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Series 42.1 - Sentinel Comics with Jef and Jon [System Mastery] (Creation)

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Welcome to the first episode of series 42, everyone! This series we welcome back Jef and Jon from the System Mastery podcast, to talk about Sentinel Comics, the Role Playing Game, a superhero RPG by Greater Than Games. In this episode, we learn about the game and begin creating our superheroes!

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Welcome to the first episode of series 42, everyone! This series we welcome back Jef and Jon from the System Mastery podcast, to talk about Sentinel Comics, the Role Playing Game, a superhero RPG by Greater Than Games. In this episode, we learn about the game and begin creating our superheroes!


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Ryan Boelter  0:01  

Welcome to the beginning of series 42. Everyone, this series welcomes back some really great guests, Jeff and john from the system mastery podcast. And we're back into some superhero nonsense, but with a really good game this time, so stick around for that after announcements.


Amelia Antrim  0:19  

I'm, like, legitimate like that. First up, we don't have any special announcements. First, stick around for announcements. First up, no announcement.


Ryan Boelter  0:32  

I mean, it's standard.


Amelia Antrim  0:35  

I want to listeners, I want you to know that after this, this part where Ryan wrote no announcements. Therefore, we do want to let everyone know that the one shot network Patreon secret archive is out there. If you head over to slash one shot, podcast and pledge $5 and up, you'll gain access to the really great bonus content in the archive. This month, we are going to be releasing a bonus episode where we play a game of hero dog saves town by Alex Roberts, from the ultimate micro RPG book, edited by our own network overlord James d'amato, it was a really fun micro RPG that we covered. And Alex created a really phenomenal game. Don't even be some audience participation needed since someone needs to take on the role of the dog director in the game and make the critical decisions for us. So make sure you are already subscribed to the secret archive, so you can get to check that out along with a ton of other stuff that's


Ryan Boelter  1:40  

in there. Aside from helping the workout with a pledge to the Patreon, there are other more free ways to help us out. And that's leaving a rating and review anywhere you can leave rating, and reviews for podcasts. We have links in the show notes for various review platforms. But we also check out places like podcast addict. And these reviews really help others find the show as well as maybe push us up in the rankings, which last I checked are actually doing pretty well in Canada and New Zealand and the Philippines and a few other places internationally, which is really cool to see.


Amelia Antrim  2:16  

Like turkey or something. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  2:17  

I think Turkey was in there. Ukraine. Interesting. Yeah. All sorts of places around the world. So if you're listening from there, thanks for tuning in. It's really great to know that there's people all around the world hopefully getting something good out of our podcast.


Amelia Antrim  2:35  

Yeah, I hope so. Other things you can do to help us is just talk about us online to other people. If someone asked her podcast recommendations, absolutely feel free to let them know that we make a podcast that you can put into your ears. We do. We also love talking about the show with people so feel free to strike up a conversation with us on Twitter or on our discord at discord Character Creation Cast comm we have a really great community of people in there. It's a lot of fun. Every little bit helps us out and it would be really great to see some new faces. Here some note could have other faith new faces hear us? You know, joining our our group, horde pod


Ryan Boelter  3:32  

a fandom name we do need a fan of named Joey. I don't think we can define a fandom name. I thought of one but I just feel weird to say it. So


Amelia Antrim  3:42  

if your creationist is already taken for something else.


Amelia Antrim  3:52  

Yeah, I mean, let us know what a good fandom name would be. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  3:55  

let me fun. For now, that's all we have for announcements, the non announcement announcement. But thanks for joining us for our Sentinel comic series everyone. Enjoy the show.


Ryan Boelter  4:39  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast a show where we discuss and create characters The best part of role playing games with guests using their favorite systems. I'm one of your hosts Ryan. In this episode, my co host Amelia and I are excited to welcome back Jeff and john from the system mastery podcast to discuss Sentinel comics, the role playing game greater than games.


Amelia Antrim  5:01  

Welcome to Character Creation Cast. We are excited that you're both back again to talk about maybe a better superhero game than last time.


Ryan Boelter  5:10  

Maybe a better


Jef - System Mastery  5:11  

never heroes unlimited Greatest Game of Life. In fact, we didn't tell you this, Amelia, but we're doing it again.


Amelia Antrim  5:22  

All the stuff from our dastardly plan


Ryan Boelter  5:30  

it's just the Sentinel comics like cover over.


Amelia Antrim  5:35  



Jef - System Mastery  5:37  

Thing is the Sentinel comics role playing game.


Jon - System Mastery  5:39  

It's all been an elaborate prank


Ryan Boelter  5:44  

would be the worst,


Amelia Antrim  5:45  

worst prank ever.


Ryan Boelter  5:47  

In the history of RPG.


Amelia Antrim  5:50  

It's been a while since we've had you both on for the worst game ever. Which was great. It was just Ryan wrote, it was so much fun in our outline, I'm gonna say no.


Jef - System Mastery  6:06  

At least several of those characters came out incredibly memorable. Like I still tell the story of my elephant who could go from 13 feet to 14.


Amelia Antrim  6:14  

You know, it's funny to listen back to those episodes and like hear just like how much I grown like somebody asked at one point they're like, Can you put together like a soundboard of angry noises that Amelia makes nice. And at one point when you start lying to me about what the rules of the game are, just to see what I believe. You think we scripted that? Terrible? anyway? Do you want to start by reintroducing ourselves, for our audience, tell people what you're up to all that kind of stuff?


Jef - System Mastery  6:53  

Absolutely. I'm Jeff, one of the two hosts of the system mastery podcast. System mastery is a podcast where we go out and try to find old weird out of prints or just unusual circumstances RPGs and bring them back up into the spotlight for no good reason. We do a lot of other stuff, too. We write several books nowadays. But it's always been about system mastery for us. And that's that's the big thing. And then also there's john here.


Jon - System Mastery  7:21  

Ah, yes. And, of course, we do some other non RPG related stuff. We've got our Expanded Universe Star Wars book read along, which is currently doing a supernatural novel because I was allowed free reign for a hot second, and I've ruined everything. And then, of course ever movie mastery. And we've got our bonus content TV mastery, which is so much fun. We did the littlest hobo and now we're doing snick.


Jef - System Mastery  7:49  

Yeah, the opening lineup of snick as of 1993, and it is a joy.


Ryan Boelter  7:55  

Very cool. Well, let's go ahead and get into this game. We'll start by discussing what it is all about. What's in a game?


Amelia Antrim  8:05  

Let's start by talking about the setting of this game. What is the setting of Sentinel


Ryan Boelter  8:10  



Jef - System Mastery  8:10  

Well, Sentinel comics is set in the Sentinel Comics universe. This is a really interesting backstory to where this role playing game came from, because it's based on a card game, which itself is based on a series of comic books that do not exist, right. That's the that's the gimmick here.


Ryan Boelter  8:30  



Jef - System Mastery  8:31  

Yeah, the the Sentinel Comics universe created by Christopher Fidel, and oh my gosh, I'm forgetting the other guy's name. Their whole gimmick behind that they have a sentinel consensus card game, which is a cooperative, one against an error for against an AI boss card game has been around for forever. Their whole gimmick is they like to maintain an illusion that there has been a company called Sentinel comics, making comics since the 40s. And everything, every little bit of lore in the game, the card game and the role playing game is pulled from those comics and they go as far as to tell you like, issue numbers of when things happened. Oh, house issues don't exist. It is very detailed.


