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Series 50.2 - Dungeons and Dragons 5E with Aram and Dylan [Kill Every Monster] (Creation Continued)

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Welcome to the second episode of series 50, everyone! This series, we welcome Aram and Dylan from the Kill Every Monster Podcast, to revisit Dungeons and Dragons 5E by utilizing supplements to enhance your games. This episode we finish our characters and ask ourselves what we hath wrought!

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Welcome to the second episode of series 50, everyone! This series, we welcome Aram and Dylan from the Kill Every Monster Podcast, to revisit Dungeons and Dragons 5E by utilizing supplements to enhance your games. This episode we finish our characters and ask ourselves what we hath wrought!


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Amelia Antrim  0:01  

Welcome to the second episode of Series 50. Our first episode had some fantastic discussion mixed in there with our shenanigans. Yeah, I'm listening back to it. I'm surprised at like how much actual content is very coherent. Surprisingly, it is. It is. And I think that we had a lot of good advice and a lot of good talking points. So yeah, absolutely, you know, between Dylan rolling his eyes at us. But definitely, toward the end of the episode, things started to get kind of weird. This episode, it just keeps going.


Ryan Boelter  0:35  

keeps going. We read that engine 211. And, you know, we don't put the brakes on at all. No, no, and other car puns,


Amelia Antrim  0:45  

other cars. Before we get to that, though, our usual announcements and maybe some any chatter mixed in, I typed that in there. We're both really tired, so probably not actually yes,


Ryan Boelter  0:56  

it's fine. You know, if you're not tired, by now. First up, you have one more day to submit questions for a q&a episode. If you are listening to this on release day, we will be setting down tomorrow afternoon on Tuesday, May 10. To record our answers to your queries. Theoretically, we're only going to record half of it. So you might have an extra week. Well, we'll find out.


Amelia Antrim  1:22  

We'll see. We'll see. I'll see how far we get. We'll see how much goofing off we do so many questions. Don't worry about it. I will say, Well, I'll tell you that later, to be recorded.


Ryan Boelter  1:33  

If you have anything you want to ask us anything at all. Please submit your questions at questions dot character creation


Amelia Antrim  1:42  

Next week, Monday, May 16. The one shot network is hosting miracle Monday, which is a superhero themed charity event to raise money for trans lifeline. The event which is organized by our own Jeff Stormer of all my fantasy children, and party one will be streaming all day on the One Shot Twitch channel. There's going to be tons of great content, including an actual play recording of us, along with Jeff and John from system mastery, playing a holiday themed Super Sentai game using the characters that we created in series 49. Yeah, kind of great, except we remade them in sentinels. So technically, it doesn't have us playing our characters. Exactly. But you can check that out on Monday, May 16. At Shot RPG. I don't know exactly what time our thing is going to be on. But it doesn't really matter because you could just watch the


Ryan Boelter  2:36  

whole thing and just watch all day and throw money at it. Background Yeah, absolutely. If you are looking for other ways to spend your hard earned money, we recently released some more bonus content on the One Shot Patreon feed. If you want to hear us attempt to build a base in the 1986 Marvel superhero game. Or if you want to hear Amelia be as frustrated that she's probably ever been during recording. You can check that out by becoming a patron at the $5 and up level at Shot podcast.


Amelia Antrim  3:11  

As usual, we are still in need of reviews. We haven't had any for a bit and so we hope that you would consider leaving one. Even five star ratings are really helpful but we would love to read your review on the show. You can leave reviews on Apple podcasts pod chaser podcast addict or on our Facebook page. If you want other ways to connect with us you can find us all over the internet we're on Instagram at creation cast on Tik Tok at Character Creation Cast because Ryan made that wanted to follow the naming scheme on Twitter at creation cast or you can join our Discord and talk to us directly at discord dot character creation


Ryan Boelter  3:53  

Absolutely. That's it for announcements. Join us after the episode for our calls to action. But for now, enjoy whatever whatever this show is


Amelia Antrim  4:06  



Ryan Boelter  4:41  

Last time on Character Creation Cast, a ROM was creating a Loxodonta Bard. Dylan was creating an orc cleric. Amelia was creating a Digi Gods sorcerer and I was creating a perfectly normal room room New rogue. Don't worry about it. We're picking up right where we left off last time. Enjoy.


Aram Vartian  5:08  

Are we rolling for our stats?


Ryan Boelter  5:11  

That's a very good question.


Amelia Antrim  5:13  

We probably should


Aram Vartian  5:14  

point by Yeah. Which one are we doing?


Amelia Antrim  5:17  

What? What is math?


Dylan Malenfant  5:19  

Well, we're all involved.


Aram Vartian  5:21  

But more math, but it's more no rolling


Dylan Malenfant  5:23  

involves less. You just have to add a thrill. You don't have to figure out the point by


Aram Vartian  5:29  

but what version of rolling? Are you doing? Are we doing four dice? Six drop the lowest


Dylan Malenfant  5:33  

standard? Yeah, that's standard, right? So a little bit.


Amelia Antrim  5:37  

So there's just not counting those ones out. We


Aram Vartian  5:40  

get a real real dice.


Ryan Boelter  5:41  

I say we can roll real dice. Or we can. We can you can pick from the array if you really want to. It's so


Aram Vartian  5:48  



Ryan Boelter  5:53  

If I get if I get a chance to roll by clicking click, so I'm doing it.


Aram Vartian  5:56  

I mean, when we pay money for these things,


Amelia Antrim  5:59  

I put them in a beautiful vase.


Ryan Boelter  6:03  

All right. Use my Mishra. Alright, I still don't know what I'm going to be though. I mean, I'm on stroke tape. Okay. Sure. But like, is there a super spy rogue supplement? Probably


Amelia Antrim  6:20  

there. So I had a hard copy of a book called spy game, which was a spy based five e book was actually really awesome because it treated gear as magical items, which I thought was really smart. But I did give it to my brother for Christmas, so I'll


Aram Vartian  6:38  

call him up all right, I'm rolling.


Amelia Antrim  6:47  

Roll 1234


Aram Vartian  6:49  

I'm gonna get to my 313 What are we 11?


Ryan Boelter  7:05  

Why there we go. Ross Ross.


Dylan Malenfant  7:11  

Well, that's marginally better than a standard


Ryan Boelter  7:16  

is shaping up to be marginally worse than a standard jury. Oh, no. I can give you an 11 Seven, five and a seven so far in the mix. My highest number is 13.


