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Series 35.1 - Anyone Can Wear the Mask with Jeff Stormer [Designer] (Creation)

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Welcome to the first episode of series 35, and the first episode of 2021, everyone! This episode, we welcome Party of One host and fellow network show All My Fantasy Children co-host, Jeff Stormer! We will be discussing his new game, Anyone Can Wear the Mask, a storytelling game about a superhero, a villain and a city. Join us for the start of a fantastic series after Amelia and Ryan discuss 2021 a bit in the longer than usual cold open.

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Welcome to the first episode of series 35, and the first episode of 2021, everyone! This episode, we welcome Party of One host and fellow network show All My Fantasy Children co-host, Jeff Stormer! We will be discussing his new game, Anyone Can Wear the Mask, a storytelling game about a superhero, a villain and a city. Join us for the start of a fantastic series after Amelia and Ryan discuss 2021 a bit in the longer than usual cold open.


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Amelia Antrim  0:01  

Welcome to the first episode of series 35. And of 2021, everyone is over. I always want to say nowhere to go but up, but then I'm like, but I can find a way


Unknown Speaker  0:17  

to do that.


Amelia Antrim  0:20  

However, what a great series we have lined up for you, we have Jeff Stormer joining us to go over his new game, anyone can wear the mask. It's a series you don't want to miss Jeff is always a delight. This is the second time he's been on the show. And both times I laughed so hard. Jeff's amazing. So please stay for that. But first


Ryan Boelter  0:45  

announcements. First up, after a couple weeks break from my Chi mera stream, A Tale of twinklin. Ah, we'll be returning this Friday at 7:30pm Central Time, where we are introducing eldritch horror to our magical girl superhero fantasy world. This will add new rules and new moves to the game for a few sessions. And we're going to be pushing into some of the fears of my players while maintaining a safe environment by utilizing safety tools. So it'll be a fun time. And you can join us at twitch comm era games and see what sort of fun our heroes get into.


Amelia Antrim  1:28  

That'll be creepy. Yeah, it's


Ryan Boelter  1:29  

a lot of fun.


Amelia Antrim  1:32  

Last year at the end of 2019, so I guess not really last year. But you know what I mean? We took a quick moment to talk about our hopes for the upcoming year, the things that we had accomplished the previous year. 2020 was a weird year. But I want to go ahead and take a moment to do that this year, too. Even though it didn't go how we wanted to know, things still got done somehow. And there was there was still some forward momentum. When I looked back at it. I was surprised actually at how much it happened. So I would like to state my goals. I don't really believe in resolutions, but I'm going to put it out there and just say like, these are the things that I would I would like to work on. Yeah. I want to continue doing more podcasting stuff. Obviously, I fully intend to keep going with Character Creation Cast. We're going into year.


Ryan Boelter  2:24  

Three. No, it's been hard. Your four starts in April. Yeah, it's


Amelia Antrim  2:30  

my child. And I don't know how old it is.


Ryan Boelter  2:33  

Just today was the three year anniversary of the idea sprouting into a solid idea. And games. And so that is


Unknown Speaker  2:44  

three years, then. Yeah, it's


Ryan Boelter  2:45  

been three years. Exactly. So okay, so we are currently in year four of when we started planning this.


Unknown Speaker  2:52  



Amelia Antrim  2:53  

we've come so far, so fast. So obviously, I fully plan to keep going with that. I want to keep working on other podcasts projects, too. For almost all of 2020 we didn't release any of garbage of the five rings. Because we had to take a break force, some, you know, health sanity reasons of our hosts. We're finally at a point where we're starting to talk about how we can bring that back in a way that is sustainable for both of us. Yeah. So I'm really looking forward to getting back to work on that a little bit. I'm also very excited about a new show that I've been kind of quietly working on with Allie Grauer of Welcome to aborda and careers call. And she and I are working on a podcast about the American Girl books and dolls. We don't have an exact start date yet. We were kind of hoping to get there at the beginning of this year. But then holiday shipping made getting the books back and forth really difficult. But you can look forward to book doll podcast sometime in 2021. And I'm very, very excited about it. Yeah, as a non gaming thing to should be fun. I want to keep working on some more game design stuff, we got to do a little bit over the course of last year. It's kind of a slow and steady slog. And, honestly, I've come to the realization that even if that game never sees a table, it's been a really good mental exercise for me that I've enjoyed doing and a project that I've enjoyed doing with a friend and I think that that's totally worth it. Yeah. And I'm trying to like recognize that more that like just because I don't end with a finished product in my hands that somebody else sees Does it mean that that work? Didn't happen or wasn't worthwhile?


Ryan Boelter  4:41  



Amelia Antrim  4:42  

um, but definitely still want to keep working toward that. And then last year, the biggest thing for me was to be well, my mental health had been really bad the whole year before. I spent most of last year significantly struggling with it. It was last year was the worst worst year by far for me. However, in the last month or so, I have started a new medication and really turned a corner. Yeah, I am feeling the best I have felt in probably almost a decade. And I'm really hoping that I can keep going forward with that, like, anything else that happens in this year would be a cherry on top to like, feeling like a sane, competent, healthy human.


Ryan Boelter  5:24  



Unknown Speaker  5:25  

What about you, Ryan?


Ryan Boelter  5:27  

Ah, yeah, for me. Yeah, last year definitely didn't go as planned. Just like for everybody. But for 2021 I think one of the biggest things that I want to do in 2021 is do more streaming. Because I'm finding it to be very fun to do


Amelia Antrim  5:46  

you seem to really be enjoying it.


Ryan Boelter  5:48  

Yeah, it's it's it's like not only the the in the moment stream stuff, but like the behind the scenes stuff, like making the OBS dashboards and the all the overlays and changing things up. And like if you tune in this Friday, you'll see the the overlay has completely changed because we're in the horror portion. So everything got darker and like all the the cool vines that we have around everybody's videos have wilted and turn blood red. It's pretty sweet. Yeah, so it's, it's cool what you can do with a little bit of photoshopping and whatnot. So I'm really excited for that. I want to do some more streaming, I want to do some, like maybe some sound design streams. Maybe some more just one shots with people. Maybe some more camera play testing as well. So we'll see. I know for a tale of SoCal. Ah, everyone that's currently playing right now had signed up for 10 plus sessions, and we're going into session five, this coming Friday, I believe it is. So so we'll see where that goes. I'm not sure how long the campaign will last we're gonna go until the story is done. Or until people say, all right, I got too busy.


Unknown Speaker  7:09  



Ryan Boelter  7:11  

But the the group of players that I have are fantastic. So I'm really excited to see where everything ends up. Another thing that I'm really looking forward to is releasing more micro RPGs. So another game design thing, but I have one waiting in the wings right now, I wrote a game for be Zelda from the broadswords for Christmas. about bees, you play bees that are also magical girls on vacation. So and, and you you do bee things. But you're sentient Magical Girl bees. So it's just kind of a fun little thing that you can you can roll up your characters in five minutes or so, and play a two hour session and tell a fun, you know, magical girl and B centric story, which is fun. So I look forward to that. But then I have I created a dice system for it that I haven't seen anywhere else that I'm going to be applying to different games as well. So it'll be all under like this, this umbrella that I'm calling was it powered by the hive. So it's PB t H, which I thought was fun. But yeah, it's it should be a lot of fun. So keep an eye out for that. And I hope I can get to them because I've been quite busy with all sorts of other things and do your stuff at work has been extraordinarily busy. So I'm hoping that might, you know, died down a little bit so I can have a little bit of breathing room. Yeah. Other things. I want to see friends in person again.