Ryan Boelter  9:12  

That's amazing. I sounds very reminiscent of the protean city comics podcast, who has a very meta, like, catalogue of comic lines that never existed.


Jon - System Mastery  9:27  

And the The neat thing is the the actual timeline in the comics for this that don't exist, go through in the card game up to a point where there is basically a giant cataclysmic, you know, crisis event. Hmm. And then after that, is where it starts in the role playing game. So you have this entire lore background and then it goes into The role playing game, but because of the whole cataclysmic event, things sort of get restarted a bit. So you don't have to know everything from before in order to allow us.


Jef - System Mastery  10:11  

It also kind of introduces a sort of New Age of Heroes vibe, where the the cataclysm changed everything. And now new heroes are rising up from a changed world. And that's where you the players are coming in. Oh,


Ryan Boelter  10:23  

that's really cool. Yeah, this is a lot more interesting. I was like, I thought, but like, looking at the book itself. I'm like, Oh, this is probably based on a whole line of comics. And this is really cool. They've got heroes and stuff that you're looking at from the comics and, and that told me that?


Jon - System Mastery  10:42  

Yeah, I mean, unlike normal comics, which are not, what's your history? Yeah.


Jef - System Mastery  10:48  

Yeah, it's neat. They there's a lot of parallels to kind of the big two of comic book development, you can definitely see kind of where the Superman or the Batman is, and that kind of thing. But a lot of it is very unique. And it's just sort of a fun world. But yeah, every one of the characters you see on the cover is a character who existed in the in the card game line. Although the woman on the far right on the cover is brand new to the role playing game. The other two are young legacy and absolute zero, established characters from very early on in the card games line.


Ryan Boelter  11:21  

Very cool. Yeah. All right. Well, what sort of tools do we need to to play central comics.


Jon - System Mastery  11:29  

So the obviously you're going to need the book, or the PDF, there's a lot of resources out there, they have form fillable PDF character sheets, if you want that, or you can just write it down yourself. And the system for creating your character is going to use dice for most of your randomized selection, if you want to do a random character instead of just picking what you want to


Ryan Boelter  11:58  

do. Yeah, so


Jef - System Mastery  12:00  

one thing that's definitely worth saying about this game is that the guided character creation random process is, at least for john and i, i think i don't mind speaking for him here because I'm just going to do it. It's like the best random guided character creation. I've come across.


Ryan Boelter  12:15  

Wow. But I


Jon - System Mastery  12:18  

said most comics is like the promise of heroes unlimited fulfilled? Yes, absolutely. is the idea that you would have gotten from heroes Unlimited, is what Sentinel comics actually delivers. Yeah, and


Jef - System Mastery  12:31  

I don't, I don't want to leave all the credits out. I know, I managed to cough up Christopher Adele earlier. But the full list of people I wanted to mention were Christopher Battelle, who create who kind of wrote the universe down Adam repertorio was the artists behind the volta card in the RPG. And then the system is cortex inspired. So it's got some cam banks influence, but the rules designer for this engine was was Dave chalker. So that's, that's the full credit list. I wanted to get out there.


Ryan Boelter  12:56  

Nice. Yeah, I noticed a little bit of the cortex, kind of stuff in there the very little exposure of head to cortex so far, which is


Amelia Antrim  13:07  

Yeah, the different dice


Jef - System Mastery  13:09  

arrived. Yeah, it's very different from standard cortex. But it does kind of feel where it came from.


Ryan Boelter  13:16  

Yeah. Very cool.


Amelia Antrim  13:17  

Yeah, having read through it, it feels like it's pretty easy to kind of follow where character creation goes like the piece by piece like it's a lot of random rolling if you want but like it didn't hurt my brain to try and read through it when I was looking through everything I didn't want to cry as I was reading it so I felt like that was a big improvement.


Jef - System Mastery  13:41  

Go ahead and pile on more hyperbole I've run this game as the game master and it is my current favorite game to run the the DM or GM support tools are excellent


Ryan Boelter  13:52  

Yeah, I thought they had some some really good dm star GM stuff in the in the book itself but do they have a GM separate separate GM book as well.


Amelia Antrim  14:03  

So they do not lovely box that has like, like dry erase cards and stuff that you can put all of the things on and it has like a really nice screen that has all of the the rules and stuff on it like with all this lovely Yeah, with nice big print, which is the thing that I love, because I don't know if you've seen a lot of GM screens or read but like it's beautiful and colorful as well


Ryan Boelter  14:33  

for the audience at home. Yeah, it's a it's a very, if you're familiar with the sinal comics book itself. First of all, it's a gorgeous book. And it's laid out wonderfully with different color codings and which I'm such a fan of color coding. It's so great, but, but the character sheet, it's all the same style across all of this which feels very comic book II and very, very visually pleasing and easy to follow, which is really cool. Yeah. Oh, yeah.


Jon - System Mastery  15:04  

Yeah. Now for actual character creation, the nice thing is you only really need to 10 sided dice, not percentile to 10 sided. Well as a game uses D four through D 12. Yeah, all the randomization is just 2d 10 for character creation. So


Jef - System Mastery  15:22  

that's nice. I mean, the first first role is 2d 10. But right after that, it'll, it'll say things like, okay, for your next role, you'll need a D 12 and a D six, or, you know, two D eights and a D 10. You'll never need the D four, but everything else might come up during character creation.


Amelia Antrim  15:36  

Oh, that's Wait a lie to us.


Jon - System Mastery  15:40  

I only lie cuz I love.


Jef - System Mastery  15:45  

I have parties so rare that I'm the right one.


Amelia Antrim  15:51  

What kind of stories and themes are we playing with in this game? Well, I


Jon - System Mastery  15:57  

mean, your your standard superhero stuff, obviously. And it lets you decide sort of what era you want to do. Like, it does have kind of a preset setting. But the way that the game works, everything is changeable. So if you wanted to say, do a golden age of comics type of thing, you can do that. You could do a street level heroes, you can do you know, space heroes, whatever you really wanted to do. Comic setting wise, it's not really going to be good for things outside of the superhero genre. But for within that genre, it has a wide range of available


Jef - System Mastery  16:42  

things. Yes. And the default setting the kind of sentinels universe that that their their comic books don't take place in is sort of a golden Silver Age hybrid thing where it's very people don't die. They beat each other up, and then the bad guys get hauled off to jail. And there's not a lot of stuff about due process or crying in the rain, that that kind of modern era of superhero comics is sort of its present if you want it, but it's not the default


Ryan Boelter  17:11  

that the 90 is gritty reboot.


Jef - System Mastery  17:13  

Yes, yeah, it's a lot more of that Superman literally flies Lex Luthor to prison and puts him in the prison yard


Ryan Boelter  17:19  

because he stole 40 pies in this bed.


Amelia Antrim  17:22  

But is there a ninja turtles supplement for this game?


Jef - System Mastery  17:28  

Actually, I think there, there aren't any supplements yet. All of them. There were several that were announced during the Kickstarter that are on their way, with the first one being a guy's supplement and guys is, for lack of an easier term this universe is Deadpool. He's fourth wall breaking wacky high jinks has lots of powers that are related to to doing cartoon stuff in his book and his little ally world and section is gonna be the first one of their books that are coming out. Very cool. And then after that the Ninja Turtles obviously.


