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Series 33.3 - Unbound with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor (Discussion)

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On the last episode of our 33rd series, halfway to the evil number, we welcome back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor from Rowan Rook and Decard, to discuss character creation and world building in Unbound, a scalable action pulp, collaborative world building RPG. We also get to some pretty fantastic fanfiction for our characters, so you’ll want to stick around for that!

Episode Notes

On the last episode of our 33rd series, halfway to the evil number, we welcome back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor from Rowan Rook and Decard, to discuss character creation and world building in Unbound, a scalable action pulp, collaborative world building RPG. We also get to some pretty fantastic fanfiction for our characters, so you’ll want to stick around for that!


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Amelia Antrim  0:01  

Welcome to the last episode of our unbound series everyone. This episode we will be discussing things with grant Howard and Chris Taylor. But before the episode as usual announcements.


Ryan Boelter  0:13  

Yep. First up, if you missed the first session of my A Tale of twinkle in our campaign last Friday, please check out the video on demand. And join me every other week with an absolutely amazing cast of folks. You can catch us at twitch kimera games, and then tune into my design partners stream this coming Friday at Cape and blade that came era dot games.


Amelia Antrim  0:38  

Here I am. What time


Ryan Boelter  0:41  

on time 3737 38 Central time I'm sorry, 7:30pm Central Time every other Friday, and cape and blade as at 8pm Central Time every other Friday, on the Fridays between us. So there you go.


Amelia Antrim  0:58  

Yeah. Secondly, we are still on the lookout for an artist for a couple new shirt ideas we have. Again, we have some thoughts on the direction that we want to go. And we would love to commission a fan of the show if your style fits what we're looking for. This is a paid gig. So please reach out to us on Twitter or at our website. Contact at character contacted Character Creation or you can email us Character Creation and we will be in touch.


Ryan Boelter  1:28  

Absolutely. And finally the audio verse awards are open for the finalist voting This is the last set of voting. I believe it's open until December 5. We have a lot of folks from the one shot network that are actually up for awards. Sadly, I did not make it into the finalist phase for my audio design on HB but horn Borealis has a few really great awards up there campaign sky Jax has some some people from sky Jack's careers call are there. And there's so many other fantastic shows to vote or so. Head on over to the audio verse awards. dotnet and, and give us some votes and let's help some people win some very cool awards.


Amelia Antrim  2:17  

Yeah, that should be everything for the announcements. We will be back again after the show with our call to action and not a review again, because we still need some so please leave us a review. In the meantime, let's get on with the show. Enjoy.


Amelia Antrim  3:06  

Welcome back to our discussion episode. Last time we created characters for unbound. This episode we will be discussing the character creation process. We are thrilled to welcome back Chris Taylor and grant Howard the designers of this game. Do you want to reintroduce yourselves to everyone at home? Tell us a little bit about the characters you made last week.


Grant Howitt  3:25  

I My name is Ron Howard. I'm a game designer to find me a GSR on Twitter I did not make a character because I was I was taking the role of the GM so I was steering discussion. So I made I simply made a world


Chris Taylor  3:39  

of victory with my whim said


Grant Howitt  3:41  

what Dennison what player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage you make Christopher


Chris Taylor  3:47  

I'm Chris and I made a reckless idiot vandal with ties to big corporations, honestly is great to say and do Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  4:03  

Well, what was your character's name again?


Unknown Speaker  4:05  



Ryan Boelter  4:06  



Grant Howitt  4:07  

around Providence, Providence,


Chris Taylor  4:09  



Amelia Antrim  4:12  

of the profit in sync Providence's Yeah, there


Chris Taylor  4:14  

you go. Naming characters and NPCs is just one of the great joys in life for me.


Amelia Antrim  4:21  

You can have it


Ryan Boelter  4:26  

Amelia, why don't we tell? Why don't you tell us about your character?


Amelia Antrim  4:29  

Sure. I made luminance edge. I'm a retro future kung fu movie enthusiast with a light up Katana that's actually a light bulb maybe? I mean, I feel like that covered the important


Grant Howitt  4:48  

like how everyone else had quite high concept characters No, no, I would have soared and the rest of the game simply operator as far as I've watched one


Amelia Antrim  5:01  

from people who own swords is like that's alienated a whole branch of our lives.


Grant Howitt  5:13  

Under the swords


Amelia Antrim  5:17  

Ryan, what are you? What about you?


Ryan Boelter  5:20  

So I bring to the table orbits starshine aka Captain strata, who she transforms into, after a very rare interaction with Leviathan blood that unlocked this somewhat mystical ability to transform into a very debonair, wonderful, wonderfully dressed pirate captain of sorts, who uses her clothing as weapons.


Grant Howitt  5:54  

Should have also mentioned, we made a setting.


Ryan Boelter  5:58  

Oh, yeah, we did make.


Chris Taylor  6:01  

I like to be started with a rant because I really hope that somebody just accidentally hits skip and doesn't listen to the last episode. Okay, you Nothing has that as the first block of like,


Unknown Speaker  6:15  

infer it? Yeah,


Grant Howitt  6:20  

there's quite a long podcast episode you can go listen to which was, which should describe it much better than I could now.


Amelia Antrim  6:27  

What should we go ahead, then jump right into these 24? Your thoughts?


Ryan Boelter  6:31  

Mm hmm. All right, the 25th thoughts. In this segment, we want to talk to our guests about their thoughts on the character creation process and how it relates to the system and other games. But first, you know, since you've both been here before, we can't really start with our generic and quote unquote, lazy question. Um, so I was trying this. What is your favorite thing about designing games?


Grant Howitt  6:58  

I like the way I don't work for anyone else. And all the money that comes in to us goes into our business. I I don't want one of the biggest problems I found with working in just working generally, is giving money to someone else and then having to earn someone else more money than than I earn. And that really set wrong with me. So this means I can do my own stuff and get quiet. Well, no loudly socialist.


Unknown Speaker  7:29  

And get away with it.


Unknown Speaker  7:30  

Yeah, Chris.


Chris Taylor  7:31  

So mine's a bit more high concept. I'm sorry. Honestly,


Unknown Speaker  7:37  



Chris Taylor  7:38  

the best. I mean, it's still about getting paid, though. It's about getting all the random stuff that's in my head. And now onto paper, and then getting money for that somehow, and being able to afford electricity. Hmm. And there's just this is wonderful. Like, for years, I've had bizarre thoughts. And now I get paid for them. It's brilliant.


Grant Howitt  8:01  

You can write them down in detail in tables, though.


Unknown Speaker  8:03  

Yeah, that's right.


Unknown Speaker  8:04  

That's the dream.


Unknown Speaker  8:08  

Yeah, I don't want to


Chris Taylor  8:11  

get me wrong. Like it's, it's it's lovely that it's lovely feeling when people play the games and get to experience them. And the fact that we make like really nice quality books, and creating like a physical product is wonderful. But the best thing is getting all the random stuff in my head out into a cogent thing in the world is wonderful.


Amelia Antrim  8:31  

What was it like to play test this game? Because it's so open, and it allows for so many drastically different things. Like, like, what kind of wild ride was that?


