happens. Let's see what happens to the druids in this forest over here. Because obviously war, burns, forests, war, has industry and all sorts of dangerous things going on. What was there look at this world, or what was this like 10,000 years ago, 10,000 years in the future? What everything's flooded. And you can just throw all this stuff at it, and it'll stick. Because the scale is changeable because you can do Magical Girl tardigrades. Or you can beat somebody to death with a spaceship. You just change the scale. And it doesn't matter to the rules what the scale is.


Amelia Antrim  26:58  

Yeah. Thanks. I'm so excited for the


Chris Taylor  27:04  

worst things about doing the session zero is if you then don't play the game afterwards. Oh, yeah. Because you've got this this bundle of potential.


Grant Howitt  27:13  

Oh, yeah. Well, that's the perfect state of a roleplay. Because I love this podcast.


Amelia Antrim  27:18  

I mean, that's what we're here for is like, we never have to like suffer the consequences of


Chris Taylor  27:23  

the decision that he made. But like every time I do want to get mucky in that setting, right.


Grant Howitt  27:32  

Apparently TVs perfect characters. Role Playing. Mechanics No, thank you. So I


Ryan Boelter  27:39  

mean, tech. fanfiction is for


Amelia Antrim  27:43  

doing some world building with one of my friends right now for a game that we plan on playing. And the whole time we're like, okay, but what point do we stop? And we're like, okay, now we have to have game like, at what point are we like, okay, we can't keep like making all of these decisions. We have to sit down and play in it. And we're like, maybe next week. We'll just keep talking about it instead.


Ryan Boelter  28:08  

So the history of unbound, it was originally released in 2016. What else can you tell us about the history of this game? Then what if any, started discovered it?


Chris Taylor  28:21  

Yeah, I mean, we started with a Kickstarter, which funded fairly well, I mean, we were fairly unknown at that point. And it funded two expansions, cyberpunk and urban hora, ooh, both of which have now been rolled into the book. So they're just they just standard their dependencies in the book now. And all they add to the game is, as we'll see later, they add extra traits to the game. And they have a load of new Monster hierarchies, and just some, some extra little bits that plug into the game. And you can use them or not use them depending what's going on. And then we've had prop fairly regularly since 2016. People going, Yeah, Where can I buy an bound from? I want to perform a physical one, not a PDF. And I forget, we're sorted. We've got other projects, we're doing spy, we're doing hard. This is happening. And it kind of got to this point where like, actually, we should just do a really like simple cheap Kickstarter, just like if like, almost like a pre order, right? Like, we're funding the print run, we're not doing stretch goals. We're not adding to the book, we're not making it. We're not doing anything that could extend the release time. As soon as the Kickstarter finishes, we press buy on as many books as we need plus some and then as soon as they're printed, they go out. And that's, that's really, really exciting because it means that we like hopefully we can get these into people's hands within months rather than


Amelia Antrim  29:50  

less things to go wrong when you watch some Kickstarters and they have stretch goal upon stretch goal upon stretch goal and I'm like that's a delay and then delay things but I'm like, I'm not getting Get this book for three years.


Chris Taylor  30:02  

Everything in this book was written four years ago, we've tightened it, we've made it prettier, meaning Magento has done wonderful stuff laying it out. So it's actually really possible. Now, there's because there's a fair amount of information in the book. And we were guessing at that point, honestly, as to what was good and what wasn't. And now we actually know so it's, it's all fixed on that front button that is there. And that brings up to now


Ryan Boelter  30:25  

Oh, lovely.


Amelia Antrim  30:27  

All right, well, let's jump into like the actual like nitty gritty details, what terms and stuff do we need to know before we start playing this game? Or should we should we tell isn't


Grant Howitt  30:38  

read on the list? Sure. Okay, so the first and then like the most important campaign thing, which you'll pick is the core and the core of your characters, your characters built up of three parts and we'll get on to what they are but because our the, we have like warrior mage, I do. zealot devout, devout, thank you. Act bound outlaw, outlaw. these are these are kind of the group concepts for your for your group, they'll given us they'll, they'll ask some questions about the setting. And then they'll also give you a recovery power, which is how you heal and so like the outlaw Warden, lets you hurt people and run away. And the magic one lets you sort of summon magic shields and stuff. And then Chris role,


Chris Taylor  31:27  

the roles are the things most easily identifiable as classes, you're looking at protector Warden, striker deadeye like they're these iconic roles that are filled by groups in RPGs. So the striker as you can imagine, is a close up damage dealer. The deadeye is a ranged character, the protector heels and the warden defense. And they give you the the real basics of your plot of your character. So they tell you what your how good you are at hitting things. They tell you how healthy you are, they give you a couple of basic powers. And then you modify those with the traits.


Grant Howitt  32:09  

And traits are we've got 10 to 12. Some we have quite a few in the book. And these are your characters trick your characters Quirk. So things like fire, or spirits or shadows or mighty. And they, they generally inform your character style, and you get a power and a question out of those as well. And so from those, like, depending on what you pick in terms of traits, it can really change the scope of the campaign in terms of Okay, well, I've got shadow and spirit and transform, as opposed to a game which has mighty and dirty fighting and fire. So you can you can bet you can tell the GM what you're interested in. And then the questions will sculpt the game.