Ryan Boelter  18:01  

Gotta have your mutant animals.


Amelia Antrim  18:03  

Right. Right.


Ryan Boelter  18:06  

Otherwise, how can you be a platinum heroes unlimited clone, right. There you go.


Jef - System Mastery  18:16  

I don't know. I think I might have one of the because I have every old after the bomb and Ninja Turtle supplements. So I think I might have the rules for mutant pelicans.


Ryan Boelter  18:25  

I'm almost positive that


Amelia Antrim  18:28  

I'm right about that. I hate that. joke about that game, because you're like, yeah, obviously. That's insane.


Jef - System Mastery  18:36  

Well, I mean, that's not that's not hero's unlimited. That's t m en T and other strangeness another palladium game. Hey, there's a multiverse they all connect


Ryan Boelter  18:45  

Exactly. After the bomb adds like hundreds more mutants, and also men as well. Plus, there's, you know, the dinosaurs and stuff that you can


Jef - System Mastery  18:57  

buy at Turtles in Time or whatever it was called. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  19:01  

Yeah. So back to set, they'll come. What What then do characters do exactly in this game? We got the different types of settings that we can do. So we just superhero stuff, I assume, right?


Jon - System Mastery  19:16  

Yeah, pretty much. It's, uh, you know, like we said, very, like, big bombastic hero, you know, you take down the mastermind villain, then their Doomsday machine. It's, it's much more like you are a big shiny hero. This is a villain go take them out rather than like, say, a masks where it's much more about like, a lot of interpersonal sort of things. And the struggle of being a teen and a hero is like being a hero is great. It's not a metaphor for anything.


Amelia Antrim  19:56  

Is it? Like is there any element of like that battle Seeing between your heroic life and your normal life? Or is it just like, this is super there


Jon - System Mastery  20:06  

definitely can be. Yeah, absolutely


Jef - System Mastery  20:07  

you can, if it's in some comic book somewhere, you can recreate it here. The the big thing about this game is that it is very driven by being about scenes. So they want to try and recreate comic panel architecture with their role playing style, which means that you don't you never even when you're like, Okay, we're gonna unless you're doing like a little hanger hanging around session. Even if you're researching the big bad villains plan, there is a ticking clock. dollar obstacles are going to be being thrown at you all the time. And that's because they want to maintain that kind of driving pace that good comic book would have.


Jon - System Mastery  20:46  

I mean, you're still allowed to go visit and may if you want to just hang out, but you know,


Jef - System Mastery  20:50  

but anytime you're doing anything related to superheroing, there is a clock driving your action, which we will get into when we talk about gameplay style, I'm sure. Very cool.


Amelia Antrim  20:59  

What do you think maybe is unique from other superhero games that you've played, like you've said that this is one of your favorites. Like


Jon - System Mastery  21:08  

I think the biggest thing for me is that this game allows for both a level of crunch in the game that I really love when it comes to superhero games in particular. But also gives you a lot of freedom as far as re skinning things goes. Making powers descriptors what you do your own thing. Yeah. So you know, if I take a power from here, and you know, let's say I just have cold energy is one of my powers. And then I go get an actual ability that's like a you shoot someone and they take some damage, great. I can re skin that however I want it to be whether I want it to be I shoot like an icicle, or I freeze their blood to make them chilled or whatever it happens to be. There's no specific way in which powers interact with the world outside of the like dice mechanics


Jef - System Mastery  22:19  

and there's nothing stopping you from just making them up. When you're looking at the power listing, you'll see that there's a couple of categories like athletic and materials and so on. those categories are almost as drill down as they are willing to go. So if you're looking at athletic and you see like agility, speed, strength, vitality, and you felt like adding immovability or burrowing or something like that, which is already in mobility, but what are you gonna do? There's nothing there's no reason not to you can you can build your character to look the way you really want them to. And it's interesting because one of the things I generally don't like about superhero role playing games without the obvious exception of heroes Unlimited, the greatest game ever. I don't like it when the power list is extremely specific where you're like, well, I get web slinging here are the three things that web slinging can do. And you know, when you look at a spider man comic, and he clearly does 11 other things. Oh, those are different web slinging powers that you can get later.


Amelia Antrim  23:19  

We all got like some form of flight and it was like like winged flight with feathers wings flight with no feathers. Oh, I don't like when the powers are specific.


Jef - System Mastery  23:34  

Well, you see there's a there's a magical quality to heroes Unlimited, which is that I played it when I was


Amelia Antrim  23:41  

erases any logic


Jon - System Mastery  23:44  

with wings. I'm flying with the star. Heroes unlimited is the Wind Beneath My Wings


Amelia Antrim  23:50  

doesn't have feathers or no because those are


Ryan Boelter  23:54  

one as to your physical beauty. So but yeah, this


Jef - System Mastery  23:59  

is the hero's Limited is cute for an for a very old game, and I have a soft spot for it. But this is a very well designed modern superhero game. You really feel free when you realize you can just rescan everything, and however you would like to. And having talked to the creators of the game, they really want you to do that. That was the lesson they wanted you to take from this, rename everything. Make it just make it your own. Very cool. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  24:26  

So this is when we talk a little bit about the history of the game before we start learning what we need to know for character creation. So yeah, we talked about this was based on the Sentinels of the multiverse card game, and the lore kick started in 2015 and fulfilled in 2016. So that's not too bad. And then it sounds like there's more on the way potentially.


Jef - System Mastery  24:50  

Yes, they had a whole list of supplement books that are coming.


Ryan Boelter  24:54  

Hmm. I am sad that I hadn't joined the like PTR PG seen online until, like, 2015 or so, maybe 2016. So I missed this, unfortunately. But goodness,


Amelia Antrim  25:10  

you got it now


Ryan Boelter  25:11  

Give me my book. I got it now and the book is gorgeous. I'm excited for other stuff. Me too.


Amelia Antrim  25:18  

Let's go over some like terms and concepts before we dive into everything. I just wrote down a bunch based off of like the example character sheet that they gave you in the book, the way they kind of labeled everything, I don't know how much of it, we really need to go over ahead of time, but we can kind of talk through stuff. Um, I started with attributes,


Jon - System Mastery  25:41  

which isn't really a thing for like, the system, it's mostly just, you know, you put down your age, your height, what you look like, what your hair's like, your physical attributes, or just whatever you want them to be.


Jef - System Mastery  25:55  

Yeah, they're just, they're just descriptive. They don't have any rules associated with them there. You can build your character to look like whatever you would like to


Amelia Antrim  26:03  

notably, I felt that this was important because there is several lines in that box to describe your costume. I felt like it was an important thing that we need to make note of.


Jef - System Mastery  26:16  

Well, they really want you to feel that superhero vibe. So there Yeah, absolutely. There is a tremendous amount of space for just writing down every little detail about your your costume. Does it have that? That hex mesh stuff that that movie superhero costumes? Or is it just spandex?


Amelia Antrim  26:31  

fringe? Think? Oh, nice. Yeah, I don't know.


Jef - System Mastery  26:38  

But we did it, we did a one shot of this with with James tomato. And I know my character was super disco inspired. So she might have had some


Amelia Antrim  26:47  

nice, more more superheroes with fringe police. characteristics, they have background archetype, power source, and personality.