Chris Taylor  8:42  

So the internal playtesting was clearly organized because it was run by God and I and we knew where we were coming from and whatnot. And then we sent the play test document out into the wider world. And we were not prepared for that. So if you're playtesting, something like dungeon dragons, but there's these very rigorous rules that codify every situation. And there's a world and everybody's roughly on the same page. It's very easy to collate those results, and compare and go, Okay, this is where the system has a problem. And this is where the world doesn't make sense to some people. Here. We were literally getting games where people were playing eco terrorist whales,


Unknown Speaker  9:24  

huh? Yeah.


Chris Taylor  9:27  

They were playing Free Willy with ceefor. And we're having to compare that to our home game where as I said, last episode, like we were, we were on a field trip with wizards on a field trip by mistake.


Grant Howitt  9:43  

One of the characters was the coach driver. And that's like, a wizard. So we had another game when we were just we happen to be thieves who live near the ocean. Yeah, we had one game where we were killing whatever it is draw, evolve into in the in the nightmarish spider undercity. And so it was really hard to get like how the game feels. Because we don't have a we don't have a setting, we don't have a core fiction to fall back on. Because


Chris Taylor  10:11  

that creation process generates that


Grant Howitt  10:13  

feel. Yeah, and that's how you make a roleplay game is you make a series of mechanics, which drove certain behaviors, which makes certain stories happen, except our stories are very distant from the mechanics that it was about. So the real challenge is bringing it closer. We used to be dice. We tested I think it was the 20 for a while


Unknown Speaker  10:32  

it was it was the 20 foot long, didn't like it. No.


Unknown Speaker  10:36  



Grant Howitt  10:39  

It was like the the mass playtesting of the open playtesting I think was most useful in showing us that we needed to make things clearer. We needed to make that the biggest thing we sniper power, Chris, ever.


Chris Taylor  10:53  

Yes. So we we've looked at all those powers. And like when you've taken with it together as one or the power that you took Ryan, like there's got an evocative name. And one of the powers that we had in the original one was just called sniper. In the demo it was for the demo. And what that meant was that literally anybody who took that I took sniper absolutely everyone. There was 100% hit rate.


Grant Howitt  11:21  

It wasn't especially powerful power, right? But


Chris Taylor  11:23  

it was, it was honestly, it wasn't very good to give


Grant Howitt  11:25  

you plus one range.


Chris Taylor  11:26  

Yeah. But then what it did is it gave some gave everybody this obvious archetype, this obvious handle to grip onto and build a character around. And honestly, like, we didn't want people to have that. We wanted them to be a bit uncertain, so that they try stuff they'd never try. Because if, if, if if, for instance, Amelia if you're if your striker character had a sniper power, like we wouldn't have gotten into a lightbulb sword. Do you mean like it would have been a gun? And yet, we got we got to lightbulb sword. And it gave people an easy out it let them just sort of go, Oh, yeah, I know what that is. I can take that as a ret. And don't know, I have to think about it. So we had to go through the entire book again. And change the wording of the cutout description. We had to cut out like, specific and accurate description from powers and put those into the rules so they are understandable. But so the powers gave everybody enough room to create whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. And that was happening.


Amelia Antrim  12:36  

Everybody would pick like, you go into a game where it's like oh, you create everything that you anything you want. And people would gravitate toward the thing that is like the clearest


Chris Taylor  12:45  

Yeah, does it people pay generally speaking people lightly like electricity, they'll take path of least resistance.


Grant Howitt  12:51  

And but you can still generate interesting character by having a sniper but like, at that stage in the process, if you remember, like we've done core, so we know what the core is, but we still don't know what our characters are. And you've got a word written down which lets you be okay. This is me like every brawler, I'll, I'll


Unknown Speaker  13:05  

say pretty much every brawler


Grant Howitt  13:07  

is the same character. Unless you really push it hard, because brawler comes with a with a personality attached to it. It's got it's got a word attached to it where it doesn't know. And so like, you have to be so careful about telling people what a thing is. Otherwise, they'll they'll just completely, they'll just use that and it won't be won't be their own thing. And then yeah, at that point, you should play a game which has defined setting.


Chris Taylor  13:36  

And if you look in the in the roles section, you'll see like, example characters, so they're just like two or three words. It's not fully fleshed out. But it's like outlaw and then deadeye has like the 25th Street. Well, darts championship champion is one of the example characters, like they're just prompts, just ideas, but it's trying to show you that every single turn, your choice is what matters, not what the game is telling you. Even if you look at the art, all of the character art has at least two different versions of what a deadeye is, there's a person less like a martial arts person with a bow, and there's a cowboy. And it shows you every single different thing.


Unknown Speaker  14:20  

Mm hmm.


Chris Taylor  14:21  

Because what we what we got in the playtest results more than anything was other combat great. This is the world I made. Yeah. And like I need to know about that combat guys. Yeah. Tell me a little more.


Grant Howitt  14:33  

How many points did you do? Yeah.


Chris Taylor  14:35  

Yeah, it was really interesting.


Ryan Boelter  14:38  

Very nice. Well, how do we think that character creation, this game stacks up to other systems that we've played?


Amelia Antrim  14:46  

It doesn't,


Ryan Boelter  14:47  

it's different. It is,


Chris Taylor  14:49  

like, the not i'm not saying it's not comparable, um, you're, you're still running through a set of choices, all the times like The easiest comparison is actually with dungeon dragons, where you're picking class feats. And you know you're tailoring your character to what you want to do. But everything you're doing, you're picking through a specific lens that you've made. And you're you're focusing in differently and you're viewing it in different way. And that changes how you're going to see each ability, each release can become more important to you, rather than its mechanical benefit. I mean, do not get me wrong. unbound was designed as a system for combos, and essentially breaking combat. This would be really nice, like the most damaging character in the game is a protector at the end of the


Grant Howitt  15:44  

render stuff you can do with protector if you're clever. Yeah, it's like the part of the reason why it runs to succession to some kind of encouraging you to go really hard and break it and make some interesting combos and then throw away and try a different character. Hmm. Because like, there's, there's a i, Christopher and I both enjoy doing both optimizing or like, like juicing characters to get really interesting effects out of it. Chris especially and so we figured we'd write it in, and then display, okay, you get to sessions, where you're super optimal, and then you go back to the start, rather than trying to balance 35.


Chris Taylor  16:21  

But one of the like, one of the interesting things that makes unbound characterization very, very different is that you have to do it in concert with your group. Yeah. You cannot come to a game going. I've made a character. I'm ready. Because what what world have you made it in? How does it work? useful or effective? You can't have your face done. It's impossible to have your face done before the character stuff.


Grant Howitt  16:50  

Under loans, how important we think Chris, I started, Kristen, I think session zero is,


Chris Taylor  16:53  

yeah, yeah, the entire thing is about collaboration start to finish. And it's all about like, Oh, you should take this power that will be great for your character. We wanted everybody like around the table to be firing stuff off and talking to each other. character does this thing. Yeah. and translate that into character creation. Yeah, Ross isn't just looking through an alphabetical list and picking one.


Ryan Boelter  17:17  

And I really liked that. It's like a series of prompts instead of like, here's a bunch of numbers that you get to write down. Right. And, and almost everything has a question about your character attached to it. Which is a really both interesting way to say, Hey, your character, a story matters. And this is going to be kind of a narrative. I'll be at punchy game, right? So it kind of bakes the narrative feel of the game into it.


