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Series 34.2 - Tide Breaker with Nick Butler [Designer] (Creation Continued)

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Welcome to the second episode of Series 34, everyone! This series we’ll be covering the modular world building, action RPG Tide Breaker with designer Nick Butler! This episode we’ll be finishing up our Dragon Ball Z esque character creation.

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Welcome to the second episode of Series 34, everyone! This series we’ll be covering the modular world building, action RPG Tide Breaker with designer Nick Butler! This episode we’ll be finishing up our Dragon Ball Z esque character creation.


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Ryan Boelter  0:00  

Welcome back to the second episode of series 34. Everyone, we welcome back Nick Butler to finish creating characters for the modular world building game tiebreaker. But before we get to that, we have some announcements.


Amelia Antrim  0:14  

First up, the one shot network is participating in the world builders fundraiser to help support Heifer International. At different goals. We will be unlocking some very cool perks we've already done a couple. But there's still more to go. You can check it out at Wb 2020 dot Character Creation or the link that's right in the show notes. There's only one more day left as of the time that this episode release. So please go check it out and give if you can. Absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  0:46  

Next up this last Friday, if you tuned in to my A Tale of twinkling off stream, you caught us creeping up a New Year's holiday for the world in the form of citrus mist, which is an orange themed Christmas like holiday. When the sun hits the planet at the right angle to cause all the orange plants to blossom. They came up with like a parade where you throw clementines and oranges at the at the viewers of the parade. And you really had to be on your game to catch them because they're throwing them from upwards of six storeys high points. So oh my gosh, yeah, but they've got hover mitts. It's fine. Okay, it's fine. But it was such a fun time coming up with all of that, um, and this coming Friday, you can hear what this holiday is like as we enjoy the festival episode. So they're gonna go through some some fun festival festivities. And I promise you


Amelia Antrim  1:50  

that there's like lengthy outfit description. Oh, absolutely.


Ryan Boelter  1:53  

Okay. Absolutely. Because somebody mentioned costuming, it's like, you dress up, and there's a costume contest. So absolutely. Somebody's got a and I promise there's no way shape or form gonna be any sort of twists. Wink wink. If at any point during the session, nothing bad will ever happen.


Amelia Antrim  2:17  



Ryan Boelter  2:18  



Amelia Antrim  2:18  

Would you lie to me? I,


Ryan Boelter  2:21  

I wouldn't not. Maybe not partially partially lie to you about this. Ah, so you're lying to me. Wherever that fits into the multiple negatives making a positive or not.


Amelia Antrim  2:36  

I guess you'll have to find out by watching. Exactly. I tuned in at 730 central to find out if Ryan lied to Amelie.


Ryan Boelter  2:44  

Yeah, exactly. You can you can see us at twitch Comerica games 730. Central on Friday. So definitely tune in. It's gonna be a lot of fun. We had so much fun crafting all of that.


Amelia Antrim  2:57  

I think that's all we have for announcements for today's episode. You can stick around after the show for our call to action and one of our new reviews. So until then, let's get to the show.


Unknown Speaker  3:08  



Ryan Boelter  3:42  

Last time on Character Creation Cast. Amelia was creating a prizefighter coming out of retirement, Nick was creating a tn from Dragonball Z knockoff. And I was creating a magical girl in this DBZ world. We're picking up right where we left off last time. Enjoy.


Nick Butler  4:05  

Yeah, that stuff is to make a job. So yeah, you got to get a job. Everybody has a job. Okay. I don't know what that says about my game. Like maybe I'm kind of like just a crappy capitalist guy by nature.


Amelia Antrim  4:19  

Something to do with your time, like,


Unknown Speaker  4:21  



Amelia Antrim  4:23  

for money you need you got hours to fill.


Nick Butler  4:26  

Yeah, everybody's got a thing that they're doing right. And that's called her job. And so the job system is kind of how we handle skills. And tiebreaker is suit it makes an assumption that you're really good at everything a typical action hero guy does. So that's the jumping that's running. That's the climbing that's like if there's cars in your setting you can drive like, you know if your game is about doctors, you know basic medicine, layout, anything that makes you like function at a very basic level in this world, you're good at it. So Dvz like, you know, some basic science stuff because you know how to use capsules, like, you can probably use a computer like Goku who's probably deception, alien, and also go through stuff as rocks, so but you get all those stuff that those caught, those are called key roads, everything else is up to your intuition. So you get a number of what we call task equal to your intuition. So slick, smart people are smarter people are people that can remember more things tend to have more things that they're decent at.


Amelia Antrim  5:37  

Cool. So I like to pick one thing.


Nick Butler  5:41  

Like you are pretty good at one thing. So for for my channel, we're gonna say that I, I'm pretty good at meditating. Because Tiana is basically kind of like a Buddhist book. Okay, character. I'm good at. Okay, playing playing board games is thinking played checkers and stuff. And just because the make it not exactly to the general like I'm going to exorcism. Okay. Dragon Ball Universe does have ghost occasionally, like you're not huge on it, but there's bassist. And so like, I have a, I have a kind of a system. That's pretty good at playing Chinese checkers, doing some basic spirituality stuff and getting rid of pesky ghosts and things. Okay, so kind of like more like a rookie. Okay, all right. And then from there, I have one thing that I'm amazing at, and that's called my specialty. So of all the things in the world, this is the only thing I actually get to add dice to your regular tasks. In your heroics, you just use your stats, everything else you add basutoland to it. So you can try literally anything it will your regular stat and your was just remove successes. Oh, because like again, tiebreaker is a game about hyper competent heroes. So like, it doesn't matter what it is, you can try it and like you have a Okay, chance of success. Like your regular tasks, you have just a regular amount of success in your specialty. That's the thing that you're probably gonna knock out the car. Okay. And that thing that I'm gonna knock out of the park is Well, I mean, it's Dvz. So it's going to be like, training, like really good at training people. I'm the character that you go to when you need to get a new transformation for the season. So like, I'm not TNA anymore. I'm King Kai. Anyway, so my specialty is trading and whenever I need to do something about or all along those lines, I guess let's do that. Yeah, so


Ryan Boelter  7:44  

what I'm gonna go with one of my jobs is going to be astronomy.


Nick Butler  7:51  

Okay. What was your intuition? To? So you got two things. Yeah, I was


Ryan Boelter  7:56  

trying to think of a good other one. Mmm hmm. I have to think about that one. Do you got anything, Amelia?


Amelia Antrim  8:03  

Well, here's the thing. I want my job to be a talk show host.


Nick Butler  8:08  

Um, so I would say interviewing?


Amelia Antrim  8:11  

Oh, yeah, that's what I put for my specialty.


Nick Butler  8:13  

Yeah. specialties interviewing. And then probably, like, just a regular tasks would be like, I don't know, like idle chatter or something like that.


Amelia Antrim  8:21  

asking the right question.


Ryan Boelter  8:23  

Yeah. Um, let's see.


