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Series 48.2 - Kids on Brooms with Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski [Designers] (Creation Continued)

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Welcome to the second episode of series 48, everyone! This series, we welcome Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski, to learn about their game, Kids on Brooms, the latest in the Kids on series that started with Kids on Bikes where you play as students at a magic school! This episode we create our characters then dive into the rich relationship system!

Episode Notes

Welcome to the second episode of series 48, everyone! This series, we welcome Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski, to learn about their game, Kids on Brooms, the latest in the Kids on series that started with Kids on Bikes where you play as students at a magic school! This episode we create our characters then dive into the rich relationship system!


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Amelia Antrim  0:01  

Welcome to the second episode of Series 48. Ryan wrote, etc, etc. So I used to say whatever I want this was free carte blanche to say anything I want here. So I'm just gonna. No, I'm really excited for this episode. I love character creation in this one. Dive into


Ryan Boelter  0:23  

the relationships this episode.


Amelia Antrim  0:25  

Yeah, yeah, it's we got very serious. Very serious, so serious. No, I had a lot of fun defining those relationships. So I hope everybody listening enjoys it. And I hope that they enjoy the fact that I was trying really hard to like not be myself.


Ryan Boelter  0:42  

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, still a little bit. A little


Amelia Antrim  0:46  

bit, but not. I did not do blood. I mean, I had to do magic because there was because the magic but I didn't do blood. So yet, yet. We'll see. It's true. We'll see true, we'll find out.


Ryan Boelter  1:03  

Well, before we get going into the episode, we do have some announcements. First up, there are two bundles that you should be checking out on First is the TTRPG bundle for trans rights, Texas, there are almost 500 items included in this bundle, including my very own game, our final gathering, the dreaded reflections of the immortal soul. We cover that game on a Patreon exclusive episode, if you want to hear what it's about. But this bundle is only $5 minimum, which is an amazing deal. Yeah, absolutely. This bundle is meant to provide funds to trans advocacy groups in Texas in light of recent policies enacted by the governor, which, among other things, seeks to prosecute parents who provide gender affirming health care to their kids, as child abusers,


Amelia Antrim  1:54  

which is like the worst. That's just like, it's the opposite, like listening to so many interviews with psychologists and stuff that are like, no actually doing that is like, like, withholding gender affirming care from your kid is like, Oh,


Ryan Boelter  2:12  

well, especially if they're in the middle of it already. Right. Right. It's ridiculous.


Amelia Antrim  2:17  

I mean, there's so much more like happening with this policy about like them not having to document that they're doing these investigations. Like it's just it's it's a nightmare. It's a nightmare. It's total garbage.


Ryan Boelter  2:27  

Absolutely. It's It's very dangerous, both directly to the families affected, but also indirectly, in the precedent that it sets, there's going to be a lot of states that might model after this. So so this whole really help advocates work with the families directly impacted in the fight against these dangerous and, frankly, discriminatory policies. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  2:53  

The other bundle that we would love for you to take a look at is the bundle for Ukraine, which has a minimum price of $10 but contains almost 1000 items. I believe it was 998 Earlier when I looked


Ryan Boelter  3:05  

Yeah, I think 300 of them are RPGs and about 600 and some odd are like games that you can play on the computer and a bunch of other things.


Amelia Antrim  3:16  

Yeah, I mean, I know a lot of these bundles. I put items instead of games because I know some of them are like additional playbooks for games and you know, adventures and things like that. I did see that thirsty sword. lesbian's was in this one. So if you loved those episodes and haven't gotten that game yet, now's your chance to do it for a good cause. This one funds to different charities, the International Medical Corps, which provides medical assistance in that region, and then voices of children, which is a Ukrainian organization that helps children cope with the trauma of war, so PTSD, and just like the displacement and all of that kind of stuff that they had happening. Russia invaded Ukraine on the pretense that it should still be part of the Soviet Union. Because we're just pretending it's the 80s is still over there. i I told Ryan, I won't talk too much about Eastern European politics right now. More pressing, is the fact that Russia has shown this ever increasing disregard for human rights as they do this. A lot of their attacks have been focused on heavily populated areas. They've targeted things like hospitals, which are against international law. Buying games might seem like a really small action for both of these things. It might seem like okay, I'm just like, you want me to buy an RPG to stop war and horrible discrimination? Yes, we do. One of the things that organizations like this need most is money. You know, they're obviously very happy to have volunteers and things like that, but it costs money to run these kinds of programs too. Give people the support that they need to fight all of these battles like I remember. Like, even from my divorce, I think it cost like $400 just to file the paperwork. It's like things cost money, especially, you know, like lengthy legal battles and you know, getting people supplies and things like that. So we really urge you to take a look at both of these bundles, and to give whatever you can, if you're able to get over the minimum, that's awesome. If you can only give the minimum every bit helps. And you do get like just a ton of games. Yeah, and both of these are causes that are absolutely worth supporting.


Ryan Boelter  5:36  

Absolutely. And while we encourage you to give to the causes we just talked to you about if you have something leftover, we also have a network Patreon that helps our show and all the other shows on the slash one shot podcast. There you can get bonus episodes for various shows on the network, and even other rewards like a free RPG every month.


Amelia Antrim  6:00  

Do you think that we've like, suggested that these people like RPGs? Probably, like, here's a bundle with 500. Here's a bundle with 1000. Do you want to join a Patreon and possibly gets another free one every month? No luck games,


Ryan Boelter  6:17  

I would hope. I mean, I would guess there's maybe a couple people that that are here just for us. But yeah,


Amelia Antrim  6:25  

yeah, I still want to get our non gaming audience members.


Ryan Boelter  6:28  



Amelia Antrim  6:31  

Well, actually, you know what this maybe will help. I really want to make playlists for each of our series. I recently posted on twitter and instagram about the one that I made for our a Christmas belonging series. I made it based off of songs. I think that would be in a Hallmark movie about time traveling people and bees. I know it's late for Christmas is still winter ish. Here in Wisconsin. It was 30 degrees this morning. It's not anymore, but that's fine. There are not any actual Christmas songs on there, though, so you can listen to it year round. There you go. We did recently ask on Twitter, but we would love to hear from any of you anywhere. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, apparently on Tik Tok email. Also, we have Pinterest, you probably can't leave comments there. But if you want to see some mood boards that I made for some of our characters, you can also find us on Pinterest. But we'd love to hear about what series you would like us to work on next. If there are any specific themes or songs that you think we absolutely need to include, please tell us it's going to be a slow process to make because I'm very particular. But I think it would be fun. Fair, fantastic. Something I've wanted to do since our starcrossed ones. Oh, you know,


Ryan Boelter  7:51  

and if you haven't heard those ones, absolutely check those out. Because they are still amazing.


Amelia Antrim  7:56  

Yes. They're still so good.


Ryan Boelter  8:00  

Speaking of we do have a tic tac page now. We're basically hosting all of our teasers for the upcoming episodes there. We're not sure if we're going to use it for anything else. We don't really know if we will. If you have suggestions, so we're we're always taking suggestions, we're not going to probably do everything that you suggest for us to do. Or maybe even anything you just


Amelia Antrim  8:24  

don't know probably won't do it.