Aram Vartian  7:31  

Dylan's got a whole lunch whole week of tuna fish sandwiches at lunch, and he's trying to he's trying to trade them out.


Ryan Boelter  7:38  

You know what? It's fine. I've got two sevens, a 510 1113. Class features is


Dylan Malenfant  7:45  

a car so like.


Ryan Boelter  7:49  

You know what, I'm not going to be playing this character. But I'm there. It's fine.


Aram Vartian  7:53  

Okay, I'm pretty 15 strength because he's an elephant. So he's stupid, strong for no reason.


Ryan Boelter  7:59  

I wanted to be like a hyper competent Spiker, but maybe I'll be in the bumbling spiker.


Aram Vartian  8:05  

Yeah, you could be like theta you always have like, you always like blow a tire or something. Hey, your windshield wipers. Squeak. So whenever you're trying, yeah, Nick.


Ryan Boelter  8:14  

Okay, so we're doing attributes. We just rolled and now we have to assign our roles to our various attributes. Dexterity is probably going to be the thing that need the most right


Dylan Malenfant  8:28  

make sense. tight turns Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  8:30  



Aram Vartian  8:34  

exact hands really should be called about 11


Ryan Boelter  8:36  

and charisma, I suppose. Second highest? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh


Amelia Antrim  8:45  

999 11


Ryan Boelter  8:48  

It's still better than what I got.


Dylan Malenfant  8:50  

1011 1410 1117


Aram Vartian  8:53  

Yeah, I did really well. I got 1511 1613 1516 I wrote incredibly well. I am using that trunk. I'm using my my little my little pony dice which are magical. And for Yeah, always give me


Amelia Antrim  9:08  

very nice. I don't think I have any I got like some pretty like, like elven dice and stuff but like not not enough to use that many of these bone dice. I like this bone.


Aram Vartian  9:19  

Nice. All my cool dice were given to me by awesome people. Awesome. works.


Ryan Boelter  9:27  

So I've got a seven strength a 13 decks has seven constitution, a 10 intelligence a five wisdom and 11 charisma. Wow.


Aram Vartian  9:36  

It is awful. I would DM I would tell you to reroll to be honest. My roles are crazy good. With all my bonuses and I have a 15 strength and 11 Dex an 18 constitution, a 13 intelligence a 16 wisdom and a 17 charisma.


Ryan Boelter  9:57  

Oh, that's right. We have to we have to add stuff to do it right. Okay, bonus isn't,


Amelia Antrim  10:03  

I gotta like where's our base like players.


Aram Vartian  10:05  

And those might go up again when you add your feats.


Ryan Boelter  10:07  

And so the Dream Dream traits are special recommended for campaigns that start at Fifth Level or higher. So so for this for this recording, we're not doing level one characters, because that's boring. We'll do what level four?


Aram Vartian  10:24  

I think we decided that do you need five to make your room room?


Ryan Boelter  10:28  

I don't think I need five to make room for I


Dylan Malenfant  10:31  

hate the sentence so much.


Aram Vartian  10:33  

I like it a lot.


Ryan Boelter  10:34  

I have to increase my strength by two. And then we're forego the first ability score increase. What? What?


Aram Vartian  10:42  

I would make an extra math,


Ryan Boelter  10:44  

your strength score increases by two. Right? Then you must forego the first ability score increase you gain from advancing in level. Okay, so I don't even get that extra plus one to anything right off the bat.


Aram Vartian  10:59  

In order to get the feet it would sound like yeah, or Yeah. The class


Dylan Malenfant  11:03  

to take three levels and all the classes and never have to worry about it. It's fine.


Amelia Antrim  11:09  

have too many books open.


Ryan Boelter  11:12  

Alright, so Increase my strength to nine. You go. When it is well.


Aram Vartian  11:17  

Yeah, you got like you got like, Yo, you are asleep looking card. There's like 80 horsepower.


Ryan Boelter  11:23  

Yeah, yeah. So yeah. So I think that's it. I don't get ability scores at my first level that gives me ability scores. Because what I'm what I'm seeing is that because I've got headlights and


Aram Vartian  11:38  

fuel, maybe because you've extra well, like, you know, back in 3.5. Like, they will give you templates, right? So if you want to play a vampire, who was also a fighter, like the vampire was like a plus eight level adjustment. So you can't play a vampire until everyone else in the party is eighth level and then your first level vampire. So they're introducing some elements like that.


Ryan Boelter  12:02  

Maybe? Yeah, maybe it looks like I've got like built in armor and stuff though, too. So


Aram Vartian  12:07  

sure what you would expect, which would explain why but then again, like I mean, the artificer is a very powerful class where you're basically like, you know, by level three, you've got power armor, so


Ryan Boelter  12:20  

Okay, yeah, I've got a lot of different things a lot of different moving parts on this this room room.


Aram Vartian  12:25  

You are a car. That does make sense. Yes.


Ryan Boelter  12:30  

I said spoilers before and I technically mean it. I've been integration,


Aram Vartian  12:36  

change gears on this conversation.


Ryan Boelter  12:39  

I know. Okay, so we've got our abilities. We've got our races and most of us have our classes, or did you figure out what you were doing for your classmates here?


Amelia Antrim  12:50  

Well, I want to use a sorcerer subclass I think so I think obviously then I have to


Aram Vartian  12:55  

sorcerers are fun. Use the sorcerer. big lesson and things they can do all the time. It's the easiest thing to remember. Love it. Trying to do


Ryan Boelter  13:15  

your person I guess that oh, this could be really interesting.


Aram Vartian  13:22  

Nice thing you said all week till Oh, so this


Amelia Antrim  13:25  

whole other


Ryan Boelter  13:26  

in the Tasha is crucible of everything else. There's an artificial subclass called the EFA just the use of combination of our kini and eldritch arts to manipulate the bodies of other creatures by way of dolls and figurines. My first thought is bobbleheads on the dash. Oh,


Aram Vartian  13:47  

that's hilarious.


Amelia Antrim  13:48  

I love that


Aram Vartian  13:49  

I absolutely adore. It's amazing.


Ryan Boelter  13:51  

But that's done the schematic of Spiker, although I Spy cars not the most wise


Aram Vartian  13:59  

maybe you're the kind of spy car with like a lot of contacts and a lot of like, you know, you lean heavily on the information ring you've you know jebaited Who knows. And they're all visited with bobbleheads on your dash


Ryan Boelter  14:11  

like a spellcasting Spiker, the beacon of fun


Aram Vartian  14:15  

plus the bobble heads Castillon pain so we should really push that hard.