Chris Taylor  32:54  

Yeah. Martial partners.


Grant Howitt  32:57  

That's not in the game foundation is the


Chris Taylor  33:01  

charitable foundation is. This goes yeah. So the foundation is a sort of skill set bundle. Basically, it tells you you're out of combat abilities and kind of how you interact with the world. At a base level. It's not used as much as the previous ones, because the previous ones are combat based. But it's still an important like, focusing point of your character.


Grant Howitt  33:30  

It's very similar to aspects and fate, your backgrounds and 30 verge. Nice that we've got fates, which as we discussed earlier, fates are the scenes we'd like to see, which will advance your character more, we'll pick some out for each other to see what we're excited then do.


Chris Taylor  33:45  

And then you've got factions and twists, which is a thing for the GM to worry about, basically. And during the World creation, the GM will be listening to whatever he's saying. And after they've all helped build the world, and kind of name a couple of the factions as being very important. Like Actually, I can work with this horrible zaibatsu company in the cyberpunk world we've made. Let's look at them specifically, let's work out who their figurehead is. and twists are things that they choose early to be able to affect battlefields and change the game rules a little bit.


Grant Howitt  34:20  

And then scars are permanent injuries you pick upon in your on your cards, scars, you will like if when you go out of action, you draw a card and you write a scar on it. And that lessens the value of the card. And then if you score a score you die, which is exciting.


Chris Taylor  34:34  

Oh, yeah, that is those are death mechanic. Yeah. And the last one we've got here is a saga saga is simply a micro campaign. Basically, if you imagine a dungeon dragons campaign in the traditional mold is like a years long thing. It's very expensive. You take care of some one to 20 well imagine that a saga is levels 123. And then after you've done that, you basically throw those characters And get some new ones. And then as I said earlier, you play those in the same world and you modify your world a little bit.


Grant Howitt  35:05  

Wait, no, no adventure is that sagas everything together.


Unknown Speaker  35:11  



Grant Howitt  35:12  

Yes, it is. It's been it's been a while since we wrote it.


Chris Taylor  35:16  

So yeah. Either way. It's about the campaign's and the breaking up of that and shifting through the different characters.


Ryan Boelter  35:22  

Okay. Very cool. I said everything we need to know that before we dive in,


Grant Howitt  35:28  

yes, honestly, it is. I will say, for this for this episode, I will be I will be taking the GM role. Okay, so I will be making a character but I'll be doing the world creation stuff as well. Most of that will be handled from sort of, I'll be staring book creation, but you'll be doing most of it yourselves.


Ryan Boelter  35:44  

I mean, you can build a character to if you really want


Grant Howitt  35:46  

nice, honestly, this it's a it's, it helps if as a GM, okay, all right, well helps having someone who stood the process.


Amelia Antrim  35:53  

So now you're the person we want to leave in charge though.


Ryan Boelter  35:59  

All right, well, let's make some people. All right. Let's make some people and a world. Let's make a place. Oh, no, we're actually Alright, what do we do first? Do we do people first our world first, the


Grant Howitt  36:10  

first thing we do is touch those we actually we have a we have a reference for this. So while you're finding reference,


Chris Taylor  36:20  

so you say they'd like do we make people Firstly, we write the word first. You do them both simultaneously, as you pick one first. But you have to do both simultaneously. Because each class, each each roll core trait all of these things have questions attached to them. So you have to be able to answer those questions to fill out a little bit more of the world. So you you kind of work out what in the world is like the broad strokes. And then as you come through, you drill deeper and deeper and deeper through the process.


Grant Howitt  36:54  

First thing I'd like to do is turn to page 20. PDFs. We hope we all have the same version together. And then what what we're going to do, we're all going to draw a card. And so page 20 is the touchstone. The touchstones are 52 different phrases, which we thought would be useful to help generate original world. Use what we're going to do, we're going to do this three times. So each time I want you to draw a card, tell me what you get, and then I'll write it down. And then of those three groupings of words. We're going to pick out the ones with the one we're just calling to us most. Okay, I got demons, demons, I got jungles.


Amelia Antrim  37:30  

Let's see. I will pull a card. Oh, jungles


Grant Howitt  37:35  

Drogo. Nigella.


Amelia Antrim  37:37  

Okay, fine. See, holy,


Grant Howitt  37:43  

holy grime, and I got walls, walls, demon, jungles, demons, jungles, holy walls.


Ryan Boelter  37:51  

Ah. So there's something that is that that.


Chris Taylor  37:55  

I can think of some few things in that.


Grant Howitt  37:57  

Okay. Again.


Ryan Boelter  37:59  

Again, Oh, we got going


Grant Howitt  38:02  

on so so as I said, we're going to be three groups of these. Oh, and we're going to see which one's calling out to us to make a campaign. Okay. Prison. Prison. I got sky. So that's already exciting. Yep.


Amelia Antrim  38:14  

I got pirates. Oh, here we go.


Ryan Boelter  38:17  

And I got and I got corporations.