Unknown Speaker  9:04  



Ryan Boelter  9:05  

that's that's huge.


Amelia Antrim  9:07  

Yeah. Yeah. Like, I'll never see them like twice a year. Like I just, it was hard.


Ryan Boelter  9:15  

It was very hard. And like we we went over to my my best friend's house, we didn't go inside beauty just stood outside his door masked up, talked for a little bit. And it was always to like, here's some presence or here's some music or whatever. And I miss hanging out. I miss hanging out and doing fun stuff and, and everything. You know, Gen Con might be a bust. This year. It's like right at that time period that could be potentially maybe safe. But the amount of people that that normally attend might make it not so but Almost certainly maybe by November Cata con would be a much safer bet for people to get together this year. And goodness, I really hope that can happen for a lot of people. Yeah. Let's see what else. Oh, and the last thing, last goal I have is getting better at sound design. I my skills have like grown almost exponentially within the last few months alone. The hora Borealis crew has been keeping me on my toes with their new adapt adaptation of Stephen King's it with their losers, a love story. And it's been pushing my my skills to the next level basically. Yeah. Like the the amount of like, really intense stuff I get to do in that show is, is really like, just mind boggling. So I'm really excited to see where I can go for this year and see where I'm going to be at the end of the year.


Amelia Antrim  11:07  

I think the thing that I didn't say in mind, too, is that like, I want to play more games. I went and looked back at what I've played this year. Oh, yeah. And it's been like nothing hardly ever like i've i've I finally, like I'm playing in a campaign with Yes. So I'm very excited about that. Because for years, I was only doing one shots. And I prefer campaigns. That's just my preferred play style. Yeah. But the new games that I try generally are at conventions and having not gone to conventions. I didn't do a lot of that. So I think when I looked back at it, oh, five r might have been the only game I've played in 2020. Yeah. Which would be a bummer. So hopefully try it try some new games. I think actually next week, or this week, What day? Is it? A couple days? Actually. I think we're gonna try and play. Anyone can wear the mask, actually. Oh, gosh. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  12:01  

But I think after the series is done releasing my friend in town, he listens every week when we release, which just kind of warms my heart a bit. Yeah. But I know he's gonna listen to this one. And I want to play it after he listens. Because I think that'll that'll get us the most, you know, the most out of it. Yeah. So I'm really excited to play that as well.


Amelia Antrim  12:30  

Okay, well, before we, you know, use too much of people's time. interested in listening to this episode. Last thing, we wanted to remind everybody that we are in need of more reviews. We have one for this week and one for next week. After that. We have nothing, just for this week, I think, Oh, I thought this was it. We have one more. You said we have one more after this episode. This I see we're reading it after the episode. Yeah, I see. So just this one, then we're done. Yeah. Thanks. So please, if you hear this, if you've made it this far, and you're still with us, and you haven't turned off the view, even if that review is like maybe talk less?


Ryan Boelter  13:14  

Yeah, just pick up us five stars and we'll take whatever advice you have to hurt.


Amelia Antrim  13:19  

Yeah, if you here's the thing, if you rate us five stars and then are like they talk too much, we'll still read that just needs to have five star. You can say whatever you want, as long as you leave five star.


Ryan Boelter  13:32  

And it's and it's work appropriate.


Amelia Antrim  13:34  

Okay, right. Yeah. And it's no language. Um, so if you'd like what you hear this series, whether you are new or have been here since the start, please go ahead and leave us a review. We would love to read it.


Ryan Boelter  13:48  

Absolutely. For now. Thank you for sticking with us in this long cold opening. Let's get excited for the start of one of my favorite series to date. And get to the episode with Jeff Stormer.


Amelia Antrim  14:04  

It's a great one enjoy.


Ryan Boelter  14:39  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast a show where we discuss and create characters The best part of role playing games with guests using their favorite systems. I'm one of your hosts Ryan and this episode my co host Amelia and I are excited to welcome back Jeff Stormer, designer of the game we are covering today. Anyone can wear the mask A storytelling game about a hero, a villain and their city.


Amelia Antrim  15:05  

Jeff, welcome to create Character Creation Cast again, we're really excited to have you back.


Jeff Stormer  15:10  

Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here. This is gonna be a lot of fun.


Amelia Antrim  15:15  

It's been honestly, a while since you were on character evolution cast with us. So let's start by reintroducing you to everybody. Can you tell us about yourself the projects you're involved in, aside from this one where people can find you?


Jeff Stormer  15:29  

Yeah, of course. My name is Jeff swarmer. I am a podcaster game designer and the unofficial official LARP designer of the Olive Garden restaurant. I am the host of party of one which is an actual play podcast focused on two player role playing experiences. I am a co host of all my fantasy children, which is a character creation, storytelling and world building podcast on the one shot network. I am also the host of talking nog, which is the world's foremost authority on eggnog and eggnog related issues. And also,


Amelia Antrim  15:58  

for that one, well, actually, by the time this comes out, I suppose it will be past time for that.


Jeff Stormer  16:03  

Yeah, you will have you'll be able to hear talking nog to K 20 on the talking dog podcast feed. Which you can slash talking dogs since I think I have to transfer hosting services because I think I'm out of SoundCloud space. Oh, and I actively refuse to pay any money for talking dog because why? Because that is against the spirit of what I am doing here. And also, I am a game designer, including the game that we're playing today. Anyone can wear the mask? Awesome.


Ryan Boelter  16:34  

Well, let's go ahead and get into this. And we're going to start by discussing what this game is all about. What's in a game? Right? So what sort of setting are we talking about? For anyone can wear the mask. But this What is this game about? In a nutshell,


Jeff Stormer  16:51  

this is a game about superheroes, it is a game about a superhero supervillain in the city that they share. It is a game about superhero narratives in the vein of Superman, or Spider Man or Batman that are very specifically tied around here is a hero. And here is the city that they protect and the people in this city that look up to them and the sort of relationship that we that they have. And the kind of relationship that the hero and villain have against one another. And it's it's really, it is more than anything, it is like the game The setting is my love letter to Superman, because it is about a hero that always saves the day. And what happens when they can't save everyone along the way. And that sort of experience of coming back stronger because you're you're overcoming the failures that you've had along the way. That's awesome.


Amelia Antrim  17:46  

I'm really excited about this. I've been like kind of watching as you've been working on this for a while, hasn't it been like it's been? I don't know, like,


Jeff Stormer  17:56  

eight months, I think I think I started it in like I started I think maybe over either over the summer or in the spring. I started in quarantine, like, this has been a quarantine project. And now like, so it's been somewhere between like six and eight months of like, this has been the thing that I've been working on.