Ryan Boelter  8:26  

I just say it's very dependent on what we get for a suggestion. That's true. But you know, it doesn't hurt to suggest we're not gonna get your suggestion and say, hmm, I don't think I like this person anymore.


Amelia Antrim  8:38  

Yeah, we won't, we won't insult you to your face. Don't worry.


Ryan Boelter  8:44  

I would never even behind your belt,


Amelia Antrim  8:46  

you wouldn't be Ryan. Ryan would never insult you know, I would love to find some stuff to do. I would love to like, I don't know, like pretend to be our characters or something. But I don't know. Yet or how. Yeah, well for yourself. It was character. So yeah, it would make sense something character focused


Ryan Boelter  9:05  

character, character, creation, focus maybe or something? Yes, it's almost like it's our thing. But but if you want you can follow us at Character Creation Cast on tick tock. And like our stuff.


Amelia Antrim  9:20  

Yeah. That is it for announcements. If that was not enough for you. Stick around after the show, when we'll do more announcements, or just repeat the ones that we said already. But we do have a review to read. So that's exciting. So stick around for that. In the meantime, please enjoy this very serious episode.


Jonathan Gilmour  9:41  

So serious, serious


Ryan Boelter  10:15  

Last time on Character Creation Cast, we created a magic school called poof. With headmistress, Meredith bleep blurp. Trying to keep things running while the school is in a zoning litigation with the local merfolk Amelia started making a best friend, John started making a funny klutz. Doug started making a hottie descendent, and I started making a haunted survivor. We're picking up right where we left off last time. Enjoy. All right. So I've got my, my trope. This was the first exposure I've had to any of the kids on games. So what is my next step? After selecting


Doug Levandowski  11:05  

them, so then you select their grade? So I think we're agreeing This is high school, right? Yeah. So if we're going to upper class, that would be juniors or seniors. Then the string juniors


Ryan Boelter  11:17  

probably Yeah, like having a grade above us. Yeah, yeah.


Doug Levandowski  11:23  

And then there are on the trips, list, some suggested strengths and suggested flaws. So you pick two of each.


Ryan Boelter  11:30  

Okay. Oh, interesting. Are these? Are these just narrative descriptions? Or do these have mechanical benefits as well?


Doug Levandowski  11:40  

The streets have mechanical benefits, the flaws are? Had we? Do we make them mechanical in here?


Jonathan Gilmour  11:48  

No, I don't think so. I think they are role playing.


Doug Levandowski  11:53  

Okay. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  11:56  

I just really don't know how to play this character. And


Ryan Boelter  12:00  

you don't have to worry about


Amelia Antrim  12:01  

it. I know. But even like making it I'm just like, not your flaws are not mechanical make.


Ryan Boelter  12:05  

Make them the most necromantic reliable bestie. And I'm trying to make mine the most magical girl haunted survivor. Okay. So you can still be a little spooky, and still be reliable.


Amelia Antrim  12:24  

Well, one of the one of the flaws listed on here is cursed. So


Ryan Boelter  12:27  

oh, I mean, that happens. That's, you know, we could be cursed together. Yeah. timid and cursed. And go, I'll take those as my, my flaws. All right. And likely strengths. Guardian seems like a good one. Between resilient and psychic link. Where do I find the descriptions of what the strengths are all about?


Doug Levandowski  12:54  

Appendix C talks about on page 90. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  12:58  

Oh, perfect. on it. Oh, heavy enough. Familiar. Sounds amazing.


Doug Levandowski  13:03  

Oh, yeah. Everybody gets one of those. Oh, thank you.


Ryan Boelter  13:06  



Jonathan Gilmour  13:08  

everybody gets a wind and familiar.


Unknown Speaker  13:12  

Ed. Oh, that's


Ryan Boelter  13:12  

amazing. Can it be anything? Okay, so I've got guardian and psychic link, which gives me a two way communication with my familiar at any distance. Oh, nice. What does my magical girl familiar gonna be? Look at all this cool stuff. Okay, and I see on the tropes ages, they have a the stats, the base stats, the dice that you get in all of them is that just you just fill those out? As given?


Doug Levandowski  13:46  

Yes. If there's anything you really, really want to swap around, you can, but the tropes sort of pre generate that for you.


Ryan Boelter  13:54  

Awesome. So it looks like my de 20 is in fight. Just perfect. Cool. Different charm. Not the most magical girl but I can work with that. That's fine. I am haunted. So that would make sense. Is it


Jonathan Gilmour  14:09  

like an awning where like you're constantly being like, on slotted by poltergeists.


Ryan Boelter  14:15  

You know, it's very possible. Maybe it's maybe it's haunted by stuff that only I can see. And an indirect way I like it. So like, you know, I might be in this absolutely epic confrontation with something. But it just looks like I'm jumping around.


Jonathan Gilmour  14:33  

That's great. There's a fantastic BBC show called ghosts. That's kind of the plot is that the main character can see all the ghosts that live in the house, but nobody else can. Oh, it goes through horrible and dumb. Yeah.


Doug Levandowski  14:48  

Oh, speaking of BBC shows, and this is totally off topic. John, we watch the first two episodes of murder and successful Yeah, the first one didn't quite do it for me. I was dying during the second Yep. Yeah, the first one slow. Cry laugh It's so good. Yeah, it's really good. All right, let's see focus in the table. Come on everybody serious game. Serious. Someone who's haunted in fights with their demons.


Ryan Boelter  15:15  

Yeah. I like to think from my character's perspective, like stuff is getting destroyed and like, you know, major collateral damage, but when the dust settles like everything's normal, like nothing's gotten hurt during the whole battle.


Jonathan Gilmour  15:30  

So, so great. I kind of went a little bit off that trope online. I took funny klutz, but I tend to watch it as a strength. Okay, and my concept is that my character is cursed with it with its streams of luck. no middle ground.


Doug Levandowski  15:48  

Like it definitely play with that. That's great.


Ryan Boelter  15:50  

All right. So once we get the strengths and flaws are static stats there. What's the next part that we need to work


Doug Levandowski  15:59  

on? Everyone should have a familiar as well and set your first name. All right.


Jonathan Gilmour  16:04  

I also set my last name instead of problem.


Ryan Boelter  16:06  

Yeah, you had your name John, before we even started it's a real good name. I can't wait. Ah, what is my animal friendly you're gonna be so are you are you going to slough


Jonathan Gilmour  16:19  

guy okay. Yeah, he's he's not a smart Sloss.


Doug Levandowski  16:25  

I have pitch a judgmental Raven. Oh, nice. In my character's name is Garrison, but he goes by gar, he's a potty descendant who is wealthy and lucky. And he is haughty and tempted.


Jonathan Gilmour  16:38  

Mine is Jimmy tingle bottom and funny clots in my sloths name is Frodo and my slides are clumsy and reckless.


Ryan Boelter  16:50  

Alright, I still need a name for my character. Um, go with air.


Jonathan Gilmour  16:57  

Are you my twin? Are you the other fellow tinkle bottom?


Ryan Boelter  17:01  

I don't think so.


Jonathan Gilmour  17:03  

Thanks. Thanks for the offer. Know and step number one when we teach role players know


Amelia Antrim  17:16  

Yep. I need a name for my familiar. What is it? Oh, it's a flamingo. Oh, perfect. PT.