Jef - System Mastery  26:59  

Those are actually meat and potatoes. For this game. Each one of those four characteristic list blocks is is one step of the character creation process, you're going to roll or choose a background and archetype, a power source and a personality and then each one of those will inform more choices you will make at that level. So, so background will be where your character came from, it'll be things like, Oh, my character has an academic background, or they're an alien, or they're from outside out of time somehow. archetype is the time the way they got their powers essentially, I'm sorry, that backwards power source is the way they got their power. So it could be things like natural like you're powered by the trees, you swamp than your the elements or experiment someone messed with you and get and give you an adamantium skeleton, you've got six origins, your Wolverine archetype is what you do with the powers that you've got in power source, do you? Do you use them to blast? Are you a sniper? Are you close puncher, and then personality is personality. principles.


Jon - System Mastery  28:04  

principles are interesting in that as you are making your character to have those characteristics that you get, will tell you a principle category that you will be able to choose a principle from. And those principles will generally be something that's important to the character. So you know, if you want to be Spider Man, you can have that principle of like the mask and making sure that you never reveal who you are. And then also say, having a principle of responsibility to everyone at everything at all times. But in addition to being a personality thing, it also gives you a couple abilities that you can use to overcome obstacles in if it relates to one of your principles. As well, this game has twists as sort of weird penalties or things that might happen and it gives you a couple suggestions for what types of things might happen as a twist. So if you did have that, Spider Man, I don't want anyone to know who I am. A major twist could be someone figures out who you are under the mask.


Jef - System Mastery  29:25  

Or Yeah, yeah. And then it'll be like, oh, someone figured out who you are, who was put at risk by this is it me, Mary Jane is and May. The neat thing about the twist, they show up whenever you're rolling, to attempt to accomplish a goal. Sometimes you'll get like you succeed, but you get a minor twist is that there are so many sources of twists, the the villains will have twists that they might that they could potentially inflict on the hero. The environment you're in can inflict the twist and then also your principles can. So there's a wide list of basically suggestions for crazy problems that could arrive arise.


Ryan Boelter  30:00  

Because it's interesting, it feels like different moves that the GM would have access to, like in a power by the apocalypse sort of game.


Jef - System Mastery  30:11  

Yeah. Although in this case it is it is a conversation who what twist because they just want to be whatever's coolest for the scene. Yeah. So you can the players Welcome to be like, Well, I have principal of the youth and so someone's put out by my overconfidence in this situation that feels like it would flow. Well.


Ryan Boelter  30:28  

Very cool. And of course,


Jon - System Mastery  30:29  

you don't have to go with anything super elaborate or related to that twists can also just be like, are you take a penalty on your next role as a minor twist or something like that, like there's a giant list in the book of here's some sample twists you can do in case, you know, it doesn't make sense for the scene. Or if you just want to do something quickly, you can just pick from that and move on.


Amelia Antrim  30:54  

Very cool. Kira points. I know this one, like showed up in lots of different spots. When I was reading the book, there's little spots to market on your character sheet. What do we do with hero points?


Jef - System Mastery  31:05  

Hero points are something that you earn through gameplay. Generally, by using overcome actions, which is when you're trying anything that isn't punching someone is almost invariably an overcome action, or trying anything, it's not a boost a hinder to


Jon - System Mastery  31:22  

defend, when it's with your principal is where you're going to get those here.


Jef - System Mastery  31:26  

Yes, yeah, when you overcome a problem using one of your principles you give yourself and everyone else in the party a hero point, they have a couple potential uses, you can spend them during gameplay to act to activate a couple of bonuses, they also work between games, this game doesn't really have a progressive XP system, you don't get stronger over time. But you you can build experience into collections of comics that you see the next two are called like back issues and collected trades. Oh, though, you can spend those during gameplay for minor benefits. And generally, when you spend hero points or collected issues and stuff, or collect the trades and so on during gameplay, it's to broaden or modify your character, your characters, this game doesn't have levels one through 20. Instead, your character starts awesome. And if you want to change the way in which there they are awesome, you can use the sort of XP system to do that.


Amelia Antrim  32:24  

Alright, the next ones I have are powers, qualities and abilities.


Jon - System Mastery  32:30  

The Yeah, so powers and qualities are going to be where your dice are coming from whatever you want to do something in the game. Every time you roll to do anything, you pick a power, a quality, and then whatever status die your health is at, or the scene. Yeah. And then you will roll those three and on a basic roll for whatever you'll pick whatever the middle result is, Oh, so you could have you know, a D six and two d 10. But if both the to the D 10s. Come up like a four and the six comes up a six, then you'll take a four off of the D 10. It's not based on die size, just die result. But then it also means you have to kind of figure out how you're going to do something power and quality wise. The way in which you interact with the universe is all pretty much powers and qualities or skills kind of although they can also just be qualities about yourself. So it might just be like, Oh, I'm creative. It's not really a skill as much as it is the thing about me so I might use my power creatively. But yeah, its powers, your superpowers qualities, your skills, and then the abilities are the actual superpower. Like what you are going to be using those dice on you. Okay? So if I have, you know, laser vision as a power, that's just there, the abysmal abilities will be things like, okay, use this power to do laser vision and damage someone for the middle result and also boost yourself with the lowest result. So usually they'll take your standard roll, which is just take the middle result and give you some twist on that either it's specifically better or it lets you hit multiple people, or whatever it happens to be. Okay.


Jef - System Mastery  34:44  

Powers tend to be like the raw form of your power. So if you're super strong, you're just super strong. And if you can think of a way it's applicable, you can put it into a basic role. abilities are ways in which you have honed your powers to do specific effects on the battlefield. That have a little more clarification to them.


Ryan Boelter  35:03  

Right? And I see that the abilities are split into different zones.


Jon - System Mastery  35:08  

Yes, indeed, yeah, you get access to your abilities in whatever zone you are currently in, whether it's your health, or the danger of the scene that you are in will progress from green, yellow to red. Hmm. So if it starts out, you know, your full health, you're in the green zone. And you always start out in the green zone in your environment, all you have is access to your green abilities, you're not pressed, you're just sort of using your powers in a very mundane sort of way. not really doing anything flashy, because you're not pressed yet. Oh,


Jef - System Mastery  35:49  

yeah, your web swinging through the city.


Jon - System Mastery  35:51  

But as soon as you either get beat up, or the scene has progressed to where things are getting more and more chaotic and dangerous than at that point, you start unlocking more powers and more things you can do as you try and overcome what's happening.


Jef - System Mastery  36:10  

Yes. And you always have access to everything, every power below you as well. So if you're in the red zone, you have access to your yellow and green zone abilities still nice. And you'll notice there is actually a fourth category they're out out is if your character has lost all of their health. If that happens, it's actually entirely up to the player, what that looks like. It's not that you're knocked unconscious or killed. It can be that you're forced to retreat from the battle or that you've decided to move to an advisory role. You get to control why you're no longer in the game, or in the fight. But you are still in the game. You every character gets an out ability, it'll be something you pick up during the personality step. And every time it's your turn in the game, you can still use your out ability, even if you've been knocked out of the fight. Oh, very cool.


Amelia Antrim  37:00  

I like that. Yeah. Yeah, it's


Jef - System Mastery  37:01  

neat, and it's pulled straight from the card game. So because in the card game, if your character gets knocked out of the game, it could lead to bad feels like the game still has another 10 minutes on it now just got to sit here. But instead you flip your character card to the stability and you still do it every time. It's your turn.