Ryan Boelter  14:19  

I can have bobbleheads regardless,


Aram Vartian  14:23  

I could have them we could all have them.


Ryan Boelter  14:25  

Everybody by whole party has their own little bubble.


Aram Vartian  14:33  

I believe I'm going to get I'm going to play heavily into my background. He's going to be a smuggler. So he's this saxophone player right goes from place to place on lots of shifts. He's got this whole kind of like, you know b list, celebrity musician thing going on where he hits the local ends and as a whole tour, but he's really a smuggler moving goods here and There are a lot of magical contraband, I believe is what he would work in magical contraband magical country. So he's always got like a bag of holding a and he uses it that it's like, but it's but it's like a very simple bag. Here. He has it sewn under his jacket. And he uses that to just smuggle in as many goods as he possibly can. Yeah, yeah. Always looking to sell you, like get like little magical trinket, you know, right. Yeah, yeah.


Ryan Boelter  15:28  

That's very good.


Aram Vartian  15:29  

I like I like this guy like Johnny sex. Obviously, it's a stage now. Yeah, yeah,


Ryan Boelter  15:36  

I can be a temple rater type rogue. That's that's kind of like a spy. But infiltrator. Yeah,


Aram Vartian  15:45  

I would write though a temple writer who brings back fantastic magical items. Yeah, you need a fence.


Ryan Boelter  15:53  

The funny thing is, is their their their spell casting ability is wisdom based. Sure. And my wisdom is five.


Aram Vartian  16:00  

That's a great start.


Dylan Malenfant  16:02  

That just limits how many spells you can compare that you just need one


Ryan Boelter  16:07  

right? 100 per century


Aram Vartian  16:10  

I've got was a DC.


Ryan Boelter  16:14  

Uh huh. I would like to see how I do the hand movements flapping the doors or the spells but you know, it's fine. Maybe it's the bobbleheads shake and a certain pattern.


Aram Vartian  16:28  

The headlights flash. It's all like Morse code. Oh, gosh.


Dylan Malenfant  16:32  

It's the windshield wipers.


Aram Vartian  16:36  

Making a little tattered. It's


Ryan Boelter  16:37  

amazing. Yep.


Aram Vartian  16:39  

Or, or, you know, you have those little people or those little LED bars in the back of their cars so they can send messages. It'll just say the spell. Go off.


Ryan Boelter  16:52  

Just a little ticker tape


Aram Vartian  16:53  

right? Like comes out like a smokescreen right. Oh, Lord. If you have to deliver it, like if it's a spell like fog a cloud you don't cast it you just drift around.


Ryan Boelter  17:08  

Just leave it Yeah.


Aram Vartian  17:10  

I like this character.


Ryan Boelter  17:11  

Um, Lord


Aram Vartian  17:13  

Dylan next time we next time we were gonna kill every monster. I'm going to be a car No, I want to go to go heavier. 1960s below please.


Ryan Boelter  17:26  

It's like Army of Darkness where the car gets taken along with with ash but they like the cars actually sentient as well.


Aram Vartian  17:34  

Yeah. Distributed like this could be like overdrive. Overdrive, they were monsters. We can tell it. You're looking for other systems to play for season four. Hear me out. Hear me out. Do overdrive and we use car wars rules. I've been a car war if you I'm too old. Car Wars is a fun system that existed from Steve Jackson Games that


Dylan Malenfant  18:00  

I heard about it on system mastery.


Amelia Antrim  18:02  

I'm just that was enough to make you you heard about it on system mastery was like enough of a sentence.


Dylan Malenfant  18:07  

We use. I know I know what you're talking about. We use no I heard you the first time


Aram Vartian  18:14  

yeah, we use karma.


Amelia Antrim  18:15  

Like none of this is like going to get like it's not I'm not finding what I want here.


Aram Vartian  18:26  

Because it could have weighed out like that. What? Got a good side of that one. I collected like treasures. Amazing.


Amelia Antrim  18:38  

Okay, I think maybe I need to change the race. problem because it's just not it's just not


Dylan Malenfant  18:43  

coming together. These things don't match up. Follow your joy.


Amelia Antrim  18:47  

What magic is like a


Dylan Malenfant  18:49  

digital can't do blood magic?


Aram Vartian  18:52  

No, yeah. Kiss Borden. Wait, wait, wait, wait, what if you were one of those Theranos machines that says you've got all the blood.


Amelia Antrim  19:04  

Now because I only needed one job. That's true.


Ryan Boelter  19:08  

It all worked. So yes. Well, I mean, you can always like have digital blood. Great. Yeah, this


Aram Vartian  19:15  

is like a mimic, involves like,


Ryan Boelter  19:19  

clicking like, I need some blood. You just like get a little bit of blood and then it's just like, like pixelated drops


Aram Vartian  19:27  

that come up, right? It's just like a little health bar appears


Ryan Boelter  19:31  

like you have like a literal digital inventory. And you just like slot it into one of your little digital slots. It was just like a little blood drop. Cool site with a little number for how much you have


Aram Vartian  19:42  

Helia Okay, that's logical. I support it.


Amelia Antrim  19:47  

Because I can't do this one because it doesn't make sense either way. Am I trying to make it make sense, I guess.


Aram Vartian  19:55  



Ryan Boelter  19:57  

Oh, this one might be good enough. Etherium investigations. Oh yeah. Let's let's see what that is. I'm just looking at supplements right now they will they'll fit my spy Row Type and this one looks like it's oh yeah, sorry


Amelia Antrim  20:11  

that one otherwise Yeah, I think that would be like the best one for your probably.


Ryan Boelter  20:19  

bar there's a cleric Paladin Ranger.


Amelia Antrim  20:24  

Mr. Machine suggests this one I have over here but a digital copy


Ryan Boelter  20:28  

of it for you School of dramaturgy master machinist was this one do you see an alchemy and magic to craft a mystic machine to measure the endless passage of time? Okay, what it's telling me during this one Summit, speaking as an arranger archetype to Arctic typed College of consultation, although being a bard car would be amazing. Yeah,


Dylan Malenfant  20:56  

just throw the doors open because Radio One


Ryan Boelter  20:59  

Yeah. Oh, no, I could just use my custom horn to to play my color Cucaracha and a fireball comes out.


Amelia Antrim  21:13  

Why is that the one you picked?