Chris Taylor  17:51  

Yeah, and one of the things that we wanted to be very careful with is that there's no bad choices. Yeah, one of our one of a company laws basically is not it's like have no debt levels. You know, when you hit like a specific barbarian level in d&d, and you get nothing Yeah, it feels bad. Terrible. Why did I bother leveling up?


Unknown Speaker  18:11  

I got a new cell.


Chris Taylor  18:13  

Yeah, and the because there's not really levels in this so to speak, and there's no dead powers. You can pick any power in concert with any other power and still be effective it's still fine.


Grant Howitt  18:24  

There's there's sub optimal choices but nothing that will ruin your day. There's


Chris Taylor  18:27  

there's not like in dungeon dragons in 3.5, you could use a polearm and pick a feat that was specialized your weapon in spite chain. Like you wouldn't.


Unknown Speaker  18:38  

You could write


Chris Taylor  18:41  

there is no pilot in this that does not work. Hmm. Like if you if you pick to add literally at random, you'll have a viable character.


Grant Howitt  18:50  

And that maybe that should be next episode that we'll record we just pick everything at random. You


Unknown Speaker  18:53  

just dice rolls.


Unknown Speaker  18:55  

We just


Amelia Antrim  18:59  

we did a panel at a convention last year, where we just grabbed a bunch of random tables from different games, and then rolled some dice and like made up character concepts from like these tables from palladium and from L five harv. And I think we use the hat table from honey heist several times. It was incredible. tables from random games, rationalizing


Grant Howitt  19:24  

the setting backwards from that. Cool,


Unknown Speaker  19:28  

that's really exciting. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  19:28  

it was it was fun. I will say bad but it was fine.


Grant Howitt  19:33  

I think character creation I'm bound is hard. And not because not like heroes system hard or champions. champions. Yeah. which requires a spreadsheet. It's hard because the gyms continually asking you questions and you're having to operate a different part of your brain rather than I'm going to play Dungeons and Dragons. I know fantasy. I'm going to pick a ranger. I'm going to have a companion. He follows me around a golf bow. I do this much. Rolling some tables. Okay, I think family died, orcs killed them, whatever. That's all there there's a slot as a whole waiting for you there's a slot waiting for you intending to occupy with the character. And then I'm bound you like you're being asked to make something that matters. I think you


Amelia Antrim  20:12  

have to show up. Yes. To be present as a player, which is I mean a thing that like that's always been my Hill to die on is that like players need to show up and you need to participate and like, this is a game that requires that like, unlike something like d&d where the GM has a thing planned out, you show up in a game happens to you. Like


Unknown Speaker  20:30  

there is no everyone.


Grant Howitt  20:35  

Yeah, yeah, like every what like and because like the gyms expressly discouraged from playing the game, because you've got this face. And so like the GM knows that I know what the what the story is that you're trying to steal this district? And I know what's going to happen in between that and we're just going to update the fates until maybe game six which probably makes some new characters. It's Yeah, like it's It was designed to stop GM is doing so much work. Yes,


Chris Taylor  21:01  

it's very much a burn bright and fast system. They you? I tried to take it past six games. I can't imagine. Yeah, do


Unknown Speaker  21:08  



Chris Taylor  21:09  

Don't do it. It's not


Grant Howitt  21:12  

pi different game the same way you shouldn't try and like surf on a guitar.


Unknown Speaker  21:18  

He's bad souls.


Unknown Speaker  21:20  



Grant Howitt  21:20  

Although if that worked.


Ryan Boelter  21:25  

You could really shred those waves, right? Oh, no.


Unknown Speaker  21:30  

Go home.


Unknown Speaker  21:34  

It's legally mandated.


Amelia Antrim  21:37  

It's true. How does the process of character creation reinforce the feel of playing this game? And how does it like set those expectations?


Chris Taylor  21:48  

It sets it 100%. Like that's the thing they every expectation within the game, from the scale of the game to the end point is set during character creation. Because as I said, you don't turn up with any idea in your head like we we work with those touchstones to generate something from the beginning. Absolutely. Everything is in character creation. And then it builds from that.


Grant Howitt  22:14  

I will say we did say Magical Girl beforehand. We did so aside from that we bought magical girls. That's true, but I'm really glad we did. Yeah, I


Amelia Antrim  22:25  

based on the playing cards that we were using to Oh, hell yeah.


Grant Howitt  22:28  

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Perfect system,


Chris Taylor  22:36  

a perfect Magical Girl storm.


Grant Howitt  22:39  

I think I think that it gives it gives players the level of engagement or the level of ownership over the world wish their wish they're expected to keep up. Yeah. And they're rewarded for keeping up. But it can be it can do sometimes. Yeah, it's


Amelia Antrim  22:52  

still it feels though like it's it's a world that it's safe for me to like muck around in though because I think sometimes you come to the table and a GM is created this world and things like that. It's like, well, am I allowed to touch that? Am I allowed to like, you know, establish some facts about it? Or is that totally on the GM? And this like, going into this? Now? I know I can. I can make up whatever stuff I want. We've already done it


Chris Taylor  23:17  

like you already you already own a portion of the setting. The setting exists because of you. So you've got an equal stake.


Grant Howitt  23:25  

Was it pirates beside your word? Yeah, yeah.


Chris Taylor  23:32  

Like we pivoted multiple times during that character creation thing about huge world facts.


Ryan Boelter  23:38  

Mm hmm.


Chris Taylor  23:39  

We changed the time period like this began with stuff about boats at the bottom


Grant Howitt  23:44  

that I think there still is about


Unknown Speaker  23:47  

it doesn't matter. But yeah,


Chris Taylor  23:48  

but he got forgotten, right. He got put into the background because it was what interesting, it was a foundation for something else we're interested in. And we moved things around at everybody moved things around, they change where the goalposts were,


Grant Howitt  24:01  

one of the biggest pieces of advice we give them out is that hey, it's okay. Like what you're going to generate more than you need. Like you're going to use about 30 to 40% of the stuff you're making care of decoration, and those the bits that you're excited about, and then we'll go forward and tell the story. That's fine, but it's better to have it and not need it. And then but but but but naturally, the campaign finds was exciting. And just like with the with the character creation, they were like, Okay, well, actually, it's not about piracy. It's about something else. Then we go on we grow from that.


Chris Taylor  24:31  

Pirates. Yeah. My top bit of GM advice when you're going through the band character creation, is whenever somebody goes, Oh, you could do this. Just put a little star in your notes next to that. And at the end of courage question, look at all the ones that are starred. Those are the ones that your players are completely amped about. And that will help you give a give you a little focuses that you can just go back and study After this, I'll make sure to include that. And the other stuff you can include. Don't include. However you need to with your game, your story, whatever the narrative, but try and get those little starred items things because your players will love you for it. Yeah, I feel


Amelia Antrim  25:12  

like those are things that your games do really well though cuz I think this is a conversation we've had a couple times that like all of your games have these things that when the players pick them a GM can very easily go, Oh, that's where the story is like they've chosen this skill or this knack or whatever. And it's, it's something that like, right away, a GM can go, Oh, that's, that's where the game is.


