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Series 36.1 - Tension with Adira Slattery [Designer] (Creation)

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Welcome to the first episode of our 36th series! We welcome back Adira Slattery, as a guest this time, to discuss her new game, Tension, a queer cat and mouse game for 2 players! Amelia had to sit this series out, but Ryan and Adira create their characters and begin the process of creating the other twenty characters needed to play a session! Join us for the most condensed character creation series to date!

Episode Notes

Welcome to the first episode of our 36th series! We welcome back Adira Slattery, as a guest this time, to discuss her new game, Tension, a queer cat and mouse game for 2 players! Amelia had to sit this series out, but Ryan and Adira create their characters and begin the process of creating the other twenty characters needed to play a session! Join us for the most condensed character creation series to date!


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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome to the 36th series everyone. Wow 36 that's three years of series effectively, which is absolutely wild. So thank you for everybody that stuck with us for this time. In this series, we are going to be doing something a little different than normal. Amelia is currently rushing to move. So this series will actually be adjust my dulcet tones, joined by the incomparable a dheeraj Slattery, member of the one shot Podcast Network, and creator of some really great games, including the one that we are covering today. You are in for a treat as we cover a tension, a game of murder, intrigue and romance. But before we get to that, just a few announcements. First up join me again this coming Friday as we near the end of our use of the horror module in my A Tale of twinkle and all campaign using time Mira, we will be playing at 7:30pm Central time as mera dot games. If you would like to check out some other cool things. Absolutely check out losers a love story, a dramatic retelling of Stephen King's it using monster of the week and Christine prefaces supplement back to dairy on the A hora Borealis feed. I am having a blast doing the sound design for it and it is exquisite if I do say so myself. It's also extremely dark and very adult oriented. So please listen with care if you do check it out. Also, check out the various places where you can leave us reviews. I'm guessing Apple isn't in any rush to make their review process for podcasts any easier. But you can also leave reviews on pod chaser stitcher and a variety of other places that we should be able to see. They absolutely help us out and really brighten up our days every time we get one. Plus they help more people find the show. If you've already left a review, please chat about us online. We'd love hearing our audience Converse amongst themselves. We truly wish we had more time and brain energy to curate more fun things to do with the audience like the C three Friday forge and C three Tuesday team ups. But we're running pretty close on fumes right now. So perhaps someday when life settles down a bit, we'll be able to work on that more. For now. add us on Twitter at Creation Cast. And we're likely to respond for no I don't think we have any other announcements. So please get ready to enjoy learning about this pretty amazing two player game. Part One sets up something remarkable in part two. And that sets us up for a mind bending direction for our fanfic in part three, so absolutely Stay tuned. Enjoy the show everyone.


Ryan Boelter  4:05  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast a show where we discuss and create characters The best part of role playing games with guests using their favorite systems. I'm one of your hosts Ryan. And this episode my co host Emilia is actually unable to join us due to all sorts of life happening currently right now at her. But I am here and I am excited to welcome back a dear a Slattery, designer of the game we're covering today. Tension, a clear cat and mouse ROM for two players. Welcome to Character Creation Cast adera. We're really excited to have you back here with us.


Adira Slattery  4:45  

Yeah, really excited to be here on the guest side.


Ryan Boelter  4:50  

Yeah, absolutely. You were a co host filling in for Amelia for the hearts of wulin series, right?


Adira Slattery  4:57  

Mm hmm. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  4:59  

Fantastic. Series. I love that. That game. So if you haven't heard that one yet go check it out. It is fantastic.


Adira Slattery  5:07  

Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  5:08  

But now as a guest, can you tell us a bit more about yourself where we can find you online and any projects that you're currently involved in?


Unknown Speaker  5:18  

Yeah. Hi. So


Adira Slattery  5:19  

I'm a direct Slattery, you can find me online, as at a direct Slattery on Twitter. Or you can get my games at a I am bringing tension to Kickstarter that we will be launching February 14, assuming everything goes well. And otherwise, I am making games, writing poetry, being on podcast every once in a while.