Amelia Antrim  18:14  

Yeah, I've been just like watching your tweets and stuff about it as like, like, oh, here's an idea. Like, oh, I figured this part out. It's always fun to watch people like, kind of do those things out loud. I get really excited as I follow along with things like that I like coming together,


Jeff Stormer  18:29  

I get I get the same way. Which is why honestly, the reason that I really started doing it because like, I enjoy seeing it when other people share it. And also, I've heard people talk about, I've heard new designers talk about like, it is a helpful thing to hear people go through the process, especially people who have been through it before. And like because it shows that a like it's a process and you get to like watch what people work on and the ways that they work on things. And also it shows that like, it can be easy for a new designer, to to see projects and to feel like they appear, you know, fully formed into the world as if they had been handed to us from on high. And it is a very like encouraging thing for someone who is new or who is figuring out if this is something that they want to pursue to see that Oh, yeah, we all just like mess on it. We all like mess with ideas and, you know, bang on concepts. And sometimes we drop projects. And sometimes we swing over our weight class and like it's a it's a it's a it's a process to see that happen. And I think it's important to kind of open that door and show people the how the sausage is made because it's going to lead to more people making sausage.


Ryan Boelter  19:45  

Oh, yeah,


Amelia Antrim  19:46  

I know from my own experience of like trying to kind of make a game. It's like, my design partner and I will sit down and we will talk and talk and talk and talk for two hours. And then we'll be like Wait, do we have up exactly where we started. And it's like, Yes, we did. We just like we went in circles. And it's like, we could do this. So we could do this or like, oh, what if we did that? Wait, no, that's the thing that we were originally gonna do anyway. And then feeling sort of, like, bummed about it, like, Did am I even getting anything done. And so it's been really nice to watch you do that we watched the descendant of midnight team do that. I watched Alex Roberts do that when she was working on starcrossed kind of just, you know, have those like conversations out loud has been really helpful to know that it's like, somebody didn't just wake up and like, have this shower thought in the morning of like, a brilliant, fully designed game. Right, mentally, I know that, but being able to see that has been really, really helpful. That's,


Jeff Stormer  20:46  

that's exactly it, it's, it's really powerful to see that. So often the things we work on, like there's, there's, there's sweat, and there's tears put into them and seeing that, like, I think it makes it more valuable for me like it, like it makes it, it makes it so that when I see the thing, and it's available, and it's a done thing that I can go, wow, this is something that I know this person like sweated on. And like, it's something that they've put a lot of themselves into. And, you know, that adds, that adds its own kind of value to a project.


Amelia Antrim  21:16  

Well, I think from like a marketing standpoint to that, like, by the time that thing comes out, I'm so excited for it. Because I've seen how it's, you know, like the thought that's been put into it. And like I have been watching this like, cool piece here and there. And then like, I was like, oh, now all of these things have come together. And now I have to have it. Back to the actual questions on the outline. What kind of things do we need to play this game.


Jeff Stormer  21:43  

So the things that we need to play this game, there are three player roles in this game. And each of those roles interacts with a different component of the game. So the person playing our villain is going to need a handful of six sided dice, probably unlikely, no more than like three to five, but I won't, I won't tell you how many dice to bring to a game session of the player playing our city. And we'll explain what all three of these terms mean. Once we kind of get into things, the play you're playing, the city is going to need a deck of playing cards. And the the player the player taking on the role of the hero is going to need a journal or some writing implements or things that they can draw on and write with. This can be a notepad program, this can be a journal, they need some things, some documentation tools. And because we're doing this on a podcast, the podcast sort of becomes our documentation tool. But true, when you're playing it, like off mic, like with a table of people, like the player taking on the role of the hero will have like a journal or some pens and paper in front of them to kind of like be mapping things out.


Ryan Boelter  22:51  

Mm hmm. And I think it's worth noting that this is a one to three player game as well.


Jeff Stormer  22:56  

Oh, yeah, you can the game is light enough that you could play all three of these roles yourself. And just you know, each of the each of them didn't just do all the all of the things at the same time. And we've also worked out how to do it with two players because I it's my brand and I have to stick to that brand.


Amelia Antrim  23:11  

You can't make a two player game. I don't know who can.


Jeff Stormer  23:16  

Well, you know, you say that. But I also made mission accomplished, which is you cannot play with less than four players. So that was I sat down I was like, Alright, what's the two player version of this game? Well, that doesn't work at all. And that's


Amelia Antrim  23:32  

a special double episode of the podcast where we have four people.


Jeff Stormer  23:36  

Yeah, that's exactly what we ended up doing was I released an episode I was like, This isn't our normal format, y'all. I don't know what to tell you. We couldn't do it. People keep asking me people keep asking me in interviews. What's a game that you would love to play with two players that simply can't be done and every time I have to hang my head and be


Unknown Speaker  23:54  

like my own game it's


Jeff Stormer  23:55  

the one that I wrote that I made


Amelia Antrim  23:58  

you say you know what, I just really wanted like a change of pace. So I decided to write one plays that way. It was a it was a challenge for myself. Yeah, you really spin it around just


Ryan Boelter  24:10  

just just take I think the Whose Line is it Anyway, approach and get a whole bunch of like, things that happened from the audience. And then now now you can just play it to players. See,


Jeff Stormer  24:23  

I don't want to go down an entire rabbit hole, but I I can singularly debunk that but I don't think it's on the topic of this episode. We don't need an entire other half hour segment where I dig into the gears of my own frustrations at not being able to play mission accomplished with up


Amelia Antrim  24:43  

we can do a separate mission accomplished episode sometimes. I'm down with.


Jeff Stormer  24:48  

It's also a game that I think would be fun for Character Creation Cast. Absolutely not here nor there.


Ryan Boelter  24:53  

It is fantastic. All right. What kind of stories and themes is this game anyone can Where the mask meant to explore.


Jeff Stormer  25:02  

So we kind of already mentioned, I mentioned the the kind of stuff about being a hero and saving the day. And the idea that and so what I want to emphasize here is like kind of the, what I would describe as the fundamental truth of the game. Because there's one fundamental like facts about the game, which is sort of unshakable. And wherever you set the game, whatever characters you make for the game, this is the thing that is always true. The hero will succeed at the end of every issue, it's never a question of, will the hero save the day or not? Because the answer is always Yes. That was a design decision we carried over from the game, the game is based on beyond the rift by deep Anyway, we'll talk more about that in a little bit. But that is a fundamental truth of the game. Because to me like it, the reason that I had that that is so important to the game is because the game is not about that aspect of it. Because a lot of ways like I said, this is my Superman game. And yeah, this is this is a game where, yeah, we know the hero's gonna win. That's not where the drama comes from the drama comes from, can the hero save everyone? And how do they How do they continue being a hero? When the answer to that question is no. So it's, it is you're always it is going to be the the themes of the game are, you're always you're going to have a hero that always wins, but maybe can't save everyone things will go wrong along the way. They're eventually going to fight a villain, the one person stronger than them. And we're going to see what happens when that unflappable hero fights the one thing that they can't save the day against. And we're gonna, and we're gonna see, we're gonna get the catharsis of that hero is going to come back stronger and save the day and, you know, make right what they couldn't make right before. Okay, and then the other key part, the other key theme, is the relationship between like a city and the hero that it looks up to, we're going to create a place that values this hero, and we're going to create a group of people that want this hero to succeed. And it's about you know, supporting the people in in one's life that you want to. To it's, it's, it's about creating a relationship of mutual support, it's a game of mutual aid, I guess is how I would describe it, because it's a game about, we support you when you need it, and you support us when we need it. And it is a game about protecting one another, often with a subtext of because people in power might not always protect us. Hmm.