Chris Taylor  25:36  

Yeah, I mean, most of that is because I like speaking specifically for myself. I think the same way is I hate the power dynamic of dm to player.


Amelia Antrim  25:44  



Chris Taylor  25:45  

I hate to hate the fact there's one person in control lording it over everybody else. Like No, I in my world.


Grant Howitt  25:50  

I like that sometimes. Yeah, yeah.


Unknown Speaker  25:56  



Grant Howitt  25:58  

Yeah, game, Debbie has some stuff he's working through


Unknown Speaker  26:00  



Chris Taylor  26:03  

But we try and break down that that power, dynamic, and give, give players control. like everybody's had to tell a story and have fun. So why don't we let everyone tell the story and have fun.


Grant Howitt  26:15  

That power also comes with expectations as well. Oh, absolutely. quite tiring for a GM to turn up and have to carry the burden of that every single week. And so by giving by putting everyone on an even playing field, it's much easier to jam on bound as long as you're able to. What's the thing the PI's literally told you what they want to happen? Right. So yeah,


Chris Taylor  26:36  

easy enough. Like, honestly, you can as long as you can think of connectors between, between all the fates, Congratulations, you've just written a campaign. Yeah. Because once they lose both those fights, they have to tell you new ones. Yeah. Again, you do it again, like you got to do a fight and play the rest of the party make up another fight. And do it again till you want to stall. It's pretty cool. They're always gonna tell you what they want.


Ryan Boelter  27:01  

Yeah. So we can easily see how creating the characters affects the world building. What if we reverse that? How does the process of creating the world affect the character creation process and, and kind of how does it exchange the experience and the outcome for the players?


Grant Howitt  27:22  

As Chris was saying, it's part of my inspiration for writing this game is is Mexican wrestling, which is which will make sense in a second. So I used to do Mexican wrestling trainers, Bosko wrestler. I started doing it for like a piece I was writing and then I carried on doing I didn't stay with it, because it was difficult. But I am. We used to do bits on on like promos and entrances and coming on to the coming into the ring. And the lesson they tell us was that you have 10 seconds to get across your, your style, everything about yourself. People have to understand who you are in 10 seconds, otherwise they don't care. And we've written a cat we've written a game which does that. Which is like what the world we wrote was not like hugely in depth. It's not Game of Thrones. It's not the wire, we're doing it. It's big. It's brash, it's silly in a lot of ways. We have a magical girl we have the violin, blood, we have this. We have a someone whose main characteristic is sword. And like, it's big and exciting, and it works. And that's all part of the world intrinsically. That's all happening there. And so you get like your characters let you say this bit of the world is exciting to me. But it's not. It's inseparable. I think there's you can't, if you made an unbound character without doing the world creation, that be rubbish.


Unknown Speaker  28:47  

It would be absolutely very boring. It'd be really dull


Unknown Speaker  28:50  



Chris Taylor  28:53  

You can make an unbound character if you would


Unknown Speaker  28:57  

get a function


Unknown Speaker  28:58  

from a function spread.


Chris Taylor  29:00  

Yeah, you could just run them through and then you'd have a generic combat simulator. I mean, don't get me wrong, the combat is dynamic and exciting, and it fairly simple pushing and pulling and movement and stuff. But it doesn't mean anything. And one of the one of the key rules inbound inbound, is you have to set stakes before moving on that. You have to say this is what we are putting on the line for this combat. And the GM does the same. For every scene even for every single scene, specifically combat and the stakes aren't we lose the fight. The stakes are, for instance, in our campaign there could be alpha gets turfed out of the bar. Mm hmm. Like that's a steak and if we lose, that's what happens. And there are special adversaries in the book that will make that even more complicated. They will make you pick two steaks and you always lose one of them. Oh, and things like that. There's a lot of To give you some idea of how silly we went and something I've heard a lot of very serious ones. But there is one called your rival, you're called called your rival. And it's a joke because when in 3.5, Dungeons and Dragons book, there's an there's an enormous screed of text that talks about your target target. And it was a joke about the like the complicated rules. So one of the players has a rival. So all the wording is when your rivals rival targets your rival, and attention is incredibly complex and like over the top word, but their stats are identical to one of the players but one better in every single way. And if they use a slave they if it was Amelie as characters rival, they would have to lightbulb sorts because that's what we use, but they usually better.


Grant Howitt  30:52  

Can we agree how they're linked together like Darth Maul? Yeah, exactly. The second one turns on


Chris Taylor  30:59  

narrative like we have, we have an adversary that's a romantic interest. Hmm. And like one of their specialties is moment of genuine sexual tension. Hmm.


Grant Howitt  31:12  

And we decided, yeah, we got dragons, we've got orcs, we've got wizards, we got all sorts of things. And the idea is that you take these and re skinned them the risk and everything in the game. Which, which of which is part of making the world like you're you're, you're designing the route into the characters? Mm hmm. As you go through and chat, which is exciting and challenging.


Ryan Boelter  31:33  

What do you think is one of the biggest flaws of character creation in the system in? What's one of the best parts that you like?


Chris Taylor  31:40  

So I think the biggest flaw is this huge cognitive load on like, there's a huge onus on you to like to come up with something amazing. Coffee go. We put in prompts, we help you we try and help you every step of the way. But if you if you're tired, there's really I don't know, the Bible wizard was you're gonna have a bad game. You've got to buy in, you got to be excited. You've got to really give it your all and just throw ideas at the wall and hoping that something sticks and somebody else finds it exciting too.


Amelia Antrim  32:12  

It's not a drunk at 3am game. Oh, no, it


Unknown Speaker  32:15  

was really well, drunk.


Unknown Speaker  32:18  

stuff. Okay,


Unknown Speaker  32:19  

it does work.


Grant Howitt  32:24  

Yeah, it's, it's certainly like if your group comes together and fives in that way perfect. But if someone isn't buying it, if someone's like, Oh, I just want to turn up and roll some dice. Now there's a bad game, there's like there's loads of other games you can play with on this one, which which, which will serve you better.


Unknown Speaker  32:40  

There's also


Grant Howitt  32:42  

that's fine. I was going to say that it's the numbers only got to fall. Yeah. Like it has a really small numerical scope, which was intentional for us to be able to bounce it properly and to fit into like to make every choice equal. But that is like the reason why run six games because it can't push past much more that they can't push much more past that and also because the world you've made is inherently daft, he doesn't really hang together if you look too closely. And obviously you could put in more work and you can do the thing but like you're not show runners for Game of Thrones You know, you're just tell you how to make a fun story with your mates. And so like we we made it do exactly what it needed to but if you wanted to simulate something greater or something deeper if you want rules for specific things play a different game.