Ryan Boelter  5:51  

Very cool. And if everything goes, Well, this will be the first episode releasing on the first of February. So by the time this series finishes, that Kickstarter should be live. Awesome. Yeah, I'm looking forward to that.


Adira Slattery  6:08  

In the future, if you're listening to this, and it's way past as Kickstarter has done, just google a dearest Slattery, and you'll figure out whatever I'm doing,


Ryan Boelter  6:15  

exactly. You're the You're the only one as far as I remember.


Unknown Speaker  6:20  

Yeah. It's just me. So wild.


Ryan Boelter  6:23  

Awesome. Well, let's go ahead and get into this. And we will start by discussing what this game is all about


Unknown Speaker  6:31  

what's in a game?


Ryan Boelter  6:33  

So what sort of setting and experience are we talking about for tension?


Adira Slattery  6:39  

So tension is a game that is about the sort of like cat and mouse ideas, the sort of queer thoughts on that are really exemplified typified in media like killing Eve, and Hannibal. And tension sort of defaults to a modern day setting. But you could run it in any sort of environment that you really wanted to with just very minor tweaks.


Ryan Boelter  7:11  

Oh, very cool. Nice. So it's a lot of the like, a detective murder type dynamics, from what I understand of those two shows.


Adira Slattery  7:24  

Yeah, yeah. So there is an investigator and a killer. And they are sort of intrinsically drawn to each other. Oh, nice. It's a lot of fun.


Ryan Boelter  7:38  

That's very cool. So what do we need to play this game? Then?


Adira Slattery  7:42  

All you need to play this game is a deck of tarot cards. It's totally diceless. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  7:48  

very nice. I will have questions about that as we go, I'm sure. Awesome. Um, so what kind of stories and themes then is this game meant to explore?


Adira Slattery  7:59  

Yeah. This game is meant to explore themes around like, queer, romance, and social transgression, and redemption, and temptation. And just a lot of stuff. I like, yeah, it's a, it's a good time.


Ryan Boelter  8:27  

Right? And then, then we do, what do characters do then in this game?


Adira Slattery  8:32  

In this game, the characters do a number of things. They yearn. They look up things about each other. They chase after each other.


Adira Slattery  8:45  

They kill people. They might kiss, they might do a lot more than kiss


Ryan Boelter  8:51  

one would hope. Awesome. And then what would you say is one of the most unique things about tension?


Adira Slattery  9:02  

Yeah. So I think one of the more unique things about tension is the sort of scene structure using tarot cards. Through this sort of like, pared down, no dice, no masters sort of style. A lot of inspirations for this game pull from Dark sentencer by Marne. Both breakers by jumilla and adjani sleepaway by Jay dragon. And it is really sort of all about like pulling you through this story. While at the same time, there are 22 characters.


Ryan Boelter  9:51  

That's what intrigued me the most about when you were kind of coming at us with this. I think you said yeah, we're gonna create I have two characters and then 20 more characters altogether.


Adira Slattery  10:05  

Yeah, there's there's one character for every single major arcana in the Tarot. Oh, wow. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  10:10  

that's very cool. I I'm very excited to get to that. My goodness. Um, so normally we go into the history of the game, this game is pretty new. Where did the idea for this game come from?


Adira Slattery  10:27  

So, in the most recent season of killing Eve, there's a scene where the two main characters get into a fight on a bus. And then spoilers. If you haven't watched killing Eve, skip ahead, just a little bit and then make out after punching each other. And it was very gay. And I was just like, screaming with all that energy. And I polished the show. And I started writing. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  11:06  

that's awesome. Yeah, I love those moments when inspiration just hits and and you just have to get it down on paper right away.


Unknown Speaker  11:15  

Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  11:15  

That sounds really amazing when that happens. Yeah. Very cool. So some of the basic terms and concepts that we'll need to cover before we actually go into this game. I am very unknowledgeable about almost anything Taro. Yeah, I understand. There are arcanas I've got a little bit almost of the field from campaign skyjack. With the luminaries. Yeah, almost. It feels kinda like yet. And that's as far as my knowledge goes. Can you give me a little, like, basic one on one on what Tarot is?