Amelia Antrim  37:16  

I also think that that makes sense for like, comics in general, because how many times are people dead? But then surprise, not actually dead? So Exactly. Does it make sense to just be like, Oh, that's it, your characters done now? Like, that's, that's not how that works? Yeah,


Jon - System Mastery  37:33  

it also is sort of a weird thing for comics to be like, Ah, yes. You know, Batman and Robin are fighting and Batman falls down and can't get up. And now it's just Robin, as Batman looks at it. Generally, you're gonna get to the end of the fight before consequences really taken out. Yeah,


Jef - System Mastery  37:53  

even if Batman takes a knee, he's still throwing bad aranguiz or doing something with a risk computer. That's that's the way he he's still controlled. Like he


Amelia Antrim  38:00  

threw out his back. He's not what he used to me. He's just gonna like, just take your look, okay.


Jon - System Mastery  38:11  

No jokes, back pain. Pain throughout my back, if you know it.


Amelia Antrim  38:19  

Are there any other terms that we missed here that you think people need to know,


Jef - System Mastery  38:23  

I definitely we talked a little bit about the whole Green, Yellow Red status, something that is something that's inspired by what's called the gyro system, which stands for green, yellow, red, yellow. And I know when you look at the health range, you'll see that there's green, yellow, red there as well, and black, which is just, that's when you're unconscious, or out of the fight. For whatever reason. That part is really important. You'll notice that there are dice assigned to each range, their status dye green, yellow, and red. That's because during your personality step your character will get things like stoic is straight D eights because no matter what's happening in the fight, you're cool as a cucumber, where someone might be optimistic and start with a D 10 in green and end with a D six and red because their optimism is fading as the fight gets worse and worse. So definitely want to the environment in this game actually serves kind of as a character it gets a turn in the initiative step and everything. And each time it takes it moves further and further towards redzone. To kind of ratchet up the tension. Oh, wow.


Ryan Boelter  39:28  

That's very cool.


Jef - System Mastery  39:30  

So they got it. Yeah. When you're looking at the character sheet that's about everything that's on there. But there's a lot more to it.


Ryan Boelter  39:36  

I'm sure we can get into the the nitty gritty as we go through the character creation process. Does that mean we're ready to make some people? Oh, yeah, absolutely. All right. Let's make some people.


Unknown Speaker  39:49  

Let's make some people.


Ryan Boelter  39:51  

All right. already filled out. Player name.


Jef - System Mastery  39:54  

Well. Let's not get it ahead of ourselves, the D the DM will come


Amelia Antrim  40:03  

out we're gonna do this like on air for the people. Ryan Smith. All


Ryan Boelter  40:07  

right, I apologize. I'm ahead of the game,


Amelia Antrim  40:08  

right. So I'm going to write player name. I'm going to pick Emilia. Actually, my parents picked it, but I think you might need to roll.


Ryan Boelter  40:19  

Get your book out. We'll see what happens. Okay, so yeah, what what are the first steps then? To get it are people created?


Jef - System Mastery  40:28  

I'll tell you what the very first step is to roll to detail.


Ryan Boelter  40:31  

Oh, boy, already starting off the bat with the dice the red ones? Yeah.


Jon - System Mastery  40:38  

Because we're gonna figure out what our character's background is. And when you're doing this, the two dice you roll can either be either one individually, or you can take the total of them combined. Yep. So you'll have two or three options for what your background is. Yep. So


Jef - System Mastery  40:57  

keep track of your individual die results.


Jon - System Mastery  40:59  

Okay. So I got a five and a nine, which means I could be unremarkable. A performer or anachronistic. Ooh, someone from out of time who I'm definitely being anachronistic. That's fun.


Ryan Boelter  41:12  

Oh, that's interesting. So I got a six and an eight. So I could be law enforcement or tragic, but I could add them together and get anachronistic as well. Nice. With all the anachronistic


Jef - System Mastery  41:26  

time I can't I rolled a 10 to the seven so all I can be is academic, military or Interstellar.


Jef - System Mastery  41:40  

I'm gonna recreate my character.


Amelia Antrim  41:43  

Let's see here. I got my sinister


Jef - System Mastery  41:45  



Amelia Antrim  41:46  

I got five, unremarkable eight, just tragic. or eight min five togethers. 13. Which I can do is math. Medical.


Jef - System Mastery  41:59  

Yeah, that's where you start as an EMT, or a doctor some sort of strange doctor.


Ryan Boelter  42:05  

So I really like anachronistic as well. I could go tragic. I mix things up.


Jef - System Mastery  42:13  

I'm going Interstellar because that's awesome.


Ryan Boelter  42:15  

There you go. Are you picking? Okay, then I'll go anachronistic as well. Cuz I'm interested in law enforcement tragic.


Jef - System Mastery  42:25  

Tragic is a classic pick. I'm pretty sure if you were to build Batman, he'd start with tragic.


Ryan Boelter  42:29  

Why you can pick tragic, most optimistic background for our character ever. Okay, so so we got our backgrounds, and it looks like each background comes with qualities.


Jon - System Mastery  42:44  

Yeah, that's gonna give you a couple things there.


Ryan Boelter  42:47  

I'm assuming we record those qualities in the quality thing, or do we? Do we get all four of those?


Jef - System Mastery  42:54  

Nope. Let's see which one did you choose?


Ryan Boelter  42:57  



Jef - System Mastery  42:58  

So with anachronistic you are going to, it says to assign your D 10. And your D eight to two of these qualities. So you're going to pick to one of them at D 10. And the other a D eight. And on the second page of your character sheet, you'll see a drop down. If you have the PDF. I don't know if you're fully winging it.


Ryan Boelter  43:13  



Jef - System Mastery  43:14  

Then you're going to in the quality list, you'll write down one of those and then assign it a D 10 or a D eight.


Ryan Boelter  43:21  

Okay. So I can choose between history, magical lore technology and select from physical qualities category.


Jef - System Mastery  43:29  

So if you want your character to be a fighter, then this is your first good chance to to go get like physical or close combat or something like that. All right,


Jon - System Mastery  43:37  

you know what if you're gonna go with that I'm gonna do unremarkable.


Ryan Boelter  43:41  



Jon - System Mastery  43:42  

fun. I was just a regular old person.


Jef - System Mastery  43:47  

Happens all the time. Alright, that's a that's a more classic backstory for superheroes. there almost isn't. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  43:53  

okay. Obviously, I'm picking banter.


Ryan Boelter  43:57  

Oh, there? Yeah, totally.


Jef - System Mastery  43:58  

I'm gonna take creativity. For one.


Ryan Boelter  44:01  

I've got magical lore and technology.


Jon - System Mastery  44:08  

techno wizard,


Ryan Boelter  44:09  

yeah, pretty much


Amelia Antrim  44:10  

most combat any mental.


Jef - System Mastery  44:14  

If you what I've done is I have a couple of sheets open here. So you guys have the quality lists in front of you


Ryan Boelter  44:21  

know, perfect.


Jef - System Mastery  44:22  

Now for now, I would recommend this. This step also gives you one of your two principles. But principles are way far away in the book. And you don't know that much about your character yet. So what I like to do here and this is just a house rule I follow is that rather than going and digging up the principles of this stage, I just write down principle of whatever type of principle they tell you and then I'll just deal with it later.