Jonathan Gilmour  17:25  

Or any other Pac Man roasts


Ryan Boelter  17:28  

slinky diente Clyde blind. Yeah. All right. I am playing a are creating Elvira whisper Shanks pronouns she her age 17 hunted survivor trope with a flying squirrel. Animal familiar named Kipper.


Jonathan Gilmour  17:51  

seems much more useful than a sloth. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  17:56  

timid and Cursed are my flaws, and Guardian and psychic link are my strengths.


Amelia Antrim  18:02  

Okay. I named my character Amy, Katherine Boyd. She goes by Amy Katherine, it's a hyphenated.


Doug Levandowski  18:10  

Your see what? K or C.


Amelia Antrim  18:13  

C? And you need to call her Amy. Katherine. She does not go by Amy. Amy, Katherine. There you go. Let's see the string. So check. We're loyal and guardian. For flaws I picked naive and cursed. And I have a flamingo familiar named Alistair.


Doug Levandowski  18:32  

And what's your trope?


Amelia Antrim  18:33  

My trope is the reliable bestie


Ryan Boelter  18:35  

and Doug I missed your character's name.


Doug Levandowski  18:39  

My character's name is Garrison, but he goes by gar he is a hottie descendent he's a real jerk. He's wealthy and lucky. He's haughty and tempted. He has a familiar who's a judgmental Raven named Guiche gar is not immune from pitches judgment. Gar came to poof like finally agreed to go to magical school because he thought there might be some attractive women there. That's that's a stick and he is a somewhat charming he's got a D 12 and charm. But he's got a D 20. Fight so he is


Ryan Boelter  19:21  

a car but a decent we're


Amelia Antrim  19:23  

not charming enough to make up for having a jerky


Doug Levandowski  19:25  

Correct. He's above average charming but not charming enough and is a deform grip. So he does not take rejection maturely. Hmm.


Ryan Boelter  19:37  

All right. But what is next


Doug Levandowski  19:39  

turret. So next, we everyone is going with standard species that we have our overview of magic, just to get a sense of how this plays out in the game. As you're crafting your character. Anytime you cast a spell you're going to be able to use whatever set You want for that magic is just going to determine the approach that you take to it. So, if you are using fight to cast magic, that's generally going to be when you're like attacking enemies or trying to break curses or blast obstacles. But you're going to sort of like be fighting with the rules of reality, when you're using that we're fighting against someone else. Flight is going to be sort of like dodging and trying to sort of help maneuver something, brains is going to be using your intelligence to sort of bend those rules are understand the rules carefully enough fully enough that you can know how to work around them. Brawn is when you're just sort of like physically bringing your physical will into it and overpower things. Charm is influencing other people's thinking or creating illusions or stuff like that. And then grit is toughing it out, either physically or mentally. Okay. So yeah. And then the next step is introductions and questions. So we've introduced our characters to each other. And now we're gonna ask some relationship questions. Oh, excellent. So who would like to, actually, so the first thing to decide is whether we want to do the very abbreviated, which we don't recommend the mid range or the Super Deluxe extended edition. So on the mid range, everyone answers one question about each other player at the table. In the extended everybody answers to questions, one positive and one negative about each other player at the table? Oh,


Amelia Antrim  21:41  

yeah, I mean, I feel like we need to do the extended, but there's only four of us.


Doug Levandowski  21:46  

And, and that assumes that we all know each other. I think if we're all juniors at school, we probably have been in school for a couple years together. There are also questions for characters you don't know, you know, if we were decided that like gar and Amy Katherine, just sort of know of each other, then we would answer just one neutral question about each other. But if we say we all, you know, we've all had classes together, we have opinions about each other, we'll do a positive and a negative question about each other.


Ryan Boelter  22:14  

Very cool. Um, and then I saw in the tropes section, each of the tropes had two questions as well, yes. about themselves. Do we answer that before we get into relationships


Doug Levandowski  22:28  

up to you, if you want to share that information? Now? You can, okay. Or that can be something you decide after we've established relationships, sort of building off of that. Or it could even be something that you keep secret, but the you know the answer to okay, what am I know, my first question, what famous or infamous thing is your family known for the magic world? I think that would be something everybody would know about. About gar. So gars family is known for I think our family is the gar Stanley, are the three main litigators in the ongoing property dispute.


Unknown Speaker  23:08  



Amelia Antrim  23:10  

defense lawyer, wizard.


Doug Levandowski  23:11  

big fancy lawyer, wizards. Ice.


Amelia Antrim  23:15  

Do you have a separate magical law school? Or is it just like regular law school?


Ryan Boelter  23:21  

There's got to be at least a separate magical law school there has to be well, I


Amelia Antrim  23:24  

would just think that like a murder people have like a different judicial system, like a different sense of, you know,


Ryan Boelter  23:29  

where you are learn about them, or people's judicial system, and all that


Amelia Antrim  23:33  

sort of stuff is like, are we fighting this in like merpeople? Court? Or do they have to find it in our court? Or like, like an agreed upon neutral ground? Is this like, sort of like jurisdiction? Yeah,


Doug Levandowski  23:46  

yeah, Gore's happy to talk about that at length. He gets a lot of things wrong. But he's absolutely insistent that he is 100%. Correct about it. Right.


Amelia Antrim  23:55  

He's wrong. But he's confident wrong, but absolutely confident. That's one of


Doug Levandowski  23:59  

the things he learned from, from his mom and his dad that, you know, it doesn't matter what you say, as long as you say, absolute confidence and a lot of money.


Amelia Antrim  24:08  

Right? Thank you till you make it. Act like you belong.


Ryan Boelter  24:13  

I don't think I have any, like big questions that would have been revealed to the other characters. One of mine is what is the tragedy that haunts you? And the other is what strength has that tragedy given you the most, or that most others lack? I guess that one would be like, I have a grit determination to protect others at all costs.


Amelia Antrim  24:37  

So I wanted to ask this, Ryan, because you both have that cursed flaw and one of my questions was, why are you so bonded to your best friend? Yeah. Um, and so I was wondering if you wanted to be my best friend. Oh, and then because I wrote for my trip question. We've been through something traumatic together. Are you wondering if you would like us to be, you know, like, you can have your your ghosts or whatever and like talk to ghosts, but I think that like, whatever it was we both somehow ended up cursed. And if that's cool with you, yeah, no,


Ryan Boelter  25:15  

that sounds great. Awesome.


Amelia Antrim  25:17  

That was my only one that I really needed to like, oh, when? When do you wish you were the center of attention rather than the sidekick? And I said, I think I could break this curse if they would just let me. Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  25:31  

Nice. So I guess your character would have known my tragedy then. Yes. That the the tragedy that haunts me is I lost my magical girl team to a tragedy years ago. Lost as in they literally disappeared. And I could not find them. So I have no idea what their fate is.


Amelia Antrim  25:53  

Okay. And that's Is that what your curse? Some? No.


Ryan Boelter  26:00  

Yeah, because it's my curse, like, like, they got disappeared somehow. And now I can't find them. And so now I want to go to magical school to up my magical knowledge. And really stepped things up to the next level to hopefully find them. Right, maybe even bring them back. But


Amelia Antrim  26:20  

so one of my strengths too, that I have is loyal. And so I think maybe I've come along with you for this because you already lost all of those people that are important. And I don't feel like you can afford to like lose anybody else. So I have to feel like I have to be there for you.