Amelia Antrim  8:29  

Because I think you have to do something after you're done. You know, like, You're out of your prime. You transition to talk show hosts. Hmm, is your retirement


Nick Butler  8:40  

job. Gossip as your regular task?


Ryan Boelter  8:44  

Yeah. Gossip would be fun.


Amelia Antrim  8:46  

I'm gonna change.


Ryan Boelter  8:48  

Alright, my my other is geology. For my job. sciency Yeah, I'm specialty. Okay, goodness.


Nick Butler  9:01  



Ryan Boelter  9:02  

Yeah, research sounds good. Very, very brainy. A magical girl who likes to kick butt?


Nick Butler  9:11  

Mm hmm. Yeah, she's definitely sounding like a like.


Ryan Boelter  9:16  

Okay. I have seen maybe five episodes of DBZ Sailor Moon. Oh, Sailor Moon. Oh, yeah. Pluto. Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  9:27  



Ryan Boelter  9:28  

Pluto was was.


Unknown Speaker  9:31  



Ryan Boelter  9:32  

I mean, Neptune was really, really smart.


Nick Butler  9:35  

Um, one of the shorthair? Yeah, that


Ryan Boelter  9:38  

would be that would be ami. That would be mercury. Mercury. Mercury's the really smart one.


Nick Butler  9:45  

Yeah. So you're kind of like her, I guess. Yeah, a little bit.


Ryan Boelter  9:50  

Little bit of mercury, a little bit of Jupiter. A little bit of Mars.


Nick Butler  9:55  

So, yeah, from there. Moving back on to the parts that were actually recording it. Yeah. So you have your jobs, you have your specialties. So we move on to our course you get three of these. When you're making your character and your concept, this is why I say do your concept first because your course basically define what dat concept. is. It everybody else that has that same thing. Okay, like if you're like a magical girl. Yeah, your three quirks are basically the blueprint for every other magical girl. Okay. So like if there's like a magical girl knockoff version of you, like, data got the same three fourths or maybe like one different depending on how frisky GM is feeling? Oh, but typically, they're going to use your character squirts as a blueprint. So I've got three of those. And then beyond that, you get one standout feature. And that standout feature is a very powerful passive ability. Sometimes some of them are actors, but mostly, these things are passive. But you are the only person in the whole friggin universe that has this has this ability. So all the magical girls about all the extra system monks have most all of the whatever Emilia is, like, this is this is your thing. Okay. Very cool. Yeah. And from that, that's going down the list of quirks picking three of them going down the list of standout features, pick one of those. Mm hmm. And, you know, just pick whatever sounds cool. And yeah, right. Yeah. Cuz until you like, have played the game a few times. Like, a lot of this is just gonna be like, hey, when you do this, and that, like you get to add this or like, whatever you Whatever, whatever, like, yeah. But like, the all the quirks in this game also have a secondary thing that is specifically for like being diplomatic or speaking or something. First half of the ability is for like, specifically combat stuff, right? Like, you can look at this stuff and go, Oh, cool. Like, if I pick comforter for once per session, I act as a beacon of hope for my current neighborhood, which just means that whenever people hang out with me, we restore hope. Because like, I'm that, that comforting presence in the in the world, you know, like you're trying to think of a character to kind of fudge it's like that kind of a show. Okay, kind of like to neris in Game of Thrones, when she was a still a good guy expose, okay. Everyone was like Khaleesi because she's to break her chains and stuff. That comforter is whatever, one of her quirks how cool is for us? Let's see, I'm gonna go through real quick and thinking, you know, also because it helps shore up my range defense, I'm gonna take foresight because it's kind of like a little homage to teens third eye, which doesn't come up in the show very often, but it actually allows him to, like, be slightly psychic. Okay. Yeah, what foresight does is it allows him to add his list to any of his recovery roles against rage attacks. So if he got hit by a range attack or something, he can add his wits to his recovery. I have to edit that though. Because like, it used to be that like you recovered immediately, but now it's like, return. So. Again, we pay for people to look at that stuff. See,


Ryan Boelter  13:39  

there's a lot of good choices in here.


Nick Butler  13:42  

That's very, very intentional. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  13:46  

So I pick three of these


Ryan Boelter  13:48  

three quirks and then one standout right?


Unknown Speaker  13:52  

Yeah. All right.


Ryan Boelter  13:53  

I'm just reading through the, the names are very evocative. And I'm finding myself going through all the different names because it they feel like they they state what they are about in the name themselves, which is really cool.


Nick Butler  14:11  

Thank you. It's definitely something I was shooting for. Uh, huh. Wanting to people to go Oh, I want to be sick with two C's of meat well tiebreaker is a body positive game. Oh, okay. He's gonna get resolute that's definitely Tiana nutshell. Yeah, this is what resolu does is whatever he takes damage, he can spin five momentum to add his focus to his next attack role. So additionally, whatever he uses the ability could you not when conducting negotiations and could you not just basically like stops him from taking negative effects from things like anybody has like a writer effect that like makes him boss or something he can just say no. It also applies to his abilities. That would cause them to wash because because you're not does everything but prevent you from bothering. But while he's negotiating, it also includes washing. Right? So he's super tanky and he's really good at getting his point across


Ryan Boelter  15:16  

nice. All right, so I got my quirks in standout, selected I think


Amelia Antrim  15:21  

I had to pick my standout but I got


Nick Butler  15:24  

one more to go.


Amelia Antrim  15:25  

I also liked resolute oh no it closed it shoot


Nick Butler  15:30  

it solid, this this character is going to be very tanky Mm hmm. So he gets as he gains momentum equal to his endurance whenever he successfully resisted attack which is endurance. And as a side effect, he also adds this parallel when using his roster to deal with obstacles. So tn punching through rocks and stuff like he didn't fight versus Napa is because he's solid.


Ryan Boelter  15:55  

So I went with adorable for one of my quirks,


Unknown Speaker  15:59  

of course.


Ryan Boelter  16:01  

Because I'm so my allies gain momentum whenever you are taken down equal to your wits. Oh, my wits is too. So my allies gain momentum whenever I'm taken down. Is that when you didn't there? Yeah. And then in diplomatic situations, you are always treated as a friend until proven otherwise. I like both of those parts of adorable and then I also selected a comforter. So at the end of any scene, if your party has unspent momentum, I can convert five points of momentum for one hope. And that sounds pretty sweet.


Nick Butler  16:38  

Yeah, it's pretty strong.


Ryan Boelter  16:40  

And then a heart, which does let's see you gain momentum equal to your intuition or focus. Which one chosen cannot be changed when you're taken down. Once you speak out for something you believe in, you may push your dice once you for free. So that sounds pretty sweet. And then my standout feature, I went with a celestial wrath, which sounded pretty sweet.


Nick Butler  17:11  

They saw the pygmies Dino. Yeah. Let's do that real quick. So Celeste to record the rest of this.