Chris Taylor  33:31  

The the other slight issue is that there's this weird split in the game. The combat rules and the actual mechanical rules of the game are absolutely top tier fantastic con game. Now can you imagine running this at a con it's nigh impossible that you could give everybody what the setup is already give them pre Jimmy Jones your characters but then they haven't bought in they don't care


Amelia Antrim  34:00  

you can run it as like to session


Grant Howitt  34:07  

I think you could do is make the characters and leave the setting on done. And so you asked the questions about that you asked questions about cause and what are you say hey, we're picking the warrior course or whatever we do is going to be about war and then they fill out the details themselves in the sheets but that's not really the intended use of it but it's


Chris Taylor  34:25  

the combat system is snacky and snappy like it you can see it can be over fairly quickly. Yeah, you can get a flown by and it's great fun. You think you feel clever playing it as well, which is quite nice. But the the earlier bit just takes so much time. You can't run into the con game. You can't.


Ryan Boelter  34:45  

Honestly, it's it was about two hours for us. Right? And if you have a four hour block, that's two hours of world building character.


Grant Howitt  34:56  

You could do a fight and like some syrup and stuff


Ryan Boelter  34:59  

like small story yeah


Grant Howitt  35:02  

that implies working for all four hours of a con slot which we don't do right that's not who we are knows a lot of talking


Chris Taylor  35:11  

random role playing scenes that we've been saying.


Grant Howitt  35:13  

Oh, I'm just gonna make sure that my my cigarette lighter still works so for a while


Amelia Antrim  35:21  

well I want to talk about this is our favorite part of the show this is our fan fiction part because we don't get to play the game we don't get gross game all over our characters, but we can at least pretend for a little bit. Um what happens in this game like what how did we end up stealing this part of this ship city? slash meeting evil twins


Chris Taylor  35:44  

I knew we definitely need like, like several games in there's gonna be a fate where like Star shine melds with the ship city in some way to pilot it


Grant Howitt  35:56  

Yeah. I don't know Leviathan


Chris Taylor  35:58  

or something but something to actually properly pilot that bit. And then city Chase.


Ryan Boelter  36:04  

Oh, city chase sounds pretty cool. That's


Unknown Speaker  36:07  

nice to see like starship


Chris Taylor  36:08  

battle level sighs city chasing after city.


Grant Howitt  36:12  

I think unlike unlike starshine sR arrives and she's like an elder God bursting in as the as the city starts facing or if the company hasn't advanced to that stage. She's like a nightmarish skitouring which becomes


Ryan Boelter  36:27  

I love the thought of the city states being kind of, you know, isolated from other city states that are floating around. But like the chase takes us past some of these and some might be are just sitting there and maybe there's some collateral damage.


Chris Taylor  36:45  

Trading playing with two cities, right.


Ryan Boelter  36:51  

But like maybe some are also owned by this corporation. Right? And


Unknown Speaker  36:56  



Ryan Boelter  36:57  

and now we've got multiple city states on us. So


Grant Howitt  37:02  

that's your next game. Your next game is we have we have a free city. And so combat isn't I'm going to walk into this room. It's I'm going to move the city forward to this area or I'm going to I'm going to try and take back this block with my unit of guys.


Chris Taylor  37:16  

Yeah, I'm imagining like rectangular like bog cube style things, but they're just office blocks for the court.


Grant Howitt  37:24  

Oh, that's nice.


Unknown Speaker  37:27  

Oh, this is this is good. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  37:29  

no, there at one point I have to try to turn my sister to the side of good. Oh, absolutely.


Grant Howitt  37:35  

Yeah, yeah, that's a fierce dramatic scene because I am I'm willing to have that shake out either way.


Chris Taylor  37:42  

Yeah. Over a tea over sort of tea service.


Grant Howitt  37:45  

Or like all that she turns then listed in gross turns up and Sam's a 3d art. Oh, no. Boys is more powerful than the hyphen ballades.


Ryan Boelter  38:01  

But since she's got the unnatural stuff, she just pops into a cocoon and


Grant Howitt  38:09  

use the word unnatural. But what do you think's more natural from the leviathans, cocoons or coats?


Ryan Boelter  38:15  

Like I mean, that's fair. Yeah.


Chris Taylor  38:21  

Oh god and i can i can just see like Emilio's character getting more and more elaborate with the weapon.


Ryan Boelter  38:28  

Mm hmm.


Chris Taylor  38:30  

Like, doesn't like the sword getting bigger or anything like you start wiring it into the grid.


Grant Howitt  38:37  

Every once in proves the sword in some way. Yeah, like, Oh, yeah,


Chris Taylor  38:41  

you start being able to do strange stuff. Like you, you can sort of step out of other light sources by the end of it. Ah,


Amelia Antrim  38:51  

but they're getting like more and more like, quote unquote famous to


Chris Taylor  38:55  

Yeah, like you this huge celebrity now.


Ryan Boelter  38:58  

Yeah, I really love the thought of like getting a full health link from Legend of Zelda sword blast out of there. Um, at some point,


Grant Howitt  39:11  

maybe that could be your shoe attack to start with. Yeah. And then you start you start leveling that up.


Ryan Boelter  39:16  

It's like laser blasts out of a laser, like fluorescent tubes, or


Chris Taylor  39:21  

that's a point where I really kind of just started taking on sponsorship deals.


Amelia Antrim  39:28  

And decide, you know, are you gonna be a corporate?


Chris Taylor  39:31  

Oh, yes, yes. Do I go back to the family? Or do I pretend to go back to the family and then just


Amelia Antrim  39:38  

steal secrets?


Chris Taylor  39:39  

Yeah, go go industrial espionage.


Ryan Boelter  39:41  

I wonder if you have to pretend at one point in order to finalize our escape from this area


Grant Howitt  39:47  

infiltrates a fancy party. Oh,


Chris Taylor  39:50  

we get this captured on purpose. No, no, we've we've, we've flown the cities away. And they've caught us by blockading us with these office blocks.


Amelia Antrim  39:58  

Mm hmm.


Chris Taylor  39:59  

So we've got to sort of infiltrate the entire system of Providence Corp. And that's when I switch over sides in British politics and then trying to like, slip you through security gates. Ah,


Ryan Boelter  40:13  



Chris Taylor  40:13  

we can try and do a still section.


Amelia Antrim  40:17  

I mean, Grant I think you're right there does have to be a fancy party somewhere in here


Grant Howitt  40:22  

because because Chris mentioned those those nice areas. And so I'd really like to see that we've developed this really grimy, weird CRT punk world I want to see what the what the posh bit looks like on the corporate switch looks like and it's like there's maybe there's a fountain with Leviathan blood clotting coming out someone's test.


Chris Taylor  40:41  

They're all they're all going to be like televisions that are a single pane of glass and see through


Unknown Speaker  40:46  

Oh really? swish Yeah.


Chris Taylor  40:50  

Yeah, and like adverts every eight seconds huh? Yeah, just like incredible advertising and


Grant Howitt  40:57  

micro adverts, you know, to your cerebral cortex.


Amelia Antrim  41:03  

I just saw subliminal


Ryan Boelter  41:05  

I really like the thought that the the glass and the stuff that the the high posh us televisions are made out of like, do the same like reforming thing that Billy's character sword does. Yeah. So you can throw people through it. And then it like shatters but that it reform.


Chris Taylor  41:27  

action scenes were costing? Yeah, but we forgotten.


Amelia Antrim  41:31  

The slo mo possibility.


Grant Howitt  41:35  

Breaks like it's all still broadcasting onto the globe as you go. Yeah, I think so cool.