Amelia Antrim  38:21  

Corporation sky pirates.


Unknown Speaker  38:25  

That's pretty good. We stole the flying jail.


Grant Howitt  38:31  

And one more


Chris Taylor  38:33  



Amelia Antrim  38:34  

wizards Here we go.


Grant Howitt  38:38  

demons. Yes, wizards, narcotics demons and I got beasts. So the three we have to play with and I will say we can also append all of these with and magical girls. I will say I would like I'm fine. If Ryan plays a magical girl. I'm awesome. But But I'm also fine if all of us play magical girls. Here's the thing.


Amelia Antrim  39:02  

I know nothing about the magical girl Shawn


Grant Howitt  39:05  

Lee neither I've seen three episodes of cardcaptor secure I'm sure


Amelia Antrim  39:10  

enough, I know there's like outfits are important to spin


Grant Howitt  39:13  

around and change the fight evil.


Unknown Speaker  39:15  



Grant Howitt  39:16  

Okay. It's a wonder something bigger. So the three concepts we have are demons, jungles, holy and walls. Sky prison pirates, corporations and demons wizards narcotics, narcotics and beasts. What are we feeling?


Amelia Antrim  39:37  

I'm really feeling this sky pirate Corp prison right


Chris Taylor  39:40  

yeah, it's gonna be that


Ryan Boelter  39:42  

I mean feel so good. Yeah.


Grant Howitt  39:45  

Yeah, yeah, like a big sort of yeah shanty jail it right. Yeah. Cool. Okay, all right. Sorry. Sorry. Demons juggles how we walls.


Chris Taylor  39:54  

Well, that would it would have been fun.


Grant Howitt  39:55  

You would have made a fine film starring Paul Bettany, but not for dough. So, what we have here is, what we're going to do now is pick a core. You can we can also pick the pick sort of the core, the base setting, whether it's fantasy, sci fi, or urban horror pulp or superheroes. Those are the only kinds of role playing games there are. But I think I'd like to leave that slightly open and we can work out where we are in it. And we can sort of leave the the overall the word, time period as it were, and magic use a little bit later. Yeah. So the first thing we're going to do after that is pick cause. Now what cause are, as you said earlier, the the party concept as it were the group concept and the ones we have to pick from are devout people of faith who bring them light to dark places. And that can be faith in the system, or faith in philosophy doesn't have to be a religious folk, magic experts on a quote on a quest of hidden knowledge your default d&d was it isn't magic. So is Indiana Jones. outlaw rogues fighting against the system. Packed bound agents in service to an otherworldly powers I think like the warlocks or Angel seminars, or don't really weird urban horror stuff. Warrior military operatives and active conflict, just say military It can also be paramilitary, but generally, a battle for territory or something. And then while defenders of the natural places of the world your Druids, your eco warriors, your whales, etc. I will say playing wild does allow you to play six wolves want to play six wolves? So those are those are the cause pressey got any ideas?


Chris Taylor  41:44  

Well, the most obvious one would be outlaw. Because we're in a world with pirates, and I don't really fancy playing at the corporations. Hmm. So that would be kind of neat. But we could also be warriors, and using the sort of pirate ethos of fighting back against corporations or taking up our airspace.


Grant Howitt  42:04  

Like Like, like a like a proper like this is this is it what clawing back?


Chris Taylor  42:09  

Yeah, like, like, V flow resistance rather than. Okay, I'm gonna roll your shipping container.


Amelia Antrim  42:15  

Yeah, so they're not like the pirates are not the corporation. This is not pirates, Incorporated. I


Chris Taylor  42:20  

mean, it could be pirate Incorporated. I mean, I'm just


Grant Howitt  42:23  

asking, each pirate ship is perhaps its own legally, like distinct business


Unknown Speaker  42:29  

paperwork in order.


Grant Howitt  42:32  

Like people could buy stocks in your, like, make more money.


Amelia Antrim  42:37  

It's Pudsey. But then you start having like pirate fantasy football.


Unknown Speaker  42:41  

Sure. That works a lot of families.


Ryan Boelter  42:49  

Oh, no. That's


Grant Howitt  42:52  

so out. Laura warrior. I think those are those are those are both interesting things.


Amelia Antrim  42:57  

I mean, I think outlaw works for me.


Ryan Boelter  43:00  

Yeah, I think a lot could work. Yeah, I think love is probably the the one that makes the most sense.


Grant Howitt  43:06  

I think so. Like, a lot. focus around the city. It focuses around like a, like a single location, whereas whereas war is more is bigger. But I quite like the idea of trying to steal the prison.


Chris Taylor  43:20  

Uh huh. Well, I mean, you know, if you're looking at the location, it can kind of be like an if you look at like, the area that pirates actually operated in, it was tiny. You kind of have that area of the Caribbean, but it's that area of the sky. I guess if we got airships,


Grant Howitt  43:34  

yeah. And then you can have like, like, like very oil or oil, very tall oil rigs, or something as you can sort of dock to or what have you, like space elevators? anywhere with that. Okay, cool. So, there's gonna be a few questions to ask about wars. So the first thing needs to do is why so that's gonna be that's actually not the first thing to do. Here we go. Questions. Every player must answer what is my crime? But what I'm going to ask you first is the GM and each player should answer the following questions about the world. What's the name of our city? And what's weird about it? So it's a flying city? Yes, it's a flying area. But I like to imagine that's not the weird thing. Like most places fly here.