Ryan Boelter  17:22  

Yeah, so that one, once per combat, I can spend hope at the beginning of my turn to remove the momentum cap. And at any point as an interrupt, spend all of your momentum to immediately deal attrition to the target opponent, equal to the total sprint. So that's, that's pretty sweet.


Nick Butler  17:41  

So let's see, I think I'm about to, I'm going to be collected as my stand out. So I may spend one hope and a full round to compose myself, ignoring any effects that may target me and increase my power level by the total Dr. Which is the difficult difficulty rating, or the power level of the sources applicable of all effects, removed a display and sold it in a scene becoming immune to any effects that would prevent me from moving or acting into the scene. Additionally, if you have cool and commerce quirks, you gain a specialty in basketball, because the Special Thanks is not in the game yet. But upon is my brother and sister have their first initials, or B and A pacifically. So together, our initials are NBA. Nice. So like shout out to my brother and sister and her and her, Brian. That's awesome. Yeah, so if you take if you take cool, calm and collected, which is my personal, my personal stand out because I put out a supplement in a previous update called the taxing legacy, which I made a bunch of works based off of members of my family. So I put out two special tanks in the final version of their names listed to this to the listener, so of course the stuff that they inspired him The special thing session. Yeah, I like that.


Amelia Antrim  19:04  

I'm really having a hard time finding one that I like that I don't know if it does.


Unknown Speaker  19:09  

What was the concept?


Amelia Antrim  19:11  

Um, it's like, returning hero like former. Okay.


Nick Butler  19:19  

former champion. Yeah, I like that. Let's see, you should go this. Yeah, very, very seen kind of standout. You could go with mobile stride. That sounds good. So whenever you fail a check, you may spend 10 momentum to immediately remove the check and add any successes from the original rolls to the final results. Oh, wow. Oh, yeah, that works.


Ryan Boelter  19:42  

Great. That sounds pretty sweet.


Nick Butler  19:44  

All right. Well, for that, that's all of your quirks. That's your standout features. So from there we have the last step is ability generation. Oh, yeah, this is the most fun part but also the part that is if you are like really solid, solid on your concept can be the hardest because this takes a taking a bunch of options and combining them together to three unique abilities. Okay? But you got to have like a nice visual picture that what you're trying to do or else like, it's it does make it harder to like get through the list and go Okay, well, I want to do this character. Yep. So like what I like to do when I'm guiding people through this is I like to start with the concepts for your, for your three abilities first, and then we take the functions and stuff to build those out. Okay. Okay. And let's see. I say, Ryan, right? Yeah. Yeah, you already had three concepts pretty much you wanted to transform you wanted to kick people fighting and most people will fire? Yeah. I thought that was pretty cool. Yeah, so let's let's do your let's do your transformation. What is it about a good transformation cx Actually, I'll help you with yours because there's lots and lots of options here. Okay. And then I'll help Amelia and then I'll do mine. So what do you choose for yourself doing a new transform?


Ryan Boelter  21:10  

Well, let's see. I'm kinda has to be the whole like, it changes my appearance of it and my outfit. And since I'm a kind of hands on and don't use, like actual weapons, I think it just it doesn't produce any additional weapons or anything like that, but it it just makes me look more formidable.


Nick Butler  21:37  

Okay, so it's like literally like a CPC transformation. effectively. Yeah. Yeah, that's not gonna be too hard to do to get to get to this game. Mm hmm. So that's going to be the main function that you're looking for is in the utility section. And I believe it's called on leash. Let's double check. It's like though I wrote the game there's like over 100 some odd functions in this game. So yeah, I can't remember every single one of them's like verbatim but as I'm going through the PDF to this is actually a little slower schools here. It isn't. Let's say go We also have a weakened so we can make work. So let's look at that one. First. Pick to your target as possible in Cairo I'll return your target is treated as if one so closely to your targets to target the upshift downshift themselves as an interrupt or on dodge your targets attacks cause your promise to pay five mental or become cornered or on contact your targets tax me deal attrition equal to their successes instead of dealing damage your target games that shows an effects for a number of terms equal to your power levels, you may pick awakened twice if you do, you may set a number of targets in range equal to your power level for your power level interests. And it has an adventure effect where every single function in this game has a non combat function that's either have non Fun fact non combat claws, which is either adventure or social or adventure is like all of the like I'm walking around. I'm trying to disarm traps and stuff like you know your d&d stuff. And the social things is like espionage. It's charming people, that kind of stuff. So awakens, adventure claws is you may unlock the hidden potential of a character, giving them a bonus to their power level equal to your power level until target project is completed. This bonus power only applies to any rules directly related to the project and may not be used through projects involving combat. A project is like all of our crafting and stuff in this game. Okay, um, so yeah, awaken might work. Like it depends on like, if you want to, like do it to yourself and other people or just you. Oh, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  23:46  

So awaken is for other people, right? Yeah,


Nick Butler  23:49  

but you can target yourself awaken. Oh, specifically allows you to target other other people with this as well. Okay.


Ryan Boelter  23:57  

That's interesting. All right. So


Nick Butler  23:59  

let's look at the other one which I believe is like I said before, this is an alphabetical order. So I gotta like slowly scroll through to make sure I don't overshoot it.


Ryan Boelter  24:10  

So you get boss to and to stats here choice. Oh, you get to pick two of these. These things that can happen here for unleash. Yeah, interesting. Okay. Gain ignite on all like matewan on all the tax Okay, bonus game bought one and all attacks that target you only or you may spend five momentum to ignore any effect that targets you. You still take damage


Nick Butler  24:39  

yet and you keep your choices for your power level insurance and gain one of the following penalties you gain an elemental weakness. You may no longer dash or benefit from moving punches or you may no longer gain momentum, or you gain attrition equals your power level until on loose ends. Okay. So on leash versus awakened at least gives you a much better run. numbers when it comes to the downside. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  25:03  

I think I'd like awakened better. Yeah. Okay, we


Nick Butler  25:07  

can both true. Um, your your transformation could be absolutely ridiculous.


Ryan Boelter  25:16  

Maybe Maybe I yeah, I think that might actually fit well. Because then I can go up to power levels if I need to. Yeah,


Nick Butler  25:28  

right in that standard power level, just your gains would would also make the duration of these last longer.


Ryan Boelter  25:35  

Cool. So I yeah, I'll take a weekend and unleash then for the functions of the transformation sequence ability.


Nick Butler  25:44  

So you got to pick the two options for each. Because at least in the we can have those extra little Oh, those extra steps.


Ryan Boelter  25:51  

Okay, so, um, let's see. So I get to choose awaking your target gains plus one power level every turn on your target is treated as if one zone closer to their targets. Oh, that's cool. Your target may up shift or downshift themselves as an interrupt on a Dodge your target attacks cause their opponents to pay five momentum or be come cornered or on contact your target to text me deal attrition equal to their successes instead of dealing damage.


Nick Butler  26:23  

Oh, yeah, the important thing about those is on dodge is whenever your opponent chooses the Dodge at all that happens even if you miss. Okay. And contact is the same thing, but for blocking.