Adira Slattery  12:07  

Yeah, yeah. So I Tarot is a style of playing card. That is a couple 100 years old. And it was first used to play a number of trick taking games and other things and then started to become used for dignitary fashions. And it gained the sort of occult association that many people have with it today, especially in the US. And Tarot is a 78 I think 78 card deck where there are the four main suits that make up the minor arcana, in your sort of traditional tarot deck, their swords, wands, coins, or Pentacles and a cups or chalices. And then there are the 22 Major Arcana, which were sort of initially a sort of Trump suit, if you're familiar with that sort of terminology and in other trick taking games like bridge, and the major arcana have, like, very discreet names, and a wide variety of symbolism in there. And the minor arcana have a lot of symbolism in there too. But when it comes to tension, we're treating it as another game object.


Ryan Boelter  13:47  



Adira Slattery  13:48  

so the Minor Arcana cards, you can play them to do specific sorts of moves. Like if you do the crescendo, move with a wand, you will sort of imbue these specific sorts of emotions into a scene than if you did it with a sword where it would be a lot more like conflict. Okay. Yeah. Which there's a list of all of those emotional associations in Yeah, in the game. Yeah. But it also is a Oracle deck. There, there are a lot of Oracle decks being done. And like, played around with in really cool ways. Recently in indie tabletop design, playing around with Tarot playing around with spindle wheel, which is a fabulous Oracle deck, playing around with even just like Dixit cards and cards from the board, he mysterium can be used in similar sort of way where you're just interpreting the sort of like resonance from the images and things like that. So it sort of pulls sort of double duty, okay, because the cards themselves can like prompt you based off of Have the images, the name whatever associations you're bringing into it. Yeah. Yeah. Which means that depending on the sort of tarot deck, you go and decide to play tension with, it can feel very different. Like my spouse has this, like vaporwave tarot deck. Okay. Right. And so playing tension with that deck would feel different.


Ryan Boelter  15:22  

Yeah. Yeah. Do you kind of draw from the imagery on the cards, then to kind of get a feel for what's going on in the scene and everything? Yeah,


Adira Slattery  15:31  

yeah, yeah. As you're, as you're playing, there's a central path have seven cards facedown, and you're flipping them up. And the cards like prompt you for the beginning position of a scene. And you can either go off little examples in the book, or you can just base it entirely off of the art or whatever Association, like different people have a lot of personal associations with different cards. Like you might be somebody who is like, oh, the five of swords I really care about that card for for some reason. Maybe you really liked it from a playthrough of the game persona. Yeah. Maybe you associate it with a specific person in your life. So that can pull all this other sort of meaning in to the game.


Ryan Boelter  16:21  

Oh, very cool. Yeah, I've seen a lot of different tarot card decks. I've got a lot of friends online, that cool. I got a new deck, and they show pictures of it. And the the artwork on some of these is so so phenomenal. And I can imagine that, that will greatly spark the imagination during those scenes, which is really cool. Yeah. And it's interesting, you could have the same setup, but then a completely different deck and then play through completely differently. Yep. Which is really cool.


Unknown Speaker  16:56  

Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  16:57  

So So it sounds like we need to invest in some Tarot decks here.


Adira Slattery  17:02  

Yeah, the other nice thing about tension as well is that, since it's not just designed for one shot play, like many two player games are, you can if you wanted to use different decks across different multiple games have a campaign?


Ryan Boelter  17:18  

Oh, that's amazing. I didn't I didn't even think of that as an option. That's very cool. Yeah. Nice. Now, we keep mentioning that this is a two player game, but there's also a three player option, right? And that that's where the ensemble comes in.


Unknown Speaker  17:34  



Ryan Boelter  17:35  

Can you tell us a bit about that role?