Ryan Boelter  26:36  

Yeah. Oh, that's a really good. That's a really good dynamic. I like that.


Amelia Antrim  26:40  

Awesome. I love when it works out.


Unknown Speaker  26:42  



Amelia Antrim  26:44  

It's my it's my characters working out to sorry, listeners. You don't get to see.


Doug Levandowski  26:49  

Nope. Alright, who's ready for the first question?


Ryan Boelter  26:54  

I think I think we're already all right.


Amelia Antrim  26:58  

Does anybody have a D for should we roll a d for? I don't have one on my desk. I got it. Okay, let's do it. Briggs. Ready, Amelia? That's all right. All right. like to go first. Isn't Amelia Antrim? I have been going first my whole life.


Doug Levandowski  27:16  

Do you have a D? 20? I do not. I'm ro for you.


Amelia Antrim  27:19  

Okay. All right. My way I cleaned up.


Doug Levandowski  27:22  

Your first question is about God. Very positive question. You in this character once cut class together? Why?


Unknown Speaker  27:32  

Oh, would you cut classes? Yeah. Why


Amelia Antrim  27:35  

would you do anything? Car? Look at my, I think I was concerned that gar was gonna do something like stupid. I think maybe this is like the height of some of these legal proceedings. And I think gar is like, I'm gonna go see what's going on. I'm gonna figure this out. I saw it myself. And I was like, I would not do that maybe. And so like, I think I followed along like, you need someone there to at least make sure that this doesn't go bad. Just for for everyone's sake. Like, I would feel guilty if something happened.


Doug Levandowski  28:17  

Alright. And then a negative question. What bad rumor Have you heard about guard that you don't think could possibly be true? Ooh,


Amelia Antrim  28:26  

I think I heard that his family was actually trying to throw the case. And I'm just like, No, have you met him? He likes to win too much. Like there's no way. Like, there's no way that could possibly be true. You would never admit to being wrong. So I can't imagine his parents would admit to being wrong and just


Ryan Boelter  28:46  

gotta get that from somewhere.


Doug Levandowski  28:48  

All right, now Gore, your turn to answer about Amelia. There. Sorry about Amy. Katherine. When did you realize you loved this character? Either romantically or platonically.


Ryan Boelter  28:57  

Wow. The stakes, okay.


Amelia Antrim  29:03  

Yes, please. It's the first time someone's loved Amy. Katherine more than her best friend.


Doug Levandowski  29:13  

Yeah, people don't usually care about what happens to gar. And so I think when Amy Katherine was like, willing to cut glass being as reliable as she usually is, gar misinterpreted that Oh,


Unknown Speaker  29:33  

or our guard.


Doug Levandowski  29:36  

So I'm going to, I think I'm going to say that that class cutting has happened just a couple of weeks ago. Okay. All right. No, the negative question about me, Catherine. Seven. What ambition does this character have that scares you? I think that that desire to lift the curse is the curse is strong. And so You know, we know enough that about magic to know that to break something strong, you have to do something big. And I think gar is worried that she would go too far. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  30:13  

this is all in line with the characters that I may never come go too far. What? I love it.


Doug Levandowski  30:22  

All right, Jimmy and Elvira, which one of you would like to answer about the other one first? I can go first. Okay. Elvira, wonderful, unforgettable experience. Did you and Jimmy have together?


Ryan Boelter  30:35  

Jimmy is the funny klutz? Right? Okay. Gosh, I want to I want to say that I was battling my literal demons, I guess, when Jimmy was around. And Jimmy just kept, like, stumbling into the right places pushing me out of the way in just the right way. And like, like, there is there's this like, I'm trying to do stuff. And then Jimmy, you know, accidentally gets in the way. So it looks like we're kind of like, clutching into one another. And it somehow worked out. So I we just had a big laugh about it afterwards. And and I don't think Jimmy knew, like the life and death stakes that were happening, dear. It just looked like a bunch of happenstance of stumbling and tumbling. Okay. It's pretty on brand. Yeah. Yeah.


Doug Levandowski  31:41  

What do both of you hate about this school?


Ryan Boelter  31:43  

Oh, I'm gonna say it, huh. Say maybe like, not as much accessibility as as there should be. Like that was put on the backburner to kind of clean up all this litigation.


Doug Levandowski  32:02  

Cool. All right.


Jonathan Gilmour  32:04  

Jimmy. Yes.


Doug Levandowski  32:06  

You and Elvira have somewhere secret in the school that you go to that you think only the two of you know about? Where is it?


Jonathan Gilmour  32:15  

I discovered a accidentally, I believe against a wall one day and push this panel. And it's a secret entrance to like this little tiny library with like forbidden magic books, but I'm too worried of touching about touching any of them.


Doug Levandowski  32:37  

And then, when was the last time you betrayed this character?


Unknown Speaker  32:40  

Oh, dang. Also,


Doug Levandowski  32:44  

like, these questions don't fit at all. Like, if you're like, No, my character would just never betray anyone. You can just ask for a reroll or just choose a different one.


Unknown Speaker  32:54  



Jonathan Gilmour  32:56  

i missed placed a note that a virus had written to it. Well, it definitely wasn't a purposeful betrayal. But I think if I can't find the note right now, but it had some highly personal information that Avaya was telling me. And if it gets into the wrong hands, I think of I feel like it's a big personal betrayal.


Doug Levandowski  33:20  

Yeah, what hands would those be?


Jonathan Gilmour  33:24  

Probably the one of the school bullies.


Unknown Speaker  33:27  

Mm hmm. Yeah.


Jonathan Gilmour  33:30  

You know how they feel about kids having emotions and feelings


Amelia Antrim  33:33  

be there for it?


Jonathan Gilmour  33:35  

Yes. Big fans


Doug Levandowski  33:37  

for it so they can make fun of it. Oh, all right. No. Vyra. Yeah. You and Amy, Katherine. Rifle.


Ryan Boelter  33:48  

Yes, please. Sorry.


Doug Levandowski  33:49  

So Amy, Katherine. So this would be a repeated question. This would be the two of you having some more secret in the school? Do you want a new one? Or do you want to do that? Like, oh, let's do a new one. Okay. This is also a repeat. When did you realize you love this character, either romantically or platonically. But you can get a new one if you want. Or you can go with it. Oh, it's sorry. I'm not doing the voice


Ryan Boelter  34:16  

of trying


Amelia Antrim  34:19  

to say who is answering this one?


Ryan Boelter  34:20  

Amy, Katherine.


Amelia Antrim  34:23  

Yeah, no, I'm fine answering that one. Um, I am going to say it's when I decided to follow you to this school. Cuz we we knew each other before that. Right. Your your magical girl friendship group thing was before going to the school, right? Yeah. I'm gonna say I think I realized it when I made the decision to like, come here and you know, leave everything else to go on. Like an island in the middle of Lake Erie seems like the kind of thing that you Yeah.


Doug Levandowski  34:51  

Okay. And then what's the last thing you stole from this character?


Unknown Speaker  34:57  



Amelia Antrim  35:01  

I mean, I think it would be something that like I took for your own good. You know, like I don't think it was like a malicious thing.