Ryan Boelter  44:45  

Okay, so mine says choose an esoteric principle.


Jef - System Mastery  44:49  

Yep. So just write down under the that section of the sheet just write principle of esoteric and we'll just change it out later when we get to that section. Okay. So I will be taking creativity at a deep 12 in deep space lor at a D six for my start.


Amelia Antrim  45:05  

So when it says any mental, like, Where's


Jon - System Mastery  45:10  

the mental qualities?


Ryan Boelter  45:13  

47. Right.


Jef - System Mastery  45:15  

That is, if you've got the PDF open that is page 55 of the book. I just duplicate the tab and go to page 55 and hold it because you're gonna need that page a lot.


Ryan Boelter  45:26  

Yeah. So I'm looking here, and in the book, The powers and qualities list, they give the categories for the powers and qualities, and then they've got a whole range of things underneath that.


Jef - System Mastery  45:40  

Uh huh. And towards the back of the book, there is a section that explains in like one sentence descriptions, what each of these means. But like we were saying earlier, you can reskin these named them whatever you want. You can even come up with new ones if you want to, and it won't mess with the game that much. Oh, gosh.


Amelia Antrim  45:54  

I'm gonna put a little sticky tab on this part.


Ryan Boelter  46:00  

I think I'm gonna stick with magitek because that's just cool.


Jef - System Mastery  46:04  

Now, the last thing it's going to tell you is a set of dice to roll.


Ryan Boelter  46:09  

Oh, yeah.


Jef - System Mastery  46:10  

And when you roll those dice, it's gonna work just the same as this step. So you want to do is roll them and then keep tabs of what each die rolled.


Ryan Boelter  46:19  

Okay, so for anachronistic, I've got roll a D 10, d eight and a D six for power sources selection.


Jef - System Mastery  46:26  

Yep. So you're just gonna want to roll that and then keep those numbers and it's going to work the same way. Except that since you're rolling three dice, you can pick any single one of the three dice or any combination of two. You can't choose all three of them.


Ryan Boelter  46:41  

Okay? fixated in to see I got 567


Jon - System Mastery  46:47  

so I can be mystical. Get my powers from nature. a relic that I found. Or I can add together to be supernatural. Or an artificial being.


Ryan Boelter  47:04  

Oh, wow, we're cursed. There's a lot of there's a lot of choices there.


Jef - System Mastery  47:08  

Oh, yeah. There's 20 options in each category at the moment.


Jon - System Mastery  47:11  

Yeah. Well, because I'm unremarkable. I don't think I'm gonna go with artificial being


Ryan Boelter  47:17  

can be an unremarkable artificial being.


Jon - System Mastery  47:20  

Yeah, just the most boring robot.


Ryan Boelter  47:22  

I mean, like in in Marvel, they've got the What do you call those? The


Jon - System Mastery  47:30  

Gosh, life model decoys?


Ryan Boelter  47:32  

Yeah, the left panel decoys that are they're pretty unremarkable until they're not right.


Jef - System Mastery  47:39  

Yeah, they're they're perfect. replications of the person except the robots inside.


Ryan Boelter  47:43  

Yeah, exactly. And, and they're just, you know, a lot stronger and more durable.


Jon - System Mastery  47:49  

Now I think I'm gonna be cursed. I was a regular person and then someone curse honestly,


Jef - System Mastery  47:54  

such a good background like mechanically is one of my favorites.


Ryan Boelter  47:58  

I feel cheated. Because two of my dice add up to another day that I roll. Six and


Amelia Antrim  48:02  

I got to the same numbers, so


Jef - System Mastery  48:06  

you can still add them together. Aiden to tech upgrades. I got a 10 a seven and a four. which gives me a lot of options. Wow, I could be an experimentation. I can be a relic. I can be a tech upgrades. I can be an alien, which is perfect for if I want to really play up the interstellar thing. Yeah. And then


Jon - System Mastery  48:30  

I can also do extra dimensional, which also plays into the


Jef - System Mastery  48:35  

dimensional or supernatural.


Ryan Boelter  48:37  

Oh, wow. That's pretty cool. Yeah, I got training on nature. Powered suit. Tech upgrades. And alien, I think are my choices.


Amelia Antrim  48:48  

Yeah, I got a six a four and a six. So I can do I'll see experimentation, nature. Tech upgrades, or artificial being


Jef - System Mastery  49:01  

extra dimensional. That's that's a rare opportunity. And I'm taking it


Ryan Boelter  49:04  

That sounds really cool. Powered suit of magitek armor would be really cool. That would be pretty dope.


Jef - System Mastery  49:11  

Oh, yeah, for sure. You can have the whole thing like just be an amulet. And then when you say the class phrase it like, Oh, yeah. Rose out all over yourself a nice Magical Girl transformation.


Ryan Boelter  49:20  

Yeah. Oh, yeah, I've got I don't know, you convinced me with that one.


Amelia Antrim  49:25  

One of the ones for nature's swimming. So that sounds pretty cool.


Jef - System Mastery  49:34  

Now, you want to keep those dice results because those dice as well as their results, because now you're going to take those dice, you just rolled and assign them the way that this step tells you to.


Ryan Boelter  49:46  

Oh, wow. Yeah,


Jon - System Mastery  49:47  

you'll have a selection of specific powers or power categories to choose from. And so if you roll those six, eight and 10, one of those powers will be the sixth one and an eight one and a 10.


Jef - System Mastery  49:59  

Yeah, and That's the that's a D, six d A to D 10. And you don't need for this step, you're not using the results, you're just using the dice.


Ryan Boelter  50:06  

Okay, I'm going to turn to my power suit section here.


Amelia Antrim  50:10  

I can't decide,


Ryan Boelter  50:12  

yes, I have one day to the power power suit.


Jef - System Mastery  50:16  

And what you'll see here is the as we go through your character kind of comes together, it's sort of the reason I like this random character creation system so much is that it's not just, you know, roll a bunch of random dice, put the numbers together. Now try to interpret that each step is providing you with a bunch of choices, and you're kind of seeing your character sculpted from clay as you're going, huh?


Amelia Antrim  50:37  

What did you pick Ryan?


Ryan Boelter  50:39  

powered suit. So I've got a D, six D eight in the detail. And so I find one of those three dice to power and suit. Right?


Jon - System Mastery  50:49  

Yeah. So how important do you want that suit to be as far as your powers go?


Ryan Boelter  50:54  

Right? Yeah. And then the other most of our abilities, the other two dice go to the other abilities you select underneath?


Jon - System Mastery  51:02  

No. So there's a list of powers there? Yeah. So it'll say you have to put one into the powered suit because you're a powered suit. But then the other ones will be like, select from, you know, technology or whatever.


Ryan Boelter  51:17  

Yeah, so so it says select from, assign the rest of the dicey role at the end of the background step to the following powers awareness, cold or lasticity, blah, blah, blah, blah.


Jon - System Mastery  51:27  

Yeah, so you'll pick Okay, more powers. And those will get the other two days, whatever you don't put into powered suit.


Ryan Boelter  51:35  

So now I've got to go back to that page. 47. Just always have that open, has select athletic powers category, select from mobility powers, category and mobility sounds super interesting. Well, yeah, I


Jon - System Mastery  51:48  

mean, that's how you're gonna get your flight if you want to get that. But it's got a bunch of other nonsense that you can do with it as well, too. I


Ryan Boelter  51:55  

could I could select swimming.