Ryan Boelter  44:17  



Grant Howitt  44:19  

What's what's unusual about the place but that the that we find ourselves in? Is it sky Joe?


Amelia Antrim  44:24  

It's too heavy. It's like lower to the ground than all of the other ones.


Grant Howitt  44:28  

Okay. And the ground is like gross and toxic. Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  44:31  



Chris Taylor  44:32  

That's actually got a nice little slump effect to it.


Ryan Boelter  44:36  

Huh? Yeah. My thought was also like, maybe it's tethered to a like, in camping on the ground or our community on the ground for some reason.


Grant Howitt  44:46  

How about it's tethered to a to a boat. So like not not like a like a like a little rowboat, but like, like, like, like a sort of like a like a destroyer or some sort of research vessel or some kind of massive thing which is trudging through These acids seas. And it's the it's the it's the sort of the connecting skyport of that.


Chris Taylor  45:06  

Hmm. mosaic because then we can go up and down and


Ryan Boelter  45:11  

are they pumping this toxic goo into the city for research? And that's why we're lower. Yes,


Grant Howitt  45:20  

yes. Okay. Yeah, I like that there's, there's like most of it is just gross, toxic goop. But there's pockets of useful things or like, oh, there's this there's this horrible monstrosity, which we're going to go and kill and capture. And so they use sort of drugged up but what


Chris Taylor  45:34  

if it's got like other liquids in it, but with different visibility, so like, there's like liquid petroleum, essentially, whatever whatever airship fuel is, but I'm guessing it's like Leviathan blood or something.


Grant Howitt  45:48  

That that, that's brilliant.


Chris Taylor  45:50  

There we go. And so you need something at the toxic ground level to be able to get the fuel source to run the airships at livable levels. And everybody on the ground level has like, I don't know what time period what sort of theme we're doing yet, but like hazmat suits,


Ryan Boelter  46:07  

yes. I'm, I'm getting.


Grant Howitt  46:11  

I'm getting like alternate near future.


Unknown Speaker  46:13  

I'm getting Waterworld.


Unknown Speaker  46:16  

Yeah, don't want to go.


Grant Howitt  46:19  

Do you know what I mean? I'm imagining portable, but slightly like that, but like, perhaps slightly sooner after the collapse. So there's still technology, there's still various other things which work and there's still sort of astronauts holding on rather than just Kevin. Kevin Macross. No drinking. Yes. Sorry, his own urine. So what's the name? So you're there's this this ship and this island. And I like the idea that they both suck. Terrible places. We need a we need a cool name. And this, this is going to inform a lot of the rest of what we come up with.


Ryan Boelter  46:54  

Like it's got to be a corporate name. Right.


Amelia Antrim  46:56  

I think it's something that like is like, flowery and like utopian or something


Ryan Boelter  47:01  

like something like totally, not totally incorrect. And it has had like a comma incorporate incorporated at the end of it. Absolutely. Right.


Grant Howitt  47:09  

Yeah. Halcyon, I think


Unknown Speaker  47:14  

was very dramatic.


Ryan Boelter  47:15  

is very dramatic. It's also the the main city in masks. Oh, Halcyon city.


Grant Howitt  47:24  

mosques. It's one of my top five words is Providence, Providence, Providence Incorporated. And, and New Providence, which is the which is the following. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And so Providence Incorporated. That is a good title for a campaign. Mm hmm. Providence, Incorporated. Yes. Lovely. Okay. So both the SS Providence HMS Hmm. Hello difficult. Whatever they wouldn't be wouldn't be her majesty. It'd be her co


Unknown Speaker  48:03  



Amelia Antrim  48:04  

coo Providence.


Grant Howitt  48:08  

The ship is the CEO. Oh, oh, vote no. Okay.


Ryan Boelter  48:12  

What do we want? What happens if


Grant Howitt  48:15  

we don't get it? So you're outlaws you're on the wrong side of the law. What are you trying to do? We try to steal or kill or


Chris Taylor  48:23  

So originally, I had the idea that we were like, actually like trying to rob will these different airships. But now I'm thinking what we're trying to rob is the fuel to keep everything afloat, otherwise, everything falls and sinks into the acid lakes. I reckon


Grant Howitt  48:39  

like he could try and steal New Providence. So like, you could try and, like cut it off from the ship area and take off as its own free colony. You could try and steal enough Leviathan blood to get to get escaped capital out of there.


Ryan Boelter  48:54  

Or are we trying to steal the stuff that they brought up? and get it off? The the sky island? Um,


Grant Howitt  49:03  

yeah, okay, that works. me but you bet you found a buyer. You found someone who's willing to buy this ridiculously valuable device and gods? Mm hmm.


Amelia Antrim  49:12  

I mean, I feel like there's the option of like, this is a corporation owned ship. And we don't want to be owned by a corporation anymore. We're just gonna steal the whole ship.