Adira Slattery  17:37  

Yeah. So the two player game has a lot of sort of, like heavy lifting in sort of juggling all of these different characters. So if you want to play with three players, there is the ensemble which somebody can come into. And instead of, sort of embodying one of the two main characters, they play a supporting role, bouncing around between the 20 different supporting characters, and embodying them as they get introduced and leaving flashbacks about them after they've died. And things like that. It's, it's, it's really fun. I like playing the ensemble a bunch. But I also just, like watching people play romance games. So that's neat. Yeah, if you're somebody who is more used to like a GM role in a more traditional game, you'd probably feel a little more comfortable with the ensemble, there's a lot of stuff you can do to make it sort of a quasi GM if you want to. But as designed the game is very GM full, there's, there's no, everyone is equally a GM.


Ryan Boelter  18:49  

Very cool. I like the term GM full versus GM less because a lot of games will go with the GM lists moniker kind of saying that it almost feels like it's a anarchy and their point.


Adira Slattery  19:07  

anarchy is fun. Sometimes


Ryan Boelter  19:08  

it is, especially in a game like fiasco and whatnot. But GM foods is interesting description because it's kind of like you're both the, the the masters of the game at that point, you know, crafting the story together in a full way instead of just like, Okay, what are we going to do next? That's very cool. All right. Is there anything else that we want to say before we hop into character creation, then?


Adira Slattery  19:41  

Oh, I guess there's one thing that I want to say, which is when we talk about character creation, and we go through creating all of the characters are probably gonna say the word orbiting characters a lot. Oh, there's 20 other characters that aren't the main characters. Those are the orbiting characters. They all have an orbit. That is so seats them with the main characters.


Ryan Boelter  20:02  

Okay. Very cool. Yeah. All right. Um, I think we should be all set. Should we make some people?


Unknown Speaker  20:10  

Yeah. All right.


Ryan Boelter  20:12  

Let's make some people.


Unknown Speaker  20:14  

Let's make some people.


Ryan Boelter  20:16  

All right. Why don't we do I've got the I've got the document somewhere here. Here we go.


Adira Slattery  20:22  

Yeah. So, first thing to do is to determine who is the investigator and who's the killer.


Ryan Boelter  20:28  

Okay, I have zero preference at this point. I'm fine. I'm fine. Going against typing being the killer. I'm fine going with typing being the investigator. Hmm. Can I can make me work out my brain muscles by going with the killer if you want. Yeah,


Adira Slattery  20:44  

let's make your workout.


Ryan Boelter  20:48  

Alright, so I'm going to be the killer. That's two. That's two series in a row where I've been the villain. Ooh. Yeah. All right. So what do we need to do now?


Adira Slattery  21:00  

So the killer and the investigator have fairly simple character sheets. There aren't any like move options that you pick from. Characters all have the same sort of stuff. What you do is you pick a number of different lists that sort of define and specify your character. For instance, the killer has a type and the investigator has a profession. Both of them have looks, okay. Things like that. So, you have your three lists right there. How about we walk through your lists, and then walk through mine?


Unknown Speaker  21:44  

All right, that sounds great.


Adira Slattery  21:46  

So start with the type. There are four different types listed. You can pick one or write your own. This is sort of the the general Milley you have your killer. Okay. Yeah. Whether they are professional, wild, driven or doing this for pleasure.


Ryan Boelter  22:04  

Okay, so this is a, this is like, I I am a certain type of killer and this is that. Hmm. I'm kind of a between professional and pleasure. Um,


Adira Slattery  22:19  

those are definitely the two most common ones people pick.


Ryan Boelter  22:21  

Yeah. Like I can imagine. Oh, boy, although driven could be interesting. Um, I think, you know, I think I'm gonna go with driven.


Unknown Speaker  22:34  

Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  22:35  

That sounds interesting.


Adira Slattery  22:37  

driven. super neat. Because it, it brings a lot of different associations in there. Because like you have a drive, right?


Ryan Boelter  22:43  

Yeah. So it sounds like I'm doing this for a reason, right? Yeah. I'm not I'm not just I'm not just doing this for fun or for money. I'm doing it because there's a purpose behind it. And I like that angle of it. Yeah,


Adira Slattery  22:57  

yeah. Driven is secretly one of my favorite things to pick is the guy.