Amelia Antrim  27:32  

One of the questions we always ask is, what do characters do in this game? And I think in most superhero games, like in masks or something like that, it's pretty clear like you're, you're fighting evil, you're being a superhero, you're, you know, but this is, I feel like a little bit more complicated, because, like, I mean, if you are the city, like, what are you actively doing in this game? You know, like, yeah, if you're the villain, how are you interacting also with the city? Like, how do those three pieces come


Jeff Stormer  28:03  

together? Got it. Got it. Got it. That that is? Thank you. That is a great question. Because I think like we were kind of, I could talk about what they all kind of do thematically, but I think this is a great kind of opportunity to talk about it on a mechanical level, because I think there's some interesting things that kind of also expand out to the themes that we were just talking about. Um, so the three things that each player does is we'll start with the hero, what the hero does is in capital letters, save the day. The actually, you actually even more so than that, I think that is the important thing to lead with. Because like what characters do in this game is create scenarios for the superhero to save the day. But um, we'll kind of walk through an average like turn or round or like play cycle of the game because I think you'll you'll we can kind of elaborate from it from there. So we start with the city. Each turn starts with the city flipping a playing card with the standard 52 deck of cards, you can cut it to certain numbers if you want the game to run a certain number of time but the city flips the playing card based on the first thing that happens is based on the suit of that playing card, the city plays their role and introduces a part of the city and some people in that city the city tends to be broken up into sort of four districts neighborhoods boroughs however you want to define it but they they introduce a place and people who live in that place so turn by turn you you quite literally flesh out like this the the city and the people inside of it. Then play moves over to the villain who looks at the number that is on that card and says okay, here's how these people are in danger here is the the threat that has befallen these characters you know, you you know the city creates our neighborhood diner and the the people that live in it, the villain says and now there's a supervillain robbing this diner. Hmm, the villain then rolls a six sided dice or multiple six sided dice and picks the highest result. And, and, and in that result tells the hero what happens as they save the day. Either they save the day, they save the day and become like an icon to the city, right? They have a big hero moment, they cause damage or get hurt, or they or someone dies or is lost or turns evil or however you kind of wanted to find you lose someone. Hmm. But the idea is like, the villain rolls the dice and prompts the hero to say, how does that what does this look like? What is your hero moment, under the context of you are either going to get hurt or something in the city is going to be profoundly damaged.


Unknown Speaker  30:44  

Mm hmm.


Jeff Stormer  30:45  

And then, like I said, then the hero saves the day, the hero you know, has their kind of journal and they can kind of write down the names of the people that they save, they draw out their little section of the city they start building out their kind of map of what the city looks like to them. And they describe Okay, I save the day by doing this this and this I have this power that I will use in this context and this is how I save the day and here's what gets broken along the way. And so that is sort of the chord turn there are a few exceptions to that which are like face cards changed the game a little bit because they introduce other prominent non player or non Player Character they introduce other prominent named characters Hmm So like if you flip a queen that is someone that is connected to the heroes life behind the mask so there's the turn order changes when you flip a face card okay? But like that that is sort of the general flow of the game is the city introduces a place the villain threatens that place and the hero saves the day hmm and then there are two jokers The Joker when you flip that is when we get to watch their the the big villain emerge and the Nemesis sort of defeat the hero and the low point of the of the emotional journey. That's when Darkside shows up and blows up Metropolis and Superman's not quite strong enough to stop him. And then when we flip the second Joker, that's when we have our uprising and the hero comes back stronger and saves the day so it is a game that has that very specific superhero narrative baked into the gameplay mechanics.


Ryan Boelter  32:26  

Yeah, no kidding.


Jeff Stormer  32:29  

I love superheroes is the thing. I love them so much.


Amelia Antrim  32:33  

It sounds like you don't know anything about


Jeff Stormer  32:37  

that you know what like, this is this is a moment that I get to drop my favorite fact about myself. I went to school for this. Yeah, this is this is my this is my 10 years later college thesis. No, hold on, come back to that what I so I have an English degree. But my English degree like concentration is literally in comic books. And most of that study was around like superheroes. I went to Ohio State where I went to school has what is I believe it's either the only or it's the first comic book research library in the world. Wow. So like it and it opened when I started going there. Like my first year was like the year that they had kind of opened it to the student body. So this was what I did, like, within my English degree, like I major in comic books and superheroes. And so


Amelia Antrim  33:27  

I love the like nice things that like people can focus on in college. Like you're like, this is the like little area that I know so much about, like, I don't know, that always fascinates me.


Jeff Stormer  33:40  

It fills me It fills me with joy. The times when I get to like, like pull out this Ace card in my back pocket. It's my favorite thing. And this game really is like a summation of the kind of superhero tropes and lore and sort of like folklore, iconography and themes that like really speak to me. It's why I keep coming back to superheroes and more specifically it is It's why I keep coming back to Superman specifically, this game is my this game is my rebuttal to the argument that Superman is boring because he's too powerful and he's always going to win. This game is my answer to that question.


Ryan Boelter  34:18  

Yeah, that's incredible.


Amelia Antrim  34:20  

Yeah, you're like I will put those student loans to use and


Ryan Boelter  34:28  

oh my goodness,


Jeff Stormer  34:29  

do not add Do not tell me that Superman is boring. I will make a game to disprove that to you.


Amelia Antrim  34:36  

That's the ultimate flex really is like let me just make an entire product to prove you wrong.


Jeff Stormer  34:42  

Yep. Six months ago, someone said that to me and I cracked my knuckles and I was like, Well, alright.


Ryan Boelter  34:49  

Hmm. Well, there there is a lot that I've been hearing so far. that points to a unique things about anyone can wear the mask. What would you say is one of the more unique things?


Jeff Stormer  35:03  

I think to me, I really think it's going back to that fundamental truth of the game. I think the idea that the hero always wins, like, makes it stand out among a lot of other superhero games. Hmm, a lot of other games. I mean, and and, and there's kind of a reason for this, because, you know, every superhero game is chasing after a very different kind of drama, and a lot of them are chasing after different superhero stories. Yeah, masks, has character, like, opens it up that you can fail, because it's a story about, you know, self discovery and finding out who you are in the world. And failure is part of that, right, like, games, like there are games that I could reference other games here, but their games I don't like and I don't want to be mean. But like they're getting like I'm trying to think of another superhero game like masks is masks to me.


Ryan Boelter  36:05  

We want to assign


Jeff Stormer  36:06  

heroes unlimited try like includes a ton of like failure conditions, because it is a game written before people realize that you didn't have to include that.