Jef - System Mastery  51:57  

You could Yeah, you could have a super swimming.


Ryan Boelter  51:59  

I know super swimming. That's true. Super swimming is very different.


Amelia Antrim  52:04  

Assign the dose you want. That's like the tie dye type type, okay? Because I was like, I rolled all equal numbers, but like, what happens if you roll a five? I don't


Ryan Boelter  52:17  

think we're gonna do a D eight for power suit. So I've got a D six and a D 10. That means one's going to be slightly, not as great. And then the detail is going to be slightly better.


Jon - System Mastery  52:28  

Yeah, generally, when you're looking at the hero, the things that get a detail or if you're very lucky, a D 12. are usually going to be the things that's like, that's what this character is known for. Like, that's what they do. So he you could even say like, Iron Man might have a D eight in the suit. And you think, oh, but that's Iron Man. He's got a suit, like, Yeah, but it's repulsor blasts that he's known for. Yeah,


Jef - System Mastery  52:52  

yeah. And if you end up with a bunch of powers of D six, you don't need it to make them part of your regular routine. They're just sort of salt and pepper if that's on your character, because after this step, when you're choosing your powers, you're going to move on to choosing your abilities that those powers use and you don't, but you aren't often forced to use powers that you have low Dyson so you can focus on what you're good at and then just in situations where the fact that your character has a D six in invisibility you don't usually use it but hey, maybe maybe this is a chance to try a perfect example of that would be in that second wonder woman movie where she suddenly like oh wait, I can make things invisible. I've done this this one time and then I'll never do it again.


Unknown Speaker  53:35  



Jon - System Mastery  53:37  

This might be useful later, but doesn't matter.


Ryan Boelter  53:41  

I have yet to watch that.


Jef - System Mastery  53:43  

Well, it gives you the origin story for Wonder Woman's invisible jet and it is very silly.


Ryan Boelter  53:49  

Oh, is that like the whole point of the the movie then just for the invisible? Oh,


Jef - System Mastery  53:54  

no. I heard bad things about the movie. It's an extremely minor background moment basically there to give the fact that they brought Steve Trevor back something for him to do by giving him an airplane to fly.


Ryan Boelter  54:04  

got cheese. But it's invisible.


Jef - System Mastery  54:08  

Yeah, but when you're inside it, it's visible.


Ryan Boelter  54:11  

Oh boy.


Jef - System Mastery  54:12  

But when you're outside, it's like a visible No.


Ryan Boelter  54:17  



Jef - System Mastery  54:18  

the Justice League like superfriends era where you saw a Wonder Woman flying seated through the air


Jon - System Mastery  54:24  

through the air.


Ryan Boelter  54:28  

That's the worst.


Jef - System Mastery  54:29  

That movie has so many weird things in it. It's it's definitely worth watching. Not to mention they steal that that jet from a museum and it is fully gassed and the museum has an has a take off strip.


Jon - System Mastery  54:43  

So I'm gonna go the jet in the museum is fully gassed up


Jef - System Mastery  54:46  

fully gassed up which taking for me a person who worked in an airplane Museum, you don't want that they drip.


Jon - System Mastery  54:52  

They got that dripped.


Jef - System Mastery  54:54  

Anyway, as an extra dimensional, I'm taking that for my backup my Step This is a power source. I've decided to focus in on making kind of like a mix, he has spit liquor, great kazoo type character. So I have put a detailed in illusions, a D eight and transmutations and a D six and teleportation.


Ryan Boelter  55:15  

Oh, nice. So I think I've got mine with the power suit, D six leaping, and D 10. signature weapon.


Jon - System Mastery  55:25  

Cool. So really decide what that signature weapon is. Now


Jef - System Mastery  55:28  

you can do that at any point. signature weapon is, you know, you're gonna say Oh, it's my repulsor blasts, or it's my sword of omens. And I have


Jon - System Mastery  55:36  

a signature weapon as well, but it is my cursed Claus.


Ryan Boelter  55:40  



Jon - System Mastery  55:41  

It is the cursed item that has given me my curse powers.


Ryan Boelter  55:45  

I'm leaning into the magical girl nonsense now. I just put in love as my signature weapon. Whatever that translates into.


Jef - System Mastery  55:57  

Well, obviously it's a tiara with a heart on it.


Ryan Boelter  55:59  

Yeah, pretty much, right?


Jon - System Mastery  56:00  

Yeah, it's a physical manifestation of love. Just like me,


Jef - System Mastery  56:07  

Well, sort of just like cat on paper. All right. And when you're done choosing those, when you hit the point where you've assigned the dice to all of your powers, this step still, or this stage still has a few other things to do, you're going to scroll down just a bit in your power range, and it'll tell you to assign some number of yellow abilities. And then if maybe some number of green abilities not all of this, the power sources at this step provide green, but you'll choose the number they tell you and that you'll often see that they will say to use different powers for each one. So just keep that in mind.


Ryan Boelter  56:43  

Okay, nice.


Jef - System Mastery  56:45  

They also when you're looking at those those abilities, you will see a type listing There are three types that can be listed there. A is active, it's something you use on your turn, Rs reactive it's something you do when the trigger occurs, it'll tell you that and i is innate, it's just sort of a buff that's always on. Okay. And this serves as my monthly reminder to purchase a non mechanical keyboard for what I'm doing podcast stuff.


Ryan Boelter  57:13  

Alright, so mine says I get to yellow abilities. Yeah, I choose to have different power. So I can choose between energy converter explosive attack and onboard upgrade.


Jon - System Mastery  57:26  

Yep. And each one will use a different one of your powers


Ryan Boelter  57:29  

to have to assign it to a power Yes,


Jef - System Mastery  57:33  

you will sign a power to it. If there's brackets in there you'll see it'll say power in brackets there. You'll take that word and the brackets and replace it with the name of the power.


Ryan Boelter  57:42  

Oh cool. So onboard upgrade for me says boost yourself using power suit so that's already filled in. But the explosive attack


Jon - System Mastery  57:51  

yeah. Oh yeah. If you choose that.


Ryan Boelter  57:53  

Is has that power in brackets?


Jef - System Mastery  57:56  

Which Yep, so Sony power but power suit. I really do like the idea of a magical girl who in transformation sequence doesn't just turn into like a an upgraded sailor outfit but goes straight up into power armor. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  58:09  

So my that's kind


Ryan Boelter  58:11  

of what I'm picturing right?


Amelia Antrim  58:12  

says when you take damage from and then the brackets are elements slash energy. So do I have to pick either?


Jon - System Mastery  58:20  

Like when you took a power from elemental energy, then it would be?


Jef - System Mastery  58:27  

Yeah, actually elemental slash energy is one category. Yeah. What that basically represents is, if you took like, for example cold, that would mean that your character has cold blast like your Iceman or something he can shoot cold around. But obviously Iceman doesn't take a whole lot of damage from cold. So that's him saying, well, when cold hits me, I get a benefit instead. Gotcha. And mine are suitably weird to go along with my whole extra dimensional thing. I've taken bizarre strike which I'll rename at some point and I've set it to illusion so it's attack using illusion use your max die hinder that target with your mid die and then also hinder yourself with your min die which I like because it's perfect for a little interdimensional him to be constantly prevent providing weaknesses to himself for the heroes to figure out, although that would imply I'm making a villain which clearly I'm not. No, no, just a interdimensional imp on the forces of good like a, like a bat might. Yeah, a bat might do that. Or slapstick? I don't know something like that. He's a muted, but what are you gonna do?