Ryan Boelter  21:14  

Because that when I hear custom horn, the only thing I can think of is luck or Russia being obnoxiously played. Or never allowed, like car horn. Alright, so not that one. We're narrowing it down though.


Amelia Antrim  21:28  

Okay, so I'm gonna be this did you God sorcerer. I get to increase my intelligence and my charisma but one anything else cool. Says technically I'm waffle good. We'll see about that. A hairline it's not


Dylan Malenfant  21:49  

good. For what it's worth they've they've scrapped it out of the monsters in the multiverse book for all the playable stuff. They leave it in for anything in the monster section. Which I'm not that annoyed about quite frankly, because it's


Amelia Antrim  22:08  

I don't feel like because they're not like, like players having to make a decision and then having linemen. Be involved in that like, bugs me but like monsters just knowing like at a base. How


Dylan Malenfant  22:19  

do they base this is like a slasher, they


Amelia Antrim  22:22  

have social rules.


Dylan Malenfant  22:24  

This is a wizard who is like not even fun


Aram Vartian  22:28  

for me until they think that's like what's the difference? What's the recipe when a bunch of dragons and a bunch of people Why are a bunch of dragons a certain


Dylan Malenfant  22:35  

way because in general, the DM is more likely to ignore the rules when they're inconvenienced. So if I look at a red dragon, I'm like this red dragon is going to behave lawful evil instead of chaotic. I can do this.


Ryan Boelter  22:47  

Okay, I think I got it in the knight fell. Core book. All right supplement. There is a rogue archetype called Knight agent hmm so this is the wonder he walks the streets of the night under the constant gaze of the lunar goddess pledges a tactic bond with her and from the pale force of can't even read this word.


Amelia Antrim  23:15  

I find Madison's we're not following


Aram Vartian  23:20  

agent right you want to make an agent you are in a way a


Ryan Boelter  23:25  

writer I have been a writer.


Dylan Malenfant  23:32  

Since I have the monsters in the multiverse in front of me, I was like, I flipped to a random page and there's a thing called the bow bow, which is basically like a hybrid demon devil thing. It's like it's not great, honestly, mostly. But there's a sidebar


Aram Vartian  23:46  

for total throw it back. But bow.


Dylan Malenfant  23:50  

There's a sidebar for more than keinen I'm even unimpressed by most children. They're a blend of their ancestors, but often more disappointing. You think two of the most beautiful bloodthirsty beings of the lower plains would create a creature of greater potential. Instead, the guests leave a bow fails to match the fiendish splendor of its parents. I like a monster where the sidebar is if this thing also more than Kindreds apparently


Aram Vartian  24:20  

yeah. Nice guy. Yeah, what a jerk. The LASIK kids don't leave don't live up to their parents potential jerk. Bad.


Ryan Boelter  24:30  

Alright, so now now not that I'm locked in on a rogue. Yeah. Now we get to go to the rogue in the actual Player's Handbook. A rogue car, a rogue car a rar that's how my that's what my engine sounds like when I read view


Amelia Antrim  24:55  

this is hard. I don't know why I thought that this would be easy but There's


Aram Vartian  25:00  

nothing about d&d is ever easy.


Ryan Boelter  25:03  

No. So it's I rogue. And level level four. I very much just like on the Dungeons and Dragons character sheet, that class and Level are in the same field


Aram Vartian  25:18  

is not great? No, despite the fact that no one actually uses their backgrounds, I do like backgrounds like


Dylan Malenfant  25:25  

they're very lucky


Amelia Antrim  25:28  

to work off of, no,


Dylan Malenfant  25:30  

I actually do like this stuff in, in the baker background because it gives you two features. One has a specialty specifically just the thing that whenever you make it, it always turns out fine, which is great, entirely fluff completely irrelevant, but also the sort of thing that's going to come up in the game, you know, yeah. Right. Because now that I have it, and when they give you that, like standard, you can find food and lodging. It also specifically calls out every day that you say, because you're using your baker background, they're going to need you for like three hours real early in the morning to get the shop up and running. And then you can stay in town. If you need to get information out of them, you know, they're going to be way more likely to talk to you if you walk into a bakery or you talk to cooks. You're talking to your people. But also you're not saying for free.


Aram Vartian  26:14  

Yeah, if you if you could need for three hours, they're gonna tell you whatever you want to know.


Dylan Malenfant  26:19  

Yeah, like you are now they can do it while you're where you are now forced to interact with the town and I like that so much better than the idea of is there a church here? Okay, I have a bed.


Ryan Boelter  26:29  

Totally agree. Yeah. Okay. So I haven't named now from a character as the acronym NAT. Na TT. For night, agent. 2000.


Aram Vartian  26:42  

Yes, yes. 100% especially good. It's like the 1300s What a fantastic was a great day. Love it. Love this horrible character. Sachs is trying to get into this low slung Camaro.


Ryan Boelter  27:04  

Um, I have to get my my bonuses free to my stats put together as well. I forget where that table is. Can you tell I played d&d A lot.


Aram Vartian  27:15  

I played d&d A lot. I played d&d for 40 years, it still will tell you that I do all these mistakes every single time we play, if not more, so minus one. I've had to voice over things in the in the podcast just to make me sound competent enough that the podcast will work.


Ryan Boelter  27:34  

Thirteen's only a plus one. I feel off. Oh,


Amelia Antrim  27:38  

I'm gonna have to do that, too. I'm still trying to do my points.


Ryan Boelter  27:42  

I feel like I have too many points. So I think there's a minus to grace.


Aram Vartian  27:46  

You want to you want to you want to you want to trade a number with me?


Ryan Boelter  27:50  

No, it's fine. Your number might not be nines, right. So I want to I want to be like the most incompetent like high tech biker.


Aram Vartian  28:01  

All right, because the most competent elephant smuggler you've ever met. Yeah, it's better lunch.


Amelia Antrim  28:07  

I don't know where we put all of this stuff. Like


Aram Vartian  28:11  

I should have invited all of you in total. I couldn't wait wouldn't matter with your car character. There's no way that's Indian. Just have added like, sit there like punch in the car, you know? Ah, the Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom. Yeah, yep. Yep. I love that. Everything should just be like that now. It's like if you make like a really strong martial character, just like it's the Smash boom.


Ryan Boelter  28:35  

Yes. The smash button yet. All right now that's the Ranger. Okay, here's the rogue to know Yeah, dexterity should be your highest intelligence should be your next highest Okay, so check in and kind of check. I mean, they're both plus zero. So what's your difference? Right? My charisma is 11 so I'm I'm this close once I can get another ability modifier you are effectively just playing a car it's gonna shoot people at parties,


Aram Vartian  29:11  

which is what you're just a beige Camry rolling down the road.