Ryan Boelter  23:01  

Nice. All right, so I've got type driven now I have a look to choose from. Yeah. So it says pick a few right?


Adira Slattery  23:11  

Mm hmm. Yeah, there's, like 12 options.


Ryan Boelter  23:15  

Yeah. So just some of the options here bright colors piercing eyes. tailored suit. Fun socks. I like that one. A expensive phone and easy laugh those sort of things. Yeah. And, and I guess it's good to note here that we could write our own if we wanted to, as well. Yes. Um, so I think for look, you know what, I'm gonna go with an easy laugh. Because that makes them sound a little personable. And that's always kind of creepy from coming from a killer. Um, let's see a tailored suit. Cam. That sounds good.


Unknown Speaker  24:03  

Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  24:06  

Because I have to remember that this is a this is a romance game. So I want to pick things that are that are. Pretty much all of them are that way. Right. So yeah, it'd be hidden knives.


Adira Slattery  24:24  

The killer is very much written as a peacock.


Ryan Boelter  24:27  

Yeah. Yeah. All right. I'm going to go then with Oh, piercing eyes. And one more one more Odie. Good.


Adira Slattery  24:38  

You were a fan of fun socks earlier.


Ryan Boelter  24:40  

I was. I've got to pick fun socks. Fun socks,


Adira Slattery  24:43  

fun socks, Bond socks. All right. And then the last option that you pick for the killer is your pattern. So this is the things that are like your calling card.


Ryan Boelter  24:57  

Okay. Interesting. Okay, so then, yeah. Oh, wow. Okay, so they've got like playing cards, flowers, music, stickers, puzzle pieces graffiti or pick your own. Mm hmm. Okay, so what would my character's calling card be? Oh, I'm gonna I'm gonna make my own. Yeah, it's a flash drive with a cryptic video on it.


Adira Slattery  25:24  

Ooh, cryptic video. Need.


Ryan Boelter  25:28  

Yeah, that'll be fun.


Adira Slattery  25:33  

Yeah. So if you look on the next page, that has your things that you can always do, and things that you can do by discarding a card from your hand, because, in play, you'll have cards in your hand that you're discarding to enact different things as the story is moving along. Yeah. And then you have a few questions that you use to check in with yourself after scenes. And if you see there's a whole big section about a bunch of different relationships. Right now, we are going to leave that


Ryan Boelter  26:04  

blank. Oh, good. Cuz when I first was looking through this, I was like, okay, relationships. NPCs Oh, wait, these are these are kinda. Okay. And then it says you question mark with a box next to it. And I'm sure that will come into play later.


Unknown Speaker  26:21  



Adira Slattery  26:23  

Now, in the meantime, though, what are your characters name and pronouns?


Ryan Boelter  26:28  

Ooh. Name, that's gonna be the tough part. I think. pronouns. I'm thinking she her.


Adira Slattery  26:38  

Alright. Okay. Name. A common thing people do with the killer is go with a pseudonym. Okay. Or like a title or whatever. I'm gonna


Ryan Boelter  26:49  

go with Alexa. And and say that the the voice in all of the videos is


Unknown Speaker  26:58  



Ryan Boelter  27:03  



Adira Slattery  27:04  

so let's talk about the investigator now. Yeah. As the investigator has a profession, they're a journalist, a private eye, a special agent or a consultant. If you notice, none of those say cop. All cops are bastards. So I'm gonna make a journalist. And then for my look, they These options are very different from the killer. We have dirty glasses, chewed pens. large cup of coffee bed had a nervous smile. Empty pill bottles. Yeah, I'm gonna do leather jacket. Like I'm a little cool. Dirty glasses. chewed pens, and empty pill bottles. Awesome. And then as the investigator, I have an obsession. Which is once again pick one or write your own. Yeah. So I have serial killers, grisly accidents, mystery novels, murder weapons, funerals, or photography. And photography is sort of the obvious one to go for with journalists. Yeah. Which is why I'm not gonna do it. And I'm gonna do chrisley accidents. Oh, yeah. Awesome. And then my characters name and pronouns. Let's go with let's go with Heather. Also, she her? Awesome. Yeah, this game is queer. So we're gonna be lesbians dammit. Absolutely. Alright. So the next thing that we do is we make 20 people. Buckle up. Yeah. So each of us has a little worksheet of the different major arcana. They have a little description for that major arcana. A little list of options for orbits, and a relationship field. If you notice, looking at the worksheet, every single one has little you option. That's because before we make these characters, each of us is going to pick one of the major arcana to further define our character.