Amelia Antrim  36:17  

There's a lot. That doesn't need to be. That's correct.


Jeff Stormer  36:23  

But like a lot of the thing that I wanted was the reference point that I have is there is a webcomic that came out when I was in college, I'm dating myself here, comic called Dr. MC ninja by Chris Hastings. It includes a single issue a single page strip, from a character called the big man. And he was a Batman riff. And it's a single page comic. And it's, it's one that I think about a lot in current in terms of superhero context. It is some guys break into a bank and start to rob it. The man jumps down from the ceiling and like jumps down from the sky lamp, and there's the big cool shot of him falling and his cape is flapping, and the guards are shooting or the robbers are shooting their gun. And the last panel is just a dead body flopping on the floor. And that's it. That's the strip. And like, I I think about that so often. And I think that is, in a lot of ways the thing that I didn't want in this game. And it's because like, that's not, that's not a superhero story, right? Like, that's not a story we know, like, and having it be a Batman motif is very appropriate. And in a lot of ways, this game is also my answer to the, to the to the comment. Well, Batman is much more interesting than Superman, because we honestly don't know if he's going to survive when he fights his enemies. And I'm like, really, we, we don't know that. You you pick up a Batman comic and you go, Well, you might die. I might, this might be the Oh, this might be it, he might just die here. Like, we know the superhero is gonna win because we're reading a superhero book with a superheroes name and big block letters on the cover.


Ryan Boelter  38:06  

And if they do die, they come back.


Jeff Stormer  38:08  

And that's a big and it's a big deal, right? Like it says on the cover. This guy's gonna die today, right? Like, The Death of Superman is written in giant, giant letters. On the on the cover, it says The Death of Superman. We know that's gonna happen. And like, that is something that like I just wasn't, it's it's I wanted to make a game where that wasn't an option. Because it's not true to what a superhero comic is. And that, to me is what makes the game really unique is it is a game that kind of says, you're gonna win because you're a freaking superhero. And superheroes win, like you are someone that is going to save the day. There's drama that will come from that. But you're but we but we're not worried about you finding a way to stop this bank robbery because you're gonna stop this bank robbery? That's not the question.


Ryan Boelter  39:02  



Amelia Antrim  39:03  

We usually talk about the history of the game, I want to talk a little bit about the fact that it's a hack of beyond the Rift, or at least that it kind of started that way. I don't really know anything about that game. So can you talk a little bit about what it is and how this should be from that?


Jeff Stormer  39:21  

Absolutely. So this is a pretty this is a pretty direct hack of the game beyond the Rift, which is a game that I genuinely love, and I really can't recommend that you that you pick up if you've not read it or played it. Like I think it's a beautiful, wonderful game. It is a game that sort of is designed to create stories along the line of Metroidvania or more specifically, like hollow Knight style, forming sidescrolling games. A lot of the a lot of the mechanics for this come directly from beyond the Rift. And sort of the history of it is that I played that game with the designer deep anyway, like I played it with D. on party of one. Like, they brought the game. They were like, I think this would be an awesome fit for the show. And I was like, hell yeah, let's play it. And they like we sat down together and played it and the holes and a I was captivated. Like, it's one of my favorite parts of one episodes. And B, I remember playing it and B and in the back of my mind, I'm playing through it. And I'm like, this is a superhero game. This is a superhero game, like, like, I remember like thinking through the mechanics feeling like, Oh, this might be a superhero game. Oh, there's a superhero game like any here, I need to make this into a superhero game. And as soon as we ended the recording, like we hopped off, like we hit stop on Audacity. And I looked at Dee and I was like, can I make this into a superhero game? And they weren't they, they their exact response was, please make this into a superhero. So here we are, like, it is a beautiful, like a beautiful, beautiful game. And it's so interestingly done, and it in the way that like, that idea that the hero always succeeds, is also present in beyond the Rift. But it takes a very different context, where instead of being like you are what you are going to succeed what it is, and something might go wrong. What it is, is you roll a six sided dice, and it said, and this dice tells you not whether or not you succeed, but how much you have to fail before you find the opportunity to succeed because it is sort of a fantastical context where like you, if you die, you kind of reappear back where you were like, you'll reincarnate, or you'll kind of start over again, or you'll have an opportunity to overcome that obstacle again. And interesting in the way that and it's designed. It's designed that way, because it specifically is invoking playing a game like Metroid, yeah, where you come up to an obstacle, you try one way you die. Yeah, you come back to that same stage, you die. Yeah. And you have to figure out, Okay, this enemy is going to shoot every two seconds, they're gonna shoot a laser beam over my head, if I jump, they're gonna shoot me with that laser beam, and I'm gonna die. So I have to go down low roll, get close to them, drop a mind on them and roll back. Because if I don't roll back, the mind is going to explode and get me with it. So it's, it's a game that is designed to tend to create the tabletop equivalent of that story where you're playing a Metroidvania game. And you're slowly like figuring out the rhythms of the monsters and figuring out the obstacles and the pits that you have to jump over. And the the mapping aspect is the exact same thing. It's what is the the coolest part of playing a Metroid game, it's watching that level, that level map slowly fill in. And whenever you find that new room, it appears somewhere else on the map. And you're like, I have to go back that way to like, get to this other room. And there's cards that interact with each other to create that experience of now I've got a double jump, and I can get to this level I couldn't get to before Oh, wow. I really love beyond the Rift and like,


Amelia Antrim  43:07  

I was so smart with their game design. Like I mean, I know we just talked about that whole process of like, seeing people try and fail and try something new, you know, but like, it still blows my mind sometimes like the experiences that we can simulate in tabletop. It's like mind blowing wave people's brains work to just be like hmm, what if I tried to do this whole other thing? Like, oh, now we use cards like now we use a Jenga tower now I can simulate this experience yet like it just it's it's mind blowing. It's just absolutely mind blowing.


Jeff Stormer  43:42  

It is the most it is the most beautiful like I every time I every time I run into something like this it is the most beautiful thing in the world to me because like every single time I can look at it and go this is something that this person knows so well that they literally just took like completely like sideways mechanics and were like this and and they find a way to completely like when I play beyond the rift like you know like Dee really likes hollow and I like I've talked to him about it. They've talked to me about it they've tweeted about it like they know hollow night like the back of their hands and so much of this game is creating a hollow night game and reading through it you're like yeah, they get it like every single one of these this is a moment where they're like this is hollow night like this is what's going to happen at this point in the story and I've got it worked out


Amelia Antrim  44:30  

that goes back to that whole like people just having their thing that they're specialized in of like this is my like tiny little window but I know everything about that and I just love that like it makes me so happy.


Jeff Stormer  44:42  

In that window I'm going to create the most beautiful representation of this thing. And sure enough like D brought me D brought onto my show their their hollow night game and I sat back and I was like, super What about Superman though? And it turns out to have created another beautiful game from the same set of mechanics and so oh my goodness like honestly like once you have played and read anyone can wear the mask and you've you've bought it at Jeff's slash mask go also buy beyond the rift buy deep anyway cuz like, it's so beautifully written and like the design on it is it is a gorgeous looking game. It is designed as a browser app it is. It's beautiful. And I love it. And I just want to talk about beyond the Rift.