Ryan Boelter  29:15  

Excuse me. I'm an Aston Martin. look alike. Yeah, I look at your charisma.


Aram Vartian  29:23  

you point me to the Aston Martin. That's oddly enough to have it. I love it and I'm with you.


Ryan Boelter  29:27  

It's not an Aston Martin. It's like the off brand


Aram Vartian  29:30  



Ryan Boelter  29:35  

yes, he's just the rest in marketing. Right it's fine. Rest in market Rastus blast to mulligan


Aram Vartian  29:43  

absolutely a knock off Aston Martin somewhere.


Ryan Boelter  29:48  

And then I get eight hit points at first level plus one D eight. I'll plus my constitution modifier of minus two.


Dylan Malenfant  29:57  

Its minimum one.


Aram Vartian  29:59  

Ah A fake Aston Martin called the Zagato. And boy does it look like a fake Aston Martin.


Ryan Boelter  30:11  

In my eyes I gotta know that thanks to Mr. Gatto that thinks Aston Martin that's the vest. I am Lord.


Dylan Malenfant  30:22  

My cleric is named oral. Or really sorry, oral. Oh no, it's a u r u l it's an old orcas name. People frequently call him Earl. It pisses him off.


Aram Vartian  30:35  

She know it's just does it make him angry?


Dylan Malenfant  30:38  

Most things very pleasant person. Okay. Sorry,


Aram Vartian  30:44  

not really based on you.


Ryan Boelter  30:45  

So since we're since we're doing levels here, are we rolling for hit points as well? Oh,


Aram Vartian  30:51  

good. Good question. I mean, if we're gonna roll my eyes oh, for everything I guess. As a bard, was it a DEA for a bard?


Dylan Malenfant  30:59  

Yeah. And then it's a DEA plus three,


Ryan Boelter  31:02  

D eight, and give me all my metal dice for this one.


Dylan Malenfant  31:05  

This is after all, such a weighty decision.


Ryan Boelter  31:09  

Yep. So what I had 3d Eight minus six or something


Dylan Malenfant  31:15  

ridiculous. Should work


Aram Vartian  31:21  

you only feel the old you're the only player that you literally


Dylan Malenfant  31:25  

slice and know about this character. And they're trying to make it fragile.


Ryan Boelter  31:29  

Level two is plus zero, which is minimum one right


Aram Vartian  31:33  

there. We're seeing a character that starts at a coma.


Amelia Antrim  31:38  

I feel like I'm so far behind because I'm trying to like write this stuff down.


Ryan Boelter  31:43  

I aware of the hit points. So I start with six.


Amelia Antrim  31:46  

I've only made d&d characters like four other times in my life,


Aram Vartian  31:50  

right? 4663467 plus


Ryan Boelter  31:54  

three. So like this. Can


Dylan Malenfant  31:56  

you get full hit points at first level?


Aram Vartian  31:59  

Yeah. 8346.


Ryan Boelter  32:02  

With the Constitution modifier, right.


Aram Vartian  32:04  

Yep. A plus. Wives. 50 plus six is 21.


Ryan Boelter  32:09  

Good work. I have 11 hitpoint plus four times your fourth level. Nice. Nice loving eight points.


Aram Vartian  32:16  

Very good. That's great. I've got 21 plus four times three is two. I've got 33 points. Compared to your left. I have three times


Dylan Malenfant  32:25  

29 fragile.


Ryan Boelter  32:29  

Okay, but here's the thing. I can have my armor integrated with my car. And it would have no disadvantage on dexterity stealth check. Okay, it's honest again. Yeah, plus one.


Dylan Malenfant  32:44  

Better make sure you got


Ryan Boelter  32:48  

I'm the best rogue. Yeah.


Aram Vartian  32:51  

Yeah, you're the best really, really


Dylan Malenfant  32:52  

rely on expertise there.


Unknown Speaker  32:54  

You get


Aram Vartian  32:56  

a big speed bonus.


Dylan Malenfant  32:57  

It's for high speed 40.


Aram Vartian  32:59  

That doesn't sound like enough, frankly.


Ryan Boelter  33:02  

I agree. Zero to 40 in one round.


Aram Vartian  33:05  

Yeah. That's like, that's like, no, that's slightly faster than me. That's like, that's like a slow horse to go.


Ryan Boelter  33:13  

40 feet in six seconds, right with doing actions. I'm sure there's some math involved there to figure out how many miles per hour that a yes.


Dylan Malenfant  33:23  

It's a little over seven feet a second times 60 is 420 feet per minute. times 60. Again, so that's about 4.7 miles an hour.


Aram Vartian  33:40  

That's stupid. That's way too slow. That is way too slow.


Ryan Boelter  33:44  

There's not a car


Aram Vartian  33:45  

I can run that. If I could run that. That is not a moron. Maybe Maybe I can run five miles an hour. It's not hard. I could fall down a hill at five at five miles an hour.


Ryan Boelter  33:56  

I do have the


Amelia Antrim  33:57  

traveler didn't year's list speed Ryan.


Ryan Boelter  34:00  

It is 40 feet is the speed which is that's the basic walking speed.


Amelia Antrim  34:05  

What minus two


Dylan Malenfant  34:07  

face walking speed. You're like 3% faster than normal human.


Aram Vartian  34:13  

That is not what a car can do. Doing.


Dylan Malenfant  34:15  

Yes. No cars can't cast spells. Okay, this


Aram Vartian  34:18  

is also fair. Well, no of


Ryan Boelter  34:21  

right. So I get the armor integration. So I can have like probably heavy armor or whatever. And it doesn't interfere with my deck self checks. Yeah. I am vulnerable to fire damage and lightning damage because I have combustion. Okay. I've got fuel, which means I must eat plant material and alcohol to burn for energy. I knew require five times the normal amount of food each day. You cannot become intoxicated from alcohol headlights. You have the equivalent to bull's eye lanterns integrated into and positioned on the front of your body. These are these lights can be illuminated or dosed as your free action with an object during your turn, they require no fuel. Large gear. You can't use equipment sized for smaller creatures will die. Sure. nonmagical equipment just wear barding Yeah, no magical equipment size for your clusters is mostly because that makes sense. This part's cool. I can have a passenger compartment compartment on your back and hold up to one medium creature or two small ones. So I've got like like next to my internal organs a compartment somebody could get into


Aram Vartian  35:38  

gross but cool


Ryan Boelter  35:41  

it's like if if the cars cars sure the automobiles from cars could hold a person that's ours. Yeah, that just sounds gross. You know, this the like, I've got eyes for my windshield sort of thing, but I don't think I've got I don't get it because the concepts aren't. Are these right has windows, right and passenger seats? Sure.