Chris Taylor  41:40  

Having a flight with multiple MOOCs. Yeah, you throw one guy through the window, and it's reforming as you throw the other guy through.


Unknown Speaker  41:48  

Yeah. To be nasty.


Unknown Speaker  41:51  

Oh, good.


Amelia Antrim  41:54  

Ah, well, too bad. We can?


Ryan Boelter  42:08  

Oh, goodness. Well, let's get it into our advancement segment. And let's take it up level. Take it up a level below.


Amelia Antrim  42:19  

So in this segment, we talk about character advancement and growth in the system. First question, how does the character level up in unbound? And how do characters change mechanically, when that


Chris Taylor  42:30  

happens? you complete your fights that you were given during character creation, that one you gave yourself, one you're given. And that essentially levels you up. Yeah. And for that you get another power.


Grant Howitt  42:41  

Or you can advance the power you have already which gives us like a maze. It's generally not a better version, but it makes it slightly more useful in certain situations. It gives you more options.


Chris Taylor  42:52  

Yeah, leveling up and unbound is honestly not a power increase. Now it is a utility and variety increase.


Ryan Boelter  43:00  

Yeah, I could do more


Chris Taylor  43:01  

things in different ways, rather than a plus one.


Grant Howitt  43:05  

If you just add one isn't very interesting.


Amelia Antrim  43:08  

No, not at all. Because that's the


Grant Howitt  43:10  

it's okay to do because you're like, it's so much about making the number go up or down or that's fine. And that's okay, that's that's a viable reward. But our game isn't, it doesn't really do that. And so we want to give people more tricks. And it's more exciting.


Ryan Boelter  43:23  

So would you advance into those new powers? Do you then answer that question? arguably, or


Grant Howitt  43:30  

if you'd like jet like for a lot of them? We like it's really only used the startup and then the game like we asked you're asked to justify in game how you get that advance? And like a lot of those questions at the start are mainly focused around give us some give us some NPCs give some backstory give us so like why everyone's asked how did you learn to fight like this? It's to give us organizations who share your views or who you've left or what have you but somewhere burger people who can fight and the the after character creation doesn't quite work so well. So isn't it isn't required. you're required to justify why you can do this better now, all while you have this new power.


Chris Taylor  44:14  

But in a lot of times, that's that's because of something has just happened in the story. Absolutely, like a horrid monster monster has bitten you very badly. Well, it was infected with the parasitic now you've got a natural, it just makes logical sense as to what you have next. And you kind of have to make a decision like am I gonna build for pure story, or a better story and a bit of combo? Because there's some really in as I mentioned before, there's some really interesting combinations of powers you can do. Like there's a there's a very powerful combination you can do where you never ever make an attack. In a combat in a system that's entirely about making attacks. We just stand there and try and get hit in the face. And or and your friends get hit in the face because the more they get hit in the face, the more you explode. Oh, you kind of draw everybody else's damage to you tank that damage and then go Nova when you've got enough and you can you can play that character completely passively you just sit them in the middle of a combat and just walk away. And they'll just blow up and kill everything eventually. I mean, that's not the most fun way. But that is like a powerful combo. Yeah. And you can you can use that to get you through fights, or you can just go cool this thing that happened in the story last. It makes sense then that now I can start Molotov cocktails and I can say air is on fire. Mm hmm. And you get to pick which is great. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  45:42  

Interesting. So it sounds like you can you can cross over a like I picked an aura first. Hmm. But when I love


Chris Taylor  45:54  

absolutely anything you want. All those all those traits are grouped into theme basically. And because each like aura, as a trait has a certain sub set of rules on how it works. Spirits has another sub set of rules. And we divided them up for theme, and so that you only have to learn one little packet of rules. If you've got spirit, you do not need to know how any of the rest of the trades work. It doesn't matter to you. So that when you're jumping in, you can just learn that bit of rule. Off you go. second third game, you want to learn some that some extra rule. Cool. Now read this paragraph now you can learn that extra piece


Grant Howitt  46:32  

is totally possible to use or and transform. And what's the third spirits on the seven character all of which I'm supposed to have subsystems like down? But you can when it works. Oh my gosh. But you can make a melody face of a titan with that. But what if it doesn't work? Your characters does bleeding to death? And so it's quite, it's quite a challenge. Yeah,


Chris Taylor  46:56  

I mean, a lot of them have like transform has a lot of things in it that take you to take your health to us.


Grant Howitt  47:04  

You're perpetually bleeding as it were in you take damage over time for a lot of things. So you can stack yourself


Chris Taylor  47:11  

up so that you can start taking a lot of damage that gets out of hand. But it's it's a it's a it's an active choice you've made to stack those. So it's on you. Which is honestly quite fun. Like it's an incredibly risky play style that you're up to. Yeah, you can you can you can combine anything with everything. The only thing you're not allowed is the the role stuff. So protected couldn't


Grant Howitt  47:36  

take more than powers. Mainly, that's because the roles focus on particular gameplay loops and protect the reward stuff, a particular ways of like inflicting wounds or soaking damage or having various things and it wouldn't it would be too powerful for a for certain Warden powers to combine with certain deadeye powers. But


Chris Taylor  47:57  

other than that what you want to do,


Ryan Boelter  48:00  



Amelia Antrim  48:04  

like you're not in my house, totally.


Chris Taylor  48:08  

Random just like flip the tables. Smash the


Grant Howitt  48:11  

burger. Yeah, no,


Ryan Boelter  48:12  

don't get wrong. Oh, geez. I mean, really the


Amelia Antrim  48:19  

unfun version of game data?


Unknown Speaker  48:24  

No data for you?


Ryan Boelter  48:27  

Well, I think you you answered the next next question, which was, what effect does this advancement have on the narrative?


Unknown Speaker  48:33  



Ryan Boelter  48:34  

Does it? does it represent something in the story? And yeah,


Chris Taylor  48:37  

I mean, without narrative, there is no advancement, it literally


Grant Howitt  48:41  

changes, it changes the difficulty of encounters a little bit like we've got a very rough guide to like, depending on how many games you've played. This is the number we figure the players will be out. And so you can have this many monsters, but really, you're writing


Chris Taylor  48:54  

it once with you encounter difficulty is a really interesting topic. And about all of the monsters are divided into hierarchies. So I'm guessing a lot of people who listen to us have played an MMO before you've done a dungeon or specifically like a Warcraft raid, right? And you go and you do the first boss and it teaches you this little this little tiny mechanic, like don't stand on. When I can get up in the pope when the dragon does this sort of emote don't stand here, right? Then you go into another boss, and it's like, oh, okay, some of the platform falls away. And then the next boss is a different mechanic and Xbox a different mechanic. And then there's the end boss, where you don't stand here, part of the platform falls away. And this happens. And we've built that into the hierarchies of our monsters. So there's MOOCs which are just a basic,


Unknown Speaker  49:51  

one wind


Chris Taylor  49:51  

one mono, they die incredibly quickly. Then there's troops, it leads all the way up to legendaries and leisure injuries are adversaries where you've been foreshadowing exactly how to defeat them through the entire campaign. So for instance, there's one called the twice bomb Queen, which is


Grant Howitt  50:11  

an anchor allege


Chris Taylor  50:13  

Yeah, Lich so. So she, what she does is if you kill her, she goes to a factory that you then have a set amount of time to destroy, and then you kill her. Well, that's the basic mechanic. But she also summons these lost souls that move towards her. And if they touch her, they heal her. So you have to stop the ads from reaching the main boss. And all of the hierarchies have these MMO style boss mechanics you learn throughout the hierarchy.