Ryan Boelter  26:34  

Okay, so I really like the your target games one plus one power level every turn. That sounds pretty sweet. Um,


Nick Butler  26:45  

oh, if it's every turn, yeah, the transformation lasts for your starting ground level. It's not because it's not an immediate or a little loose. It's still Yeah, yeah, sorry. That's fine. Yep. So if you still get to transform for two turns, and then get, like, stats out the wazoo?


Ryan Boelter  27:01  

Yeah, that I think that makes sense. Because I'd still be kind of competent without the transformations.


Nick Butler  27:10  

Yeah, they're still really good without


Ryan Boelter  27:12  

the transformation, put myself into kind of an overdrive sort of situation.


Nick Butler  27:18  

Yeah, you're like spinning around in the circle while your clothes magically come up on ease happens before the fight start. But this is more like you're activating your Excel, you're like, Oh, crap, my friends are in trouble.


Ryan Boelter  27:28  

Yeah. Um, let's see. Yeah. And I think I think I want to your target as treated as if one song closer to their, to their targets. So people would be one zone closer.


Nick Butler  27:44  

Yep. So it's basically giving yourself ranged, like in a Janeway?


Ryan Boelter  27:52  

Yeah, but I can definitely see that working. And then for unleash goodness, I do love me some crunchy games. Um, this is definitely a right up my alley for the amount of options as tickling the 90s part of my brain.


Nick Butler  28:10  

Yeah, I like to crush but I don't like the mass. So yeah, like, I kind of went for it.


Ryan Boelter  28:16  

That makes sense. Um, so let's see, the unleash allows me to gain to


Nick Butler  28:24  

choose data. Your choice?


Ryan Boelter  28:25  

Yeah. I think I want to maybe, I mean, can I go above the max of five at that point, or?


Nick Butler  28:33  

Yeah. Oh, wow. I'll have to add that into the factory. Because it's normally really hard to get, like stat upgrades. Yeah. But at least he's like one of the rare things that allows you to do that.


Ryan Boelter  28:45  

Okay. So and is this like a permanent thing? Like all times I get plus two or only one I unleash only when you're unleashed. Okay. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna put a plus two in a might, which would put me at six when I'm unleashed. Ah, and I'm gonna say plus two and focus. Yes, sure. That will, they'll push me up to plus, or that'll put me at a three focus when I'm unleashed.


Nick Butler  29:18  

And I didn't want that. Like she's concentrating mad hard, or she's like, Oh, you should do you should do boss for the lady on the tax box. So like you get a higher focus and it's really hard for them to hit you because you give them botched Yeah, I


Ryan Boelter  29:38  

like that. So opponents botch to uh, so that that's my transformation sequence combination of awakening unleash,


Nick Butler  29:46  

what was the awakened choices again?


Ryan Boelter  29:48  

Power Level plus one power level per turn. And one's own closer.


Nick Butler  29:54  

Oh, that's juicy. Yeah. Yeah, they're not getting away from you. You're much harder to it. Yeah, yeah, and you're gonna get numbers.


Ryan Boelter  30:03  

I can I can kind of see like, the ones on closer thing being like, a just super fast getting up to them making kind of way and then like effectively flipping backwards back to your starting position or


Nick Butler  30:19  

in depth super. That's super Super Sentai Yeah, magical girl kind of stuff just yeah, jump keikain isn't bouncing off of them. You're starting zone. I love that. I love that a lot. Yes Really good. So, um, so what's the downside to your on leash? Alright,


Ryan Boelter  30:38  

so um, let's see oh game one of the following penalties, elemental weakness, you may no longer dash or benefit from movement, you no longer gain momentum, you gain attrition equal to a higher level until only Shen's


Nick Butler  30:56  

you kind of like do the last one. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  30:59  

that's that one or the elemental weakness one would be really interesting. Cuz my, my whole thing of, like, utilizing the elements while I'm transformed effectively, yeah, and then becoming weak to the elements afterwards.


Unknown Speaker  31:17  



Ryan Boelter  31:18  

I think that's kind of poetic. Yeah. All right. That's interesting. This whole this whole concept of creating an ability by throwing functions together, and then everything, it feels like a very narrative to crunch, a build system of soreness. Thank


Nick Butler  31:40  

you, because that's exactly what I was going for.


Ryan Boelter  31:42  

That's awesome.


Nick Butler  31:43  

Yeah, I really wanted people look at the mechanics and go, I have so many ideas, like narratively See, matches, like, I wanted to, like, break the game as hard as possible. Right, right. But just going Oh, wow. Like, I could pair a wall with like, like pool or something like that, that make up the make, like a vacuum or something? Yeah. Like, you know, it's just I want people to be able to just go, I have this idea. How do I do it? Okay, that's how you do it. Yeah. Be able to do that for pretty much anything that they can think of. Right? Oh, for the most part, right. You know, it's just like, anything that you want to do in a fight, like, a tiebreaker can more or less handle it. It's very cool. So we got we got two other abilities. You're gonna say your your transformation is ability a right so yeah, only be the punching people will fire.


Ryan Boelter  32:35  

Yeah, like that.


Nick Butler  32:37  

Um, and because you have an elemental weakness. Like, we definitely want to make some elements. So because that's, that's a assumption that we've just made about this, about this pseudo DBZ universe is that there's elemental magic or elemental key. Yeah, like leaning on avatar a little bit here. Shout out to Nickelodeon. Everybody today. Shout out to everybody on our Reddit slash RPG design that wants to make an avatar game. Mm hmm. At mine, you can do it. Alright, so go to office offense, offense has elements that gives you the rules, elements, weaknesses, and things are also on the keyboard session. But that's spelled out in detail here. But I think your first I think both of your ability, they'll probably have element because of the, you know, be elemental. Yeah, so the easiest way to kind of skin like fire lightning and whatever. Like you can define them any way you want. Okay, but as far as like going Hey, like this is definitely fire tip, right? Yeah. Like you want to say a ball. Or you can just be like, hey, it's engulfing it's fire. Because it's fire.


Ryan Boelter  33:56  

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I was thinking doing element and engulfing. Oh, yeah.


Nick Butler  34:03  

Yeah, the element for the audience. So the way it works is you make an elemental damage type. So that can be anything you want. It could be music, or like shoelaces or something like I don't care like whatever you wanted to do. So as part of the abilities creation, you pick a weakness. This can be anything you want it to be subject to GM approval. And when using this ability, you get our one by one for all attacks against targets that are not protected by your elemental weakness. So if your elbow the weakness is shoelaces, if somebody is tied up in his shoelaces and stuff, like your attacks, don't get the bonus anymore. Okay? But guess everybody else fire hurts. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  34:44  

yeah. Okay. I like that. Um, and then in golfing, makes it so if an attack would miss a duty or target using cover this turn, you made deal. trician equal to the number six assesses you rolled this turn instead so I can kind of see like the the heat of the the blast or something like that or punching the the cover that they're behind.