Unknown Speaker  35:10  

My heart


Amelia Antrim  35:15  

no I don't know, let's say like a book or something that you were using like to do to do some research on stuff that I was like, I don't really like where this is going. You're like starting to become like a little bit obsessed with it and like, yeah,


Ryan Boelter  35:31  

like getting a bit too deep to something when, when


Amelia Antrim  35:37  

it's clearly not the way to go.


Ryan Boelter  35:39  

Yeah, maybe maybe it would have steered me down an even darker path. Yeah. Yeah.


Doug Levandowski  35:47  

What a shame if you got that. So stack. Right, Elvira? You and Amy Katherine share a common interest in something weird and nonmagical. What is it?


Ryan Boelter  36:05  

Oh, that's a good question. Um, password be something weird in nonmagical? Didn't you hear you hear? Yes,


Doug Levandowski  36:16  

yes. Yes. Correct.


Ryan Boelter  36:23  

Play play into the audience.


Doug Levandowski  36:25  

Vorrei. And Elvira, how far along are you in your plan to get Amy Katherine removed from the school? Oh, boy.


Unknown Speaker  36:38  

Oh, boy.


Amelia Antrim  36:40  

Didn't see that one coming.


Ryan Boelter  36:41  

No. Part of me wants to roll with it. Part of me wants to really


Unknown Speaker  36:46  

roll with it. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  36:49  

All right. Um, because it would have to be for a good reason. Right. Right. Um, it'd be for for your own protection or something. I wonder. I wonder if it it's like a thought that I have been putting together as like a failsafe to, you know, keep you safe in case. You know, the worst came to worst or whatever.


Amelia Antrim  37:15  

Are you worried that what happened to your other group will happen again?


Ryan Boelter  37:18  

Yeah, exactly. So like, if I if I see, like, the same sort of stuff starting to, you know, culminate into this area of the world. I might, might have to enact a plan to to do so. So it's more of a thought exercise and like taking brain notes of, you know, what, what steps I wouldn't need to do to, to do that.


Amelia Antrim  37:44  

Yeah. So it's not that far along. But like, yeah, it's not not there.


Ryan Boelter  37:50  

So I'm not like actively out to get you expelled. But I'm to get you out of the school. Yeah. Just in case, everything you know, hits the fan.


Doug Levandowski  38:01  

Whoa, that's intense.


Amelia Antrim  38:04  

Thank you. We were all waiting for it. I


Ryan Boelter  38:06  

gotta keep my BFF safe.


Doug Levandowski  38:09  

ALL RIGHT. Jimmy, you and gar. All right. Positive. You saw this character do something nice for someone without making it about them. What was it


Amelia Antrim  38:20  

sounds unlikely. Great. Ah, ha,


Jonathan Gilmour  38:26  

boy. It really surprised me. When I saw dar help a murderer person.


Unknown Speaker  38:37  

What? Yeah.


Doug Levandowski  38:41  

You can't prove that.


Jonathan Gilmour  38:42  

can't prove it. But I know I saw it.


Doug Levandowski  38:45  

What do you think you saw me helping them? Do


Amelia Antrim  38:48  

you think you saw


Jonathan Gilmour  38:51  

they were ad said didn't believe beached. In turn, get back into the water. And you you pick them up and carried them on needed


Doug Levandowski  39:03  

said, you know, like, she was? Yeah, it was just that she was hot. So I did it. That's it. Ladies and what forbidden cell Do you know that gar has been researching?


Jonathan Gilmour  39:22  

What what Stryer his favorite class gars favorite class


Doug Levandowski  39:28  

is? How awful should I make him? No, not that awful.


Doug Levandowski  39:37  

Gore's favorite class is his potions guard has realized that he's not smart enough to follow in his family's legal footsteps. And so he hopes to get into bushing manufacturer.


Jonathan Gilmour  39:57  

So I seen that drive R has been trying to learn how to make a love potion. And that is forbidden. Because it revoked. So you sent


Ryan Boelter  40:12  

Jimmy just stumble into making that one day.


Jonathan Gilmour  40:15  

Oh, yeah, that's Jimmy just stumbled into everything. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  40:21  

Don't give me those are the right ingredients.


Doug Levandowski  40:25  

So this would be a point where I, as a character would would say that like, or as a player would say, when we play this, that potion can never get finished. Right? Right. I'm sure I'm good with that being something that my character is trying to do. But I'm not good with the GM ever letting me do it. Yep.


Jonathan Gilmour  40:45  

You're searching for the final ingredient. Right? Right. And every time you try a different one, it leads to a bad result. For you. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  40:59  

but increasingly wacky.


Jonathan Gilmour  41:03  

And increasingly wacky, is a It goes without saying.


Ryan Boelter  41:07  

Yep. The real isn't very serious.


Doug Levandowski  41:11  

The real question was the friends we met, it was late. Yep. All right. All right. Gar Jimmy once protected you from something dangerous, what happened? I think maybe that's when he found out that I was working on the love potion that there was a disaster of side effects that he managed to prevent from happening to me, or managed to reverse before there's any permanent damage. Oh, nice. Let's say. I mean, let's say I caught on fire. And he was there to put me out before I got any scarring, which you know, would be real bad for me. For sure. And then negative. Right guard, what secrets do you need to keep from Jimmy to protect yourself?


Ryan Boelter  42:01  

Secrets doesn't go, right. Well, yeah,


Doug Levandowski  42:05  

that's true. Yeah. So like, part of me is tempted to say he needs to keep it secret that he's working on a love potion. But with meta knowledge. I know that that's not the case. So I'll dig deeper.


Jonathan Gilmour  42:15  

Maybe Maybe. Gary is trying to but doesn't know that. I know. I don't know if that's interesting, though. So


Doug Levandowski  42:22  

yeah. But yeah, I think one of the deeper I think he hasn't, that gar has come closest to figuring out that he wants to make OSHA that, like, as a profession, he wants to be a potion maker. And he's still not not good with people knowing that he wants to do that, because he feels like it's a failure on his part. Not living up to his family's expectations.


Unknown Speaker  42:47  

Yeah. So yeah, I like that.


Doug Levandowski  42:50  

Cool. All right. Jimmy and Haney Katherine, who'd like to answer first? Okay, great. What magic event to the two of you experienced that no one else believes happened.


Amelia Antrim  43:03  

Um, I really wanted to be like something like, stupid and small. So that people would be like, why would you even make that, you know, like, can it just be that like, we found the sock room? And like, we can't find it again? Oh, yeah. And and everybody's like, Why would you lie about that? Like, we all know, the soccer is fake. It's not a real thing. And we're like, No, we really? Yeah.


Doug Levandowski  43:29  

All right. And then what magical object says Jimmy have that you want to take from him? Oh,


Amelia Antrim  43:36  

what is a cool thing that something can do? It's magic. So anything I know. I'm just trying to say like, what would I want a thing to? Do? You know, what would Amy Katherine like?


Ryan Boelter  43:48  

Something to do with lifting the curse? Yeah. Currently,


Amelia Antrim  43:54  

we haven't really, like determined what that curse is, though. No, at all.


Ryan Boelter  44:00  

It was bad enough to disappear an entire team of magic girls, right? It's got to have something to do with these invisible things that I'm writing constantly. Are you the only other person that can see these?