Grant Howitt  50:43  

Like basically, we write the legendary first and then make everything worse and worse and worse down to MOOC. So as you go back up through you can learn what the what the what the what this kind of truth, or this kind of monster does, what this what kind of challenges you're facing. The legendary fights are like, hot, they're not supposed to lose, but they're definitely supposed to win, unlike a lot of like, in a lot of role playing games that you're supposed to win every fight you're in. And you know, yeah, actually, this actually these are really hard.


Chris Taylor  51:11  

But what it means you can slowly push, like, as they've been fighting moves, you start pushing more troops in. And that ups the difficulty a bit. And if they're handling themselves cold, you push more in to be pushing him. You just step it up as you want. And because you're setting the stakes, you can actually set the stakes is fairly low and just put them against the legendary whatever you want. Yeah, because they can just back out and lose whatever they've put at stake and survive. So you can you can test the waters with difficulty and how far through there and how advanced and how much they understand the characters. Very cool.


Ryan Boelter  51:50  

I think that's us.


Amelia Antrim  51:52  

I think so. I mean, this, this was a lot of fun. This is a good I enjoyed this.


Grant Howitt  51:57  

It's um, it's a really fun way of spending a couple of hours to make this world getting better all night, all the things we can do. And then it's quite a fun game to play as well. It's, uh, it's like, I'm really glad that we got to be put out again, because it's perfect for the show.


Amelia Antrim  52:11  

Yeah, like I said, you you, you know, you sent me the message too. And I was like, oh, Ryan, yeah, this is this is it? This is the one.


Ryan Boelter  52:21  

Yes. I mean, the person is building a world building game. So


Amelia Antrim  52:25  

Oh, yeah. Right. Thank you both so much for joining us. Um, Grant, do you want to remind everybody where they can find you what you're up to? Absolutely.


Grant Howitt  52:33  

You can go to for slash GS how it GSHOW tt and see all the games that I put out one game a month, minimum. Generally some longer games as well. We've got some interesting stuff coming up soon as well. We can use our our D Which will have everything we've ever put out. Chris,


Chris Taylor  52:56  

I can be contacted through at GS how it they grant do it


Grant Howitt  53:05  

entirely entirely sensible and fair. And I support Yeah,


Chris Taylor  53:08  

no, I am at the Madigan but honestly,


Grant Howitt  53:15  

vacant lot. Have


Chris Taylor  53:16  

you been on Twitter? It's awful. garbage.


Ryan Boelter  53:23  

Oh, well. Thank you both, again, for sitting down to do this with us. And thank you for everyone tuning in. We'll see you next time. And that's it for our unbound series. We are so glad that you could join us for this amazing game. Since there are two Monday's left in the month of November. We will have a two week break before New Episodes come out. So you can join us in December, where we welcome Nick Butler, the designer of tiebreaker to go over another toolkit RPG system that was really fun to create characters for.


Amelia Antrim  54:01  

Yeah, you can hear Amelia I really struggled to understand pop culture, it's gonna be great. Before that, though, we do have some call to action items before we head out. First up, the one shot network is doing a twice as nice drive for active blue to help support fair elections in the Georgia runoff, which is in January. We are looking to raise $6,969 a very nice amount to help with this effort. You can donate to this slash donate slash ga 69. Every little bit will help and there's a whole lot on the line there. So please, if you can, we would love it.


Ryan Boelter  54:47  

Yeah, it would be a very good cause. Now having said that, we do have a couple reminders before we head out. First of all, please join me every other Friday at seven 30 pm Central Time to catch my brand new campaign using the premier RPG. It's called a tale of twinklin Ah, and we're playing in a collaboratively built solar punk world that is blending magical girls superheroes and fantasy genres. You can find era games. We did our first session this last Friday, and it was an absolute blast. So, this coming Friday, my good friend Ammar is also running another session of their stream cape in blade, which is also fantastic.


Amelia Antrim  55:36  

The audio verse awards finals are voting now through December 5. So you can head to the audio verse to audio verse awards dotnet and give them some votes. As I said before, in the opening, we are out of reviews again. So if you do the big to us the biggest favor ever, and send in another review through Apple podcasts, pod chaser or any number of podcast services, we would be eternally grateful. We just really need to pick me up and we like reading them. So it'd be it'd be wonderful. And it does help us in the rankings, which helps people find us and those people will then leave us more reviews and it's just a never ending cycle. So please, please leave us a review.


Ryan Boelter  56:24  

Yes, please. We enjoy them so immensely. For now, everybody. Enjoy your two week break. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the States. And until next time, take care of yourselves. Take care of each other and keep making those amazing people. Have a good couple of weeks everyone.


Amelia Antrim  56:43  



Ryan Boelter  57:07  

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Amelia Antrim  58:53  

Now we got to read some show blurbs


Ryan Boelter  58:55  

show blurbs show show by show blurbs. Character Creation Cast is hosted by the one shot Podcast Network. If you enjoyed our show, visit one shot where you will find other great shows like total party kill.


Amelia Antrim  59:13  

Total party kill is a weekly live twitch stream where john Patrick Cohen, Eddie clinker and James Dugan play through cephalo fair games is gloomhaven join them in the stream to play along through the action and interact with a constantly changing cast of characters and special guests or watch them after the fact on the one shot YouTube channel. TPK airs Thursdays at 7pm Central time at twitch TV slash one shot RPG. I did it


Chris Taylor  59:43  

the voice made that for me though.


Unknown Speaker  59:46  

It's very good.


Amelia Antrim  59:50  

I just had to like run up and down two flights of stairs because the dog broke in and I had to like put her away. And I'm like trying really hard to pretend that I'm not out of breath but I totally


Grant Howitt  1:00:00  

Use it


Ryan Boelter  1:00:06  

sort of breath for this game.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:09  

And I'm gonna hope that this deck has 52 cards in it. It was open I can make no promises. like


Grant Howitt  1:00:17  

seven for our purposes.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:21  

It looks like a bunch of cards. So that's all you need. cut this out, right?


Unknown Speaker  1:00:28  

This is gold.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:30  

Golden outtakes right there.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:33  

All right on a sharpie.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:35  

I accidentally started recording in stereo cuz I was messing with my setup earlier, but whatever.


Grant Howitt  1:00:41  

Do we need to change back? Oh, it's fine.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:43  

It's fine. We'll fix it and post annoyed at myself. That's all


Chris Taylor  1:00:48  

for third best.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:50  

Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. You know,


Amelia Antrim  1:00:54  

I hear that. Like, I never played fourth edition, but I hear that from a lot of people that are like, actually secretly it was the best one.


Unknown Speaker  1:01:00  

It was great. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:03  

Right, like it is its own thing. It was a thing but like if 335 was your favorite than fourth was not I've only ever played fifth. That is my gaming credit. Like I've only ever played I don't even own a copy of the player's handbook.