Ryan Boelter  45:32  

Oh my goodness. You absolutely tickled the the nostalgia portion of my brain that has the the original Metroid for the NES map seared into it. From the multiple play sessions.


Jeff Stormer  45:48  

Oh, yeah. And like and and really specifically, Ryan, I want you right now to think about, like, think about that moment when you're playing it. And you get the double jump for the first time. Yeah. And suddenly, there's that one part of the map that's on the far side of the screen. And you're like, Oh, I can jump there now. Yeah, but you see that that that that tiny little like crevice and you're like, I can jump I you you spent like an hour jumping? And you're like, maybe if I climb up here, I can't quite land it. Maybe if I maybe if I do a running jump. I can't quite get there. And then you get that double jump and you go


Ryan Boelter  46:25  

Yeah, oh, I


Jeff Stormer  46:26  

can double jump that


Ryan Boelter  46:27  

it's so much easier than the the landmine trick where you go and yeah, Mountain Time, your mind just perfect. So you keep going higher and higher and higher.


Jeff Stormer  46:37  

And if you miss it, and you're like, oh, oh, this is


Ryan Boelter  46:40  

his house. This is how it's supposed to be.


Jeff Stormer  46:44  

It captures that feeling. And it captures it captures also that kind of like a beautiful bittersweet frustration of like, I'm here. Now I have the double jump. It took me 47 tries. I'm tired. I'm sorry. But I have it now. And like, this has been my beyond this has been my TED talk on why I love the game, the author if I didn't anyway, please go by?


Ryan Boelter  47:13  

Absolutely. Um, so at this point in the episode, we normally cover basic terms and concepts that we need to know before we start creating characters, but we've kind of already gone over the three roles, the hero, the city and the villain. Is there any other sort of terms or concepts that we'll need to know before we dive into this?


Jeff Stormer  47:36  

I'm not really um, there were if there there might there would be a few terms that would come up in play, but nothing that's going to come up in our character creation process.


Ryan Boelter  47:45  

Okay, wonderful. So shall we go ahead and make some people in the city? Do it?


Unknown Speaker  47:53  

I'm all about it. All right. All right.


Unknown Speaker  47:55  

Make some people let's make some people want a place. Let's make a place.


Amelia Antrim  48:00  

Yeah, in the interest of being fair. I did crab, playing cards and dice. And I do have my iPad here. So I can do things. All right.


Jeff Stormer  48:14  

So the first thing that we need to decide is who is going to be playing which role we've got our hero or villain our city, we have an idea of what each role constitutes I know Ryan, you had a specific preference?


Amelia Antrim  48:28  

Well, I and I will, I will be kind if you would like to be the villain.


Ryan Boelter  48:34  

So I was thinking I wanted to go against type A for the episode because I did two two series in a row where I was a magical girl. And I would be very tempted to make another one if I was the hero. However, I'm going against type would make me a villain. But I am absolutely open to any other roles at this point, because I've got a interesting thought in mind if I were the hero as well. That is not a magical,


Amelia Antrim  49:07  

okay, I was gonna say that was where I was gonna draw the line three in a row is too much.


Ryan Boelter  49:11  

I know it's fine. Too much. No, it's fine. It's,


Unknown Speaker  49:13  



Jeff Stormer  49:16  

Emilia, do you have a preference between the hero in the city


Ryan Boelter  49:20  

or the villain? I mean, I'm, I'm keeping that on the table for it's on the table.


Amelia Antrim  49:24  

But I think that like if you're gonna, if you're gonna be the bigger person and not be a magical girl, I will be the bigger person and not play the villain. I think I might want to be the hero. Okay,


Jeff Stormer  49:37  

I love I love playing the city. Making ordinary places is one of my favorite things in the world to do wonderful.


Ryan Boelter  49:44  

So I will be the villain then.


Jeff Stormer  49:45  

Alright, so the first thing that we're gonna do, I know we traditionally sort of go through a round robin style, but I think the way the best sort of represent that with the game that we have is an A Interesting thing about the game going back to the question of what makes this game unique from a character creation standpoint is, you don't do it all at once, like character creation and the world building of it is very specifically kind of parceled out through each of the different like moments in play. There's moments that every kind of step of the way that we ask key questions that really tell us who our characters are. So I think the best thing to do is going to be like, each of us do one of those phases. And then that'll kind of walk us through the game. This is going to be technically the world's fastest actual play. If anyone can wear the mask is what's about to unfold.


Amelia Antrim  50:35  

I'm pretty excited because we only ever get to make characters. And I think that this is going to be like the closest we've come to actually playing a game on our show. So I'm pretty


Ryan Boelter  50:46  

excited for almost, yeah, we almost played one last job I think it was, or something like that on our mini mini episodes. Yeah. Series 19. But we fudged so much and we didn't actually play it. Yeah, that's fair, just pretended to play it.


Jeff Stormer  51:03  

We'll do we'll do about the same here. So we'll start by answering a few questions to give us an idea of who our hero is. Oh, boy. Because how part of how the game works is we can't really know the other pieces of the puzzle until we kind of know who our hero is. So the first question, so I've got a few questions to ask our hero. The first question is, how powerful are you? We've got some options. You can you can create your own answer. But some example options are like a street level vigilante, a friendly neighborhood hero, a lost Spider Man or maybe Daredevil, someone gifted with great power, which is sort of more of like a flash or a Green Lantern or an Iron Man or someone who is a living God, which is your Superman's and your Thor's and your, your you're quite literal gods.


Unknown Speaker  51:54  



Amelia Antrim  51:56  

Hmm. This kind of sets the tone for the whole thing.


Jeff Stormer  52:01  

It gives us an idea of like, what threats we're gonna throw at you what sorts of places you're gonna visit the, the size of everything, it sets a lot of like the tone of the game.


Amelia Antrim  52:11  

Yeah. I don't know, Ryan, what do you think? kind of level? Do you want to play up?


Ryan Boelter  52:17  

I don't think I want to go on the extreme ends. Mm hmm. I don't want to go like, basic vigilante or like, super God, type individual. So somewhere in the middle,


Amelia Antrim  52:30  

lower than God,


Ryan Boelter  52:32  

I think. Yeah. gifted with great power. Sounds really, really interesting. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  52:35  

Or in the case of Iron Man. Great money.


Jeff Stormer  52:39  

Yeah, yeah. Right. Sometimes that is exactly what that means. Exactly. Um, the next question, and kind of I'll talk about I'll peel back the curtain a little bit and talk about like, what this is setting up is where do your powers come from? Are they science, magic technology, ancestry? Who even knows or powers? What powers? This kind of sets up the if the first question is kind of setting up the tone of the game, this is kind of coloring in the the sort of the palette a little bit like, you know, if we know your characters and magic is a magic user, we're going to we're going to know to include magical locations. If we, if your character is a tech character, we're going to have techie things like the first one. The first one sets scale. This kind of sets the like the color and the tone of the game.


Amelia Antrim  53:29  



Ryan Boelter  53:31  

blood magic. You use good blood.