Amelia Antrim  44:11  

Maybe? Do you want somebody else to be able to see them? Or do you want our cursors to be like close, but not quite.


Ryan Boelter  44:17  

I would love it if we had a shared like we are the only two people in the world that we know of that can see these things. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  44:26  

I think he has some kind of like, I want it to be an orb. I don't know why I just want it to be an orb. That sort of acts as like a protection being No, he's somebody that's incredibly clumsy, but somehow still manages to be lucky enough to like not be horribly injured all the time. And I think that he doesn't fully appreciate like, the power of this thing. And I'm like, You're chased by these evil spirit demon things that are constantly trying to hurt you. And like, he's just really clumsy. each one of you needs this more


Jonathan Gilmour  45:04  

than works really well because I wrote down a bunch of horrible things in my bag and one of them is a sushi ball. But the ball that the goblin uses in the elaborates hmm, cool. So that's the that's the order. I just don't know that that I just write try new tricks and drop it all the time. Right. And every time I drop it


Amelia Antrim  45:27  

let me hold that for you.


Unknown Speaker  45:30  

I'll keep it safe. Please don't worry. Oh, I love it.


Doug Levandowski  45:34  

Mm hmm. All right, Jimmy. Yes. Why did you spend the summer Amy Katherine's home instead of your own? Oh,


Jonathan Gilmour  45:43  

she's I burnt my home down by accident.


Amelia Antrim  45:47  

I love it. I love it. I feel like Amy Katherine being herself was like, You know what? You don't have anywhere to go. I can't just like, why don't you come stay with me? My mom will make us peanut butter sandwiches. It'll be fine.


Doug Levandowski  45:59  

Fine. And then, Jimmy, you heard Amy Katherine years ago? Why can't you apologize?


Jonathan Gilmour  46:06  

I can't apologize. We just Amy. Katherine doesn't know it was me. Oh.


Doug Levandowski  46:16  

What did you do?


Jonathan Gilmour  46:17  

Today? That's a good question.


Amelia Antrim  46:20  

That's a whole other question. And we were only answering one question.


Jonathan Gilmour  46:25  

Um, I am the reason that the curses on her.


Unknown Speaker  46:32  



Jonathan Gilmour  46:35  

yeah, I absolutely did it. I was trying to just pass the normal practice spell and I accidentally set a truce instead. It was like one word off. It's they really shouldn't do that.


Ryan Boelter  46:51  

They should be more careful with their spell create.


Jonathan Gilmour  46:53  

I was halfway through the spell and I spilled my soda on the scroll.


Amelia Antrim  46:58  

Right. It was just really hard to tell if it was.


Jonathan Gilmour  47:01  

Yeah, I was pretty sure I was confident I knew what word it was. But


Ryan Boelter  47:05  

I am I am getting some major Army of Darkness vibes.


Jonathan Gilmour  47:10  

Yeah, Jimmy's teenage ash.


Doug Levandowski  47:14  

I mean, if the people who wrote this scroll did a good job, like it would have been approved. That's on them. Yeah. It's paid $25 For that scroll.


Amelia Antrim  47:24  

It's called elimination. It's not even magic.


Jonathan Gilmour  47:28  

Sometimes it is. I do like to laminate things. Oh, it's


Doug Levandowski  47:33  

so great, isn't it? All right, Elvira. Yeah. How did gar stop a bad rumor about you from spreading? Oh, boy.


Ryan Boelter  47:41  

Oh, that's interesting. Is gara a person that people like listen to? on the regular? Yes. Like he's he's got some like influence because of his standing and whatnot standing


Doug Levandowski  47:57  

his family. He is like, more charming than average.


Ryan Boelter  48:03  

Okay. So so maybe, maybe Garcias spoke up. For Elvira. Like this rumor was starting to get circulated just like he was one of the first people that the rumor was starting to get circulated to. Because, you know, we're seeing together a lot because of this group that we're somehow in. And and I think I think he just said nice. That's not the case. Oh, that would that would you know, I know Elvira more than that.


Doug Levandowski  48:44  

While making eye contact with Amy Katherine to make sure that she knew that he was


Unknown Speaker  48:53  

the worst.


Doug Levandowski  48:55  

A repeats here. Why won't you be alone in a classroom with gar.


Unknown Speaker  49:03  

Cuz he's got


Ryan Boelter  49:07  

his reputation, right? Uh, yeah.


Doug Levandowski  49:11  

Good. God, how did this character cover for you and you made a big mistake. Um, I think that day after the rumor thing. I was almost caught cheating on a test. And Elvira saw that the teacher saw and created some sort of like magical distraction to take teachers mind off of it to like, just at the last second before made it big enough that they then certainly pushed it out of their mind.


Unknown Speaker  49:47  

Yeah, but


Ryan Boelter  49:48  

if it's like a test situation, what if it was like near the end of the test? And like, I want to say like the faculty kind knows a little bit about the curse, but not to the extent but they know, like, there's situations where I might have to run out of the room to take care of business. And, and so like, I use that as an excuse, even though there wasn't a threat, you saw, like, I just finished my test a bit earlier than everybody else slammed the test down on the on the desk and, and said, Sorry, you gotta, you know, thing in brain out of the room. Right. And that was like, just enough to draw attention away.


Doug Levandowski  50:38  

And I think I've made it clear that if the teacher doesn't catch me, literally in the act of cheating, like with the irrefutable evidence, I'll just be like, you can't prove it.


Ryan Boelter  50:51  

Regardless if you're a cheater, right,


Amelia Antrim  50:53  

I will call my father. My father will hear about


Doug Levandowski  50:56  

this. Yeah, it will be like many conversations that I have had. Teacher. Uh huh. How do you know that? Those five sentences came from this website? You can't prove that. I don't need to. Alright. God, what part of a virus personality scares you?


Ryan Boelter  51:18  

I'm sure there's there's a decent amount. Yeah.


Doug Levandowski  51:20  

I think beyond the, like, beyond the curse and all that sort of stuff. I think she, she's just like, an unbelievably intense person. Oh. And as we've sort of been, like, our group has been pushed together more and more. I think he's had a few moments where they'll viry made it clear that like, if need be, she would just go through him. Yeah. And


Ryan Boelter  51:51  

he especially if I'm picking up on those, those vibes towards a McAfee?


Doug Levandowski  51:57  

Yeah. Alright. That is character creation. Well, those are relationship questions. Yeah. And now we do the finishing touches. So finishing touches are your wand, your broom, that sort of stuff. Oh, excellent. So the way ones work is you select a wood and a core, although your casting thing can be, you know, really anything, it doesn't have to be a wooden wand with some kind of core, it could be a gem with something encased in it of some sort. It could be an amulet with something in it. But basically, give a two part wand that gives you a bonus to one of your one of your stats when you're casting magic for the wood and a different stat when you're casting magic with the pool. Okay, so like if you have an oak wand with dragons heartstring core you would get a bonus to run and fight. But only when you're using magic.


Ryan Boelter  53:02  

Okay. Okay, so my character's best attribute is fight. So it feels like if I would want to choose something maybe aside from fight for the wood and the core, because I'm already good at fight. So it boosting other stats sounds more advantageous, potentially.