Ryan Boelter  29:39  

Okay. Do I need to know anything about the major arcana to pick one other than the name?


Adira Slattery  29:46  

Nope. There's a sort of association under it. So like for instance, when your options is the chariot, they are courageous and careless. So that would imply that your character is courageous but careless


Ryan Boelter  29:59  

okay. Oh, interesting. Oh, wonderful. Yeah. Okay, so there's a major kind of worksheet that has all of this kind of built out there. I like how there's a dichotomy between all of them. Between this is good, but you this is also kind of not so good in a lot of situations.


Adira Slattery  30:22  

Yeah, part of the interesting stuff with Tarot is that there are dual meanings to the cards when you deal with. They, when they get they're inverted forms. And now the game for mechanical simplicity doesn't care which way up or down the cards are. Yeah, but it still is able to pull in a lot of that duality here.


Ryan Boelter  30:45  

Nice, huh? All right. I think I know which one I'm going to go with it for myself then.


Adira Slattery  30:52  

Alright, which one you go with?


Ryan Boelter  30:53  

I'm gonna go with the tower, the


Unknown Speaker  30:55  



Ryan Boelter  30:57  

remedy that brings awakening.


Adira Slattery  31:02  

Now, the tower has an association among many people who like Taro s like the evil list card.


Ryan Boelter  31:08  

Oh, I really got it again, type here.


Adira Slattery  31:14  

I don't think it is. But it is a good meme. It's funny,


Ryan Boelter  31:18  

because I'm kind of building this character to be the hero of their own story.


Adira Slattery  31:25  

Yeah, yeah, for sure. I mean, part of the sort of foundation


Unknown Speaker  31:31  

of a


Adira Slattery  31:33  

tension is is being able to empathize and sympathize with a mass murderer. Yeah. So it makes sense that you'd be drawn towards making them to hear their story. Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  31:51  

Maybe they're the hero of more than their own story. bump Bump. Okay, so I've got the tower as myself. And then I would check you for that one, right?


Unknown Speaker  32:04  

Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  32:05  

All right. Let's see if I can finagle my PDF thing to check a box.


Adira Slattery  32:15  

The first thing a stretch goal is for the Kickstarter is nicer form fillable sheets for all of this to facilitate Remote Play.


Ryan Boelter  32:25  

That's a very good thing. I have a little checkmark option though, in my in my Adobe tools. So I'm just going to do that. That sounds pretty good.


Adira Slattery  32:36  

Awesome. Well, I picked the moon for myself, mysterious even to themselves. Cool. So the next thing they would do is if we were in the same place playing physically, we would take the major arcana, split them into two decks of 11 cards based off of this split here. And then draw one card from each deck flipping them up creating pairs,


Ryan Boelter  33:03  



Adira Slattery  33:04  

of one of my cards and one of your cards. Yeah, sort of back forth back forth. And then got to build relationships between those people. And that's the order we'd also make these characters in nice. I, in sort of, previous to the recording, drew all those pairs together for us.


Ryan Boelter  33:22  

through the magic of television.


Adira Slattery  33:23  

Yeah. So we can just sort of skip the the shuffling and drawing card step and just sort of go down the line.


Ryan Boelter  33:30  

This is where we pulled the tarot cards out of the oven. With our bare hands. Yeah, sounds it's cold and old. cooking shows.