Amelia Antrim  53:39  

Good blood. Yes. Wait. Good blood.


Ryan Boelter  53:45  



Unknown Speaker  53:45  

I don't.


Amelia Antrim  53:46  

I feel like I like magic.


Jeff Stormer  53:49  

Magic works. Magic is cool. I'm


Amelia Antrim  53:52  

not a magical girl, though.


Jeff Stormer  53:54  

No, doesn't have to be. And which which segues nicely into our next question of like, what exactly do you do? What are what are and this is this is one of those things that will color in more specifically in play when we get to our later segments, but it's helpful to have kind of a picture of like, the the sort of, like paint colors that you're painting with. It's helpful that as I read for the game, if you're at a loss for ideas, you can always borrow some powers from your favorite superhero. Use a playbook or tables from your favorite superhero RPG, or leave this intentionally vague and come up with powers later.


Amelia Antrim  54:31  

Um, so this is like what what is your like, main, like, thing that you do is that Yeah,


Jeff Stormer  54:38  

yeah. What is your What is your superhero stick?


Amelia Antrim  54:41  

Cool. Um, I feel like I want it to be like teleportation.


Jeff Stormer  54:46  

teleportation is cool. Especially with magic because then you're opening up like magical portals and things and that's like a dope visual.


Unknown Speaker  54:54  



Jeff Stormer  54:55  

That's very good. All right. So we've now we've got an idea of who the character is and now the fourth question has a mechanical thing tied to it? But how do you help your city? Are you the hand of the people protecting them so they can thrive? Are you an icon that they look up to for inspiration? Are you the smiling face and friend to those who need it or use a dark night that Avengers the injustice that they suffer?


Unknown Speaker  55:20  

so much?


Amelia Antrim  55:22  

I don't try not to be me. Like, we're not gonna go with vengeance. I'm sorry, what was the first one


Jeff Stormer  55:34  

the hand of the people protecting them so they can thrive which is kind of in line with a the pop culture reference points that I couldn't put in the game because of like, you know, copyright law are like, it's like a Luke Cage or a daredevil or somebody who is like, you know, who is like watching out for their neighborhood? And he's like, the person that's like, the it's not they're not going for vengeance, but they're, they're they're offering protect, like active protection.


Unknown Speaker  56:06  



Amelia Antrim  56:07  

Yeah, no, I don't think that's it either.


Jeff Stormer  56:09  

And then the other reference points for the the options are like your your icon is obvious. like Superman, right? You're the you're the person smiling on the rooftop that everybody points at or you're a spider man, which is every year you're you're the person that sits next to you if when that when they save the day and eat a burger with you. Or you're the Batman, you're the you're the you're justice the night. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  56:31  

no, I think I'm definitely more like, I'm leaning more toward the like, spider man like, we can we can chill and hang out.


Jeff Stormer  56:39  

I love it. It's It's, it's, it's it's a good option. I mean, you can't go wrong with it with a friendly Spider Man. Mm hmm. And really, like, that's all we have about our hero. We can have names and pronouns. But like, also, you know, we played games where we've that's kind of appeared in play, right, like, so that's kind of the opening phase of the game with our hero.


Ryan Boelter  57:01  

Cool. So what, what suit does that relate to?


Jeff Stormer  57:05  

So what that represents in play is your strong suit is hearts. And what a strong suit is, is when I flip as the city when I flip a playing card, if I flip the if I flip a heart card, the villain is going to roll three dice and tell me the highest result when it comes time to tell us how well you did at saving the dough. When you flip it when you flip a diamond. Or when I flip a diamond, the villain is going to roll two dice. And when I flip a club or spade the villain is going to roll one dice. Interesting. And that translates more specifically to you've got your neighborhood your your place where you are most comfortable your place of power. And then in the city, there are areas where you are a little less familiar, and there's areas where you're out of your element for some reason or another. Cool,


Ryan Boelter  57:56  



Jeff Stormer  57:57  

now that we know our hero will answer some city questions. The city is everyone else as we've talked about, and so we only have a few questions. The first question is How large is our city? I'm kind of feeling like this might be like a borough like this might be like a section of a larger Metropolis city but this might be like a smaller district have it Okay, unless anyone has any other strong feelings about it?


Amelia Antrim  58:26  

No, I like that. Yeah, I like that too. Cool.


Ryan Boelter  58:29  

I like the options on this that it doesn't limit you to a city or just the world you're one of the options is to infinity and beyond and I just like that you have that that in there cuz goodness it's limitless


Jeff Stormer  58:48  

well and and and and part of the reason that I included that was so there's the the options I'll read them off the options are small town, bustling borough, a major metropolis, the whole wide world and to infinity and beyond. And the reason that I included that is there's a very specific character that I love that I've referenced already that like, like Thor, technically his city is a million different planets. Yeah. But his stories are very much still like something is threatening something in my domain. I have to go like step up and defend it. So and and the other I mean, the other the other example that I love dearly that we talked about before we got on Mike, Goku fits perfectly into this right like there's the entire cosmos and Goku is like, Lord Frieza is threatening a planet three galaxies away. I gotta go beat that guy up. And it's that idea that like you, the city represents the city is the place that you defend right it is. It is the location that you are the defender of There are Superman stories where his his city, his metropolis, there are also Superman stories where his city is the entire cosmos. Yeah, and I wanted those both to be kind of options. That's awesome. And the other half of character initial character creation for our city, is I'm going to create four districts. These are four subsections of the city, that when I flip a card will give us an immediate idea of the visuals that are tied to the where we are, it makes it a little easier when we're drawing cards to come up with locations. Once we have an idea of the example that I have in the book is that kirby city is broken up into Morrison Square Park, Simone County Community College, McDuffie Burg which is a residential district and the jazzy tech district of Griffin alley. So I want to say this borough, I want to lean into magic a little bit. And say like the larger borough, is sort of, like the historical district of we'll go with Kirby city again, because it's in the book and it's a comic book reference that I love. Yeah. This is like old Kirby city, right? Like this is the historical district, this has been around for hundreds of years that there is history to the architecture. And with that history comes magic, like there is magic woven into the walls and into the geometry of the city. And like it is bustling with magic. And I think that that that creates this experience where like your magical character kind of fits into that. So I want to throw in and this is a this is a piece of the game where if anyone has thoughts on like a section of a historical burrow that they would like to see like we can we can collectively throw out ideas. I want to throw out that there's definitely like a historical battlefield. Like this city was like a revolutionary war battle site or something or like a similarly old battle took place here. So there's a section of, of old Kirby city that is like brutal buildings that have been left in ruin, to preserve the his, like the history of them. And it's almost like a walking outdoor museum, right? Like, it's kind of it's called, like the battlefield museum. And it's buildings that have been kind of half leveled and spaces where you can see a floor plan mapped out on the ground, and it's like the site of a historical battle. Okay, so


Amelia Antrim  1:02:27  

there's definitely ghosts is what I'm getting.


Jeff Stormer  1:02:29  

For sure. There. That area is super haunted. Does anyone else have any thoughts on a section?


Ryan Boelter  1:02:39  

I wanted something with books. Either a library a bookstore, or like an archive?