Aram Vartian  36:06  

Which is what is an alternate car version? Is it awakened?


Ryan Boelter  36:10  

Maybe it is maybe this maybe this the other one has tinted windows so you can't see inside? But it's got it's got it's the the room from female illustration. So it's got the the more like sexy eyes for the sure of course.


Amelia Antrim  36:28  

For me today you can tell it's not a girl because it doesn't have eyelashes and it goes Wait, do I have eyelashes? Cyclic it's true.


Ryan Boelter  36:39  

You can't gain proficiency with shields RNM strikes deal 2d For bludgeoning damage. You are crashing into


Dylan Malenfant  36:45  

people that makes sense. It does.


Ryan Boelter  36:49  

You have to be moving five feet to make the attack though.


Aram Vartian  36:53  

Yeah, you need to run up yeah.


Ryan Boelter  36:55  

All you get the charger feet for free. Sure. It's called Street to head you have the charger feet.


Aram Vartian  37:02  

That's probably why you have are limited at the first because you do have free feet. Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  37:06  

yep, terrible climber. Do your build each foot you climb cost nine extra feet of movement.


Aram Vartian  37:11  

Yeah, good luck with a rope


Ryan Boelter  37:15  

tramper Templar. So if you move so you qualify for the damage bonus from your charger feet and hit with your unarmed attack. You can force your target to attempt a string saving throw or beat for your hood. Target fails. You can knock it prone as part


Aram Vartian  37:31  

of the trampled. Gotcha. That's fun.


Ryan Boelter  37:37  

And you got room or resilience right of bonus proficiency bonus to saving throws against being poisoned. And I can integrate non magical weapons with my body. Neat. Oh, you can take dash action as a bonus action. That's where your bonus speed comes into play.


Aram Vartian  37:55  

That doesn't make sense. Yeah, now


Dylan Malenfant  37:57  

we're talking 10 miles an hour. I know. Now I could go slightly faster. I can basically take your foot off the brake.


Ryan Boelter  38:06  

It's bicycle speed.


Aram Vartian  38:07  

As a as a locks it on. It's an elephant person. I have a powerful build. I have locks a Don serenity so I could like drag as one size category larger and lift is one size category large out. I have locked it on serenity. I have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened I guess unless it's a mouse. Natural armor my trunk could do some fun things like hold weapons and stuff and hold a shield. And it also gives me advantage on wisdom, perception, survival and intelligence roles that involve smell because my trunk is so sensitive. I love it. I could also speak elephant.


Ryan Boelter  38:48  

I like that we both have trunks.


Aram Vartian  38:50  

Yeah, I'd like that as well. Combined over


Amelia Antrim  38:56  

Do you want to quit or just walk away and leave them here switch


Dylan Malenfant  39:00  

from life cleric because I don't want to keep any of these people. Why


Amelia Antrim  39:05  

would what? I picked up did you God. So I have cryptocurrency which is your advantage? I don't want to notice you or it's just advantage on perception checks to know whether I'm being pickpocketed okay, it's not even like anything.


Aram Vartian  39:25  

To keep an eye out you have to keep an eye on your digital wallet.


Amelia Antrim  39:30  

Heritage themed you are humanoid but you are considered a fiend whenever it is detrimental for you. Yes. Living construct you are humanoid but you are. Your constructed nature gives you the following traits. You are immune to disease and have resistance to poison damage. Also, you can add your proficiency bonus to saving throws against being poisoned. If you have proficiency in such saving throw your proficiency bonuses doubled against being poisoned. Really can't poison them. No. You do not need to eat dirt. Incorporated. You need not sleep and you don't suffer the effects of exhaustion from lack of rest magic can't put you to sleep during a long rest which you still need you remain conscious and aware. You can communicate with high tech machine capable of receiving such communication as if you had telepathy with a range of 100 feet. How the machine responds depends on its capabilities. Even nano miracles so I know light mending message and throw Mukherjee cantrips and seven level I can cast qualifier Wow, what's your character


Aram Vartian  40:38  

do again Dylan.


Dylan Malenfant  40:40  

I have a powerful bill so I've doubled carry capacity which was mostly used for carry flour.


Aram Vartian  40:45  

Okay, that too. What else


Dylan Malenfant  40:47  

I can dashes bonus action, but I only have a 30 foot base


Aram Vartian  40:49  

movespeed My car's got that.


Dylan Malenfant  40:52  

If I dropped to zero hit points, I am instead dropped to one hit point. That's fine. And otherwise, I can heal people. I took the martial adduct feet instead of taking levels and Battlemaster because they are the best part of this entire edition. So I can also trip which the car can do and disarm. Which the car


Aram Vartian  41:15  

cannot do unless you have no arms


Ryan Boelter  41:22  

at 10 miles an hour right? But 3500 pounds I mean come on. For Yeah,


Dylan Malenfant  41:28  

I can also bake a hell of a pie. But ice specifically got really good at like savory pies and like I'm working on a lot of the filling stuff you know? Just just why put berries in a pie when you can put chicken in it.


Aram Vartian  41:45  

Oh my locks it on in, insists on? No carbs. No. No. Amino acids, no. fatty tissue.


Dylan Malenfant  41:58  

And other three. Oh, like parts of food basically. Right?


Aram Vartian  42:02  

Like this is not my problem. You've you figured out chef?


Dylan Malenfant  42:05  

Uh huh. So you feed yourself


Ryan Boelter  42:10  

I just I just stumbled across something very disturbing about my friend's room. Age. Room rooms leave their mother factories as adults. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah. Those born from other rooms rooms become adults in their late teens


Aram Vartian  42:29  

till their teenage like they can look current they can procreate. They can Yeah. And make toddler cars. Yeah, they feel like okay.


Dylan Malenfant  42:39  

Yeah, first thing and then their big wheels.


Aram Vartian  42:44  

They were up their Hot Wheels and bigness in their car. They're like they're like the Power Wheels and then they become the go karts. And then they become cars.