Nick Butler  35:10  

Yeah, like shock waves and whatever reason is you want it to be like yeah, you're gonna take a little bit of damage anyway. But it was definitely kind of inspired by like those kind of like iconic scenes in movies where like the heroes like got a shield up and he's like blocking the dragons firebreath but the fire breath is like bending around the shield a little bit and like sweating he's going crap, I can't hold this for much longer could somebody please stab this guy and I try to action that's that's what golfing kind of triggers in my own mind. Yeah. So yeah, that's that's your ability B so we got another one for see. Like you can pick another element for if you want or you can kind of be a little bit more like loose with it and just make your whitening kicks like something. Something else that doesn't get like elemental damage but also doesn't have to worry about you having another elemental weakness though don't worry about Oh, yeah. Oh, by the way, the elements of damage is fire was fire. We tuned this universe. Um,


Ryan Boelter  36:10  

I mean, it's got to be water, right? Yeah. Or carbon dioxide.


Nick Butler  36:17  

shooting down the gas or something like that. Yeah. Fire itself is gas. Yeah, the mild science nerd to me. So like fires just being weak more gases. fight fire with fire. Yes. Let's go. Well, I got fire elemental. We just fire. Can we do that?


Ryan Boelter  36:39  

Oh, that would be strange. Well,


Nick Butler  36:41  

I mean, like, China. Mm hmm. This is like, like, like, again, shout out to avatar with the they had the IMG ties. I think they were called already fought each other. And I feel like they weren't really protected by their own flame barriers too. Well, right. In the fire also had that water. Weakness too. Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  37:05  

I think the classic water weaknesses Nice. Yeah. We'll just go with that to keep it easy to remember.


Nick Butler  37:12  

Thanks. Okay. So for your last ability. Let's take a look at what are you thinking? What does lightning cakes look like? Um,


Ryan Boelter  37:22  

I think it has stun. Yeah, I'd like no damage, but your opponent may not spend or gain momentum until the end of your next turn. And then there was another one that I saw. That looked really interesting. Um, I think it's up further. I'm exhausting. So I'm contact your opponent's next attack may only deal damage on a critical hit yesterday.


Nick Butler  37:52  

Yeah. And their chases are dealing critical hits do when you were either transformed or you've just done them is very low, considering they can't momentum shift you for that turn. Yeah. Mm hmm. or do any of the other like dozens of things that require them to use momentum to power up your abilities? So like, Yeah, that's a good shut you down. Kind of lightning kick.


Ryan Boelter  38:15  

Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking about. or with that.


Nick Butler  38:19  

I can see this character playing out like they get seriously like, they transform they get like stupid, strong and fast for a second. Any lightning kick the crap out of you the second turn. Yeah. And then like that third turn. You're just sitting over there. I'm like, okay to do something. Yeah. Yeah, I like it. Yeah. All right. So that's a character. Cool. Oh, wow.


Ryan Boelter  38:42  

So I saw I'm done after the abilities.


Nick Butler  38:45  

Yeah. Oh, beautiful. Um, like other, like, with the scenario generation and stuff. We would be adding hooks and questions and things. Yeah. Um, but I would like to skip that without having gone without going through the whole CJ process. Yes. Yes. incomplete without it. Yeah. Yeah, boy, like as far as like, being able to play the game and just start going through and doing all the talky bits and the fighting or whatever. Like, you're, you're all set. Cool. So Emilio, you've been a little quiet while I've been helping you boy up. Yeah. Can


Amelia Antrim  39:22  

I get some Advil? Um, no, that's why I do not feel good. Oh, no,


Unknown Speaker  39:29  



Amelia Antrim  39:30  

No, it's okay. I feel like I'm gonna throw up so um, we're gonna go through this but I'm, I'm a little quiet because I just really don't feel good. So


Nick Butler  39:45  

you got three fonts you got three Billy's two functions. So we got picked six and you're good. Oh my god. Yeah, let's let's get into this concept. You're returning the warrior. You know like you've got that normals pride and yes, so Like you're really good at finding and you believe in yourself. And so why is that? Like, let's? Let's dig into it.


Amelia Antrim  40:08  

Yeah. skills from step one. So


Ryan Boelter  40:12  

yeah, I accidentally fell right into them. I was cool. You're just definitely a much more open ended concept.


Amelia Antrim  40:21  

Yeah. Which makes this hard because I feel like there's like, I'm having analysis paralysis right now where there's just like too many.


Nick Butler  40:31  

Yeah, there's a lot of you do you do the concept first. So like, you go, Hey, I have this character. I want them to do a couple of things. And then you just make the mechanics fit your concepts. Yeah, you know, that's, that's the best way to go about this. So let's, let's drill down into your concept more. Okay. So let's, let's picture picture your character in a fight. Like what what is what is their fight look like? Like, take all the mechanics away from it. So like, you see your character, like, what do they look like? Like, how do they fight? Well,


Amelia Antrim  41:03  

I mean, like, for my stats, I put most of it into agility. So I imagine it's quick, like,


Nick Butler  41:09  

yeah, you're a speedster.


Amelia Antrim  41:11  



Nick Butler  41:11  

So like, do you use weapons? Like, are you kind of like, do you have a particular martial art in mind that you were trying to emulate or like, like, just like, cinematically speaking, like, you don't have to be like a martial arts aficionado, but like, Hey, I wanted to look like Bruce Lee.


Amelia Antrim  41:30  

Here's the thing. If Ryan is going to make a magical girl for the second series in a row, then for the second series in a row, my character is going to have a katana. Hey,


Ryan Boelter  41:40  

take that. Do it.


Unknown Speaker  41:43  

Guy, girl.


Amelia Antrim  41:45  

I mean, literally, the character I made last time too was like, quick and dirty.


Nick Butler  41:50  

Yeah. So let's, let's take that character from your from your previous episode, and make them a tiebreaker. All right, yeah. And like me being a little bit of a weeb. I'm a fan of the teleports behind you. That's impersonal bro. Yeah, sure. So let's do this.


Ryan Boelter  42:10  

All right. So So take your last character turns up to 11 and let's see what we get.


Amelia Antrim  42:16  

Right? Right. It's not a light up Katana this time at least.


Nick Butler  42:22  

Although Dragon Ball Universe it very well. Keep ours.


Amelia Antrim  42:29  

It's like not made out of a lightbulb. No.


Nick Butler  42:34  

It's also a science fiction universe. DVDs. Very, actually. A very fruitful kind of university building. And so so I'm hearing Katana,


Ryan Boelter  42:44  

yep. Quick and stealthy. Yeah. Three different things. Three. I mean, that might be a good base for the three abilities. Right?


Nick Butler  42:59  

That's true. Okay, so, audience when you're listening and you get into the comments, sounds like she's building hit with a sword. Okay, time powers. Yes.


Amelia Antrim  43:15  

Sure. Why not?