Jeff Stormer  1:02:47  

I would love I mean, I would love a metropolitan library like the City Library, like the huge big Central Library hub of the entire city. Yeah, I think that would be really fun with those archives that you could just get lost in four days. Like that's a there's a lot of cool potential there.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:05  

It has like really neat architecture.


Jeff Stormer  1:03:08  

Oh, it's beautiful. It's it's that kind of architecture that you've that like you see and you're like this is this is possibly built as some sort of magical ritual Yeah, the floor plan has to be laid out in some kind of some kind of weird right this definitely


Amelia Antrim  1:03:23  

aligns with some constellation somewhere Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  1:03:27  

there's there's absolutely some like catacombs that are like for like super old book storage that they they modified it into and there's even areas that nobody's really been to in hundreds of years


Amelia Antrim  1:03:41  

yeah rooms nobody has the keys for anymore


Ryan Boelter  1:03:44  



Jeff Stormer  1:03:46  

I think there's a there's like a main not quite as it was when Kirby city was only this tiny like borough there's what was a main street and is now like a shopping district.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:57  



Jeff Stormer  1:03:58  

That is all like little boutique. bespoke like it's it's like the outdoor you know, you walk you walk around outside you'll go you window shop like it's kind of the quaint it's a little touristy, right, like, regulars in the city don't really hang out there. But like, it's like the cute shopping district.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:18  

Okay, is this where like the farmer market? like yeah, pops up every every week during the summer?


Jeff Stormer  1:04:24  



Ryan Boelter  1:04:25  



Jeff Stormer  1:04:25  

Do we have one more suggestion for like a district in our little borough? Something that we would like to see in here?


Amelia Antrim  1:04:33  

What are we missing here? I don't know. We have a lot of like,


Jeff Stormer  1:04:37  

maybe like houses where people live?


Amelia Antrim  1:04:40  

Yeah, I guess people do probably live somewhere.


Jeff Stormer  1:04:44  

Like and I'm thinking like specifically, I have a pitch for like the actual like residential sections of the neighborhood. I think they clash a little bit with the rest of the neighborhood because a lot of the houses have been rebuilt. Like it is a place where the larger city has kind of bled into it. So you get this very specific kind of modern city contrast. This is me thinking of the city outside of my door, Philadelphia, there are houses that have been like knocked down or burned down, or they just have been replaced. So you have these very beautiful historical buildings next to these very kind of jarring modern architecture designs. And it's this


Amelia Antrim  1:05:27  

kind of especially makes sense, if you have like a lot of ruined buildings from whatever battle there was a thing like that these have kind of been rebuilt up around that. And like, clearly way more


Jeff Stormer  1:05:39  

modern, it's, it's this kind of place where the city is sort of bleeding into the historical city, right? Like it. Yeah. Cool.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:47  

So we haven't figured out all the zoning. And,


Unknown Speaker  1:05:50  



Ryan Boelter  1:05:51  

I want to add it a small detail to that, like the the lot lines haven't changed in, you know, centuries, so to speak, because they're set up in such a way that creates like, you know, magical, I love that something or another's right.


Jeff Stormer  1:06:11  

And so, the last piece of this is we throw to a question of, we throw to a question for the hero. Um, where are you most comfortable in this in this district? What is your kind of home turf, their place of power?


Amelia Antrim  1:06:26  

Oh, I mean, I feel like it's probably the library.


Jeff Stormer  1:06:29  

That was what I was thinking.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:32  

Where my magic is strongest.


Jeff Stormer  1:06:35  

So the library becomes your strong suit, which so if we flip a heart, it's gonna be somewhere in or around the library. I'm gonna pause it that probably the battlefield district is probably your second most comfortable locale, which will be the suit of diamonds. And then the suits of clubs in spades are the I'm going to say spades is our residential area. And our marketplace is clubs. So if I've so depending on the card that I flip, those are that'll that'll give us an initial prompt for where we are and will allow us to more easily kind of create a location in play. Cool. And with that we throw to our villain.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:21  

Thanks for joining us for the start of this remarkable series everyone. Next episode, we actually get to play around with the game, which was an absolute delight,


Amelia Antrim  1:07:31  

not a thing we get to do very often. It's a lot of fun. In our call to action today, we would like to remind you that this Tuesday, January 5 2021. marks the Georgia runoff election for both Senate seats, basically determines the Senate Majority and greatly impacts in the next two years here in the United States. So it is extremely important. If you are eligible to vote and registered already. Please go out there and vote. Every little bit will count in this runoff.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:06  

Absolutely. Um, Next up, we have a reminder to check out my camera stream this coming Friday at 7:30pm Central time at twitch Comerica games, and join us for some magical girl eldritch horror as we try to make heads and tails of what happened last episode. So it's gonna be a fun time.


Amelia Antrim  1:08:27  

Speaking of fun times, we have a review our last one last. Very exciting. I don't know if everybody is ready for this intense review.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:37  

It's so good.


Amelia Antrim  1:08:38  

It's very exciting. This one is from Bert Bert 612 from the United States of America on iTunes. It's titled good podcast. It reads informative. Thank you. Yeah, it's like a Yeah. Everything that we weren't in that cold open


Ryan Boelter  1:08:58  

was very succinct. Honestly though, more reviews like that are fine because if you don't have the spoons to type out exactly what you think and and have multiple paragraphs or anything like that, just just throw a five star review out there and say hey, informative, it's fun. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  1:09:17  

I mean that's true though cuz I think there have been a lot of times where I'm like I want to leave a review for this podcast but I don't even know where to begin because like I really love it and it's great and like, totally like we said before you can say whatever you want.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:33  

You know what's really cool is you can leave a review now and it's just a word or two and come back later when you do have the spoons to do it and and edit it if you like you don't even have to do that but leaving that review absolutely helps us out. And you know, since this is the last review that we had in our bucket, we're all out of reviews now. So you know Apple podcasts helps the most I know it's the most inconvenient for a lot of folks, but it really does help them. Oh,


Unknown Speaker  1:10:04  

hate it


Amelia Antrim  1:10:07  

awful every time you open that program it needs to update. Exactly, yeah. And it doesn't get any better. No. So what are the updates for Ryan?


Ryan Boelter  1:10:17  

From what I understand is to support new Apple devices that we don't have. So, hooray. But you know, also stitcher pod chaser others out there. Just go ahead and leave review where you can and we'll get to it. For now, though, we're gonna be closing off the episode. bid you all adieu and hope to see you back here next week for the continuation of our anyone can work the mask series.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:48  

Until then, take care stay safe. Stay home, vote if you live in Georgia. Drink water get sleep.


Unknown Speaker  1:10:55  

Mm hmm.


Amelia Antrim  1:10:56  

Pet your pets. Excellent 2021. Thank you for starting the year with us. And we will see you next time.


Amelia Antrim  1:11:22  

Thank you for joining us for part one of this character creation series. We'll be back in part two picking up right where we left off.


Ryan Boelter  1:11:29  

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Now we got to reinforce show blurbs


Ryan Boelter  1:13:17  

show blurbs. Show bad


Amelia Antrim  1:13:20  

show blurbs.


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