Ryan Boelter  59:31  

Alright, so I chose explosive attack, which lets me attack up to three different targets using my signature weapon. Apply your max dye to one your mid die to another and your min die to the third. And if you roll doubles take in minor twist or take irreducible damage equal to that die. That's not a pretty cool and then onboard upgrade I have boost yourself using power suit user min plus mid dice that by As persistent and exclusive that sounds pretty cool. So I'm I'm picturing onboard upgrade is like the, the the next level transformation sequence, basically. So like already transformed and now I'm going to transform again to like my super saying, Moon prism power, pretty much.


Jef - System Mastery  1:00:21  

I mean, are you even really a magical girl if you don't have like three steps of possible transformation?


Ryan Boelter  1:00:28  

It's true. And then I have to select a green ability it looks like.


Jon - System Mastery  1:00:32  

Yep. Interestingly, both of my green abilities are just inherent things that happen. I don't have an active ability so far in green.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:40  

Yeah, my green abilities are also inherent. Yep. I'm gonna take damage reduction.


Jef - System Mastery  1:00:47  

I'm gonna give up teleportation in exchange for infernal because I have a trick I want to do.


Amelia Antrim  1:00:55  

I write for my powers. I picked inventions. elemental is radiant. And then for self control, I picked invisibility.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:07  

Hmm. sounds really cool.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:10  

Yeah, but I think that for radiant, it's an it's gonna be dark and light.


Jef - System Mastery  1:01:16  

I also had to choose a dark radiance myself. I took absorb essence for my second yellow, which is whenever I defeat a minion, which is a type of, like muhc villain in this game, I get to roll their die, I'll just get to pick up that whole minion enroll them and that becomes a boost for me. And then I also got a green ability and I took a tune. And that's why I switched out. teleportation for cosmic because it too is interesting. It has two bracketed segments, one of them for any power and the other for an energy slash element power. So the way it works is I boost myself using illusion which is a persistent and exclusive boost, which if you see that phrase, it means that that power is that that boost stays with you, you get that bonus to your rolls going forward. And exclusive means you can't generate another bonus to yourself using that same power. But I boost myself using illusion to create a persistent and exclusive boost. In wall I have that boost up all the damage ideal is cosmic.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:18  

Oh wow.


Jef - System Mastery  1:02:19  

And my idea behind that is that my characters first round action is always to try and surreptitiously transform himself into a different superhero. Like he turns into Captain space and just fires cosmic beams everywhere, but he's not that he's using illusions to pretend to be that.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:36  

Oh, interesting. That's pretty cool. I


Jon - System Mastery  1:02:38  

have picked for my powers I have signature weapon which is cursed Claus and then a transmutation and shape shifting because the claws mess with reality around me. Sometimes to my benefit sometimes not. So my two yellow powers are costly strength I can boost all my allies using transmutation with both the max and the mid die combined. And then I hindered myself using the minimum die. Team helped self hinder but I have cursed resolve which lets me boost myself using shapeshifting and then either remove a penalty that is currently on myself or recover health equal to the minimum die. And then I have my green ability is double edged luck. I can reroll any one that comes up on any of my dice once and then take the result that comes from that so if I'm using say costly strength and it comes up one I'll just leave it at one but if I'm using curse resolve and I get a one I'll reroll it


Jef - System Mastery  1:03:47  

and that's why I like curse so much.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:50  

That sounds really cool.


Jon - System Mastery  1:03:51  

Oh yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:52  

For my yellow ones are put created immunity which is when you take damage from a gradient you may recover that amount of health instead. And then multiple assault attacking with my invention power against multiple targets use the minimum dye against each. And then for green I picked created form reduced physical damage by one in green, two in yellow and three in red. All right,


Ryan Boelter  1:04:25  

yeah. And then my I had a question about my damage reduction ability for green it says reduce physical or energy damage and that's in brackets. You take by one while you're in the green zone to while you're in the yellow zone and three well in the red zone. Do I just choose physical or energy there?


Jef - System Mastery  1:04:45  

Nope. You're going to pick one type of energy that you have if you have one.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:49  

And if you don't have one do I held physical


Jon - System Mastery  1:04:53  

This is like an armor but you're


Jef - System Mastery  1:04:54  

right it's an armor. But yeah, you're gonna you're gonna choose an energy damage i think is am I wrong? No, I


Jon - System Mastery  1:04:59  

think gets just any physical or energy.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:02  

Okay, then yeah, that's all good then. That is really I think I'll choose energy.


Jef - System Mastery  1:05:07  

I thought anytime you saw a bracket, you had to make a choice. Maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong there. I don't know.


Jon - System Mastery  1:05:11  

I'll take a look at the actual wording of it. Power suit damage reduction. Yeah, so either physical damage or energy day. Oh, yeah,


Jef - System Mastery  1:05:21  

you're making a choice between physical or energy. That's all. Okay. Okay. I thought there were two sets of brackets.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:26  

Okay, yeah. Yeah, so yeah, that sounds I'll choose energy then. So physical damages and reduce, but energy damage would be. There you go. Sounds cool. Call to Action.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:41  

Yeah, like that.


Ryan Boelter  1:05:43  

I really like this game. Not only is it gorgeous, it has a really fun character creation system that I enjoyed a lot. I can easily see this as one I would probably revisit for creating random heroes with an eye on next week, we'll be completing our characters, and giving them an identity. But for now, before we let you go for the week, we have some quick calls to action.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:08  

Like we said in the beginning, remember to check out the one shot network slash one shot podcast, anyone who pledges $5 and up, you will get access to the secret archive. And you can hear one of our bonus episodes coming out this month. You can also hear the one that came out last month or a couple other old ones, I think we are going to be recording more of those soon, which should be really fun to showcase. We might even start pulling in some micro games from other places, like, or getting some guests to join us every now and then if we're able to get all the scheduling stuff. You know, I think that's one of the things about making a gaming podcast is just like actual gaming word scheduling is really hard. But we just want to do some micro character generation or even play.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:03  



Amelia Antrim  1:07:04  

I know, unheard of. But that's why it's the secret content. It'll be a good time no matter what. So go ahead and check it out.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:13  

Yeah, also, we are currently out of reviews to read to you otherwise we would be doing so right now. If you'd like to help us rectify the situation, leave us a rating and review on any of the sites where you can do that for podcasts. If we can find it. Well read it here. If you already left us a review. Thank you so much. If you want to continue helping us out. Talk about us online with others suggest us to people looking for suggestions for podcasts, or even join our discord at discord Character Creation Cast calm in chat with us about your favorite episodes. Also, you'll be on the ground floor for any big developments as we work towards making our community and podcast even better over time. And we look forward to chatting with you.


Amelia Antrim  1:08:01  

For now. Thank you so much for joining us. We hope you had as much fun as we had making this episode. It was an absolutely phenomenal time. You can check out next week's episode where we turn our nonsense up to 11 or 11. Or I guess we create some really great people. So until then, take care everyone stay safe and keep making those amazing people. We'll be back next week.


Amelia Antrim  1:08:43  

Thank you for joining us for part one of this character creation series. We'll be back in part two picking up right where we left off.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:50  

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Amelia Antrim  1:10:41  

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