Doug Levandowski  53:27  

Totally up to you. So the one is, is really going to be like a reflection of how you either how you want to present to the world or like the you're sort of like true self. Oh, so it could be that you know, they they boost your to hide stats. It could be that, you know, one of your work could not right, it's


Ryan Boelter  53:47  

yeah. Oh, that's interesting. All right. I think I've got mine then.


Doug Levandowski  53:52  

Okay. What's up Iris want.


Ryan Boelter  53:54  

I'm going to be going with a carry wood, which gives me a bonus to charm, which is my weakest stat. And the dragons hard string core. Which gives me a bonus to fight which is my strongest.


Amelia Antrim  54:12  

I also picked cherry. Oh, no, charm is my best stat and Phoenix phoenix feather, which gives me a bonus to brains, which is how I want to see myself even though my brains are like pretty average.


Jonathan Gilmour  54:26  

Oh, nice. Okay. I chose lie a lot based on charm. And then the core is a bats bone. So it helps me in flight,


Ryan Boelter  54:40  

which Oh, nice.


Doug Levandowski  54:43  

I went with a Hawthorne wand, which gives me a bonus to rains which is something that he wishes he had more of an a gold core which is charm, which is something he also wishes he had ice and then the last one is the broom. So on page 25 of the book, not sure what that is in the PDF, but there's a list of possible routes you can have this one very much is what you want yourself to be right, you're buying something to make you more. This, when you're on the only isn't effect when you're writing, like gar is going with the daredevils duster, which gives him anytime he performs a stunt, I get less three to charm checks against any characters who witness the stumped.


Jonathan Gilmour  55:32  

And I'm taking that tough break, which gives me plus one in group chats because I get hurt a lot.


Ryan Boelter  55:39  

I think to do with the coming captain's cruiser, which the short description of the writer is a natural leader, you may treat snap decisions as planned actions unless you are facing a fear. That was the one I picked. Oh, that's, that's so cool.


Unknown Speaker  55:58  

I know like I want to be. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  56:01  

I think I picked mine because like, I'm the I'm the last of my group. So I have to be the leader. Right? Or maybe I was the leader of the group, and which puts an even bigger burden on my tragedy. Oh, yeah.


Doug Levandowski  56:19  

Well, and then, so. So the next last few things are fear and motivation. So what fear does is when you're facing a fear, there are some bad things that are going to happen to your character in terms of stat checks, you won't be able to take planned actions, which is when you take half the value of your die instead of rolling. If you're able to plan a little bit because of your, you know, sort of panic response. You're not able to help other characters using adversity tokens. And you're going to have up to a minus three penalty to your check. Depending on how severe you're curious. So this can be something really concrete and specific like fear of water or spiders. Or it can be something more conceptual like fear of harm befalling one of their friends or fear of disciplining their parents or what have you. Yeah,


Amelia Antrim  57:19  

I think mine is fear of always being a sidekick.


Unknown Speaker  57:22  

Mm hmm.


Ryan Boelter  57:23  

I've got I've got a fear of losing Amy Katherine.


Jonathan Gilmour  57:26  

I think mindset fear of attention both positive and negative.


Unknown Speaker  57:32  



Doug Levandowski  57:34  

my character series disfigurement. Of course it is. And then motivation is more this is purely role playing this is you know, what motivates your character? What makes them tick? What are they trying to do? Like, guards motivation is to prove himself to his parents,


Unknown Speaker  57:54  

just to break the curse.


Ryan Boelter  57:57  

My motivation is I need to break this curse to save the world.


Jonathan Gilmour  58:01  

My name is just getting people to lie to me. Because I tend to get teased a lot. Cool.


Doug Levandowski  58:09  

And then if you haven't already, give me a character or last name. And so the reason we hold this office in case like in the process of, you know, generating characters you're like, Oh, we're actually going to be twins or whatever.


Ryan Boelter  58:21  

Like, I'll stick with whisper shakes.


Amelia Antrim  58:23  

Whisper Shanks is good.


Doug Levandowski  58:24  

Yeah, it was good. And I in Garrison or gar Wilbert thrown the fourth?


Unknown Speaker  58:30  

Oh, yeah. Sure. Of course, of course.


Amelia Antrim  58:35  

Yeah, mine was just Boyd. Still gonna be boy because i Oh, my initials are ABC. They're not there. ACB ACB is just slightly annoying.


Jonathan Gilmour  58:45  

In mine is tingle bottom.


Doug Levandowski  58:47  

Yep. All right. And we're ready to play.


Ryan Boelter  58:50  

Oh, that's amazing. Now,


Amelia Antrim  58:52  

I guess that's where we stand. That's it. Oh, this was a lot of fun. This was so much fun. And very serious.


Ryan Boelter  59:00  

Very serious,


Jonathan Gilmour  59:01  

all around. No goofiness


Ryan Boelter  59:05  

at all, not not even a little bit.


Amelia Antrim  59:07  

Yeah. I mean, there's some stuff in here though. That is like, pretty serious. You know, that's true, which is where you know, where we usually end up as it averages out because we can't help ourselves but like, complicate things. You know, we like to make it messy.


Doug Levandowski  59:24  

And so as, like for GNA this is where I would start to think about like, what are I really like using the rumors for story hooks, right? And thinking about places where there might be some interaction between those rumors, especially in like, unexpected ways. So, the, you know, the rumor that merited bleep Barb's consciousness has been replaced with an impersonator. kind of seems like low hanging. Rude. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  59:59  

but yeah, We haven't done a lot with that already. You know, like the other ones we've kind of right. touched on


Ryan Boelter  1:00:05  

that one, we have this whole potion storyline with gar. And so that links together pretty nicely through the blurb Corporation.


Doug Levandowski  1:00:14  

Right? And so with the cheating from last year, possibly with her consent, I think maybe I would lean into her sort of being told, like, you know, you've just barely got away with that you need to. And so she's not different, but there's pressure from outside about that. Possibly sinister pressure. Yeah. And then you know, the legal stuff going on with the the merfolk would definitely be ongoing. But really, I would be having some my ideas for where I think it would go and then letting players blow that up with both tons of dynamite as we go. Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  1:00:53  



Amelia Antrim  1:00:54  

Well, thank you so much to both of you for joining us for our kids on brooms, character creation. This was so much fun. I had such a good time. I love what we made.


Ryan Boelter  1:01:05  

It's so good.


Jonathan Gilmour  1:01:06  

I don't know I want to play it. Yeah, I know.


Amelia Antrim  1:01:09  

ternal problem of this podcast? Do you both want to remind everybody where they can find you and what you are up to?


Jonathan Gilmour  1:01:19  

Yeah, you can find me on Twitter at John Gilmore. Jao a gi l. Mo you are. And I got lots of stuff going on the best place is just follow me on Twitter. And I'll post it. You go.


Doug Levandowski  1:01:32  

Yeah, I'm going to offski on Twitter, le V, A N D, Bo W s k AI. And yeah, the big stuff is kids in capes the secret project that John and I are working on. Hopefully that other secret project that John and I are working on that isn't the kids on thing. And then home as well, which I'll be talking weight a lot more about soon, which I think is as much as I can say about that now. But yeah, and I will definitely be talking about that on Twitter, so people can find me


Ryan Boelter  1:02:09  

there. Awesome. Very cool. Well, thank you again. And thank you to everybody for listening. Please join us on the next episode for our discussion block.