Ryan Boelter  42:53  

I guess that makes sense. So regardless of origin they can live up to 80 years Oh,


Dylan Malenfant  42:59  

I've never seen


Aram Vartian  43:01  

is so dumb yeah


Ryan Boelter  43:08  

well you got to figure they've got an immune system we've got


Amelia Antrim  43:14  

aside Yeah,


Ryan Boelter  43:15  

just wait on Ross when there there's not real rust to them


Aram Vartian  43:20  

curse should last 20 years times. You can be a car but you should live for 20 years tops caught


Dylan Malenfant  43:25  

I agree. Well, somebody hits you with one of those spells that ages you it should be the end of the game.


Aram Vartian  43:30  

Also like a rust monster should be terrifying.


Amelia Antrim  43:33  

Oh yeah.


Aram Vartian  43:34  



Ryan Boelter  43:35  

Oh gross. Each each rooms room as a face that moves as a flesh when they speak up made of plastic or metal?


Dylan Malenfant  43:46  

Oh yeah. Yeah, it's exactly like make sense. That's horrible.


Ryan Boelter  43:49  

Automobiles are not totally foreign to some regions of Canada. But


Aram Vartian  43:53  

again this lipstick tongue


Ryan Boelter  43:55  

Yeah, apparently what do you even ask though because of plastic metal right?


Aram Vartian  44:00  

Because they give sex like can they kiss? And like I'm sure


Ryan Boelter  44:03  

they are should I do that? Or should should not do that?


Amelia Antrim  44:12  

Do you do like kink shameless car that's true. I don't you don't know what it's into or what it's like social norms are


Dylan Malenfant  44:21  

did you want to host kill every monster and we can leave these two to Character Creation Cast had a lot of people would like to


Amelia Antrim  44:27  

propose that the first two months Okay, so we've all picked up our races. Yes, we have. And now we need to do classes and I just like this is where all the skills and stuff are. Right


Ryan Boelter  44:44  

and background. Yeah.


Amelia Antrim  44:46  

So I'm just gonna go with the sorcerer class because I want to use a subclass from another book but I'm just gonna go with like the base source or fun class and start putting stuff in there. What about you? All right, and you found something different, right?


Ryan Boelter  44:58  

Yeah, so I'm doing row With a robes rogue sub subclass. The night agent which happens starts at third level. Alright. So I have to start building I have to pick my four skills that I'm proficient in. And my equipment. Yeah. So like if you're looking at a sub class, chances are it's going to be level three. I think there's one class where the sub classes start at


Dylan Malenfant  45:25  

wizards. Either one or two. There, I think cleric, Claire's studious, their specialization for magic. It's kind of something that actually comes up immediately.


Aram Vartian  45:36  

How about if you read a book set the wizard


Dylan Malenfant  45:39  

and then the fighter go outside with a


Aram Vartian  45:44  

touch grass state


Ryan Boelter  45:46  

trainer want to take acrobatics and slay by hand for my character?


Dylan Malenfant  45:50  

Played in Flint? Played sleight of hand?


Unknown Speaker  45:56  

Yes. Yeah.


Aram Vartian  45:59  

Your your your instead of calling it slave dealer Do you drink called blind spot? That's what it'll be called on the car. Translate because it's the blind spot where no one can see that way. It's easy to steal.


Ryan Boelter  46:13  

I just set it I just set it over here and it goes away. Objects in


Aram Vartian  46:17  

mirror are closer than they appear. I'm trying Dylan.


Dylan Malenfant  46:20  

Try them tried.


Ryan Boelter  46:23  

All right, so So as my rope, my Rogue room room, night agent, which I shows athletics, perception, persuasion and stealth. That's my three proficiencies. And then I'm going to choose expertise in stealth and persuasion.


Aram Vartian  46:44  

To explain the equation for


Ryan Boelter  46:47  

the persuasion part is leaning heavily on the spy movies.


Aram Vartian  46:52  

I've heard her to say the horn


Aram Vartian  47:01  

spy movies.


Ryan Boelter  47:03  

Yeah. So James spine, you know, this is the this is the James Bond equivalent of cars, but just not as good because they've only seen the spy movies. Like, you know secondhand, right, basically. So they've seen the spy movies turned into like, plays in and bye bye bad theater troops. And by me, my friends. Yeah. So. So now. That's all that's all that knows. And now it now I have to live up to that. But you know, I'm trying to be really good at persuasion. All right. I like it by Christmas 11. So I get plus zero from there. But I get plus two from proficiency and plus two more from expertise. I


Aram Vartian  47:49  

believe a cool car. Yeah, absolutely.


Amelia Antrim  47:52  

It's not just a plus plus bonuses,


Ryan Boelter  47:55  

expertise, doubles the proficiency. Right. So when does proficiency go up? Level five? abou Yes.


Dylan Malenfant  48:03  

To plus four to everything you have. You have expertise in? Turning to Yeah, a plus six. The next level? Wow, that's ridiculous. Play with a high level Rogue is like, you don't bother making them roll for skills anymore? Because like, right, the highest level of proficiency gets to I think, is it level eight, Tina, want to say? And your proficiency goes to plus six? Yeah, so each point you have plus 12 to all your skills before considering your ability scores. Yeah. Wow. Like just give a joke. That's it? Yeah. You're using your thief souls that a plus 16? Yeah.


Ryan Boelter  48:44  

My thieves tool relies on decks, right? Correct. So I get plus one with that already. And I got proficiency in it. So plus


Dylan Malenfant  48:52  

five. That


Ryan Boelter  48:54  

was, yeah, gosh, boy,


Dylan Malenfant  48:59  

you would be a nightmare to balance a campaign for because like, I have to have a bunch of like back of the envelope math that I can do. Because like any character usually if you use a standard array, they'll have a plus three in their best stat plus two at level one from proficiency. So I think a plus five is like what do I want? That means that if I give a level one character a 15 DC in the thing they're supposed to be good at 5050 Yeah, yeah, your level four and have expertise in this.


Ryan Boelter  49:34  

And you have this list that was 11 hit points. You are


Dylan Malenfant  49:37  

a level one character.


Aram Vartian  49:42  

You're your guide man. You


Dylan Malenfant  49:44  

have three dexterity saves and you're trying to buy like a level three spell. What's the average damage on a fireball? To five d eight, so that's 45 divided by two and a half minutes.


Ryan Boelter  50:00  

60s is the thought of 66 or 68 or 6686 8786. That's what it is. Yeah.


Dylan Malenfant  50:10  

Okay, so 86 On average is eight plus whatever your times six is like.