Unknown Speaker  49:23  

Yeah, it was stuck. Yeah, let's go


Chris Taylor  49:28  

with the entire thing.


Amelia Antrim  49:30  

So you want to steal all of you Providence?


Grant Howitt  49:32  

You gotta so they gotta steal that you're gonna steal the entirety of the Flying section of Providence? Yeah, we'll cut that off. Jefferson is still as much fuel as you can. And then brand new columbic brilliant. Love it.


Amelia Antrim  49:44  

Yeah, we're gonna wait until wait until we have all the fuel that we can get.


Grant Howitt  49:49  

And then, which is interesting, because that is that what we've done here is we've kind of we're kind of starting to establish the scale. So it feels like like, rather than fighting it might be Leaving my unit of 10 soldiers I'm leaving like my unit of 10 rebels or 10 thieves on this in this area rather than I'm here with my laser rifle. So we can we can scale up and down and have it as fairly large skirmish scale combat we'd like but we can work there as we go. So what happens if you don't get it?


Ryan Boelter  50:21  

I think the corporation is going to run the city into the the acidic depths until all of the profitability is gone.


Amelia Antrim  50:31  

Just like suck it dry.


Grant Howitt  50:32  

Yeah, I was I want something immediate. Oh, okay. I wasn't I wasn't like no, not necessarily like a like a ticking clock but something which like, here are the stakes, folks. Yeah,


Chris Taylor  50:42  

well, I mean, like it since we're at Lowe's, we're all facing some form of incarceration or trial or something. Right.


Grant Howitt  50:49  

Like, like you've all been arrested. You're all wanted by the law? Yeah. Like


Chris Taylor  50:53  

I'm what I'm kind of imagining is because these are very closed locations. Like you need to dock with something else to go anywhere else. I'm thinking that there's a sort of system of IDs, and our IDs have been flagged.


Unknown Speaker  51:07  

Right? Yeah. Okay.


Chris Taylor  51:08  

I'm not necessarily talking like you know, RFID chips in your hands, but even like badges numbers, whatever, but you need our papers are not papers off bad. Now.


Grant Howitt  51:17  

They have been watered. Yes. You can't operate. It's not like my but there's but there's big sort of like grainy black and white screens displaying your faces. Yeah. Mm hmm.


Chris Taylor  51:27  

Numerous cathode ray wanted posters.


Grant Howitt  51:31  

That's the stuff. That's what I'm after. I'm imagining like quite a quite grimy level of technology as well. Like, it's like it's all very functional. I imagine like a lot of hazmat suits, a lot of hazard warning, a lot of rust. But it all it all does its job, but it's not slick and smooth and beautiful.


Chris Taylor  51:49  

is kind of a really dirty 50s. Okay, like that kind of radium to television.


Amelia Antrim  51:57  

Some retro future


Unknown Speaker  51:59  

full of stuff. Yeah. Very cool. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  52:00  

Like, yeah, yeah.


Grant Howitt  52:02  

Yeah. by imagining like full on with the cross with Brazil. So it's got that level of sort of that level of Mad intensity and boring. Yeah, that's


Chris Taylor  52:08  

the corporation stuff coming into it. Right.


Grant Howitt  52:11  

Mm hmm. But having Yeah, I like the idea that a lot of this technology is old. And then until they show how it works. And so it's kind of its, its legacy technologies, which is being strung together with Brooklyn Park, but we can use that


Chris Taylor  52:25  

kind of image you know, those images of like Blade Runner when they've got the enormous screens, like imagine that but it's a CRT? Yeah. Like it's this colossal CRT thing taking up so


Grant Howitt  52:35  

much. It's some it's it's it's it's 400. boxes, you can change to white or black. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  52:45  

Hum. Yeah. Yeah. No wonder this island is sinking.


Amelia Antrim  52:52  

Just from these very heavy television. That's


Grant Howitt  52:55  

gonna coolest CRT punk. Right. Okay. who's an answer? So what happens if you don't get it is you'll be arrested. You'll be tracked down? Yeah. Like too much like that. But you've all done something bad. And so and so and now people are coming for you, which happily answers the next question for me well, asks that question, who's in charge of the law run these parts?


Ryan Boelter  53:20  

It's got to be corporate security. Right. Mm. Like, huh. See, I'm


Chris Taylor  53:25  

Fishman I'm wondering if we go like the proper faceless Corporation sort of style, or robots?


Grant Howitt  53:34  

I mean, NPC robots can toys. Yeah, I need at least two NPCs that I can put voices on. Yeah. So robots reverse Ranger. What if


Ryan Boelter  53:44  

it's, what if it's robots with with a small contingent of like, actual people


Unknown Speaker  53:52  

that are decrepit programmers?


Ryan Boelter  53:55  

Yeah, I like


Chris Taylor  53:56  

that. So like, the robots have like a real basic like punch card level AI and, like, they understand stuff they can understand commands like spoken commands and things. Yeah, they're very like their hands on those clampy claws. They're not like, yeah, beautiful digits. And they move in packs with proper handlers. And then you get the best of both worlds. You get the robot and the nasty corporate goons.