Jonathan Gilmour  1:02:20  

Call to watch.


Amelia Antrim  1:02:24  

Yeah, like that. This was probably our most serious character creation session. Ever. I mean, we've been like, you know, really heavy game, but like, I don't think we've ever been this. Serious.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:40  

Yeah, I don't know how Greg got into the studio with us but but Greg just took over and and was like, alright, we're doing this serious. And we're like, you know what, you've got a good air about you. We're doing this serious. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  1:02:52  

Like, I like your vibe, Greg. Yeah, might as well or why not? I don't know.


Ryan Boelter  1:02:56  

Yeah, sir. Greg MASTERSON. Thank you. You know, if your friends have anybody, you know, good on you for finding a way into our studio. Definitely.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:10  

Also, this game was awesome.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:13  

And the relationship stuff.


Amelia Antrim  1:03:15  

I didn't know what to expect, because I hadn't done I'd listened to some actual plays of kids on bikes. Yeah. But I just didn't really know what to expect, especially with magic school stuff. I'm always like, is it gonna be good? Or is it gonna be like a little too cute? And like, yeah, I don't know. Um, but I really enjoyed this. I thought this was a lot of fun. This relationship questions really brought at home.


Ryan Boelter  1:03:37  

Oh, they were fantastic. Yeah, I was saying you can you can basically take relationship questions from any of these three games in the series and another one the kids and keeps coming out sometime? Who knows when. And you can just take those in Port those over to pretty much any other game that you're playing? And because they're they're generic enough that you can probably tweak them a little bit. But like pot positive and negative responses for everybody? Yes. That's such a good web of like, relationship, the leading questions that oh, so good.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:16  

It was it was great. It was great. It really added a lot of like depth and dimension. Yeah, to what we're doing.


Ryan Boelter  1:04:23  

I'm very excited.


Amelia Antrim  1:04:24  

Well, before we let you go for the week, we have a couple calls to action, or as I mentioned earlier, more announcements if you like them.


Unknown Speaker  1:04:33  



Ryan Boelter  1:04:34  

First up if you want to help out this show and others on the network, consider the One Shot network slash one shot podcast. Also check out our brand new Tik Tok page at Character Creation Cast on Tik Tok. I'm going to be keeping on posting those teasers there but like what else would you like to see?


Amelia Antrim  1:04:57  

What do with tick tock y'all


Ryan Boelter  1:04:58  

maybe I keep saying maybe we'll do something else. But having ideas are nice. So hit us up on Twitter at creation cast, or on Discord at discord dot character creation, we would be very happy to hear from you.


Amelia Antrim  1:05:14  

And despite what I might have implied earlier in the episode, there are no bad ideas and brainstorming. So we'd love to hear. Next, we ask that you absolutely check out the trans rights Texas and Ukraine bundles on Itch. Both of these are such a good deal, and really help both kids that will be suffering down in Texas, after some really damaging anti trans policy that's happening there, as well as the folks over in Ukraine who are just being absolutely devastated right now. So please check them out to consider giving more than the minimum amount I want, if you are able to, because it goes to a great cause. And it is a boatload of games.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:02  

So many,


Amelia Antrim  1:06:02  

how many games? It days for days, like literal days, because there are like 1500 get like literal days.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:10  

Yeah, like a probably over a year's worth of gameplay their games for years, games for years. And if you have some time, after all of that, consider leaving a rating and review for our podcast. Sadly, I found out the other day that stitcher no longer does podcast reviews.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:32  

I saw the reply to you on Twitter and they were just like, yep, yep. And then like sad face and I was like, why are you sad? You did it to yourself.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:42  

I know why it's probably some higher ups decided to do it.


Amelia Antrim  1:06:47  

Oh, I'm sure I'm not a social media person that's having to deal with that. For sure. Absolutely. There was just like a weird.


Ryan Boelter  1:06:53  

It was very, very surreal. Yeah. It is really weird. Somehow, really, we're left with Apple podcasts, which is pretty easy. If you're in the iOS sphere,


Amelia Antrim  1:07:04  

updated iTunes.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:08  

Even then, it's not that


Amelia Antrim  1:07:11  

I phone though, after years of Android, so maybe I can leave some podcast reviews. That was entirely why I got an iPhone. I was like iPhone Android podcast reviews.


Ryan Boelter  1:07:21  

There you go. Yeah. So we have Apple podcasts. But we also have pod chaser, which is accessible on pretty much any device with web browser, which is nice. And if you're an Android user, another great place to leave review is on podcast addict.


Amelia Antrim  1:07:37  

We have one one to read right is this is this it to like leave a review Come on. What are you doing? This is from dark, the dark Fiddler on podcast addict and they said longtime listener frequent reviewer Character Creation Cast is one of the best examples of what non actual Blaye TTRPG Podcasts can be part teaching you to play part discussion part purely fun times. It's hard not to get something out of the series. Pick up an episode about a game you already know to see it new light or pick something new to you to find a new game or creator to follow I highly recommend 11 out of 10 or 11 out there good podcast Ryan.


Ryan Boelter  1:08:24  

What thank you for the review of the dark fiddler and and I would say your review is 11 out of 10


Amelia Antrim  1:08:30  

Absolutely. I'd like I dare say 12 out of 1012 out of 10 Yeah, very bold 12 out of 10 crate review would read again except well because you get you get the one


Ryan Boelter  1:08:45  

unless we forget and and accidentally do it again sometime. Yeah. What just happened? On the top there might as well. Well that's it for today's episode. Come back again next week as we dive into a fantastic discussion. This game was so good. And goodness, we've got some stuff to say in the fanfic section. So


Amelia Antrim  1:09:11  

I just always love our episodes with designers when we get to really pick their brain about why they did like they're just my favorite.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:19  

It's so good. Until then, take care of yourselves everyone, drink some water, get some rest, get vaccinated, stay safe out there and keep making those amazing people. We'll see you next time.


Ryan Boelter  1:09:53  

Character Creation Cast is a production of the One Shot Podcast Network and can be found online at www dot At character creation head to the website to get more information on our hosts this show and even our press kit. Character Creation Cast can also be found on twitter at creation cast or ON OUR DISCORD SERVER at discord dot character creation I one of your hosts Ryan boelter and I can be found on twitter at Lord Neptune or online at Lord Our other hosts Amelia Antrim can be found on twitter at ginger reckoning. Music for this episode is used with a Creative Commons license, or with permission from the podcast they originated from. Further information can be found within the show notes. Our main theme music is hero remix by Steve combs, and is used with a Creative Commons license. This podcast is owned by us under Creative Commons. This episode was edited by Ryan boelter. Further information for the game systems used and today's guests can be found in the show notes. If you'd like to leave us a rating or review. We have links to various preview platforms out there including Apple podcasts in our show notes. Also, check the show notes for links to our other projects. Thanks for joining us. I remember we find that the best part of any role playing game is character creation. So go out there and create some amazing people. We will see you next time.


Amelia Antrim  1:11:39  

Now we got to read some show blurbs show blurbs show show by the show blurbs. Character Creation Cast is hosted by the One Shot Podcast Network. If you enjoyed our show, visit one shot podcast comm where you'll find other great shows like Asians represent


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