Grant Howitt  1:01:21  

Oh no one owns a copy of it. I've got one somewhere to mine 3.5 additional current somewhere Yeah.


Chris Taylor  1:01:36  

space on my show so good books.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:42  

A space for my copy of heart which I did not get to get at Gen Con this year and I'm waiting in Indianapolis all by yourself it was weird. Nobody


Unknown Speaker  1:01:54  

else showed up. We were very confused


Grant Howitt  1:01:57  

almost no foot traffic


Amelia Antrim  1:02:00  

nice a lot of space like the bathrooms didn't smell terrible. This


Grant Howitt  1:02:05  

is a part of the bathrooms Yes, that's


Amelia Antrim  1:02:07  

just me. apalis actually,


Grant Howitt  1:02:08  

we have we had the the shipping for heart has been thrown off, shall I say by some non compliant word in in the same container that the books are in no word water stress there's someone else's word hasn't been heat treated. So now America has a look at his books and go Hmm, is it ready for books and charges $250 a day


Ryan Boelter  1:02:31  

Wow. Yes. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  1:02:34  

just live in the dream so game design super sexy going really well.


Chris Taylor  1:02:38  

Oh, you're saying 60% logistics is rubbish. You think it's a watching about elves? And no it's how do you get a book from one country to another?


Chris Taylor  1:02:54  

As a stolen cough I


Unknown Speaker  1:02:55  

know it. Should I


Unknown Speaker  1:03:01  

missing one but yeah.


Grant Howitt  1:03:03  

I just want a specific cause.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:05  

Oh, yeah, you


Unknown Speaker  1:03:06  

do need


Grant Howitt  1:03:14  

this document. Oh, sure. Okay, well, I'll go first with cause Okay, and then you can then you go into roles? Yep. No, no.


Unknown Speaker  1:03:23  



Ryan Boelter  1:03:24  

Oh, course. No, no. Do our Corps.


Grant Howitt  1:03:32  

Every character has a delicious chewy center. Maybe


Ryan Boelter  1:03:39  

I got Oh, well, sorry. Yeah, translate. It's 27 of our document.


Grant Howitt  1:03:45  

Okay, so sorry, it's on 23 of our document.


Unknown Speaker  1:03:51  

Actually, it's on 13 of mine


Amelia Antrim  1:03:56  

Okay, sorry.


Grant Howitt  1:03:59  

Disease disease I got politics


Amelia Antrim  1:04:03  

i got light I got


Grant Howitt  1:04:05  

I got ice disease politics light and ice the mood for disease post politics game


Ryan Boelter  1:04:17  

Yeah, let's


Amelia Antrim  1:04:17  

go let's go ahead and cross


Grant Howitt  1:04:20  

we're just gonna cut that one out entirely. And we're gonna try again please don't put up on the show and we'll just we'll just go ahead and pretend we got some wheels


Chris Taylor  1:04:29  

I'm just turn the politics cutaway I just drew


Unknown Speaker  1:04:34  

her name. good name.


Unknown Speaker  1:04:36  



Grant Howitt  1:04:37  

there's a floor Lady for later. Now. Before person


Unknown Speaker  1:04:43  

guys doesn't work.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:44  

Not as good now.


Grant Howitt  1:04:47  

Like, it's like gun person. It doesn't have the same ring as gunman. Why do you think they're gonna get a glass of water


Chris Taylor  1:05:00  

Trying to do anything important or witty then


Amelia Antrim  1:05:03  

I'm actually gonna grab something to drink real quick.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:08  

I'm just gonna sit here and think.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:18  

Yay, my video is less janky Hello. Hi. All right, I fixed my video, I think. Yay. Yeah, it was very like, um, I don't know, kind of janky because the technical tear was plugged into a USB hub that's like, suspiciously like, cheap at best. I got for free from, like, a thing that I worked for a long time ago. Right? Like, here's your Christmas present. It's a USB hub. With our name on it. Hello, I can remember us forever.


Grant Howitt  1:05:58  

And it doesn't work.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:59  

It works. I mean, it technically work is


Amelia Antrim  1:06:02  

giving all of us free t shirts. Because we were like Forbes best company to work for in Wisconsin or something. And it was like you cut 25% of my department. I would like those people back instead of my free stupid t shirt like in a T shirt. Question. I don't know. Probably not. Yay.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:27  

Yes. The waveforms. They're there. Again, game is I have to turn my game down. I was listening back to my my live stream from last Friday. Because I have to start planning the adventure now. Mm hmm. And


Amelia Antrim  1:06:48  

really high too. And I'm trying to figure out which way which way is up and which way is down? Okay. Yeah, that's


Ryan Boelter  1:06:55  



Amelia Antrim  1:06:55  

I can never remember which way to turn them


Unknown Speaker  1:06:57  

up. Yeah, like this backwards, right? it well, it


Amelia Antrim  1:07:01  

is because it's supposed to be like, I don't know. No, that


Unknown Speaker  1:07:05  

doesn't make any sense either.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:08  



Amelia Antrim  1:07:09  

is that okay?


Ryan Boelter  1:07:11  

That seems fine. All right.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:13  

I just like it's picking up every little like, rustle and I don't know. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  1:07:17  

yeah, definitely. Yeah, I figured mine was too high when I could hear myself breathing during this


Amelia Antrim  1:07:28  

now it's past Halloween. I can't do serial killer.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:30  

No, that's fine.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:32  

Okay. I love how whenever we record now two people are alike. Oh, oh, do the whole thing and then voice I can't I use my gain all messed up again. Does it sound weird to you? It looks like my waveforms like garbage. It sounds fine.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:55  

Are you on the right. microphone input? I am. Okay, am I on the mic? Yep, I'm on the right one.


Amelia Antrim  1:08:03  

Oh, maybe cuz it's on waveform and not waveform dB.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:05  

Oh, yeah. Wait, oh, no, that looks even worse. What?


Amelia Antrim  1:08:11  

I'm gonna go back to waveform and might just be like the scales and


Ryan Boelter  1:08:14  

I have it at you know, yeah, it could be me anyway.


Amelia Antrim  1:08:17  

Whatever. It's fine. Let's see now it seems okay. Maybe I just need to sit a little further. my microphone


Ryan Boelter  1:08:25  

that's gonna be so quiet. Okay, yeah.


Unknown Speaker  1:08:33  

He will go


Ryan Boelter  1:08:34  

very nice. The waterfall on to the mono


Grant Howitt  1:08:40  



Ryan Boelter  1:08:41  

So my pads fine.


Chris Taylor  1:08:45  

So the internal playtesting like the stuff that Groton library running was


Unknown Speaker  1:08:51  



Amelia Antrim  1:09:01  

It was much faster. Yes. Sorry, my dad has chosen this exact moment to do like construction right underneath. So there's like a lot of drilling noises cool.


Grant Howitt  1:09:19  

You should run off this question.


Amelia Antrim  1:09:22  

Yeah, Ryan, maybe you should cuz I don't have to like mute my eye. Who knows how long this is gonna go on. That's fine.


Grant Howitt  1:09:28  

Nice. It's sorry, chess, cricket.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:33  

Lovely. Stop this.


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