Adira Slattery  33:43  

The first pair that we have is judgment and the Emperor. So the Emperor is one of mine, and judgment is one of yours. So how this works is each of us picks from either one of the three orbits listed there or writing our own. And then we come up with a relationship together of these two characters. Okay. So for instance, I have my three options for the Emperor authority and all its overreaches are the feds, my boss's boss or a consultant?


Ryan Boelter  34:20  

Hmm. And for judgment, I have a double agent, Cam girl, and clueless friend. Mm hmm. Interesting. Okay, so,


Adira Slattery  34:35  

I am going to pick my favorite option for the Emperor, which is boss's boss.


Ryan Boelter  34:41  

Oh, nice. All right, and I'm gonna pick because I think this would be fun a clueless friend,


Adira Slattery  34:47  

clueless friend. Awesome. So now we talk through what we think my boss's boss and your close friend what their relationship is. Are they related. Are they dating? Are they married? Does your coolest friend sit my boss's boss's boss's boss's dog? Any of those sorts of things?


Ryan Boelter  35:15  

Oh, interesting. Okay, so, um, and this is okay, so your boss's boss, and my clue this friend? Let's say that my, my coolest friend? Gosh, I gotta be like, something mundane. Right? Yeah, like they know each other. You know, let's, let's just go a little nerdy here and say that they they roleplay together.


Unknown Speaker  35:51  



Adira Slattery  35:55  

So I would put in the relationship slot under the Emperor that there an RP buddy with judgment. And we can also come up with names and pronouns for these people now. Or we can help with them, you can also come with them later during play. It's basically just sort of what you decide might be easier for continued, like, understanding of these characters, because while the characters might not be showing up in every scene, they are sort of in the world and you have this association to them, right. Yeah. Like I have some options around having siblings. And so it might be good to name those siblings if I want to be able to talk about Oh, yeah. off off screen and I was on the phone with, with James my younger brother.


Ryan Boelter  36:46  

Yeah. Okay. Um, let's go ahead and name these folks and see what we get.


Adira Slattery  36:52  

Sounds good.


Ryan Boelter  36:53  

I know. I know. abelia is probably listening to this and thinking, you know, everything to not be here naming 20 NPC


Adira Slattery  37:07  

Ah, my boss's boss is going to be named James Belkin. And uses he him pronouns. Because Mr. Belkin is just imposing and mean. And,


Ryan Boelter  37:19  

okay, and then, my clueless friend. Let's see, I'm on the way what koski keeps getting into my head? Sure. Why not? Jennifer, what koski There we go. She her. She plays a healer a lot, which I find very ironic for me being the killer. All right. Very cool.


Adira Slattery  37:45  

Next we have the devil and the lovers.


Ryan Boelter  37:51  

Well, we've got four characters done in eight team to go next episode. Things get pretty wild as we explore one of the quickest and most in depth relationship systems I've been able to experience coming up next episode, so buckle up for next week. In the meantime, let's wrap things up this week with our calls to action. First, check out my Chi mera stream this Friday at 7:30pm Central time at twitch Chi mera dot games. It's going to be an interesting one, I think where the group gets to experience a fear akin to the first alien movie. So spoilers for my players if they are listening, or teasers, I guess. Secondly, please leave a rating and review for us Apple podcasts, pod chaser, Stitcher, etc. They all help us out in the rankings, and really give our brains and hearts a boost of warmth on these cold Wisconsin days. So definitely help us out there. And if you could please. And remember, Amelia will be out for the remainder of this series. But I will see if I can record one of these cold opens with her sometime after she's done moving. We shall see. In the meantime, let's wind things down here. Get to the credits and that sweet show blurb music. Take care of everyone. Stay safe, and keep making those amazing people. We'll see you next time.


Amelia Antrim  39:52  

Thank you for joining us for part one of this character creation series. We'll be back in part two picking up right where we left off


Ryan Boelter  39:59  

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Now we got to reinforce show blurbs show blurbs.


Unknown Speaker  41:50  

Show bad


Amelia Antrim  41:50  

show blurbs.


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