Nick Butler  43:18  

So we got time powers in Katana. Oh, wait, no, it's not hit anywhere. It's Bayonetta. Yes. Oh. Anyway, it's just references for days. Yeah. All right. So let's let's let's dig down into this. The main the main dishes the move really fast cut something ability. Yeah. So that's actually can be done in dozens of ways. But I picked the simplest way to do this would be to use something from utility called salary. Because speed can be speed and fiction is like, kind of, like represented in different ways.


Amelia Antrim  44:13  



Nick Butler  44:15  

What I sees a the katana bro that moves faster you like it's the you've got the teleporting stuff, you've got the eye structure you and then you take the damage later kind of thing. But like I want to focus just on I'm faster than you. Kind of better. That's right. So celery does this. And what it does is you may spend five momentum to shift upward one spot in the initiative, or to immediately gain one turns or four charges to any of your bank effects. tiebreaker has a lot of functions that have what are called bank effects, which basically you get to just roll your dice and at the same time, save the successes. Okay, and then you use those to trigger something ridiculous. But I think for you, I would probably say Just go, Hey, I'm going to go faster because I'm faster. Yeah. Right. So we'll take that. And then let's look at the movement part of this. Or we can just kind of like really, really sell the speed and do like something like flash where you can't be interrupted by your enemy. And you can take that twice. So you can actually trick in Flash later to get the second part of it. And if you do, you can spend 10 minutes on to indeterminate early doing so adds any charges, Stern's extra successes, etc. that may occur without passing them around as normal, and play resumes at the top of it issued or so like it's your turn? And then like if you were first, it's your turn. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  45:43  

that's really interesting.


Amelia Antrim  45:44  

I hadn't like that.


Nick Butler  45:46  

Yeah. So we're just going through options right now, because this is what I'm thinking for speed at the moment, like not even looking at the offense session. This is just stuff in utility, okay? Like, you could do, this is kind of like an oddball thing. But you could use it fuse, where your target gains a number of charges that they can use for any of their data abilities equal to the amount of successes that you rolled, okay. So like, if you're going like, all right, she's been assured, leaning backwards, leaning backwards, leaning backwards, leaning backwards, which kind of thing uh huh. Like, you can infuse yourself to just get a whole bunch of charges really quickly. Or you can do it for somebody else for reasons but like, you know, options, we've got those. But outflank would actually work with celery too, because you can downshift or up shift your opponent, a number of ranks equal to your power level. So you can say I'm going up one and you're going down to and this can also be done as an interrupt interrupts usually cost five momentum to trigger and then you could just do it in response to your opponent. So like, you can go, oh, instead of you actually hitting me, you're gonna go to translator, and I'm already gone. Yeah, if your target is cornered or over extended, they may not receive any beneficial effects from their allies until the end of your next turn as far as outplayed. So I like that. Yeah, I'll flick is another like, Hey, I'm faster than you. Yeah, tiebreaker has a lot of things that use upshift and downshift to mess with the industry of work. Right? Yeah. Yeah, there's a lot of options to make it so that if you're you or your opponent, or the top of the industry order, you can even capitalize it or make them pay for being faster. Because like I said, we we like min maxing but we also like making sure that it doesn't break the game either. In our functions, if you build around that kind of stuff, like you can make anything work. Lower. And if we want to go straight up hit from Dragonball Z, you have the time and space nonsense, yeah, you can go refraction, which makes you considered one zone further away from your opponents effects that target you and one zone closer for your allies in your own. refraction. Can you pick twice? If you do you and all of your allies, a number of zones away from you equals your power level are treated as one zone closer to each other? And one zone further away from your opponents for all purposes? Oh, wow. So used to be so fast that your opponents are hitting afterimages literally because you're actually somewhere else?


Amelia Antrim  48:29  

Yeah, I like that one. Yeah. Tony,


Ryan Boelter  48:36  

so you get two functions per ability, right? Yeah.


Nick Butler  48:41  

So if you you could probably do a couple of them for your like for your other stuff. Like really? up to speed. Yeah, I'm saying I just do like all my things are speed based like oh, and we have swift Yeah, you shift up or to spot you act in your new spot on your next turn. You can pick this function twice to gain the following you spend time momentum to cause opponents that attack you to suffer a downward shift and trade places with you if they were above you in order and moving downward position that you added for them. So yes, swift swift decelerate, all that stuff to speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed. Let's go


Unknown Speaker  49:21  

Hey, I'm


Amelia Antrim  49:22  

familiar with Sonic.


Nick Butler  49:25  

So moving on with speed stuff, okay. Cuz now this is just kind of like a masterclass on how to build a speedster. So we have ambush in the movement department allows you to up shift your target by the amount of zones D moves this term. So if they dashed you can shift in two spots. If you use that as an interrupt and you ended up over extending your target, over extend is like when your target is in the first initial slot, and they get up shifted again. They can't dodge. Oh, gotcha. You can ignore the cost of Have the interrupts and gain ignite one. So let's see that close look interesting to close this one, especially if you did something with like refreshing or like some, some nonsense like that. Or if you do it with with Ryan's character when when they're transformed, like that would combo really well.


Ryan Boelter  50:21  

Yeah. And I know you want to kind of a stealthy person as well and I saw them as a camouflage defense,


Amelia Antrim  50:27  

you know, soft fleet.


Nick Butler  50:31  

Yeah, totally is like the most simple is like I want to move for the one at sales, the straight up teleport like because you can absolve yourself, oh, you instantly move your target to a zone of your choice up to your higher level awaken you and may prevent your target from moving away from the zone of your choice until they return. Your target does not trigger any hazards or anything like that upon moving into the zone, and it's not counted as having moved for purposes of sex that track that. So yeah, you could sell yourself and not prevent yourself from moving away to just immediately just go over here now we're fleet actually does still trigger anything that happens if you move into zones is bad things. Hyper is probably other like in movement, because while dashing takes your action. Normally hyper just says you can do stuff while dashing. And if you spend momentum, you may spend momentum as code for the purposes of pushing dice. So what a dice push as I say your dice landed on a three and if you apply push one bad dice becomes a four. Oh, so that's a success. I paper builds are really cool when you're doing showstoppers a lot. Because like a you gain ignite one immediately for triggering a showstopper. Right? Yeah, and if you're dashing around with hyper, and you got a bunch of fives, you can just push them into senses. So then you get nice.


Ryan Boelter  52:05  

Very cool.


Nick Butler  52:06  

Yeah, so like this 10 options. JOHN is a lover it's kind of tobor effect. You may move yourself one zone and an upshift yourself. You leave a copy of yourself in your former zone and probably say wish to target you have this pay five momentum or targeted copy instead. Oh, so that's the classic DBZ after image effect. Oh, yeah. juke is really nice for that kind of thing, too. If you move this turn your opponent gains spots one until the end of your nets term, you can use it as an interrupt to lose one zone can ignite one until the end of your turn. And you're in addition, your target gain spot one, huh? Ah, you Yeah, so they still get to match one. But you also get ignited he had to move out the way if you're interrupting. Right. So speed, speed, speed, speed, speed. Yeah, lots of speed stuff. really depends on how you want to do it. Like I said, I probably just go like accelerate something else that as you like. He said you'd like refreshing, right?