Grant Howitt  54:23  

I like that. And I get so we've got we've got like, the dumb robots with programmers and handlers. And you've also got like, that gives you a wide variety of like power armor and stuff, which means I can put power on enemies in the game, which gives me a lot of opportunities for power level. And also yourselves if you want to have like robot equipment and things like that. That's fun. What are they called? Not cops, not Providence. Um, what what do you show when they arrive? The box it is


Unknown Speaker  54:56  

cheesy. It's a false


Grant Howitt  54:58  

that sort of thing. You know,


Amelia Antrim  55:01  

I mean, I think we I think they're rusty. You just call them the rust.


Unknown Speaker  55:05  

The rust.


Ryan Boelter  55:07  



Grant Howitt  55:08  

rust. I don't know about this place smells rusty tonight. Yeah, there we go.


Ryan Boelter  55:13  

Oh, and there's like graffiti you can't trust the rust?


Amelia Antrim  55:16  

Yeah. Now you need a T shirt.


Grant Howitt  55:22  

Who's the one person you can trust? So like, obviously there are a lot of normal folks living on this living on this floating island and and ship. But you are you are not friends to most of them. In fact, like, you're more than you're worth more to sell out to the rest than you are as friends. But who is the one person that you can trust? What if there's one of these robots who's like,


Chris Taylor  55:46  

built into part of the structure? Yeah. And he's like, he was like the, one of the early prototypes. And they they scaled back their UI after that, right? Yeah, no. And sort of Clifton. Yeah, kind of, but he got he got he got lost in like the bowels of the city. Mm hmm. And then he's he's now running like, for a better way of putting it like the Thieves Guild.


Grant Howitt  56:12  

He runs a bow


Chris Taylor  56:13  

he wrote. Yes. But like he's chained to it.


Ryan Boelter  56:17  

Yeah, quite like oh, but like, the entire building is his sensory and I can imagine he's like, on an overhead track that allows him absolutely only certain places within the bar. But there's


Chris Taylor  56:29  

like imagine this like in separate rooms, there's still those tracks run through the doors. So you set an arm off and go and get another bottle and really back in?


Unknown Speaker  56:38  



Chris Taylor  56:40  

there's a hidden every single thing in there. It's just his arms doing other things. That's really cool.


Unknown Speaker  56:45  

Jackie ball.


Chris Taylor  56:51  

I don't know why I wouldn't be called a healthy


Grant Howitt  56:53  

alfia I like that. And I think it could be like a augmented life form


Chris Taylor  56:57  

intellectual entity.


Grant Howitt  57:00  

Yeah, obviously we stand for something. And actually he was he was part is part of the for life Corporation. Part of the full licence model. Hmm. But but the, the FME I've upgraded the wrong way around. So it looks like alphabet. Yeah. Okay. Alfie. Alfie is a Alfie is the is the Underground's worst kept secret, I think and like labor Corp tolerates his existence. Maybe they have a backdoor interest programming or something. But like he is he's not not certainly not like the head of your outlaws. But no, but a useful contact to have a fence. Maybe he's just a just a tricky robot. Like they they've destroyed him once he just restored himself from backups. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  57:48  

that's so many different arms and things that I think that like unless you got every single part of him.


Chris Taylor  57:53  

Yeah. Like, you can't get rid of him. without burning the city to the ground. He's just


Grant Howitt  57:58  

mastered elfi most of the principle of distributed intelligence. Yes. So every every arm is slightly elfi. And they realize that the best thing to do is just let it get on with itself. And hope it doesn't evolve, just hoping rather than trying to fight it, yeah. That letting it break. Okay, I like that. And then finally, who are we looking to screw over? So obviously, Providence and yeah, I'd like to get someone to get an MPC or someone slightly more forward someone more immediate.


Amelia Antrim  58:29  

Who's like the head person of this colony or like the foreman here.


Chris Taylor  58:34  

Like there's run by, like this part is run by a former not, you're not like the head of the corporation is somewhere else.


Grant Howitt  58:43  

Right? Well, your head of the corporation is not going to show up in this game.


Chris Taylor  58:45  

Well, they might do but like on a screen says yes.


Amelia Antrim  58:50  

Certainly not down here. And it has been


Grant Howitt  58:52  

the head of the corporation will be involved. The head of the corporation will be informed of the events on this campaign during their morning briefing. Yes. Depending on how it goes. So like for me, I like the idea of a foreman. I like the idea of like maybe someone who he'd like he has is he makes the robots into really like, counted best deal like strange hunting style things. So like he like he does his own modification. He


Chris Taylor  59:20  

could also be the programmer like he could be the person who coded Alfie.


Grant Howitt  59:23  

Yeah, okay, that works. That's a nice idea. Yeah. Okay. And his name.


Chris Taylor  59:29  

I kind of have something like, kind of Cockney sounding in my head. But fancy Cockney.


Unknown Speaker  59:37  

Vince Vincent


Chris Taylor  59:39  

Lucy. I'm just thinking like the listener in Grolsch.