Aram Vartian  50:18  

Eight times six is for a scientist,


Dylan Malenfant  50:20  

I'm sorry, I can do calculus. I struggle with mental math these days. So it's 48 plus eight is 56 divided by two is 28. Damage on average for a fireball. If you make your deck save, it'll only be 14.


Ryan Boelter  50:37  

And they'll still die.


Aram Vartian  50:38  

Yep. If you don't, you'll take you'll die twice over.


Dylan Malenfant  50:42  

This is why I don't. So it's like you make the save in your draft. You fail to save and you die.


Ryan Boelter  50:49  

Yeah, I don't know why they don't give constitution modifiers to the room for Well,


Dylan Malenfant  50:53  

I think they're also not expecting you to have a minus five and anything.


Aram Vartian  50:57  

That's fair. I any DM would have told you all these terrible. It's true. Yeah, no would have made you do this except for the most like cruel to them, like like for literal sadists. And even then it's not fun. Because if you really enjoy someone's suffering, you want them to be strong before you kick them. You don't want them to show up broken. Yeah. Where's where's the joy?


Ryan Boelter  51:21  

Exactly? Part of


Dylan Malenfant  51:22  

why, like, the probability of rolling stats doesn't work. Like people love rolling standard, but the average even accounting for the drop, the lowest just brings, I think, I think it only brings up the average by plus one or plus two. So like rolling 3d Six is average 11. And rolling 46 Drop lowest, I think is average 13. Which means that three of your stats should be under 13. Statistically, one of them is going to be probably two standard deviations lower. So you're starting to look at like, a seven, potentially.


Unknown Speaker  51:58  

And then going to seven.


Aram Vartian  52:01  

Yeah, see, that's the thing like like, even with like, you know, you know, a 46 drop the lowest and rule 46 One more time, you still would have had to really low status, like there's no way of saving you. What I normally do is I'll just I'll just say dewpoint by but you get more points, because I want you to be her work. Yeah, so I figure it out in less liberal. We're starting at like, unless you're actually like, you know, teenagers like if you're 1516 years old. Yeah, point by point by none of you should have anything stronger than like a 15. Unless, namely a 17. At the absolute most because you are teenagers, otherwise, like their heroes, give them more points. It's not going to break the game. It doesn't matter. Yeah.


Dylan Malenfant  52:41  

That's the thing, though. I like this is a conversation I was having with a friend of my partners. Last weekend was, at the end of the day, we have this problem where people are trying to build main characters for the party. And the party is the main character. You cannot come to the table with the focal point of the campaign, because you have to split it with everybody. I don't mind this territory, having an aid somewhere is good, because it means there's something you can't do. Basically, you have to rely on the party. Like that feels good to me.


Aram Vartian  53:15  

If you take a human being like me, that was where there are no flaws whatsoever. There's just like it's fourteens across the board minimum. How can you account for something as perfect desire an


Dylan Malenfant  53:25  

awful person?


Aram Vartian  53:29  

But an awful perfect person


Dylan Malenfant  53:30  

that I think that's also the thing that like absolutely perfectly of d&d also feels like it's lying to you most of the time. Because it'll tell you perpetually that like, oh, no, no. 10 is the average score for a person and nothing interact with has a tenant and monsters.


Aram Vartian  53:48  

Unless you're just like, not getting the stats of like this, the shopkeeper shirt, but even then they'll like, like, it's always a retired adventure, right? Like a level, because you can't just roll over the shopkeep, they have to be tougher than, than you see, you can't steal everything. So you never beat the average person.


Amelia Antrim  54:08  

Because the party would just destroy them,


Aram Vartian  54:09  

they'll just destroy,


Dylan Malenfant  54:11  

the party would also be more willing to accept having lower stats, if everyone was kind of more average.


Aram Vartian  54:17  

I would agree with that. If you made the world more,


Dylan Malenfant  54:21  

because like 10 is average and you are average that in all likelihood, you're gonna have less than 10 and a half of your SATs.


Aram Vartian  54:30  

But here's the thing, here's why they can't.


Dylan Malenfant  54:32  

And you skew it up a little bit. But then you have people who are trying to like use their plus two to get rid of that. Nine.


Aram Vartian  54:39  

There's a reason why those people aren't there. Because in a world with dragons and magic and things that are emerged from the ground, and each year, they wouldn't survive. That's the thing is only the exceptional people


Dylan Malenfant  54:55  

of all classes. d&d does didn't say the players are exceptional because of their innate power level because of their ability scores. It also does that by way of that standard array. Right? But the thing that makes them exceptional is classes. Yes, random shopkeeper does not have class levels, they have a decent set points, they have their standard array, they might have the bonuses from the background. That is it. That's where your character goes right job to get healthy. They don't have the right job to get healthier. They don't have the skills to fight, they don't know how to cast spells. And that's where the advancement lies in d&d is most of the advancement is learning new abilities, becoming more capable that way


Aram Vartian  55:39  

to combat abilities. And here's the thing. It's like, this is a weird world where you only learn things or good things you only learn are valuable. If they kill things, otherwise, it'll effing matter. And there's no crossover whatsoever. Like I don't care how good of a chef you become, you never advances again, no,


Dylan Malenfant  55:56  

I don't disagree. It's a bad way to do it if you're trying to model reality. And it's a problem without it having hitpoints be correlated with experience, because


Aram Vartian  56:08  

Kip points I can handle if, like, if I have 50 hit points, it's because I've gotten good enough to dodge those lethal blows. But all that exertion wears me down. And then I make a mistake in the end that I can totally understand. But, but like I'm a baker forever, and I'm never would. That's it, I'm never any better. Like the thing


Dylan Malenfant  56:30  

is like, that is not what the game is about. So you don't write that down. But if this was the way you were modeling reality, there would have to be a baker class and urinal 20th level Baker, and you've like put the effort in and you've learned all of these amazing French patisserie techniques, and you can turn things out faster. And you can turn them out on mass, you know,


Aram Vartian  56:50  

it didn't there used to at least be like, wasn't there at least a a civilian class?


Dylan Malenfant  56:55  

There were a couple of those. But all they were was giving you skill points. Right? Yeah. Which is a good thing is if you gave someone a civilian class equivalent in fifth edition, it would give you your starting proficiencies probably two randoms, like a tool proficiency and two random skill proficiencies. And then your proficiency bonus would go out. That is the equivalent.


Unknown Speaker  57:17  

Right? Right. So


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