Amelia Antrim  53:05  

Yeah, I like refraction.


Nick Butler  53:06  

Yeah, so we do that. And we got two other things here. So yeah, that's the celery refreshing thing. I've just kind of call that just like making yourself faster in time. I really would like to see this character. Like, don't mind me building this for you the security like sick but yeah, probably have something along the lines of, of just like hyper and fleet because like, that's like, one of those commonly made like, I gotta go someplace really, really fucking quick abilities.


Unknown Speaker  53:35  



Nick Butler  53:37  

Yeah, hyper fleet is just sigh moves really, really far. As hyper allows you to dash and fleet increases your dash distance. So like, they pair up really, really? Well.


Amelia Antrim  53:49  

Yeah. Okay. Um, I mean, the two that we've done so far, are all about movement, I probably should do something about once I get


Nick Butler  54:01  

there. So one is about, it's celebrating yourself, so you go faster and pushing yourself. So they feel like you're zoned for away from them. And then the other one is about moving really quickly. Right.


Amelia Antrim  54:16  

But for both of those, like,


Nick Butler  54:19  

definitely, just about the speed, right? Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  54:22  

that a lot. So now you want to slice people up, right?


Nick Butler  54:28  

Um, it also depends if your salary is the game charges version, or if it's the I upshifts. Myself version.


Amelia Antrim  54:37  

I mean, I think up shifting is probably


Nick Butler  54:39  

Yeah, cuz if it's the third thing by just processes, making it make sense would have to be charged. Yeah. Otherwise, it's just like, what are you doing? Um, but yeah, the hybrid thing, gives you a whole bunch of dice and allows you to dash which is nice. So that's a good gap closer that does damage then you have your your a ability to make yourself faster and protect yourself because you're considered as over your survivability. I kind of pictured his character doing a lot of after imagery nonsense, like what do you think?


Amelia Antrim  55:19  

Yeah, I could see that. I look I was looking at fate. Where did that one go?


Nick Butler  55:23  

They is an offense. Oh, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  55:28  

It's often attack with your wit before your opponent chooses their defense to deal no damage.


Amelia Antrim  55:35  

My wit is Purdue. Well,


Unknown Speaker  55:37  

but yeah.


Nick Butler  55:40  

Say would that work for you very well.


Amelia Antrim  55:42  

No, I have to play this character so


Ryan Boelter  55:48  

exhausting might be an interesting choice for your like main attacks or to deal right.


Nick Butler  55:54  

Yeah, this shouldn't be basically trapping you


Ryan Boelter  55:56  

effectively and in that regards, but I think thematically it fit because of just being so fast you kind of like exhaust the opponent's um, yeah, there's a lot of good offensive sort of things here.


Nick Butler  56:14  

Do because you already do something about about like making sure that you go first all the time. You can use crash crash ads your initiative rank to your attack role is counting up from the last position because of initiative rank stuff it's your account oper countdowns just like being last is not a bad thing and tiebreaker doesn't have to be like you if you build tactically, I had a lot of bad dice rolls in initiative when I played d&d, so I was like, no screw it make sure being last is not like a death sentence. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  56:55  

Like about like, the like edge of the Empire and stuff too, is that it's like slotted order too. So you can be like, I want to go first. Or like, I'll let you go first. Or you know, like you have PC and NPC slots. like yeah, it's because it's really frustrating when you're like, I need to do this thing, but I've got to wait six turns and by then it won't be good anymore.


Nick Butler  57:15  

Yeah, exactly. But crash as your initiative rank counting up from the last spot to your tackle. So these guys are added retro actively so if you would hit due to the extra dice, then you're going to fix the damage is normal. And it has an odd dodge effect, where your attack causes your opponent to downshift, crash maybe pick twice if you do all of your on contact effects ignite and you're on dodge effects and flick boss or one of your opponents in addition to their normal effects.


Ryan Boelter  57:40  

Wow. Crash sounds really good with that sort of initiative shifting thing. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  57:45  

I feel like that works.


Nick Butler  57:48  

Yeah, so we do crash and then do something else in the offense because you're you're in position now and you just want to jack people up. Ooh, be kinda cool. Just for that odd that odd balls position where like you haven't got first yet is anticipated so you may add your initiative rate counting down to your next attack until the end of your next turn. So you can trigger this function as an interrupt to gain the bonus immediately until the end of the current round. If you're not attached for your next turn or interrupt an opponent you box to action, but if you for if you're somehow last you succeed, either way, yeah, we should change your standout feature two. Okay, so since we're now just like, all about the Gotta go fast. Yeah. And the standout feature I'm thinking is speed demon. Because reasons.


Amelia Antrim  58:53  

I feel like the description says enough about why that would be


Nick Butler  58:58  

like why it's a good thing. David right. Well, let's look at what it does.


Amelia Antrim  59:05  

Sound like the messiest notes I've ever taken.


Unknown Speaker  59:08  

Wow, scroll up quite a bit.


Ryan Boelter  59:10  

Yeah. So if if you're not first in the initiative order. After initiative is rolled you reroll your initiative and add your power level. If you are already first, your agility rolls explode until the end of combat.


Amelia Antrim  59:26  

Oh, yeah, I want that. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  59:32  

That sounds pretty sweet.


Nick Butler  59:34  

And I would probably change one of your quirks to high strung because it allows you to make your initiative rules at night.


Amelia Antrim  59:43  

Oh, I already had that one.


Nick Butler  59:44  

Oh, you did? Oh, cool. Yeah, you're you're definitely optimized high.


Ryan Boelter  59:48  

That's awesome.


Unknown Speaker  59:49  

Look at that.


Nick Butler  59:53  

Other than myself, that's it. That's awesome. Well, I was hoping y'all I didn't actually do anything. We own character.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:02  

That's fine.


Nick Butler  1:00:03  

I can basically just make three quick abilities real quick. Oh, let's see, I want key laughing because I'm a DBZ character and what is the DBZ character if they're not throwing balls of energy at you, but for my main key blasts, we're gonna do ranged because obviously, and I think push will be fun. Okay, so like, we get hit by one of my beams it blast you off into oblivion. And so, I'm also going to have a hyperspeed kind of attack. So allow me to close distance and, and do damage. So okay, I'm gonna use hyper in Josh. Okay, so I can dash to attack at the same time. And I can also interrupt to leave a mirror image and move away if I need to. So I don't have to worry about my really low focus, because if I have momentum, which I will, because I'll be blocking all day long, right? is to just go narrow, right? Um, let's see. Yeah, for my last attack I want to do these are more like kind of approaches, because their ability that's the way abilities work in this game. So I have the golden key bias. I have the hyperspeed and I really just should have something that's kind of like, general purpose for my martial arts abilities. So yeah, we'll just call it martial arts. Okay. And my martial arts will be revolving mostly around punching people in ways that makes it harder for them to punch me back. Oh, all right. Not in that kind of like pressure points nonsense, but just like kidding them in the guts so hard to their eyeballs pop out? Uh huh. Because that's a very very animated standard kind of effect when you get hit and the guy Really? Yeah.