Grant Howitt  59:42  

Oh, Christopher. Christopher. Well done. Thank you. I'm very good at names. lists. guys gonna be able to spell say we'll make it up. Lissa written broach


Ryan Boelter  59:53  

the current


Chris Taylor  59:56  



Unknown Speaker  59:58  

I can feel listening Voice bubbling up in my throat where we are always


Chris Taylor  1:00:03  

never seen without a bright yellow hardhat covered in blood and oil.


Grant Howitt  1:00:11  

Like he's never washed his boys boilers overalls is horrible monkey versus


Chris Taylor  1:00:17  

my slightly puffy face I'm imagining you know that sort of swollen human.


Grant Howitt  1:00:24  

I imagined like imagine imagine his office of his face on a wide variety of Nakata just huffing lights, what are they he sees? Maybe Maybe he's drinking the Leviathan blood like he's drinking jet fuel. It can just it can work like unobtainium down there, you know it's fighting


Chris Taylor  1:00:41  

back and huffing glue.


Grant Howitt  1:00:43  

And this is what I'm rapidly realizing is just dishonored.


Unknown Speaker  1:00:47  

There's an element of that.


Grant Howitt  1:00:49  

There's the element of dishonored and it certainly will be fun. I want you to do now is note down your your recovery powers the recovery powers, your big he'll always do is write down desperate measures. Because you are a criminals loss. What do you make recover action instead of normal stamina recovery, you heal 15 and pick one. stamina is like the best way to describe stamina is like the reaches like the armor bar and Halo. If that if that helps everyone, it's


Chris Taylor  1:01:22  

temporary hit points that get blown off before you start discarding cards out of your deck, which is your actual, like health bar, as it were,


Grant Howitt  1:01:30  

yeah, you so you want to keep your stamina up, you can either make an immediate escape, move and run away without getting harmed. Or mark, the area you're currently occupying is dangerous too, until the end of the battle is you set the room on fire. Both of these are good. Now. Now we've done that the next part is going to be a bit less individual where you only aspect pick out some roles. So your roles are as Chris was saying earlier, very close to your classes. Your There are five roles to pick from you can you can play the same role of someone else if you'd like that's absolutely fine. But I'm going to I'm going to encourage you to pick separate ones unless you've got a really cool idea. So the roles that we have available are the brawler who's a frontline fighter a glutton for punishment, the deadeye a long range damage dealer, a glass cannon, the protector combat healer and support operative the striker up close damage dealer with a glass jaw and the warden battlefield controller and tank.


Chris Taylor  1:02:29  

Hmm. It's one of the things I really like about making characters in this is that I keep on going I could play a brawler and do this or tank and do this. And there's a lot of different stuff you can you can mess about with which is quite fun. Oh yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:02:44  

All right, Ryan, you're going protector it?


Ryan Boelter  1:02:47  

I mean, I'm leaning towards it. I'm very much leaning towards protector.


Amelia Antrim  1:02:53  

I mean you do you? Uh huh. Um, so you know what you're about?


Chris Taylor  1:02:57  

I'm I'm I'm tending towards brawler


Grant Howitt  1:03:00  

at the mic. Yeah. How could we squeeze magical go into the setting? Is that is that maybe crowbar in and within which we should just develop a different character? Maybe she could have a


Unknown Speaker  1:03:09  

crowbar? Mm hmm.


Grant Howitt  1:03:14  

Okay. crisp ruler. I guess I'm thinking brawler, okay. Okay.


Unknown Speaker  1:03:20  

So yes, and Amelia.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:22  

I'm thinking striker.


Unknown Speaker  1:03:23  

So this drone, I'll do protector. So


Grant Howitt  1:03:28  

it's good to have someone in there who isn't just about harming things. So please take a look through your your character sheet. So the character pages you've got there. There's some rough ideas for concepts which might work or sort of give you inspiration. The thing to note down your proficiencies which make you better at those actions and your stamina as well which is which is how much established families start with and therefore how much you can lose Snowdonia boosts because we're not going to play a game with these characters. And then you choose one power from the I think there's four, four or five powers for each class for each role that you pick from.


Chris Taylor  1:04:11  

Yeah, I think I've got myself a brawler concept and power.


Grant Howitt  1:04:15  

Alright, so I've been through it.


Chris Taylor  1:04:16  

So I'm thinking a brawler with I like those odds, which means that when I'm outnumbered when I'm surrounded, I actually get better at fighting. And I'm thinking a, the character himself is primarily a vandal. Okay. Oh, actually, sorry.


Grant Howitt  1:04:33  

I'm really sorry. We didn't. We didn't answer the most important question. What is your crime?


Unknown Speaker  1:04:38  

Yeah. Oh, I can rewind a little bit and do that now.


Grant Howitt  1:04:42  

Yes, let's do that now. But we'll we'll keep that in mind. So what What crime did you do? Is it the same as everyone that they did all do the same crime? did did did a job go disastrously wrong? Or have you been incarcerated for separate things?


Chris Taylor  1:04:54  

I quite like the idea that we've all got our own personal crimes.


Grant Howitt  1:04:59  

Okay, but you know each other if we knew each other from the bar. Yeah, I thought we go.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:03  

Mm hmm. That makes sense.


Chris Taylor  1:05:05  

Yeah, I think I think Mike, my character was arrested for vandalism. Not just like, you know, the odd tag, but like smashing punch through flashing screens, like extended anti core tags, tagging that sort of stuff.


Grant Howitt  1:05:21  

Right. there's a there's a level of artistry in it.


Chris Taylor  1:05:23  

Yeah, well, I'm thinking like a brawler with two weapons one with a weapon in each hand a crowbar one of the spray can and the other. I love the idea of spray


Unknown Speaker  1:05:31  

count as a weapon. That's


Chris Taylor  1:05:32  

super it's just like a hyper violent Mark echoes getting up.


Grant Howitt  1:05:37  

Oh, it's nice. Okay. Monica is putting down Yes.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:41  

The system.


Grant Howitt  1:05:43  

Well, there you go. Okay. Amelia. Osborne Chrome.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:47  

Um, I think I'm strategically taking out some of these robots.


Grant Howitt  1:05:55  

Oh, property damage. Mm, posh. There. I Well, that's the thing like the rebels we've got already till yesterday. The robots fighting to kill


Amelia Antrim  1:06:08  

so they get for being robot cops.


Grant Howitt  1:06:10  

Yeah, little boy little robot copes property damage with and is that like, is that for fun? are you stealing the parts by robots?


Amelia Antrim  1:06:22  

Um, oh, just because they're nuisances. And the fewer of them there are the less likely for me to get caught doing


Grant Howitt  1:06:32  

other things. Please, please. All of you play horrible, disagreeable people.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:39  

I mean, that's just kind of how this goes. Everyone is everyone is terrible. And then Ryan's like, I'm just here to help. Lovely.


Grant Howitt  1:06:47  

But on the on the on that subject. Brian, what was your crime? microwaving too much?


Ryan Boelter  1:06:52  

My crime is technically in the system aiding and abetting. But literally, it was saving an innocent person that was marked as a guilty person from the


Unknown Speaker  1:07:09  

show. Fantastic. I love that.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:14  

It's so good. Well, can I just say I really have been enjoying the session zero. And I know Amelia, you were absolutely right, that this game is entirely my jam.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:28  

It was a grant reached out to me and I was like, Oh, this is this is Ryan. This is Ryan game. Collaborative world


Ryan Boelter  1:07:37  

building. character creation. Everything's wrapped into one unique mechanics right away. Oh, Yep. Yep, good stuff.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:47  

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter for this game is already done and over with, but we hope you don't mind us having fun with grant and Chris, again, for unbound. In the next episode, we get to finish our characters and the world. And we really go into a lot of interesting directions, things get very crazy. Yeah, um, I will say that I know that as part of the Kickstarter, they were planning on funding some extra copies of this one, unlike their first one. So hopefully, you'll be able to get it on their website, at least. I do think you can get the PDF there now already. But the printed copy of the book, I think will be on their website. As for calls to action, this time around go vote if you haven't yet. If you listened to the whole episode, and then we're gonna go vote why Hurry, you're running out of time. I'm solid. Maybe you'll listen to it while you're in line at the polling place. I don't know. It's likely too late to do that. Since life is made getting this episode out into your ears a little


Ryan Boelter  1:08:49  

bit difficult. And you know what, if you are in line listening to this right now, and it's past 8pm, you can stay in line, stay in line vote, do it. We should we should move on with this


Amelia Antrim  1:09:01  

call to action so that we can get this episode out.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:06  

All right, we'll do that. Well, another thing to keep in mind is to check out my live stream campaign that begins the first actual play session on Friday, November 13. I can't promise spooky stuff yet, foreshadowing. But I can promise it'll be a great time. We've got some voices from the horror Borealis podcast family, and some fans from that community as my players and we're ready to dive deep into my magical girl nonsense. I think we're fighting against capitalism, or something nice. It's unclear right now but we'll figure it out on you so you can check that out at twitch kimera dot games. You can also check out the other campaign using kimera on the utopia channel at capen blade Get games. Both are phenomenal. And both are worth checking out in my opinion.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:05  

Speaking of cool things you can do, leaving reviews is near the top of the list of cool things to do. Right now we are in need of them. We are currently all out of reviews to read dear listeners, and we we really need them right now more than ever, more than ever we need them. If you want to help us out tremendously, please consider leaving a rating or review on Apple podcasts pod chaser podcast, Alec Stitcher, a little note on your kitchen counter that that you then take a picture of and send to us on Twitter. However you want to do it. We'd love when you leave us a review, we like to read them on the air. So our way of saying thank you, directly to you.


Ryan Boelter  1:10:49  

So you could head to the links in our show notes. And please send us one. Absolutely. With all of that out of the way. Thanks for sticking with us during all of this. It means a lot to both of us. We will be back next week with more from Chris and grant. until then take care of yourselves. Breathe stretch every now and then and try to take things easy. Until next time. Have a good week everybody. Bye.


Amelia Antrim  1:11:31  

Thank you for joining us for part one of this character creation series. We'll be back in part two picking up right where we left off.


Ryan Boelter  1:11:38  

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Now we got to read some show blurbs show blurbs.


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sjoberg show blurbs.


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