Nick Butler  1:02:07  

Does one thing I did do right with this Really? detailed hands it's clickable.


Amelia Antrim  1:02:15  

Someone who has to deal with a lot of PDFs in their job there's like nothing more frustrating because I'm like it's not hard to do like just that and bookmarking your PDFs but


Nick Butler  1:02:27  

I didn't know how to do that. I'm sorry. I mean again rarely asked us for final version definitely gonna have bookmarks because I very much Wish you see tn is good. His best thing because I'm just imagining him just hitting people like hella hard pushes punches also to add detonators for no reason just it'd be funny to see people watch your armor go up that's not like kind of true to the source material. I like stick to as close as possible I can Yeah, so we're gonna do like kind of like the rapid punching thing that's very common in the show and go with flurry absolutely here we're gonna go super basic and go flurry so on dodge opponents must spend five minutes with the Dodgers if they don't add plus one parallel to the attack on contact opponent suffers a downward initiative system cool. So whatever he does attacks with his melee something bad happens to you either way, he is a naturally he will do that in overwhelming, which is the other like, kind of like super basic office a bunch of every avenue. Okay. It first is pretty much similarly to flurry day has a noncontact and anon dodge. So, the oncontact for overwhelming his opponents have to spend five minutes in the bucket, if they don't get plus more power level on dodge opponents have to move out of the zone or be effective as normal. So like, you can just step out of the way that is a that is martial arts stability. If you choose to dodge, on the other hand, because of the flurry, he gets more defensive, you know, I mean, he gets more like power levels, you know, right. Okay. So like, he's got like he it's a win win for him if he's using if he's using his martial arts. Yeah. Either way, he's going to get some sort of power level boost it either way, like you're going to have to spend five momentum to keep up with him. Okay, that's pretty cool. So that's all that's all


Ryan Boelter  1:04:40  

right now we just need names. So I've got I went with krimson stainer for mine.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:49  

Check it out.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:50  



Amelia Antrim  1:04:52  

My character. Are we ready? Yeah. Falcon swift


Nick Butler  1:05:00  

That's very nice. Oh, and this gives me great sadness. Because we feel like kind of like us one of those like Super Sentai forces in the universe. Oh, yeah. He actually has like that in the form of breaks. And he goes into Kenya force. Okay. Which is kind of like a stretch, because they're not really Super Sentai. But they got that kind of like, dynamic thing going on. Yeah, but I'm not going to follow that same naming convention. Unfortunately. My name isn't yet, yet. Yeah, it's tn backwards. Oh, nice. Okay.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:41  

All right, we, we created characters. Well,


Amelia Antrim  1:05:45  

thank you so much for joining us. For our tiebreaker character creation episodes, it was a lot of fun.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:50  

It was a lot of fun. I really, I really liked the we're gonna talk about this more in the next episode. But my goodness, I really like this.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:01  

Nick, do you want to remind people where they can find you online and where they can find this game?


Nick Butler  1:06:06  

Yes, so my bleed on Twitter. That's where you can find me. You can find my game at breaker Get the early SS edition. It's 15 bucks. Right now you're paying for DARPA editing, printing and stuff or lots of printing. We're gonna do that for Kickstarter, but mostly the art and editing. Because I want the game to look as professional as possible for when we release it on Kickstarter. So like, I'm really just asking for your support. Like, as you can see, like my game is fun. Like even worse, right? From character generation. We have lots of options to explore any narrative concept that you have within the realms of just asking heroes stuff like you want to feel good to topics and just like badass like play my game. Is everybody deserves to be a badass. I just hope everyone keeps it her. That's my hashtag.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:01  

Very cool. All right. Well, thank you again. And thank you to everyone listening. Please join us next time for our discussion bloc.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:13  

Thanks for joining us for the second part of series 30 for everyone. We had a lot of fun finishing off those characters. And we went some really fun places with our fanfiction portion that you'll get to hear next episode. While you are waiting for that here are some calls to action for you.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:30  

Yeah, I just wanted to remind everyone to check out my tailor Glen on Chi mera stream again this coming Friday. You can check us out at twitch Comerica games at 7:30pm Central Time, where we will be playing through a festival episode and getting to know our heroes a bit more.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:48  

If you want to help out a really great organization, there is one day left to check out the world builders fundraiser online if you donate it to it, if you donate to it, please consider donating to the one shot fund which will help us unlock some cool parks as we raise more money at $20,000 Patrick Rothfuss will appear on skyjack couriers call playing the character that he played on skyjack prime, I like to call it so that would be very exciting. At $30,000 one shot will die. That is to say that they will record a series you saying the game based on Karen Gillan and Stephanie Han's comic series. So those are exciting options, but only if we get enough money in the next day. Yeah, you can go to that fundraiser by going to Wb 2020 dot Character Creation or the link in the show notes.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:47  

Absolutely. We do have a couple of reviews in our pockets right now. We still need more. So please leave us one on Apple podcast stitcher pod chaser, our Facebook page etc. And we will read it on the show like this one. From an I apologize if I get this name incorrect. candor add lane fr on pod chaser. One of my favorite podcasts out there the enthusiasm and friendliness that Amelia Ryan and their guests showcases makes the episodes a delight to listen to. All of the interesting and different RPG systems is a lovely bonus. CCC is a bright light in a gloomy current. A lovely fluffy blanket of nerdery love and fun to ward off the cold reality. Give it a listen. You won't regret it. I promise.


Amelia Antrim  1:09:43  

Oh, no one's ever described to me as a fluffy blanket. I'm pretty sure they were talking about you know I love that lovely fluffy blanket of nerdery.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:55  

I love it. Yeah, it's such a


Amelia Antrim  1:09:57  

that's that's gonna be the tagline for our show. Now. I think


Ryan Boelter  1:10:00  

It is definitely a good a good tagline. I thank you so much for that review. Gosh, this one made me smile so much. And yeah, these are these are difficult times and reviews like this really, really help us out and really give us a lot of good fuel


Amelia Antrim  1:10:18  

to these reviews are our lovely fluffy blanket.


Ryan Boelter  1:10:22  

So thank you again for that. All right, well, I think that's everything that we have for this episode. Join us next time where we go over the discussion episode. Um, and until then have a good week everybody.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:35  

Yes, stay safe, drink water, take a breath, relax your shoulders, you can


Ryan Boelter  1:10:40  

do it and keep making those amazing people.


Ryan Boelter  1:11:05  

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Now we got to read some show blurbs show blurbs.


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show blurbs.


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